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Life is about to get so magical and wondrous for you!

Your Ascension into Divine Love ~ by Paul the Venetian, the Maha Chohan (1-1-2021).

Greetings, dearly beloved.

I am forever your friend, Paul.

Every single person who has come across this message, will experience one of the following three different reactions. You will either be: strongly compelled to read it, or, not particularly compelled to read it (usually due to: Divine Timing, or the fact that there is nothing here that isn’t already part of your attained consciousness), or, repelled by this transmission of Light.

And so it is, that all of you here are at different stages of your Ascension journey.

Your journey back to the Unconditional Love within (the God/Higher Self within) will, most of the time, be completely different from another person.

What worked for you, may not work for another person.

And thus, the goal of today’s message is not to give you instructions on how to find your way back to Divine Love.

Our goal here today is to spark a powerful remembrance, or, activate a much deeper knowing within you (right now or in the near future), of your own unique ways back to the Divine, Unconditional Love from whence you came; the very same Flame of Divine Love that has always existed within you.

Most of you are here reading this message, due to a perfect match between your current level of attained consciousness, and the higher purpose of this transmission.

Some of you here had, in the past, intuited that every single one of Our messages here and elsewhere, acted as a powerful vessel – a vessel that is used to store, and/or, transfer high-vibrational Light Codes – that has the potential to trigger (at the perfect, Divine timing) each and everyone of you here into the:remembering, understanding, receiving of whatever you need in that Divine moment. Preparing and assisting you all to get ready to take the next step forward in your Ascension journey.

For you to be reading Our words now, will clearly indicate to us that you have now become more: ready, capable, willing and committed, to change yourself completely, by embracing and embodying Divine Love all the more fully wherever you are.

We know who you are. We know who is truly ready and who is not.

For the majority of you here, your longing to become the personification and full expression of Divine Love, has now reached a ‘tipping point’, or, passed a very important marker.

You have now come to a point where this deep longing can no longer be denied. Most of you here have become so passionate; so dedicated in your efforts to become Divine Love & Peace-in-action, so much so, that We can no longer ‘withhold’ this message from being physically-manifested into your reality, through Adele. Many drafts she had previously written in the last few months, only to be revised and/or deleted, before this final version was finally ready to be shared with all of you today.

Loved ones, you are now ready to ‘step up your game’.

By resolving to: be and express only Unconditional Love in all of your waking moments, you are standing at the precipice of major changes – changes that will, without a doubt, positively and permanentlyalter the course of your life from now on. Life is about to get so magical and wondrous for you!

The old, automated, highly-conditional ways of loving the people in your life; loving the living beings on your planet; loving your Mother Earth, are no longer good enough for you.

Your staying: loving, forgiving, compassionate, or patient, only once in awhile; only when there was someone watching; only when it was easy enough to do; only when it suited your own purposes, will feel like a ‘betrayal’ to your True, Inner Being. You will be energetically ‘forced’ to be your True, Authentic Self, at all times from now on – because being anything else but your Authentic Self will soon feel so exhausting and/or discordant to you.

From now on, whenever you return to the old, 3D-way of loving yourself/others, it will be like forcing yourself to wear clothes that no longer fit you. It will feel so limiting; so foreign, contrived or strained – so much so that you will feel drawn to, immediately, do everything in your power to re-align yourself back to the Source; the God-Self, or the I AM Presence within.

Most of you here had known by now that the highly-conditional, 3D type of love you had become so accustomed to giving or receiving, will not be enough to get you to New Earth.

For you to successfully achieve your Ascension to 5D, you must be able to return to, and, fully embody, the purest and perfect state of Divine, Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is your only criterion for successful Ascension into your own Ascended Master, Christ Consciousness; the higher consciousness required to ‘enter’ 5D Earth.

This is the highly-prized ‘entrance ticket’, or, the magical ‘key’ that will open your very own unique gateway to New Earth.

Your consciousness is either: currently anchored in Divine Love, or, currently not anchored there.

There is no faking it, loved ones. Every ascending, embodied-soul will soon become so energetically sensitive and thus, be able to feel/discern for themselves, whether the people they encounter daily are genuinely unconditionally-loving, or, whether they are still a ‘work-in-progress’ towards this sacred goal.

Embodied souls who cannot, or, are not willing to do the required work (a.k.a. the ‘shadow-work’ – the process of releasing all shadow aspects of themselves that are often concealed/deeply buried within) to: achieve, embody or attain, the Purest and Most Loving state-of-being in their consciousness -> will in fact be denying themselves the experiences of New Earth in their physical reality.

As within, so without.

We are of course talking about time lines here, or multiple physical realities currently existing simultaneously on Earth.

The physical reality of New Earth has always existed at the Higher Frequencies of Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, and Freedom. And thus, if you are not constantly vibrating at these higher frequencies, you are then, very simply, not a vibrational match to New Earth.

Once you have successfully met this criterion, no-thing, or, no-one, will be able to have any kind of power over you; over your life, or over how you feel.

You will have achieved the state of being emotionally-free from any person, thing, event, or, condition that used to bind you, or lower your vibrations, in the past.

You will have finally broken free out of the figurative chains that had bound humanity for so long. These were the chains that had kept many of you enslaved to existing negative emotions within; this was the lower, automatic programming that had kept you all from fully realizing your Highest Potential -> by keeping you chained to the Wheel of Karma instead. Only a small percentage of members within the human collective was taught how to handle any negative emotion in the energetically-constructive ways, rather than energetically-destructive ways. Not many people understood that a healthy emotional (and mental) body will yield better and faster manifestation of any goal they have in life. Most of the focus in the world thus far had been how to look after the physical body, to keep it in optimum condition.

Growing up, not much attention, guidance or training was given to many people here, about how to always keep the mental and emotional aspects of yourself healthy and balanced – no matter what you are experiencing/the people you meet, in life.

The time has now come for most of you here, to claim the gift of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM that you so rightly deserve, so that you can start 2021 with a powerful new beginning. Powerful energies of Divine Love and Peace permeate the very air that you are breathing in right now, and these energies will (if you release all resistance and surrender to your I AM Presence) help to keep your thoughts and emotions positive, loving, forgiving and peaceful, no matter what. Loved ones, it has now become so easy and even effortless for all of you to remain firmly anchored in Divine Love.

When your sacred goal to consistently express and be the personification of Divine Love, has become your deepest and most overwhelming desire, the Universe will not fail to verypowerfully support you in this endeavor.

You are setting into motion a powerful energetic momentum; setting off a chain reaction that will, inevitably, give you everything that you have ever desired to be, to have, or to experience in life. Soon, you will come to a deeper and more profound realization that God/the Universe loves you so very much, and, the fact that God/the Universe loves you so much also meant that ‘they’ had never withheld anything that you desired to have or experience in life.

You alone, had been the only obstacle/block to any manifestation that you wanted.

For most of you here, your deep longing to become the fullness of your Mighty ‘I AM Presence’ has now overpowered your (previously-stronger) resistance to the giving and/or receiving of Divine Love and Unconditional Forgiveness.

Many of you here are feeling ready to enter a new phase in life; entering a mostly-uncharted territory here on Earth. You are now attempting to do, or, become that which was previously only achieved by the Great Sages; the Gurus, Saints or Ascended Masters who had walked the Earth before.

Some of you here also recently discovered that you could no longer continue to ignore the persistent but loving ‘voice’ of your Higher Self. You can no longer ignore the Higher Purpose for your presence here on Earth, at this crucial time. You are being called to make, and to be, the changes that you wish to see in your life, and, in the world.

All of you reading this, are now being called to vibrationally lead the people of this world (in more tangible ways), and show them the way back into the purest, Higher-version of Love (the Unconditional kind) –> with your every expressed thought, word, feeling and action.

It is time for you to deeply understand or comprehend, how your own energy field (created by your current attained, Higher consciousness level) is now already acting like a super-powerful Lighthouse.

Meditate upon this information if you wish, loved ones, to discover this amazing truth for yourself.

Simply put your entire focus upon your Diamond Heart (the Higher Heart chakra) and then, make the intention to find out the exact distance your Light is now touching, and, undoubtedly raising the vibrational frequency of every atom found within the radius of your physical presence.

You are a Star, my love – blazing bright with: the Mighty Powers of Source; the highly transformative Rays of the Great Central Sun. You are always guiding the ‘ships at sea, so they can return to land’ safely.

Your Light; your vibrations will from now on, act like the great North Star – a powerful Beacon of Inspiration, Hope and Love for many – even during the times when you are doing/saying nothing at all.

Many of you have now become or, are soon becoming, the ‘Light of God that never fails’ — Mighty, Majestic, and, Eternally Victorious over any human condition/discord that maybe be found around or within, you.

This Great, Divine, Unified Field of Love that many of you here are already, naturally, emanating, creating, living or existing in, is only going to get bigger, stronger, and more powerful in the future.

