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Judith Kusel: Invocation of the Mighty Ones

We can make an Angel or Archangel invocation and call the mighty beings of light to us and into our aura.

As Invocations are very powerful and sacred, they should be done mindfully, when we are quiet and still. They are even more powerful if done with a group.

I now invoke the Archangels Michael and Faith to stand at my right hand side. I ask him to pour courage and strength into me and bring about positive results to my endeavors. I now request that they cut all negative cords and attachments with their swords. I ask that they place the blue cloak of protection over my shoulders, the hood over my crown chakra, and zip it from under my feet, right up to my chin, so that only that which is of the highest and purest light may enter my aura.

(Pause for a moment so that Archangel Michael/Faith can complete their work and communicate anything they wish to you.)

I now invoke Archangels Gabriel and Hope to stand on my left hand side in their pure white ray. I ask that they pour their pure white energy into my aura and bring me guidance about my next step on my pathway. I ask that the symbols of my life’s mission be illumined and activated now. Please bring joy, grace, clarity, understanding, generosity, discipline and order into my life.

I now invoke the mighty Archangels Uriel and Aurora to stand in front of me and fill my aura with their purple and gold ray of wisdom and peace. Help me to soothe all conflict in my life and replace it with brotherhood and sisterhood, higher understanding and serenity. Please break my mental and emotional chains and free me from all my fears. Please put your ruby-encrusted golden shield in front of my solar plexus area, so that only the purest God-light may enter there.

I now invoke the mighty Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary of the emerald ray to stand behind me. I ask that they pour healing and abundance consciousness into me. I ask them to lift the 7 veils of the third eye, and assist my inner seeing. I ask Mother Mary to connect me more intimately to the Divine Mother and to open my heart more and more and to bring in higher healing. I ask for protection on my journeys and that I am impressed with justice, truth and vision.

I now invoke Archangels Chamuel and Charity of the pink ray to expand the flame of love in my heart. I ask that you will open my heart more and more, and help me to release all the emotional baggage of the past, and to feel and see only pure love. Please help me find compassion and forgiveness for myself and for everyone I have ever harmed knowingly or unknowingly. I ask that my heart be opened at a personal and cosmic level. Please open my heart and soul to ever greater levels of love and being a pure channel for love to this world.

I now invoke the mighty Archangels Jophiel and Christiel to pour the golden light of wisdom and illumination onto me through my crown centre. I ask that their wisdom light up and inspire my mind, helping me to learn and teach at the highest level. I ask that the symbols of wisdom I have accumulated throughout my lifetimes be lit up and activated now. I ask that they clear the energy in and around me, my home and my workspace. Clear my thoughts so that I can only think beautiful and positive thoughts.

I now invoke the mighty Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst of the violet ray of mercy, joy and transmutation to pour the violet flame into my aura. I ask for all my negativity to be released and dissolved and replaced with joy, diplomacy and tolerance.

Your aura is now filled with the energy and the higher frequencies of the Archangels and you are receiving bountiful blessings.

(With Acknowledgement to Diana Cooper’s School for Angels and Ascension of which I am a trained Teacher)

Judith Kusel

As we now are truly anchored in the New Earth we are in a totally new life new beginnings, new creation.

I know the Old Earth has been left behind.

For me it has been in the last two weeks, especially, the creating of a totally new life, in the New Golden Age.

I feel myself now just like an onlooker every now and again, of what is unfolding, in the Old Earth, but from the higher perspective and distance of the New Creation, the New Earth.

This morning the floodgates have opened from the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, and flooding the New Earth and those in it with the keys and codes of Illumination. Thus the illumined higher heart, and illumined soul.

This is accelerating the creation of the new Illumined Age of Unity and Oneness, Harmony and Peace.

More than this, The Sun Discs have been fully reactivated and are being returned, en mass via Sirius.

As we now are truly anchored in the New Earth we are in a totally new life new beginnings, new creation.

Thus unknown and unexplored.

Yet deeply remembered by our souls.

Some of the very High Orders of the Cosmic Hierarchy have returned and are overlighting this process.

This is unprecedented.

This is the hour as we are now in the middle of the 20 year timespan cosmically declared, as the planet ascended and will reach its conclusion by 2032.

We have made it! -Judith Kusel-

Super Quantum shifts have now pulled us into the way of no return!

We have made it!

We are in the New Earth zone now totally!

Embarking on totally new territory in the Unknown!

There is much celebration, as the Universe was holding its breath and indeed because of the Lightworkers managing to expand their consciousness and vibrational energy fields in the last few months, and especially during the Lion Portal, we have are now lifted into the New Earth fully!

It is therefore essential that you ask that ALL of you, and all that you indeed are, and what you interact with and what is yours be lifted into the highest vibrational frequencies of the New Earth too.

