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Energy Update for 5/5/2020 by Matt Kahn

May this energy update help confirm your experiences and clarify any confusion when living as an empath during the most pivotal shift of human evolution in Earth’s history. These unprecedented times can certainly make it quite challenging for light workers, especially with so many of us still acclimating and adjusting to life in a higher vibrational altitude. The most recent Ascension update sees Mother Earth settling into alignment with 5D consciousness, while a significant percentage of Earth’s inhabitants adjust to life at a higher frequency of consciousness.

It is interesting to notice, from the heart of compassion, a percentage of the world’s population is just now learning how to function in the very climate of uncertainty many spiritual beings have spent years encountering through various healing processes and ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experiences. Equally so, while light workers have had a small taste of the collective they would help shift through the imprinting of their childhood and adolescent years, many light workers are still adjusting to a greater depth of presence as they embody a higher level of awareness, mindfulness, and heart-centeredness as anchors of Earth’s Ascension.

This means many light workers are experiencing the ups and downs of Empath Fatigue — where the most simple human tasks create waves of exhaustion, and you just can’t do as much as you normally would under these uncertain conditions. While some think self-quarantining or social distancing is to blame, it is actually a process of building up psychic endurance so your vibration can be so fully aware of its unlimited potency and power that it can effortlessly hold space for an entire planet without even having to think about it or micro-manage it in any way. As you engage in the process of building your psychic endurance, it’s normal to feel its effects as the opposite experience which could include fatigue, emptiness, boredom, and exhaustion. If your ego has begun to internalize and identify with this process, it can be sensed as grief, guilt, shame, depression, and various waves of anxiety, loneliness, and fear.

The key to shifting out of the ego’s tendency to internalize each feeling as evidence of being the lowest version of self is by seeing it from the viewpoint of a higher consciousness.

To experience such a shift of relief, please repeat the following words:

“I accept that my most uncomfortable feelings are not proof or evidence of a lower vibrational frequency, no matter what my ego might suggest, conclude, or assume. If there is a lower vibrational frequency, it is the layers of emotional density being cleared out of the collective that slows in resolve whenever I join the ego in interpreting the evolution of life into a judgment towards myself or others. If humanity is clearing large amounts of density, it could only be a sign of a higher vibration emerging. And because I am a light worker already aligned with the light, may I support the healing process of humanity in absolute accordance with the Divine Will of the Akashic Records by acknowledging my experiences and feelings as gateways into greater psychic endurance. No matter what my ego insists, I accept I am building up my psychic endurance by holding space for a world awakening within me. By accepting this interpretation of experience, I allow my psychic endurance to increase while remaining naturally aligned and grounded in the wisdom of my soul’s deepest truth. This is the Ascension and I am helping to lead the way as part of the Ascension’s first wave. I have earned the right to be here just by the grace of being born with nothing more to prove and only my purest light to shine. And so it is!”

May the wisdom of this “Repeat After Me” help you refrain from tendencies of debating with your ego, or trying to help it see a clearer point of view. Instead, it is far more aligned and beneficial to your evolution to allow the ego to have its beliefs, concerns, and viewpoints, while knowing in your heart — the ego cannot see this as an evolutionary benefit because this would mean you are in less need of your ego instead of more hooked into it. To resolve this, simply place your hand on your heart and let the ego know:

I appreciate your help and all that you share. You have an important purpose but it isn’t found in correcting me. I see this sharing as a request for love and so I will love you the way others weren’t able to before. I see you. I accept you. I love you — just as you are.”

As the world gradually adjusts to the climate of awakened consciousness, while empaths build up more psychic endurance to be able to experience the frequency of their own light instead of getting pulled back into the orbit of vibrational co-dependency, you may have noticed some interesting patterning over the past several weeks:

Many light workers have reported an amplification in emotional triggers in themselves and those close to them.