It will continue to do the work of repairing, renewing and, rejuvenating all of your cells until you are glowing with Eternal Youth and Beauty, that is a just mere reflection of the already-attained state of

Divine Perfection within you. The Flame of Divine Love will, very effectively, free all of your cells from its current state of decay/aging.

Your I AM Presence will continue to use all of the different Flames/Rays of God, to daily raise the atomic structure of your physical bodies, to the Ascended Masters’ full illumination and complete liberation.

Moreover, at some time in the not-so-distant future, anyone who enters into your individual Energy Matrix field; your energetic sphere of influence (a.k.a. your auric field) will, naturally and instantly, be elevated into Higher Consciousness, and/or, transformed (physically, mentally or emotionally) into a state of Divine Perfection. (Provided that this is also the Higher Will of the person(s) involved, of course.)

A great number of people will be completely healed from any type of human illness, disease or condition, just by be-ing in your presence alone.

You will soon be, or, have already become, the Presence that inspires and strengthens everyone (whose lives were touched by you) to embrace the same Greatness, Divinity, Highest Potential, that can always be found within themselves. Within any group, communities or societies that you belong in, there will be times when you’d feel that your voices must be heard. Oftentimes you will feel so strongly compelled to speak your higher truths, rather than keeping them to yourself like what had often happened in the past.

You will also be the God I AM Presence, that assists many embodied souls into their perfect Ascended Master activities; into their conscious ability to do this (if you were to choose this as your life mission).

Hopefully the above examples have now successfully convinced you, of the Mighty, Supreme Powers of Divine Love, dear friends. Encouraging and motivating you to continuously work towards your Sacred Goal of even greater, and more constant, alignment with the I AM Presence within.

Those of you here who are completely committed to be the personification of Divine Love, in ALL of your daily inner & outer activities, will soon find the ‘Gate of Heaven‘ being opened far and wide just for you.

ALL of Creation; the entire Universe; All-That-Is an aspect of Source Energy will yield to Divine Will of the One who has truly become Divine Unconditional Love-in-action.

We had often mentioned before that the pure, raw, electron-ic energy (flowing from Divine Heart of Source) that is ever-present in the entire Universe, is designed to be perfectly obedient to the higher will of One who commands with Divine Love.

Nothing can be hidden, or, kept away from people who have reached this pinnacle of their Ascension journey on Earth.

Your past (often painful) efforts in elevating your consciousness to the Ascended Master; the Golden Christ Consciousness level, will be infinitely rewarded.

And if you are wondering how to get ‘there’ from wherever you are right now, the answer is easy.

Consistency is crucial for you to achieve a state-of-being that is permanently anchored in Divine Love. This is all about the power of energetic momentum, loved ones.

The more consistent you are, in your daily (moment-to-moment) efforts to be unconditionally-loving to the people and world around you, the faster this dream will become a manifested physical reality.

In other words, a lot of hard work (in releasing what must be released from within your consciousness) and consistent efforts, are/had been/will be, required on your part, only until such time when Divine Love has successfully become your ‘autopilot‘ mode. When that time arrives (for many of you here, that time is NOW), remaining forever anchored in Divine Love will have become so easy, natural and effortless.

Most of you here who resonated with Our message today, were the ones who had (in the past) consistently chosen love, to be the Top Priority in many of your interactions with the people/world around you. You had often displayed great: courage, strength, dedication, perseverance, as well as capacity to love and forgive unceasingly. You had experienced exponential spiritual/personal growth in the last 8 years alone, that (previously) was near-impossible to achieve, in the course of just one single lifetime.

We acknowledged that in the past, there were moments when many of you here had ‘succumbed’ to your inner 3D programming that was either consciously/subconsciously ‘unleashed’ unto the people or world around you, but now, this type of incidents had occurred less often than before. All is well. Everything that had happened was a necessary part of your spiritual growth and expansion.

As you continued to heal your consciousness, clean out and release all false beliefs/ideas that you used to have about yourself, others and/or the world around you, you were very effectively eliminating all the shadows within, that used to dim your Light before.

2020 was the year when many of you were ‘forced’ (by external situations seemingly outside of your control) to slow down, and, deeply re-connect with your Divine I AM Presence, all the more fully.

It had been a year where you had undergone a radical transformation.

And now that 2020 has come to an end, many of you here had successfully completed the majority (if not all) of your ‘shadow work’. Even if you had felt that there were some ‘shadows‘ remaining within, you will soon find they are merely ‘blips on your radar’. They are echoes; remnants of your old, 3D self, and those blips will go away quickly.

Many of you are now feeling ready to come out of your cocoon; emerging as a beautiful, mesmerizing butterfly – ready to take flight and fly high.

Like the mythical Phoenix, you are now rising from the ashes; rising from the Death of your old self.

Congratulations, loved ones. You have now Ascended, to a Higher Way of Being.

Let your New Year celebrations include the celebrations of this ‘Birth of the New You‘.

Take some time today to recognize, acknowledge and deeply appreciate just how far you have come, in your Ascension journey.

You had surrendered yourself; surrendered your life to the Divine Will of Mighty ‘I AM Presence’ within, and trusted that everything that had happened in your life, and, all the people that had come/gone from your life, were there both for your benefit and theirs.

They were/are there in your life to assist you in returning HOME.

Home to your Highest, Most Powerful God-Self; the Self who is all about Unconditional Love for ALL that was, is, and will be, in existence.

As 2021 begins, We recommend that you give your deepest, heartfelt gratitude for the roles these characters had played in your life. It is time for you to deeply recognize the sacred gifts these people had brought into your life.

Everything that had happened in the past, in: your life, the lives of the people around you, and, the world – had been Divinely and perfectly orchestrated to give you all the required contrast, between what was wanted or unwanted; what was necessary or unnecessary, moving forward – both individually and collectively.

Helping all of you here to choose a brand new path forward in 2021; a path that is filled with Great Love for yourself, and, for ALL That Is/Was/Will Be around you.

A path where division, separation, exclusion, or judgment no longerexist -> a unifying path of Divine Love, Compassion and Forgiveness, where ALL are accepted and appreciated for who they really are (within).

It is time for all of you to come to the following powerful realizations:

Unconditional Love uplifts and heals everything.

Unconditional Love is the powerful superglue that unites ALL.

Unconditional Love forgives ALL, every single time, with no limits.

Unconditional Love opens up the door to the ‘Magical I AM Presence’ that is your Mighty, Majestic, Eternally-Victorious, Higher Self.

Unconditional Love re-connects you to ALL of your Soul Powers.

Unconditional Love solves ALL of your problems.

Unconditional Love always protects, and, guides you to the perfect; the most suitable people, situations, tools, or events, that will bring even greater joy, health, peace, abundance, fulfilment, meaning and purpose into your life.

Unconditional Love conquers ALL inner/outer discord that can be found within your own self/life, and, within others/the world around you.

Unconditional Love creates manifestations in your physical reality that is of Divine Perfection.

(The speed of these manifestations will indicate to you exactly how far/how close you are, to perfect alignment with the Source Energy that resides within your Diamond Heart.)

AND, most importantly, since Divine Unlimited Freedom will continue to be a big theme in your lives and world moving forward:

Unconditional Love frees you, and, frees others from the highly-toxic, ‘modern-version’ energy of enslavement/entrapment.

It frees you/others from all obligations, expectations and the highly-defensive need to always be on guard; to protect yourself from potential pain that others may inflict in your life, in the future. Divine Love begets Divine Freedom, and vice versa.

Unconditional Love also frees you forever from the need of having to evaluate whether or not someone is deserving of your full and complete trust and/or devotion, before inviting/allowing them to play a greater role in your life.

To trust, or not to trust, the people around you then becomes a non-issue.

Loved ones, it is time for you to come to a life-changing realization that the Mighty Flame of Divine Love that surrounds you, will automatically act like the Sea of Consuming Fire, that will constantly protect, or, deny entrance (into your life/into energy field) anyone/anything/any event that is unlike the unconditionally-loving Christ Presence; the Mighty I AM Presence within yourself.

Remember that the entire world and the people in it, are your mirrors, loved ones. If you are constantly unconditionally loving and forgiving, the people that you will be attracting into your life, will also be ‘cut from the same cloth‘.

The same Fire of Divine Love that had often stopped you from irreversibly harming/hurting your loved ones, will also stop your loved ones from: creating too much discord, irreversibly harming/hurting you, or, severing their relationships with you forever after encountering challenges of any kind. If your and/or their love was real to begin with, it is time for some of you here to learn to stop withdrawing yourself from any relationship whenever things become challenging, as a defensive mechanism to protect yourself from further hurt or pain.

It is time, loved ones, for you all to release all rejection, abandonment or separation issues (however big or small) that may still be found within your 3D consciousness, caused by the ‘failures’ of all past or present relationships within this (and all previous) incarnation(s).

