Key people must be removed in order for the Light to prevail.

Ivo of Vega: The Big Picture

11/7/2020   The Big Picture

Another intuition.
I think there are more reasons that the deep state is grappeling for this win.
Mark Fragola just pointed out that Ashtar’s fleet has overtaken the Draco fleet recently, and is now going to finish off the Chimera ships. This was reported recently by COBRA.
IT’S VERY CLEAR that the battle to win earth is being won by the Light.
The D.S. is desperate to hold on to the last remains of their power – our minds. If they can’t force a win and continue to control us, their goose is cooked.
Like I said in my other post, there’s more here than meets the eye. There always is. Nothing is as it appears. It’s far more complex.
Nothing is political. It’s exo-political.
I believe they know that without this win, they can’t continue to control the world. They’ve been doing it mostly in the past through military might and they’re probably dying to take over the American military again. Combine that with Chinese forces and they would have this world in their palm. Maybe even Russia would capitulate…. I’ve heard varying stories about Russia anyway. They’re with us, they’re not with us…. from my perspective I can’t be sure where they stand.

COBRA, reported October 28 2020: Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC).

The only Dracos remaining now are those physical and non-physical Dracos who are directly employed as servants to the Chimera, and the naturalized Dracos who mainly came to planet Earth more than 25,000 years ago, entered the incarnation cycle in humanoid bodies and are now incarnated as politicians, bankers, lawyers and other members of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

A very small number of naturalized Dracos also came to planet Earth in the 1996-1999 timeframe as they entered humanoid clone bodies in underground bases and then entered the surface Illuminati Cabal as lookalikes and doubles of many politicians, and they are still part of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

With the IBC gone, the only Cabal network still remaining is the surface Cabal network. Surface Cabal network will be properly addressed only after the Chimera threat is significantly diminished.
(from COBRA’s blog:, COBRA being a member of the Resistance that’s been fighting the dark ones for decades.)

Me: Wondering what COBRA means by “properly addressed.” LOL Fact is, the Cabal’s extraterrestrial factions and allies HAVE to be dealt with first before we lower the boom on them. They’ll know they have nowhere to go. What’s the first thing a country does when it wars with other countries? Eliminates their military. Without it, they can’t protect themselves. (Well, that’s if you don’t realize your own personal power, but for argument’s sake we’ll deal with this from a 3D perspective of the disempowered human.)
Ivo, if we’re trying to get this all finished up before the December 21st portal, then we’ve really left it to the bitter end.
Ivo: We are not, my love. Some will be going to the fifth dimension at this point in time, as their efforts to hold the Light on earth will no longer be required. With no darkness to combat, earthlings will be left to match their vibrations to that of Gaia as she rises up through the fourth dimension. With few anchoring the darkness to this earth any longer, the only darkness will be that which you hold within yourselves.
Me: And as I’m noting, a lot of normally spiritual lightworkers are being dragged into this election battle. We need to hold the Light and be confident, rather than slinging mud at the other side as they do to us. I won’t go on about how I don’t allow trolls on my feeds, and have closed off commenting. Those lightworkers who allow trolls on their posts are clearly showing that they can be affected by darkness still. But if you follow me, you can be rest assured you won’t be attacked.
Ivo: You are doing well, my love.
Me: Considering what’s at stake, I am. I don’t watch the news. Why poison my mind?
So, we digress. Back to the battle. What I see is a big dragnet closing down around the deep state. The ring that’s been formed around them just keeps shrinking, getting smaller and smaller.
Ivo: It is. We have eliminated many ships around your planet, your army forces are working with us to eliminate all dark beings from the DUMBs, the children and all captives are being rescued (if you haven’t, there’s a video where we speak to Dayla, a breeder who has been rescued from captivity), towards the end of your year, there will only be the surface beings to represent the dark ones, and they will begin trials, public trials. There have been many trials to date already, of beings you were not aware of, and these beings have been dealt with.
Me: So what’s coming up is a real turning point in all of this.
Ivo: Exactly. The Light forces will outnumber the dark forces on your planet. We always have but now it will be on the surface. That is the next step.
Me: So we can meet some ETs as we go about our day?
Ivo: We will begin to make our presence known to the masses.
Me: Yeah, like our TV station, for example.
Ivo: Yes.
Me: In four years, when Trump has served his term, what will happen then? He’s not going to be eligible to be re-elected.
Ivo: Others will step up to serve after him. Others who are willing to be transparent and heavily audited, because earthlings will not trust that readily. They will be very wary of new politicians because they were so fooled the first time. They will not allow it again. Out of this mistrust will be born a new system of transparency. There will be watchdog groups that will report to the people. You are seeing the beginnings of this now, as new social media reporters emerge, those aligned with the Light.
Me: Sounds good. What I’d like to see is the mud slinging stop on the campaign trail. This whole experience has been one presidential prospect putting the other one down. It sounded like a day in my parents’ home.
Ivo: Yes, this is true, my love. Very true. Your society is highly dysfunctional. In general, it is psychopathic. It is anti-human. And this will begin to change.
Me: The intuitions are coming fast and furious today. I was just thinking of how earth isn’t going to change overnight, there will still be problems. What I saw was an intuition of how younger people and older people will disagree more rabidly than they have in the past.
Ivo: Yes, there will still be much for people to work out as a whole. The younger ones will see the older ones, who are of lower light, as trying to restrict them. There will be much mistrust. Your world is not out of the problems yet.
Me: Not my world, I keep telling you that Ivo.
Ivo: I see. But I speak also to the ones who are listening.
Me: Okay. So how are they supposed to resolve this problem? I know some of the people listening to us are younger.
Ivo: They are. And they are learning. There will come a time when they will know more than we can impart to them and they will have no need of us anymore.
Me: Good. Then I’ll go and retire, go work on my flower garden. I see there are some channelers who are using our unique conversational style to do their channeling. Good for them. They can hold their own energy while addressing and speaking with another energy. Yes, we’re all One, but individuals within this Oneness. And to be able to do this this way I believe indicates a strong sense of one’s self, which is Soul, not personality.
Ivo: Yes. We are one Soul, however, my love, but you speak to many people who are of different soul than you and you carry the conversation well.
Me: Are we looking at a scenario where the younger will lead the older ones?
Ivo: This is a possibility in some instances, however not all. There will be much to learn and openness is of course the key. If you are not open to seeing yourself in a way that does not align with what you have always believed, then you are in fact, setting yourself up for extinction eventually. If, however, you are open to evolving, then you will crystallize yourself, either quickly or slowly and that depends o you, but a refusal to do so seals your fate. Your DNA ends here. Home Sapiens will not see the fifth dimension. They are incompatible.
Me: That’s why if you’re not 5D, you’re not gonna go through a mass ascension. It can’t happen. There are too many incompatible with that frequency.
Ivo: Yes. My dear, do not get your blood pressure up. Arguing with untruths is folly. The truth will always prevail.
Me: Yes. So Ivo what do you see for next year?
Ivo: Much of the same as this year. Yes, that is why you must distance yourself from the turmoil. Allow others to create the chaos if they so desire, but distance yourself. There is much to be revealed to your people, and 2021 is the year for this. The truth must be revealed. The truth is that you have be lied to on such a scale that many have no idea of who they truly are.
Me: Sad, isn’t it?
Ivo: Yes, it is. But the light is shining on your planet and it is activating people to want to know.
Me: Thank God.
Ivo: Yes, exactly.
Me: Okay, thank you Ivo for this, we’ll be watching for the next step which is where the correct election results are called. That’s the next step. This whole election has been a sting operation created by the Alliance. Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment as Chief Justice in the Supreme Court was no fluke. That was absolutely planned and I guess they just switched off Ginsberg’s clone or something. Ashtar Sheran was saying that many Cabal are clones and they are ….. oh got it. (another intuition) Wow! These clones are A.I. And they’re working off of an artificial telepathic network, like the human net they want to put us on, and getting their orders from that. However, the Quantum computer can hack this A.I. Network and cause them to die or whatever. So really these Dracos are trapped in these bodies. They can only do what they’re allowed by either side, light or dark.
Ivo: We have more control over this than you believe, my love. We have hacked all of earth’s computer systems and are in a process of revealing the truth to you.
Me: Holy wow! Now the question is, how much are they allowed to do when you consider our free will?
Ivo: Why do you think it is important that there be more Light upon earth than darkness? That the Light has a majority in the people of earth? Bear in mind as well, my love, that what goes on on earth affects the entire galaxy, even universe, so it is also our affair. We are allowed to intervene when our well being is threatened or the well being of the universe.
Me: So how does that apply to Ginsberg?
Ivo: She had to go because she was a cabalist. We required that a non cabalist be positioned as head of the American legal system so we vacated the position for one.
Me: So you’re in the awkward position of having to determine how much influence you can have on earth.
Ivo: Yes and no. We can determine very easily what is a violation of your free will and what is not. It is you that cannot determine this yet. We see it very clearly. Key people must be removed in order for the Light to prevail and so she was.
Me: Aha. Thanks Ivo. The cat wants dinner. I have to serve his highness.
Ivo: Yes, he is rather impatient when he wants his food. LOL

The systems “they” created here on earth will be their undoing. Ashtar has said they are using them against them. In the same way that Trump is using the laws they created to serve themselves, against them.