Energy Update for 5/5/2020 by Matt Kahn

May this energy update help confirm your experiences and clarify any confusion when living as an empath during the most pivotal shift of human evolution in Earth’s history. These unprecedented times can certainly make it quite challenging for light workers, especially with so many of us still acclimating and adjusting to life in a higher vibrational altitude. The most recent Ascension update sees Mother Earth settling into alignment with 5D consciousness, while a significant percentage of Earth’s inhabitants adjust to life at a higher frequency of consciousness.

It is interesting to notice, from the heart of compassion, a percentage of the world’s population is just now learning how to function in the very climate of uncertainty many spiritual beings have spent years encountering through various healing processes and ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experiences. Equally so, while light workers have had a small taste of the collective they would help shift through the imprinting of their childhood and adolescent years, many light workers are still adjusting to a greater depth of presence as they embody a higher level of awareness, mindfulness, and heart-centeredness as anchors of Earth’s Ascension.

This means many light workers are experiencing the ups and downs of Empath Fatigue — where the most simple human tasks create waves of exhaustion, and you just can’t do as much as you normally would under these uncertain conditions. While some think self-quarantining or social distancing is to blame, it is actually a process of building up psychic endurance so your vibration can be so fully aware of its unlimited potency and power that it can effortlessly hold space for an entire planet without even having to think about it or micro-manage it in any way. As you engage in the process of building your psychic endurance, it’s normal to feel its effects as the opposite experience which could include fatigue, emptiness, boredom, and exhaustion. If your ego has begun to internalize and identify with this process, it can be sensed as grief, guilt, shame, depression, and various waves of anxiety, loneliness, and fear.

The key to shifting out of the ego’s tendency to internalize each feeling as evidence of being the lowest version of self is by seeing it from the viewpoint of a higher consciousness.

To experience such a shift of relief, please repeat the following words:

“I accept that my most uncomfortable feelings are not proof or evidence of a lower vibrational frequency, no matter what my ego might suggest, conclude, or assume. If there is a lower vibrational frequency, it is the layers of emotional density being cleared out of the collective that slows in resolve whenever I join the ego in interpreting the evolution of life into a judgment towards myself or others. If humanity is clearing large amounts of density, it could only be a sign of a higher vibration emerging. And because I am a light worker already aligned with the light, may I support the healing process of humanity in absolute accordance with the Divine Will of the Akashic Records by acknowledging my experiences and feelings as gateways into greater psychic endurance. No matter what my ego insists, I accept I am building up my psychic endurance by holding space for a world awakening within me. By accepting this interpretation of experience, I allow my psychic endurance to increase while remaining naturally aligned and grounded in the wisdom of my soul’s deepest truth. This is the Ascension and I am helping to lead the way as part of the Ascension’s first wave. I have earned the right to be here just by the grace of being born with nothing more to prove and only my purest light to shine. And so it is!”

May the wisdom of this “Repeat After Me” help you refrain from tendencies of debating with your ego, or trying to help it see a clearer point of view. Instead, it is far more aligned and beneficial to your evolution to allow the ego to have its beliefs, concerns, and viewpoints, while knowing in your heart — the ego cannot see this as an evolutionary benefit because this would mean you are in less need of your ego instead of more hooked into it. To resolve this, simply place your hand on your heart and let the ego know:

I appreciate your help and all that you share. You have an important purpose but it isn’t found in correcting me. I see this sharing as a request for love and so I will love you the way others weren’t able to before. I see you. I accept you. I love you — just as you are.”

As the world gradually adjusts to the climate of awakened consciousness, while empaths build up more psychic endurance to be able to experience the frequency of their own light instead of getting pulled back into the orbit of vibrational co-dependency, you may have noticed some interesting patterning over the past several weeks:

Many light workers have reported an amplification in emotional triggers in themselves and those close to them.

This is because these amplifying times makes the world into a magnifying glass of awareness. Those who are building greater psychic endurance will notice more of the peaceful presence of their soul able to be accessed, even if in short spontaneous waves of experience. Meanwhile, the deepening of this collective healing can cause friends, family members, or even smaller parts of you to act out various levels of ego patterning in what may seem exaggerated or animated from your viewpoint. If established in enough psychic endurance, you will begin noticing such patterns without being pulled into them. If still cultivating greater psychic endurance, your instinct will be to fight, flight, freeze, flee, or fawn as a way of responding to others as a subconscious emotional threat.

While it is important for empaths to know when they have enough energetic and emotional equity to hold space for others, it is also important to know when you need the ‘recharging’ benefits of alone time. This remains a highly important skillset of discernment, no matter whose ego may feel abandoned by your need for greater self-care. If you’re able to notice your difficulty in being around certain characters in your reality, you can always consciously decide to stay in their presence for an extra 30-60 seconds, while slowing your breathing as a way of gradually building your psychic endurance, before creating a boundary– whether in the form of going for a walk, taking a bath, journaling, practicing yoga, ecstatic dancing, meditating or even taking a nap. As always, dare to give yourself extra support and encouragement as you are always doing the best you can, no matter how much ‘better’ you think you should be doing.

When choosing to see yourself as the evolution of consciousness in action versus the lowest most unredeemable version of self, afraid of being alone or left behind, you will always know on an intuitive level exactly what you need for greater emotional nourishment, energetic balance, and overall well-being.

With today’s date being 5/5/2020, we add up the numbers
(10 + 4) to get a prime number of 5.

This lets us know that while you may have felt ‘tossed around’ or exhausted by the healing of repressed emotional patterns on a personal or collective level, the prime number 5 signifies this week’s intention of giving you greater glimpses into 5D consciousness. Whether it is sensed as moments of greater interconnection, feeling or hearing guidance from your angelic guides, deeper inspiration bubbling to the surface, a soothing presence telepathically affirming everything will be okay, or even visitations from deceased loved ones, this will be a week for light workers to experience more of their gifts beyond the super sensitivity to the experiences of others. May you welcome these glimpses with relaxed breaths, more consistent self-love towards the integrating ego, and compassion towards yourself and others.

No matter the experience you are currently having, on behalf of the Universe, it is truly an honor to serve your evolution — every step of the way.

Victory to the light dwelling in all hearts. Victory to the light I AM that you are.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn