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Recap | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

The Route to Personal Power is paved with setting boundaries that reflect your personal needs. – Sharon Stewart

The Eagles: “So often times it happens that we live our life in chains and we never even know we have the key.”

It’s not up to the Alliance, white hats – it’s up to US. WE will change the world. This whole world is created using our minds so change our minds, change the world. When we say “no!” we disallow those energies to continue to create the DS’s agenda. That’s why they need us to be mind controlled, so they can continue to create what they want, because they’re not creators, they’re not on the soul matrix. It’s metaphysical and it filters down to the physical plane – Law of Attraction, Law of Action. If you say no, you attract different energies and then you act upon those energies. There’s too much light coming in right now for the DS to win, you can’t judge what’s going to happen because the Light quotient is different. Even the Schumann Resonance has increased. You can’t predict what will happen now based on what’s happened in the past because the future is of a higher frequency – a different ballgame. Our Now is of a higher frequency.

The Alliance is taking out evil members of the DS and the GFL is dealing with draconians, demonics and reptilians etc. (the NAA – Negative Alien Alliance) in order to level the playing field for us. We can begin to make choices based on our own free will once the mind control and the agenda of the NAA is revealed to us and we have done the work to take our minds back. COBRA reported recently that the Chimera group was infiltrated by the GFL which leads me to believe they’ve infiltrated all these other groups as well and have caused them a lot of grief. Both sides use infiltration in order to gain their ends.

Right now you can argue that what’s being revealed to us is a no-brainer for many, not for all apparently. The problem is that people are still mind controlled. The higher energies help those whose DNA respond to them to overcome mind control; for others it’s still not happening. Perhaps later. Maybe not. It depends what they’ve contracted to do for this lifetime. Some people will not wake up in this lifetime. Yes, I know. I have a whole earth family who are vee’d. I feel your pain.

We have to turn around all of their campaigns to weaken us and to maintain control. Ways to do this will be revealed through the truth movement. That’s one reason they’re trying to censor us illegally.

New York has a public service announcement going about surviving a nuclear attack. They’re setting up Russia as the bad guys. They’re going to set off something to confirm this agenda but it will be them, not Russia, who makes the move to scare you. Maybe the FBI will catch “Russian agents transporting dirty bomb material out of the country,” or something like that. Just watch. Some pundits are fearing they’re release a nuclear bomb. I’ll be asking Ivo about that.

Archangel Michael’s meditations help us to keep this draining the swamp process more peaceful. Yes, there’s war in the Ukraine but we’ve been seeing some stellar responses from other countries who won’t side with the UN and who have joined the BRIC(K)S group which is a gold backed currency. Your dollar is high because that’s the only funding the DS has left as countries of this world turn against them. I love it!

If you need to find ways to save money against your rising dollar, perhaps you might be interested in my book called, “How to Stretch Your Dollar Further,” which is on at Smashwords this month for free. Thought you might appreciate a break and do some free reading. If you want to do some more free reading, I have two websites with piles of information for free on just about any galactic/starseed subject going.

Russia isn’t trying to scare you – it’s trying to rid the world of the Deep State. Putin would be playing the “rescuer” role on the triangle right now. The Deep State is blaming Russians and Christian American’s right now, as well as Trump. Those are their scapegoats. And folks, I keep telling you there are two types of people: Power over others who play the blame game, and power over self people who take responsibility for their own behavior. Power over others people are manipulative and controlling while blaming everyone else for everything they cause. They are low vibrational beings who never once point their fingers back at themselves in anything they do.

The DS is trying to appear to be your rescuer while in actuality they are in the perpetrator position on the triangle. This is why they have a constant propaganda of lies focused around the people they’re scapegoating as the villains like Trump – because they have to make someone else look like the perpetrator while in fact, they are themselves. Your government is on the victim triangle, positioning themselves as your rescuers when in fact they’re on the triangle alright – but they’re in the perpetrator position. It’s not for nothing I’ve written a book on how to get off the triangle and stop playing the game – that book was written in anticipation of this big show down with the DS!! Your life experience is micro of the macro of the entire global experience. Whatever lessons you learn in your daily life can be applied to understand the DS. This book is also free this month on Smashwords.

Those who are understanding Bye Bye Biden’s every move are NO LONGER VICTIMS, they can understand the DS because they either overcame or never had a victim mentality. Perhaps they have been a perpetrator all their life and can understand someone who thinks like they do, or they are just assertive people with good boundaries. This is why I told you all of this stuff all these years and people said, “You have a problem with certain types of people, don’t you?” Yes, and you’re wearing a mask, watch CNN and got vaxxed, didn’t you? I DIDN’T!! WHY NOT?! Because I don’t have a victim mentality anymore. Compliant people don’t! They still think like victims. They’re in the DS’s desired position on the victim triangle. If you think the only reason I’ve been telling you of my progress in this fight to reclaim my power is “because I don’t like certain types of people,” then you’ve entirely missed the boat.

I tried to tell you and hopefully I woke you up to understand how they play the game that keeps you in a victim role. It’s all about trying to manipulate you into believing their lies, same thing the perpetrators in your life have. Like lying abusive parents, lying ex’s who just were in it for the sex or the money but who said they weren’t, like friends who’ve lied to you to get you to pay for their nights out but tried to convince you they had your back. Fakes, phonies! It’s the same thing. I LEARNED ABOUT THE DEEP STATE BY WATCHING MY PARENTS. They taught me about lying and manipulation and that authority can’t always be trusted.

COBRA just did another interview on the Event and even though that’s not really my specialty – I was put here to help starseeds to wake up – that was my primary reason for channeling – I found what he said interesting. I like COBRA’s work but some of what he said doesn’t seem to agree with what I’ve been told. We all have questions and there’s a lot of confusion about this.

COBRA’s take on the Event is the “Noah’s Ark scenario” where people will be space lifted to another planet to live. So that indicates he feels that something will happen to earth that it will not be inhabitable. Let’s face it, a strong blast of solar energy might just wipe out some of earth’s magnetic fields, which are faltering anyway, and this will definitely create a crash of our electrical systems. All will go down. His take on the Event is definitely more catastrophic than what I’ve seen. I’ve seen more of a reset back to nature and people living simply as the Lemurians did.

COBRA answers the question as to why the GFL doesn’t intervene on the surface (but take note they’ve been underground with me, and some are here disguised on the surface as Alliance members. Obviously they’re trying not to be caught and have the ability to do so. (See my page Visitors the Liberation of Earth)

Q. About the recent years’ MASSIVE spread fires all over the world: why is that the Galactic Confederation is unable to put out those massive fires by advanced tech?

A. OK, there are 2 factors here:

-first, the Galactic Confederation does not intervene on the surface of the planet directly, because that would trigger toplet bombs which would be much worse

-second, part of the answer is, there is a lot of the primary anomaly near, next to the surface and the Galactic Confederation does not yet completely handle that much anomaly with their technology

In the same vein, I want to mention a lie told by someone many follow that the Pleiadians were firing at our power lines. They weren’t, and it’s for this reason above. You need to stop following that guy. Some of you know who I’m talking about.

The Alliance, on the other hand, have different powers than the GFL.

Ivo: He’s correct, my love. This is why we don’t directly intervene. That and the fact that we would sustain injury being shot at by your people who believe that all life external to this world is hostile. No, the hostility is in your own mind and projected outwards. There are low dimensional species of life in the galaxy and some have come to roost upon planet earth, however at the time of the Event where many people rise to fifth dimensional vibration, they will not be involved with many of these species any longer.

Me: Not all of them?

Ivo: There are still negative species in 5D. However only a fraction as many as there are in the lower dimensions.

Me: COBRA states that at the time of the Event there will be a mass evacuation. This is your “Noah’s Ark” scenario with the ark being a spaceship. Presumably COBRA is anticipating that the earth will be unable to sustain life or at least life as we know it. That wasn’t my interpretation of the Event.

Ivo: This is one option, my love. Staying on earth will be possible in the timeline you’re now on. Why? Because, yes, the Event will cause damage but the damage will be repaired and life will go on. What will change with the enormous blast of Light energy is that all demonics will be removed from the planet, all of the negative aliens currently living on earth will die. Why? Because they cannot stand Light of that intensity. Humans, however, can. Some will be warned and go underground in order to survive the Event as they will choose to stay on this planet. The DUMBs are now being prepared for this.

Others will choose to be space lifted to another planet in the Pleiades and continue there – as new Pleiadians.

Me: What about the rapture happening at the time of the Event?

Ivo: Yes, it can happen but these people must be free of their desire for belongings.

Me: Why?

Ivo: Because they will be left behind.

Me: So they’re just going to find themselves on a green patch of 5D earth with no belongings and no way to help themselves?!

Ivo: There are already settlements in 5D and ours will be one of them. They can come to us. We will go out and search for them at this time.

Me: So there are many options. Some people will just die before all of this happens.

By the way, COBRA estimates the Event will happen around 2025, so three more years.

More from COBRA:

Q. Regarding the animals: Where will they be evacuated and REHOMED?

A. First, they will be evacuated on the ships, many of them will be transported to the planet in the Pleiades star system where humanity will live and some of them will go to other planets where they will be able to have a pure, pristine natural environment.

Q. Post EVENT, will some of them be returned to the NEW EARTH?

A. Very few select ones, yes…most of them no but some of them yes. (Yes, Ivo did mention this, that only some species of animals will go to 5D. That’s because the animals we know now are either of third or fourth dimensional souls groups. They’re just “not made” for the higher dimensions.)

Q. Will we be able to take our pets with us during the EVACUATION and further WHEREVER else we’d chose to go after the Earth goes through the EVENT?

A. OK, basically each individual human being will need to make their own choice about the evacuation and the pets will be evacuated on their own accord and if there is a higher purpose then they will be reconnected, the current approach that is on the surface of the planet will be changed because most of the animals will choose to live in natural environments. The emotional bond that was created between the animals and humans will remain but most aspects of that connection will be gone.

So he’s saying that your pet will decide whether to continue the relationship with you if there is a higher purpose. Merlin is coming with me because there is a higher purpose to our relationship. But many of the animals we currently have will want to go back to a natural environment. But all animals will be considered, no one will be left behind.

Q. How long post liberation will we still use money for?

A. OK, at the moment of the EVENT there will be a reset of the financial system, then the financial system will be slowly phased out, then completely gone at the moment of the POLAR SHIFT and the FINAL EVACUATION.

Me: I see money being switched over before that time, it’s already happening now. He says money will be phased out and gone at the moment of the Polar Shift. I assume the polar shift will happen in 3D/4D, not 5D.

So it looks like what COBRA is saying is the Event is what the Alliance is waiting for, not the return of Mr T to office. Yes, it’s confusing.

Ivo: We are waiting for the Event, my love. It has been predicted to have occurred many times already now, since 2012 and for the last ten years. But it’s been slow in coming because earth has to be prepared for The Event, the bible calling it the Rapture. The DS is well aware of this phenomenon and working to secure the minds of the people to keep their timeline alive. They require human energy to be able to stabilize the timeline so they can continue to live.

But they will not be able to survive the Event. They will all die.

You understand the necessity of changing over the financial system to a new system, of course.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Then you understand that this encompasses the disempowerment of the DS and the Event will simply be the kill shot if you will. Everyone desires trials and such, but it is the Event which will determine whether the evil one lives or dies and this is God’s decision.

Me: So when he says that money will be phased out at the time of the final evacuation, if this evacuation removes all people from the planet then it’s an oxy moron – there won’t be a financial system because there won’t be any people on the planet. So I assume he means people will be left on the planet, which is what Ivo’s talking about. And they’ll return to a more simple way of life in the 3D/4D and in 5D we move on to new technologies and more spirituality.

Ivo: This is correct, my love.

Me: I know this will raise a lot of questions. If you have questions go to our Rumble account and follow us there, and ask your question in the comments. There are no trolls on Rumble so I do read the comments.

Now what about this polar shift? Yes, I’d heard of it. Earth tends to tilt on its axis. I should think after being blasted by solar energy that earth would tilt a bit more. And this would create new landmasses but volcano’s would erupt and I think he says earth would go into another ice age. It sounds catastrophic but man has survived it before and this time they’ll have help if they want to stay and live through it of course.

Ivo: Of course.

Another question:

Q. Approximately how long post liberation will ALL Earth humans have new, young, healed bodies?

A. Most humanity will be evacuated and after being evacuated they will go through a certain alignment and healing process on the Motherships and then they will have youth, healed bodies. Most humans will have quite dramatic healing before the EVENT but I would say the final transformation will happen on the Motherships.

Me: I’m also understanding that, oh I get it, yeah that makes sense… I’m the guinea pig here again. I get to go up on the mothership hopefully this year. Ivo has indicated he wants to age regress me in a med bed or something of the sort so I’m 30 years old again. That way he can alleviate all my health problems as well as giving me another 30 years to complete my mission on earth, only it’ll be 5D earth now. So that’s what I’m to do: Be one of the first to undergo this process COBRA is talking about and then move on to 5D when I leave the ship.

By the way, not all of you will be undergoing this process. Some of you will just go home at the time of the Event. Job finished. It depends on what you’ve contracted to do for earth’s liberation. Others will go to 5D, others may stay on the lower timelines and help there perhaps through successive lifetimes.

Yes, they started the question with this: Due to the many delays for Liberation…. and there have been many delays as I understand it, and many of them have been in preparing the earthling minds.

Ivo: This is the case, my love. Some of you stubbornly hold onto lower timeline thoughts and beliefs as your security blanket, when in fact they are your poison.

Me: The bird feathers its own cage, doesn’t it?

Ivo: Yes, we thought perhaps you would take to these new ideas more readily but many of you fight them.

Me: We still have reptilian DNA and we hold onto this old stuff because it suits that aspect of ourselves. Plus there’s a lot of mind control going on, a lot.

Ivo: Yes. I believe that society would have more readily accepted many of the “new age” ideas we propose to people during the 60’s when the hippies were impacting the world. It was a gap we made in your timeline with our energy and there were many at that time who did ascend and leave 3D earth. It was possible for some even at that time, but not for the masses because they believed life was good then and they held on to their position. You tend to defend your own captivity.

Me: It was planned that way, though.

Ivo: It was. However we believe we have it now. Many people born now are of a different mindset, not all but many. And they are seeking a better life because of the degradation of society the DS has created.

Me: Yes, ridding the world of the middle class.

I like COBRA’s answer here:

Q. Due to the many delays for Liberation, will there be some sufficient time between liberation and EVENT for unawakened humans to process all the shocking new reality and suppressed disclosures?

A. There might be or there might not be but the time is running out so people will be exposed to quite accelerated process which might be quite overwhelming for many beings because most of humanity has chosen to neglect and deny so much. But we cannot wait for the masses anymore, the transformation needs to happen…it will be a bit shocking for many but there is no way around it anymore.

Me: I know they tried to avoid shocking people. Ashtar had spoken of that. But like COBRA says they can’t avoid it now. People will be shocked out of their complacency. They need to be.

Another question:

Q. About humans’ current soul mates partners…will they split after event to reunite with their respective twin flames?

A. OK, here, each individual being will make their own choices, so some of most awakened beings will reconnect with their twin souls, some of them will still keep their connection with their soul mates and some of them no, so it will be very individual.

Me: I know where I’m going. No partner on earth to worry about and I’ve minimized my relationship to just about everybody. No strings attached, I’m outta here! Woo hoo!

I think you all have to understand that you have a choice here. So I know some of you aren’t understanding this and you’re starting to panic. I’m going to tell you: STOP PANICKING. There’s nothing to worry about. You will be taken care of. It’ll all be sorted out. As the time draws near you’ll be told what to do next. For now, you’re still in a holding pattern and it’s life on earth you have to deal with – making sure you have enough food and money for instance.

Another question:

Q. Will there still be another planet similar to EARTH conditions where there will be suffering, wars, etc?


Me: Like we’ve said, this is evil’s last stand. He confirms this here. There will still be negativity in the galaxy as there always is in the dualistic dimensions, however I believe they’ll be on more limited planets. Earth is a free will zone, the last place you want to put negative beings on because they had carte blanche to do anything they wanted. All planets have to be created in such a way to maximize the ascension experience and earth was taken off that and put in such a low negative state that ascension was made impossible for many. We’re ending that now.

Q. What dimension will the NEW EARTH be in, right after the SOLAR FLASH (EVENT)?

A. The vibrational frequency will be aligned to the 5th and higher dimensions

Q. Has the EARTH experience been able to show Cosmos at large that things are in need to be managed in a very different way from now on, than it was until now?

A. Yes, definitely, actually this was and still is a big lesson for all of the Universe

Me: Yes, they goofed. They misunderstood the evil. Hard to do that when you’ve never been evil and have ascended through the positive polarity only. Starseeds now can offer help to the GFL and the councils through their current life experience. We’ve lived it.

Ivo, What about nuclear bombing of New York?

Ivo: We’re preparing for this, my love. It will be close but it will not happen.

Me: Poor Americans. The shit they have to go through. Man!

Ivo: The people of earth have had many challenges and they have had many opportunities to set their hearts straight on their feelings regarding many topics such as nuclear war, even. This has been a reset of your minds for some, and for others a confirmation of your beliefs. You are entering a new age where for once you have a choice again, you have control again and all will be righted for you by the Galactic Confederation who oversee this galaxy.

Your rights will be given to you again and you will learn how to live with them and to respect the rights of others.

Me: That’ll be nice to see.

Ivo: You currently live on a world where boundary violation is normal. Selfishness is normal. No consideration of others is normal. Insistence on getting one’s way is normal. You will have to unlearn all of this and begin to learn to be human again because these are reptilian ways of life, negative reptilian ways of life.

COBRA’s whole interview is here. He’s always talking about the Event and following him might be of interest to you. Don’t worry that his name is a type of snake. It’s a short form for “Compression Breakthrough.”

July 11th, a new interview.

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Humans and Computers | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

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October 13, 2021

To those who donated to our Agape fundraiser on gofundme, we raised a total of $1,579.00. Ivo and I are very happy to have been able to donate to the foodbank, and we urge all of you to continue to donate as your heart feels drawn to do so.

This weekend, I found some Thanksgiving specials here in Canada – turkey stuffing was 75 cents a box so I bought a bunch and dropped it off in the donation drum. That’s all it takes, folks, just a few dollars when you go shopping.

Speaking of shopping, I’m starting to see some shortages. This was dry cat food I was looking for so I suggest you stock up if you haven’t already and make sure to remember your pet food as well.

Humans and Computers

Response to Corey Goode’s post about brain chipping: “As an ascended human, I am capable of doing many things without the use of my hands – by only using my mind! All people will be able to do this when they reach a high enough frequency. Humans can interface with the crystals in their computers and shut them off, for example, without touching them. I see electricity coming out of my palms and the energy of the breath leaving my nose. Indulging in this kind of technology will only prohibit us from discovering our true reality and the divine abilities of a human. Thus far, technology and industry have been used to keep these gifts from us. That has to stop.”

I love being from Vega, a Vegan consciousness. I love that Ivo has taught me all these things and more!

Ivo has told us this in one of our books, which one I can’t remember off the top of my head. And I’ll let him deliver this message again as a reminder to everyone and also for people who haven’t read the books.

Ivo: Thank you, my love. The way computers are used out in the galaxy is to ASSIST our excellent minds, not to replace them.

When you think to microchip your body or your brain into a higher functioning state, you are negating your own natural powers because most likely your brain will continue to vibrate at the level of the chip. With technology on your world advancing as quickly as it is, your chip would become outdated in a hurry. This would require some type of new programming to be installed via the internet and your brain would be limited to enacting in any way that the computer chip would have you enact. It would certainly impede your normal functioning because it is not meant to be there and its frequency is too low.

You would be stopped from ascending at all, because a bio-bot cannot ascend, and that is what you would then become – a bio robotic. Our technology is indeed sentient, but it has not undergone an ascension process – it was created using the unified field. Yes, we can utilize the unified field to create sentient technology and even new life if we wish to. However, we do not.

This is another good point: those of us out in the galaxy are capable of resisting impulses to explore if in fact we deem it to be detrimental to human life. On planet earth, this is not the case. Currently exploration of technologies is underway that will adversely affect life on your planet. This is a question of vibrational frequency.

If Corey Goode does not believe that a human mind can interface with technology and run it, then he does not even have as high a frequency as Sharon, because Sharon has done it and can do it at will. Yes. But yes, Sharon is a Vegan master goddess of the divine feminine Light.

Me: Suffering from amnesia, just to qualify that.

Ivo: Yes, this is true. The main point that Sharon wishes me to make in this video is that technology and industry have been used to prevent the discovery of the innate human capabilities. Your automobiles have been utilized and developed to prevent you from discovering that you can bi-locate and simply float around. Your telephones have been developed to stop your discovery of the fact that you are telepathic and can speak to anyone on the planet that you wish to at any time. Your televisions work the same way – as does your internet – it is a communications system that has been given to you to thwart your realizing that you are telepathic as all humans are. That is another reason that they have attempted to keep you from realizing that you are not alone in the universe, because how else can we speak with you unless we use telepathic mind connection?

When you continue to believe in these implements, you are simply focusing on the use of your intellectual mind and continuing to neglect your intuition.

