Finding what is fine and fun

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 10/28/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There will always be those on your planet who are connected to the greater purpose, which is really very simple. You come to love. You came to explore contrast and design new ways to bring love into your lives, your hearts, and the world. You came to be receivers, broadcasters, and creators of love. Whether you bake a cake, admire a leaf or grass, or luxuriate in the comfort of a cozy chair, you are flowing love into this world. Judge not by the scale of it, dear ones, but rather by its authenticity.

What can you find to appreciate about this moment? What can you find to appreciate about yourself? You can easily find things to criticize. Most of you witnessed others finding fault quite a bit during your formative years. It is a human habit for many to notice faults and flaws. What if, however, you were to work on the habit of finding what is fine and fun?

What if you were to pour the milk and tell yourself,” I poured that milk brilliantly into my glass! I love the beautiful, clean color. I love the taste of it. I love knowing it is making my bones strong and healthy!” This idea sounds silly to many of you, but consider that if you dropped the glass, most of you would easily find fault with yourself.

Dear ones, you can start to look for what is fun and fine instead of looking for faults and flaws. You can train yourselves to look for things you are doing right, no matter how small. It is so easy for many of you to sigh at the slightest hint of a wrinkle, but how often do you admire something such as a patch of clear skin? Think about how easy it is to judge a tiny so-called flaw. Why does it seem ridiculous, then, to admire or acknowledge something equally small?

It is easy to call yourself stupid when you make a “mistake,” but how much more powerful it is to acknowledge the thousands of good decisions you make each day.

It is easy to get frustrated over a struck drawer, but it is far kinder to your spirit to appreciate the ones that glide open smoothly.

It is easy to get worked up over the one person who cut you off in traffic, but you’ll feel much better when you take the time to notice the hundreds of courteous drivers.

It is easy to get upset over a technical challenge that puts a kink in your day, but more powerful to give thanks for the millions of technologies that support you daily.

We are not here to make you wrong, shame you, or inspire guilt, but rather to point out that it is only conditioning that keeps you from your natural loving state of being.

Watch any young child. They are proud of the smallest things. “Look, Mommy! Check out my belly button!” “Look at my new drawing.” “I want to sing for you!” They dance and prance in front of the mirror, admiring the body they’re in. They feel happy about their tiniest accomplishment. They delight in the smallest detail that, to most, would go unnoticed. They live in a natural state of wonder and appreciation.

While there are certainly horrendous things on your earth that you can do little about in the 3D sense, there are numerous ways in which you can flow and ripple love out into your world as energy. These ripples, dear ones, join with the ripples of billions of others. They eventually turn into waves of love that may even, someday, reach the hardened hearts of those who don’t believe in good, don’t believe in God, and don’t believe in anything other than their own ability to manipulate and bully. They are sad souls, dear friends. Turn away from their antics and instead turn to admire the handle of the drawer you just opened, the pen you just used, and the fact that you have a hand that works.

If you were to practice looking for what is fine and fun every day, in the smallest of ways, you would cultivate such a habit of positivity that your problems in life would begin to melt away—not because you tried to solve them but because your vibration has risen above them.

Your world needs your love, your joy, and your focus on all that is good. There are always the lost who will try to steal your attention, but ultimately dear ones, you get to decide who and what is worthy of that precious gift.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels