The Creator Writings ~ Becoming an Elder

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Dear one, you have learned many important things over the course of your lifetime. Today, you are invited to step into the past, find that one person, that one game-changer, and remember the most beautiful thing they taught you.

During the next part of this shift, that particular lesson will be very important to your growth.

Whether it be a grandparent, extended family or best friend; embrace the feeling you had when they first brought it to your attention, then share your story! Some of the most profound, wonderful and amazing things can be learned this way, and a strong, cohesive bond can be forged in relaying sound and truthful information to others.

It is now time for you and those around you to step into your new roles; to become the elders of tomorrow for a new generation. Revel and take joy in this new assignment. It may be the most important of your Earth plane existence.

~ Creator