You are capable of bi-location, you are telepathic, you are also capable of moving through what you call solid objects because these objects are not solid – they are made of the same stuff of life that you are – energy, and so you can walk through them when you train your mind that you can.

Energy is malleable and all is energy. It is a question of training, but all humans have the innate ability to do all things on earth that are done in the universe. What did Jesus do? He walked on water. He split the water apart – yes, it cooperated with his request, and he walked across the sea. He levitated. Something you are also capable of .

He healed the lepers. You are capable of self healing and of healing others through frequency. Sharon has done this as well.

When he was murdered, he created a new physical body in which to live.

Me: Yes, the problem I got when I went to see a chiropractor and ended up very dizzy. I stopped it through just lying down and focusing energy on my inner ear.

I just checked on the post. One of my comments was “Chip! My ass!” and Corey responded with, “Careful. They might take you up on that.” Yes, it was funny, but I responded with my declaration of sovereignty – nobody has a right to my body but me! Nobody! I take full responsibility for it and the state it’s in and in its healing. But nobody will touch me, and nobody can cuff me either if they decide that they want to. I already have an agreement with Merton in my ship flying above me that if they come for me, he’ll beam me up to his ship and take me away. I live by universal law – God’s laws, and not these human made criminal rules.

Ivo: Yes. The key to achieving these abilities lies in a few things. First of all, your intention. If your intention is to glamorize the self, to prove one’s self powerful to even one’s self, it will not work. The key to developing these abilities is to be of service to others. When you are of that mindset, your natural energies flow better. When you are of the mindset of service to self and perhaps self flagellation, then it will not work because God does not work for Him self, He works for All. He is not a selfish God, nor should you be.

The other is focus of the mind. The Rosicrucian book you read (“Wisdom of the Mystic Masters” by Joseph Weed) had exercises to increase your mind control. I should think, though, with fighting mind control daily, that should suffice. Having the intention to give your mind and your body to God every day is the right intention to start your day with. Spending it in fear and in service to the self is the wrong intention.

The other way to help yourself focus better, and you are realizing this, my love, because this too is part of your enlightenment on earth: What you eat is very important. Eating foods that do not cause inflammation is important for your brain to operate properly. Detoxing and ridding yourself of stored chemicals is important. Also, for you, keeping your blood sugar from spiking is important because you do not want to become diabetic. The diet is enjoyable and the cravings are decreasing. And you are forgetting less and words come more easily to you. Yes, we realize that the ascension is a difficult process for your body to endure but feeding it good food is a beneficial activity at this time. Eating natural foods with no sugar and additives is a worthwhile investment for your health.

Jesus never worried about having enough to eat. That is because he ate little but could create what he desired. Imagine you should be able to do that. Your turkey dinner would be created by you and you could serve a company of a dozen tonight.

Me: Yes, Happy Thanksgiving Canadians (It’s October 10th when we’re channeling this).

Ivo: But you must see, though, that having a turkey all for one’s self will net you nothing. It is that you have the intention of sharing it with others that you would be able to manifest it. Jesus is a universal master and came to share his knowledge with those upon earth and these people are still upon earth now, however in different form. So the knowledge might be distorted but it is not lost.

Me: I want to add that another master is St Germain. If you read about the things he can do as a master alchemist. He creates right out of thin air. How cool would that be?!

Ivo: And I have said to you my love, and you have been shown, that you DO create out of thin air. The games you play with your prosperity symbols, the green automobiles, and the empty parking spots in the parking lot IS you creating out of thin air. Energy is being commanded by your mind to create what you want. St Germain can do this instantaneously. For you it takes a little longer, a few hours or even a day. St Germain also creates what you call solid objects rather than creating scenarios as you are doing, but it is in principle the same thing: Alchemy.

Me: What if I wanted to create a gem like he does?

Ivo: You could do it if you practised and focused on it.

Me: Cool.

Me: Yeah, back in my hater days I used to say Jesus walked on water because he didn’t know how to swim. It’s funny looking back but yes, I can see I had to make peace with religion and Jesus because I wasn’t going to escape him, not in this western world anyway. And not with my earth brother being a Baptist minister either.

Ivo: Yes. You have made peace with him and he comes to you on occasion.

So, we have made our point again and wish people to remember what we have said before they receive any kind of bodily microchip. For those of you who already have multi-dimensional capabilities we realize we’re preaching to the choir however, it is always good to have this fresh in your minds.

With this I will leave you for today. Thank you my love, for your indulgence.

Me: You’re welcome Ivo.

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Learning how to love others and learning how to love yourself, regardless of circumstances suffered, is the goal.-Sanat Kumara via Ivo and Sharon-

The Reason You Have Needs

Ivo: Your world holds the assumption that the parents form one’s personality. They do not. The soul creates the lower mind, the personality and the parents’ responsibility is to bring out that which is inherent within the mind of the child and to help to utilize it within the context of the child’s earthly environment.

The reason you have the perception of having unmet needs is because caregivers have abused their power over the child. That can mean teachers, babysitters, other siblings, clergy members, as well as parents, and more. That there are the “Dark Mother” and “Tyrant” mind control programs directed at your lower minds, in a patriarchal world, is the reason that one goes from lifetime to lifetime feeling inadequate and feeling as if their needs have not been met.

The only emotional need you have is to embody your soul upon earth. You have physical needs, and this includes feeding and being held, accepted by other earthlings, but what you have upon earth now is many people who have fractured soul connections, so the feeling of “being whole” continues to evade them. So you seek. You look in externals for that which you are. They are not there. You must overturn one rock after the next in order to understand that nothing under that rock will tell you who you are. Only you can do that.

It is up to the caregiver not to sever the child’s attachment to soul. Unfortunately this is being done on a large scale now, particularly because you do not understand the nature of life and parenting. These are not really unmet needs that you have suffered as much as soul wounds.

Yes, there is the expectation that you will live in a loving family circle, this is what comes from your life as Pleaidians, Vegans, or even higher dimensionals. When this does not occur, one is left with only the true teacher: the soul. When the soul continues to suffer atrocities and abuse at the hands of the caregivers, then it fractures. Many of you have fractured souls and are seeking to retrieve the pieces. The way to do so is to heal the original wound. This is done by continuing to incur the same type of abuse from others, and in learning to react to the abuse differently, more lovingly to yourself and to the one who is your abuser, you heal the wound.

When you continue to put down those who have abused you, you have only done half the work. Obviously you still fear that person or type of person. Forgiveness is essential for soul re-connection to occur. This is because you must raise your frequency to soul level in order to retrieve the fractured pieces and to reconnect soul to your lower frequencies again. Only love can heal. Hate destroys.

Many of you have experienced a hateful first experience of life. And in turn, you continue to hate others, out of ignorance. To continue to do so, keeps soul at a distance. Learning how to love others and learning how to love yourself, regardless of circumstances suffered, is the goal.

We realize that on earth there is much to be done in this respect, but you have suffered no more than your soul can handle. However, many of you go through your day struggling with forgiveness when to surrender it to your soul, your Christ self, your God self or God would be more helpful to you. You need not do this work all on your own. You have help. And you can tell that part of yourself that you do not know how to do this, so please let them help to heal or instruct you further.

Yes, there is a Universal Law of Surrender. It reads as follows:

To surrender does not mean putting your hands in the air and flying a white flag, it is not defeat, giving up or failing. To surrender is to be wise. It is wise to accept the flow of life’s energy rather than resist it. To surrender is to accept “What is now” unconditionally and to give up, without any reservations whatsoever, any inner resistance to “What is now”.

By making a conscious choice at this moment, and in every present moment of now, to fully accept that the present moment is as it should be, then by surrendering to this knowledge you are more powerful than you could possibly believe. By not judging the present moment of now but by accepting it and offering no resistance to what is now, you show tremendous faith in God and other Unseen Entities. This allows you to be in a state of grace, easy flow and enlightenment. Whether things are perceived “good” or “bad” is not material in this state of grace. Things are what they are and, eventually everything happens for the best. You can truly let go and let God – but make sure you row away from the rocks! By surrendering to “what is now”, in this state of graceful surrender, you can see clearly what action needs to take place and by doing one thing at a time, step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment, as illustrated in the Law of Process, you accomplish what needs to be done, in your surrendered state.

The energy released in a surrendered state is a powerful, healing energy. This energy propels your healing, growth and evolution. Surrender to discover how powerful You Really Are.


Which is a good point: the Flow. Life is flowing. Life is always flowing towards healing and forgiveness. When you cannot do so, you are out of the flow. Ask for help in re-gaining the flow.

Life flows “upward” in frequency, not downward. It takes much energy, in fact, to hold a planet in a circumstance of negativity. The energy that is being taken to do so is the life energy of all upon earth. So you hold yourselves down.

In breaking that hold on your energy, you free yourself and you help to free the collective of humanity on earth.

When you choose love over hate, when you choose gratitude over complaint, when you choose wisdom over ignorance, when you choose courage over fear… you win. And you win for all upon earth as well.

We realize that life on earth takes courage. Especially now, especially when the cloth is being torn off to reveal the demons underneath. Earth is going through a collective process of facing its fears; the fears those upon it have helped to create. It will undergo this process for quite a while. New atrocities will be foisted upon those who still fear while those who do not will be freed.

Me: This isn’t Ivo. I can tell that he’s letting someone in on the channeling. He’s been doing that the last couple of days!

Who are you, sharer of this truth and knowledge?

SK: I am Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos for earth. Lord of Wisdom, lover of all who grace this planet.

Me: Aha! Just thought I’d ask. Ivo is partnering with other people and channeling new info through me.

SK: May I continue?
Me: Of course! I just want to see what you look like. Oh. Okay. I have seen your image before.

SK: I shine every day upon you with your sun. I am the Light that floods this planet now.

Me: You should feel my heart chakra, guys. His energy is awesome. Okay, please continue.

SK: In this time of perhaps darkness before the dawn, your people will learn. Learn they must, otherwise perish. The wisdom of the old ages must come back to your hearts; it must embody within you again. You must reconnect to soul. This will be taught to you again, as earth once again, takes center stage in the universe to re-claim her place as a bright star of the universe.

Every day you are learning. Now you see that there is no information coming to you. So you are learning. Learning to trust and be patient. Learning to hold your hearts open, to trust those in power, and to be patient and wait for guidance.

This is such an important lesson. Gone are the days for so many of petulant impulsive decision making. Thinking without heart.

The heart is taking its place at the forefront of this movement now. You are being taught. You are being taught lessons you may not even realize you are learning. With every step taken, with everything revealed, with every reaction you have to any circumstance presented before you, you are learning to embody the Christ. Slowly, step by step, you remember who you truly are.

I am Sanat Kumara and I leave you now with a blessing and with the assurance from all those of the higher heart that we watch you, love you and lead you in love.

Me: Thanks Ivo. That was pretty awesome!

Ivo: You are most welcome, my love.

Me: I thought you only knew Vegans! LOL

Ivo: Not at all. We are on earth. They host us as we assist them in the liberation of this planet and the return of the Christ light to your souls.

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Ivo of Vega: QFS & the RV

Ashtar Sheran said the QFS is up and running. How does this impact us within the next 6 months, Ivo?
Your financial system will be changing over. The old one will dissipate and the QFS will be the predominant computer system that will conduct all banking transactions. Actually, you should not notice. All paycheques will be issued through the QFS as all business transactions will be transacted through this system.

Me: Is it because it’s hacked into the other system or because it’ll be transferred?
Ivo: Transferred, my love. All transactions can be monitored by a central source that will flag up any suspicious transactions that would include things like money laundering, kickbacks, fake company accounts, payments to charities that simply route back to the donor, and other fraudulent transactions. These transactions will be monitored and audits of governments and individual companies will be conducted at a higher level than government. There will be an overseeing agency in charge of all worldly transactions that will be an agency of service and nothing else.

This is important because GESARA compliance will be impossible without this oversight function.

The people will still get their pay cheques and government payouts, just as they are now. However in future a standard payout will be made to all households that will supply you all with basic income. What you decide to do over and above that is your choice. This agency will continue to download money through your government accounts but your government will not be able to hack the monies and manipulate or tax them.

Taxes will be minimalized. Debt forgiveness is forthcoming. Much of it will be underway within a year.

For those with projects, your funding will come to you within the next six months.

Many companies will go under because they will not pass this auditing process. Companies will be bought out and will be required by changing laws to conduct business in an ethical fashion.

We foresee all these changes will be brought to fruition within the next four to five years. It has already begun however, we’re sorry Sharon, you will have to pay your taxes this year.

Me: Darn! I didn’t want to! Oh well….

Ivo: My love, next year your income will be QFS based and non-taxable. It will be considered charitable income and dispensed philanthopically. You will be relieved of tax paying.

Me: Good! Anything else, Ivo? Like stock markets?

Ivo: Watch what happens with many of your corrupt corporations. As they begin to be audited they will have to either close their doors or change their way of functioning.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, take a break now please.

Me: I will.–rv.html

To be able to live in a loving community of people who respect my free will.

Tired of Having to Not Be Myself

Again, as I often do, I woke up with the answer this morning. The reason I felt like crying last night before I went to bed, and whining at Ivo to hurry up and land so we can be together finally.

I’ll describe this to the best of my ability without complaining too much, but I’m saying this because I’m sure so many of you can relate to me. It’s not all fun and games realizing you come from another planet or dimension. This is why I’m unhappy here and I don’t know if it can be fixed.

It has to do with being a starseed or a lightworker. I call starseeds those people from other planets/dimensions who are born here. Lightworkers, to Ivo and I, are people who are actively using their light daily in order to heal this world. All lightworkers are starseeds by virtue of the fact we were born here, in other words. Other people have other definitions; there’s no standard one yet.

There are negative sides to being a starseed; it’s not all fun and games. The big one, I find, is that you’re not understood or people try to control you in order to get you to fit in so they can relate to you. That could be anything from getting you to eat meat to trying to get you to stop being so emotional. That’s what I got from my family because I was “too sensitive” and just different from them, and it hasn’t stopped. Relating to people is difficult when you’re a future version of them.

I’ve written down some points that are driving my feeling unhappy now. I believe some of this may have come up because I’m doing a detox and my old friend, food, isn’t around as much to comfort me through these feelings of alien-ness, because that’s what it is really. Let’s face facts. You’re alien to this world and this system, and to these people, and food, somehow keeps me grounded. Even food, I believe, is of too low vibration to be of much good to me now. Most food is third dimensional and we’re not anymore. Here’s the list:

  • Having to explain yourself; knowing you’re being judged
  • Having to dumb yourself down in order to relate to others
  • Having to shut your mouth when you just want to be yourself
  • Having moments of not caring and feeling unhinged, dancing out by your car out in a snowstorm because you don’t give a shit sometimes
  • Feeling unanchored on this planet and not sure that you want to be
  • Not feeling a part of anything. And with the virus agenda going on it just makes your feeling alienated even worse
  • Having to constantly assert your boundaries in order to stop control and/or manipulation attempts
  • Fed up of having your free will disrespected by the unconscious; fed up of conversations that are violations of your boundaries and free will
  • Feeling abnormal and frankly, thanking god you are
  • Fed up of reverting to a former version of yourself in order to relate to others who aren’t where you are
  • Sick of doing your best to relate to others while nobody can relate to you because you understand you’re the one who can stretch – they can’t
  • Having to relate to addicts who are frankly, everywhere, and don’t even realize it
  • Continually coming across the same types of people everywhere: escape artists – the addicts; control freaks, sneaky manipulators, and just plain bullshitters. People succumb to or deal with this system in maladaptive ways.
  • Having problems like empathy that keep hampering your attempts to relate to others
  • That feeling of being big but having to live small because there is nothing more here
  • The boredom of having to get up every day and live another day of a life you know is a fraction of what you’ve lived before
  • Wanting the reset to roll out but realizing it’s not because of the slowpokes who still need to wake up
  • Tired of christians thinking there’s something wrong with you and their trying to get you to go to their churches
  • Tired of people trying to change you because they don’t understand you or think you’re weird
  • Tired of it just being easier to be alone
  • Knowing if you say anything about any of this, you’ll be directed to a shrink
  • Understanding you’re an advanced consciousness living in an oppressed, regressive world
  • Wanting to go back and live among your old friends and then realizing you’ve grown past them too
  • Understanding there is nothing more to this place and you’re stuck here until you change it
  • Understanding that you have everything to gain by taking the next step in your life, but the timing of the next step is beyond your control
  • Understanding that if you were in the steps and confided this in your sponsor, she’d think you were a whack job too
  • Looking for entertainment on line and seeing video’s of either fear based programming, video’s produced by fear-based minds, or people’s pets, when all you want to do is relate to life at a satisfying level. What passes for entertainment here, frankly, just adds insult to injury
  • Dealing with people who are jealous of you; have these younger starseeds ever considered that their waking up along with so many others is an advantage, not a disadvantage, and that being out in front of the pack can be lonely?
  • Understanding that you’re on the defensive all the time and the only time you can let your guard down is at home when you’re alone, and by the way, my ET friends never put me on the defensive because they’re always loving and caring
  • Realizing you talk to invisible people and apparently there’s something wrong with that here too
  • Finding conversations with trees more interesting than a conversation with a human

If I were in the steps still, this would be my resentment list. I have to deal with these things and figure out a way to get some relief around this. Ivo keeps saying that he’s to land soon and I believe him, but in the next minute wouldn’t be soon enough, frankly. This has been a lifetime in the making. I’m hoping the younger starseeds won’t have to undergo the loneliness and feeling of alienation us older ones have had to endure.

I will just write these all down and look for any solutions I can find. It’s frustrating not being able to tell others who you are because as my sister calls it, “I’m radical” and she doesn’t even know my whole truth.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this list. If I find any solutions, Ivo and I will bring them up in a video. Anything to get relief from not fitting in and not wanting to fit in.

Ivo: My dear, you are going through the growing pains of realizing you are ascending. That is what you are experiencing. You are leaving the old behind, all the people, all the society you have lived in, even your family who do not treat you well either. You are leaving it all behind and apparently having some difficulty with it.

Me: I always had difficulty with this place, Ivo, but I always thought it was because I was abused.

Ivo: And as I have said, had you not been abused, you would never have realized your true self. It was an important part of your journey to have experienced this. Otherwise you would never have known your true identity.

Me: I have a lot of identities, to be honest.

Ivo: You are part of a soul group, my love. A large, very advanced soul group that has incarnated on earth and other planets, particularly in Vega and Lyra.

Me: I’m seeing parts of that, yes.

Ivo: Your journey is almost complete. When you are back with me, whether it be on earth or in Vega, your journey is done. You will have the mirroring you desire; the love you have for yourself will be reflected back to you through us.

Me: That’s all I’ve ever wanted. To be able to live in a loving community of people who respect my free will.

Ivo: You will have that.

Me: Again, the operative word is “when?”

Ivo: This year, my love. This year. You can begin to pack again. That is how close we are now.

Me: I sure hope so. I’m tired of waiting.

Ivo: My love, it all goes according to plan.

Me: I know. Not my ego’s plan, God’s plan.

Ivo: Correct. It will be grand.

Me: I have some grieving to do, obviously. It’s been hard and lonely walking this path. Everyone I’ve known is a memory. I’ve had to give up so much.

Ivo: And yet now you gain the universe, so much more.

Me: True. I’m going to stop this video here. I don’t see how anyone can console me except myself.

Ivo: Very well. You must work through this, as must the others. I know this video will touch many hearts.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I am here for you. As I always have been.

Major Galactic Federation Intel Drop!

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This started out to be a lesson in metaphysics but turned out to be a major GFL intel drop!

Loving something, a thing or situation, doesn’t mean you have to accept it as it is

Me: Ivo, I’d like to explain this to people. I think we have this wrong here on earth.

Ivo: Very well.

Me: If you love somebody, do you have to accept them completely as they are?

Ivo: It would be preferable to do this in the case of someone you love, my dear, otherwise you are subject to conditional love and that falls into the realms of divisiveness and separation consciousness.

People have free will, and with that, they can be whoever they want. To be able to love someone with free will, means that you must in fact use yours to accept them as they are. This is your power. Free will is derived from love, as all is.

Me: So if you’re in a relationship where you’re not using your free will…

Ivo: Then you are in a relationship of control, where you are being controlled. That is not love, that is control.

Me: Okay, that makes sense. Now can we talk about things in the same regard.

Ivo: Very well. It is different when you talk about things. Things do not have free will as they are creations of humanity. So they are what you call objects. You cannot, in fact, love an object. You can only love another creature that has free will. You create objects, you like your objects, but to say you love your car is not love in the same sense as loving a mate, although it has been claimed to be such. That is an exaggeration.

The human being is created to love each other, but to manipulate things. What you do on earth is you love things but manipulate each other.

Me: Okay, now what about a situation? Let’s take some current situations into account now.

One situation: the person acting as POTUS right now, who is demented and has to have instructions whispered to him. Many people don’t love him because they love the real POTUS, Mr T. Can’t you love two people?

Ivo: Of course. If they are in fact both human and have free will. In fact Mr B is not human and so he does not have free will.

Me: Some people love him, I think.

Ivo: Then refer back to what I said about loving objects.

