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The Creator Writings ~ Ready Or Not by Jennifer Farley, February 12, 2023.

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Ready or not, here it comes! With the next big wave arriving, it is best to keep yourself as grounded as possible and to remind yourself, on a moment-to-moment basis if necessary, to not take anything personally. This is where the boundaries you have been practicing will come in handy. The skills and tool you have been given and trying out these past few weeks will be an integral part of moving through the current energy.

You are and have become stronger since this particular journey has begun, but that does not mean you have to go it alone. Reach out to like-minded friends/family, and let them know you will be there if needed. Once this very important phase is concluded, some of the changes you may have been manifesting will take place in your personal world, as well as globally. You are ready for this, it is possible, and you will be amazing throughout!

~ Creator

The celebration of the solstice – the darkest day of your year – marks a turning point towards the Light.

Messages from Ann & the Angels ~ The Light that Never Leaves

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your holidays are a celebration of Light in the darkness. The Christ child came during dark times of oppression, amid taxation, in a dark, cold cave, through a young, unwed mother. The lamp stayed miraculously lit after intense massacre, war, and turmoil when hope was desperately needed. The celebration of the solstice – the darkest day of your year – marks a turning point towards the Light.

The history of each holiday is different. The celebrations are unique. Nonetheless, the vibrations of all these holidays are the same: love, peace, and hope. Each, in its own way, is a celebration of the triumph of Light over darkness that offers a ray of hope no matter how challenging times may be. You focus – some of you for the entire season, some for a moment – on the Light and the ever-present love that waits to be sought, seen, and acknowledged.

The Light has never left you. It was present in the moment of creation. It is present in every loving glance. It is present in the birth of every child and the re-birth of every soul as they transition back into the expanded realms. The Light is in your tears as you grieve your physical losses and present in your laughter. The Light is in your joy and your sadness where it lays buried, perhaps like a seed waiting for you to acknowledge the life it wants to sprout within you.

The light is present as strongly now as it always has been. The love remains constant and unchanged. It shows up in countless different forms. To the degree that you allow it in your own heart and your own life, you will experience ever-increasing amounts of this light.

You call something a miracle when your focus on the desire is stronger than your doubt, disbelief, and focus on the problem. If you want to experience the light dear ones, focus on it. If you want to experience it as love, focus on love. If you want to experience it as abundance, focus on abundance. If you want to experience it as peace, focus on peace. For wherever you are, there the light is. Wherever you focus, that is what you experience.

Mary focused on God’s grace and her willingness to receive it in the form of a child. The keepers of the temple focused on hope and reconsecrating it to the Light once again. During the solstice, you focus on longer, lighter days to come. During these turning points, your world’s focus shifts from dark to Light and despair to hope. In so doing, you allow the Light – in many more beautiful forms – to flow into your experience.

Turn your focus to all that is beautiful, light, and love-filled. Focus on the warmth behind the holiday trimmings. Enjoy your material world. It, too, is a manifestation of Light. Remember, however, to appreciate the love behind it.

  • Love your gatherings by focusing on the good within all.
  • Love your traditions – new or old – by focusing on the good feelings they bring.
  • Love your meals and treats as symbols of loving care.
  • Love your gifts as emblems of love; whether or not you like the thing, appreciate the thought.
  • Love your decorations for the artistry and creativity in each.

Everywhere you look, see the love. With each sparkling Light, each candle burning bright, think about and appreciate the sparks of Light within each one of you. If you have lost love in the form of a dear one, open to feeling them as they are now, for they know where you are, and they feel closer to you than can be described in human terms and want to share that Light with you.

The Light is never gone. It is there for you all. It is simply waiting for your focus to invite it into your hearts, lives, and communities. Welcome the Light into your heart during this season by focusing on it more; in so doing, you will experience more of it each day.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
~ The Angels

How to Create your Own Reality, a Handy Guide | Don Spectacularis

Have you ever wondered what exactly you need to actually DO to create your own reality? Or how exactly you too can shift yourself (and everyone upon this planet) into the New Earth? Or help stop wars, hatred, poverty, disease, division, exploitation, corruption, and child abuse? Or to simply GET everything that you’d always wanted? Or simply find health, wealth, relationships, abundance, or healing? Or even heal your body of unwanted substances (vaccines, chemtrail toxins, food poisons etc.)?

So linked right below, is a truly interesting, useful and helpful 10 minute video (that I came across just yesterday), that will show you the way. For not only does this message resonate 100% with me personally, but I have both – past life as well as present life – memories and very-much-PHYSICAL experiences, to account for its legitimacy and authenticity. But you don’t have to take MY word for it. Experiment with its teaching/s for yourself and see what comes of it!