This is because these amplifying times makes the world into a magnifying glass of awareness. Those who are building greater psychic endurance will notice more of the peaceful presence of their soul able to be accessed, even if in short spontaneous waves of experience. Meanwhile, the deepening of this collective healing can cause friends, family members, or even smaller parts of you to act out various levels of ego patterning in what may seem exaggerated or animated from your viewpoint. If established in enough psychic endurance, you will begin noticing such patterns without being pulled into them. If still cultivating greater psychic endurance, your instinct will be to fight, flight, freeze, flee, or fawn as a way of responding to others as a subconscious emotional threat.

While it is important for empaths to know when they have enough energetic and emotional equity to hold space for others, it is also important to know when you need the ‘recharging’ benefits of alone time. This remains a highly important skillset of discernment, no matter whose ego may feel abandoned by your need for greater self-care. If you’re able to notice your difficulty in being around certain characters in your reality, you can always consciously decide to stay in their presence for an extra 30-60 seconds, while slowing your breathing as a way of gradually building your psychic endurance, before creating a boundary– whether in the form of going for a walk, taking a bath, journaling, practicing yoga, ecstatic dancing, meditating or even taking a nap. As always, dare to give yourself extra support and encouragement as you are always doing the best you can, no matter how much ‘better’ you think you should be doing.

When choosing to see yourself as the evolution of consciousness in action versus the lowest most unredeemable version of self, afraid of being alone or left behind, you will always know on an intuitive level exactly what you need for greater emotional nourishment, energetic balance, and overall well-being.

With today’s date being 5/5/2020, we add up the numbers
(10 + 4) to get a prime number of 5.

This lets us know that while you may have felt ‘tossed around’ or exhausted by the healing of repressed emotional patterns on a personal or collective level, the prime number 5 signifies this week’s intention of giving you greater glimpses into 5D consciousness. Whether it is sensed as moments of greater interconnection, feeling or hearing guidance from your angelic guides, deeper inspiration bubbling to the surface, a soothing presence telepathically affirming everything will be okay, or even visitations from deceased loved ones, this will be a week for light workers to experience more of their gifts beyond the super sensitivity to the experiences of others. May you welcome these glimpses with relaxed breaths, more consistent self-love towards the integrating ego, and compassion towards yourself and others.

No matter the experience you are currently having, on behalf of the Universe, it is truly an honor to serve your evolution — every step of the way.

Victory to the light dwelling in all hearts. Victory to the light I AM that you are.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

At this time, many light workers are experiencing a depth of angst and existential fatigue.

On behalf of all Angelic Kingdoms:

“We greet you with this message of unity and cooperation, so to release you from the stress, worry, fear, and overwhelm you may be carrying in your field.
At this time, many light workers are experiencing a depth of angst and existential fatigue. This is due to the ego adopting a spiritual persona, attempting to do the work of an entire Universe, instead of surrender to a greater Divine plan.
All too often, when nothing you do seems to work, it is the Universe helping you acknowledge that you may be attempting to do more than your fair share.
In the 5th dimension, more effort doesn’t equate
to better results.Instead, the Universe works to help you align with your highest calling by asking you to open up space for the totality of your angelic support and spirit guides to work through you for the evolution of your being. This means, it is your job to simply put one foot in front of the other, while invoking your guides, angels, and animal totems to work through you and bringing to life the outcomes of your highest alignment. When expressed in this exact way, you are asking the Universe for help in creating outcomes and realities greater than what any one person can conjure, while leaving it open-ended for the Universe to bring you what is in your highest will, whether it matches the outcomes of your desire or not. Just as if you hired a cleaning company to cleanse your home, you might have to wait a few days from the moment the cleaning service is booked to when they actually show up. If you were to get impatient and clean your house before the appointed time, how would they be able to serve you upon arrival? In the same way, it is understandable to put out requests to the Universe and if not getting immediate results, it is likely you will continue employing methods until your desired outcome appears. And yet, the simple request from the Universe to help bring to you the outcomes, circumstances, and synchronicities of your highest will is like setting an appointment for your cosmic cleaning crew to arrive. All you have to do is have faith in their arrival, even if it seems to be taking longer than expected. Also know: the Universe is always creating realities to help you uncover and release outdated self-defeating beliefs. Therefore, if you carry a healthy amount of doubt or unworthiness, the Universe can seem surprisingly unresponsive, just to show you the limiting belief such evidence supports. Without doubt in the Divine Plan, and with open-ended intentions to allow your higher self to work through you in a space of surrendered joy, you won’t have to carry the burden of your life or even the weight of the world on your shoulders. Instead, the aspects of your Higher Self, manifested into form as angels and spirit guides, work through the doorway of an open heart to create on your behalf what no amount of effort or control can coerce. The Angelic Kingdoms welcome your
communication. They see your circumstances.
They hear your prayers, and feel your pain. All the while assuring you, each and every dream, desire, wish, and prayer you’ve sent out will be fulfilled by the Earth Angel you’re becoming with divine help throughout each moment of your life. The Angelic Kingdoms can make things easier, more enjoyable, and more miraculous. Call on their light, presence, clarity, intervention, and assistance from an authentic space of surrender to watch the guidance that always surrounds you to step forward and make their presence known. The Angels are your ‘tour guides’ of Ascension. You are reading their message and feeling their light, not because you will be ascending, but to confirm your ascension into 5D consciousness is already under way.” Please enjoy this love-filled newsletter containing a brand-new video with my most recent teaching called All For Love,