Me: Maybe that’s why they do it. Well, too, because we live in a materialistic society…. that’s why they want us to love our things.

Ivo: Not true love.

Me: So he’s an object, that’s funny.

Ivo: It is a fact, my love.

Me: Clones do have three chakras, maybe four.

Ivo: But they do not have the chakras of the spirit, my love. Only the chakras that relate to the physical world. The love that comes to you comes to you through the higher chakras, which this object does not have.

Me: Okay. I hear clones can have children, though.

Ivo: And what do these clones do to their children?
Me: I rest my case.

Okay, we’ll take another situation then…. what about the desertion of the White House? Mr T is in Florida and Mr B is in a movie set in California. The white house itself is basically deserted and it looks like they’re setting up gallows there, which is kind of freaky.

Ivo: They are doing so because this is the only piece of land that exists within the US that is not actually considered to be American soil. So anything goes there. The corporation of the US is now defunct, and this corporation was headquartered in DC, so it stands to reason now that this piece of land can be used for any act of war or peace. The rest of the U.S. is under constitutional law and must be used to this end.

Me: So if they want to hang somebody they have to do it outside of their country?

Ivo: They can do it inside of the U.S., of course, however if they wish to put to death a person without proper U.S. trial then it has to be done in the District of Columbia. What they are doing is arresting these objects as we discussed and will put them to death on that parcel of land. The real players, the actual humans, have been arrested long ago and will stand public trial and sentencing on constitutional land.

What is going on in DC is being kept from you for this reason. These are not the real trials you are to see.

Me: This must be a clone problem. And I still didn’t get to ask the question I wanted to. I was trying to state what we’ve been talking about all along, and that is that if you don’t like some situation, something, then you have to love its opposite.

So if you want JB to relinquish whatever hold he has over people’s minds, then love seeing Mr T returned to power. Love the opposite of the evil that so many are seeing. That’s how to use the mind.

If you don’t like seeing people wearing masks, then love the opposite: a return to non mask wearing. Bear in mind that because we’re a collective, that you have all the other minds to oppose you while you seek this majority.

Me: So what’s going on in DC isn’t even the real deal? That’ll be down the road?

Ivo: Yes.

Me: Wow. Who knew?

Ivo: I did.


Okay, but that building is empty now, at least we think it is. How do they get them all back there?

Ivo: They were there. And they were arrested.

Me: It must get confusing with about fifteen different Hillaries running around. Holy cow! You’ve got to get rid of the clones and try whatever originals are still alive.

Ivo: Yes. You cannot try an object. The clone is not considered a true human being.

Me: Wouldn’t they try some of them for the sake of our seeing it?

Ivo: Trying a clone in place of a dead human being?

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Perhaps for the sake of visuals, yes. But understand many of these leaders are dead already. Their clones only exist.

Me: No wonder this is complicated.

Ivo: It is.

Me: Oh! I get it. An intuition! Can you imagine they’re trying a clone and the clone yells out, “I’m not really Mrs C, I’m her clone! You can’t try me because I’m not her!” These clones won’t be able to stand trial within our legal system, particularly because they’re not free will humans.

Ivo: Correct, my love. But these clones will stand trial in galactic courts. What happened in DC during the days after Mr T’s walking away and taking up office in Florida will never be known to earthlings until such time that disclosure is underway, because this is an exopolitical issue, not a political issue.

Me: Wow! Except for this message….

….It would be a technicality the clones could evade our court systems with. I’m also intuiting that the courts that are taking up space within the white house are of a more galactic nature since these clones are often negative incarnates, so that’s why all the sneaking around. OMG!

No wonder the pundits who don’t believe in aliens aren’t getting this.

Ivo: Correct my love. We have our own galactic lawyers, if you will, and tribunals to try these beings.

Me: Why not just take them off planet?

Ivo: Do you think we desire that?

Me: Oh yeah. Leave ’em here. Let them die here too. Although other ones have gone.

Ivo: These are the stronger ones, more connected to the AI system.

The bodies must die here but the demonics who possess them must be encapsulated and dispensed with later.

Me: Okay, thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I bid you good evening.

Me: Wow! Mind blown!

When you understand you create your entire life and you can manifest whatever you want, do you then continue to believe you require help?-Ivo via Sharon-

November 27, 2020

I was going to let this one thing go but as it turns out there could be a huge lesson on honoring others’ free will here from Ivo, so, yet again, I’ll tell you what happened today.

I keep forgetting… I put up a post today that was talking about people who try to get you to join their religion. They send flyers, they try to talk you into it, and then there are the family members who have all but ignored you for years who suddenly take an interest in you again, and they have a track record of trying to convert you to their religion because they’re a minister.

I was talking to Ivo, who prompted me to write this last comment:

“This is the Matrix and these are its minions. Any act done to pull someone back into the system of control is NOT A LOVING ACT.”

I was thinking this was a bit harsh. But he insisted it wasn’t. I was thinking, well, maybe they think they’re actually doing you a favor or they’re concerned about you. To which he replied, “Did they ask you if you were interested? If not, they’re being controlling, not caring, because they are violating your free will.” All you have to do is say “no” and they should move on, however people on this planet, bug, badger, or stalk people who they want to control.

This is serious stuff because this is just one of the ways in which being controlling is misconstrued for being caring. And that is rampant in our world because we don’t follow universal law nor do we honor others’ free will. These people are coming from a place of thinking they know what’s best for you and you don’t. For those who follow me who are in the 12 steps, this is akin to their believing they are your higher power. No, they’re not! Let someone be your higher power and you’re setting yourself up to feel powerless because your will will always re-assert itself. You will end up in self conflict when it does. You could even have flashbacks to your original abuse. Who needs it? I say.

Yes, since the summer, the religious people have been becoming concerned about me. Imagine that, a woman living on her own with nobody to speak to all day. She’s tired, overweight, walks with a cane, and sleeps many hours a day. So she must have a horrible life, right? Wrong! I’ve never felt more alive than I have now, doing the work I do, and I have something to look forward to when I get up in the morning rather than going to a job. I look forward to having peace and quiet! That is the gift of my every day life! I LOVE IT! I love doing this, I love learning about metaphysics, esoterics and everything else Ivo, Ashtar and El Morya tell us, and it’s only going to get better next year and beyond. Of course these people don’t know what I do, and if I told them, they’d really be concerned because mind control would tell them I’m a raving nutcase. Aliens don’t exist, and they’re certainly not running the planet! If I try to argue evidence is even in the bible, they’d still tell me otherwise. It’s all mind control. All of it is.

It’s not worth it to even discuss it.

So I let them think what they want about me, but because they think however they want about me, then they have the need to fix me so they won’t think the same ideas about me anymore.

Ivo: Correct, my love. They try to fix you because their thoughts about your life are off the mark. So they try to change your life so that they can feel better. It is completely selfish. This is projection. They see in you the faults they should be correcting within themselves.

Me: Wow. Yeah, my mother was like that. She’d try to fix me because then she wouldn’t have to worry so much. She didn’t have to worry at all. It’s just that she was so engulfed in fear that she was afraid for me. Every time an IRA bomb went off in London, I had to call her because she was sure that each bomb had my name on it. This is either a manipulation or my mother was a bit paranoid.

Ivo: Perhaps both, my dear. Paranoid people are manipulative.

Me: Yeah, it has to do with their glasses. Either they’re rose colored or they’re dark glasses and people who think I need to be saved from myself, I guess, have dark colored glasses on. I don’t think my mother was entirely manipulative, perhaps she did it just because she wanted to know I was okay. I did call her.

Ivo: So you allowed yourself to be manipulated by a woman who was unreasonably fearful that you would die. Very well. That is your choice.

Me: Yes. I tried to tell her that I wasn’t going to die over there, but then one time my train did come in just after a bomb went off at Waterloo station, I think. I was five minutes later than the bomb. So that time I was pretty close.

Ivo: Still, you are here now. And my point is, if you continue to allow yourself to be manipulated, you are not doing them any favors as well.

Me: True. (I was just reminded that my Vegan mother, Vary, let me come here, but she did because she knew I could handle it.)

Ivo: It is not your job to change people’s feelings about yourself. This is codependent. To behave a particular way so others will not be upset with you is their control over you and your compliance. This is not your job to do this. It is their job to change their feelings. Spending your life in someone else’s head is not your jurisdiction. You are all self governing and you need to step into that power. Acquiring mastery over your fears is step one.

You must also ask yourself why they are so concerned about you when you are not concerned. There is caring for others but to involve yourself in other people’s lives is a bad idea. Why is it a bad idea? Why go around fixing everyone you believe to be broken? Why not have a look at your own life and keep working on yourself instead? This is not selfish; this is what you incarnated to do. If, in fact, somebody asks you for help, then you decide whether you want to help them or not. But first of all, you are all here to improve your own lot in life. When you raise your own frequency, you automatically help others at a collective level.

So many people are so concerned about helping others yet they involve themselves in gossip, backstabbing, arguing, bad moods, complaining and the like, but they feel they have something to offer another. Perhaps, but then should you not first work at eliminating this negativity within yourself before you decide you are your brother’s helper?

Your people do not understand the reality of life. You are given a life in order to work on yourself. So many skip doing this in favour of meddling in the lives of others, because their ego’s tell them that they are superior. Anyone who lives within the Matrix and its limited mindset is prone to being this way.

Were these people to think for a second, they would find that their negative idea about your life comes from their own negative ideas of life because if they did not believe these ideas to be true, they could not assign them to you. Their impression of you is created from their own negative mindset. If they had a positive mindset, they would perceive you completely differently.

Me: I know.

Ivo: You exercise your right to self governance with an iron hand, my love, and you need to because those with incorrect mindsets see you as flawed. You are all perfect, you were made perfect because you are part of God. How can you be flawed? The fact that you perceive yourselves as flawed is because of your low frequency, and it is raising your frequency that should be the focus of your life. Now, there are those who wish to help others. In a world where food bank donations are solicited, the poor are living on the streets, there are drug and alcohol problems which are rampant, why worry about an older woman who refuses your help? Go somewhere where it is needed. Care for the animals.

Me: If I need my super’s help, I call him. And he goes to fix the taps or helps me to install the air conditioner but that’s all I need him for. Maybe he had one of those super mothers who refused his help and this is just a loop that he’s playing out with me. Who knows?

Ivo: Exactly. And that should clue him in to the fact that you are capable of asking for his help. Yet he still is overbearing and tries to solicit his religion upon you because he determines your way of life to be flawed. The only way he can do this is by seeing it as flawed so his mindset must be corrected.

Me: Yes. I get very tired of dealing with people like this. I know what I’m doing. If I need help, I ask for it. What I find a lot of these people are trying to do is to reintegrate me into society in some way. Well, that’s the last thing I want! I’m a societal drop out and in doing that I’ve found my peace!

Ivo: You live in duality, and because of the intense negativity that has prevailed on earth for so long, your people are in danger of being taken off the soul matrix. So many who dance with the Illuminati already have lost their soul connection and have become parasitical in nature, dependent on others to survive. That is not the way of God. They have become evil which when spelled backwards is “live”. That is not by coincidence.

Does this surprise you when so many of you are spending days vampiring energy from more energetic others with better soul connection? There are so many with parasitic attachments who siphon their energy so in turn, these humans become vampiric in nature and siphon energy off of higher energetic humans. Your entire world has been set up to be a food source for these demonic attachments, and vampiring energy is the basis of interaction for you all. Until you become conscious of that and start interacting through Universal Law.

That you are doing this at all should be a warning sign for all of you, but of course, so many do not realize this. Do not allow yourself to cavort with vampires because they will reduce your life energy and possibly provide you with demonic attachments. They still exist upon the planet, try as we may to remove them, they are agile and have good food sources in you. They have threatened to change the entire structure of human life on earth however now this is reduced and will change again after December 21. This will rid your planet of many of these attachments. They will die as they will not be able to stand the new energy level.

Those who attempt to help others who are not requesting help are interfering, attempting to dominate, not cognizant of the true nature of life upon earth, unaware that their attachments are attempting to create greater connection with other earthlings, particularly those of higher light. They see you as decrepit because of their own belief in decrepitude, they see you as lost because of their own belief that a person can be lost. They do not understand the truth of reality, they do not understand who is making them pursue the higher energetic others, they do not understand the meaning of benevolence because they are too arrogant to understand. And they do not understand that all are learning and growing and have internal guidance.

Me: So you’re saying there’s all kinds of wrong with what’s going on here.

Ivo: Yes. If you ask for help, it is because you believe you require help. When you understand you create your entire life and you can manifest whatever you want, do you then continue to believe you require help?

Me: No.

Ivo: So you know this and are working to manifest the life you want. Anyone attempting to “help” you without understanding you or understanding their own belief in the weakness of humanity which is absurd, is only seeking to dominate and to take you off of your spiritual path.

Me: I get it.

Ivo: They believe in the frailty of life, they believe in the negativity of humanity, they do not understand their desire to help is a question of demonic connection, they believe themselves to be so perfect that they cannot see their own life’s path and where they, too, need to grow. Do you see what I mean? Life is not frail. It is so powerful it can change states at will.

Me: I figured you had a bomb to drop. Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: There is nothing wrong with humanity on earth. It has been given false ideas about life and made to believe in its own weakness. You are not weak. You are part of God. You must all collectively stop believing in your own disempowerment, and start to believe that you are super beings, because you are. With super manifestation abilities. The reason you are incapable of stopping a habit, or an addiction, is because your frequency has not been raised high enough. What keeps your frequency low is a negative belief system.

Me: Yes, that’s true. If I overeat, it depends on my frequency and it has to be low for me to do it. Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: Do not connect with anyone who believes you to be flawed. You are on a path of raising your frequency to higher consciousness. They are not. The fact that they believe in a flawed human bears that out. Humanity on your world has a completely flawed image of itself. Completely flawed, and this has been part of the control agenda as well.

Me: I love you. I’m sure everyone else here loves you too.

Ivo: I love you as well. I even love the haters.


We covered a lot of points here in this discussion. Let’s sum them up:

1. Anyone who tries to fix you, rescue you without your asking for help is doing so because of the way they perceive you. Instead, they should change their image of you rather than trying to change you. Or change their belief system that makes them see you this flawed way. Often they are saying they care for you to allay their fears. They need to work on them, not on you.

2. People believe they are weak, frail and powerless. This is the Matrix talking. Humans are on the Godhead, able to manifest as part of God’s power. You’re not weak; you just believe you are. So change your beliefs.

3. Anyone who tries to pull you back into the Matrix because of their negative idea about you is not loving; they are controlling.

4. This is often done because of their own demonic attachments trying to keep their food source alive.

5. Humanity has been threatened with dropping off the soul matrix due to being too evil. Hopefully this is over with now and we haven’t lost too many.

6. Don’t let people help you unless you ask for it. Give them the right to say no as well. They may not be up to it or your higher self may be putting you in for a lesson in self empowerment. Case in point: When I thought I needed help, nobody was there for me. Why? Because I had to do it myself. So forgive people who are never there for you.

7. Nobody is your higher power – you are!

8. You do not have to behave a certain way to help others feel less fearful. Their problem is their fear and that should be dealt with.

9. Negative thinkers and positive thinkers view the world and you completely differently.

10. Your perception of yourselves as imperfect comes from matrix manipulation.

11. What everyone is suffering from is too much Matrix. A Matrix mind sees problems and tries to fix them so it stops suffering. Fixing a problem from the ego is not a fix, only soul can heal.

12. There’s a big difference between being of higher consciousness and being arrogant. If you don’t know what it is, assume you’re being arrogant. Our other videos can help. Without knowing one, it’s hard to know the other.

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

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Understand what is going on, but focus on what you want to see for this world. Create a benevolent world first with your mind and then watch it manifest in your physical reality. That is the way the universe works.-Ivo via Sharon-

by Sharon Stewart

Sharon:  I believe when we become highly conscious of what we pay attention to, we can re-create this world. If what you want to pay attention to doesn’t exist, create it. I’ve manifested enough things in my past to understand that I create my reality. What you give your attention to is important. Don’t pay attention to the stuff you don’t want. Know that it’s there but don’t keep feeding it your energy.

This is why the Illuminati (deep state) has always told us what they’re doing and what they’re planning. Because we are their batteries. We empower their plans. That’s why they have to tell us.

Stop listening and make your own plans for earth.

Ivo, what say you today?

Ivo: If you understood how important this is, your world would be in a completely different situation right now. But it is where it is out of your ignorance. So we put out these messages in order to empower people to change their reality.

You are a source of energy. You are connected to all that is. You are on the soul matrix. You derive your energy from the God source. That is what keeps you alive.

The dark ones do not. They rely on you to empower their plans. The fact that their plans include killing off many of you does not matter, because they have enough souls trapped to keep their world empowered. They have souls of humans trapped in their containers and they take the energy from these conscious beings to run this world. They are planning to make earth their own and to eliminate all but the most evil of bloodlines. They will continue to have earthlings work for them like you are now, but you will not be paid. You will consider yourselves lucky to be alive. Everything, whether you live or die, will be up to them. You will be a slave if they get their way.

They may get their way when you keep fueling their plans.

Do not pay any attention to the news.

Understand what is going on and when you see something that you do not support, such as mask wearing, then focus on the concept of a mask-free world. And continue to support that concept.

If you are upset there is no published cure for cancer, then focus on introducing a cure for cancer to the world and having it become main stream.

If you do not like the Chinese army in your country, focus on this army being defeated and then sent back home. Understand now that this army is moving abroad that you must take it from the point that it is now, so you must take it from the point that it is instead of wishing it had never happened. That is folly because it IS happening.

So to stop it you must change it by focusing on its defeat.

If your mother is terminally ill, than in order to revive her, you must focus on health from the point she is at. Wishing she never got sick will not work because she is sick.

The reason they make the progress they do with their evil plans for you is because you do not say you will not support it. Unwillingly or not, you support it. You accept it. And you go along with it instead of saying you will not.

It is good to see the resistance to the deep state increasing in every country with protests because the mindset of the general public is changing. Continue to focus on a world without lockdowns rather than opposing lockdowns.

Me: I think, Ivo, that people were told their imaginations were silly when they were children. If I told people that I go around imagining a life I want, they’d tell me to get real. But they don’t understand the power of the mind and neither did the caregivers who told you imagination is silly.

Ivo: Correct. My love. Your minds are powerful and as earthlings, you are the owners of this planet. You live in a culture where you give your power away and the power of your souls is stolen from you without your realizing it.

Now you must take that back. If peace is to reign upon planet earth, it will be brought forth through the minds of the people.

If you are to live in prosperity, it is to be brought forth through the minds of the people.

That is why the Galactic Federation releases information about GESARA, and about the St Germain prosperity funds. We do so so you can invest your minds in these ideas instead of what your controllers want you to invest your mind energies into. That is why.

We have put very strong lightworkers on the planet to re-create it. When you believe in the Matrix, you are in fact supporting their evil. When you believe in a new world founded on humanitarianism, you bring that to fruition.

What you focus on is very important. What you believe and what you think are very important.

You are the part of your soul that your soul created to live upon planet earth. When you strengthen your connection to soul, your soul can bring its energy to bear upon re-creating your earth. When you do not allow soul contact because you believe in the Matrix, live in the matrix, and believe that fulfillment is only possible through a job, you are working against your soul and what it has planned for your lifetime.

Our messages are all about this. Leave the Matrix, align with soul and allow yourself to change.

Use your mind as a sharp focusing tool and focus on what you want, not on what you do not want. Understand that the Matrix has disempowered you personally while stealing the energy of your soul. You are a tool being used by the matrix to carry out its evil plans such as Agenda 21/ Agenda 30. You must use your mind to create a reality that does not include the Matrix. When you do this for yourself, you help all of humanity to awaken.

Be very careful what you allow to affect your mind.

When you allow people around you who believe in the Matrix and refuse to deal with you at a higher level, do not deal with these people. Let them go. Only deal with people who will listen to you.

Yes, this is unfortunate for those who are married to people who are not evolved, however you must find your community and relate to them in order to keep evolving your own mind.

Understand what is going on, but focus on what you want to see for this world. Create a benevolent world first with your mind and then watch it manifest in your physical reality. That is the way the universe works.

Me: Thank you Ivo. We were talking about Trump last night weren’t we? Because every time I woke up, I was thinking about Trump.

Ivo: We had a large lightworker lecture last night on the New Jerusalem and all lightworkers were present who could attend. The focus was on what to do about the 2020 election results and the significance of this debate. At night time, you are being shown how to use your minds and I remind you during the day.

Me: I had the feeling that my subconscious was being filled with information that at some point I’ll understand as correct when I come across it in my physical life.

Ivo: We load your subconscious minds with information and it is this you are tasked with manifesting in the physical. We tell you what to believe and of course, you concur and agree to do this. However your physical minds will still fight this information because you are confused at this level.

Me: So it’s like getting a new lesson at school and we have to absorb it and live it.

Ivo: Some of you may find that your thoughts will be changing greatly within the next month or so.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you school with us very often. We are your teachers and you are our teachers. We love you all so dearly, you have no idea how loved you all are.

Me: They love you too, Ivo. I find that I’m changing so much that people don’t understand me anymore. I set boundaries with them based on who I am as Tiannia, not who I was as Sharon.

