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Money will be one of the first places to record and display the evolution of the race.

by Sophia Love, August 30, 2022, via email

It is the One.

Thank you.

There is something specific to reference in our conversation today. It concerns the value of what you refer to as money. For this is about to change… It is about to change is a very big way.

What has been taken as value in commerce is, in actuality, of little substance. Just as the baseless promises of so many of society’s officials and institutions, the concrete substance that makes up your money creates a negative pull on its overall value. For in most cases, it is made of paper, which is the by product of ending the life of a tree.

As these bills are printed to excess, their value not only decreases, but it reflects the negative imprint that the controllers have made on life and on Gaia.

It was with absolute disregard for life that paper money was introduced into society. To perpetually print money demands a constant supply of trees to cut. In this current scenario, more and more trees are required to support fewer and fewer humans.

If you consider the fact that trees are necessary for life on earth to continue, well, you can see the problem.

This topic is introduced now to further your awareness of the base point level of concern that these controllers hold for humanity. The successful enrichment of human life has never been their intention. Their plan has been only consumption and full control.

You are nearing a time when new and alternative forms of commerce will be introduced. It is to be based on real value. This will evolve over several permutations of cost and purpose and form.

As the race steps into its true heritage, its essence, a reflection of that truth will be seen in every aspect of society. Money will be one of the first places to record and display the evolution of the race.

If you consider the idea of a brilliant being of pure love and light accepting a form of dead wood as reimbursement, it becomes obvious that this arrangement does not favor or honor that being. In fact, and instead, it attempts to label that being a slave; something controlled by an aggressive and life-depleting force. That force is intent only on promoting its own self-interests, not the being of pure light that it “pays” to “work.” *

Think about this deeply, dear human. The system of slavery that is hidden beneath careers and jobs is at the core of most of society. In order for the race to be supported and supplemented, major shifts in commerce and value need to be introduced and considered.

These will reflect true value, which is, initially, life itself; all of life. This is a major shift in processes and methods. It will be met with resistance initially. That resistance will dissipate as humanity acknowledges the true value and worth of each and every soul. **

Value for life is evidenced everywhere you look. It is seen in the poor grade of mass-produced foods and factory farming, pesticides and medicinal chemicals. If something is produced “for” a life that ultimately harms or degrades that life, then you will know that its creator was motivated by something else.

Humanity moves forward now, towards a society that honors all of life rather than one that favors and supports a select few.

All of your systems will be re-structured. All of your tools of trade will be re-evaluated. As this occurs, keep in mind value. It is vital that utilities and methods reflect truth, and honor the brilliant being that is the hue-man 2.0.

There will be changes and challenges. Eventually, there will be life without the need for money as a tool of exchange. This is further along the evolutionary path for humanity. Yet ultimately it is Oneness that leaves its fingerprint on the society of the Hue-man; the Hue-man 2.0.

That is all.

Thank you.

*Or who it charges to live. Things like taxes and debt and interest illustrate this also.

**What came through here is that this monetary morphing will be gradually accepted as part of the Awakening. As mankind accepts and realizes his/her true value and essence, well, this will be seen in all of what we are willing to utilize. Money is just a part of it, albeit one of the more obvious signals.

We’ll know how far we’ve come by the conditions and processes we are willing to accept. This is a natural and organic change, and no part of it is isolated. When our essence is reflected in every part of our lives, we will know that the Awakening has occurred in fullness. At that point, commerce/money will be very different indeed.