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FEEL MORE THAN FINE Founder ENERGETIC THERAPIST/PERSONAL TRAINER/REIKI THERAPIST AND INSTRUCTOR (Healthcare) Accomplished professional healer and energetic therapist with extensive experience in providing treatment as well as personal training utilising various holistic healing techniques. Commenced medical education but changed track and decided on pursuing an artistic career and became a dancer, a DJ, a restaurateur and model agency business owner; however finally reached the actualisation of self and pursued education in reiki personal training. Expertise in offering therapeutic services for clients by mainly combining music therapy and reiki. Rich experience in establishing and mutually achieving short- and long-term objectives ensuring better post-therapy life for clients. CORE COMPETENCIES ▪ Therapeutic Restoration ▪ Understanding Therapy Techniques ▪ Client Requirement Analysis ▪ Personal Training ▪ Nutritional Planning ▪ Exercise Demonstration ▪ Motivation ▪ Client Health and Safety ▪ Strength, Healing and Conditioning ▪ KEY SKILLS Therapy Intervention – Recognised for hands-on experience in providing therapeutic services to harmonise the body, mind and spirit for overcoming and resolving various conditions/issues of clients including health, money, relations, stress and fear, among others. Expertise in energising clients and helping them activate their inner healing power utilising a combination of techniques such as reiki, qui gong, pilates, yoga, cardio training, dance, tantra and therapeutic music. Client Management – Adept in identifying clients’ dilemma and empathising with their situation by discussing their past experiences and current problems. Significant experience in successfully delivering distance treatment at prearranged times for resolving issues of long distance clients and transporting the vibration energy flow through email and Skype. Program Planning – Outstanding track record of understanding client’s needs and developing detailed programs aimed at achieving defined goals. Skilled in creating structured programs encompassing therapy, exercise, conversation and diet as well as giving guidelines to clients to achieve a peaceful, joyful and abundant life. Interpersonal and Communication – Proactive professional with proficiency in English, French, Spanish, Greek and conversational Dutch and German and the ability to communicate confidently and effectively with clients as well as providing specialist advice and training on energetic therapy for clients from diverse cultures. KEY DELIVERABLES Clearly communicating the program and explaining the process prepared for clients. Undertaking client consultations including medical history and preparing notes. Pre-treatment, ensuring the client is as comfortable as possible either lying on a couch, or seated. Placing hands in a sequence of positions covering the whole body to guide energy and activating the healing process. Treating clients by applying the energetic principles of Reiki as well as performing distance treatment at prearranged times. Adhering to established industry guidelines and providing safe therapeutic recommendations to clients. Planning the routine by comprehending the needs of clients and designing nutrition as well as diet plan for the client, as applicable. Interacting with client and strengthening client relations. Adhering to all personal trainer policies and demonstrating as well as teaching exercises to clients and providing feedback on techniques used. Preparing self for treatment, raising own energy levels and attuning self. Researching, strategising special techniques and increasing knowledge to introduce clients to innovative wellness programs. Constantly motivating clients to achieve maximum gain utilising provided therapy. Maintaining punctuality and preparing for all appointments with clients or professional staff. Attending mandatory and optional staff training classes. Designing rehabilitation program to manage specific physical conditions, injuries, diseases and swiftly responding to emergencies, if any. Handling client grievances and swiftly resolving conflicts by negotiating an amicable settlement. CAREER PROGRESSION Personal Trainer and Energetic Healer Natural Mente Festival,Camping La Playa, Ibiza Jul 2011 – Present Personal Life Coach Feel More Than Fine, Ibiza May 2010 – Present Energetic Healer Consciousness Festival, Rimini Energetic Healer Workshop Interconnectedness, Amsterdam Healing DJ and Therapist Healing, Ibiza Master Reiki Reiki Healer level II Reiki Healer level I International Career DJ and Producer Personal Trainer and CardioFunk Classes Fitness 1st (Passage), Brussels Co-owner Model Agency Pure Star Management Vilnius and Paris Club Manager/Choreographer Cova Santa, Ibiza Restaurant Owner L'empire des sens Professional Dancer Classes of Dance & Cardio Fitness Instructor Fitness 1st, Brussels Commenced career as a professional dancer and simultaneously working as a DJ and music producer. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Certified Energetic Healer & Life Coach Certified Reiki Master Certified Personal Trainer Fitness 1st Belgium June 2013 Dec.2012 Mar 1997 Medical and Physiotherapy Studies University of Brussels, Brussels Oct 1988 – Jun 1993 Graduation High School May 1987 High Level Athletics as sprint runner Sep.1982 – May 1987 PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: 2nd Nov, 1970Nationality: GreekMarital Status: SingleDriving Licence: European Driver’s Licence References available on request

By functioning from within 5D consciousness, yourself, you can create your own personal 5D reality.

Vidya Frasier: Creating Your Own 5D Reality

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Waiting for humanity to finally shift into 5D can get so discouraging — especially if you’ve been waiting for this event for quite a while and you’ve been excited about it.

The world’s continuing chaos and humanity’s sluggish progress in waking up to what’s really happening can make it seem as if nothing will ever change – except maybe for the worse. It’s enough to make you want to give up on all your dreams for the future.

Yes, you can accept that the Earth Alliance is likely doing their best; they probably didn’t realize just how widespread and deep the corruption has been. And yes, you can understand that maybe they do have things kind of under their control at this point, as some people claim; perhaps they simply want more people to wake up before they really step in and take some control of what is happening.

But sheesh! How much longer are they going to let things go on this way? How many more people are going to have to die? How many more are going to starve or slip into poverty? It’s enough to make you lose faith and want to give up.


And yet, if you really understand how 5D works, you can realize that at least you, as an individual, don’t have to wait for this new higher dimensional reality to completely arrive on the planet in order to  experience it for yourself. You can create it now in your own personal life.