Ivo: Yes. You have advanced ideas of what constitutes correct behaviour. How you have learned to behave upon earth in the power over others system, disregarding the free will of others and universal law, will have to change.

Political Playing Piece-Ivo of Vegan through Sharon-

Trump says: The FDA and the Democrats didn’t want to have me get a Vaccine WIN, prior to the election, so instead it came out five days later – As I’ve said all along!

Me: Yeah, I wasn’t going to anyway, but I especially wouldn’t be having any of this vaccine coming out…..

BECAUSE it is for starters, a political pawn (a manipulation of the public), and if they waited till the election was (falsely) called to release it, then with it being a political pawn and not there for the good of the people, what they hell is in it anyway?

If you think there isn’t all kinds of stuff in there to stop your DNA from evolving, you’re kidding yourself. We are evolving now. They couldn’t stop us lightworkers so they are finding other ways to keep us under their collective thumb.

Why wouldn’t they release the vaccine before Biden was falsely declared president? Because they want to make it look like he was the one who is saving Americans from Covid, not Trump. He’s not going to get the win. Three states already have turned to reveal their true winner.

I just came across this in an article about how the Illuminati transgenders boys to become prominent ladies of society. Case in point: Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Big Mike Michelle Obama, and that blonde woman on Dynasty whose shoulders were bigger than her hips, way bigger. Crystal somebody. The article pointed out: VACCINES CHANGING THE CHROMOSOMES OF OUR CHILDREN. They hate women. They hate the divine feminine, the earth mother and Mary. But we’re coming back and we’re coming back strong. The Illuminati’s drive for male domination is going to all kinds of lengths. They want to convince you that boys are girls and that women have no place in our society. That’s what they’re trying to do.

I know there are people who transgender for compassionate reasons and I support that. But this isn’t a compassionate reason; it has to do with genocide of the female and total toxic male dominance. That’s a completely other issue.

Many of the women you idolize these days are transgendered boys. Look at Madonna’s sinuwey muscles and the fact that she even is that muscular in the first place. Sarah Jessica Parker is another one. Then there’s Michelle “Big Mike” Obama who has trouble hiding from us the fact he’s a well endowed male. I’ve heard even that these transgendered men then disappear into society again after they’ve served their role, and simply go back to being males. Kamala Harris is said to be another one.

THEY HATE WOMEN. That’s what this is about. The only way they can keep this world off balance as it is now is to disempower women.

I’ll link the website below that I got this from: “Important vaccine info. The more ya know the better!WI-38 is the cell line from a female (carrying two X chromosomes) injected into the male (Who carries only the one X chromosome and the weaker Y chromosome). You now have an overload of the X chromosome.

There are vaccines with male DNA too. The MRC-5 is the code given to the fetal cells line used to cultivate vaccine viral components, only from male aborted fetus. When girls are injected with a vaccine containing MRC-5, they aren’t just getting a Y chromosome but yet another dominant X chromosome on top of the two they already have. All of this is to destroy the natural male and female. Paying homage to Baphomet, the androgynous goat deity with male and female parts.” I edited parts of this out.

Like we keep saying, they want to play God. Only they want things set up their way, not the way God intended.

I remember when I was a teenager, horny as I was for guys, I suspected I could be bi-sexual. I had all my vaccinations when I was a child. Now I know I am completely straight, no inclination to be bi at all, and I believe that’s due to ET intervention. Here I am, prodigy of Athena, here to bring back the divine feminine to earth, to re-anchor her, thinking she was bi-sexual. Again, I have no problem with people who are LGBTQ, it’s just that I’m not.

Ivo: We had to work with your DNA to overcome what they had done to you with those shots.
Me: So they’re meant to interfere with your normal biological processes?
Ivo: Of course. Very much so. They are intended to make you into a child of the God of Saturn, the Goat Master. Baphomet is bi-sexual and so they want all to be on earth as well. That way, of course, the feminine can never become dominant because she is bi-sexual. With testosterone in one’s system, the male will always dominate.
Me: I see. Oh yes, folks, that’s what you’re subjecting your child to when you get them vaccinated. You have to go way down the rabbit hole to really understand these satanists at every level. Here they are trying to play God. And they’re doing it with your children.
Ivo: Why do you think they are called, “Kids”? Because the kid is a child of a goat, and that is Baphomet.
Me: They’re trying to turn this planet into one big Hell, one of their own design.
Ivo: Yes.
Me: And again, folks, you have to ask yourself, “If everything on this planet costs money, why are they giving you vaccines for free?” In Canada, anyway. I don’t know if they States pays for vaccines, but we don’t. They’d give them out to anyone who wants one. I haven’t been innoculated since I was a child, and as Ivo has said, they have had to overcome the damage these shots have done to me. For crying out loud, next thing they want to do is for us to grow horns.
You have to remember, folks, we’re dealing with people who are expert geneticists. Manipulating DNA is what everyone out in the galaxy does, for good or for evil. Why do you think that the galactic humans are all so beautiful? Because they want themselves that way and they have changed their DNA to allow for it.
What goes on on this planet is an extension of the galaxy. We’re not unaffected by what goes on there. We’re part of it whether we know it or not. Do you really need a shot to avoid getting the flu? If you get sick once in a while, big deal. Take deodorized garlic every day. It kills viruses. I realize people are very unhealthy these days and not very resistant to the flu. Kids get sick with colds all the time. We just think it’s normal. Suppose you started to question the normalcy of this, because it’s not normal for humans to be sick.
Ivo: It is not. I have never been ill and I am 350 years old. My DNA is normal and my body is in balance with my spirit. The reason that earthlings are not as healthy as I, is because of this intervention. Your planet is overrun by satanistic extraterrestrials with an evil agenda for you. You must come to terms with this and override their efforts to control you now otherwise it will only become worse for you.
Me: I have spoken to a human named Berladier. He was a red haired giant with curly goat horns. Berladier was the father of a family that was going extinct. Only his children were left with nobody to breed with. He said he was an old species of Lyran that was dying off.
Ivo: This is a good point, my love. Humans can grow horns. They can change their appearance in any way they wish. Your DNA is all encompassing. However, the form you have now is considered optimal for life experience for the human soul.
Me: Come to think of it, Ivo, I used the word “Horny” earlier in this message, and now we’re talking about turning humans into goats. Perhaps there is a correlation between sex and evil when we use this word. So I’m going to stop using it.
Ivo: Yes. Some of the Illuminati’s lingo does reach the surface population.
Me: Hmm.
Ivo: The fact that Berladier’s species is dying off is indicative of the fact that his is not the optimal design for the galactic human: ours is. Yours is particularly optimal however it has been and is being tampered with. Do not trust your medical science. Do not allow them to inject anything into your body.
Me: I don’t. I haven’t had a shot in ages.
Ivo: You have had an I.V. In a plastic bag running through a plastic tube.
Me: How else are they supposed to do it?
Ivo: They have other substances that are more neutral for the human being. Imagine a baby that is premature being IV’d with a plastic bag and plastic tubing? It speaks highly of the strength of the soul that this baby should live with these things being done to this. Your medical science is bedknobs and broomsticks.
Me: Yes, we have to reconsider everything. We can’t overlook one thing. We all seek balance whether we know it or not, because in balance there is power and love, but we are so off kilter here it’s not funny anymore.
Ivo: Correct. Examine everything. Everything you felt was good for you will be exposed.
Me: Man, we’re in for a huge shock.
Ivo: It must be done for your own sakes.
Me: Thanks Ivo.
Ivo: My love, we have worked with you throughout the years to keep you and your DNA on track to accomplish what you have set out to do here. But when you help us by not getting vaccinated and eliminating your toxic diet, it is much appreciated.
Me: Thanks Ivo.

Key people must be removed in order for the Light to prevail.

Ivo of Vega: The Big Picture

11/7/2020   The Big Picture

Another intuition.
I think there are more reasons that the deep state is grappeling for this win.
Mark Fragola just pointed out that Ashtar’s fleet has overtaken the Draco fleet recently, and is now going to finish off the Chimera ships. This was reported recently by COBRA.
IT’S VERY CLEAR that the battle to win earth is being won by the Light.
The D.S. is desperate to hold on to the last remains of their power – our minds. If they can’t force a win and continue to control us, their goose is cooked.
Like I said in my other post, there’s more here than meets the eye. There always is. Nothing is as it appears. It’s far more complex.
Nothing is political. It’s exo-political.
I believe they know that without this win, they can’t continue to control the world. They’ve been doing it mostly in the past through military might and they’re probably dying to take over the American military again. Combine that with Chinese forces and they would have this world in their palm. Maybe even Russia would capitulate…. I’ve heard varying stories about Russia anyway. They’re with us, they’re not with us…. from my perspective I can’t be sure where they stand.

COBRA, reported October 28 2020: Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC).

The only Dracos remaining now are those physical and non-physical Dracos who are directly employed as servants to the Chimera, and the naturalized Dracos who mainly came to planet Earth more than 25,000 years ago, entered the incarnation cycle in humanoid bodies and are now incarnated as politicians, bankers, lawyers and other members of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

A very small number of naturalized Dracos also came to planet Earth in the 1996-1999 timeframe as they entered humanoid clone bodies in underground bases and then entered the surface Illuminati Cabal as lookalikes and doubles of many politicians, and they are still part of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

With the IBC gone, the only Cabal network still remaining is the surface Cabal network. Surface Cabal network will be properly addressed only after the Chimera threat is significantly diminished.
(from COBRA’s blog:, COBRA being a member of the Resistance that’s been fighting the dark ones for decades.)

Me: Wondering what COBRA means by “properly addressed.” LOL Fact is, the Cabal’s extraterrestrial factions and allies HAVE to be dealt with first before we lower the boom on them. They’ll know they have nowhere to go. What’s the first thing a country does when it wars with other countries? Eliminates their military. Without it, they can’t protect themselves. (Well, that’s if you don’t realize your own personal power, but for argument’s sake we’ll deal with this from a 3D perspective of the disempowered human.)
Ivo, if we’re trying to get this all finished up before the December 21st portal, then we’ve really left it to the bitter end.
Ivo: We are not, my love. Some will be going to the fifth dimension at this point in time, as their efforts to hold the Light on earth will no longer be required. With no darkness to combat, earthlings will be left to match their vibrations to that of Gaia as she rises up through the fourth dimension. With few anchoring the darkness to this earth any longer, the only darkness will be that which you hold within yourselves.
Me: And as I’m noting, a lot of normally spiritual lightworkers are being dragged into this election battle. We need to hold the Light and be confident, rather than slinging mud at the other side as they do to us. I won’t go on about how I don’t allow trolls on my feeds, and have closed off commenting. Those lightworkers who allow trolls on their posts are clearly showing that they can be affected by darkness still. But if you follow me, you can be rest assured you won’t be attacked.
Ivo: You are doing well, my love.
Me: Considering what’s at stake, I am. I don’t watch the news. Why poison my mind?
So, we digress. Back to the battle. What I see is a big dragnet closing down around the deep state. The ring that’s been formed around them just keeps shrinking, getting smaller and smaller.
Ivo: It is. We have eliminated many ships around your planet, your army forces are working with us to eliminate all dark beings from the DUMBs, the children and all captives are being rescued (if you haven’t, there’s a video where we speak to Dayla, a breeder who has been rescued from captivity), towards the end of your year, there will only be the surface beings to represent the dark ones, and they will begin trials, public trials. There have been many trials to date already, of beings you were not aware of, and these beings have been dealt with.
Me: So what’s coming up is a real turning point in all of this.
Ivo: Exactly. The Light forces will outnumber the dark forces on your planet. We always have but now it will be on the surface. That is the next step.
Me: So we can meet some ETs as we go about our day?
Ivo: We will begin to make our presence known to the masses.
Me: Yeah, like our TV station, for example.
Ivo: Yes.
Me: In four years, when Trump has served his term, what will happen then? He’s not going to be eligible to be re-elected.
Ivo: Others will step up to serve after him. Others who are willing to be transparent and heavily audited, because earthlings will not trust that readily. They will be very wary of new politicians because they were so fooled the first time. They will not allow it again. Out of this mistrust will be born a new system of transparency. There will be watchdog groups that will report to the people. You are seeing the beginnings of this now, as new social media reporters emerge, those aligned with the Light.
Me: Sounds good. What I’d like to see is the mud slinging stop on the campaign trail. This whole experience has been one presidential prospect putting the other one down. It sounded like a day in my parents’ home.
Ivo: Yes, this is true, my love. Very true. Your society is highly dysfunctional. In general, it is psychopathic. It is anti-human. And this will begin to change.
Me: The intuitions are coming fast and furious today. I was just thinking of how earth isn’t going to change overnight, there will still be problems. What I saw was an intuition of how younger people and older people will disagree more rabidly than they have in the past.
Ivo: Yes, there will still be much for people to work out as a whole. The younger ones will see the older ones, who are of lower light, as trying to restrict them. There will be much mistrust. Your world is not out of the problems yet.
Me: Not my world, I keep telling you that Ivo.
Ivo: I see. But I speak also to the ones who are listening.
Me: Okay. So how are they supposed to resolve this problem? I know some of the people listening to us are younger.
Ivo: They are. And they are learning. There will come a time when they will know more than we can impart to them and they will have no need of us anymore.
Me: Good. Then I’ll go and retire, go work on my flower garden. I see there are some channelers who are using our unique conversational style to do their channeling. Good for them. They can hold their own energy while addressing and speaking with another energy. Yes, we’re all One, but individuals within this Oneness. And to be able to do this this way I believe indicates a strong sense of one’s self, which is Soul, not personality.
Ivo: Yes. We are one Soul, however, my love, but you speak to many people who are of different soul than you and you carry the conversation well.
Me: Are we looking at a scenario where the younger will lead the older ones?
Ivo: This is a possibility in some instances, however not all. There will be much to learn and openness is of course the key. If you are not open to seeing yourself in a way that does not align with what you have always believed, then you are in fact, setting yourself up for extinction eventually. If, however, you are open to evolving, then you will crystallize yourself, either quickly or slowly and that depends o you, but a refusal to do so seals your fate. Your DNA ends here. Home Sapiens will not see the fifth dimension. They are incompatible.
Me: That’s why if you’re not 5D, you’re not gonna go through a mass ascension. It can’t happen. There are too many incompatible with that frequency.
Ivo: Yes. My dear, do not get your blood pressure up. Arguing with untruths is folly. The truth will always prevail.
Me: Yes. So Ivo what do you see for next year?
Ivo: Much of the same as this year. Yes, that is why you must distance yourself from the turmoil. Allow others to create the chaos if they so desire, but distance yourself. There is much to be revealed to your people, and 2021 is the year for this. The truth must be revealed. The truth is that you have be lied to on such a scale that many have no idea of who they truly are.
Me: Sad, isn’t it?
Ivo: Yes, it is. But the light is shining on your planet and it is activating people to want to know.
Me: Thank God.
Ivo: Yes, exactly.
Me: Okay, thank you Ivo for this, we’ll be watching for the next step which is where the correct election results are called. That’s the next step. This whole election has been a sting operation created by the Alliance. Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment as Chief Justice in the Supreme Court was no fluke. That was absolutely planned and I guess they just switched off Ginsberg’s clone or something. Ashtar Sheran was saying that many Cabal are clones and they are ….. oh got it. (another intuition) Wow! These clones are A.I. And they’re working off of an artificial telepathic network, like the human net they want to put us on, and getting their orders from that. However, the Quantum computer can hack this A.I. Network and cause them to die or whatever. So really these Dracos are trapped in these bodies. They can only do what they’re allowed by either side, light or dark.
Ivo: We have more control over this than you believe, my love. We have hacked all of earth’s computer systems and are in a process of revealing the truth to you.
Me: Holy wow! Now the question is, how much are they allowed to do when you consider our free will?
Ivo: Why do you think it is important that there be more Light upon earth than darkness? That the Light has a majority in the people of earth? Bear in mind as well, my love, that what goes on on earth affects the entire galaxy, even universe, so it is also our affair. We are allowed to intervene when our well being is threatened or the well being of the universe.
Me: So how does that apply to Ginsberg?
Ivo: She had to go because she was a cabalist. We required that a non cabalist be positioned as head of the American legal system so we vacated the position for one.
Me: So you’re in the awkward position of having to determine how much influence you can have on earth.
Ivo: Yes and no. We can determine very easily what is a violation of your free will and what is not. It is you that cannot determine this yet. We see it very clearly. Key people must be removed in order for the Light to prevail and so she was.
Me: Aha. Thanks Ivo. The cat wants dinner. I have to serve his highness.
Ivo: Yes, he is rather impatient when he wants his food. LOL

The systems “they” created here on earth will be their undoing. Ashtar has said they are using them against them. In the same way that Trump is using the laws they created to serve themselves, against them.

your energy matters more than the vote you may have cast or your political preference.

Fallout | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

November 6, 2020

We know they’re lying and they cheated on the votes. This will come out to the public soon.

I don’t look at MSM at all because I know what they’re reporting is a lie. People have a habit of getting angry and fighting when confronted with lies but what about holding the faith?

The other side is fighting dirty. They’re circulating nasty memes. Let’s not stoop to this. Let’s not behave like they are. Where is our integrity? Where is our self control? Where is our love for this planet? Are you showing it in circulating nasty memes about the political party you don’t like?

We KNEW something like this would happen, so why let it lower your vibe? This whole world is at stake, but do you have so little faith in the Light that you feel you have to battle your way through this? Whatever happened to rising above it?

I’m even having a bad day with CFS, but I’m still only just passing on information. That’s all. I don’t particularly like our PM and the federal health minister because they’re liars but how far am I willing to punish myself because they are in power and taking this country in the wrong direction? How much good will I be able to do for the world when my own vibe is lowered?

Ivo, I will turn this over to you because I’m sure you have something to impart to all of us.

Ivo: I do. You have been warned, all of the lightworker community has, that it will be a hard road ahead. Now you see because they are planning to censor the president, that he may have to use the emergency system they have been telling you about.

What you do not understand here, my love, is that the way all are reacting to this election, reflects on all of you. This is not just about the two parties involved, but instead it is about the bigger picture: the way that all of you react when your party is down, or when your party is up. This is about all of you, not just the hand full of people who are in the American government.

Your energy counts more than the votes that have been voted. Yes, let me repeat that, your energy matters more than the vote you may have cast or your political preference. There is a bigger picture, and many of you have abandoned this in favour of focusing on this one scenario at hand.

Continue to inform others of what is occurring. Focus on what they are doing, however do not attack their character. We know that the d s is unethical. Do not drop to their level and do not fight at their level.

Me: I was wondering how many other things the deep state will advance in other countries now that we’re all so distracted by this election.

Ivo: As an example. Have you watched what is going on in your own country? Have new laws been put into place in these last few days that further convict your humanity? Have you been paying attention?

Me: Because that’s one of their big ploys: to distract and then further some agenda item while you’re not looking.

Ivo: You have the power to stop them. When you say, “I do not consent,” when enough of you do that, you can stop them. It is how you use your Light. If you take your Light and use it to fight dirty with the dark, then you have lost the battle already.

Do not lower your frequency. Keep it high.

My love, part of your tiredness is your attempt to hold the collective’s light up.

Me: I figured as much.

Ivo: You are having a few bad days because you are injecting much light into the collective unconscious, to bu

oy up those who will not do so.

Me: And it’s hard to meet my obligations.

Ivo: So we will make this video short. The message is clear. Do not lower your frequency. Leave the fights, stop aggressing towards others who are attempting to bait you and to steal your energy. That is what these arguments are about.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, rest up. You have a few rough weeks ahead.

Me: Oh goodie. Oh well. Has to be done.

