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IRS unemployment tax refund update: Finally, the checks start showing up!

IRS unemployment tax refund update: When will payments come? (

This is the beginning of Basic Universal Income and most probably coming from the Saint Germain Trust.


Eligible recipients of an elusive tax refund related to unemployment compensation lit up with joy over the holiday weekend with reports that some have finally started to see the checks roll in.

Some social media users on Twitter and in Facebook groups who have been monitoring the payments said they received notice from their bank, credit union, or online tax transcript beginning on Friday. Although the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had said the payment would begin to be delivered in May, it has not said how many, nor has it provided much information about which taxpayers would receive them. Many who believe they are eligible for a refund have been communicating in online groups for weeks, attempting to confirm whether the payments had begun.

A spokesperson for the IRS told Fast Company it expects to have more information about its progress this week, including details about how many payments have been delivered so far.

In an update on May 14, the agency said it began automatically correcting tax returns to reflect changes to the law authorized in March by the American Rescue Plan Act. Those changes excluded up to $10,200 of unemployment compensation for 2020, which means some taxpayers who filed early have now overpaid.

The first phase of refunds were expected to go to single filers with the “simplest tax returns,” the IRS said. Based on some of the responses from elated social media users over the weekend, that appears to be the case.

Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU

Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU

1. Renewed extension of the signature period

Due to the pandemic situation in the EU, the signature period for our citizens’ initiative has been extended to March 25, 2022. As nice as that is, we all hope that the pandemic will finally be overcome!

2. European Day of the EU (May 9th) is “ECI-Sign-Day”

Civil society organizations in the EU and the initiators of various European citizens’ initiatives want to mobilize on this day – both to sign the citizens’ initiatives themselves and to spread the idea of ​​the European citizens’ initiative, namely to make the EU more democratic and closer to the citizens. We need a democracy that really gives everyone the opportunity to participate in shaping society and the economy. The unconditional basic income is a necessary prerequisite for this.

In the meantime, despite the pandemic, we have reached 113,000 signatures for our ECI. Now we hope to get many more signatures on May 9, 2021 through alliances with partners and other ECIs in the EU. Of course, we also hope that the pandemic will finally come to an end and that the ECI and the idea of ​​the UBI can be promoted with public events or collections of signatures in public places.

But we also ask you to continue to help us as “multipliers” of our ECI for the UBI by spreading it in your family, among friends and colleagues. Please share this link via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For more information, see the multilingual website

3. Campaign websites

https://eci-ubi.euNational websites

4. UBI4ALL raffle project

The UBI4ALL raffle project is still missing around 2,800 euros so that the necessary sum of money for the first raffle for a European basic income is together. It would be nice if this could happen by May 9th, the “ECI Sign Day”. With the support of this project, the ECI Basic Income is also supported.

5. Cooperation with other European citizens’ initiatives

We like to cooperate with other European Citizens’ Initiatives by providing information about them – conversely, these via our ECI.

This time we would like to draw attention to the ECI “Freedom to share”.

Its initiators write: “The ECI Freedom to Share wants fair copyright law that balances the fundamental right to have access to science and culture with the right of authors to receive fair compensation. Sharing is nice, it makes us feel good and it improves our lives; it is a deeply human, natural act. It is the fundament of human civilization and progress. This is also the same for file sharing. Legalizing file sharing is a need-to-go to rebuild the internet as a space of freedom, where  profiling and mass surveillance have no room, and where is no need for upload filters. 

The organizers of this ECI ask you to support and spread the ECI “Freedom to Share” ( ECI in order to legalize private, non-commercial file sharing of creative works and ensure that the authors are fairly compensated.

We wish you all the best! Stay healthy!

Klaus Sambor, Austria

Ronald Blaschke, Germany

What is Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)?