You can understand that this can occur by shifting into 5D frequency yourself – and then watch how your life starts to shift in order to resonate with this higher frequency.

You can begin to experience a sense of peaceful well-being on a daily basis, excitement about what you’re involved in, and a profound feeling of love and gratitude in your heart, no matter what is occurring out in the world.

You can actually realize that incredible miracles are occurring in your life. You can see that you are being gifted things you didn’t even know you needed till you received them. And you can find yourself suddenly surrounded by people who seem to resonate at the same frequency as you – soul tribe members you would never have thought you’d meet.


You finally learn what the phrase “consciousness creates reality” really means. It becomes clear that it doesn’t matter what is still occurring out in the dying 3D world. By functioning from within 5D consciousness, yourself, you can create your own personal 5D reality.

You may still find you have to continue to go out and function within the 3D world for periods of time; but you won’t be caught up in it. You won’t let it get you down. You will carry your 5D Bubble around with you, wherever you go.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily easy to do on a constant basis. There are likely inner forces that are pulling you down, as old traumas, woundings and negative emotions continue to arise in their process of releasing – as well as the ongoing outer challenging conditions in the world you still have to deal with. But it can be done. The 5D energies are now flooding the planet, here to assist us in this process.


I’ve recently created a two-part series on YouTube to describe this process of creating your own personal 5D reality. I first briefly review what the term “5D” refers to, because there does seem to be some confusion out there about what it is, especially for people new to the term.

And then I describe the aspects of both 3D and 5D consciousness, as I understand them – and I also insert a short piece on what I consider to be 4D consciousness. Within this discussion, I describe how the shift into 5D consciousness can be made on an individual basis, thereby creating a new reality for yourself.

In hearing these descriptions, you may discover you are already falling less and less into 3D consciousness and are experiencing at least certain periods in your life you could call 5D.  It is very exciting!

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: The Golden Age is Here

My beloved sparks of light, aspects of the Divine Self in form, I greet you with great joy and celebration. You have turned the tide. The apex of the storm has passed. Now, let us unpack that statement a little more.

I do not mean that in the morning everything is different. Every jewel you have ever discovered within yourself was the result of a dark night of the soul. You had to burn off the ideas of the ego-mind to arrive at a spiritual truth.

You know that all Divine gifts arrive wrapped in a challenge: so too, the Golden Age. The energy of your triumph is here. The dark has been defeated, they cannot win.

You have been overshadowed for your entire life; your psychic, mental, emotional and physical energy was sucked from you. You wonder why you feel tired, lethargic, uninspired, even helpless and hopeless: this was one of the great reasons.

You are now overlit. The negative forces are vanquished. You will feel the lightness begin to rise within. You will feel a sense of freedom and flow that is unexpected: the gentle emergence of hopefulness and optimism.

For decades, people spoke of a pole flip: that shift has occurred, but it wasn’t from North to South – it was from negative polarisation to positive polarisation.

Your dedication to dissolving the darkness in your own life ~ to understanding the challenges you experienced were the keys to unlocking the exact wisdom and insight you required ~ is now being rewarded.

The time of those who place greed above people is over. This dawning is not just the new lunar year, nor the new solar year, but it is the dawn of a new age: the Golden Age.

You, my precious army of Light workers, will be amazed at how your efforts and projects will begin to succeed almost miraculously, with minimal effort, in a way you have never known before.

You Light workers will bear witness to how easy and graceful life can be. You have done the inner work, so your energy clearly matches the higher vibrations of the light. You are in the flow. You are the flow. This is Your Time.

And so I must also return you to the packaging of this Golden gift ~ the outer wrapping of challenges. Light workers have been dedicated and determined in dealing with their challenges, in healing every wound and healing their broken hearts with love and compassion for all.

Those who have not yet done the work must first deal with their challenges, their blind spots, their biases and their emotional wounds; all in order to reveal the great treasures inside and outside them. This is why so many Light workers have incarnated as great listeners, as teachers, as healers ~ even if this is not how you see yourself, you might have glimpsed the healing impact you have , because others have noted it ~ and now they will seek you out.

Every community has Light workers who incarnated within it for this moment; every family has ‘an odd ball’ who incarnated for this moment. You are my embodiments, shining my love for all to feel.

Call on me, whenever you feel overwhelmed or confused. You have been here for me, your work has created this great new dawn.

I am always here for You.

For Light workers, the unwrapping of the Golden Age, the grounding and manifesting of its energies will have some challenges, but you are and you have more than enough to succeed in this moment.

For those beloved aspects of me who came here with the agreement to only awaken in this now moment, there is a lot to assimilate. Their challenges are many, their learning curve is exceptionally steep.

My love is here to guide you all, assisting in every moment. Remember to call upon me:

I Am You and You Are Me. We are One.

Note: I want to draw your attention to a post from Narendra Mishra, The Divine Mother is Real, that shows how the Golden Age is manifesting now.


The ‘curtain’ between the spiritual world and the physical world is exceptionally thin, and those of us who have eyes to see will, indeed, see. The post is an invitation to us all. Trust the miracles that will become much more frequent. Trust your divinity. In previous ages we were told the ‘Gods’ walked among us, now not only are they walking among us now, they are inviting us to realise our divinity, to realise we are God, and to release that divine spark within.

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The 40 days after the equinox, which will bring you to the end of April, is a very potent period for manifestation and creation.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ The Moment is Now

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The 40 days after the equinox, which will bring you to the end of April, is a very potent period for manifestation and creation.

What dreams have been waiting patiently for you to give yourself permission to recognize and grow, not just for you but for the highest good of all? What have you always wanted, deep in your heart, but never had the courage to see if it could become a reality for you?