Now we all know the fake news is the mainstream media.-Ivo & Sharon-


Me: Ivo, I see so many things when I just look at Yahoo news for even a minute…. so many questions come up.
I think it was recently, but doesn’t matter, it happened, a Huffington Post reporter asked Trump during a press conference what he was going to do about all the lies he’s told the public. Now we know and Trump knows, he’s not lying. He may be baiting the deep state, but he doesn’t lie to us except for the fact that he’s not disclosing the entire truth yet because he can’t. But what he says is true and I believe him when he says he’s going to do something.
This reporter accused him of lying. Now we all know the fake news is the mainstream media.
Trump looked at this fellow, stopped talking and then just ignored his question and carried on with another one. He didn’t answer the guy.
Ivo, if Trump censors the press, then he’d be guilty of censoring freedom of speech because as either evil or as gullible as this reporter is, he is free to speak his mind in America. That is constitutional law. So he didn’t answer the man because he knows he is free to ask this question and to believe what he wants to.
What is Trump going to do about the mainstream media?
Ivo: Trump is involved in a process of enlightening the people of America and the world. He is showing them that he has more integrity than the other politicians he deals with, who frankly act immaturely as they sling mud at him. He is appearing as if he is above it all. And he believes it is important for him to act with integrity as this is what the people will see.
Me: Maybe they’ll interpret his silence as cowardice.
Ivo: They could. The interpretation of the person is understandably personal.
Me: So will he shut down the main stream media?
Ivo: No, the people will.
Me: How’s that going to happen?
Ivo: They will no longer watch the news. The ratings will drop and the deep state will understand they have no effect on the public anymore. This is what is happening now. Fewer are watching the news.
Me: I heard that there will be ten days of darkness where the internet will go down, after which all these crooked companies will no longer be able to spread their fake news on it anymore. These companies will be taken out by Trump.
Ivo: And they will be. Clearly the heads of these fake news companies, and the companies that monitor your activities, such as Facebook, have been under fire lately and this will simply continue. As Zuckerberg is taken down, his company will falter. However, ten days of darkness will not be necessary, my love. Your people have been creating much conjecture.
Me: That’ll be the day I celebrate. They’re still shadow banning me. The less I’m on there, the worse it is. Then there’s that annoying fact checker which only confirms what we’re saying is correct, not fake news.
Ivo: Zuckerberg and the leaders of Google, Twitter etc. are also up for other crimes. Their companies are also being investigated and believe me, there is more they can go down for than just producing false news to manipulate the public.
As for these media, they are losing in popularity.
Me: The stocks say otherwise. They rose during the covid pandemic because they were open for business while the small businesses were told to close.
Ivo: And then think how dependent they are on the economy, my love. When the economy collapses, they will go down. There are far more things they can be arrested for than fraudulent news.
Trump is in a process of enlightening the public. It is necessary that the public wake up to the lies that are being played out to manipulate them, so that in fact they can get on board with the truth and your world can go forward in truth for a change.
Me: So it’s not clear whether the ten days of darkness will happen. They’re saying after these ten days there will be no more Facebook, Twitter or Google. Will there be?
Ivo: There will be. They will be resurrected. You cannot collapse your entire infrastructure all at once. It would set your people back by centuries. However, there is nothing to say that these companies cannot change their behaviour patterns that heretofore were not practiced. They can be investigated, the guilty parties removed and overtaken by the Light, which will begin an ethical business practise instead of the crooked anti-constitutional practises they have now.
Me: Okay. So they will clean up their act, in other words, and these CEO’s and crooked business partners removed.
Ivo: Yes. Removing the bad elements is what we are desiring, however to crumble your world into a completely foreign infrastructure that is unusable or unrecognizable to so many of you would be folly. It is possible to put safeguards in place to disallow dirty business practises, and this is what GESARA law is about: compliance to the law of transparent, aboveboard, ethical business practices. To build your cities up from scratch, to build your businesses up from scratch, is not practicable. However to change your businesses into ethical businesses that actually serve the public instead of surveil and control it can be accomplished relatively easily.
Me: Yeah, and Trump’s been passing laws on their censorship as well, I see this now. Okay, I want to recap then. People will be moving away from the fake news and embracing the real news, which is what we put out and others.
Ivo: Yes.
Me: The economy isn’t going to entirely collapse. I’d think with Trump being a capitalist he’s trying to keep the doors of businesses open for business. Parts of the economy will collapse like maybe the Monsanto/Bayer Corporation?
Ivo: In the cases of businesses that do more harm than good, such as this corporation, yes. In the case of other businesses that do or can be changed to serve the people’s needs, they will stay open. That is what we mean by economic collapse. Certain businesses will change or fail, but not others.
Me: Okay.
Ivo: Your drug companies will certainly, if they even remain open, become a shell of their former selves now that Trump has reset the prices on American drugs. This is part of the collapse. So there is not a sudden implosion of your western world into a heap of ruins, this is part of the collapse and it will be done as prudently as possible. It will be a global reset, not a collapse. The focus of this reset will be removal of the Illuminati and their influence on you.
Me: Ivo, your English is really good. LOL
Ivo: Prudent: done with as much care for the future as possible. Yes, the correct word here, my love.
Me: I thought prudent meant to be a prude. LOL
Ivo: LOL You are funny at times, my love.
Me: Still learning English at 60. Okay!
Ivo: Trump will pull the plug and let the air out of as many of the illicit deep state businesses as possible without creating a shaky economy. We are not looking for an earthquake, we are looking to create change and to clean these businesses up and make them integral, compliant with constitutional and then GESARA law. And it may be that one after the other is readjusted, or several at one time, but we are not looking for an economic implosion.
This type of collapse is required by the globalists because they wish to change your world to a different sort of economics. Instead of having the economy suit you, where you purchase what you need and like, they wish to change it to a system that has you working to mine, create or otherwise provide them with more gold, silver and other precious metals or products they can barter with the rest of the galaxy. The role of the earthling as a consumerist will be complete were you to enter this stage of their game. They require a complete collapse as they wish to go to microchipping and a cashless society. When they have this level of control over you, they will only provide for your minimal needs and nothing more.
Me: Only enough to keep us alive.
Me: And I was just reminded of Trump talking about going to Mars with the new space program. Which I would assume would replace the extremely cabalist crooked NASA.
Ivo: Correct, my love.
Those of you who have heard of these ten days of darkness and the global economic collapse have unwittingly been spreading the Cabal agenda. It is important for you be careful who you speak to. There are many around especially on Facebook and other social media, who wish to have you believe in the globalist agenda as beneficial for you. The plan of the Light is far less severe and intended to minimize your discomfort and maximize the discomfort of the cabal. There will be no ten days of darkness, no internet breakdown, or at least we hope we do not have to go to those extremes. The reason Trump tried the emergency broadcasting system through your cell phones was in case the deep state pulled the plug on the internet. He was not intending to do so. He requires communication with the people. The deep state took another tack at the point Trump countered with the emergency cell phone communications and increased their censorship of what they deem to be “fake news”. They have of course continued with their program of slurring Mr Trump and his family. This has not abated.
Me: Weren’t there Q posts to that effect, Ivo?
Ivo: Perhaps, but they are simply warning you of anything the cabal could be determined to put you through. The same goes for martial law. We would prefer not to have to do this. We are attempting to put forth a solution that does not resemble in any way any of the tactics that the deep state would use on you such as martial law. We can do it, but would prefer not to.
Me: There was such an emphasis on a clean sweep going through our businesses during these ten days of darkness.
Ivo: We hope we do not have to do it this way. You have already noticed some improvement with FOX news reporting favourably for Trump. Some businesses are complying with his new laws. However the deep state is not over with and they are still very active.
How the deep state reacts to these business modifications is yet to be seen. They may create the crash and they are looking to do so because they wish you to live in squalor and poverty. We are trying to prevent this hysteria.
Me: Got it.
Ivo: Some businesses will close. Such as Monsanto/Bayer. It needs to go. There are other supplement companies and others who produce pesticides. Understand that your world is switching to herbals. As the people of your world, the purchasers are more informed, they will make better choices. The one good choice right now is to turn off the news. It always has been.
The St Germain funds will come out to aid people in the face of deep state treachery. Do not expect 2021 to be a rosy year. You will need these funds to survive as the deep state attacks small business more and more in order to survive, and to create retribution.
Me: So the ten days of darkness?
Ivo: If it does happen it is a cabal initiative, not one of the Light. Your people are pulling information out of the bible, with the assumption that the bible has never been re-written by the cabalists. This is an incorrect assumption. It is very modified. Who would want your world to experience ten days of darkness? The dark, of course. There is much in the bible that is intended to make you fear. Were you to have read the original version, you would be shocked at the difference. You must consider, as well, that the bible was created to support religion and religion has been a cabal control program since time immemorial.
Me: Okay, that clarifies that too. Fact is, Q has spoken about the ten days of darkness but then he/she/it never specified what it meant, so it’s anybody’s guess. And don’t think the Cabalists aren’t going to watch the posts and get their own people interpreting them as well.
The other thing, Ivo, is that you’re not going to get a nation of patriotic Americans to stop reading the bible. They have their bibles in one hand and their guns in the other and they’re not going to give either up.
Ivo: We know this, my love, however I am simply making a point.
Me: Yeah, I see what you’re telling me about earth’s future, but for now western society is largely based on the Christian bible. But I’m sure they find a lot of solace in the words of the bible right now.
I intuited to do gematria on the word ten. In Jewish it adds up to 10 which is a one, and in English Gematria it adds up to 9. So one is the start and nine is the end. This signifies completion. So in these ten days of darkness, they want to complete something.
Ivo: Yes, their dominance over you. As a matter of fact, understand that your bible has been the book of choice for so many, and look where your society is now. It would be worthwhile to let it go as well. Unless you have the original version, written by those pure of heart, you do not have the correct information.
Me: Okay, another recap. The Ten Days of Darkness is what the cabal wants to institute; the white hats are changing laws to arrest and to re-structure crooked companies. The deep state wants to collapse the economy; the white hats want to keep it running, change it back to beneficial for all wrt constitutional law. I think a lot of the posts I’ve seen are making this whole operation out to be something super special and mysterious, with strong biblical overtones, when in fact Trump is changing or enforcing the laws, arresting criminals and leaving their companies to undergo a process of alignment with constitutional and NESARA law, which really isn’t so woo-woo, it’s just normal.
Trump has had to take measures to counteract anything the deep state would implement to thwart him, like communication through our cell phones, because he relies on social media to contact the public and he knows they follow him. So he doesn’t want to be cut off. He knows the MSM screws his messages over and lies, so he has to have more or less direct contact with us. This isn’t so super mysterious, so white magical as the posts I’ve seen coming up on Facebook, so there again shows the influence the cabalists have on lightworkers on that program. Personally, I’d suffer ten days of internet inactivity to have our world cleaned up when the lights snap back on, but it doesn’t look like that’s what’s going to happen, even those these people are going to stand trial for their crimes. The white hats are just using the good old fashioned system that was put in place by the founding fathers because they believe it works – constitutional law! GESARA law is still a step further but could be implemented simultaneously or shortly thereafter.
Ivo: Exactly, my love. Many people are enticed by secretive, mystical ideas and messages and the deep state knows how to bait you. They understand many love extreme ideas and promises of chaos. They bait the lightworker into spreading their messages FOR them. Much of what Q has said has been interpreted by people who simply use their opinions to figure it out. So there is much conjecture on the airwaves and the deep state has taken advantage of that and added their own dark messages to the mix. Follow constitutional law and you will understand what Trump is doing. He is attempting to restore America to an ethical business system that allows for freedom of all in their country to earn money. That is step one.
Me: Hmmm. So it’s going to be a legal process, that’s it.
Ivo: We hope not to have to resort to extremes in order to complete this work. Trump has done an excellent job so far and will continue to do so. We are not fond of the idea of causing inconvenience to the people nor is Trump, because he cares about the people he believes make America great. The cabal does not. They fear and hate you.
Me: Got it, Ivo. Thank you for clarifying this. I thought a lot of what I was hearing was a bit over the top.
Ivo: It was. My love, we wish this to go as smoothly as we can possibly make it. It does not bode well because the cabal can still resist us, however we beg your indulgence and wish you to understand we are doing as much as we can considering the level of awakened ones there are.
Me: Thanks, Ivo.
Ivo: Of course.
Me: Ivo, now how about Canada? Ivo…. Ivo…. Ivo… where are you going?! LOL

Please note: We still ask that you consider stocking up on food and supplies as well as water, to last you through any periods of either lockdown or even martial law if this necessary, or any other reason like food shortages, etc. As things are re-negotiated and new laws put into place, there is risk of lack, as well as the fact that simply the deep state still runs the businesses and they can cut off whatever supply to the people that they wish, be it gasoline, food or even drug supplies. So please stock up and consider any eventuality possible. Hopefully this will be unnecessary but a good precaution nonetheless.

Those who engage the deep state with hatred are staying in the lower timelines. They are not ascending, which is what the deep state wants.-Ivo of Vega via Sharon-

Ivo: The Storm is part of a collective Ascension process for humans on earth.
Unless you go through this process of awakening and not complying with the evil agenda, you will not ascend.
When the deep state is arrested and ousted from your world, and you return to the world you were living before 2016, what is there to stop another set of people from taking over your world again? Nothing. You must go through this pain in order to evolve. It is the evolution of the human mind and release from the dark’s grasp over you that will lead to your eventual freedom. But it is a choice that each individual must make: to be free to ascend or to stay in the lower frequencies.
What you perhaps seem to misunderstand is that your world was created based on corruption. It is entirely based on theft, lying, cheating, manipulation and control. That is the Matrix world and your current life is part of that. The fact that you have surrendered your god-given world to beings who are foreign to it bears that out. You have given your world to thieves who claim to be its leaders when in fact you are its leaders, not they. You were born here.
It would be difficult to return to your pre-corona world without falling back on lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating and controlling as the basis of life. To suddenly declare that all will now be transparent, authentic and of service to others when all are incapable of that would be absurd.
Also, the lives you live now bear no resemblance whatsoever to the true life of a multi-dimensional human.
So the Storm is necessary. You are all becoming socially involved in your political system because now you are all personally affected. You cannot ignore it anymore because your pre-corona standard of living, which was acceptable to so many, is being threatened. This is necessary to make you realize how fragile that way of life was and how vulnerable you are. Many realize that now. In feeling these states of vulnerability, you are taking precautions so that you are less vulnerable. And this is good. You are reacting to the stimulus affecting you.
What you need to be living is a lifestyle that is not vulnerable, and that is the true fashion that the human being lives in – because in becoming invulnerable, by living an invulnerable lifestyle – you are empowered. The problem is the earthling is so disempowered now. You need to gain your power back.
Power begins, as I said before, when you say no to those claiming authority. When enough people do this, the authority has no power over you.
You must understand universal law at work here. This is your planet. Yours. You are the governing power of your planet, not the dark ones, not the deep state. They are pretending. They are lying when they proclaim to be your authority. Universal law stipulates that those native to the planet are its benefactors and hold the power of authority over anyone who visits. In other words, what you say, goes. All must comply with your will on this planet. You make the laws and they relate to universal law – God’s laws.
Me: So what do we do when they don’t comply?
Ivo: My love, do you remember the time you turned off the CD on your computer with your mind?
Me: Yes.
Ivo: Imagine millions, if not billions of humans directing their negative intent towards the world’s so-called leaders. Do you know what will happen to these people when all the people of earth wish them to be unseated, released from duty, or publicly hanged? This is much negative energy that is being thrust at the world’s leaders and there is no other alternative for them but to suffer the consequences of the dark energy you foist at them.
Me: I thought it was better to love the solution?
Ivo: It is, my love but right now your people are waking up and reacting by hating on your world’s leaders. This sends much negative energy their way and leads to their demise. Some send positive energy to resolve the problem positively.
Me: Isn’t sending them hatred empowering their agenda?
Ivo: To an extent. When it goes beyond a certain amount then it is overwhelming for the entity that the negative energy is directed to. We believe their clones are failing for this very reason: there are enough aware that realize they are clones, so they do not operate properly. Their technology is not flawless but the negative energy your people are sending to the clones is making them glitch worse.
Me: So they want loosh, but they don’t want too much loosh?
Ivo: Yes. Remember we are removing many of those who were taking your loosh as a food source so now it is all being directed at others instead of partially. Humans are gaining in power as we remove the entities eating the loosh you create. However your power is negatively charged.
We prefer that you send positive energy to create your positive solution, yes. It would work much more quickly. However people are not doing that. They are directing their anger, fear and hatred towards your world’s leaders and it is beginning to cripple them. My love, I understand that you do not understand, however why do you think that they have always attempted to appear as if they are your benefactors? That they are doing good for you?
Me: So that we would believe them.
Ivo: If they were to appear as if they are not, then you would dislike them and they would experience a reduction in power, with all your negative energy directed at them.
Me: Don’t we want that?
Ivo: Yes, but your people are also ascending. They need to embrace the positive to change the timelines.
Me: Ah. Okay, so it’s about jumping timelines to get yourself out of it, or staying in it and killing off the elite with your mind.
Ivo: Yes. Eventually all will have to find a positive timeline to begin their ascension. Those who engage the deep state with hatred are staying in the lower timelines. They are not ascending, which is what the deep state wants. When you stay in the lower timelines, then they can inoculate you and microchip you. The answer is for everyone to undergo ascension to the higher dimensions.
Me: Ah, I see. But we can create an effect by hating on these politicians?
Ivo: Yes, but it does you no good. It keeps you stuck.
Me: Got it. Thank you Ivo.

Non Compliant Communities.

Ivo of Vega
Non Compliant Communities
August 5, 2020

Me: Ivo, all I have to do is go to Yahoo news or go driving around this city to see how my freedom is further being restricted by the deep state.
Today’s headline said that it’s law now in Ontario, Canada that if you dine at a restaurant, all have to sign in with their names and presumably their addresses. I know they’re going to start fining people, just wait.
I see this in the bank too, that if you want to use the bank’s services you have to sign in. You have to tell the government that you were there. That was TD bank, I didn’t see anything like that at CIBC when I used the A.T.M.
This is getting ridiculous. And everyone just goes along with it because it’s just a little bit at a time. Nobody says, “No! I’m not going to comply!” They just go along with it because it’s one little liberty at a time that’s being removed. This has been going on for months now, and I know my parents’ friends believe that it’s going to get better next year. Of course she thinks that this is about a virus, because that’s what they make it out to be. When are the lights going to snap on for her and her husband? When?
Ivo: My love, you cannot worry about them. I know this sounds cruel but you must concern yourself with people who are ready to make the jump now.
You spoke to Ashtar last night while I was sleeping and I am aware of what was said in your conversation with him. You have been aware for a few years that you are to start a community, and you believed this was to be a community that would get together in joy, fun and like mindedness, but in fact you are to start a community of non-compliant, self-sufficient people who will not comply with the deep state’s control of the masses. You will not be inoculated, you will not be micro chipped and you will not comply with their control measures.
This is one of the solar cities that Ashtar Sheran was speaking of in his book. You will be starting one now. There must be a place for people to live on as true earthlings, not the hybridized robotized beings that will be borne out of the Gates’ vaccine.
Me: Ashtar said no micro chipping will happen.
Ivo: No, we must intervene before then. However, we cannot intervene in the free will of one who believes that micro chipping is in their best interests. We can only get the information out via the truth tellers on your planet and hope that these people see reason and stop trusting those in power. We cannot intervene in your free will. That is our limitation.
There are people who are already compliant with this because they believe that this is the future of humanity and that they are in the forefront. Those who realize they are multi-dimensional creator gods are on the opposite side of this thinking and so your world will split out into two factions: the chipped and the non-micro chipped.
When we say we will intervene it is because that is what the masses are asking us to do. Unless you ask, we cannot do much. There must be a majority in order for us to intervene on behalf of the Terran populace. This is your war. This is your battle. The fight you are engaged in now is one of higher consciousness: do you continue to give away your right to self determination to the deep state or do you step forward and become sovereign? This is your choice now. This is your personal war. Understand this: it is playing out on a large scale arena, but each person must make up their own mind. So it is your personal choice to make and to enforce. Your right to determine how you will live is in question and you must each answer that question for yourself.
Communities must be set up to support people in their endeavor to remain sovereign and to allow for survival of the species. They must have options. Obviously the control agenda is to ostracize those who will not comply. Eventually their goal is to round all of these people up and put them in jail for non-compliance. Some will be killed. That is their intention. They are not fond of those who do not comply as you may have heard. They are not looking to see who defies them as you may have heard. They are looking for complete compliance.
As you know from your father’s example, my love, when you did not comply with what he expected of you, punishment was severe. Controllers are not interested in seeing who defies them; they do not like those who do. I know you have come across opinion stating this but it is incorrect.
Me: I know. I know from personal experience my father was never happy about anyone who flew in his face what an arse he was. He wanted to continue to think of himself as the ultimate power in the house and anyone who didn’t comply made him think he was flawed in some way. So he just got worse. I expect the Illuminati will react the same.
Ivo: They will. These non-compliant cities must be created from whatever humble means, and then be a place for those who will not submit to this control to find a haven. They will be protected by us.
Me: It’s kind of like ETs are getting rooted on this planet.
Ivo: We have people on your world already, my love. We have the Agarthans with us, the Telosians with us, we have many of the earthlings working with us as well. We also have stations underground, but this is about helping the earthling to survive this unfortunate event. Which I might add, that many have continually obeyed.
You have been made to obey other people, other humans, not yourselves, and not your God or gods. You have been made to obey people who are not better than you are, they are worse of mindset than the average human. You have complied with this instead of resisting it, and now you see the results of what you have done.
It is universal law. Cause and effect. Obedience is submission. Allowing your good to be determined by others is not the way of the human. You have lived contrarily to universal law and now you reap what you have collectively sewn. People have been there all along to tell you the truth. Some listened, some did not. The answers were always there. It is possible for a human being to be self-sufficient and live independently of any system – in fact God provides for that! It is not our way to be alone, we live in communities, but when your community is unloving then it is better to be alone.
The obstacles that have been put in your way now have to do with deep state control as well. You must buy property in order to do this. God would give you as much land as you need for free. He has provided an entire world full of land for your use. For sharing. But now you must buy it from someone who has stolen it from you. Does that not cause you pain? This is what the St Germaine funds are based on – return of the monies you have paid in ignorance of this fact.
Me: Yes.
Ivo: And you must build homes. You need to acquire supplies, again, at a price. The supplies must be built by contractors, or you must purchase a home already created. Humans can create our own homes. We create our own vehicles as well. But you do not know how to do this as the information has been kept from you. So you must seek a home and purchase it, according to your Matrix system.
Me: Some people squat.
Ivo: You would be removed very quickly, my love. This, too, of course, is against the law. People call your matrix freedom but in fact it is so limiting already, it is a jail as we view it. We created the pyramids. They made use of the earth’s power grid, its innate powers. We did not drag large stones for miles at the end of ropes. We created them with our minds. This is why this narrative exists about the pyramids, to disempower you.
Me: So can I make a house?
Ivo: You can purchase one for now. We have it chosen already. We will guide you to it, my love.
Me: Great! Oh yeah. I’ve already seen it when we went astral traveling.
Ivo: Yes, we showed it to you. That was already years ago. We showed you your future. Because you created it with us, of course.
2021 will be a worse year for many because of their compliance. For those who do not comply, new avenues will open up in the name of these communities and of funding for them. Those who comply and adhere to the old system are in for a shock. Many will turn at this point, and others will not. They will continue to adhere to the old system, thus keeping it alive.
Me: That’s too bad. But it would be hard for some to believe that everything that supposedly gave them so much in life is turning on them now. The irony is, if they only knew what their real potential was!
Ivo: Your world must split again until it finally unifies in love. The people who are non-compliant now are earth’s future. Those who are compliant will be slated for eventual extinction. They are refusing to evolve. That is what this is about. Nothing less than that. Their souls will go to other third dimensional planets where they can perhaps ascend.
Me: Thank you, Ivo. I know you’re going to be here with us through this but everyone has to do their part.
Ivo: You do. My love, you do all you can for others with your signage in the back of your car.
Me: Yes, I’ve had more tailgaters. They’re trying to read what I’ve written. LOL I have an artist’s scribble. That’s how I write.
Ivo: You write as one who is determined to get out their message, my love. You have two websites: one for those who are aware of their multi-dimensionality and the ET presence, and one for those who are only waking up now. It is advisable for those who are listening to create your own website to help red pill people. Create a free website on a platform like weebly, and then post the link in comments on social media and mainstream media websites. Sharon does this and it is effective.
Me: Oh yeah. Yahoo news turned off the comments on its site. They were getting too much opposition to their covid bullshit stories. LOL
Ivo: Yes, they realize they are losing. And that is fine. They still, however, hold most of the control. Trump can only do so much. He is beholden to a process of revealing the truth, and he is not able to do much without the consent of the people. If he does so, he will not be re-elected. He is working to get more on board.
One item that must be discussed as well is that the news is obviously childish in the way it puts down Trump, insinuates he is insane, etc etc. When you stop behaving this way yourself, you can see more clearly what they are doing to manipulate you by behaving this way. You have been taught to behave as your world leaders behave and in so doing, it is easy for you to agree with them. When you rise above this low frequency level of behavior, you see the intent of what they are doing. This is how ascension and doing your inner work is helping others to wake up. They become fed up of the tattling and name calling show that is being displayed before them.
Me: Amen. These are our leaders? Acting like little kiddies? School yard bullies? That’s the best they can do and they’re leading the country? We need adults that act like adults should.
Ivo: I agree. Integrity is everything and so you must look for those who display it as your leaders, not those who manipulate you into submission.
Me: Thanks, Ivo.
Ivo: We will build a grand city. It will be protected by the Light. Many will come, seeking to help and to shield themselves from the fate they see their friends and families suffer. It will be a place of healing and a new beginning for humanity on earth. More will take part in this as well, in different parts of the world, and we will aid them too.