⁉️ UBI is a monthly payment you as a resident will receive unconditionally for your whole life. It is a human right.
It has 4 criteria:
1️⃣    Universal – Every person, regardless of age, descent, place of residence, profession etc. will be entitled to receive it.
2️⃣    Individual – It will be independent of marital status, cohabitation or household configuration, or of the income or property of other household or family members.
3️⃣    Unconditional – It will not depend on any preconditions, whether an obligation to take paid employment, to be involved in community service, or to behave according to traditional gender roles. Nor will it be subject to income, savings or property limits.
4️⃣    Sufficient – The amount should provide a decent standard of living, which meets society’s social and cultural standards in the country concerned.

In this way UBI reinforces the public system and gives you a safety net for a better life!

Sign here :

✊𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐔𝐁𝐈 𝐢𝐧 𝐄𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐡𝐭𝐭𝐩𝐬://𝐞𝐜𝐢-𝐮𝐛𝐢.𝐞𝐮/
👉𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐰𝐢𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐢𝐨

Future Self Story on Basic Universal Income.

Hi everyone,i wrote a small story from my Future Self,described in the simplest way to participate on this contest about Basic Income.(UBIE).

(if you wish to participate i repost their newsletter below my story)

Original message posted on my FB main page.

Year 2222 :

More than 200 years ago, we remember these biblical times in Humanity’s evolution history where due to a pandemic everything was forced to stop.People across the planet were obliged to wear masks, to be in lockdown mode in their homes for long periods of time and many businesses had to stop operating the way they were used to and make the shift towards a new way in attunement for the highest good for all.But people also had finally more time for self love, for spending time with their children and loved ones or for concentrating deeper in their favourite project.This allowed a deeper introspection of what was really needed and a better understanding and clarity as to what it means to Be A Sovereign Living Being on Planet Earth.There was this period where many had to do as many as 3 different jobs on the same day in order to pay for life’s cost.And you are wondering life’s cost?yes, life’s cost!After thousands of years of so many lessons, humanity as whole has forgotten the very fundamental truth that God loves all his sons and daughters and what belongs to God belongs to all his sons and his daughter.Fortunately there were few among the many that started remembering and understanding the value of this truth.They started writing and expressing themselves about the basic human right of having a monthly income because simply one is born and existing on the planet in ways that nobody has ever heard before.Many, those who had the power to speak up would be called with all kind of names and the most popular one :You are a Communist!!!People need to work to make money!!!And unfortunately since the slave mentality was embedded in the biggest part of the collective of humans, there was not real progress into this important aspect of Life.The vast majority of the Human collective needed something stronger to be able to see with more clarity.Many efforts needed to happen behind the scenes from the few that truly knew the value of being a Sovereign Living Being.Efforts that took hundreds of years of preparation in order to create a blueprint of a Planet that works for all.And that blueprint had a name, it was called NESARA :National Economic Security and Reformation Act that became GESARA shifting from National To Global.The plan was to begin in The U.S.A. in 2001 with the distribution of Prosperity Funds that would assist in rebuilding a system respecting all living creature.A tragic event happened that blew off the 2 first floors containing the plans and blueprint for this to occur which was named 9/11.Humanity was in shock collectively.And that shock along the C_o_vid_19 shock created the contrasting conditions of a collective desire fo a loving and forgiving planet that works for all.People started to come together in communities looking for ways to exchange goods that made money obsolete.A system worked pretty well locally and for those that managed to live their lives off grid close to nature proving that it is possible to live without using the means called money.Yet at the general scheme of how the world operated, money was deeply embedded in people’s consciousness and for the many, it was unthinkable of having to live without money.
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller .
And so with many trials and errors and efforts there were those that put their efforts into creating a system that benefits all.And from those efforts came the idea of Basic Universal Income.
At first the many resisted this idea but then slowly due to the circumstances with everything being automatised (pandemic being the excuse) there were many jobs that disappeared.Of course this happened because the planet was in desperate need to be rebuild in ways that operate according to the Universal Law of :Do No Harm.And that includes nature and all animal and planet life.The planetary infrastructure needed to change using new technologies that make life simpler, easier ,holistic and sustainable.With the arrival of C_o_vid_19 all systems had to be cleared for the arrival of the new giving this time the opportunity for the NESARA GESARA implementation behind the scenes.So the year 2020 has been pivotal in this shift while the next decade huge changes happened in the way that the world operates and one of them was Basic Universal Income for each and everyone.A natural consequence that allowed all to be free to live life as they wish to live.Freedom in people’s life shifted everything in the way the world operated.Every human at their core as a soul is loving and kind and generous.And the freedom to be, to do and to have everything that one desires created the self loving atmosphere that works for the highest good for all.When one had the time to be as they please in life, one wanted also to see all their sisters and brothers experience the same joy understanding that true joy is the one that is shared with all.As with all things.Creativity and Inspiration were now at the forefront.Everyone doing what they love to do, many chose to do ethical jobs serving the highest good for all and many chose to just travel and explore the planet, the world, the solar system and other planetary systems and planets and many others preferred just getting immersed in The New Earth study.
New technologies in all areas of life catapulted Humanity in officially becoming aware of it’s Galactic Multidimensional Nature and process of evolution named Ascension.