Matt Kahn

”May all men, women, children, animals, and all elements of Earth be rescued, resolved, replenished, rehabilitated, reborn, and respected as the Divine I AM now.”…Instead of trying to figure out how the darkness will collapse, I invite you to focus your efforts on anchoring the outcome you desire, and allowing the play of reality that your energy and intentions are influencing to bring about resolution in whatever way serves the expansion of the whole.

Addressing Atrocity

by Matt Kahn, Aug. 14, 2019

Whether the topic is mass shootings, immigrant children being held at borders, political turmoil, the mistreatment of animals or any other subject that draws anger, fear, and concern to the forefront of your experience, it is an important first step to be aware of how others are affected by the injustices and inhumane patterns lingering throughout the collective. The question is, once you’ve uncovered each and every conspiracy and processed the feelings that result from such gruesome and unfathomable realities, what do you do now?

Everyone has a key role to play in the awakening of humanity. Some may play more vital roles in the physical realm, while others may be called to anchor on an energetic realm, and yet, it all works together as a symphony of truth to awaken all beings through a harmony of change.

It is very common for there to be two types of imbalances occurring when attempting to be ‘bringers of change’ for the benefit of all.

One type of imbalance exposes you to atrocities that often consume your full attention, causing you to live in a constant state of negativity toward the things you are determined to stop. In this imbalance, you feel your role is to make sure everyone in your sphere of influence knows each and every grim detail, which on an energetic level, is like replaying horror films throughout the cells of your body.

Whistle blowers are essential at a certain level, but ultimately this approach overlooks our vibrational contribution, while maintaining a subconscious energetic standpoint of “I will suffer relentlessly until those who suffer have been freed.” If that subconscious belief actually added to the freedom and resolve of anyone’s pain, suffering, and torment, it would be a true act of selfless nobility instead of the martyrdom and righteousness it often perpetuates.

On the other side of the coin, there are those who attempt to anchor high-vibrational energy, while turning away and denying anything that causes pain, grief, shame, guilt, confusion, or disgust. This is equally an imbalanced approach as one tries to bring the light of goodness, while turning away from darkness.

Since goodness is the essence of Divine Truth, its natural tendency, outside of the play of conditioning, is to face and welcome each aspect home into the heart of love — no matter how darkened or conscious it has come to be. This essentially means that one is unable to truly anchor the power of love whenever treating darkness in an unloving or dismissive way.

Instead of trying to “let things go” or turn away from the things that horrify your innocence, perhaps it’s time to face the very monsters that your loving presence came to rescue and return to the light. This occurs by allowing your heart to be open and affirming the Divinity that is nearly impossible to see or sense in some conditioned patterns or character.

Loving what arises doesn’t mean liking what you see, or trying to make it less insufferable by discounting it as illusions of form.

