Political Playing Piece-Ivo of Vegan through Sharon-


Trump says: The FDA and the Democrats didn’t want to have me get a Vaccine WIN, prior to the election, so instead it came out five days later – As I’ve said all along!

Me: Yeah, I wasn’t going to anyway, but I especially wouldn’t be having any of this vaccine coming out…..

BECAUSE it is for starters, a political pawn (a manipulation of the public), and if they waited till the election was (falsely) called to release it, then with it being a political pawn and not there for the good of the people, what they hell is in it anyway?

If you think there isn’t all kinds of stuff in there to stop your DNA from evolving, you’re kidding yourself. We are evolving now. They couldn’t stop us lightworkers so they are finding other ways to keep us under their collective thumb.

Why wouldn’t they release the vaccine before Biden was falsely declared president? Because they want to make it look like he was the one who is saving Americans from Covid, not Trump. He’s not going to get the win. Three states already have turned to reveal their true winner.

I just came across this in an article about how the Illuminati transgenders boys to become prominent ladies of society. Case in point: Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Big Mike Michelle Obama, and that blonde woman on Dynasty whose shoulders were bigger than her hips, way bigger. Crystal somebody. The article pointed out: VACCINES CHANGING THE CHROMOSOMES OF OUR CHILDREN. They hate women. They hate the divine feminine, the earth mother and Mary. But we’re coming back and we’re coming back strong. The Illuminati’s drive for male domination is going to all kinds of lengths. They want to convince you that boys are girls and that women have no place in our society. That’s what they’re trying to do.

I know there are people who transgender for compassionate reasons and I support that. But this isn’t a compassionate reason; it has to do with genocide of the female and total toxic male dominance. That’s a completely other issue.

Many of the women you idolize these days are transgendered boys. Look at Madonna’s sinuwey muscles and the fact that she even is that muscular in the first place. Sarah Jessica Parker is another one. Then there’s Michelle “Big Mike” Obama who has trouble hiding from us the fact he’s a well endowed male. I’ve heard even that these transgendered men then disappear into society again after they’ve served their role, and simply go back to being males. Kamala Harris is said to be another one.

THEY HATE WOMEN. That’s what this is about. The only way they can keep this world off balance as it is now is to disempower women.

I’ll link the website below that I got this from: “Important vaccine info. The more ya know the better!WI-38 is the cell line from a female (carrying two X chromosomes) injected into the male (Who carries only the one X chromosome and the weaker Y chromosome). You now have an overload of the X chromosome.

There are vaccines with male DNA too. The MRC-5 is the code given to the fetal cells line used to cultivate vaccine viral components, only from male aborted fetus. When girls are injected with a vaccine containing MRC-5, they aren’t just getting a Y chromosome but yet another dominant X chromosome on top of the two they already have. All of this is to destroy the natural male and female. Paying homage to Baphomet, the androgynous goat deity with male and female parts.” I edited parts of this out.

Like we keep saying, they want to play God. Only they want things set up their way, not the way God intended.

I remember when I was a teenager, horny as I was for guys, I suspected I could be bi-sexual. I had all my vaccinations when I was a child. Now I know I am completely straight, no inclination to be bi at all, and I believe that’s due to ET intervention. Here I am, prodigy of Athena, here to bring back the divine feminine to earth, to re-anchor her, thinking she was bi-sexual. Again, I have no problem with people who are LGBTQ, it’s just that I’m not.

Ivo: We had to work with your DNA to overcome what they had done to you with those shots.
Me: So they’re meant to interfere with your normal biological processes?
Ivo: Of course. Very much so. They are intended to make you into a child of the God of Saturn, the Goat Master. Baphomet is bi-sexual and so they want all to be on earth as well. That way, of course, the feminine can never become dominant because she is bi-sexual. With testosterone in one’s system, the male will always dominate.
Me: I see. Oh yes, folks, that’s what you’re subjecting your child to when you get them vaccinated. You have to go way down the rabbit hole to really understand these satanists at every level. Here they are trying to play God. And they’re doing it with your children.
Ivo: Why do you think they are called, “Kids”? Because the kid is a child of a goat, and that is Baphomet.
Me: They’re trying to turn this planet into one big Hell, one of their own design.
Ivo: Yes.
Me: And again, folks, you have to ask yourself, “If everything on this planet costs money, why are they giving you vaccines for free?” In Canada, anyway. I don’t know if they States pays for vaccines, but we don’t. They’d give them out to anyone who wants one. I haven’t been innoculated since I was a child, and as Ivo has said, they have had to overcome the damage these shots have done to me. For crying out loud, next thing they want to do is for us to grow horns.
You have to remember, folks, we’re dealing with people who are expert geneticists. Manipulating DNA is what everyone out in the galaxy does, for good or for evil. Why do you think that the galactic humans are all so beautiful? Because they want themselves that way and they have changed their DNA to allow for it.
What goes on on this planet is an extension of the galaxy. We’re not unaffected by what goes on there. We’re part of it whether we know it or not. Do you really need a shot to avoid getting the flu? If you get sick once in a while, big deal. Take deodorized garlic every day. It kills viruses. I realize people are very unhealthy these days and not very resistant to the flu. Kids get sick with colds all the time. We just think it’s normal. Suppose you started to question the normalcy of this, because it’s not normal for humans to be sick.
Ivo: It is not. I have never been ill and I am 350 years old. My DNA is normal and my body is in balance with my spirit. The reason that earthlings are not as healthy as I, is because of this intervention. Your planet is overrun by satanistic extraterrestrials with an evil agenda for you. You must come to terms with this and override their efforts to control you now otherwise it will only become worse for you.
Me: I have spoken to a human named Berladier. He was a red haired giant with curly goat horns. Berladier was the father of a family that was going extinct. Only his children were left with nobody to breed with. He said he was an old species of Lyran that was dying off.
Ivo: This is a good point, my love. Humans can grow horns. They can change their appearance in any way they wish. Your DNA is all encompassing. However, the form you have now is considered optimal for life experience for the human soul.
Me: Come to think of it, Ivo, I used the word “Horny” earlier in this message, and now we’re talking about turning humans into goats. Perhaps there is a correlation between sex and evil when we use this word. So I’m going to stop using it.
Ivo: Yes. Some of the Illuminati’s lingo does reach the surface population.
Me: Hmm.
Ivo: The fact that Berladier’s species is dying off is indicative of the fact that his is not the optimal design for the galactic human: ours is. Yours is particularly optimal however it has been and is being tampered with. Do not trust your medical science. Do not allow them to inject anything into your body.
Me: I don’t. I haven’t had a shot in ages.
Ivo: You have had an I.V. In a plastic bag running through a plastic tube.
Me: How else are they supposed to do it?
Ivo: They have other substances that are more neutral for the human being. Imagine a baby that is premature being IV’d with a plastic bag and plastic tubing? It speaks highly of the strength of the soul that this baby should live with these things being done to this. Your medical science is bedknobs and broomsticks.
Me: Yes, we have to reconsider everything. We can’t overlook one thing. We all seek balance whether we know it or not, because in balance there is power and love, but we are so off kilter here it’s not funny anymore.
Ivo: Correct. Examine everything. Everything you felt was good for you will be exposed.
Me: Man, we’re in for a huge shock.
Ivo: It must be done for your own sakes.
Me: Thanks Ivo.
Ivo: My love, we have worked with you throughout the years to keep you and your DNA on track to accomplish what you have set out to do here. But when you help us by not getting vaccinated and eliminating your toxic diet, it is much appreciated.
Me: Thanks Ivo.