Not only is it time to connect with your truest desires, which represent the full and authentic expression of who you really are, it is time to anchor so deeply into your faith and trust that you give them everything they need to open up for the next incredible chapter of your life. All the work that you have been doing has been for the period that you are in right now, Dear Ones.

The moment is now.

We urge you to remember and apply what you know, settle into being your truest you, and allow the unfoldment to lead you from there. It will serve you, and your planet, beautifully.

Your vibrational matrix gives the appearance of the galaxy in all its expanded wonder…As more humans begin to expand into their multidimensional aspects, they will become pioneers in this field of aligning, balancing and untangling the energy weavings. Vibrational medicine is the beginning of this awareness.

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Vibrational Matrix

We are here to share ideas of the vibrational matrix that creates you, your body and your reality. We will share about the personal matrix, the vibrational field of each human. For it is this energy matrix in which all aspects of life begin.

It is within the energy blueprint, this template, that all life is formed. All life forms on planet earth are held as a blueprint or template in the subtle realms. This energy grid, the sacred geometry of the universe, the master pattern, is held in the sixth dimension.

Each human being resides focused on planet earth in the third and four dimensions. As a multidimensional being, however there are aspects of each human that also reside in the other dimensions. So it is from the sixth dimension that the template of who you are in your present form is held. It is the sixth dimension which holds these master patterns.

We realize that we have expanded your belief of who you are and we can hear your mind questioning, how does this work. Let us say this, imagine yourself as an aspect of divine mind, and the seed matrix of your physical form is held as an energy grid in the sixth dimension.

We have shared the importance of recognizing the energy or vibrational matrix of your reality. The matrixes of your reality are made up of the individual matrixes or energy grids coming together in a new form or weaving.

An example would be a group of people with a common interest who come together and meet regularly; there is a matrix that is formed from their personal energy fields weaving together. The longer they gather, the stronger the matrix. Their ideas, emotions, thoughts and beliefs all are a part of this vibrational field.

Remember, everything that exists here in form has a matrix. It is these energy fields, these matrixes, that form larger energy fields and hold the collective thought forms and beliefs of mass consciousness. So from that awareness, let us now bring you to your personal matrix and blueprint.

What you see and sense as solid and in physical form is only this matrix. It is from this matrix that all change within the human form can be made. There is an awareness and understanding that is taking place in the expanded minds of many humans at this time. The concept that everything is made up of energy vibrations before it becomes form has been taught and expressed by all your sages and wise awake ones.

The physical body offers a multitude of grand and rich experiences. It is important to honor and include all the senses. It is also expansive. We have been offering you ideas and thoughts about the vibrational matrix of each individual human. This vibrational matrix has many names: aura, charisma, magnetism.

First let us say that you appear to us as vibrational patterns; weavings of energy, light and sound. These patterns and weavings shift and move in constant flow and fluctuation. Your vibrational matrix gives the appearance of the galaxy in all its expanded wonder.

Your scientist and those who are sharing the insights of quantum physics tell you that the human body is mainly space. It is not solid, even though it appears as a solid and it feels solid. It is space, and your atoms shine much like the stars in your night sky.

We are inviting you to stretch into the realms in which you might see your form as we do.

There are some human beings who have the ability to see the vibrational matrix of each human form. They can see the energy weavings of color, sound and light. Most humans can sense, feel or even hear the vibrational matrix of another.

The ability to see, sense or hear this vibrational matrix of another will become more common as each human expands into their multidimensional awareness.

There will be inventions of many sorts that will read and translate these vibrational matrixes. This will greatly assist in the rebalancing and alignment for the well-being of each human being.

We would like to share with you what the vibrational matrix contains and how it is formed. Just as the human vehicle is formed in the mother womb, so begins the energy weaving. Each human form is a collection of vibrations that entwine into patterns.

This vibrational network is created by emotions, thoughts and experiences. Everything that the human being experiences is translated into this vibrational matrix, this vibrational interlace or energy fabric.

The experiences here on this planet and in this dimension are not supportive to the expansion and strengthening of the individual vibrational matrix. The dysfunction and unconsciousness that is commonplace within humanity has created tangles or blockages in the weavings of the energy fields of individuals.

These energy tangles slow or block the flow of divine life. The results are a humanity that is dying.

It is the vibrational matrix that holds the patterns and weavings for the formation of the human body with all its interrelated and interdependent elements. Every cell and atom vibrates at a certain rate, the bones, the blood, all the organs, every aspect of the physical form is held in place and created from this vibrational matrix. The physical form matches the vibrational matrix.

This is a rather simple way to state an incredibly complex concept. Those who are aware and expanded have seen, taught and written about aspects of this concept. When there is a flow of energy between your divine blueprint held on the sixth dimension and your physical solid form here in the third/fourth dimension, all is well.

You experience your personal well-being, others experience your charisma, and life is a full expression of balance and well-being. This state of perfection expressed in the human form is both the ideal and the goal.

However, the personal matrix and energy field is affected by all that it encounters. From the moment of conception, and all the while the body is being formed in the mother’s womb, there is an exchange and blending of the matrix. The family genetics are woven into the matrix; the parents’ strongly held beliefs and emotions are woven into your personal matrix. From the beginning years of childhood, all the experiences and encounters are woven into the personal matrix. The experiences that are painful, scary, fearful or limiting in any way are also woven in, more as blockages or tangles of your energy flow.

It is these blockages and tangles that we would like to assist each human in releasing so that there is a flow once again from your divine blueprint.

As more humans begin to expand into their multidimensional aspects, they will become pioneers in this field of aligning, balancing and untangling the energy weavings. Vibrational medicine is the beginning of this awareness.

Remember that energy follows thought. You can begin to untangle any aspect of your personal matrix by the very thoughts that you hold and express.