God never rejects nor abandons anyone or anything, for the very act of rejecting/abandoning any living being will cause God to act unlike itself; causing God to separate, or, divide from that aspect of itself.

You may wish to carefully observe how many animals, especially your pets, express Unconditional Love. People truly have a lot to learn from members of the Animal Kingdom about how to, naturally, become Divine Love-in-action.

Whenever you were struggling, in despair, heartbroken or lost, did they ever leave your side? Did your pets ever set out to deliberately harm or hurt you? Did they not give you unconditional love, and, accept you for who you truly are – no matter what? And if members of the Animal Kingdom can do it, why can’t you all do the same – especially towards the people that you care(d) about and the world around you, without limits?

We realize that this advice is not easy for many of you to hear, let alone accept, especially for those of you here who are so sensitive, empathic and deeply tuned into the nuances of Source Energy – your energetic sensitivity is always giving you access to ‘vibrational data’ coming from the thoughts, words, feelings or actions of the people/world around you.

It is time, beloved Masters of Light and Love, for you to rise above all perceived weaknesses; above all 3D programming that you may still have about yourself, your life, or, your abilities. Like We had explained before in a previous transmission, that being an empath; being someone who is very sensitive to Source Energy is a great gift and blessing.

From now on, loved ones, the Mighty Flames of Unconditional Love will guide you to make decisions that will oftentimes repair, heal, save or salvage your relationships in some way, rather than leaving you to constantly succumb to the old need/defensive programming that had (in the past) instantly activated, to ’protect’ you or, to create a strong barrier between you and your ex-lovers/ex-good friends/ex-partners/ex-whatever. This previously-powerful, 3D conditioning was energetically designed to cause you to remain at a certain physical/emotional distance from the people whom you are not on speaking terms with, or, from anyone else that you had considered to be your so-called ‘enemies’.

How can you truly become: Our ground-crew; True & Perfect reflections of Divine Unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony and UNITY – assisting mankind in your public roles to reconcile, unite as ONE (despite all of your differences and past conflicts), and manifest New Earth together, if in your personal lives, you are still somewhat resistant to the Higher-Vibrational course of actions that your I AM Presence is constantly guiding you to take?

The Flame of Divine Love will now powerfully assist you in choosing the right words to say, or, the right actions to take, to repair anything (including your physical bodies) that you might have previously considered to be beyond repair.

NEVER underestimate the very real, and, mighty powers of Divine Love, beloved Masters.

The question has never been whether or not Divine Love can fix anything that is broken; fix or heal all imbalances or undesirable conditions in your life.

The true questions have always been, whether or not you are willing to:

* put in the necessary effort, work and time, to repair, heal your heart/body, make amends, or balance all Karma within your relationships (with any aspect of yourself and/or with the people around you),

* put aside your injured or bruised ego and release all of your inner barriers to Divine Love.

* release all stubborn resistance or addiction to anything that is no longer serving your Higher Good,

* deeply forgive all mistakes (including your own) and let go of the past,

* stop repeating the same type of behaviors that created the discord in the first place,

so that you can all truly become Divine Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Harmony & Unity-in action.

Loved ones, it is time for you to:

Be the Ascended Master that you deeply desire to be; the loving and forgiving Christ-in-action. Be the kind of person who is willing to give another, a second, third, fourth or fifth chance, especially if/when you can see, feel, or sense that this person has now changed, for the better.

Be someone who includes ALL, rather than one who excludes, rejects, abandons or neglects a few, some, or many people, due to various past reasons/excuses, previously invented by you.

(Most of you here would understand what We truly meant by the last two statements above – never forget to use discernment whenever interpreting Our words in all of these transmissions. Discernment is crucial, so that you can understand exactly what We meant, instead of automatically filtering Our words through any 3D programming that may still exist within your consciousness).

For your loving, forgiving, unifying and harmonizing actions taken, will always speak louder than your fine words/stated loving intentions.

Divine Love oftentimes must be expressed in words, and, demonstrated by way of tangible actions, for it to truly be manifested into your physical reality; into all aspects of your life.

From now on, whenever someone has managed to successfully trigger you into doing/saying something unloving that you’d normally not do/say, all you have to do, is to immediately ask for forgiveness, make amends to balance Karma, and then, simply thank that person. For he/she had given you the gift of awareness, about what needs to be healed or completely eliminated from your consciousness – propelling you forward even more, towards the desired-state of complete Emotional Freedom.

Emotional maturity is equivalent to: Spiritual maturity and mastery, loved ones.

The first person to offer an olive branch of peace; to offer an apology; to offer forgiveness, love and acceptance, is often the one who is more ready to be the Mighty God I AM Presence and personification of Divine Love, in any type of relationship you have with another.

Whenever you are fully aligned with the God I AM Presence within – anchored in Divine Love – you will naturally allow others to be who they want to be; to act however they want to act; to say whatever they want to say – to express themselves as they are. By now, many of you have become (or are soon becoming) perfectly capable of remaining emotionally unaffected or detached, from all energetic discordances and their after-effects, coming from what people are: creating, doing, being, feeling or saying, to you/your loved ones. The Divine Love within you will now fully take over control over any problem/situation, and, you will be given instant knowledge, wisdom and understanding required, in order to diffuse any negative situation with greater peace, love and harmony. Thus successfully creating a win/win solution to all parties which, inevitably, will make your relationships stronger.

You will soon be (or already are) speaking with the powerful and yet loving, God-authority; with the voice of your own I AM Presence (you will be able to sense the energetic difference in your own voices, whenever you are speaking as yourself, vs. speaking as your God-Self).

You will soon be making very wise decisions to easily solve all challenges, as your Almighty God I AM Presence. The Presence that sees through everything and everyone perfectly.

By now, many of you here already deeply understand that, what others are doing; how they are be-ing at any given moment; how they are treating you/your loved ones, have nothing to do with you and instead, have everything to do with them.

People’s words; the actions taken (or, their inaction), ultimately will either reflect their Higher, Unconditionally-Loving Self, or, their lower-vibrational version of self. They are mere reflections of the embodied soul’s attained consciousness level.

You need to simply make a strong intention right now: to, never again, take things so personally.

When you are so very deeply attuned to your I AM Presence; when you are so tightly-embraced in the eternally-welcoming arms of the Divine Love that is your God-Self, nothing ‘outside’ of yourself can disturb your Inner Peace.

You will not be excessively or obsessively caring too much about other people’s lives, words, opinions, actions or decisions –> for your attention will be permanently and entirely occupied on how to heal, improve or expand your own life, and by so doing, you will inevitably assist in the creation of a better world that is more to your liking!

Your loved ones’ Mighty I AM Presence will constantly be guiding them to a more elevated level of consciousness, at the perfect divine timing that is suited just for them.

Oftentimes, any excessive interference or support coming from you may prove to be unnecessary, and may even shackle/chain you and the person(s) to an unhealthy cycle of codependency in your relationship.

Follow your inner guidance always, when deciding what to do and what not to do, about any situation/relationship.

Simply hold and maintain a Unified Field of Love in your consciousness, loved ones. Understand that nothing, no energy ‘seemingly’ outside of yourself, has the power to: lower your vibrations, or, take you outside of this Field of Love.

An Ascended Master has Complete Mastery over all Source energy ever-present in the universe; the same Source energy that can be found within the atomic structure of every individual that you have crossed paths with, in life.

And as such, when one has been spiritually-elevated in consciousness and holds the status of an Ascended Master, one will never fail to: create, influence and manifest Divine Order and Perfection, in every aspect of one’s life, by using the Mighty Flames and Powers of Divine Love.

This simply means, when Ascended Masters were facing (what most of you here considered to be) challenging people or situations, they would never fail to: come out victorious, and, manifest Divine Perfection & Order in the lives of people they encountered.

Ascended Masters never felt the need to: reject, abandon, leave, or avoid anyone; cower, hide, withdraw, separate, divide, nor stand in fear of what was happening; what had already happened, or, what might/might not happen in the future.

Ascended Masters always stand Strong, Mighty and Majestic; always feeling supremely confident about their abilities to co-create (with God, and, as God the I AM) anything to their heart’s desire — and as such, they will face and deal with any situation, problem, condition, or person with Divine Love, Compassion, Peace and Harmony, usually as soon as these made an appearance in their lives.

Your Divine I Am Presence, is Master and Architect of the Energy Matrices present in ALL of Creation.

And by extension, because you and your God I AM Presence are ONE, you are also the Divine Master and Architect of your reality.

It is time for you to fully comprehend and experience the full magnitude of what this actually means, in all of your day to day activities and manifested realities. It is time for you to apply this Higher Truth, and turn it from being a wonderful-to-know, but, hard-to-achieve spiritual concept, into, Experiential Knowledge.