Indeed this this is unprecedented – we have made it back into 5th totally, and now the next is to rise fully into the 7th and even the 9th for those who are ready!


We have arrived!

Judith Kusel

Expect instant changes. Rapid changes…Out of the Ashes the Phoenix rises.

An immense Opening is occurring which is literally sucking/pulling those ready into a much higher state of consciousness and indeed ever higher into the New Earth.

I cannot find words to describe this, although I have been aware of this the whole week, as I was being challenged with body pains. When I went deeply into the pain, I was told it is the releasing within the collective, of the persecution, the trauma and pain, associated with mass genocide and the triggering of this around all which is now indeed happening and resurfacing. Like it wishes to have its final go and pull humanity back into the quagmire and Atlantis all over again.

When this was revealed to me, I indeed was reminded that Divinity lives within all of us, and if some choose to create such, (as they have before), then that is their free will and choice. The attitude is almost – if we need to leave then we will take all with us. Familiar is it not?

Yet we too, have free will and choice, and can choose to fully step out of this, forever and be freed to co-create a totally new and much higher dimensional life in the New Earth.

There is such a massive inflow of Cosmic Energy now, via Sirius and the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, that indeed we will be lifted in the next 24 hours beyond anything known before!

It will just escalate after this, as we skyrocket into 2022 and 2023, and then that will even accelerate, as the New Earth moves from the 5th to the 7th by 2032.

Know that your body will go through intense changes and already is. More than this, the life energy force, the CHI force will indeed accelerate, and this will be visible in those who are ascending. There will be streams of light coming out of them, which is what is happening. They will seem as if they are lit up from within – and indeed the body will get more and more ethereal and see through.

Last year when I was working on the Energy Fields remotely, in the USA where the Sequoias are, I saw myself in a past life there, and I was standing on a platform. In front of me were indeed thousands of people from my tribe. We knew that massive earth changes were upon us, and indeed, through higher Guidance, we were told that we now had the choice: we could all perish in the flood and thus leave our physical vessel behind us, or we could ascend en masse into a much higher dimensional form!

The whole Priesthood plus the tribe chose the latter. I then saw how we were all lifted AS ONE into a the much higher dimensional state, and indeed a totally new existence and indeed there are still many who reside in these higher dimensional states, whom we will be reunited with soon.

More than this the energy centers of the Earth have all been moved into the higher dimensional states and they are buzzing! The higher the dimensional frequency, the less dense the physical form.

This will happen again, for indeed you will find that two stand next to each other, one will be lifted and the other remain behind. The prophecies are coming true!

I was brought back full circle in the last few days. Exactly five years ago, I was called to go to France, and indeed to release the trauma and pain of the mass genocide of the Cathars in Southern France. There is far more to this, than just that, as recorded in my book, and indeed the work continued in Greece and Egypt in 2019.  My seminars there were called: The Rose, the Serpent and the Grail. Well, indeed, that is now coming to the Fore and indeed this is happening!  The Rose is indeed appearing to me, in all its Glory.

The Rose Symbol is indeed ancient, …”and more deeply embedded in the human consciousness than most people believe. Rose fossils 35 million years old have been found in Europe, and petrified wreaths have been unearthed from the oldest Egyptian tombs” (The Rose Guild) According to Dr. Carl Jung it stands for unity and wholeness, and indeed this is the New Earth consciousness, as the Divine Feminine has fully returned and indeed is now moving into the Bridal Chamber with the Divine Masculine. Thus the highest form of alchemy.

We are being changed and transmuted, from the Old Earth into the New Earth.

Get ready for an inpouring of transcendental energies such as you have never experienced before!

The Rose holds the Spiraling Energy of the Divine Feminine. The Serpent, as the Ancients referred to it – the coiling energy.

More than this, the Rose holds transcendental Love, the ultimate Unconditional Love which is indeed all-embracing.

In the Christian Church Mother Mary was put there to replace the Divine Feminine and indeed Isis. “Scenes of Mary in a rose garden or under a rose arbor or before a tapestry of roses symbolizes the union between God and mankind. Mary holds a rose and not a scepter in the art of the Middle Ages, which means her power comes from DIVINE LOVE. The rose garden in alchemical drawings is a symbol of sacred space. It could mean a meditation chamber or tabernacle, an altar, a sacred place in nature, or paradise itself. In all instances, the rose garden is the mystical bridal chamber, the place of the Mystic marriage.” (The Rose Guild).

Indeed it means transcending the lower Self and ascending into the Divine Self, thus AS ONE with the DIVINE and thus fully embracing Divinity within. Standing fully empowered and living the truth of who and what one is truth is!

We are now fully transcending the Lower Body, the Old Adam and Old Eve and fully moving into the New Embodiment, the New Body and the New Earth.

Expect instant changes. Rapid changes.

