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24 QUESTIONS, with Sydney

24 QUESTIONS – New Project
What if there are people who are having similar energetic experiences as you? 
And what if you could peek into their soul for a couple of minutes?
You can now 🙂

Even though I started writing about my experiences publicly, it took me some time to really feel comfortable expressing the naturalness of my psychic abilities.What I found to be of most value during the discovery process are safe spaces to read, talk about and express our experiences. Plus, being inspired by people who are walking their talk is one of the things that keep me REAL.This brings us to 24 QUESTIONS.

Through this series of interviews, you’ll have the chance to be rejuvenated by the essence of souls, standing in their unique truth.

You’ll be able to see what they are creating and they will reveal their worldviews for you to ponder. 
Fascinating and Inspiring!

Without further ado, let’s welcome Sydney:

Sydney expresses herself as an aerialist, artist, chef, and her message is one of rare clarity.
I invite you to immerse yourself in her world.

Let us know in the comments if you feel like adding your own views on some of the subjects the touches. 


1. What’s your name?


2. Where do you live?

Laguna Beach

3. Do you consider yourself a creator? Of what in particular? What do you feel is your gift?

Artist, flow artist, aerialist, fire dancer, chef

4. When were you aware the first time of the fact that you were gifted? And how did this impact you or your relationships at the time?

Since my earliest memories from being less than a year old, I’ve always had very vivid dreams & could recall them easily. I was also good at picking up on people’s energies since I was young. I always knew someone’s intentions from the moment I met them. This has helped me navigate through life & choose to be around people with a positive influence.

5. Do you prepare yourself before you step into the process of bringing forth your gifts?

The process of me bringing forth my gifts is a natural process & doesn’t exactly need to have any preparation. My gifts naturally flow through me at the right moment, it can never be forced.

6. Why are you here at this time on the planet?

I am here to emit my unique frequency & bring forth the brilliance of source through each of my gifts. I’m here to invite all beings to ramember who they are. I am here to be an inspiration for all.

7. Do you think you will be doing the work you are doing now for the rest of your life? Why?

Absolutely! It brings me joy & others joy. I feel that as my life goes on, I will discover more gifts to share & express.

8. Do you feel any particular transformation happening within you now? If yes, in what area of your life?

On all levels, especially independence. I’m almost 24 & my partner almost 26. We are both getting ready & closer to being completely independent & starting our life together with no assistance from our families. We are getting closer to our dreams goals & aspirations.

9. What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship means being your complete self around someone. It means being a space of unconditional love & no judgement. It means loyalty & standing up for them & supporting them. It means being able to see the divine within being reflected outward. It’s a mirror.

10. What do you wish was different in your life?

Absolutely nothing. Everything I’ve been through has been perfect for my unique & specific evolution. Everything I’ve experienced has gotten me to where I am now & im grateful for it all.

11. Do you have a life partner? If yes, how do you transform the challenges into gifts?

Yes I do! All challenges that come up between us we are able to openly communicate through & listen to each other. We utilize each other’s strengths to build a solid foundation in the relationship without judging or trying to change each other.

12 .Do you believe in Death?

No, I believe in eternal life.

13. What are thoughts made of? Where do thoughts come from?

Thoughts are usually not our own, they can come from external influence, past experiences, or the collective consciousness. Our thoughts are not always our own. They’re kind of like experiences, they come & go.

14. What is energy?

Energy what everything is made of. It’s light, sound, tone, vibration, oscillation, & frequency. All is made of energy.

15. Do you have a regular health practice or spiritual hygiene routine you swear by ?

Yes. I start my day with breath work & prayer. Then I do some toning & vocal harmonics accompanied with crystal singing bowl frequencies. I sing the psonns from MCEO teachings. All of this clears my field & creates a protective bubble around my field at all times.

16. Do you have any psychic abilities you are aware of? If yes, how do they enrich your life or work?

Yes. I get premonitions through dreams or sometimes in my thoughts before something happens. I can also do visualization techniques & remote viewing. I allow my intuition to guide me & it’s never been wrong. My abilities enable me to be in harmony with what I do & create.

17. Do you think free energy devices exist? If yes, what kinds and how do they work according to your perception? You can be creative or intuitive in your answer.

I believe that all things organic & natural are energy “devices” or better yet, generators. I’m not really sure how I feel about devices or technologies extracting energy from a source of energy. To me this seems rather parasitic. It would be cool if there was a free energy device that recycles energy kinda like orgonite technology.

18. What do you think creation is?

I believe there is organic creation & artificial creation. Organic creation follows the natural krystic flows & codes with pure loving intention & it is eternal. Artificial creation attempts to copy or mimic the eternal creation but it’s intention is deadly & malicious. It attempts to go against the natural laws of the universe which creates disharmony & destruction, making it a finite system.

19. Why do you share your creation with the world?

I share my eternal creation codes with the world because I feel it is crucial & important to be a beacon of light in this realm where many are stuck in illusion & trapped in their minds. I wish for all beings to free themselves & return to eternal life creation.

20. What other creations by others have changed your life?

Drawings, performances, poems, divine messages, plant based food, exercise programs, breath work

21. What do you love most about the creational process?

I love how it naturally flows through me without force

22. Imagine someone came to you for mentoring. Would you accept? If yes, what would you want them to realize, or what would be the focus of your mentorship?

Yes I would. I would love for them to realize that I am only here to remind them of their potential. I am not a guru or a savior, just a space of compassion & a mirror. I can show you the tools but you must learn how to use them on your own.

23. What are your plans for the future? What do you envision for yourself and/or the world?

My plan is to build as much as I can so that I can give back to the world. I don’t want money for materials, I want it so I can feed the world, build sustainable communities, gardens, biodynamic farming. I want to help return this earth to its natural organic flow state. I envision my partner & I traveling the world assisting as many communities as possible.

24. If you could choose to send these questions to anyone in the world, who would you send them to?

Instagram: @peaceful.human.advancement, Krys 🙂

Thank you so much Sydney, for sharing your inner world and creations with us.

We wish you a beautiful journey and it will be a joy to witness your unique way of moving and speaking with such clarity.


Here you can find more of Sydney’s creations:

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