2001, when the twin towers were exploded, and this was targeted because the computer with access to the St Germain funds lay in the towers. Tower 7 was necessary to implode because this was a back-up system to the main control.-Ivo From Vega-

Ivo of Vega: Keep Peace on Earth


Six things never to discuss with other people if you want to keep the peace:
1. Politics,
2. Money,
3. Sex,
4. Religion,
5. Their problems,
6. Veganism, flat earth, and when are aliens going to land.

I don’t have personal conversations with people about these subjects. If you have emailed me and ask a question, I might answer it. If it looks like this will turn into a political discussion, I won’t answer you. I don’t discuss politics on anything other than my videos now and for that matter, I deliberately turn off the commenting because I know what will happen if I don’t. A firefight will ensue in the comments. C’mon. Are we not past that yet?

I don’t like being attacked. And I find that as soon as I say something that people don’t agree with, they either outright call you a stupid idiot or they attack you in some other fashion. This is the ego trying to keep a false sense of self esteem up. Your real sense of self esteem lies with the soul, who does not attack others.

I do not have conversations that triangulate: this was the basis of my relationships in my family and they all were very unloving and disappointing to me. With political conversations, especially about Trump, who frankly is a controversial figure, he is usually demonized to be the perpetrator while I am put in the position of rescuer to someone who feels victimized. If I continue to have this discussion with anyone, I’m likely to point out where their thinking is in error. A victim wants relief from their own perceptions and I’m more likely to show them where they’re in error than to enable their ego. I also remind everyone that the reason they feel like a victim is because they were raised in the Matrix and that’s where it wants them – so they can continue to be a pawn at the hands of bankers who use them to get rich off of.

I walk my talk to the best of my ability. I hold myself accountable for everything I say and do. When something is painful, I correct it. Everything. That’s the way I live. Every day. If I don’t I continue to live in pain and who needs that?

Social media is set up so that you can argue with everyone around the world, thus continuing the feeling of painful separation and being alone in the world. If you want that, then continue to put your political opinion out there, because you’ll get all the separation you want. I understand truthers have to do it as part of their contract to the Light, but they need to understand the futility of fighting back. Arguing with someone is arguing with a vampire – an energy vampire. Trying to control someone who is trying to control you is absolute futility.

You might have figured out about me by now that I speak my mind. I don’t mince words and I will not agree with you just to keep the peace. I’m not responsible for your feelings and you’re not responsible for mine. I don’t react to attacks anymore, but I still don’t like them. I’m trying to work on feeling unified with the people of earth and when I get attacked, that doesn’t really help me.

I speak daily to beings who I feel very connected to. My job is to pass on their messages. So I do that. That’s how I see it. Having discussions about what I post isn’t up to me. I’m good with what they tell me. If I have a problem, I’ll ask them to explain. I discuss my channelings with them.
Me: Ivo, doesn’t it seem to you these days that politics, sex as in the inappropriate sex of pedophelia, money as in the financial crash that’s coming, and religion, well that isn’t even so much in the forefront as the other three, at least except if you discuss the Pope and the Vatican. Doesn’t it seem to you that these things are so in our faces all the time?
Ivo: Yes, and you must mature as a race in spite of the triggers they pose to you.
Me: Yup.
Ivo: You must learn under difficult circumstances. This is what those born on earth now have chosen: to learn under the worst conditions because the most spiritual growth can be made when the times are the toughest.
Me: That makes sense.
Ivo: And so, so many have contracted to spring forward in spiritual growth now by being incarnated at these times. What is happening is these 4 main topics you have mentioned are in fact on the global table right now, and about to undergo great change, so your people are fixated on their opinions about them when in fact they should be more open minded. Change requires that you be open minded, not close minded with your heels dug into the ground.
Me: Makes sense.
Ivo: Could it not be considered that a person who is seen as a saviour should have his own agenda and therefore surprise everyone in the end? Could it not be seen that there might be a way to keep the Fiat economic system in place yet have it shift to the benevolence required as you move through the galactic gates? Could alternatives less demanding to you not be sought out? They could be. However what is occurring is that the strongest, most severe changes are being predicted and prepared for because of the fact that your people are so set in their opinions.
Me: I’m pretty set in mine too. But my opinion aligns with what you tell me.
Ivo: And so you create these extreme changes because of this.
Me: Okay
Ivo: We see your people, we see how they think, we see what it will take to move them over to a benevolent system and how much change will be required. So this is severe learning curve.
Me: Interesting.
Ivo: There are other races of beings in the galaxy, my love, who have moved to GESARA law and eventually joined the Confederation of Planets, who did not require the severe changes required that will be necessary for planet Earth.
Me: So this is a big job.
Ivo: Exactly, my love.
Me: And it’s because of the way people are so stuck in their matrix ways. How about that?
Ivo: It will take a lot of work. It already has. This transition, as you noted the other day, was in fact supposed to begin around 1967, as you call it, “The Summer of Love.” You noted the book title for the New World Order Agenda was “1984” and this was when their agenda was scheduled to be completed. We have managed to hold this off for many decades in order for your people to wake up sufficiently that we could begin to create the changes. The changes that were scheduled to be in place in 1967 were not even half as severe as the pain your people will be put through now. (Reading my thoughts): Yes, John F. Kennedy was the president who was to work with us in the first proposal of the 1960’s, however as you know, he was assassinated by the deep state in 1964. Russia was fine at that time with Brezhnev as leader but the other country in question was the U.S. The first order of duty would have been to make peace with Russia, as this was the time of the Cold War, however it did not occur. You will notice that the Beatles made their way to the U.S. in 1964 to be used as a distraction for the many lightworkers and starseeds that were incarnated there at the time – the hippies.
Me: Ah yeah. That makes sense. Rock ‘n’ roll.
Ivo: And for you, this still serves as a distraction, one you have partaken of for fifty years. This is social engineering, and my dear, you realize the wrong values were often passed to listeners through the lyrics.
Me: I always get a kick out of Cat Stevens, who was a total peace nik, who turned Muslim and went to live in the Middle East. Later in life, he flew to the States to do a concert or something, and he was put on the “no fly” list. Yeah, the guy who wrote, “Peace Train,” is seen as a Muslim terrorist by the Cabalists during the Bush era.
Yeah, but who knew rock groups could be a political weapon?
Ivo: A political distraction, my love. Something to engage your mind while things you should really be concerned about slip on by.
Me: Not all hippies were like that. There was a lot of protesting going on then too.
Ivo: If you look at other key points along the way, you will see the death of Diana in 1997 which was another key time for this to take place. She was to reveal to the people, because they trusted her, the truth of what was happening upon earth and who the cabal were. She was silenced. The Chimera launched a large attack in 1996 and it was our hope to be able to take earthlings from the lower timelines before this happened, however we were unsuccessful. The murder of Diana was in retribution for our attempts to ward this off Chimera attack. They had her murdered.
Then we move forward to 2001, when the twin towers were exploded, and this was targeted because the computer with access to the St Germain funds lay in the towers. Tower 7 was necessary to implode because this was a back-up system to the main control.
Me: Aha! So after 2001, was there any key dates?
Ivo: We had to re-acquire the St Germain funds and re-visit our plan as there were loopholes that needed plugging. We are there now, with the right leaders in place in your world, protected by us. Now it is a question of opening your minds to the truth, not the lies you continue to believe and to enact in your daily lives.
Me: Thanks Ivo!
Ivo: Thank you, my love. We have great respect for your strength, my dear. You forge on ahead with our messages despite the fact you are seen as a pariah by your own sister, and others whose minds are too closed to be able to believe the truth you pass on.
Me: Their problem. I don’t associate with them.
Ivo: Which leaves you alone.
Me: I won’t compromise myself or my message.
Ivo: And for that we bow at your feet, my dear. We owe you so much.
Me: Ivo, you’re choking me up….
Ivo: You make light but your strength and power of mind are the means for us to speak to those who must be made to see the Light. Without people such as yourself, who live frustrating lives of continuous adversity, constant malignment, frequent attack, and the frustration of knowing the truth while others who do not, tell you you are stupid, we stand amazed at your power.
Me: What else can I do? I won’t give in.
Ivo: And that is why you are where you are, working with who you work with, who respect you and love you.
Me: Thank you, Ivo. I love you for being there with me through all of this insanity. I dedicate this video to Corey Goode.

Ivo of Vega: ET Healing

Me: Folks, sit back and take this in. You’re probably not going to be as flabbergasted as I was but listen to this anyway. I have been concerned that the mass of amalgam fillings, some of which are 50 years old, have been leaking into my bloodstream and creating the chronic fatigue that I’ve been experiencing now.

What I did was check with my last dentist. The assistant told me of all the white fillings that had been put into my mouth and this is what she wrote:

“It looks like Dr. Fisher did seven composite (white) fillings in August 1996 on the upper anterior and cuspid/first bicuspid teeth-24, 23, 22, 11, 12, 14 and lower right first bicuspid tooth-44. The second bicuspid and molar teeth have amalgam fillings.”

Cuspids and bicuspids are your front teeth to the canines, I believe. There are pre-molars which are less flat and then your molars.

She is saying here that ALL MY MOLARS are filled with amalgams, which is what I thought. Until I looked in my mouth the other day.

One thing I inherited from my family, along with I believe a predisposition to Parkinson’s disease, which both my parents had, and weak gallbladders which they both had removed as well. I have survived that so far, taking chanka piedra to clean out gallstones. Boy, did that work, a bit harsh but it worked. I ended up in emergency to get fluids because I couldn’t eat or drink for days. I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. As if. Luckily I have my own extraterrestrial scientist on hand.
Anyway. On with the story.
I inherited horrendous teeth. My whole family worked hard at keeping their dentists in riches, lavish homes and the newest sports cars. We put their children through college. We all have missing teeth, root canals, bridges, as well as those ugly mercury amalgam fillings. Although we have nice smiles, you don’t want to go inside because you get the real goods on the health of our mouths. All of us struggled and were back and forth to the dentist constantly. My brother had the whole upper side of his mouth done up in root canals.
I was talking to Ivo about healing my chronic fatigue particularly, but I also said I needed to have these ugly amalgams removed and replaced with white fillings. He said he could help me. ETs can replace the teeth. I thought that was great and thought I’d just wait until he lands and we can get to work on healing these teeth.
Today, on a whim, which isn’t as much a whim as it is suggestion by guides, I went to get a hand mirror to check on a visible cavity that’s been bothering me for a while. I’ve been using sensitive (non-fluoridated) “natural” toothpaste on it to numb the pain but it has to be dealt with. (This toothpaste is called “Green Beaver” and it’s for sale on amazon. Contains no fluoride).
So I thought today I’d muster up my courage and face my adversary face to face. I would look at the cavity.
As I opened my mouth and examined my lower jaw, there I saw it – a white tooth! All white with a little bitty speck of what looked to be amalgam at the very top but nothing like the usual chunks of amalgam that are in my swiss cheese-like teeth. I know other than my front teeth, dentists have never used white fillings on my teeth. Molars were always treated with amalgams or pulled. (I confirmed this with my last dentist who did a lot of work on my teeth).
But there it is – a white tooth! It was like a miracle. I thought, “Huh?! Am I losing my mind?” The usual reaction. But then I guard against this because then you’re in the twilight zone and subject to being effed with by the dark ones. No. I had to be sure.
“Ivo, did you fix my tooth?!”
He explained he had because it was one of the worst leakers.
I have a white tooth without a filling in it! You can’t know how happy that makes me after 50 some odd years of being drilled, injected and knowing all the while this was the wrong thing to do. Really. Part of your body is rotting! You can’t know how absurd that sounds to an extraterrestrial mind.
I have a white tooth. I know it was an amalgam. All my molars had been drilled, even the wisdom teeth, of which I have three. If they weren’t drilled, they were pulled. There were no teeth that didn’t have work done on them. But there it is today. A brand new tooth.
I find myself searching my past to see when a dentist would’ve put in that white filling. I am searching my past to see that tooth looking that way and remembering that it did, and I’m just getting a foggy response. Just fog. I don’t remember that tooth looking white. And that’s the truth. Because it was just replaced lately, perhaps overnight, and I have no memory of it ever being white. But that’s how we respond to things: we search our past and try to find memories to prove this wrong. But I have no memory of it being white. All my molars had, ugly amalgams. I’m even going to take a picture of my teeth so that I’ll be able to check if I keep finding white teeth in my mouth.
I just figured out a way to check. I have a mouth guard for my grinding that I’ve used for 30 plus years. I look on it to see where the amalgams were and the tooth in question is as stained as the places the other teeth fit into. I definitely had an amalgam filling in that spot! Now the tooth is completely new. What a miracle!
What I believe may be happening is that I’ve decided to look at another adversary square in the face – my chronic fatigue – which came about during ascension, and to deal with it. Now that I’ve decided to do something about it, I seem to be getting ET help. I think when you don’t take your life by the horns, don’t get square on the causes of things and your part in creating them, you may not get any help other than to try to get you to wake up and take responsibility. As we’ve discussed, taking responsibility is stepping into your power and then they’re more inclined to work with you.
Part of me thinks I must be wrong. It doesn’t want to believe this happened but I know all my teeth were in rough shape. Why would there be one pristine tooth in the middle of this train wreck mouth?
How it can be fixed, you’re asking. It’s that the template for your earth body is in the dimensions above it. There are templates for your body in higher dimensions. They’re like blue prints and our body will be repaired here according to what they specify. So think about the potential of holistic healing when we start getting the power to work with these templates. I’m sure people already are. They’re still basically on the fringe but when that goes mainstream, healthcare will be amazing and far less invasive than it is now. I’ve heard people who were put into the secret space program talk about how they replace arms and legs that have been lost. Just put you to sleep and overnight you have a new arm again.
This is where medicine will go to eventually here on earth. But you see they can’t tell us that you have these subtle bodies because then the whole ET question would have to be exposed and the official narrative is that ETs don’t exist. It’s all interconnected. They tell you you’re just a physical body and your mind is in your brain. It’s not.
After years of looking at these ugly amalgams, believing they’re part of my chronic fatigue problem, it’s a miracle to see a white tooth sitting there. I’m so happy.
My mind keeps telling me it’s sure it’s always been there, but I know it hasn’t. I think we’re going to have to start finding ways to deal with the effects of things like miracles of this sort, and timeline jumps. You know how crazy you feel when you are sure you put your hammer and nails in a certain spot and then later go to get them and they’re not there? That’s because of jumping timelines.
Now the next thing is to figure out who turned on my vacuum cleaner the other night. I still think I have ghosts here and the man living behind me even agrees they’re here. He says, “Just talk to them.” Nope, all of them off the planet and get them crossed into the astral. Send ’em home. They don’t belong here anymore. If they want to do some vacuuming before they go, that’s fine but they have to go.
Ivo, I’m sorry I had to check with Dr Fisher’s office to confirm this but my mind was confused over this.
Ivo: I am fine with this, my love. Now you believe me.
Me: I know you don’t lie but it’s me that’s the problem. Now I believe you. There was an amalgam there, now there’s a beautiful new tooth. How could that one molar have survived fifty years of sugary onslaught when the rest of them didn’t. I know my dentists put white fillings in the front teeth, for appearances’ sake, but never the back.
Thank you for my new tooth!
Ivo: Now that you believe me, we can go forward.
Me: There you go, folks. ETs are intervening in our physical lives more and more, now they are removing the causes of our dis-ease.