In closing, let me now say here again, what Father/Mother God had recently said, channeled through Adele in one of her recent social media posts.

Welcome HOME, dear friends.

Your story right now can be likened to that of the prodigal son/daughter, who is finally ready to come HOME to the welcoming embrace of Divine, Unconditional Love – after having experienced enough ‘adventures’ on 3D Earth, as your old, 3D self.

Your individual journeys HOME had often been long, occasionally painful, exhausting, even arduous, but here you are at last.

You have arrived at a very important marker; at the point in time where the Love within yourself can now be easily expressed equally and unreservedly, to ALL of Creation. Without feeling the need to protect yourself; to divide, separate or withhold that Love from those different from you, or, from those who had hurt you in the past.

You now know how, and, are willing, to love the way God loves, or to forgive as God forgives, and for this commitment, your life will soon be showered with greater abundance, joy and love eternally flowing in, like a beautiful, magnificent river of Light.

This is Heaven’s Gifts of Love for you.

2021 will be a magical year, especially for those of you here, who have now Ascended, to a Higher Way of Being.

Let the celebrations begin! Sending many blessings of love for the happiest new year, to all of you here.

I AM forever on your side,

Paul (the Maha Chohan).

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2021. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.

Are You Ready for Eternal Freedom? (Part 1) – Goddess of Liberty & St. Germain (April 19, 2020).


Thank you beloved I AM, St Germain & Goddess of Liberty for being with us here today.

In today’s message, I would love for us to focus more on a subject that is very dear to my heart: Eternal Freedom (in all of its forms), and how to achieve this state of being permanently free from ALL fears, limitations, restrictions or oppression coming from within & without.

In our great desire to claim and experience this Divine Birthright, what message would you like to impart today, especially for the light-workers here who are close to fully embodying the I AM Presence within?

Goddess of Liberty:

Beloved Masters, the time has come for me to come forward and play a much more active part than ever before, in helping you all to fully become the ‘Torchbearer’ of the Violet Flame of Freedom, 24/7, wherever you are.

Of course, this can only occur if this is the higher choice that you wish to make, i.e. the intention that you want to set for your life & for the New Earth that you are in the middle of creating and manifesting.

If it is indeed your intention to create a better life for yourself, and, a planet Earth where Divine Freedom rules, then you need to simply state this intention out loud – right here, right now – for me to hear.

And to these beloved chelas – now that I clearly know what your intentions are – I happily give you all the following promise:

I will personally assist you until, once again, Eternal Divine Freedom becomes a manifested physical reality in ALL aspects of your life, and, a manifested collective physical reality in the world that you inhabit.

And now, to start your journey to the ‘Holy Land of Freedom’, you may wish to simply repeat as often as possible daily, the two ‘Declarations of Readiness’ that Adele’s Higher Self had recommended for you to say, at the beginning of Our previous channeled message titled ‘It’s Time To Choose’.

Your readiness to receive the everlasting freedom that you so rightfully deserve and have just asked for, will be tested even more often from now on, in all of your interactions with the people and the world around you.

Do not ever be afraid of these tests, dear Masters of Light & Love.

After all, these tests are just the means; the ways for the Universe to show you just how much you have grown each day, and how much further you have got to go, to become the full embodiment of your I AM Presence.

The life challenges that may appear in your life path are not there to be used as a comparison/competition, between you and your ‘enemy’ of the moment (e.g. if/when you happen to be thinking thoughts such as “I am more: loving, understanding, compassionate & spiritually awakened than you are at the moment, and thus I’m letting you/your mistakes go”).

Although the forgiving and letting of someone’s mistake is definitely the Road to Peace, Harmony, and Mastery, this line of thinking is something a chela should always avoid having. It has the potential to ensnare you inside a spiritual pitfall where (in your subconscious mind) you have put yourself on a much higher pedestal than another embodied soul.

In other words, adopting this particular energetic stance ‘of being/feeling better than another’ may (in the long run) form a subconscious, new 3D programming within you; within your DNA that states: your mental/emotional/spiritual maturity is much superior than any ‘enemy’ that you have at the moment.

Loved ones, this state of being spiritually superior or, arrogant will, in the end (beyond any doubt), act as another powerful barrier in your sacred journey to fully embodying your I AM Presence.

Instead of adopting such a ‘holier than thou’ perspective, We recommend that you use the life challenges that appear on your path as a powerful indicator, to see for yourself, whether you are often winning, or, losing the ‘battles’ between your old 3D self, and your new 5D Self.

If you are into writing, We would recommend for you to write your daily victories and/or, defeats, against all Ascension-relatedchallenges that you have to face, in a diary.

For each victory, (where you have remained successfully aligned with your I AM Presence – regardless of external provocations) you may wish to give yourself a ‘pat in the back, a hug, or a kiss‘ figuratively speaking. If it’s a big victory, then go ahead and celebrate it in any way that you wish!

And then, for every defeat, you need to simply love yourself more. Never succumb to any arising negative emotion such as anger, disappointment, guilt, or despair. Treat it as if you are now learning to ride a bicycle, and if/when you happen to fall – in your learning process – it does not mean that you are a failure. You need to simply get up, brush yourself off, and keep on trying! Know that your final & complete victory is at hand.

By diarizing your successes and failures in this manner, you are in fact: keeping track of your progress, and at the same time, taking charge of your spiritual awakening journey.

Whenever you are writing in this diary loved ones, your cells; your DNA, will start broadcasting the following message into your Energy Matrix: that you take your spiritual growth and Ascension Goals very seriously, and, you are willing to do whatever it takes, to make sure that you successfully ’cross that Finish Line’ sooner, rather than later.

And with this focused exercise, your spiritual growth will have gained Great Energetic Momentum; propelling you forward towards that Finish Line even faster! More: people, circumstances, tests, challenges as well as magical manifestations will appear in your life more rapidly. The more often you become victorious over your challenges, the faster you will manifest everything that you wish to experience in life.

In time, We have no doubt that you will be able to see plenty of personally-collected evidences of your becoming like the all-powerful, all-loving and all-wise God-Self within!

Loved ones, you will soon find that your successes far outweigh your failures, until one day, you will make the following discovery: that no matter what bad things people do to you; no matter what bad things anyone says about you, or, no matter what bad/shocking events occurring in the world that day – you will manage to easily keep your cool and successfully remain calm, patient, compassionate, kind, loving or even joyful. People around you may soon begin to wonder, and, ask you to share your secrets, on how to remain calm or happy, even when there was complete pandemonium in the world around you.

In the near future, when you have finally completed ALL of your Emotional-Integration processes (i.e. the releasing and healing of all your wounds, scars, traumas and 3D programming/habits), you will find that no one, no situation, and no event happening around you has the power to trigger you anymore.

You will have become free from being emotionally, mentally or physically affected by all external circumstances and, successfully become a bona fide Master of your thoughts and emotions. In other words, you will have gained a powerful capability to not allow the people or the world around you, to affect your thoughts/emotions – your state-of-being.

By that time, you will have realised that happiness, peace, harmony, unity and Freedom, is a constant choice that you have to make, in order to manifest that reality in your life and in your world.

From that moment onwards, you will be able to easily practice the Fine Art of Complete and Total Detachment, whilst at the same time, remaining forever heart-centred and as ONE with your Higher Self – i.e. remaining loving, patient, kind and compassionate, towards the people involved in any 3D drama that may be happening around you.

The visible, countless battles between the factions of Dark and Light on your planet that has been going on for thousands of years, merely mirrored the intense battle going on within the inner psyche; within the Collective Consciousness of Mankind.

The battle between your God-Self vs. your limiting 3D personality.

As within so without.

You had all wanted to experiment and play roles whereby you successfully separated yourself from the God within, throughout so many lifetimes. And these lifetimes where Separation was the major theme; the name of the game, oftentimes felt so intensely ’real’ to you all –> successfully creating endless karmic cycles of your own making that often come from the traumas, fears, wounds that can be found in your own spirit.

Beloved Masters, are you finally ready to end this ‘Separation’ experiment; this inner battle once and for all, and come out of it completely victorious over ALL limiting conditions that had stopped you from enjoying the everlasting Freedom that has always been your Divine Birthright?

Are you ready to stop creating new karma daily, by always adhering to God’s Cosmic Laws – knowing that these Sacred Laws are actually designed to give you Unlimited experiences of Great Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom and Abundance every day, for the rest of your life?

The time has come for you all to adopt a Higher Perspective, by simply thinking that every negative or undesirable encounter that you may one day have with another human/living being, is actually a Sacred Opportunity provided by the Universe, for you to display your Mastery over your old, limiting 3D personality. With such a perspective, you will be able to easily maintain an attitude of Gratitude, for the appearance of all problems/challenges in your days!