Nikos Akrivos



Contest description :

UBIE is running a story contest on Basic Income! We’re looking for creatives who can write a fictional story on how we have achieved making Basic Income a reality in Europe.
If you can write a story from the perspective of a future (2030; 2050; 2525; your choice!) in which we have managed to make Basic Income happen and describe how life changed as a result, then you’re the author we’re looking for!
How can you participate?
• Write your story (between 1000-2000 words)
• Publish it anywhere where it can be publicly visible (your own blog, on Medium, a Story on your Facebook profile, or anywhere you can share a link to)
• Share it with a post on your most active social media channel using the hashtag #HowWeMadeBasicIncomeHappen, also tagging UBIE (find us on facebook, twitter and instagram)
• Send us the link to that post on so we can keep track and you’re good to go!

The story that gets the most interactions (likes, comments, reshares) until the end of the year (Thursday, 31 December, 2020 by midnight CET) will win a signed copy of Philippe Van Parijs’ and Yannick Vanderborght’s book “Basic Income. A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy”!!!

“Charlie Ward and Tara: There’s So Much Wealth for all of us” by Kat

Hi Dinarlandia,

This was a wonderful video chat with Charlie Ward and Tara/Xena.

A few things you don’t already know, but it is always encouraging to hear that more and more people are waking up and it’s good to be reminded of the staggering gargantuan wealth that is available for all of us.

One of my most favorite quotes is from Carl Jung:

“Our world is so exceedingly rich in delusions
that a truth is priceless…”
Carl Jung, Modern Man In Search Of A Soul, pg. 46

That is so true and we are now learning all the reasons why that is true. In a cabal / deep state / illuminati world, truth is anathema.

So in a world rich in delusions, Charlie Ward videos have been literally, for me, a beacon of light, hope and truth. You can’t ask for more from anyone in the middle of WWIII.

As of this writing, Charlie has 131k you-tube subscribers. Huge congrats Charlie! Well deserved!

Key Points:

-NESARA was written in 1962
-Governments have stolen Pension Funds
-Can vote from your phone on the blockchain system which eliminates all voting corruption, which Charlie knows from first-hand experience as he moved money around the world for elites to insure certain people were elected.
-NESARA / GESARA gets us out of Maritime Law
-The poorest countries — South Africa, Zimbabwe, South America — are actually the richest in gold, copper, coal, uranium, oil, gold, diamonds…
-Trusts are worth one quarter of a ZILLION dollars +
-Charlie has been working with a team doing an evaluation of what it takes to run the world financially. Only need 13% – 17% tax on non-essential items…
-Enough money in the world to pay everyone a Universal Basic Income…

Such a beautiful, rich and abundant world is coming for all. A pristine Divinely restored planet, Divinely restored Kingdoms, Divinely restored Humanity—all golden for a wondrous, peaceful, miraculous Golden Age.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Wealth and Happiness for all – we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat


Universal Basic Income, ie for Everyone.