Why is the financial reset taking so long?Ivo: Because your people do not accept this news. They want to go back to work and recharge the globalist wallet…we must have a minimum of 60 percent to agree to the new system. Please continue to get the news out there.-Ivo & Sharron-

Attacks are done to create doubt

Me: Ivo, can you explain this please?
Ivo: My love, do not worry. Your internet will go down at some point in the future and all platforms that are supporting the cabal will be taken down. It would be best to put links to your videos on your website; that way people can always view them there.
Me: Do you know how much work that will entail?
Ivo: I know, my love, but start where you are.
Me: Is this the ten days of darkness everyone is talking about?
Ivo: No. It is part of it. These ten days of darkness will occur with the financial reset. When the stock market crashes, the cabal will have lost all its power and then your world can move into the financial reset and with that, we will eradicate all other negative factions from your planet.
You see now that all the globalists and their cohorts are being arrested and some have been eliminated already? Yes.
Me: Yes.
Ivo: There are so many of them. This is the only problem. Your saving grace is that they cannot get along, and that is what has kept them from totally dominating your world already. They are not capable of cooperation. They have the wrong intentions so they cannot reach that frequency. Cooperation is an act of love, and certainly one of wisdom. Cooperation is part of Unity and these are not unity-minded beings, they are of separation and division themselves, which reflects in your world as well.
Me: Why is the financial reset taking so long?
Ivo: Because your people do not accept this news. They want to go back to work and recharge the globalist wallet. We do not want that either. At any time when a quorum consent to the truth, we can reset the economy. It is that your people must support any changes made on planet Earth. If they still want the old system back, they are resisting the truth and our work. So we must have a minimum of 60 percent to agree to the new system. Please continue to get the news out there.
Me: Hence the censorship we’re experiencing. The more of us they can cut off, the better the chance they feel they have to keep people in the dark.
Ivo: They are also actively using their media to influence the people.
Me: Yes, I saw Ellen gave a family I keep watching on youtube who play songs, 20 thousand dollars. I’m sure that will keep the people thinking she’s so nice rather than acknowledging the fact she’s under house arrest.
Ivo: These are manipulations. They are dirty tricks.
Me: On that note, why don’t we discuss attacks? What are they?
Ivo: They are forms of psychic attack. Although they are performed at the mental and emotional levels.
The reason one person will attack another is not really personal – it is because the one being attacked is of higher vibrational frequency and the one attacking is of lower frequency and desires to have loosh. The aim is to create doubt, fear, shame or guilt within the person being attacked in order to connect with them – your reaction is the vampire’s connection; that way they can receive your energies themselves, and then have them taken in turn as loosh. People of lower frequency attack because they are of lower frequency. People of higher frequency do not attack – they are more secure within themselves and are more capable of maintaining a higher frequency.
Me: I love seeing conversations where someone is attacking someone else and the attacked person just drops the ball. I always do that as well. Never fight back. Never. You’re just charging your energy negatively and feeding it to dark entities.
Ivo: Correct. It is again, impersonal. This is one more way you can look at life impersonally, as El Morya has been explaining. Life is energy and if you have a higher amount, someone will want to steal it. As you are very familiar, life is a series of personal attacks. Your people live that way and they do it to feed the unseen beings who profit from your misery. The higher your Light, the more you get attacked. The trick is to see less obvious attacks and this means anyone who is not respecting your free will is an attacker. That is why you insist on having your free will respected, my love.
Me: True. But that means people have to understand and live by universal law and most do exactly the opposite here. So I have to forgive constantly. I find to hold a higher frequency, it’s best if I spend time alone. That way I work on my spiritual level and learn how to use my energy to help the world in a way that’s asked of me, not in having it stolen. I can already speak to God. Next is a question of taking direction from Him to see what he wants done on this planet. I can’t do that when my energy is constantly being stolen from me and my vibe lowered.
I found I attracted a lot of craziness from other people and this had to do with their lower frequency. They wanted to stay alive, so they tried to vampire my energy. I was subjected to a lot of obsessed people, people with problems who just dumped them on my doorstep, thinking I could fix them, men who were low vibrationals looking for sex, when I temped I was sent to work with the angriest bosses, you name it, I experienced it. And they still couldn’t keep me down. The dark has to figure out what they’re doing isn’t working.
Ivo: If you have more money in your bank account, someone will want to steal it. So you have to be aware and protect yourself as necessary with passwords and such. This is the same thing. Awareness and protection is key.
Me: Is there any other reason that someone might attack you?
Ivo: There is none. There is no reason why someone who disagrees with you might just shrug their shoulders and allow you to have your own opinion. There is no reason why someone who is debating with you would not debate in a friendly manner, not with the intention of attacking you, but with the intention of helping you to see where they are coming from.
It is that there is an attack and this is an aggressive response. When this occurs, understand they are after your energy.
Me: What about the lightworker who is trying to red pill someone who’s asleep?
Ivo: When you attack others, you create doubt in them – you are lowering their vibration and taking them out of the place of certainty they were in. Some people respond to this doubt by believing you, others respond to this doubt by digging their heals in even further and perhaps attacking you back. So your tactic of attacking the non-believers may backfire on you.
Me: Red pilling almost got me rear ended the other day when I stopped for the red light. I have signs and stickers all over the back of my car about the new world order and I’ve seen 3 people reading them in just the last couple days. I’m going to get a bigger sticker of my website so people can see it from farther away because I just learned people can’t remember “your underground news” and will text it while they’re driving, which almost got me rear ended. My other option was to run the red light but there were cars there.
Ivo: But people see it. You are inviting them to explore the doubts they already have, and in so doing, you are opening the door for them to change their mind and to save face while doing so. You are doing it in such a way that allows their ego to remain prideful. This is a good approach.
Me: They do. I’ll do anything to let people see for themselves. I don’t tend to try to convert the nonconvertible. If they’re not on, they’re not on. I’m not going to start arguing with them.
Ivo: So, on your social media there are trolls around whose primary job it is to attack others and create division and separation, because this is what attacks create within your society. You see that the demand for loosh by unseen negative parasites you support create the rules of engagement for your society. People must argue and attack each other and call each other stupid and such, because these entities need their food. And this requirement of theirs creates the conditions you live under and call normal. They are not normal, certainly not for a human.
The work of the violet flame, and the Indigo more specifically, renders their influence null and void. They cannot fight with the Indigo who is aware because the Indigo will transmute their negativity and starve them of their food.
Me: Aha!
Ivo: But the Indigo must be aware of all of this, that they have the power to render those who create the fabric of your society useless.
Me: Yes. All of us do but the Indigo was specially brought here for that purpose. And you can be an Indigo soul or an Indigo personality. I’m an indigo personality but I still work with St Germain, Archangel Zadkiel and his angels.
Ivo: Repeating decrees makes you stronger in your violet flame and your work more effective. They can be found on youtube.
Me: Yeah, for now. LOL
Ivo: Thank you, my love.
Me: Thank you Ivo.

the United States, it is close to NESARA compliancy. Politics is being fought at the state level versus the feds and these states will fall and become compliant.

Ivo of Vega – Where is Your Perspective?

by Sharon Stewart

Ivo: You have a choice as to how you see current events on your planet. Great progress has been made for 3 of the world’s largest economies (countries): the United States, Russia and China.

Russia’s ascension began years ago, of course when Eastern Germany was freed, the iron curtain countries became independent and the USSR was downsized to what is now Russia. They have gone through much transition.

With China it is a question of Hong Kong and Tibet being freed. They are in the hands of the Communist Illuminati at the moment.

As for the United States, it is close to NESARA compliancy. Politics is being fought at the state level versus the feds and these states will fall and become compliant.

For the individual, you live in your particular country for a reason. You have always brought light to this country, you have been a part of its collective karma for your lifetime.Now you have the choice, as you always did, of how you wish to see what is going on. Many of you are more activated in your higher chakras, so you have more information available to you to guide you to view your country’s progress at whichever level you wish to.

Level 1 – the physical level – this is a level which is devoid of emotion and intellect, yet there are some who continue to view life at this level, considering only the physical circumstances that might befall them. For example, the person who fears only the loss of property, but does not consider the loss of family or friends in any transaction.

Me: This sounds kind of weird but it also sounds like some people I know. I know even my father was more concerned about the car after the accident I got into instead of me and how I was faring.

Ivo: And this is my point, my love. When one represses the emotions and the intellect is strictly controlled through mind control, this is how a human will respond at the lowest level: materially.

Me: Interesting.

Ivo: Level 2: Emotionally. This of course relates to the second chakra. While emotionally considering the circumstances one sees, the respond might be of how this would affect the country as a whole emotionally, or how one’s emotions are being torn apart by viewing what they are viewing.

Level 3 – Intellectually. This relates to seeing circumstances with a purely thought out perspective, not considering the emotional consequences or perhaps even the physical consequences of current events in your country. This comes across as rather “dry” and unemotional. And you will notice that many statements given by your leaders express the intellectual response. This is indicative of how your world runs: intellectually.

Me: Yes, I can relate to that too. Thought out with perspective on what it to come, also from an intellectual standpoint.
So then, Ivo, what happens when the heart is opened to consider current circumstances?

Ivo: Ah, yes. This changes everything because the heart is the seat of the higher perspective. When higher perspective is considered rather than lower physical, emotional and intellectual perspectives, this indicates involvement of the soul in earthly matters, which is the goal of ascension. You are in the fourth dimension and for many they are working on issues of the heart in an attempt to keep it open in order to always achieve the soul-based energies and to stay out of the lower domain of the intellect, emotion and the material/physical perspective.

When the heart is opened, the soul is connected.

When one has a heart-based perspective, on seeing the protesters, looting, and response by your leaders, the heart will see the love that lies behind all the behaviours and their responses. The heart of those rioters who embraced the policemen as they kneeled before them, and asked them to, “Walk with us,” “Join us!” This is heart. This is soul. The souls of the policemen and the souls of the protesters connecting. This has seldom happened before. But you are in a higher dimension now.
When the protesters protected the lone policeman from other protesters. When the protesters pointed out the Antifa people, when the bricks were photographed and spread across social media – this is heart. This is the heart that tells you not to fall for these tricks. It is not the mind. Your lower minds are very controlled – your heart and higher minds are not. They see clearly. The third eye sees clearly.

Level 5 – the throat chakra. This is the chakra of expression and there are many on your social media whose aim it is simply to spread the truth. This is the function of the throat chakra, which is your soul spreading the truth. Not all are spreading truth, and these are not throat chakra activated people. Their intent lies in the lower chakras which are imbalanced at best.

The soul of the people is being shown now. Yes, they are rioting. They are buying guns to protect their homes and their families. This is fear.
You have a choice now to fear or not to fear.

As I have pointed out to Sharon so many times before (Me : LOL), how you choose to react indicates what you will experience. How many people have experienced getting out of bed to a problem, then decided it was going to be a bad day. And the situations worsened as the day wore on. You are creating this. Because you fear having a bad day, you create it.

When you get out of bed to see that the dog has eaten your slipper overnight and you say, “It is going to be a bad day!” You set yourself up for that. Instead of saying, “I have enough money to buy new slippers,” or, “I’m glad the dog enjoyed himself overnight, I slept very well too,” or, “I love my dog. Sometimes he does things I don’t like, but I love him and could never think of living without him, so what’s one slipper?” You look at what you call the bad and you focus on creating more.
The same is happening now. Collectively many are focusing on the bad, and yes, the media complies by putting it on the TV (fear porn), and so you create more problems than need be. The Cabal knows it has your attention with the Antifa fighters, so it will put more out there. This is backfiring because of the citizen reporters who are showing this is being done and alerting others.

The ones in the know must alert those who are ignorant.

However, everyone is functioning at their own predominant chakra level, some with the wisdom of soul and others without.

You are a collective. You have the capability of calming others within the collective by infusing calming energies into your collective unconscious. There are calls for meditations to do exactly that, and at prime times within the lunar and galactic cycles to increase effectiveness.

How do you wish to see your life?

At the physical level where you worry about the destruction of your house?

At the emotional level where you fear that your life will be irrevocably changed and you will suffer pain?

At the intellectual level where you stand back to draw conclusions that are devoid of the whole picture?

At the heart level where you see the love being exchanged between parties that otherwise would have been warring?

At the throat level where you express the truth and reveal the deceptions? You spread the word as an act of love for the people of your country and your world.

At the third eye level where you see all clearly from a soul perspective? And in so doing, you do not fear and thus do not need to attract any adversity to yourself or your family. You hold higher light within the collective to support those who are still learning.

At the crown level where you see the ramifications of this war on the rest of the universe and of consciousness. Where you see the wholeness of the One being returned to your planet, because you see people uniting, overlooking petty problems in order to unify your country and to restore peace. You see the rest of the universe working with you to restore the Oneness of Eden to earth again.

At this perspective you are untouchable. But you came to earth, so you came to give back, to hold the consciousness together in anticipation of the day that you can let it go again, and it will not break into pieces.

You came to be the glue, you came to be the one who holds the higher vibration to help those who do not.

This is a fourth dimensional perspective on the war going on on your planet now.

There are many metaphysical ramifications for the soul, the monad and the whole of consciousness. There are no enemies. The only reality is love. Anything that is not of love was never real, thus it should never be feared.

It is all for the learning. All for the teaching. All for the loving.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are my only partner for eternity. We are One.

Hold your highest vibration and see the good coming out of this for everyone.

Me: Hi Ivo, this subject might be appropriate considering what we’re into right now.

Ivo: It is, my love. The United States is now involved in a race war, following on the heels of the Covid 19 pandemic, which did not create the fear and separation that the Deep State was hoping for. So they heated up the situation by stoking fear as much as possible, then threw a match on it to light a new fire: racial tension.

We saw many doctors come up to protest the way that the virus was dealt with, and many pundits share posts of experiences with old folks homes admissions not being screened, and then of course social media began censoring their voices, so Donald Trump changed the laws forbidding them to do so. He’s watching now. If the censorship continues, he will take other measures and this may include closing Twitter and Facebook, even Youtube, those who censor will be taken out of business.

Me: Awesome! Yes the people are standing up and telling the truth.

Ivo: The Deep State is manipulating the people, the people are responding by telling the Truth, the Deep State is then censoring them, and then Trump legislates new laws forbidding them to do so. So now, you are in a race war across the United States which is beginning to show elsewhere. All the meanwhile, the Deep State is using the media to take shots at Trump, claiming him to be incompetent, uncaring, a buffoon, etc. and he is coming back to use the legal system against them. So they change tactics and now you have a race war that is showing in other parts of the world.

Me: Yes, maybe it’s showing in Johannesburg, I don’t know. But that’s another hot spot.

Ivo: When your people refuse to understand that this is being done to them, rather than something they happens organically, that all of the history between whites and blacks was manipulated efforts to keep you hating each other, then they fall prey to the wars. The anger comes out.

This is why you have a class system. So you can hate each other.

Me: So they’re going to sit and wait how this plays out and start something else as soon as it seems to get resolved. You can tell they’re trying to get to Trump and the Alliance. They’re trying to discredit him. Watch it all subside by the November election. Because that will be telling.

I know a lot of people who still hate Trump and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but then you have to realize your opinion is heavily manipulated. Turn off the TV and start to read the news I see and you’ll see the other side of the story.

Do you like being controlled? Because you are.

And this is playing out just the way you said in “What You Need to Know Now.” You said there would be rioting and shortages. You said possible civil war in America.

Ivo: I did. I could see these timelines based on the spiritual state of the people of the United States. There are many who still are led by the ego, which of course is manipulated through the Deep State by mind control, and they are the ones who attack others and become violent.

You see there are others who are hearing the alternative news and stop the rioting before it begins. This is interesting to watch. There are people on the streets, expressing their dislike for what is going on, but refusing to riot and throw bricks because they know the bricks are being planted by the Deep State through George Soros’ Antifa, to create rioting and war.

The Deep State enjoys war. They have funded many of them.

So it is up to you, those who are more educated and wiser, to hold your highest vibration for the people of your world. Hold your highest vibration and see the good coming out of this for everyone.

Everyone is learning and evolving at their own pace. You were going to protest in downtown Ottawa on the first of July, but have changed your mind since you have seen that rioting and looting has reached Canada as well.

Me: I won’t be part of that. Anything violent is not my thing.

Ivo: Commendable, my love. You all have to work to get that reptilian part of your psyches under control. Violence is not the solution. If it had been the solution, would you be where you are now? No. In fact, it is the part of your psyche that the Deep State/Dark Ones enjoy manipulating – the part that is like them.

You are not like them. You are like us. This is the reality that so many earthlings have yet to discover about themselves. So many live lives never knowing who they truly are, and this is a travesty.

So, it is best that those who are not inclined to this violence hold their highest light to help the collective get through these problems with fewer incidents and deaths.

So I said that the next thing is the pedophilia will be exposed in the media, and it will.

This is what the Deep State fears: that they will be revealed for being the satanists that they are. That it will be revealed that your children are what they are after.

Me: Sickening.

Ivo: Yes, and it is within the capability of all upon your earth right now to eliminate their influence from earth by eliminating the darkness within yourselves. It is the dark parts of you that allow their darkness to fluorish. That is why they manipulate you into arguing, fighting and rioting. You feed them when you do.

Me: But if they do things like set their armies out into the streets we have to resist them.

Ivo: You can resist them. Simply do not give in. Ignore them.

Me: How do you ignore a cop with a gun?

Ivo: They cannot be everywhere all the time.

Me: They have computerized surveillance.

Ivo: And so let them surveil you.

Me: Then they can arrest us.

Ivo: You are the Light, my dear. And nothing happens to you that you do not create yourself. If you fear being jailed, it might happen. If you do not fear it, it will not happen. It is up to you to work with your soul to manifest your life as you wish it to be. You are not, nor were you ever, subject to the rules of these controllers. You never were. That is the truth you must understand.

Me: Got it. Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: This is an important lesson to all: you are free. The only reason you feel imprisoned is because you agreed to their rules.

They own nothing without your consent. Do not give it to them. Move away from the Matrix. Live in a higher vibration. Continue to help to open the eyes of the sleeping.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Do you see what that means now?

Me: Thank you Ivo. Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega Get your copy of our new book, “Ashtar Sheran: Your Future on Eden” today! Your download is available now, at:

What stifles compassion? The codependent tendency (compulsion) to want to fix someone.

Your Spiritual Eyes | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

My Post: I was shown. All my life I was shown….. Every minute of every day I was being shown something….

– drug addicted alcoholic boyfriends – reflected my own addictions back to me, yes, but also with compassionate eyes I see how men (not all men, but many) are stifled in this world. There are female drug addicts of course, but I didn’t know any so I guess it wasn’t part of what I had to be shown.

– I was shown firsthand dirty corporate tactics and how they fly in the face of the legal system. How they are there for themselves and not the employees they so loosely term “family”. I was fired off a sick leave and then screwed over by the insurance company that was to give me long term disability benefits (deep state).

– my own experience as an oppressed woman, child abuse survivor, daughter of two narcissists – I was shown what passes for child rearing in some circles, and I was shown on a smaller, personal scale how the Matrix works

– I was shown pedophilia when my nieces were abused by their grandfather

– I was shown the depravity of the toxic male in the workplace through personal experience

– I was shown how “trusted” medical professionals are anything but that

– I was shown how corporations “overlook” some of their own “values” with respect to environmental issues, because they’re making money

– I was shown how the worker is not valued in the workplace except as an expendable source of revenue

– I was shown how the medical system doesn’t work for some people and I turned to holistic medicine

– I was shown how people on the street live, how they think and how they don’t fit in with the rest of society

– I was shown the futility of the normal 9-5 work week, and of working in general

– I was shown that money basically means nothing. Sometimes you have lots of it and other times not so much and I’m still here regardless

– I was shown the futility of some people’s lives. My neighbors showed me this as they are basically addicted transients, moving from one place to the next as money runs out to pay the rent

– I was shown the system doesn’t work for everyone

There’s more. That’s all I can think of right now. If your eyes are open and you meet the right people, you can learn a lot.

Me: Ivo, I’m going through some awareness here.

Ivo: You are.

Me: I just post or blog about it but it’s my life’s process really. Here’s how I see this:

At 28, I dated a guy who just hated women, because he’d had such a hard time and was so let down by his mother. Of course, I got the brunt of it, and we broke up 3 months later. He got back into doing hard drugs again probably because of everything he’d revisited from his childhood from our relationship. This is called projection by the way and it can heal you or create misery for you as you re-experience your traumatic past. It depends on how you want to use it. But it is not living in the moment. It’s living in the past.

My response could be:

3D (shadow): That stupid jerk. He made my life miserable. Why did I waste 3 months dating that guy? I can do better than that!

3D: I need to find a man. Everyone has one but me. I have to have one too.

4D: Man, he was really going through a lot of stuff, but then so was I. I had my own stuff to heal from.

5D: This poor guy had a miserable childhood. He had a mother who did who knows what to this guy. He suffered as a child. Children shouldn’t suffer. They should be loved. He told me some things about her, clearly she was going through some stuff as well. I feel for this guy. He was just re-experiencing the emptiness of his childhood, over and over.

The point of my post wasn’t even what it ended up revealing to me. The point of it was that I went through Hell so I could see the hell people were living here on earth. I was being shown by my higher self, that’s all. It was information I needed to do this work now.

It turned out that I ended up feeling a lot of compassion for other people who are going through these things. My ex-boyfriends, my parents, everyone who is going through the hell of life on earth right now, self-created or not, but they’re going through a lot of trauma and I ended up feeling for them.

Then I posted, “Until you see with compassion, you are blind,” no offense to the unsighted, there’s just no other word to use.

I just intuited that seeing with compassion is your spiritual eyes opening.

What say you, Ivo?

Ivo: This is correct, my love. All who are of higher vibration see with these spiritual eyes of compassion. There is no judgment. There is no comparison, no hating, no revulsion towards others, no wish to punish. There is compassion for their hard journey. This is something you have touched on and shut down, touched on and shut down, and now it seems to be within your grasp to hold on to, my love. But it takes willpower. You must want to stay away from the ego who cries that your life is not fair. Your life is of your choosing and your experiences are also of the choosing of your soul.

Me: Yeah, I’ve gotta talk to her. LOL

Ivo: You have chosen to see these things in your life and you had teachers such as Glenn who showed you life on the streets of Toronto. He actually instructed you and showed you the ropes.

Me: Yes, I remember.

Ivo: It was because you wished to know. It is your ego that stands in the way of your feeling compassion for life on earth as you harbor resentment towards this person.

Me: Well, Ivo, he used to throw glass objects across the room, he harassed the neighbors and the landlord, he made my life hell for 3 years until I finally left him.

Ivo: And had you had compassion for yourself, it would have been much sooner.

Me: So who do you have compassion for, yourself or others?

Ivo: Both. You can have compassion for someone yet not tolerate their ruining your life. You also realized that codependent behavior was behind your lack of boundaries. You must have compassionate boundaries for self. We will get on to the subject of sacred boundaries soon enough. This is a prelude to this.

Life is about compassion. Life is about reverence. Life is about feeling joy as you live in these states. Your desire to help all those who do not feel this way is at the root of your will to live. Because we know that in order to live, we need others. We are not creatures who walk alone, we are social creatures who are all of the One.

The goal is to experience balance and when living with open hearted compassion for others, and for self, with reverence for all life, then you achieve this balance.

What shuts it is fear. Fear closes the heart, and closes the spiritual eyes of the soul.

Yes, the chakras. The root is the body chakra, the sacral is the emotion chakra, the solar plexus is the mental chakra. The heart is above the body because heart comes from higher frequency. The first three chakras are about existence. It is possible to exist. But heart is needed to create a spiritual life in the physical. It must be open.

