Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ If You’re Yearning for an Ex…

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 If you find yourself yearning for a previous relationship, it is not necessarily a sign that you are meant to go back. The relationship ended for a reason, and those energies are expired. What you are really missing are the elements that did work for you in that relationship.

It is feedback for you to know what to look for in your next partner without the things that didn’t work. Simply put, your soul is giving you a “Yes” for the elements that did work, and a “No” to the ones that did not. This is to give you clarity to help you discover your next highest match. Many people misunderstand this and try to go back into the relationship, only to find out that it still does not work.

Your soul is always trying to move you forward into the perfect matches for you. Many times you get caught up in the idea that you can only find the traits you enjoyed in that relationship in one place, but the fact is your old partner was likely a near match and your soul is trying to lead you to the true match, the relationship that holds what you enjoyed without whatever issues made that previous relationship unsustainable.

Have you considered that you could find an even better relationship than the old one that contains all of the joy and none of the angst? Open your heart and your mind that you can have it all, Dear Ones, and you will make that a true possibility which will allow yourself to align with the match that is truly meant for you. From that space, if your ex is truly meant for you, they will show up in a more evolved version of themselves that makes the relationship a viable match for you again.