The Energy right now is deep and profound.

by Celia Fenn

Within Us Something Beautiful is Being Born

The Energy right now is deep and profound.

I almost feel like a huge wave is about to crash down on a beach somewhere out in the Galaxy…and that this will change everything.

It is that moment before a deep in breath.

The moment before you exhale.

And everything changes!

So we are feeling energy surges, difficulty sleeping, anxiety.

Many people are feeling emotionally stretched and tearful.

And yet….
Within us something beautiful is being born.

These waves of Golden and Rose Light are making huge shifts within us, within our cells and within the Earth. The entire Galaxy is shifting to another Octave of Light.

It is not going to create a dystopia on Earth.

Freedom is being born and we will rise into the New Earth frequencies as a Human (Angelic) Family.

Stay strong.

Be (Em)powered.

You are Loved!

Have a great Day Everyone.