Instead, the consciousness within our being becomes so aware of atrocities and injustices that it turns toward the resolution of justice in the most balanced, productive, inspired, and heart-centered way. It is important to be aware of the horrors of humanity, so you are aware of the things you are transforming for all; but the question is, once you are aware of certain disturbing realities, where do you go from there?

Once you know the problem at hand, now it’s time to offer time and attention to implementing solutions. If you are so disturbed by the things you see, maybe your contribution is in loving your own heart, so on a vibrational level, your greater awareness of your inner child allows the collective to wake up and support the safety and ethical treatment of children, men, women, animals, and Earth in all areas of experience.

If aware of the things you naturally oppose, perhaps it is time to allow each moment of disgust to remind you of the perfect moment in time to anchor blessings to contribute toward the global tipping point, where the vibration of humanity will not allow such violence and abuse to exist.

As always, blessings are affirmative statements that anchor the command of a positive outcome throughout the multi-dimensional field of reality. Here is an example to help uplift your efforts into greater inspired action:

“May all men, women, children, animals, and all elements of Earth be rescued, resolved, replenished, rehabilitated, reborn, and respected as the Divine I AM now.”

Whether loving your own heart, sending blessings out to humanity, or tracking the every move of devious agendas, it is common for each aspect to feel defeated in believing “it’s never enough”. This is why some misunderstand “loving what arises” as a bypass mechanism or a way to turn away from the things that are difficult to process.

I offer these words to make my intentions and offerings abundantly clear: I am aware of the disturbing activities that occur on this planet. I do not turn away from anything, since that would be abandoning those souls who need the most help and resources, nor do I require myself to consume information at a non-stop level, as if that is an example of facing it all or avoiding denial. Simply put, there is nothing to avoid when there is everything to bless.

If a bill needs to be passed to affect change, then sign or start a petition. If you know the specific names of those who endanger and hurt others, no matter how public a persona they maintain, file a police report. And if that doesn’t get you anywhere, I invite you to join along with millions of heart-centered beings who recognize the positive change we can bring to life when the vibration of love is intentionally focused on resolving negativity by anchoring a more positive outcome.

Instead of trying to figure out how the darkness will collapse, I invite you to focus your efforts on anchoring the outcome you desire, and allowing the play of reality that your energy and intentions are influencing to bring about resolution in whatever way serves the expansion of the whole. Otherwise, you are determined to abolish suffering by spending time discussing the things you oppose with others.

Initially, discussions are required to become aware of things that have yet to be acknowledged. Once aware of the things that occur, now we transition into bringing light to the planet on a daily basis to resolve the very things orbiting our awareness. How many times each day are you willing to stop and declare, whether silently or out loud:

“May all men, women, children, animals, and all elements of Earth be rescued, resolved, replenished, rehabilitated, reborn, and respected as the Divine I AM now.”

When life gets disturbing, it is time for the angels in human form that are ready, willing, and able to anchor positive change for the liberation of all to raise their game. In every breath, I live for the well-being of every heart. How about you?

Infinite blessings of love for all, now and forever, Amen. And so it is.

Matt Kahn

The 4 Stages of Clearing

In my last energy update, I discussed the numerical signs and synchronicities that confirm you are aligned with and entering the 11:11 portal. Such signs included seeing 1111 on license plates, 11:11 on clocks, any repeating numbers, as well as ascending sequences, such as 123, 456, or 789. These signs indicate that your inherent spiritual impulse has been initially awakened leading you on a journey to return into full alignment with the light and embody your  soul as an anchor of 5D unity consciousness.

It is important to note, this process of spiritual evolution is an energetic rite of passage. It unfolds uniquely for each of us when we have evolved to a point of readiness and not a matter of reward or punishment of any kind. As this process unfolds, you play an essential role in helping it unfold with the utmost ease, grace, compassion, and joy. We cannot ever stop this process, although we are capable of slowing it down to an agonizing pace, until our choices match up with the inner wisdom of our soul’s essence.

Since we know the numerical sequences signify a preparation toward 11:11 portal entry, what are some of the symptoms that occur as you enter it?