More than this, expect disintegration at all levels now, as the old dissolves and cannot hold form anymore.

Out of the Ashes the Phoenix rises.

We are indeed leaving the old, and in the process, we dissolve into no-thingness before we can indeed fully embrace and experience ALL-ness. Unity in the highest sense!

The more the heart center opens, and the Heart Rose, the Sacred Rose, the more we can transcend and transfigure carried through on the wings of the Power of Love.

Judith Kusel

Whatever it is which stirs your soul – just go and do it, be it and become it.

We are a moment of deep respite from the intensity of Cosmic Energy pouring in as now need to assimilate what came in such powerful waves upon in the last few weeks.  Indeed we are being given time to catch our breath before the next massive waves are upon us.

This is a time to simply allow yourself to take very deep breaths and to truly just learn to be.

I was watching a flock of birds the other day, and they were just enjoying themselves, flying up and down and in circles and indeed, they were having a ball!  I would have loved to join them in their frolicking dance –  joyful, graceful and beautiful!

Birds are messengers and when we are open to their messages, we find moments of inspiration, beyond anything we ever expected.  Even the songs the birds sing, have hidden messages, which only those who are tuned in will be interpret and indeed understand.

So often we forget to just dance, for the sheer joy of dancing, to allow ourselves to find joy in little things, and indeed to see and sense the exquisite beauty of Mother Earth all around us. 

To find time to listen to beautiful and uplifting music, to go and do what you have always wanted to do and has been on your Bucket list for some time. 

Whatever it is which stirs your soul – just go and do it, be it and become it.

More than this, to seek the sacred sanctuaries in the innermost heart of your soul, where you can become AS ONE with the Divine.  To me these moments are sacred and holy, and indeed filled with awe and wonder, as I experience Omnipresence, which indeed goes beyond words.

Indeed, just take time to breathe, to light up, to love, to sow seeds of inspiration, love and joy, wherever you go and radiate it out.

Judith Kusel

Judith Kusel: The Great Splitting

Last year, when I was preparing to go to the USA, I was called to do a lot of remote energy work on sacred sites there, and in the process was working with the Sacred Ancient Ones and the Those Tribal Guardians and Keepers who indeed merely have withdrawn into a much higher dimensional frequency band and are very much still present everywhere. I never work with sites, without asking permission, and thus they made themselves known to me.

I was shown the sites in their original forms, long before the Great Floods were and afterwards when the Tribes indeed were led to these sites and indeed assumed co-guardianship and keeperships of these lands.

This morning I woke up and White Feather appeared, one of the Ancient Ones, and he showed me what is happening, as the drums are beating and indeed are calling.

I was taken to the Hopi Site where the Great Hopi Prophesy is stored and I was shown what is happening here, and the Ancient Ones and the Tribal Guardians and Keepers were gathering around me.

As the drums were beaten and talking, two distinct lines appear: The First line had split from the bottom line, and indeed this line was white-golden. This stream of souls indeed now were completely splitting from the bottom line and indeed as they progressed into the New Earth, they were being transformed into a totally New People and indeed they became White-Golden (energetically and figuratively). They are the New Golden Race, the New embodied race of much higher Beings, who indeed are AS ONE with the Great Spirit (The Divine Source) and are thus living in Unity and Harmony, with the New Mother Earth and All-That-Is.

The bottom line indeed was sinking lower and indeed pulled down more and more into the quagmire of their own inability to rise out and above it, as the Old Earth is disintegrating. Indeed, this is of their own making and their own free will and choice. I was shown who all is dissolving and indeed the Old Earth cannot hold form in any way anymore.

Then I was shown how all the tribes around the world and those souls who are leading them, the Great Tribe of Souls if you like, are indeed all doing the same. Indeed the Higher Stream are far fewer than the bottom steam, but the higher stream is indeed being lifted ever higher and higher, for as they step into the New Earth, they are resurrected into the True Soul Self, and then assume their truthful Divine Soul Self, and thus infinite space is opening where they can cocreate the New with Love, in Unity and Harmony and AS ONE.

I was then shown that the Highest Steam, the White-Golden Stream, all have their heart center fully open and now live from the Sacred Heart. They are united with each other through the Heart and Soul Centers and live from ONE HEART and are indeed ONE HEART AND ONE SOUL.

I saw the Ancient Ones, celebrating, as the drums indeed started beating faster and indeed the songs of Joy rose from the White-Golden Stream of Souls, as they are rising ever higher into the Oneness and Unity. Indeed all the Cosmos joined in song and celebrations.

I was then again shown the Sacred Sites, not only in Americas but all over the world, many still totally hidden from humankind. I saw them filled now with the White Flame and indeed filling to capacity, as they are being reactivated and lifted too, into the New Earth.

And within me THE ODE TO JOY rises as I join in celebration.

