Have a wonderful Solstice week and remember to flow with Light and BE the Love and Joy!

by Celia Fenn

19th -21st December : Galactic Center alignment and the December Solstice Ascension activations

We are entering a really powerful few days as we move towards the finale of 2022.

On the 19th December, the Earth aligns with the Galactic center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.

This powerful transit is bringing in waves of Golden Christ Light and Diamond Light that is moving us into ever Higher levels of Consciousness.

The Energy of the Golden Heart activates the 8th dimensional Solar aspects of our being and pours in the Golden Christ Consciousness.

The Energy of the Diamond Heart activates the Diamond Light Codes and the energy of the Divine Mother as we enter the 9th Dimension of Consciousness.

These waves of energy are creating a powerful physical alignment in the Human Body, and especially the Spine, where all distortions of the flow of energy/kundalini are being released to allow the spinal flow to become perfectly aligned, and the chakras to be perfectly aligned.

This is especially taking place in the Solar Chakra and the Throat Chakra areas, as we take back our creative power and our ability to express our soul’s light on Earth.

For some people this can be a difficult process, with pain in the pelvic area, back aches and pains. and pain in the neck and shoulders. You are releasing deep level ancestral pain, so these feelings may be felt deep in the physical.

This is preparing you to birth the “golden child/christ child”, a new version of you that will step forth in 2023 to claim your Mastery and your Crown of Sovereignty!

Have a wonderful Solstice week and remember to flow with Light and BE the Love and Joy!