Gratitude, Love and Joy, loved ones, are the energetic frequencies a Master/a powerful Creator always has, when confronted by LIFE.

By maintaining these higher vibrations:

1) you will find it easier to stop making unnecessary 3D drama (i.e. making a mountain out of a molehill), over any challenge/undesirable situation (e.g. the recent ‘toilet roll apocalypse‘) that you may encounter in the future,


2) you will not fail to steer your focus onto: creating and manifesting the solutions that you need! One cannot stay focused on the problems, for the solutions to appear. Your life problems and their permanent solutions, will always exist on different energy frequencies.

Sigmund Freud, in his statement above, had pinpointed the exact reason why people did not really want Freedom in their lives, and in the world around them.

Freedom comes with great personal responsibility. What type of responsibility is it?

The responsibility to: always be the epitome of Compassion, Caring, Gentleness, Kindness and Harmlessness in all of your interactions with yourself, AND, with the world around you.

Thus evolving you into (one day) becoming a person who has mastered and perfected the Art of Unconditional Forgiveness & Unconditional Love.

Eternal Freedom is equivalent to = Be-ing a Master of Love and Light, always.

They come as a set; one goes hand in hand with the other.

One cannot enjoy all the privileges and benefits of any type of Freedom (e.g. financial Freedom, Freedom of speech and self-expression, Freedom from political tyranny, or, Freedom from all illnesses/diseases) without having to give back that same Freedom to others, in equal measure, in the spirit of love, peace, forgiveness, unity and harmony.

It will serve you well to remember loved ones, that the Universe Source has created, is all about Sacred Geometry, Love, Balance & Harmony.

Think of these four as the ‘Programming Language’; the Rules or, the Foundation upon which the physical Universe was built.

When you have deeply understood and fully comprehended the secrets of Sacred Geometry and the powers of Love, you can create, manifest or precipitate anything that you wish using the raw, electronic Source Energy that is ever present in the universe.

When you have learnt and constantly obeyed the rules of Energetic Balance and Harmony – realising without a doubt that maintaining a harmonious environment is supremely important to the ‘Act of Creation’ – that will be the day when the experience of Heaven starts to reveal itself to you, whilst you are still in physicality.

The moment one abuses, or, shows a complete lack of appreciation for the Freedom that Life has bestowed upon you, you will (sooner or later, both as an individual and as a Collective) manifest limiting circumstances into your life/world – to the exact, precise degree that you had limited another’s freedom to be/do (in your present/past lives) – for the purposes of Soul Growth and mastering your Mastery.

Every world-famous tyrants/dictators or, despotic members of the ‘Ruling, Priviliged Class’ throughout mankind’s history, had personally learnt, experienced and lived through this natural and inevitable ‘Universal Re-balancing Act’, often to their own detriments.

These rebalancing acts had often come through in a myriad of ways – sometimes in the form of a revolution/rebellion coming from the people that they had oppressed; at other times the ’villains’ turned to become ‘victims’ in the end, by having to personally experience violent deaths at the hands of those they had harmed in the past.

Acquiring/experiencing the state of total & complete Freedom over all fears & over all limiting conditions, is equivalent to having achieved mastery over all lower-vibrational emotions, and, choosing the Higher path of Love and Forgiveness no matter what.

Thus We can conclude, that there are 3 primary (very strong) reasons why Divine Freedom is not a manifested physical reality for ALL living beings on planet Earth.

Let us now address what these three powerful blockages are, that need to be cleared from within your Individual & Collective Consciousness, if Divine Freedom is truly what you wish to manifest for yourself and for the world around you.

Primary Reason No. 1:

A lot of people only wanted SELECTIVE Freedom.

In other words, the vast majority of people on your planet, only wanted/insisted on Freedom for themselves and/or, for their loved ones, but oftentimes they were not willing nor prepared to give the same Freedom to other living beings (i.e. other people, animals, trees, or the planet) around them.

Creating an energetic imbalance that Nature, or, the Universe, will inevitably rectify, on behalf of these living beings.

This is all about ‘the game’ of power and control, loved ones.

You all loved to be in control of: your life, other people’s lives, the lives of animals under your care, your planet etc. This love of power & control often came about from your powerful 3D programming and belief systems based on the feelings of: ’ownership’, ‘responsibility‘ (oftentimes misplaced), or, being ‘right’ about anything that concerned the lives of the living beings that the Universe had placed under your care.

You might have (sometimes, but not always) wished for them to be happy and free, as long as, they continued to obey your will, satisfy you/your conditions, or fulfil your needs (e.g. the need to feel: loved, in control, accepted, important or invaluable, etc.).

In other words, as long as these people (or animals) behaved in a suitable manner, exactly the way that you wanted/needed them to behave, then in exchange for that, you would give them your very much conditional: love/care and/or, limited Free Will to choose what they wanted to do in life.

For example:


You might have created many limits on what your children can or cannot do, under the guise of ‘good parenting’. And if the children ever break your rules, there will often be consequences that they have to pay, e.g. loss of their pocket money; them being grounded/kicked out of the house; parents showing favouritism by not caring/loving for these ‘black sheep’ children as much as those that often obeyed their rules.

Animal Owners:

You might have created limits on what your beloved pets can or cannot do, in exchange for the love and care that you give them. And people who owned animals as livestock, oftentimes gave even less Freedom to these equally-Divine-living beings, by often mistreating them and not giving them the respect, the love or the happy life that they deserved to experience on this planet.

Divine Freedom is oftentimes severely limited or, completely non-existent for these amazing sentient beings – who in fact have always been humanity’s Greatest Teachers and Role Models; always teaching you and exemplifying several of God’s qualities: pure unconditional love, pure joy, and the innate ability to remain anchored in the present, NOW moment.


You created limits on what your employees can or cannot do, according to the organisational rules that you had created for your business. Your employees will ultimately risk losing their jobs; their sources of income if they ever break the rules.

Freedom of Speech/Expression:

This type of Freedom often got extremely skewed/heavily abused, especially in this modern, technologically-advanced era you are living in, when the Internet can give a person the feeling of complete anonymity and a false sense of security, to say/write/do something: bad about, or, potentially harmful to someone else, without having to pay the price for it.

After all, the person that had been affected by your words, feelings and actions normally lived far away from you, and thus the geographical distance between you oftentimes acted as a strong deterrence against possible undesirable consequences that may arise otherwise. This physical distance (or any other natural barrier, e.g. language, the use of alias/fake names) had often effectively prevented the ‘victims’ from taking any (possibly legal) actions against the ‘villains’, to hold them accountable for their harmful actions.

This feeling of anonymity created by the World Wide Web, had given many people the feeling of complete freedom, power or security, to not do the right thing by others, to write whatever mean comments they wished, to take/edit/copy someone else’s work and/or claim it as their own-without permission, or, to do anything else that suited their own purposes (under the guise of Free Will-in-action) —> oftentimes with a feeling of complete disregard about how their words or actions might affect the other parties.

And by so doing, these people had completely forgotten and violated the basic Laws of Life: the Law of Harmony, the Law of Love, or the Law of Karma (i.e. the Law of ONE).

Even if the ‘victims’ didn’t personally take any action to ‘correct the injustices’ done unto them, (e.g. if they didn’t actually know what had happened due to geographical/language barriers), the Universe will never fail to rectify the energetic imbalances that these ’villains’ had created on the ’victims’ lives, with perfect mathematical accuracy.

For example, We had seen numerous occasions when many celebrities, members of royal families, or other famous public figures, had emotionally, mentally or physically suffered from the loss of privacy (under the public’s ‘Right To Know’), intense scrutiny or, the judgmental attitudes coming from the world – through any social media/online channels, or other more traditional mediums of communication on your planet.

Let’s use for example, the famous (often controversial) public figures such as Princess Diana, Eva Perón, Donald Trump or Barack Obama, who had risen to fame; who were greatly admired and/or put on high positions of leadership by the masses.

Oftentimes We (your higher dimensional friends) could clearly see that these famous people ended up ‘suffering’ in silence because of the misunderstandings, judgments, or condemnation coming from the world or coming from the ‘enemies’ around them, especially for their nonconforming/unpopular: opinions/beliefs/actions/decisions that they had outwardly expressed or done, in both their personal and public lives.

In other words, once a person has reached a certain level of fame and become an expert, a leader, or a role model for many, he/she is then expected to conform (in many/all the ways) to the social norms. If they ever stepped out of line, or, did something that was not to many people’s liking, a public outcry would soon ensue.

The same people who had: showered them with love, respect, admiration, or, given them high positions of Leadership, had inevitably created a figurative ‘cage’ or prison, that heavily limited the Freedom (i.e. the Divine Birthright) that these public figures also deserved to have in their lives.

You might perhaps hold the opinions that:

1) if these people could not handle the heat (e.g. when sitting in that ‘hot seat’ of leadership) then they had no business occupying that seat in the first place and should have vacated it as soon as possible, so that another could take their places.

Is this truly the Higher Perspective that a loving, caring, kind and compassionate Master should adopt? As a chela; as a dedicated student to the Ascended Masters, can you not see nor feel the immense struggles of the people around you, e.g. the people that you had chosen as leaders of your communities?

2) the public has the right to know – under Freedom of Information.

Our response to this claim is both: yes and no. Yes, we agree that the public may have the right to know (if the information has the potential to directly/indirectly affects the public’s well-being and/or, if the information is related to their public/leadership roles) and, no, the public does not have the right to know ALL personal information (especially information that does not affect the public’s well-being, i.e. that is none of their business). It will all depend on the type of information you wish to know and the reason why you want to know them.

Try putting yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if every single aspect of your life is on display for the world to see? For most, or all, of you here, it will truly be a hellish kind of existence. If you don’t believe this, simply ask the universe to send you tests/life challenges that will assist you in knowing what it feels like, to have your personal privacy breached.

People’s rights to their Privacy and Freedom need to be respected, for your own rights/freedom to be respected as well. Remember, what you are doing/not doing for others, you are ultimately doing/not doing it for yourself.

There is a strict rule up here in Heaven, that souls can only access other souls’ individual Akashic Records/Soul History/Life Plans if:

1) the information requested was either directly, or, indirectly connected to the souls who have made the request,

2) you have been given permission by their Higher Selves (or by their embodied aspects-of-self) to access the relevant information,

3) there is a need to know, in order for you to do your job; fulfil a mission, or, complete the tasks given to you.

If you were to deliberately set a powerful intention now: that no one but you, can access private energetic information about anything to do with you, then simply rest assured that your I AM Presence and Spirit Team will always respect and honour your wish, without fail. They will ensure that an energetically sensitive person/a psychic cannot at all access any type of vibrational information, without your verbal/written/Higher permission.

In other words, loved ones, to be higher dimensional also means that you have to always value and highly respect the Privacy, the Needs, and, the Free Will of ALL living beings (including your animals, the trees, etc.).

Moreover, these famous public figures oftentimes had to ‘wear masks’, or, present several distinctly different faces/personalities to the world: one that they knew would be acceptable to the public, and other, hidden/private ones that might potentially end or jeopardise their careers, or even endanger their lives, if ever revealed.

Sometimes their good names and reputations were deliberately smeared by their competition/enemies, e.g. those who were jealous of their successes, or by those in power, who did not like the roles/the good works that these souls had been doing behind their backs.

Judge not, loved ones, for only We (your higher dimensional friends who are in charge of Earth’s Ascension) know the complete, entire, Highest Truth about anything to do with the people/the groups/the situations that you had admired/loved/feared/disliked/hated.

We can always see the big picture, from our bird’s eye view, whilst all of you (most of the time) could only see what was currently in front of you and could see nothing much of what had been deliberately hidden from public view (both the good, and the bad).

If you are ever curious enough to find out whether someone belongs to/is playing a role for: the Dark (service-to-self) Faction, or, the Light (service-to-all) Faction, then all you have to do is to place your entire focus on your heart chakra; on this gateway to your Higher Self – to find the Truth.

Do not depend on just the experts, the spiritual leaders, or experienced light-workers to give you all the answers, for this is NOT the way to Mastery. You must all learn to use your intuition and listen to your own inner guidance, for ALL the information/clarity that you have been seeking for (relevant to you) can be found within. Information that is not relevant to you, may not be revealed by your I AM Presence, as explained before.

Be open, ready and willing to accept the Highest Truth, especially if the truth revealed by your Higher Self is completely different to what you had originally believed/expected.

The vibrations of Highest Truth can now no longer be easily hidden from your eyes, as it will always resonate with your entire being –> a resonance that no embodied soul can deny (unless if one is simply not interested in the Truth, or, too stubborn to acknowledge such Truth when it is staring at them in their faces, especially if the Truth doesn’t suit their purposes).

Religious/Political Authorities:

Many of you here had (in past or present lives) been put in high positions of authority before (e.g. religious, spiritual, political or ruling authorities). For those of you who had come to remember some/many of your past lives, how many of you would be able to honestly admit to yourself that you had (on many occasions) abused the privilege, the honour or the trust that the people under your care had given you?

How many wars had been fought in God’s name throughout mankind’s history?

All the ‘players’ in these wars felt completely justified for their acts of violence/cruelty/oppression towards other living beings because they were fighting for the ‘Right’ cause; the ‘Right’ belief system; because they possessed the ‘Right’ skin colour, or, because they belonged to the right castes/the right groups.

Remember what Portia and Pallas Athena had said, in their message here titled: ‘Right Vs. Wrong, Who Decides?‘:

We, the Lords of Karma, will be able to give clarity to any inquiring soul, as to who was right and who was wrong in any given situation, based upon God’s Sacred, Divine, Universal Laws. Our decision is based only on Pure Truth; the Highest Vibrational Truth that has Love, Harmony, Peace, Oneness at its Core. Ultimately, only the Karmic Board has the last say, the God-given right to ‘judge’ whether you were in the Right, or in the Wrong, for every single scene of your life.

Suffice it to say that whilst you remain in physicality, there should not be a need to decipher who was right and who was wrong in any situation. Needing to decipher who was right or wrong, is not the path of Mastery. It is definitely not the path of Peace nor it is the path of Harmony with your fellowmen. It is simply a third dimensional programmingthat you should continuously strive to eliminate once and for all, as it is no longer in alignment with your sacred goal of full integration with your God-Self. 

What may be true and right for you, may not be true nor right for another person, so what gives you the right to take away, to ignore, or disrespect another person’s Freedom to do, or to be, in all situations?

Loved ones, in any type of war, conflict, debate, disagreement, or even court battles, that you had waged, or, are presently/in the future waging against another (in your quest for Freedom), please remember that God does NOT take sides.

For God will always be on everyone’s side.

Or, more accurately, God will first act as a ‘neutral observer’ to what is happening, and then, will proceed to assist ALL the parties involved, in any of your 3D drama.

The type of assistance given, will always depend on the Divine Higher Will of the souls involved in the event/situation.

Truer and wiser words by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer have never been spoken.

Humanity had created numerous 3D Laws governing people’s behaviour – what was acceptable and not acceptable by society. The rules continued to evolve as time changed; as the people/groups in power changed, and, as the frequency level of your Collective Consciousness changed.

It is a widely-accepted belief that if people were to ‘break the rules/laws’ they will, most of the time, have to pay the price for this non-conforming behaviour.

The price that these rule-breakers have to pay, will sometimes depend on the gravity of the mistakes that were made.

For example, in the olden days, people’s hands could get chopped off as punishment for stealing anything, like a loaf of bread. Nowadays, in this modern age, to atone for this type of minor crime, the guilty party only needs to pay a small fine.

In the olden days, you could easily get away with killing people, but now, modern society had deemed that the killing of another person to be completely unacceptable for whatever reason (unless if it’s been legally sanctioned by the government, e.g. in a war).

And to give you a different type of contrast, during the Golden Age of Lemuria and Atlantis, the people there would never consider killing animals for food. This act would be considered to be a sacrilege; it will be an act that is in complete defiance of the Law of One and thus would never be condoned by society. After the fall of mankind’s consciousness to 3D, the killing of animals for food, recreation or pleasure became a completely acceptable practice up to this very day.

Of course this will soon change loved ones – as your planet and the entire human collective rise to even higher levels of vibration, you will no doubt find that these types of unloving practices (that has caused great suffering in other living beings sharing the planet with you) becoming completely unacceptable.

For you are now in the process of ushering the return of the golden age; of creating and manifesting a utopian society based on Love, Freedom, Peace, Harmony, Unity & Abundance for ALL.

The inconsistency in man-made, 3D laws (i.e. laws that are highly likely to change depending on the ‘trend’ of the day, which time periods you are living in, or, which government is in charge) can never be found in God’s Cosmic Laws.

Remember beloved Masters, that God’s Laws are always Constant and Consistent; for they are the Foundation upon which this entire Physical Universe exists.

Breaking God’s Cosmic Laws – whenever you exercised your Free Will to do so – would instantly put you in an energetic ‘holding space’ until, someday, somewhere, a ‘universal re-balancing act’ naturally occurs. And when it happens, you would undoubtedly experience that which you had previously given/caused others to experience, with precise mathematical accuracy.

The Divine Law of Karma exists not because God wanted to punish you, or, punish the ’villains‘ for all the wrongs that they had committed.

It exists for the sole purpose of achieving a state of perfect energetic balance or equilibrium between: Right vs. Wrong, Light vs. Dark, Lower Frequencies vs. Higher Frequencies, or, Evil vs. Good.

The state of perfect balance/equilibrium is crucial, to maintain the existence of your 3D/4D reality; a reality that is based on Duality & Separation paradigm.

In other words, the Law of Energy/Karmic Balancing plays an important role in maintaining the integrity and the existence of these lower dimensional realities.

Living a 5D physical reality in your own life, is equivalent to living within an environment of Non-Duality & of Oneness paradigm, that can only be brought about and made possible by your complete adherence to Divine Cosmic Laws.

In other words, you cannot continue to vacillate between your old 3D-selves, and your new 5D-selves, if your goal is to successfully ascend and, gain entrance to the highly-coveted 5D environment that your Mother Earth will, very soon, completely become.

The moment-to-moment, daily, choice of whether to act in perfect alignment, or, out of alignment with your God-Self, has always been yours to make.

Please learn to choose wisely, dearly beloveds, especially now as you are preparing to enter a higher dimensional, 5D environment.

It has become even more crucial for you all to master your thoughts, words, emotions and actions, i.e. mastering your mastery. Your ’practice time’ or, this training-period you are in/planet Earth is now in, will not and cannot last forever – forever waiting for you to evolve; to grow more spiritually mature, or to take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions towards self/the world.

There is now a stronger need for you (Our beloved light-workers) to take complete charge of your own Ascension process, and commit to it, all the more fully, every day.

In upper 4D, the speed and velocity of all repercussions coming from your lower, or, higher vibrational thoughts, words, feelings or actions will only increase, until there is zero gap between your ‘Moment-of-Creation’ and your ‘Moment-of-Manifestation’.

One day very soon, you will all receive (e.g. like a boomerang you had thrown at someone, flying back your way not long after) exactly what you have sent out to others/to the Universe, almost instantly.

And when that day arrives, only those who can permanently maintain a 5D vibrational state-of-being can ‘gain entrance’ to New Earth.

Primary Reason No. 2:

Although many embodied souls (throughout thousands of years of mankind‘s history where oppression, slavery, cruelty, and injustice were the norm) had greatly desired and prayed for Freedom, not many had had the courage nor the bravery to take CONSISTENT actions – always following their inner guidance – to create and manifest a reality in their lives/world) where Freedom was the name of the game.

Most of you had been so afraid of creating ‘waves’; of defying authority and thus creating unfavourable/negative consequences in your lives. In some lifetimes, you were also afraid of your own soul powers, or, had become so comfortable in the ‘status quo’ (especially if you had found yourself belonging to the ‘privileged‘ group of people – ruling your nation/kingdom at the time) and thus, you were oftentimes happy with the way things were.

Back then, as a member of the ruling group, in that moment whenever you happened to encounter/witness situations where people (e.g. those belonging to the slave-class) were suffering under the many injustices your group had inflicted upon them, you were in fact receiving a loud ‘wake-up’ call from your soul. Those encounters were designed to activate your heart chakra; inviting you to participate in paving the way for humanity to manifest greater Freedom for your present-time & future generations to enjoy.

However, not many embodied souls had listened and acted in the direction their Higher Self was asking them to do – because for them to follow their inner guidance in this manner, oftentimes means having to brave great danger, disapproval or rejection, from their loved ones, from the world, or, from the authorities-in-charge at the time.

The people who had dared to be different were mostly souls who (pre-birth) had come here with a specific higher mission to anchor, blaze, and, in their own way, become the ‘Torchbearer’ of God’s Flame of Freedom in your oppressive planet. Oftentimes they had become so famous for their defiance. These highly-evolved souls had let nothing to stop them from pursuing the Freedom that they had greatly desired, even if such Freedom came at a very heavy personal price to themselves.

They had, energetically, paved and opened up the way; planted the seeds of ‘rebellion‘, and awakened many sleeping souls of their time, to the following Highest Truth: that Eternal Freedom is each embodied soul’s Divine Birthright and Innate Nature. In other words, throughout the many physical incarnations these highly-evolved souls had completed on this planet, their primary objective had always remained the same.

They had often chosen to be ‘inserted’ into specific, crucial time periods throughout Earth’s history, to: energetically influence the masses; awaken or, remind many people of their Divine and Direct connection to the Source, or the Freedom within themselves.

These souls came equipped with their ‘computer system’, i.e. their DNA, completely engineered/designed with FREEDOM (oftentimes along with Love, Peace and Harmony) as their programming language, that ’ruled’ or heavily influenced their chosen thoughts, words, feelings and the actions taken. Freedom was so deeply ingrained within these souls’ way-of-being, so much so, that it was THE ONLY way they would and could ever operate from, in most of their interactions with the world around them.

Famous names such as Moses, Yeshua ben Yosef & Mary Magdalene, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Liu Xiaobo, Aung San Suu Kyi, Winston Churchill, Albert Camus, Martin Luther King Jr., Eva Perón, and countless others, were the highly-evolved souls We had sent to Earth, to teach and lead their people/the entire world, how to (peacefully – whenever possible) create a world where Freedom was the name of the game.

Their very existence was often an act of rebellion, against the ruling/religious authorities, or, against the great powers/Cabal influences, of their times. Some of these souls, e.g. Churchill, were born in tumultuous, very dark eras to assist humanity in finding/paving the path, and thus leading the entire world back to a time of greater Peace and Freedom.

They had led (by their very examples) and taught the world how to be and feel free; how to create a reality where their own Divine Freedom reigned supreme, even during the darkest of times when their faiths and their cause were often put to great tests -> that often resulted in: them having to spend many years in prison, the smear campaign marring their good names/reputations, or, their eventual deaths ‘seemingly’ at the hands of their oppressors, etc.

Beloveds, it is precisely due to the Collective efforts of these highly-evolved souls, that humanity as a race, is now able to arrive and stand knocking at the ‘Gate of Eternal Freedom’ today. Their collaborative hard work and dedication to the cause, had successfully brought humanity to this Ascension Timeline, where the Divine Rights of all living beings have now become even more respected than ever before!

And very soon, just like I had promised you all in the previous message, Earth will become a planet ruled by God’s Cosmic Laws, where the Divine Rights of ALL living beings reign supreme.

You don’t have to look very far to see plenty of evidences of my promise being manifested around the planet even as we speak. There are many people on this planet who had gone to great lengths to protect the freedom, the rights & the livelihood of those weaker than them; those without power, or, those without a voice.

These days there are so many groups, organisations, charities, or foundations formed with the sole purpose of becoming the hope, the love or the light for those in need – e.g. animal welfare groups, children welfare charities, etc. The emergence of these groups is a modern-day ’trend’ that used to be non-existent, in as little as 50 years ago.

This ‘Freedom Movement’ will only grow even more intense in the next few years, loved ones, as more and more embodied souls are awakening to the realisation that they have never been separate from one another – that you are ONE with ALL That Is Seen and Unseen.

Primary Reason No. 3:

People are quite used, and, occasionally more than happy, to give away their Freedom to choose, to someone else.

People are inclined to believe more in the experts, mentors, leaders or authorities (in the fields that they are interested in) and oftentimes, they would leave the decision whether to do something, or not to do something, for someone else to decide (e.g their parents, their spouse, their best friend, etc.).

This way, if later on in the future, something were to go wrong with the choice that they had made, they will then be free to place the blame on the shoulders of the people who had previously made the decisions on their behalf.

Please be honest to yourself and find out, how many times have you (in the past) blamed your parents, or your loved ones, for the decisions that they had made on your behalf, or, for the decisions that you had personally made (under the caring influences of the people around you)?

You may also wish to simply observe how people on Earth generally react when they become uncertain about: what to do, which path to take, or, what decision to make.

Instead of searching for the clarity; for the answers to their questions internally – thereby aligning themselves with the wisdom of their Omniscient God-Self, people are so used to going externally for said guidance.

They are either totally: forgetting that they have constant, 24/7 access to this expert advice from within, or, unable to trust any guidance coming from within themselves (because they have not been trained since birth to do so, i.e. they are very much out of practice).

To give you all an example, Adele occasionally received emails from potential clients asking her whether she can assist them with their specific problems, if they were to book a session with her. And Adele, in her usual empowering manner, always responds back by saying to them that they will, unfortunately, have to decide that for themselves.

As someone whose Soul Origin is from the Violet Ray, Adele is naturally all about Freedom, and thus she will never persuade, convince, influence, nor pressure anyone to book a session with her. When asked for details, she will only present factual information and provide an explanation on the kind of assistance that she provides.

And thus, if people were to go ahead and book a session with her, they have to do so with an inner knowing; with a feeling of certainty/confidence that comes from following their own inner GPS, and not because of her/someone else’s persuasive advice.

By asking Adele such a question, those people were in fact, unintentionally, putting the inherent risk; the ‘burden of responsibility‘ of their future choice unfairly on Adele. So that if something were to go wrong, or, if they (in the future) were to decide that the energy healing treatment/reading session hasn’t met their expectations, they will then feel completely free to place the full blame on Adele – for not meeting said expectations.