Vibrational medicine as it is being called works on these subtle levels to untangle and release any blockages held from past memory, or even the tangles that were given at birth from the family matrix. This is the work that is being done at this time by many awakened beings; it is coming in many forms and in many ways.

So allow yourself today to play with this idea and all of the implications.

Become aware of the places in which you are expanded and the places in which you might have an energy tangle. Remember that this is not a task, so be playful and joy-filled in your discovery and expansion of reading your own and another’s vibrational matrix.

Be at peace, Beloved.

~ the ‘team’

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Your 3D fear life is over. You are new, and so is the earth. You are now thoroughly enmeshed in a new world of love.

Fear No Longer Dominates

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Dear Ones,

There is no longer a need for fear – at least fears that last weeks, months, or years. You are a new being in a new world.

At the same time, you need to address those fears that still seem to pop up daily, whether minor or life-threatening. For you are in the process of creating new ways of addressing fear.

Your 3D fears were the accumulation of your fears in this life and past lives. So most often, a possible fear became reality as you consciously or subconsciously worried about past occurrences.

Now that you transitioned, your fears are more like clouds in the sky – here one day but not the next. This shift confuses you, for you wonder if you should worry or if you are creating a fairytale that will come crashing down because you are not prepared for the worst as you were in 3D – day in and day out.

There is no longer a need to fear your fears – or to allow time to process most fears because they are now fleeting.

Fear now carries as little weight as 3D love once did.

In 3D, everyone looked for love – especially romantic love. Movies, books, and community interactions evolved around finding and maintaining love – as if love were an allusive and precious something that must be grasped before it faded or disappeared.

Fear was always an essential part of your 3D life – despite the belief in and need for romantic, parental, and community love. Perhaps you fell in love and wondered how long it would last. Or you were part of a family that did not or could not display the love you needed. Or your friends were not as loving as you hoped. So even though you may have discovered love, that love was often colored with fear and trepidation.

The reverse is now happening. But perhaps not as rapidly as you would like because you have been love-starved for 3D eons.

At the same time, your fears are shifting from preeminence to becoming a small part of your emotional repertoire.

You are just beginning to understand this new language of love. A language that will dominate your life forevermore.

Your new love language gives little credence to what terrible things could or should happen. Instead, it focuses on the positive elements of your being. This is sometimes a difficult piece to process, for even though you are used to being afraid, you are not that comfortable loving your life and knowing that it will only improve.

Of course, your media has not yet tapped into a world beyond 3D. For media follows advertising dollars. So while you are seeing and hearing negative, fear-producing media pieces, your inner-being is becoming more blase about fear than ever before while of the earth.

Your media no longer speaks to or for you.

Granted, some continue to accept and even demand a fearful life. They are the earthlings following the dictates of the latest broadcast.

You are no longer in that fear arena, as is true for millions of beings now of earth. Instead of being enmeshed in that fear-based milieu, you surprise yourself with your calm demeanor. At least calm after you try to frighten yourself with little success. Even though there might be some anger or surprises, the fears of yesterday no longer seem that important.

That is not to say you should not be frightened, but instead that you are having less and less success scaring yourself. Your life has evolved beyond yesterday’s fears.

You are increasingly awakening to a feeling that all is right in your world despite something that would have once created fear. And unlike your former 3D life in which you most often thought that maybe your life would be ok if this happened, but because of the overriding fears tinting your thoughts and actions, this never happened.

You are a new being in a new world. A world that reduces fears to manageable, short-term segments. Love has become the dominant theme.

You no longer need to fear the future or anything that happens unexpectedly. Or that you will not have a loving life. Nor do you need to fear that even though others might have a wonderful life, you have so much bad luck you believe your love and laughter expectations need to be minimized.

Your 3D fear life is over. You are new, and so is the earth. You are now thoroughly enmeshed in a new world of love.

And you are not alone. You and your earthly cohorts dominate this new world.

Expect love and joy. And know that fear is now a shadow you sometimes address but no longer dominates your life. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Xi Jinping flies to reconcile Russia and Ukraine.

🇨🇳🇷🇺 Xi Jinping flies to reconcile Russia and Ukraine – The Australian

According to the publication, the talks between the President of Russia and the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China can become an event that can change the world.

The main result of the visit of the PRC President may be a plan for a peace agreement, which may provide an opportunity to resolve the Ukrainian conflict.

Choosing to ride the joy waves :You have the right and the privilege of managing your own thoughts.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/18/2023

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There will always be things upon your earth to delight, and there will be things you can’t stand. As we’ve said many times, you get to choose in this buffet of experience and vibration. Are you going to focus on the rotten or the good, that which disgusts or delights, that which hurts or that which soothes?

It is a choice. If you were taught this as children, it would be easy to choose a focus on what feels better. However, most of you didn’t have this behavior modeled for you. When you were very young, you knew better. If you bumped your elbow or scraped your knee, you went crying for love. If a caring adult picked you up and soothed you, you didn’t stay hurt or sad for long. You enjoyed your bandaid and went back to play. In your innocence, you knew to reach for what felt better.

Likewise, if someone put food in your mouth that you didn’t like, you either vehemently spit it out or opened your mouth and let it dribble onto the table! You might have played with it, but in your innocent wisdom, you knew that you didn’t want to swallow anything that tasted bad.

When you were on the playground, and a badly behaved child hit you, you might have become upset, but soon you wanted to walk away and play with the kinder kids. You didn’t want to waste your time feeling bad. Something in you intuitively knew that this person wasn’t worth your time or attention. In your innocent wisdom, you chose to deprive them of you!

Over time, however, you witnessed those around you. You saw and heard people focusing on things that felt bad – world problems, family problems, financial problems, spilled milk, the “wrongness” of crayon drawings on the wall, etc. You started to synchronize your energy with those who influenced you. You are all empathic. You all can tune into the life around you. Children, especially, try to tune into and anticipate the energies of those around them.