Watch it. Save it. Learn it. Memorize it. And, above all, get to PRACTICING it NONSTOP.

After all, practice makes perfect. Be it learning how to play a guitar, how to skateboard, or how to be a God-in-a-human-suit!

So get practicing! It’s how you change and UPLIFT your world – both individual, as well as collective!

You can view the video by clicking here: 

Enjoy! 🙂

Don Spectacularis

P.S. :: If the video resonates with you, please don’t forget to SHARE (or help TRANSLATE it if you can) for more and more and more people around the world to truly BENEFIT from! Cheers!! And enjoy creating a better reality for us ALL! 🙂 Adios.

Money will be one of the first places to record and display the evolution of the race.

by Sophia Love, August 30, 2022, via email

It is the One.

Thank you.

There is something specific to reference in our conversation today. It concerns the value of what you refer to as money. For this is about to change… It is about to change is a very big way.

What has been taken as value in commerce is, in actuality, of little substance. Just as the baseless promises of so many of society’s officials and institutions, the concrete substance that makes up your money creates a negative pull on its overall value. For in most cases, it is made of paper, which is the by product of ending the life of a tree.

As these bills are printed to excess, their value not only decreases, but it reflects the negative imprint that the controllers have made on life and on Gaia.

It was with absolute disregard for life that paper money was introduced into society. To perpetually print money demands a constant supply of trees to cut. In this current scenario, more and more trees are required to support fewer and fewer humans.

If you consider the fact that trees are necessary for life on earth to continue, well, you can see the problem.

This topic is introduced now to further your awareness of the base point level of concern that these controllers hold for humanity. The successful enrichment of human life has never been their intention. Their plan has been only consumption and full control.

You are nearing a time when new and alternative forms of commerce will be introduced. It is to be based on real value. This will evolve over several permutations of cost and purpose and form.

As the race steps into its true heritage, its essence, a reflection of that truth will be seen in every aspect of society. Money will be one of the first places to record and display the evolution of the race.

If you consider the idea of a brilliant being of pure love and light accepting a form of dead wood as reimbursement, it becomes obvious that this arrangement does not favor or honor that being. In fact, and instead, it attempts to label that being a slave; something controlled by an aggressive and life-depleting force. That force is intent only on promoting its own self-interests, not the being of pure light that it “pays” to “work.” *

Think about this deeply, dear human. The system of slavery that is hidden beneath careers and jobs is at the core of most of society. In order for the race to be supported and supplemented, major shifts in commerce and value need to be introduced and considered.

These will reflect true value, which is, initially, life itself; all of life. This is a major shift in processes and methods. It will be met with resistance initially. That resistance will dissipate as humanity acknowledges the true value and worth of each and every soul. **

Value for life is evidenced everywhere you look. It is seen in the poor grade of mass-produced foods and factory farming, pesticides and medicinal chemicals. If something is produced “for” a life that ultimately harms or degrades that life, then you will know that its creator was motivated by something else.

Humanity moves forward now, towards a society that honors all of life rather than one that favors and supports a select few.

All of your systems will be re-structured. All of your tools of trade will be re-evaluated. As this occurs, keep in mind value. It is vital that utilities and methods reflect truth, and honor the brilliant being that is the hue-man 2.0.

There will be changes and challenges. Eventually, there will be life without the need for money as a tool of exchange. This is further along the evolutionary path for humanity. Yet ultimately it is Oneness that leaves its fingerprint on the society of the Hue-man; the Hue-man 2.0.

That is all.

Thank you.

*Or who it charges to live. Things like taxes and debt and interest illustrate this also.

**What came through here is that this monetary morphing will be gradually accepted as part of the Awakening. As mankind accepts and realizes his/her true value and essence, well, this will be seen in all of what we are willing to utilize. Money is just a part of it, albeit one of the more obvious signals.

We’ll know how far we’ve come by the conditions and processes we are willing to accept. This is a natural and organic change, and no part of it is isolated. When our essence is reflected in every part of our lives, we will know that the Awakening has occurred in fullness. At that point, commerce/money will be very different indeed.

Archangel Michael via Sharon Stewart

Week 62 Message

Angelic Warrior Group

I am Archangel Michael and I have another task for the Angelic Warrior Group this week.

As you may know, important developments within the history of humanity are being overturned by the Supreme Courts. In the landmark case of R versus W, passed in the 1970’s, abortion was legalized. Now it is overturned in many States, and considerations made in others.

