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I am St. Nicholas. Many have not channeled me. I was truly a saint, as you are saints now reading these words as these fingers frantically type. True. Perhaps once long from now people will remember you as a saint for all of the heavy lifting, the intense tireless light work that you have done in this now moment for Lady Gaia.

Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas! This is St. Nicholas speaking. Indeed, I do have a message for ascending humanity this day. You need not be sucked into the materialism trap that is continually set before you. In this time of giving, in this season of self sacrifice, it is best to remember others, to give to the poor, the forgotten, the homeless. Therein lies your reward. For Master Jesus said this, did he not? And it has been so conveniently, not forgotten, but swept to the side. It is hard to find the Christ child amidst all of the noise of the jingle bells, but if you listen in the still point you can hear him, see him. I am your Santa Clause. This one was hesitant to type these words, for yes, there is much reticence behind the myth and the mystery. But I am no different than you. I was a simple man who gave away what I had to the poor children of the town on cold Christmas nights. I watched out for the poor and the forgotten ones, as are you to do, Christ children of the light, of the way. I am but a Christ child as well. We all follow the inner star of our own guidance if we are brave enough to follow, to listen to the still small voice within.

I am your Santa Clause, or St. Nicholas, which ever name suits you best, suits me best. I was once a real man, no doubt, who served in his own way. That lifetime seems far removed from me in this now as I am surrounded by loved ones, but truly in that lifetime I did feel very much alone. And so I connected with others by giving, but I always tried to do it in secret. It was easiest to stuff little treats into socks and watch the delight of the children from a distance. I loved it when they found me. Master Jesus and I shared this delight of the children. I so love children. They are the light of the world. They are the future Bethlehem stars of the world. They are creating their own light paths with every laugh. Every smile they evoke shatters the glass of stagnancy. Love the children, hold them tight. They are your future. Many brightly colored highly decorated ascended souls chose bravely to become embodied children in this now, for they knew the gravity of the task ahead of them, and chose to lend their light. You adults are the way showers, reading this message. You have done the initial heavy lifting of the transfer of realities, but these children, these indigo, star seed, crystal children, are the true instigators of change, for vibrationally they can be nothing but this. You still struggle with the interdimensional changes, but they simply are of a higher vibration, unshakable, unstoppable. And so, love the children. This is why they have ben so heavily targeted by the dark ones. Surround the children in light. Hug them, laugh with them. See heaven through their eyes and help them create it all around you.

I am St. Nicholas. Many have not channeled me. I was truly a saint, as you are saints now reading these words as these fingers frantically type. True. Perhaps once long from now people will remember you as a saint for all of the heavy lifting, the intense tireless light work that you have done in this now moment for Lady Gaia. Dear Lady Gaia, who is so steadfast in her love. Through the eons my stories have become enhanced, augmented, true. There were no flying reindeer that I can remember. (He is laughing). But the flight of joy, the laughter of children on the breeze of a cool crisp morning – that was real. The joy that I brought and that my memory continues to bring, that was very real. And so, perhaps in this intense moment of interdimensional and interplanetary changeover, perhaps we need some more joy. And so that is what I bring to the table today. I bring joy. I, Father Christmas, bring joy to you, children, adults, children of all sizes! (He is laughing a jolly laugh). Joy! Peppermint, snowflakes, coconuts, sandy beaches – joy in all forms in all places! I infuse Lady Gaia with joy! (I am seeing rainbow light swirl around her form. I am seeing this rainbow light infused with candy canes, gingerbread and the laughter of children and sprites). True, galaxygirl. This is my elixir of change. I breathe on you now, on your crown. Feel the joy of Christmas morning and carry it in your hearts now. I enliven you. I awakened you. I awakened the Christ children within you. It does not matter when truly Master Jesus was born, it was not on Christmas, it does not matter truly, for Christ is in the hearts of all whom believe. The Christ child gurgles alive within. Become emboldened by his light. Become joyful in this truth. Rest and be in his presence, in his majesty.

I am St. Nichols. I hope this message finds you joyful and jolly, more fully alive and inspired than when you first began to read it. It is my job and joy to inspire the star seeds and way showers of Lady Gaia, of earth. You are ascending rapidly! Well done! Adults, remember the poor in your giving. Remember the children who have nothing and then, truly then, will we be partners in delivering yet more joy to the world. I am your St Nicholas. Peace. For those of you wishing for World Peace for Christmas, perhaps it is time to intend this with great inner knowing, and to claim it as already so. Now is the time of peace, of change, of implementing of all good things. Think of the Christ in every moment. Again, do not be absorbed by the materialism of the season that was created to distract and ensnare. Be captivated by the joy of the Christ. Be the joy of the Christ. Be the Christ. Open hands, open hearts, serving the poor, the homeless, the meek and the mild. Serve. Be. Become the higher versions of yourselves that are applauding you from the rafters ever onward.

I am your Father Christmas. I know you well children. Just as you know the myth of me, I am much more than this, as are you much more than you know the myth of you. What you see before you is a tiny piece of the pie, is only one plum from the pudding. Ho, ho ho! Merry Christmas daily in your hearts, in your lives, in your essence. I breathe on you the essence of the Christ. Absorb it deep within your deepest of stockings and be at peace. I am your friend, St. Nicholas. Give the gift of light this holiday season and every surrounding season. Be the light for the others whose light has dimmed. Give freely with great joy. Then truly will you awaken to your fullest potential. For in giving we truly receive. I am your St. Nicholas. It is a joy to connect with the ground team today. Thank you for calling me forward, galaxygirl. (It was my honor and my joy, St. Nicholas. Thank you.)