As children, many of you tried to synchronize your energy with those who were important in your life. Others rebelled! In either case, your capacity to feel good was diminished. Synchronizing with or rebelling against a bad feeling both tune you into the bad feeling.

Over time you learned to compensate. You learned to analyze and develop justifications for feeling bad. Society certainly supports this. You will frequently receive compassion, sympathy, and assistance when you feel bad or experience unfortunate circumstances. However, if you’re flying high, only those with a similarly happy vibe (or those who want to be in that space) can celebrate with you. While we always support you in seeking or sharing love and compassion, we also encourage you to reach for better feelings rather than staying stuck in an unpleasant space.

You will inevitably see things and people on your earth that are disturbing. You will see those who are dishonest, greedy, and hurtful. You still have a choice, however. You can see them as your adversaries, or you can see them as we do – wounded little children reaching for love in childish ways. You don’t have to give them so much attention. You will see systems that serve only themselves. We see people who, in their ignorance, don’t know the magnitude of Divine abundance that is available when you live and work in a flow of giving and receiving. You can turn your attention to systems that operate in greater love and integrity, or you can be part of the change in your own sphere of influence.

You will hurt at times for various reasons. When you lose a loved one, stub your toe, or watch someone you love suffering, it is hard to feel the flow of Divine love that is always available. Nonetheless, one thought at a time, you can gradually soothe yourself, surrender to love, and allow better feelings. You may need to comfort yourself, reach for help, or use a helpful healing modality. You. may “turn the other cheek” and look away from those who can’t behave while deciding to focus on those who can. There are so many ways to reach for better feelings. You are never stuck in anything except your own thoughts. Change those, and your vibration will change. Your reality will adjust to match.

We have said this many times, and it is becoming increasingly important as your world offers such a diverse buffet of contrasts –  You deserve to feel good. You deserve to focus on and experience the things, people, and situations that uplift, inspire, and offer helpful solutions.

You were not born to learn through suffering, although you certainly can. It does cause you to reach for more and better. It forces you to look for the good out of a sheer desire for emotional survival. It can catalyze you to find great strength within yourself.

However, you can also learn and grow through inspiration and joy. You can see the world’s problems and quickly focus on the ideas and people that will create solutions. You can feel the pain in your body but turn to something enjoyable on your television, read a good book, or laugh with a friend to distract from the pain. You can relax and allow the body to heal and rebalance as it was originally intended to do. You can work with kind and loving healers or doctors who soothe you until, often with their assistance, you allow healing to take place. You can grieve over the loss of a loved one’s physical presence, even while you reach for the comfort and bliss of the heavenly love they wish to share with you.

You have choice. Most of you didn’t learn this, which is why we spend a great deal of time reminding you about what your soul already knows. You have the right and the privilege of managing your own thoughts. At first, your mind will seem like an untrained puppy running all over the place. Just as you might speak to that happy little being when you want them to cooperate, you can talk to your mind, “Sit. Stay. This is what I want you to focus on.”

When you focus on things that make you feel better, you give yourself a “treat.” – the best one of all. You plug yourself into the ever-present stream of goodness, grace, guidance, abundance, healing, and above all, love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

As the Deep State Winds Down

I love this semi-cryptic description of free energy and scalar weaponry:

“In the outer regions of space outside the Earth’s hemisphere, Electromagnetic Radiation in its raw form … creates solar heat and electricity – which is used for advanced weapon systems in aeronautics and satellites for classified military projects across the world.”

Electromagnetic Radiation in its raw form! Let us not use the words “free energy.”

Years ago only dedicated whistleblowers like Col. Tom Bearden were talking about the use of scalar weapons and the existence of free energy. And even the use of scalar energy in healing technologies. (1)

Do I hear anyone latching on to to the obvious and overwhelming benefits of energy from the Void? We have the answer before us. Any takers?

Granted that up till now it has been a little like volunteering to be a clay pigeon for Big Oil. (2) But now the discussion is entering more popular arenas.

Next stop: Elon Musk introducing free energy on Twitter.


The cabal’s plans for the pandemic were many-layered and extensive.  But like all their plans, they depended on having access to wealth, controlling the financial system, and controlling the media.

The cabal’s access to wealth is under attack on numerous fronts – examples are the Global Currency Reset, the Quantum Financial System, and President Trump’s EO sequestering the wealth of human-rights abusers. Without wealth, the cabal can’t operate.

The financial system they controlled is rapidly collapsing.

The rumors are that control of the media is next. That could be coming with a wipe of the Internet and migration to the Starlink system.

As for the folks supposedly travelling or in “hospital” but really migrating to the nuclear bunkers, they needn’t worry. Nuclear weapons won’t operate.  The only nuclear winter they’ll be surviving is a winter below ground, on whatever amenities are available.

The deep state is winding down.

What is ISO 20022?

ISO 20022 is an international protocol that provides a secure and standardized way of exchanging financial messages between organizations within the payment industry. The protocol will replace the 50-year-old SWIFT financial messaging system, which banks and other financial institutions use to facilitate global payments.

The standard addresses the need of financial services organizations looking to create a globally accepted messaging language. The language allows them to implement their business processes and collaborate with their partners utilizing one universal platform.

Financial institutions such as banks, crypto companies, and stock brokers can benefit from ISO 20022. It enables efficient and effective communication across multiple departments and organizations, reducing costs associated with numerous communication systems. In addition, achieving interoperability between existing protocols while still having the ability to support specific financial business processes makes ISO 20022 an excellent choice for any company involved in financial services.

Why is the ISO 20022 Crucial?

Financial institutions have always had to consider technological advances to keep up with the competition. in the new “ISO 20022” standard, cryptos could be assigned ISO codes if they are compliant with ISO 20022. This could lead to adoption by centralized banks and enable cross-border crypto payments through centralized financial institutions.

