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Adamu Declares Victory!

A startlingly unexpected new perspective from Adamu!

At the time of recording this transmission from Adamu (November 2021), the story of humanity, here on Planet Earth, seems to have reached a very dark ebb. It appears as if all the world’s power structures and authorities have suddenly gone utterly insane. It appears as if they have suddenly collectively turned psychopathically against humanity. Nothing they are doing makes any sense at all!

Or does it?

In this presentation, Adamu lays out exactly how their behaviour can be understood. How it all makes sense. And it’s a very dark, dystopian picture that he paints!

So how then is he declaring victory? 

Because he certainly is! Victory for you. personally. For humanity collectively. For the planet. For the galaxy… and beyond!

It’s a bold declaration that really needs to be heard!

Prepare yourself to have your perspective shifted!

The video IS a bit over an hour long but your time will be well rewarded. Understand what is going on in the minds and the motivations of the planets dark, secret elite… and discover how their plans are failing them. It can now be revealed that it is only a matter of time before all their plans collapse like a house of cards. Discover how, even these dark plans of theirs, ultimately serve the purpose of the Light. 

You can watch here


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