The 4 Stages of Clearing

There are 4 key stages we pass through as we move through the 11:11 portal. Each one stripping away layers of the old carbon-based DNA, clusters of limiting beliefs, and clearing out imprints of outdated cellular memory. These 4 stages are actually emotional states that orbit our experiences, clearing out each layer of 3D debris, until we are aware of their highest purpose and can meet each one with respect, acceptance, gratitude, and honor. These 4 stages are: loneliness, boredom, frustration, and confusion.

From a 3D perspective, it is believed that circumstances in our outside world, such as people places, and things cause us to feel the way we do. From a 5D perspective, everything in physical form is triggering in us all the aspects of our soul’s evolutionary process to clear out and activate what each of us brought into this lifetime to resolve for our own journey, as well as a living contribution toward healing and awakening the collective consciousness.

Imagine: you are going about your day, feeling various patterns of confusion, frustration, loneliness, and boredom, only assigning personal meaning to the characters or circumstances in view, unaware how these specific feelings indicate an advancement out of 3D consciousness and into a new dimension occurring through the 4th dimension of time.

Dispelling Some of the Myths that Impede Our Flow

Let us take a moment to dispel a few myths to allow our entry into the 5th dimension to be as smooth and exciting as possible. Many spiritual seekers believe that processes such as these only happen to those who live on their best behavior. While it is true that fully aligned souls embody a frequency of empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and love that remains ever-present and unwavering once embodied and integrated, it is unnecessary to work so hard to be a certain way, as if your soul’s journey is an obstacle course.

As we’ve come to know, the way we heal the layers of conditioning and imprinting within ourselves is by being emotionally triggered. The purpose isn’t trying to be trigger-free and above our experiences, but to develop such conscious relationships with each feeling that anything we feel on the inside doesn’t cause us to lash out toward others on the outside.

As we shift from 3D to 5D consciousness, there may still be disappointment, heartbreak, grief, and sadness, but our inner pain doesn’t instigate us into projecting our pain onto others. In other words, as we evolve, our hurt doesn’t motivate us to hurt others. Instead, we are willing to take the time to go within, honor each feeling, as a milestone in our evolutionary process by breathing through each emotional wave and loving our hearts to the best of our ability.

Another myth is imagining we are supposed to feel good all the time as we evolve from one dimension to another. While there can be bursts of joy and moments of clarity and renewed passion, these act as sneak previews of how life will be, once we’ve fully integrated our new 5D crystalline DNA into physical form.

Its not that we have to be in pain in order to evolve, as much as pain represents a potent energetic expansion underway that we are often viewing from just a physical or emotional perspective. As we evolve, we still care for our bodies and seek medical care when necessary, while learning how each health scare, emotional outburst, change in life direction, and relationship represents the unfolding of a greater cosmic journey.

While there is always a deeper spiritual reason why everything happens, another myth is trying to quickly learn as much as you can, hoping to not repeat our most uncomfortable experiences. While we are destined to learn from each outcome to inspire higher forms of wisdom to motivate more empowered choices, it only occurs when we approach each moment with earnestness, authenticity, humility, and transparency. The Universe knows when an ego’s agenda is to manipulate the soul’s learning curve to avoid the anticipation of future pain, which acts as a tell-tale sign of the ego’s inner fight as it gradually surrenders through this process.

Another myth is believing you are capable of surrendering your ego, which only creates more of an inner battle between fragmented parts. Instead, you are the space of eternal light, whose unconditional love gives the ego permission to recognize that it is safe to let go of you and enter the doorway of light back to Source.

And, one of the biggest myths of all, is believing entry points into 5D consciousness require a grandiose external mystical experience to confirm its arrival. In both 3D, 4D, and 5D, the physical body exists within the existence of time and space. The difference being, in 3D, you perceive yourself as a person in time surrounded by space. In 5D, you are the spacious witness or inner observer experiencing life as a person throughout a journey of time. The body may be rooted in time, but the inner observer or spacious witness is beyond the dimension of time.