The fourth dimension is about learning to keep the heart open and not to close it out of fear.

Then one will access the spiritual voice as you have in the throat chakra, the spiritual eyes – the third eye and the spiritual mind which is the crown chakra. The spiritual mind aligns with all other minds of higher consciousness.

To be able to live with compassion means the third eye is open because you see that life is about compassion for all. This is why we of the galaxy and the universes above us, work to help those in the lower dimensions.

It is tantamount that you know which voice you are speaking from. Are you speaking from your wounded shadow? Are you speaking from a third dimensional egotistical perspective, are you speaking from a heart that is opening to understand that all is love, or are you living from the perspective of understanding that all is love and all need compassion?

Me: That’s cool, Ivo. I’m all over the map some days. Depends on how I get triggered.

Ivo: And to learn to see your triggers with compassion for yourself, and compassion for those who had triggered you is the point, for they are learning as well.

It is easy to measure where you are spiritually by the lessons you attract. You can see how much love you have for others and how much compassion you have for others, when you understand your immediate reaction. In the case of yesterday, someone stole from you and you went back into your wounded ego.

Me: I hate being stolen from!

Ivo: That person gave you that lesson to help you heal. We discussed this in our video, “Life is Love in Action.” Understanding the message in this video and applying it to all situations in your life will put you firmly into a fourth dimensional frequency.

Having compassion for those same people will put you firmly into a fifth dimensional frequency. It is that simple. Compassion for all including oneself is unity consciousness, it is unconditionally loving because you have removed all conditions that your lower mind would have applied to this person, such as they stole from you.

Me: Aha.

Ivo: When you see with compassionate eyes, you see that a particular family member who you have fallen out with is reacting from her wounds. She is also going through her own ascension process and because you are familiar with how rocky that can be, you understand her with more compassion.

Me: True. This is being shown to me.

Ivo: Yes. Bear in mind that pity and compassion are not the same thing. Compassion reveres the personality of the other, it does not degrade it into a sorrowful mess. Compassion feels wonderful, pity does not feel good.

Me: Got it. Thank you Ivo. I think our viewers who are carefully going through all the video’s will enjoy this spiritual lesson.

Ivo: Compassion must be awakened upon your planet if you are to gain unity consciousness. There is no other way. Your survival depends upon it.

And your other post is correct, which will follow here. Your wounds will stifle your compassion. Your ego will pull your frequency down so that compassion will not be felt. To feel compassion is to be set free of your own ego traps. When there is compassion, no rancor is held.

Me: Yes, it felt freeing.

Ivo: It is. I thank you my love, for this opportunity to serve you and all listening.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

What stifles compassion?

The codependent tendency (compulsion) to want to fix someone.

Why do we want to fix others? So we don’t have to see them go through uncomfortable circumstances, or that we as empaths don’t have to feel their pain. Also so we don’t have to be reminded of our own pain perhaps, or that we don’t want to be reminded of the fact that living here is not always so nice.

It’s hard sometimes to stop yourself from interfering, but universal law requires that you don’t. I’ve “had my hand slapped” (figuratively) by guides for interfering in others’ lives, for doing for others what they should be learning to do themselves.

YouTube: SharonandIvoofVega

learn to love money.

Make Friends with Money

Me: Hi Ivo.

Ivo: Hello my love.

Me: I might as well load up on doing videos because Facebook is censoring me. Every time I try to create a post I get the pop up that says “We’re sorry but we can’t do this right now. Please continue to try.” Or something like that. I can’t post, I can’t post images, nothing. It’s because I’m sharing Stephanie Sarten’s work, that’s why.

Ivo: It is. (he’s laughing) Do not worry, my love. This will be rectified.

Me: I just got her started on retail shopping as a form of mind control, so I’m sure she’s going to hit that with her usual hammer-like force. LOL Anyway, I’ve been behind on my videos so I’ll put up a couple today and then focus on that until I’m out of, “We’re sorry but we can’t do that for you” censorship. I’m not going to stop posting Stephanie’s stuff, as a matter of fact the fact that they don’t want me to is all the more reason to do it.

I wish people weren’t so beholden to Facebook. Maybe they should realize it’s because it accommodates your lower mind that it works for so many people. Yes, it’s made with the intention of involving the part of your mind that you’re supposed to realign as you ascend higher. It’s made with the intention of keeping you in your lower mind. So for lightworkers being on Facebook and not engaging your shadow is the challenge. Facebook is heavily infiltrated and the groups are particularly bad. I just quit out of so many of them. Couldn’t take the energy.

Ivo: Yes, it is. It is simply one more corrupt vehicle in your corrupted western society.

Me: Good segue, actually. That’s what I wanted to discuss as well. I was doing some research online and found a site that said that if you dislike money, you’re not going to attract it. The simplicity of the next statement really struck me: You attract whatever you love. Now, in my case that wasn’t necessarily the truth: I attracted what I feared for much of my life, not what I loved, because I attracted whatever I aligned my frequency with.

But it does bring up a good point: if you hate money, you’re not going to get much of it. I didn’t anyway. I became avoidant. I wanted to avoid those jobs and I thought that’s where the money was.

Ivo: This is true, my love. And you associate money with your working past. You had a father who believed that money was the root of all evil, although he overspent on a regular basis and was a hoarder, so it was not really “do as I say” in his case, it was “watch what I do” to find his truth.

Me: Yes, the incongruencies were enormous.

Ivo: And this is about alignment. Understanding your actual truth by understanding what you are creating, not what you think you are creating but what you are actually creating. And in your case, my love, you do not like money.

Me: I have to learn to love it because I need more of it to help people, which is what I want to do.

Ivo: And so you must disregard your old opinion in favour of a newer one: that you like money because money is a vehicle for compassion on your planet. It can be used spiritually and for humanitarian purposes.

In your father’s case, he disliked money because he felt he was a slave to it. He worked all day to support his family, and clearly he resented that. Then he took money on the weekend to indulge his fear of insufficiency – not having enough. He overdid it on the sports equipment and the paints because as you recall, he had every colour in the rainbow there!

Me: He did.

Ivo: Many of you learn to hate money because it is a symbol of the system. And you dislike the system to varying degrees. You particularly hated it because you had PTSD and were taking in negative energies of all the people you worked with.

Me: Yes, so much fun!

Ivo: It is behind you. You will never have to do that again.

Me: Amen.

Ivo: But you see the association you have with money – it represents anger, fear, slavery, the nonsense you put up with, corporate corruption, and the worst, the removal of the rights of the workers you worked with. They were not allowed to say no in one financial institution. Saying no got one man fired when it became time to “downsize” which is just a convenient lie for relieving the company of the non-producers. You recall that downsizing was frequent at the time you were in corporate in downtown Toronto. Many companies downsized. It was a legally created excuse to circumnavigate the laws in place to protect employees.

Me: I should’ve figured. I hadn’t caught that one actually.

Ivo: Yes. There are laws in place to keep people employed but the companies have their ways around them. The other was the one that said that people could not be fired if on sick leave, yet you were.

Me: I know.

Ivo: You must understand that with all these companies, when you do as they wish, then it is fine. But when you do not do as they wish, they will break the law in order to deal with you.

Me: And they did. So did the insurance company when I applied for LTD.

Ivo: They do not care. They only care about making money. And it is this kind of ruthlessness that you associate money with. Many do.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: However you went on to work in a coffee shop for less money but you were not treated like a commodity there. It was more humane and you realized your work was appreciated.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: So now you must create your own reason to love money. Yes, I hear you saying “eeuw” when I speak of loving money, that is resistance to the idea that money can be used for the greater good. You realize this but you must overcome your resentment of the way you worked for it in the past.

Me: True.

Ivo: There may be some inventory to do on this.

Me: There was the oil company that I worked at where I was so abused. However I realize that this would have been necessary to wake me up whether I worked there or anywhere else. No matter what I’d done I would’ve encountered the same abuse.

As for Fidelity Investments, they weren’t even the worst one. The job was just really boring there and it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I’m sure Kelly Services gave me that job because I cracked up working with them and ended up bawling my eyes out because they couldn’t get their shit together and so they placed me in a boring non-demanding job at Fidelity Investments. I should’ve just stayed there and brought my own personal stuff to do. Nobody would’ve even known. LOL

I find it interesting that their logo is a pyramid with a capstone on it. Fidelity sure seems to think that that’s where the power comes from – the top part.

Ivo: The entire pyramid is the power because it sits over a point on the electro magnetic grid that fuels your planet and keeps it alive. They are all at strategic points on your planet’s grid. As I told you before, the dark ones would have mind controlled you into not seeing the pyramids, however, they could not do it. The pyramids are too powerful. So they created false ideas about the pyramids and a false history.

Me: But there are tombs within the pyramids.

Ivo: Yes, these were put in by other humans who believed the false ideas. The pyramids are like your nuclear reactors, and they are also portals to other systems.

And another point, this is how powerful your eyes are. Your eyes and your brains take energy and translate it into a perception of solid objects. Had the dark ones been successful at mind controlling you into not seeing the pyramids, you would have been able to walk right through them.

Me: Interesting.

Ivo: Your eyes are very important. They translate, with your brains, energies around you into solid objects and I say solid with quotes around the word because nothing is solid. It is all energy. So your expression, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” harbours much more truth to it than you actually realize. It indicates how your eyes actually work to create your reality.

Of course when the third eye is open, then you see your non-physical reality as well. The third eye is shut by illusion, and my dear, as I have said before, you are creating an illusion. The only reality is love. The illusion is fear. Fear shuts down the third eye. The dark ones know that and they send their scary ones to you in the astral to attempt to keep your third eye closed out of fear.

Me: They would.

Ivo: What is more accurate is to say, “I will see it when I believe it.” That is actually the way the mind needs to work. You have it backwards. This is why it is so important that the truth be told to you – so that your mind can align with it now. You rely on your physical eyes and it is so easy for the darksters to create a reality for you based on a certain set of frequencies. They can eliminate, and they have, anything they desire from your field of vision except where these objects are too strong for them to accomplish this. So then they change the narrative. In fact there are many parts of your history, your true history, that are simply not being seen by your eyes right now. The dark ones fear the return of your spiritual vision because it will tell the truth. The opening of the Third Eye is key to this ascension process because the third eye reveals the truth. So an illusion has been created for you to see, an unreality, for you to believe in, to keep your third eye closed. Also the use of fluoride and other chemicals act on calcifying and shrinking the pineal gland to help create the non-reality you are currently viewing. Terrans were once a race of titans. The super human. And now look what has become of them. Such a pity!

Ivo: So then, getting back to your money issues: learn to love money. Yes, you feel like you would be greedy for loving money but that is not the type of person you are. If you had extra you would use it to help others.

Me: I would.

So then you are understanding that money can be used for humanitarian purposes because that is what you would use it for. You have in the past, my love. You have no reason to doubt that you would use it for humanitarian purposes. Your past indicates your intentions.

Me: True.

Ivo: This is a lesson in believing in yourself, and not believing in the system.

Me: True again.

Ivo: You are the new system. You have brought humanitarian values to earth and you are creating a new way. Take that step now, my love.

Me: I will.

Ivo: Very good. We wish all a good day.

Ivo of Vega: On Underground Bases.

Ivo of Vega: On Underground Bases

10/13/2019   Me: Ivo I wanted to go over some things that would be a bit different from our usual video subjects. We will be continuing on with the money/abundance theme, going into it in more detail because as Athena says, “I’ll make an example out of you.” We can all have abundance. What’s more, the lightworker, because they are of the universe, and because they’re here to create new systems for earth – is not to follow earth’s rules to create their life. We have been, and we’ve been suffering for it. Now that we know, we need to follow universal law because those are the laws our soul, and we, as galactic beings, lived by. You’re here to bring everything you know as a galactic to bear on this planet. If you’re out of alignment with universal law, it’ll be harder to remember your galactic past and to understand who you are.

Ivo: Yes, that is exactly correct, my dear. That is why we wrote the book. When you align with universal law, you can remember much more readily than if not aligned. You are given the choice daily to live as a galactic soul on earth, or to live as a physical earthling on earth. This choice is about your alignment: with your ego or with your soul. Your soul aligns with universal law and this is what all the videos we have are about: how to understand what your soul wants for you and how it views life. When you understand how your soul views your life and its purpose, you stop running afoul of universal law. Then it becomes easier to acquire the information about your true identity, and carry on with higher levels of your lightwork. It is difficult to understand your higher purpose when you are predominantly living from ego. It is that simple.

I was asked the other day about whether I did a particular activity, it was just something really “normal” and I said no. It struck me that people, even lightworkers, don’t understand me and how I live and I figure they’d better for one good reason: We’re going full circle. We left our galactic homes and families to come here, and part of returning there after this life time is moving away from our earth families and rejoining our galactic families. It has been for me and I’m saying you may be the same. I know I don’t vibe with my family members anymore. My nephews are too busy to spend time with who they think is probably their boring old auntie with the cat – little do they know! I’m well disguised. LOL I did come out to my family about this and I’m sure they think I’m a lunatic. Nobody said anything.

A normal day for me is doing these videos, writing books, blogging and doing third eye meditations to see who I can meet out in the galaxy. I don’t do normal anymore. The people I talk to constantly are invisible to the eye. You have to understand that as a high vibrational in third dimensional earth, when people showed me how they live, I was stunned and kept asking, “Is this all there is?” Is there nothing more? This is it. I was incredulous! I’m sure my face showed it at times. I didn’t remember that much at the time but I remembered enough to think that what passed for normal life on this planet was only a fraction of what I’d expected it to be. So as soon as I got the chance to get my galactic life back, I was on it!

I figure one of the main reactions to life on earth is probably boredom. What it lacks in stimulus, it makes up for in stress. I’m glad to be on this path now.

I shop but not recreationally. I go to the river and sit near the water to feel the great vibe and probably get some clear oxygen from that. And to see my brother’s ship around me. Sometimes we shoot down enemy craft. I’ve got 9 so far.

Speaking of which, I saw one over my house a week ago. I looked up to see the outline of it fade away quickly and I’m sure I was being shown. The issue at the time was all the fighting going on between me and my neighbours who had been stealing from me, and there were other issues, and then I saw who the instigators were – and why it has been impossible to live peacefully here. I’ve been putting protective white light around the house, and of course as soon as I did that, the troubled neighbour next door showed up for help. I said no. I knew who sent her. I’m shielding 6 houses on my block just to be sure that all goes smoothly between me and my neighbours until I move, which I’ve been told I’m to do next year. Thank God!

BTW if you’re judging me for turning this girl down, then you are most likely being taken advantage of by someone you can’t say no to. I’ve simply learned to say no to those who would make a habit of borrowing, and then ultimately stealing from me as things never get returned.

Seeing UFO’s, having the dark create friction between me and everyone I know, and researching and writing on disclosure, spirituality and exopolitics and the alien agenda for earth. I talk to invisible people more than I talk to the ones I can see. I see beings walking around here, hear hissing at 4 in the morning, see other dimensional cats walking across my bed, see bright flashes around here, get up at 2 am and see the grid being built between here and the moon… you name it, I see hear and feel stuff that’s not of our physical world. And I’m not the only one. You’re part of that group as well.

But I know I have more to do and I know there’s a reason the dark ones hate me. I haven’t finished fulfilling my role yet, I’m only getting started.

I’ve been working with Ashtar Sheran with a team of lightworkers at underground bases around the world for the last year. I’ve written some information on it on our website, on the Ashtar Commanders tab. This team has used astral projection to see what’s going on in the bases, and to help the galactics by sending white light into the base and raising the vibration of the shields. And the darksters have tried to split us apart but have failed.

Area 51 is Ivo’s base. Area 51 was the first one we did because I naively thought that if we took the base for the galactic federation, I could get Ivo back with me more. Turns out I was wrong. Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot has been interviewing Captain Mark Richards of the Secret Space Program, who says there’s a star gate at Area 51. That makes sense because I saw a hotel there – a hotel for aliens, and she also confirmed that there’s a large tourism industry for aliens to see planet earth!

By the way, we destroyed the hotel and took the base. However, Ivo is there still, repurposing the base into a spaceport for earth and positive galactics to use, but because there’s a stargate there, there’s fighting to regain control of the base.

Everything you see outside of these bases is a hologram. Pine Gap in Australia as well – it’s a hologram. Captain Richards confirmed that.

Ivo: Yes, my love, our base is coming along smoothly but I am indeed watching for attempts to re-take it. And there have been some. There is indeed a star gate at this location, which goes throughout our galaxy. Therefore it is easy to access Area 51 and so it became a large spaceport for the dark beings. In future it will be a collaberative port for earthlings and the benevolent extraterrestrials who are interested in helping you to regain your powers as divine human gods. We have much work to do to help you to become, once again, the beautiful beings you were in antiquity, before the manpulation overtook your minds and made slaves of you. There is much to be done and you will require our constant presence. I myself have a one thousand year commitment to earth.

Underground Bases
Ivo: In the DUMBs, the underground bases which stretch across the entirety of your globe, run a collective system. It is not just deep underground bases. I believe this term was coined by a military who was only aware of the base they were working in because there is an entire world beneath your world, and above your world as well, just beyond your range of vision. Your surface world is entirely surrounded from above and below with beings who are only malevolent towards you. Your planet is under constant attack from alien races who wish to overtake it for themselves. Your people are blissfully unaware because they watch the news that tells them what they are to believe. This is in fact not the truth of course, and what you should believe is NOT what you see with your eyes. Your physical body is a limiter. It limits you to a reality that is physical in nature. And it is being highly manipulated in order to create a worse reality than you already have.

There are in fact many DUMBs and other types of aboveground and underground facilities that are involved in the rape of humankind. You are used as a resource to feed, to provide genetic material, to create new races, to provide slave labour, you are used for sexual services, you are being taken off planet never to see your home again…. yes, this is what is happening to hostages that are taken underground and many of them are children. These are exploitative beings that dominate this earth and they do not have your good in mind.

There are many types of beings in these facilities, not just reptilians, draconians and archons. The insectoids are heavily involved and there are certainly spiders as Cassidy has mentioned, that have managed again to invade your earth. And they eat humans.

There are the tall whites, there are low vibrational humans who are service to self, there are gaseous beings, water beings, all kinds of beings invading this earth with an agenda to plunder and make hostage of those living here. What is more, it is not just underground – it is under water as well! In the air, under water and underground. That is where all the negative ET races are situated.

Events such as the California fires were either attacks on your people, or the secret space program attempting to eradicate some of these invading species from your planet. The ones they seek to eradicate are the ones who do not have contracts with the SSP or any of your governments so they are not welcome. However your secret space program, run on your tax dollars, is quite happy to allow other invading races such as the zetas, the draconians and the archons to remain and these beings are exploitative as well. The mandate of the Galactic Federation is to remove all such exploitative races from your planet and to allow you your free will again. You are beings of love, gods created in the image of the creator, not slaves.

Me: There are many Negative ET races trying to dominate this world. We just think of the usual culprits but there are many more – up to 40 species of beings. And many of them like to eat humans. This they say, is why they keep disclosure from the general public – because they couldn’t handle thinking of themselves as lunch for some carnivorous alien. Turns out, I had a friend who came across just such a being who happened to be looking for dinner, and she ran to get away from it. Had the other aliens it was with not had a use for her already, she would have been eaten.

Using nukes and destroying the environment is not by chance, they are deliberately trying to terraform this earth to their standards which means lots of methane and radiation

Emro had told me that the cryptids that are seen around the world, like the chupa cabra are negative alien animals which would suit the environment they’re trying to create. I put this in his first video. Negative ETs are trying to change the planet with radiation and pollution because it would suit them better.

Motherships are all over this planet. Some can see them with their naked eyes – they change colour but intially look like a flashing star. We have a video on this, produced not too long ago.

Ivo: We of the galactic federation and our alliance organizations, such as the Pleiadian delta forces, the Arcturian light forces, the Sirian Specialty Command, are surrounding this earth now, and we are battling to overcome the DUMBs and other underground locations to overthrow the dominance of the dark ones on this planet and raise the collective vibration of your people. Many are being taken off planet and arrested.

If you understood the extent of how you have been invaded, you would have more patience. Your invasion has been of the last 26,000 years and they have insinuated themselves into every facet of your lives. They have control over everything. There are currently still billions of reptilians alone living upon your earth.

The swing factor is the humans and particularly the lightworkers, whose job it is to awaken humanity to the truth and to free them to create a new reality. The facts have been denied to you in order to control your minds into creating the reality you see before you, so new facts (light) are being revealed to your planet in order to wake up those still unaware.

Once you hear the truth and align with it, your vibration will rise. The people of earth’s frequency is the key factor in their own liberation. We can undertake campaigns but we will not be successful if your consciousness is not aligned with the frequency of our success. It is your world. We can help you but it is up to you to create a new reality. We are currently removing all dark influences from this planet in order to help free your minds. But there is much work still to do, even with as many of us working on this project.

Your help is required. Understand the truth, not the lies that are being fed to you. Raise your vibration and in so doing you will become a lie detector. Stop lying yourself – become committed to honestly and watch how you will be able to see deception at work.

I thank you and I am in service to you and your people,