I thank White Feather and the Ancient Ones, the Elders, the Guardians and the Keepers and Sacred Ones for showing me this, with the Divine Source and all my Counsel of Elders who surround the Throne of the Divine who work with me and the High Orders.

This in unprecedented in the History of the Outer Planet Earth as the Inner Earth has joined in celebration.

I have spoken.

Indeed, this is the moment.

Every Soul Will Now Be Challenged To Make These Choices
We are indeed in the middle of intense things happening on all levels now, and these are happening in the invisible realms and mostly on an exceedingly high vibrational frequency level.
The great purification by the Sacred Divine Fires is escalating and indeed this is going to go deeply into very core of the heart and soul.
I was shown yesterday, how this the beautiful Sacred Fires are descending and are a beautiful Golden-white-platinum color. This is acting like a huge purification network and indeed I saw how the souls who are ready to ascend and who are purified are being lifted into the New Earth and thus new existence.
At the same time I was clearly shown how souls choose to not go through this process because of fear, and because of clinging onto the old. More than this, a deep stuck-ness in the lower frequency bands and thus choosing to stay in what they feel is familiar and refusing to let go of pain and suffering.
This purification process will now truly escalate and indeed it will take some time before all is purified, as each soul will be given the free choice, whether they wish to be purified or not, indeed whether they wish to fully stand in the fullness of their highest soul truth and who and what they in truth are and live it in the New Earth.
Every soul will now be challenged to make these choices.
Indeed it comes to the fact that each soul is solely responsible for their own choices at this time. For as the lifting happens, as said before – two will stand next to each other, one will be lifted, and one will choose to remain. No one can piggyback any other soul into the higher state. It is impossible. One can show the way – but one cannot go through the purification process for another soul and nor can one do this for them.I have never experienced anything like this before, but indeed, once lifted you assume your new light-body and indeed will not wish to ever sink back into the quagmire of the Old Earth and old 3D again. The challenge though here is to maintain that exceedingly high frequency band and to grow ever higher and higher into the truth of your Soul and its highest Universal Mastery.
Indeed, this is the moment.
Each one will be given to the measure that they are ready to receive and are ready to completely let go of the old, in all and every form and way.
The choice is yours.
For indeed with the Fires of Purification, the Power of Divine Love and Wisdom and Light expands, and the sacred Keys and Codes are activated and given as the soul is ready to receive them. These are Divinely activated.
Indeed, the inner earth energies are now fully reactivated and thus the purification now is happening from deep within and without.
So much is happening and in all aspects of life on planet earth and indeed the New Earth, more than I can even try to put into words, although I am being shown.
Judith Kusel

We are in the process of intense and immense transfiguration – thus a changing of form and existence.

The old Duality and Polarity Consciousness and thus way of life and living has been left behind – and thus with it we need shed the old personas, the old acting, the old stages. All of these do not work anymore, and the more one desperately clings onto all of the Old, the more all will disintegrate. It in truth exists no more.
I am going, and have been going, through intense transfiguration in the last few months and especially the last weeks.
When this happens, one has left the old behind. One is transfigured and now enters the realms of no-form. Formless. Not yet formed. This is in truth the state where one so become ATONE with the Divine SOURCE and All-That-IS, that one BECOMES it! One starts embodying it, yet it is not a physical embodiment, but the highest TRUTH of BEING! The I AM THAT I AM!
In this state there is no polarity. The is no duality. It does in not exist. There is just ONE. Unity.
The message I clearly got, is cease striving, cease expecting, cease to create form where there is none. For when you are no form, you exist in all forms and expressions, yet there is no attachment. You literally become the ENERGY and co-create within energy AS ONE. The Divine Source in truth is pure ENERGY and thus when one is formless you are in truth All-THAT-IS!
This transformation and transfiguration is what all of you will go through, at some stage, if not now. Within the formless, lie the seeds of Co-Creation: the New Golden Age, the highest form of existence. It is the breath between breath. It is the breath and the breathing itself. It is the Word which vibrates and creates and send out cosmic ripple effects on the whole.
The new YOU is emerging yet needs now to experience no-form in order to be formed into the highest Divine Soul Self.
It is indeed a miracle within miracle within a miracle.
Embrace this state of non-Being, no form with joy and love.
The more open the heart center, the more the Gateways and Portals within yourself open and the more the ATONENESS grows. Wholeness. Completeness. Peace. Equilibrium. Transcendence.
One cannot polarize anymore.
As this is a total transmutation, the past is now totally dissolved and left behind.
The Future is still taking form and shape.
The PRESENT is all there is and allowing oneself to be the non-form and in the non-form embracing the whole Omni-verse within!
Therein lies the blessing – the gift.
Are you ready and open to transfigure into the form-less where there is just ONE?

Judith Kusel