This article continues a series that will attempt to briefly explain the different aspects of the Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposal. To see the full series of articles published on this same subject, click here.

As the name suggests, the Universal Basic Income proposal is for everyone. Some, to be even clearer, add “unconditional”, ie it does not require any special conditions. Faced with this, some wonder why for everyone if some do not need it? The answer has at least two aspects: one, conceptual, the other practical.

Universal Basic Income is for everyone because it is a new right which, as such, should apply to everyone in the same way. It is neither a gift nor “small pay” as some say, those who try to degrade it, but it is something comparable to a Human Right. Therefore, every human being has a right to it. It is clear that until it reaches all human beings it will take time, and that it will have to start with smaller groups (e.g. countries or regions ), but the objective is certainly global.

It is also evident that Universal Basic Income is a highly “redistributive” mechanism, that is, it redistributes wealth more equitably among all, to compensate for the injustices inherent in a system such as capitalism. As such, it obtains resources from those who own them, to distribute them to those who need them most, just as progressive taxes generally do. But it does not do so in a discriminatory way, by setting conditions which must be fulfilled but rather in a much more transparent (and we can see here the second aspect of the answer, the practical side) and simple: to each person a minimum of economic resources are attributed; from there, those who have more resources than necessary will have to return these resources in the form of a tax, while those who have less (and require more) will be able to use them for their necessities, without having to return anything.

Imagine that we are in a group of 10 people who have to cross a desert, and that to do this, each will need a liter of water. We start from a situation in which some have several liters and others have nothing. What we do is a common reserve of 10 liters, from which we provide everyone with the liter they need. To contribute to this common fund, those who had the most water contributed the most. It is a simple, united, fair and reassuring mechanism, since we will be able to cross the desert without any fear, knowing that everyone has the minimum necessary. The time for the UBI has come.

Translation from spanish by Lulith V.


Europe Accepts the Legislative Initiative of Citizens Demanding a Universal Basic Income for All Its Residents.

The European Citizen Initiative (ECI), which calls for the establishment of a Universal and Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) for all people residing in the European Union , was accepted by the European Commission on Friday May 15, 2020 .

The General Secretariat of the European Citizen Initiative Team (which belongs to the European Commission) has communicated to the organizers the registration of the ECI proposal, entitled “Establishment of an unconditional basic income, throughout the European Union »


This ECI was presented by Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE), the unconditional basic European network, to which individuals and groups at European level belong, among others the  Humanists for Universal Basic Income (HBI).Although the deadline given by the European Commission to start collecting signatures ends on 15/11/2020, representatives of the UBIE network note that “this will probably start during Basic Income Week, between September 14 and 20 of this year”(

Until then, work will focus on forming a collection platform. And that is why people and groups of all kinds are encouraged to participate, whether local, cultural, political, etc. Anyone wishing to participate in this initiative, whether an individual or an organization, can notify it by sending an email to:

An ECI is a kind of popular legislative initiative which is presented to the European Parliament for discussion and possible approval. It involves collecting a million signatures and identity documents from European citizens who support the initiative, in at least 7 countries of the European Union (EU). In these countries, the signatures must reach a minimum number which depends of the respective population. The period for collecting signatures and documents is one year. Signature collection will be possible on paper, but especially online, thanks to the web platform which will be provided by the EU.

This ECI  offers us an excellent opportunity to put the issue of  the UBI at the forefront of the social debate, by showing that it is the best vaccine against precariousness and social exclusion and by obtaining greater dissemination and more information. specific on this issue, which is often silenced or distorted.

The process of this ECI was not without vicissitudes, since it was presented in January 2020, but its text was rejected by the European Commission, because it did not strictly respect the European legislation, and corrections had to be made so that it could be recorded, which was finally done on May 15.

Translated from French by Lulith Van

Angel Bravo is the ECI coordinator for Spain.