A Journey Through Time to Discover the Timeless

Each of your sensory experiences occur in time. Every outcome, sensation, or change can be correlated to occurring at certain measurable moments. All the while, the one on the inside who sees, feels, hears, and knows all that occurs in time is not existing in time at all. Ironically, it is a journey of time that helps awaken the recognition that you are the timeless within and throughout it all.

This indicates how the journey from 3D to 5D is adjusting to life at a higher altitude of consciousness, where we are no longer searching for the light, but the light within our bodies experiencing its journey of evolution from a more conscious and timeless perspective. Even if these words inspire any degree of frustration, boredom, loneliness, or confusion, it is purposefully happening by the Universe to help you clear deeper layers as you move through the 4th dimension of time and adjust to life from a 5D perspective.

Passing through the 4 stages of boredom, loneliness, frustration, and confusion to release outdated carbon-based DNA, limiting clusters of beliefs, and outdated cellular memories is a journey known as dark night of the soul. In my next energy update, I will outline dark night of the soul in explicit detail. For many of us, we’ve been in the depths of this process for quite some time and are now completing this process to adjust to 5D reality, much like learning to breathe at a higher altitude where the air is thinner.

Experiencing Psychic Burnout

When we are making our way out of dark night of the soul and entering the new altitude of 5D consciousness, we are likely to experience the profound exhaustion of what I call psychic burnout. From this space, energy is limited, sleep is disturbed, and motivation may feel at a standstill. During this phase of initiation, we may not seem to perceive much guidance or inner direction; unsure who we are, where to go, or what to do.

This is because due to the amount of clearing and expanding occurring during the dark night of the soul phase, our bodies needs to rest, recharge, and rejuvinate, in order to build up the inner chi energy to activate our new crystalline DNA. This is much like a newborn wondering who it is, what it’s purpose is, what it should do, and where it should go, unaware that it must grow through stages of infancy before anything else can be known or revealed.

Psychic burnout is a time to slow down the pace of our lives, especially slowing down the way we approach spiritual evolution. Instead of trying to race to the finish line out of fear of missing a window of opportunity or being left behind, we allow each moment to be as intentional, and deliberately aligned with our highest wisdom, as we move through time and space as authentically and openly as possible. It is a time where our immune systems are rebooted into 5D reality, as our adrenals get repaired to be uplifted by 5D light frequencies, instead of short circuited. Most importantly, it is where our subconscious minds learn to recognize 5D reality as familiar instead of foreign, which gives our nervous systems permission to welcome 5th dimensional experiences of unity consciousness into our awareness.

I have recently undergone upgrades to my transmission to specifically heal psychic burnout, so I can help you accelerate the process of arriving into 5th dimensional consciousness and re-activating your inner gifts and new reality with joy, compassion, and ease.

A Doorway to Unity Consciousness

To move fully out of dark night of the soul, pass through the phase of psychic burnout, and enter a new reality of unity consciousness, please join me in Encinitas this weekend for the most life-changing group healing weekend of my tour so far. If you thought the Vancouver, Boulder and Omega weekends were incredible, you won’t believe the awakening processes I’ll be sharing next weekend. I will also be transmitting these frequencies in Portland for my September 3-day Soul Convergence. For the first time ever, I will be outlining life in the 5th dimension, and teaching you how to live in 5D — years before humanity ascends as a whole.

If you are unable to attend my Encinitas group healing weekend, please watch from the comfort of your own home via livestream with free replays of the entire weekend for up to a month. I’m also excited to announce those attending my Portland 3-day soul convergence in-person will get an MP3 recording of the entire event for free.

Registration for both events, including livestreaming, can be found at

This is truly the most exciting time to be alive and it is my honor to use the power of my healing transmission to radically transform your journey, so we can each experience the absolute bliss and holy perfection of our soul in human form. We cannot look at the political landscape or even the mentality of the world to know how much evolution is taking place. We can only look at ourselves to recognize the process underway, while learning how to be the most loving, patient, and faithful ally to our own awakening process.

Our brand-new beginning is here. This is where we step into our highest purpose of being and have a lot of fun along the way.

Love Revolution Unite!

All For Love,
Matt Kahn