As we move toward a new quantum financial system, any third party, including cryptocurrencies, wishing to engage with them must be able to use the ISO 20022 format. The standard presents an essential test for the ability of institutions of all sizes to adapt and embrace innovative solutions.

ISO 20022 is more advanced than the traditional legacy formats banks use in that it supports more significant data volumes and faster processing rates. As a result, it is ideal for quick payments, daily liquidity management, compliance checks, and fraud detection and prevention, all demands. Overall, ISO 20022 presents an opportunity and challenge for companies wishing to stay ahead of their peers regarding technology.

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You may be experiencing dreams, memories, and deep knowings as you begin your journey home. It can be quite overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can feel like you are processing lifetimes of stuff ~ BECAUSE YOU ARE.

Jenny Schiltz ~ Next Steps on the Journey of Souls

We can all feel it; massive change is here. However, the true evidence is not found in the latest drama/distraction, but rather it is found by looking at what’s going on within.

In a recent blog, I shared that the spin within the body, within the cellular structure, has changed direction. This would create a centrifugal force that would push our wounding, unresolved issues (even physical ones), and limiting programming to the surface. (To read that blog, click here: The Spin Has Changed – Jenny Schiltz)

Each is becoming aware of the deep well of emotions underneath. Spirit understands that, for many, this has been an arduous time. Yet, it is a vital time as much has been uncovered, and more will continue to be revealed. Much is stirring deep within. All of it strives to give us a choice. The moment we observe something is the moment there is a choice. We can either continue ignoring what we see and feel, or we begin to make shifts, no matter how small.

What my team has shared with me recently is that the spin or rotation moving in a different direction is not just uncovering the hidden, but it’s leading us home. Home to our truth and totality.

As they shared this with me, they gave me an image.

Jenny Schiltz - IMG 1438 1

They explained that the BIG EXHALE was when we became a fractal of Source. From this space, we went out into all of creation, exploring ourselves and our worlds.

Now we have reached the point of the BIG INHALE.

Jenny Schiltz - IMG 1439 1

We are now on the way home. The loops we made on our journey from source or not only created from our human lives but from all the ways that we’ve explored creation. This could include lives as an elemental, a whale, a dragon, or a galactic being. All expressions of creation in all realms and realities of existence have been explored.

On our journey home, we will come into Union within of our Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, with all the incarnations, archetypes, and expressions. This was a journey of expansion, of getting to know who we truly are from every dimension, reality, and parallel world.

I asked spirit how long the journey home to Source would take, and I was shown that some will make huge loops (leaps), while others will make smaller loops, retracing the same space multiple times.

Jenny Schiltz - IMG 1440 1

I asked what we could do to make our journey home easier.

Spirit shared that one’s speed and ease will depend on how well one is able to RECONCILE their experience. To reconcile, by definition, means to cause something to coexist in harmony. That is what we are being asked to do, to bring Harmony to all aspects of ourselves and this experience. It is the removal of judgment and stepping into full, allowing of all that is, was, and will be.

stacked of stones outdoors
Photo by Pixabay on

By removing the judgment, we step into a space of unconditional love for all of creation, especially for ourselves. Through this space, we can take in all of the important and beautiful lessons while letting go of the pain we may have experienced.

Today we went on a hike, and instead of making our usual loop, we decided to turn around at a certain point. On the way back, my husband says, “Oh wow, I haven’t seen the trail from this vantage point before.”  We saw different trees, rock formations, and alcoves of beauty. That’s when I fully got it ~ We are going to see it all now from a different vantage point. With this will come new and beautiful understandings.

As we look around our world, it can be difficult to reconcile all that has taken place through the eons. Yet, that is exactly what we are being asked to do. It is the understanding that we have done it all, been it all, and played all the roles. We have been light, dark, and every shade in between.

As we unwind from this experience, we will find our hearts opening fully, the density of this experience lifting away, and true Oneness.

The more that we are able to reconcile our experiences and let them go, the more ease and grace we will feel on our return trip home. In order to partake in being a fractal of Source fully, we took on the illusion of separation. We did this through programming, beliefs, and even the wounds we hold. All this must be undone.

As we return home, the separation will leave, and we will once again understand oneness, not from a conceptual or mental level, but a cellular one.

When I asked to be shown what it means to be a fractal of Source, I was shown a time when my husband dropped a mirror on the garage floor. The mirror broke into a million pieces. Some were large, but most were small. There were even pieces that were so tiny they were difficult to sweep up. Yet it matters not how tiny a piece was; it was still a mirror.

Each of us is a fragment of Source; all of creation is, and each of us has held separation within to varying degrees. Now it is time to reconcile the experience and return home to oneness.

We do this by observing. Observing when we go into blame, shame, guilt, judgment, obligation, rage, etc. These big emotions are all doorways to programming, wounding and lies unresolved within. We don’t work from a level of reconciling the lives as a rock or a whale; we work with what is presenting itself right here, right now. We work with the big concepts and themes that present themselves daily, for these have been part of much of our existence.

You may be experiencing dreams, memories, and deep knowings as you begin your journey home. It can be quite overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can feel like you are processing lifetimes of stuff ~ BECAUSE YOU ARE.

It is not an easy time. So much is in our faces. Simultaneously, the world would like to keep us wrapped in fear and limitation. It can feel like trying to meditate in the middle of Disney World; it will take us removing ourselves from the noise and being dedicated to our growth. Without a doubt, though, the path home is clear and lit up; it is through the reconciliation of all the experiences of creation.

I am sending you all lots of love.


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The surprise, if you will, is that the shift of humanity and nature is happening more rapidly than we of the Universes expected.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you believe you are shifting too rapidly or too slowly. Your shift is correct for you. And as you worry about the rate of your shifting, you find that others are drifting away or connecting in ways you did not anticipate. All of this is to be expected.

