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Clarification on Queen Romana.

In previous posts i shared on this website, a few things about Queen Romana. Lately i felt no longer resonating with her input as a IAM Sovereign Being both personally and collectively knowing fully that Divine Neutrality in all circumstances is the way of True Mastery.

There have been many channels that shared positive stuff and there has been one that shared totally the opposite. I decided to no longer follow what anyone channel says out there and listen Divine Mother’s Voice within, like i always do and this is how i always share messages here on this website. We are ALL instruments of GOD and if we allow this to be pure authentic joy enfolds us with every step along the way however this looks in the material world, which btw is MATTER leading to MOTHER, leading to DIVINE MOTHER as we each perceive acccording to how much we allow Her Love to pour through our hearts individually while at the same time we are CO-CREATORS with GOD meaning we have our input and own definition of how we desire our reality to be manifest. This is what we came for. For the pleasure of authentic Joy expanding in ONEness with GOD. Divine Mother is felt within and perceived as The Matter around us while Divine Father is the empty space of Peace. When both balanced within with daily disciplined meditation of at least 15-20 first thing when we wake up in the early morning hours or maybe after a nap too if you like, the fruits of this work are felt within our perceptions and creations.

So Now that i have once again clarified my stance and before posting the following video from Gene Decode with which i resonate in this now ,i want to share with you that thanks to our attention to the works of many groups around the world we have managed to help more than few families in every country worldwide. I have been witness to that as one friend of mine in Netherlands she couldn’t afford to pay her electricity bill and thanks to QR group in Netherlands people gathered and paid for her bill (about 600 euro).

Also in Greece few families have been helped, not all and this from my personal experience. What matters is that people came together, unified and volunteered for the highest good for all. So in these times of financial difficulties for many QR work so far helped with the help of all those willing hearts to volunteer and do the best they can do in their countries.

I suppose thisphase now comes to an end and we each must clarify further how we decide to be the Awesome Co-Creators of New Earth we came here to be as more tools will be given to us through NESARA/GESARA and i mean by that substantial financial means to restore Love and Beauty of our dear planet GAIA and NEW EARTH.

To this i invite you to listen to Gene Decode’s perspective.

Namaste and much love always.



Freedom convoy 2022. Check Mate!

The Queen is moving and since not even a fake king in house when New Earth flag positioned tomorrow Feb3rd in Ottawa it is Check Mate.The revolution will not be televized but you ll see it on my fb wall, on this website and on telegram too.😊

Pictures speak for themselves, besides what is being shared all over the places.

Queen Romana’s amazing work.

Hi everyone, just to let you know that i am in Queen Romana’s group and for the last days i have been witness of an amazing operation done under her orders to assist all people with food supplies or anything else done with the support of the military and benevolent donators from across Canada. She has even set up groceries groups all around the world, i am part of one of those groups (Greece) and people are being assisted for paying their utility bills or buying them groceries and even basic clothing for the winter going up to 1000$ per person per month. Good Samaritans are helping which is a miracle of itself to witness. This is to say there is an incredible movement taking place to assist each and everyone as i am sure they were expecting this to happen and were prepared for something like that.

Much Love


~Raise your vibrations~

~Raise your vibrations~
Practice Unconditional Self-Love
You are CoCreators with God Master Creator Unlimited.
Detach from everything and everyone you do not wish to be included in your new life as CoCreators.
Detach from all energies that are weighing your soul down.
Plan, design, co-create and manifest the life you wish to experience.
It’s your turn and your time to live your life…
-Queen Romana-