As there are people of two mindsets on earth right now, we ask you to help those who do not understand to realize the truth: the truth is there is never a need to terminate the life of another being, at whatever stage.

Yes, with your limited knowledge there are many of you that are reacting to this statement. You believe it is the right for the woman to determine whether she is pregnant or not, and this is absolutely correct! It is her right.

However it is not her right to terminate a life once it is at any stage of progression, unless the soul decides to terminate itself. It is always up to the soul, never the physical manifestation, to determine the life’s course.

However many do not know this yet. Many of you still think you are in charge. On the other hand, many of you give your entire lives over to God and wait for direction. These are two extremes of the same continuum: misuse of Universal Law. The Law of Surrender asks you to surrender to God when you do not understand, not when you understand what the next steps should be. God will not communicate with you through a burning bush or in sending you angels to converse with, these were biblical acts and the biblical times were times when man was losing his potency as a divine being. The last public example of this mastery was Yeshua or the one you call Jesus. Only in again beginning to walk the path of truth can you live as Yeshua did.

You are not in charge of your lives, however you must live them. You must make choices and learn from those choices which it is that God wants for you. He always wants your happiness, your peace and your love. He wants the opportunity to show you His love for you because love must always be given away, so He wants your happiness.

In fact, at this point in time, you know little of what God wants for you, because it is not realized upon the earth and you do not live as He would have you live.

On that note, we now look at the large major cities across the earth and realize they will become the stage for many acts of unhappy protest by those who feel the right to determine the life of another is at their hands. This is the other extreme: the ones who think they are in charge of others’ lives as well as their own. At one point, the definition of what constitutes life fell into question and was conveniently routed to allow for abortion.

Yes, three lives are at play, here. Would it not be obvious to you that the subject of abortion holds the seed for much growth and development of humanity, if in fact you would allow that growth? Now you will go through this as a collective and many other life questions will arise from the restructuring of law and society for you in days to come.

Today I ask you to focus on the capitol city of your choice: be it Denver, Portland, Mumbai or Paris. Make a choice and meditate, pray or send wishes of love to this capitol that it may sustain any damage by those forces rebelling against the overturn of this court decision. Send your love so that the people living in these cities will suffer little or nothing at all of the turmoil that will ensue as a result of this decision.

I am Archangel Michael. I bring you Truth, I bring you love, we are Legion.


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Raising the Collective Consciousness is the key for your transformation.

Submitted to Voyages of Light on June 25, 2022

Dear Humans,

We are children from the planet Kabiru, and we are here to introduce ourselves to humankind. Only children can live here, we study, play and develop skills in area, we desire. We live in 8 dimensional reality, and we enjoy every second of it.

We have been studying the hidden history about Earth, and we are very surprised about the facts that each time your civilization reached the high dimensional reality, you got reversed into a low vibrational one. Your existence is very sad. We can’t understand that you allow being killed, manipulated and being abused. It’s very hard for us to comprehend this type of behavior especially where your children are sacrificed by cults or get abused. We wish for you to evolve again and become a happy planet.

Kabiru is a paradise for kids, who want to interact with each other as children, learn about the Cosmos and eventually become great adults, who can help others to live in peace and balance. This is only possible in high dimensions, where the civilizations are evolved and serve for the good of others.

Our planet welcomes different ages of children from everywhere, who reached 6 and up dimensions and interested to explore, learn, play and then choose, what kind of service, we want to provide for others, after we become adults. Kabiru has two suns, so the night never arrives here. Everyday you can experience same pleasant temperature. The adults, who supervise us, create a balanced schedule for us, so we have enough time for all activities including playtime.

The planet is full of special rooms specifically designed for our unique needs. Most of us are very bright and quick learners, that is very common in our reality. We get guided by our own consciousness, which is limitless. We can learn and do anything, what we have a desire without any limits. Nobody controls us or tells us, how to behave, as we naturally know how. We follow unique recommendations from our advisers, who give the best plan for each child. We learn from early age to be independent.

Your reality is very challenging and hard, and everyone forgot to follow your heart. We realize that, It will takes some time to reverse 3D to a higher dimensional society. You have some many things wrong on Earth like weather manipulation, control issues from authorities, archaic technologies and etc. We are just children, and we know, that you need to find your paradise. Raising the Collective Consciousness is the key for your transformation. We are sending our Hugs and Love. Thank you Universal Channel

Don’t give up on your planet
Children from the planet Kabiru

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ If You’re Yearning for an Ex…

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 If you find yourself yearning for a previous relationship, it is not necessarily a sign that you are meant to go back. The relationship ended for a reason, and those energies are expired. What you are really missing are the elements that did work for you in that relationship.