The surprise, if you will, is that the shift of humanity and nature is happening more rapidly than we of the Universes expected.

Many of you awaken to fears and go to sleep the same night with a knowingness that all is right with your world – despite blips of concern that would have once created weeks or years of worry.

So it is all are shifting in ways hoped for but not necessarily expected.

In your 3D life, fear and worry predominated. Worries about income, health, companionship, shoulds, and on and on.

Even though those worries continue to raise fears, those fears are relatively short-lived. You no longer stop your life to ponder how long before the hammer falls, the shoe drops, or whatever phrase you use to promote your fear thoughts.

Instead, you are beginning to understand that even though an old fear has appeared, that fear will not last more than a few hours or days. Unlike your former 3D life, in which the fears of one incident could shift the remainder of your life.

Fear has not disappeared completely, but instead, it has become manageable. Fear no longer hangs over you, coloring your thoughts and actions with a grayness that does not seem to lift. Your clouds of worry are now short-lived, as is true of the clouds in your sky.

You are quickly becoming a different person. Someone who no longer attaches one worry or fear to another to create a fear-based life. Instead, you acknowledge a fear as a single entity and create ways of managing or curtailing that fear.

As a new being, you erased your slate or karma of past fears. Eradicating the need to build one fear upon another – similar to layers of paint on a wall. You are fresh and new without the hindrances of – that fear is similar to this fear. And because of that fear, a catastrophe happened. You now have a fresh wall to paint with a thin layer of easily removable paint, or leave as it is.

The fears of yesterday no longer apply.

No longer are you hostage to what could happen or what has happened. Instead, you are addressing issues as either solvable or erasable. You are in complete control of your current fears, which has never before been true for your previous earth lives – with the exception of the first time you entered 3D fear-based earth.

You are new, and the world is new.

Your former 3D issues no longer apply. And your future issues, if any, are merely in the formation stages, as is true for your joys and peace.

You are new, and the world is new. Something that has not occurred since the earth was formed beyond eons ago. You are like infants in a new loving family instead of infants in a fearful rage-filled family.

Some of you contend that fear dominates your world despite your best efforts to find joy and peace. Such is so for a reason. Do you continue to review fearful actions or activities? Are you surrounded by fear-based people? Do you participate in fear-based speech? Or are you ready for “I’m no longer in that 3D world, nor do I care about that world. My new world, my life, is filled with joy.” Such inner statements and actions are all that is required to move into your new home of being.

The layers of fear-based actions, or for this analogy, paint, have been cleared and removed. You are now free to paint your walls any color or no color. Instead of thick layers of fear-based paint, your fears are now minimal and easily removed. Current fears are no longer attached to fears that happened many lifetimes ago. Or attached to what might happen as reported in your news or from others. It is over.

Allow yourself to flow from one minor fear to another without lingering effects.

Some of you believe your fears are more dramatic and long-lasting than others. Such might be true. But in all likelihood, your fears will soon dissipate, for this new world is no longer a world of fear but of love. Love for yourself and your life.

A life that will be difficult to maneuver if fear continues to be your dominant theme. Fear was your past theme – before you transitioned and helped the world do the same in this lifetime. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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It is imperative to understand that everyone’s consciousness, which in reality is the one Divine Consciousness individualized, automatically attracts and draws to itself whatever energy it vibrates in alignment with.

MARCH 12, 2023

Dear readers, welcome once again to our message, a message meant to offer hope, information, deeper spiritual awareness, and a fuller understanding of the what you personally and the world in general may be experiencing at this time.

These are troubling times throughout the world, but change and discord are inevitable as many commonly accepted beliefs begin to crumble in order to make room for a new world consciousness, one that serves all and not just a select few. Change is difficult because the ideas, concepts, and beliefs that created and continue to sustain ideas of separation continue to resonate as reality for many.

You were aware of what this particular lifetime on earth would involve (clearings, discords, change etc.) before incarnating but eagerly and lovingly chose to come in order to assist and be a part of the process. Upon arriving, growing up, being taught, and continually subject to the three dimensional world you forgot who you really were and aligned with the three dimensional belief system. However, since an attained level of consciousness cannot regress, the state of consciousness you arrived with has never been lost, just forgotten for awhile.

The reason so many young people are presently struggling is that they are old souls unable to relate to a world that many of them evolved beyond in previous lives. They were anxious to play a part in the ascension process but once in dense earth energy forgot why they came. Many of them cannot relate to what the third dimensional belief system considers important and real. Because of their physical immaturity, they believe themselves to be odd, different, and weird, and that something must be wrong with them because what so much of what those around them consider important they often find to be silly, obsolete, useless, and unreal.

It is imperative to understand that everyone’s consciousness, which in reality is the one Divine Consciousness individualized, automatically attracts and draws to itself whatever energy it vibrates in alignment with. Those who thrive on being a victim of some sort will simply continue to attract experiences of this sort until their state of consciousness evolves beyond whatever beliefs are manifesting. There is no God somewhere punishing and making people suffer. Every person is their own personal creator by virtue of being a full expression of the one Creator/God.

Long, long ago before materiality, some souls in their quest for experiences chose to experience being separate from God. The result was that they became lost and trapped in the illusions of separation creating a collective consciousness based in duality, separation and two powers, the density of these energies manifesting as material.

​Most of you were not a part of this long ago experiment but as you observed these souls fall ever deeper into their own creations forgetting who they were, many of you chose to help free them and thus began a mission over many many lifetimes lived in third dimensional energy where you accumulated the energies that you are now clearing.

Know that all is proceeding according to plan. Earth is moving slowly but surely toward becoming her real self which is the expression of a perfect Divine Idea even though things do not presently look that way with all the clearings, shifting, and exposures coming to world awareness at this time.

Anxiety and fear are manifesting for many at this time. It is important not to claim them as personally yours and seek ways to treat, release, heal, or fix them. Anxiety and fear have always been a large part of the collective, but there is more receptivity at this time. If you experience anxiety and fear for no particular reason, don’t align with it but rather simply and without resistance acknowledge it for what it is–thoughts, ideas, beliefs, concepts floating universally in the collective. Free will allows every person to accept the contents of the collective as being real and personally theirs or to see these things for what they really are and without giving them power, move on.

​The only permanent and real qualities anyone can ever have are God qualities. When you feel anxiety, fear, or other negative emotions center yourself in truth, knowing that God alone is power, law, and reality, regardless of outer appearances. Take time often to go within, be still, and align with who you really are in the realization that God never has and never could express ITself as anything other than ITself and if fear and anxiety were facets of Divine Consciousness they would be forever permanent, held in place by Divine Law..

Love, the energy that connects and flows between all expressions of God is beginning to unfold more deeply across the world. Weather related events, war, and violence is serving to open the hearts of many who heretofore have lived happily and comfortably in a sense of separation. Those continuing to believe themselves to be better than others and therefore more entitled and deserving of the world’s money, goods, respect, and honor etc., are going to discover that like it or not, all are connected.

​Three dimensional experiences form a perfect evolutionary path for those living fully in three dimensional consciousness. As a person begins to open to truth and attains a higher level of awareness difficult three dimensional experiences decrease because they are no longer creating them. In spite of appearances know that there are no accidents. Before incarnating, every person chooses with the help of their guides the experiences they believe necessary for their spiritual growth. Spiritual evolution is the underlying goal of all earthly experiences regardless of how they may appear because every person is knowingly or unknowingly working toward attaining a consciousness of reality and oneness with God.

Frequently difficult life lessons involve the energy of past life situations, habits, and beliefs that are still active and being carried from lifetime to lifetime. Energies that need to be once again experienced, acknowledged, consciously risen above, and cleared. For example, a person being somehow persecuted in this life may very well have been the persecutor in one or more previous lives and must personally experience this energy in order to break the cycle.

Some of the African/American community, were slave owners in the past and chose to incarnate with black skin in this life in order to experience, learn, and help change societies prejudicial beliefs. Some women living in and suffering from oppressive male dominated societies were men who held these same beliefs in past lives. However, know that experiencing one’s own past creations is not true in every situation. Many suffering today from prejudice, male dominance, and persecution did not need these experiences for personal growth but rather specifically and bravely chose those them in order to bring change and enlightenment to others.

As a person evolves into a consciousness of oneness with Source, many ordinary beliefs, ideas, pleasures, needs, desires, and even problems of the three dimensional world begin to feel less real, less important, and less attractive because the person has shifted out of alignment with them. Many of you may be experiencing this now, a sense of detachment from what the world considers important and necessary. There is nothing wrong with you, you are simply graduating.

The outer world with all its physical, emotional, and mental pain looks, feels, and acts very real because you have had hundreds of lifetimes in which you became increasingly conditioned by experiences of duality and separation. The frequencies of a conditioned consciousness cannot align with the higher, lighter frequencies of truth now flowing to earth and into the collective. Anyone choosing to be a part of the “new earth” must be able to align with it.

​There is no unexpressed consciousness. Divine Consciousness is, always has, and will forever continue to express ITself in and as infinite form and variety– ideas, creativity, life…This same one Divine Consciousness individualized is also expressing. What am I holding as reality in my Consciousness?

We are the Arcturian Group 3/12/23

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[Celebration Team] message from Mother Mary to you.

received by email.

Beloved Nikos,

Today’s message from Mother Mary’s  to you!

Have you discovered, in our new book, that You are a living transmission of Opulence?

We love and adore you. We are grateful that you have become part of the ground team for this project to be anchored as the Divine New Earth.

Your presence is important. Your life is incredibly valuable. You are part of the Divine Plan fulfilled.

I want to personally thank you for giving me and the Pure Gold Project team an opportunity to love you, encourage you, and partner with you on your unique Ascension journey of Opulence.

Stay close to my heart Beloved. I AM the Ma-Ray of Infinite Abundance and Unconditional Love.

This is an inward journey that will flower into a beautiful flow of the new faith currency in your life and in the world.

I love you,

Mother Mary and the Angels of Abundance

Mother Mary rocks.

Wow, you have blessed me so much. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I feel the celebration pulsing through all of us.

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“A moment with Jennifer is like immersing yourself in the inspiration of the best music and the love of a most powerful prayer.” – Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

In Your Power

My bright and beautiful child, sometimes you need to be reminded of why you are here. It is not to solve your world’s problems, although some of you may be drawn in that direction. It is not to save every other human on the planet, though you may feel it is part of your mission. You are here, my love, to finally see what it means to be a light in the darkness, to lead by example and to embrace being human. Remember why…and remember to stand in your power. Only then will you truly be able to change your world. ~ Creator

channeled by Jennier Farley The Creator Writings

BREAKING: Trump vows to prevent World War III, put AMERICA FIRST again in epic CPAC speech

Donald Trump gave the keynote speech at CPAC on Saturday afternoon, the former president and 2024 presidential candidate promised to take back the country from the corruption of the Biden administration and the biased corporate media and represent the people’s interests.

Trump received a standing ovation upon taking the stage. He spoke of his anti-war record, attacked the enemies of America in the Biden administration, the pro-crime district attorneys, the attacks on free speech and a free press, and his “bold, detailed agenda for how we’re going to complete this mission” in his text term.

“I will prevent World War III, and very easily. And you’re gonna have World War III if something doesn’t happen fast.” Trump.