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24 Questions with Nikos Akrivos

Recently i have been interviewed by Or Aura, you may find my answers interesting (besides a free ebook with 30 raw vegan recipes i created is waiting for you 🙂

1. What’s your name?

Nikos Akrivos aka Feel More Than Fine

2. Where do you live?

Planet Earth, even though for the moment I am in Greece, I feel more a world citizen than anything else.

3. Do you consider yourself a creator? Of what in particular? What do you feel is your gift?
Yes, I AM a creator creating creations at all times and in everything I do. I feel any action I take, even when sitting and doing ‘nothing’ is a creative moment for the simple reason I know I am a multidimensional being. I might not be aware of all my other dimensional expressions while being in this costume called the human body yet I can feel that multiple shifts are happening in other dimensions. Now, if I have to contain this within human experience I can say that every moment I change, every moment I am more my Higher Self and so everything I do is a creative process as I allow more of what I am becoming to flow through me… I love playing music (DJ-ing), I love feeling into solutions that benefit the highest good for all, and I love to witness my manifestation mastery taking place faster and faster and stronger. This last one is really nice game I like to focus on and I like to combine all those 3 as I feel they complementary to my creative abilities.
I feel this is the difference I bring to the world. More is on the way and maybe the gift of all gifts is that one day ”handicaps will rise and dance with you” as The Angels told me 25 years ago in a channeled message 🙂

4. When were you aware the first time of the fact that you were gifted? And how did this impact you or your relationships at the time?

When I realized that everything that I wanted, manifested in my life and at times so fast that it took me some time to realize that I have already manifested what I wished for. Now, this can also be interpreted in a different way: when I was 12, a friend that I was in love with, got attacked by a bunch of hooligans, around 20 of them and I couldn’t take it, so I went up to them and told them to respect her and not touch her… They put me on the ground and started kicking me from everywhere and left me there, but miraculously I had no pain and I had no bruises either… Another incident: one day I told my mom: “You know the sports teacher told me I am an amazing athlete and I really have the gift to perform all sports amazingly”, which was a lie. Then the next day the sports teacher told me exactly what I said to my mother…they never met or knew each other… Of course, without me being aware of it, all this affected my relations with others in such a way that I ended up being surrounded by those with special abilities, which now I understand as the law of attraction and like attracting like.
When my truth came out, there were those that could not accept it and tried to make me change my mind or got angry with me… Now after all these years I became aware that I was channeling information and that information were the seeds that needed to be planted and grow… I did not know why my hand would start writing stuff in the middle of a party or why I would whisper mantras at friends’ ears while dancing in clubs, all I know is that it felt good to do so. I felt a release and the moment the words I feel more than fine came out of my mouth that is when I felt I started taking a new direction (I was 33 at the time) I left behind everything to create the new. To create a system that makes the current one obsolete… So I had to leave everyone behind and follow my heart and become more of a loner while of course having partners and lovers along this path and new friends too.
Read the full interview here + find the free ebook full of raw vegan recipes!