It is feedback for you to know what to look for in your next partner without the things that didn’t work. Simply put, your soul is giving you a “Yes” for the elements that did work, and a “No” to the ones that did not. This is to give you clarity to help you discover your next highest match. Many people misunderstand this and try to go back into the relationship, only to find out that it still does not work.

Your soul is always trying to move you forward into the perfect matches for you. Many times you get caught up in the idea that you can only find the traits you enjoyed in that relationship in one place, but the fact is your old partner was likely a near match and your soul is trying to lead you to the true match, the relationship that holds what you enjoyed without whatever issues made that previous relationship unsustainable.

Have you considered that you could find an even better relationship than the old one that contains all of the joy and none of the angst? Open your heart and your mind that you can have it all, Dear Ones, and you will make that a true possibility which will allow yourself to align with the match that is truly meant for you. From that space, if your ex is truly meant for you, they will show up in a more evolved version of themselves that makes the relationship a viable match for you again.

Living happily ever after.

They say:what are you working on? what do you hope to accomplish?
Living happily ever after.
And they say:
But what do you want to leave as a legacy?
I was a happy one.
And they say:But what are you doing?
Things that please me.
Toward what end?
And They say: but but what is the mark you want to leave?
Life is joyous.
Hard for people to wrap their head around it but that’s all what existence is about you see.
-Abraham Hicks- 😂😂😂😊😊😊🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😉😉😉

Happy solstice everyOne! Our gift to you:Abundance Activation & Mini Workshop.

My PC is being repaired, meantime we do with what we have(my android).

Solstice Abundance Meditation narrated and created by Adele Ferreira & Mini Workshop for our High Vibe Tribe : After doing the guided meditation follow these steps☺🥰🤗😍Manifestation Mini Workshop in 3 steps:

press play and do the 5′ activation.

when you are done follow steps below

  2. Go within for 5 minutes feeling gratitude.
  3. FORGIVE 3 People in your life you most strongly disagreed with then send forgiveness to all around the planet.
    Repeat for 21 days.


You will soon discover the fun of creating totally anew as you begin to ignore your horror at the dramatic changes and realize the freedoms those changes create.

Dear Ones,

Now that you have essentially given up your world-shifting role, how can you be sure that the second wave will create a world you want to live in? Your concerns are the concerns of many parents as their children reach young adulthood. The next generation almost always feels wrong from the parents’ viewpoint. Not because their young adult children are wrong, but because they are different. Need we remind you that several outer-directed generations live amongst one another despite somewhat differing patterns – and so it will be now. The second wave will not create as you might, for your creation instincts are to repeat outer-directed structural designs. Will you be comfortable in this new rebuild? That is your choice for the rebuild will seem strange at first, just as anything new does. As the second wave creates new economies, governments, institutions (the only term you can understand now), relationships, etc., you will be amazed and initially horrified. Their creations will not be like anything you can imagine. But then, you arrived on the earth to destroy that which you knew. At first, this new world will seem foreign and likely, frightening. Not because it is wrong, but because it is so different. In truth, these new structures will be the difference between living in caves, as the earth’s inhabitants once did, to living in a mansion with modern conveniences. Would a cave-dwelling person know immediately that their life had changed? Of course. But would they be happy? Most likely not – especially at first. The language and operational skill sets would be so dramatically different that the cave-dwellers would not know how to cook their food or operate conveniences like automobiles or computers. The difference between your learning curve and that of cave-dwellers is you expect change. Not a minor change like your child going off to college. But a significant shift more incredible than the shift of an upper-class matriarch born in the late 1880s with a myriad of antiquated social rules trying to accept a jazz-age granddaughter with her short skirts, flapper attitude, and free love. The grandmother’s love for her granddaughter exists, but neither would necessarily understand why or how. You will be in wonderment as the second wave creates a world that makes you concerned for the future, only to accept the new as interesting and exciting. If you remember, we  If you remember, we, of the Universes, highlighted your new being need to flit from activity to activity. After first being horrified by the second wave structural changes, you will discover the fun and joy of their creations. New structural creations different than anything you can imagine, for your new world creation imagination is limited to your previous 3D worlds. These second-wave ideas might seem counter-intuitive until you recognize the joy and fun in the unknown. Like the 1880s matriarch forced to maintain the right words and actions for her social position – observing her flapper granddaughter having a delightful time drinking illegal gin, smoking, and dancing the night away with a feverish pitch. As the matriarch observes the joy and freedom of her granddaughter, she might begin to question the rules she lives by. And so it will be for you. Are you expecting the new world to be a somewhat cleansed version of your current world? Or do you recognize the need for a truly new world? The second-wave creations will not be wrong, just beyond anything you can now conceive. You will soon discover the fun of creating totally anew as you begin to ignore your horror at the dramatic changes and realize the freedoms those changes create. You have repeatedly demonstrated that you no longer wish to live by social rules. That you want the freedom to be. The next wave will create that freedom in fun and joy. Which you will likely join once your initial shock has diminished and thoughts of “You can’t.” “It’s not possible.” “It’s too frightening.” shift to the fun of doing the very acts you were once frightened of. This new dawn is not colored the same as the 3D watered-down dawns you have come to expect. Join in the fun – the sooner, the better. The second wave does not particularly care if you adapt to the new world – but you will. Not because it is a should, but because it will be freedom and joy you cannot now imagine. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.  Copyright 2009-2022, Brenda Hoffman. All rights are reserved. Share this content with others, post it on your blog, or add it to your newsletter. But please maintain this blog’s integrity by including the author/channel’s name: Brenda Hoffman, and the source

Many of you don’t believe you can manifest a large amount of money for yourselves-AA Gabriel via Shelley Young-

So many of you don’t know what you want. That is because you have exhausted the potentials that you are aware of and are ready to move beyond the known into the unknown. This is a positive thing!

As you move into the energies of the new, we urge you to resist the urge to micromanage any new manifestations and become much more open to discovery. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a hand in your co-creations. Far from it! The key is to switch over into working with broad intention and let your highest self and the universe fill in the rest.

Let us give you an example. Many of you wish to manifest a large amount of money. It isn’t really the money you want but rather what having the money will offer you. Money is always an energetic middle man, if you will.

So why do you really want a lot of money? For most people, it is because they want freedom. They want more enjoyment in life. So we urge you to surrender into the experience of more freedom and enjoyment in life.

Why this works is because most of you don’t really believe you can manifest a large amount of money for yourselves. That will make it very difficult for you to align with the experience. But you do believe you can create more freedom and more enjoyment, even if it is a little bit at a time. That feels within the realm of possibility for you.

What we want you to understand is that when you surrender into the essence of what you would like to experience, you can start to align with it, incrementally, almost immediately. This allows you to have more comfort as you go through the discovery process of what the universe is wishing you to discover that is your highest outcome.

It starts to make your desires part of your experience, even if it is the smallest way, as you follow the unfoldment until your intention becomes a predominant part of your life. It is planting a seed and watching it grow.

While both are equally possible, it is far easier for most of you to step into a dream bit by bit rather than all at once. In fast moving energies such as you are in right now, a small amount can grow into a big amount very quickly, because doing it a bit at a time will keep you out of doubt and resistance.

So connect with the essence of your desires and why you want them, and enter into the flow towards the discovery of what your truest version of that dream can be.  You can make big progress in ways that will continue to surprise and delight you, every step of the way.

There is so much fun and wonder to be had in the discovery of the new matches and solutions that exist for you

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Exploring Potentiality

Dear Ones, you can’t be controlling and guided at the same time. You can’t decide you are going to do it all yourself and be open to receive at the same time.

You are going through profound change, both individually and as a collective. You are being made aware of what is not working for you so you can let go of the old, and find new solutions and ways of being.

Japan's HTV-5 cargo craft is illuminated with the Nile river below
Japan’s HTV-5 cargo craft is illuminated with the Nile river below by NASA Johnson is licensed under CC-BY-NC 2.0

If you are perpetually exhausted by your life, it is a sign that you have outgrown where you are and you are ready for expansion and new discoveries. It is an indicator that you are ready to up-level into something that is a much better match for you and your soul’s agenda. Your soul is beckoning you forward into the new.

So allow yourself to be led. When you don’t know what to do next, get curious. Ask to be shown what is possible that you aren’t aware of. Give the reins to your team, who have the vantage point of being on the other side of the veil, and allow them to show you the way.

There is so much fun and wonder to be had in the discovery of the new matches and solutions that exist for you; that are patiently waiting for you. All you must do is be willing to explore in the realm of potentiality that exists just beyond what you can see, and that is exactly what your spirit team is in place to help you to do.

And if you hesitate because you think you might be disturbing us by asking for help, please know it brings us just as much joy to guide you into those discoveries as you have in making the discovery itself. It is great fun for us to get creative with our signs and synchronicities. We wait with bated breath and celebrate when you find your way to your next right time/right place scenario.

It’s all very simple, you see. We can’t know the joy of service if you don’t allow us to serve you. By asking for our help you honour us in our purpose, as we honour you in yours.

When you are happy, doing what you love, your energy vibrates at a higher frequency because love and joy are the reality.

The Arcturians via Marilyn Rafaelle.

JUNE 5, 2022  ​  ​ 

Dear readers, welcome to this message which in reality is your message because consciousness draws to itself that which it is in alignment with and thus through these messages you are attracting to yourself what it is you need to know, understand, and are ready for. This is why it is so important to be aware of what you hold in consciousness.  ​  World events continue to cause stress and confusion for everyone. Those who have attained a consciousness of oneness understand that there is an energetic shift taking place but they too are experiencing a sense of sadness because they know that the world could be so different. Never forget that a new and different world is the goal, the Divine Plan, and will happen. Allow the process dear ones for all is proceeding according to plan and anything not in and of Divine consciousness is temporary.   ​  Many of you are finding yourselves increasingly drawn to step back from activities and people that were once important to you. This is because you have evolved and your consciousness no longer resonates in alignment with some of these activities and individuals. It does not mean that these things were inappropriate or false, it simply means you have moved into a different state of consciousness.  ​  When you choose to withdraw from things that once played a large part in who you were it often brings angry responses from those who were involved with you through activities or as companions. Your withdrawal is seen as personal rejection by those not yet able to comprehend that energy seeks to align with like energy and your energy has changed.  ​  Love those who may feel hurt and rejected because you no longer enjoy doing the things you once did. Do not engage in argument. Participate now and then, because it doesn’t hurt to “play the game” in order to be loving on a level they can understand. It often happens that those who have been close long time friends are open to the idea that some things may feel finished for you and it is not a personal rejection of them. These friendships often continue in a higher and more satisfying form.  ​  Everything presently known and accepted in the third dimension belief system is changing. Some things will change radically and some not, but as collective consciousness increasingly awakens it cannot help but manifest as higher forms. Many long established institutions and belief systems will no longer be as they have been because the energy that maintained and sustained them will no longer exist.  ​  Those living fully in the three dimensional belief system and dependent on the outer world for their good are experiencing fear at this time. Change is destroying the illusory foundation they have built their lives on leaving them floundering and confused. However, the crumbling of a false foundation is often the wake up call necessary to force them into new and higher ways of thinking. Allow the process dear ones, just allow, trust and know that everything taking place at this time is a facet of earth’s ascension process even if things do not appear to be very spiritual.  ​  Third dimensional living is built on and manifests from what is already known and accepted in a universal consciousness of duality, separation, and two powers. Because they do not yet understand that all answers lie within, the majority continues looking to the “experts” in all areas of life–religion, philosophy, education, law, medicine, government etc. for answers, truth, and knowledge.  ​  Because most experts research, draw information, and come to conclusions through the three dimensional belief system, the facts they promote and which have come to be accepted as the final word on a topic, will change as consciousness changes, leaving these experts and those dependent on their findings confused, angry, lashing out, and resisting as new ideas begin to surface.  ​  The findings of experts have always been considered to be truth in the minds of most but as increasingly more individuals awaken and begin to trust their intuition they are starting to question many commonly accepted beliefs. Through their newly awakened awareness they are looking at the world with new eyes and choosing to reject many of the long held societal and religious rules that have held them in bondage.  ​  Many young people today are rejecting commonly accepted three dimensional rules and regulations to the dismay of their parents. Large numbers of very evolved souls chose to incarnate at this time in order to add the Light of their evolved consciousnesses to the collective. The majority of them long ago evolved beyond what the earth’s present day belief system still considers to be real and important. To their evolved states of consciousness, many current three dimensional rules and regulations just seem silly, unimportant, and irrelevant.  ​  The density of earth’s energy prevents them from actually remembering who they are and why they came. They don’t understand why they are “different” and frequently do not fit in with their peers. Because of this many have become depressed, confused, and even suicidal. However with time and maturity most will eventually come to understand that they must play the three dimensional game a bit in order to be understood by those not yet at their level of awareness and do what they came to do.  ​  Parents, do not try to force these children into three dimensional molds they have evolved beyond. They need loving guidance for living in a world that does not fully resonate with them, but allow your intuition to guide you rather than societal opinion.  ​  Fear is the reason so many continue holding fast to obsolete beliefs even when they have resulted in painful, unfulfilling, and sometimes downright horrible life experiences. Fear is nothing more than an expression of separation consciousness and is the underlying source of every discord on earth.  ​  When a person believes themselves to be separate from God, people, other life forms, and what they need, they feel unloved and unwanted. Not knowing how to deal with these emotions, they frequently blame those in their life lashing out at them physically, emotionally, and mentally in an attempt to prove that they are “somebody”, have power, and are worthy of respect and love. This can easily be observed in individuals rich and poor, some police, governments, some military, corporations, and in many present day three dimensional institutions.  ​  Open yourselves to the Light dear ones. Allow the fresh air of that which is new and higher to have a prominent place in your thinking rather than continuing to constantly compare the present with the past. Despite what many believe and hope for, the past is not going to return exactly as it was because the energy that formed it is no longer the same. Consciousness is the substance of form and the collective is in the process of opening to a new and higher state of consciousness.  ​  Allow yourself to let go of anything that feels finished and complete regardless of what others may tell you. Empowerment is the trusting of and acting upon your inner guidance and intuition.  ​  BEing Light does not mean you must always be consciously thinking of spiritual truth. Once a consciousness of truth and oneness is attained, it is yours forever and will continue to spiritually unfold because Consciousness is infinite. Know that you can never revert to an outgrown state of consciousness even if you should try as some have done in the hope that it would make life easier.  ​  When you are happy, doing what you love, your energy vibrates at a higher frequency because love and joy are the reality. Because there is only ONE, the state of your consciousness effects everyone else. Spending time in the nature, smelling and appreciating the beauty of a flower, watching children play, reading a good book, talking with friends, doing work you love, or engaging in a creative activity that you enjoy are all spiritual activities because they lift your energy into a higher frequency.  ​  The belief that you are not being spiritual when you engage in activities other than conscious worship or formal prayer reflects old religious teachings and dogmas that remain alive and well even today. Teachings that say the enjoyment of ordinary human living is not spiritual are still prevalent in some churches, even to the point of dictating rules regarding exactly which activities are spiritual and permitted and which are sins worthy of punishment.  ​  It has long been taught that suffering brings a person closer to God, that in order to become “holy” a person must suffer and offer the suffering to God in reparation for their innate human sinfulness as if God could be happy in the suffering of ITself individualized . Some believe that if they aren’t suffering enough they must help things along through activities that bring about physical pain. If suffering existed in Divine Mind, it would be permanently held in place by Divine Law, never to be healed or changed.  ​  These teachings began long ago because they allowed those in power, especially religious power, to control and take from the lives of a majority that was uneducated and naive. Most of you have lived lives under the influence of these beliefs and may find that they occasionally pop up in your thinking about suffering. Suffering can indeed be a wake up call for those who need it, but concepts about suffering giving pleasure to God must be seen for the nonsense they represent and once and for all be let go.  ​  Know that…  God does not, never has, and never will take pleasure in the suffering of ITself as you.  ​  ​

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Facts and the deepest truth: Love-The Angels through Ann-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,  There is a great deal of discussion on your planet these days about truth. On a given topic, the word inspires many perspectives in many different people. You have a thirst for truth, and this thirst is one for a deeper Truth – that you live and labor in love, and that all souls, no matter how awkward or misdirected, are also attempting to live and labor in love.  No matter the “facts” of a situation, the love that lives within and beneath all creation is the deepest Truth. It is the Truth worth acknowledging, the Truth worth centering your life around, and the Truth that will keep you in a vibration above all the lower vibrational 3D-“truths” that abound.  Your quest for truth often turns into a search for the facts of a situation. What actually happened? Who did what to whom? What are the “true” motivations of another? What is “real” in your 3D world? How do you prevent a virus from spreading? Which political leader did what, and why? Why do you feel “off” sometimes and like yourself others? Is it your energy? Your digestion? Your argument with the person you’ll never meet in traffic? Why? What happened? What’s the truth here?…  You could spend your life, dear ones, searching for facts. While this is often a worthy quest and we would certainly never make it wrong, there is one Truth that supersedes all others – one Truth that is always worth searching for. Where is love in this situation? How can I see love and be love?  We know you deeply desire – by virtue of your involvement in the physical world  – to search for the facts of a situation. You learn from them. You evolve as a result of wanting to understand your biology, your planet, and your human nature. You find better ways of interacting with one another and the 3D world, as a result of your quest for understanding facts… when you seek those facts with loving intent.  If, however, you seek facts from a fearful or angry intent, then dear ones, no matter where you look, you will find facts to validate your fear, your anger, your suspicions, and all that you resonate with. Far better to seek the facts with loving intent born of a desire to learn, to mprove yourself and your world, and to raise yourself above duality into the Oneness of the love that lives and breathes within you all.  As you seek “truth,” look first at whether or not you are seeking the “Truth” of love. Look at whether or not you intend to see through the loving eyes of the Divine, or to find fault with another. Are you seeking to find the good in a situation, and even if you see the “bad” are you willing to be part of a solution? Is your desire to validate your own fear and anger, or is it to find the facts because you love the world so much you want to improve it? Is your desire to make someone wrong, assassinate someone’s character find fault, blame, etc., or rather to understand the thoughts, feelings, and dynamics that have been in place to create a better world?  When you look at the murderer and search for the facts, are you searching for understanding to help prevent such horrific events in the future of humanity, or are you searching for facts to murder this soul with your own hatred?  Dear ones, we know that as of late, the “Truth” of love we are sharing is sometimes difficult to embrace. You have been taught to hate the hateful. You have been taught to find the facts so you can find the faults, and while this may be necessary to keep your social order, why not find the facts so you can seek the soul, and discover the disconnection so you can help reconnect perhaps even one soul, or a family, community, or even a nation with love?  Certainly, you can look at the “facts” and challenge yourself to stay connected with love. No matter how difficult. It is possible. You have not been trained to do so, but your heart and soul crave this connection with love, no matter the facts of the situation around you.  There are many “truths” in your 3D world, in fact, one truth for every person in every given moment in time. That is approximately 7.8 billion truths multiplied many times in a second for the brain processes “reality” very quickly. There are so many 3D “truths” dear ones. So many facts. So many perspectives. So many interpretations.  Are we saying turn a blind eye to the facts? Not at all. We are saying, however, that when you seek the facts with a desire to see the love beneath it all, then you will find the facts that support love, and be guided to solutions to the situations that have arisen from a disconnection to love.  In the 5D paradigm of reality, always and forever, your energy matters more than your actions. The “Truth” of love that lies within and beneath all 3D facts, truths, and perspectives is the one that will lead you to a life that is born of love, created from love, and lived in love.  So seek the facts, and see the facts, and as you do so, do your best to stay aligned with your deepest Truth which is love.  God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels  

How you feel is your soul giving you a resounding yes or a resounding no as an opportunity to consciously redirect your flow.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Fleeting vs. Repeating Thoughts

Dear Ones, your discomfort is always a redirectional tool. You may find that if your thoughts begin to repeatedly go in a certain direction, you start to feel worse and worse.

It is not necessarily the thoughts themselves that are creating the discomfort. If you had that thought once or twice and allowed it to go on its way, you likely wouldn’t feel much at all. Your discomfort is due to holding onto those thoughts which gives them an opportunity to start to build momentum and point you in a direction where you don’t really want to go. Your entire being is trying to get your attention to redirect and will get louder and louder until you listen.

Do you see? Thoughts are just thoughts when they are fleeting. Repeated thoughts place you on a path of creation. Whether that path is in line with what you truly want and deserve or not dictates the amount of ease or distress the thoughts bring. How you feel is your soul giving you a resounding yes or a resounding no as an opportunity to consciously redirect your flow.

The good news is, with your awareness you can easily choose a new direction whenever you want! It is no different than turning on your television and discovering it is on a show that is dark and depressing. You don’t have to sit there and watch the show and you certainly don’t need to watch the whole season. You can simply change the channel until you find something that is much lighter and uplifting.

If you can start to see your discomfort as your soul saying, no, not this way, you can quickly and easily open up to the discovery of an entirely new line of potential that is a much better match to your truest desires, thanks to the feedback of how you feel.

Feel More Than Fine Workshops in Ibiza 2022.

That moment when you witness something you really don’t like do you hate?
Or do you love?
What you choose affects your reality and the world.
Your energy goes around and builds momentum.
That’s how wars manifest.
If only we all knew our power as creators we would all take responsability of feeling good all of the time. That’s the real work to do.
Because once you control how you feel and act at all times you are free and a Sovereign Being wherever you are, whatever you do, with who ever you are.
How do you do that? If you don’t know i invite you to join one of my workshops in Ibiza from June 8th to 21st.


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Ears buzzing? Sleeping patterns shift?

Ears buzzing and you feel like your head might explode maybe?🤯🥴

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In nature/close to sea far from wifi zones etc you ll feel relief and lighter,do your best to stay out as much as you can today&tomorrow…lunar eclipse full moon and ascension energies all together…we have 3 collective meditations at 14/17/20h CET for 30′ each today as every SUNday. If you join you ll feel the power of all lightworkers coming together in the 5D field and beyond🙂.

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