And therein lies one of biggest problems that has effectively prevented Mankind from successfully ascending to the higher dimensions sooner.

How can anyone master their Mastery; become as One with their Higher Self and successfully ascend to 5D, if one cannot, or, is not willing to be completely responsible and take ownership for all the choices that they have to make in life?

Loved ones, if you are truly serious about experiencing Divine Freedom in every single aspect of your life, please take however much time you need, to deeply ponder and process everything that We had explained here today in this message.

For every single aspect of your life that is currently not working out for you, you may wish to then take the time to ask your I AM Presence for clarity, to find out which particular Primary Reason Number 1, 2, or 3 as mentioned above, is currently the biggest barrier to your experiencing greater Freedom in that aspect (e.g. financial aspect, relationship aspect, health/well-being aspect, etc.).

Adele and us have not been able to fully cover everything that We wanted to share with you in this message. And so there will be a Part 2 (and maybe Part 3 as well) of this Freedom-related Higher-Dimensional Discourse, that We had worked so hard together to give you here today.

A lot of the things disclosed here in Part 1 also need to be explained in greater details, so simply stay tuned for Our next installment.

Your individual and collective futures will be so very exciting, loved ones.

Simply make it your daily intention to always remain anchored, in the Light and in the Power of your I AM Presence, and by doing so, you will no doubt safely reach the ‘Holy Land where Eternal Freedom lies’, at a pace that is perfectly suited for you!

Recognise, loved ones, that in truth, your Divine Freedom has never been taken away from you.

It might occasionally appear to be that way, but all that had occurred in your present and past lives, had occurred always with your Higher Consent – ultimately following your own Divine Free Will to choose for yourself, the physical life experiences that you wish to have on Earth (always for the purpose of greater self-love and soul growth).

Only from this state of Complete Knowing and Acceptance of this Truth, you can then easily re-claim your Divine Birthright, and manifest a reality where you can always feel perfectly free, no matter what is happening around you.

With all our Love and Devotion,

Goddess of Liberty & St. Germain.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2020.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for always respecting this request. Namaste.


CHANNELER’S NOTE – April 19th, 2020.

Hello dear friends,

I hoped you had all enjoyed reading the above message coming from our beloved God of Freedom and Goddess of Liberty.

This had been the most challenging but also the most rewarding channeled message I had ever written, on behalf of the Divine. The topic of Freedom is very dear to my heart as all of my closest friends will be able to tell you.

Everything that I had learnt and experienced in this lifetime (especially the ‘hell’ that I had gone through in the last 12 months, and, in numerous past lives), was so that I could finally write this series of Freedom-related channeled messages for you, and for the world.

This series marked the culmination of many lifetimes’ worth of struggles that my soul had personally experienced, in our numerous efforts to anchor the energies of Freedom on Earth.

As I was writing this message, I could often feel powerful Light & Love healing energies constantly swirling from within me and within the planet – working hard to clear, purge, release and heal all Freedom-related traumas/scars/wounds that were present not only within my soul, but also from my ancestral lines, and, from the entire human collective as well.

And now, I am feeling completely exhausted, but also really happy and much lighter at the same time.

Although I had partially written Part 2, up to about 15 minutes’ worth of reading time, I will no longer provide any estimate as to when the next message will be posted.

It will be posted only when ready.

I hoped you had all been enjoying reading the many precious gifts of love that you can find on this website.

Lastly, I would like to close today’s message by sharing the following amazing song with you all. It was written and sung by a wonderful light-worker friend, AnnKristin Torp, and the song is shared here with permission.

Happy listening!

With love & light.


Song Title: Freedom


Freedom in my soul and freedom in my heart

Leave this prison tower- let go the painful past

Standing in my pillar of divine light

Living my compassion – ready to take flight

May all secret dreams I hide – soon be out there in the open

Cause I know – there are no limitations

Take a wild ride with me – on the cyklon of my life-force

With the power of love – and be free!

Freedom in my soul and freedom in my heart

Leave this prison tower – let go the painful past

Standing in my pillar of divine light

Living my compassion – ready to take flight

To be honest – to be real – is the path I wanna follow

To honour how I feel – the lightness and the sorrow

And allow it to be – See the braking down of ego

To journey with joy – and be free!


I can see a new dawn

I‘m the lady of the rising sun

I‘ll embrace it all

Time to blow bubbles, time to laugh, to dance and have fun

With freedom in my soul…

Lyrics & Melody: AnnKristin Torp.

Created in: August 2017.

Copyright 2020 – AnnKristin Torp.

It’s Time To Choose – St. Germain & the Goddess of Liberty (2 April 2020).


Beloved I AM, St. Germain & Goddess of Liberty, thank you for being here with us today for this important Light transmission – especially coded to assist us in successfully anchoring, integrating and mastering the Violet Ray of Freedom into all aspects of our lives, and, into ALL life/places on Earth, whereby Divine Freedom is still either severely limited or non-existent.

Today, on behalf of the Collective, we, your beloved chelas, gratefully request for the Flame of Freedom to blaze so powerfully within ourselves; within our lives, so that we fully become the ‘Torchbearer’ of this flame wherever we go, until this planet can successfully liberate itself from all remaining influences (coming from within/without) that seek to oppress, limit or restrict our/others’ Divine Freedom to be/to do/to create/to exist/to speak our truth, or, to live in perfect: happiness, health, peace, harmony and abundance of every good thing.

We now declare our readiness to finally be free, by first:

agreeing to, constantly, demonstrate our willingness to give the same Freedom that we have been seeking for, to ALL around us (e.g. to other people, the animal & plant Kingdom, and planet Earth).

For we now have come to deeply understand, that when we give ALL the Freedom that they deserve to have, we are actually giving ourselves that same Freedom, in equal measure.

Many of us here had come to remember that we had lived too many lives here on Earth where we had experienced our freedom taken away from us, or, where we had directly, or indirectly, restricted/taken away other living beings’ freedom to be, or to do.

The lack of freedom in our past/present lives and/or, the suffering that we had endured, was oftentimes mirrored and regrettably displayed in our own behaviours towards those around us (e.g. in the mistreatment of Mother Earth, in the mistreatment of animals, or, in the exploitation/injustice those weaker than us had had to endure).

Of course, most of the time we might not even realise what we were actually doing – the behaviours could be so automatic/deeply ingrained within us, as though we were a computer with faulty programming. We might even convince ourselves that we did those things because we cared about/wanted to save others, and everything we did was ultimately for their own good – thus perfectly justifying our behaviours (that limited another’s freedom) to our own liking. Does this sound familiar, loved ones?

For example, if you’ve been feeling trapped in a loveless marriage not of your own choosing (back then you’d had to obey your parents), there is a high probability that one day, you may cause your children to go through the same experience – by you perhaps feeling driven to choose their life partners and not allowing them to choose their own.

These types of behaviours had undoubtedly trapped us in an endless karmic cycle of our own making for thousands of years.

We now also declare our readiness to:

permanently break karmic cycles of any kind (especially with those closest to us), and, always strive to create a peaceful, harmonious environment where ALL beings can one day live on Earth, in Eternal Freedom from fear, cruelty, oppression, slavery, or other limiting conditions of any kind.

Thank you beloved St. Germain (the God of Freedom) & the Goddess of Liberty, for constantly helping us to manifest Eternal Freedom into all aspects of life on Earth.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

And so it is.

This message will be focusing on all aspects of freedom, not just Financial Freedom, as They will be sharing with us all how to manifest unlimited Well-Being (in all of its forms) that is the Divine Right of every single embodied soul on Earth.

‘How to manifest financial freedom and infinite abundance’ is certainly a hot topic that has occupied people’s minds for a very long time. There had been a lot of books written on the subject, as well as videos, blogs, articles, seminars or workshops created in the past, to help people master the art of creating and living an abundant life.

However now that many things that we used to take for granted have become: scarce, out of stock, or expensive (due to their high demand), and, our basic freedom to go outside seemingly taken away from us due to the draconian measures the people/government/authorities in power have put in place to ‘fight’ the virus – there is a need for us to better understand exactly:

1) what exactly is happening right now (from a higher perspective);

2) how long this situation will continue;

3) how to adapt to this situation with ease & grace, and most importantly,

4) how to play an important part (as the powerful Receivers, Conductors and Transmitters of Divine Love, Light & Freedom Energies that we are) in resolving it.

These will be my questions for the first half of this message.

Nowadays, the entire global population cannot easily escape from being continuously confronted by all the fear-based news; oftentimes showing images of empty supermarket aisles/the long queues at government welfare offices (looking after the newly-unemployeds).

Even if one (such as myself) had deliberately stayed away from watching the news for many years, one still could not help but discover the many 3D dramas unfolding right now as we speak.

Many light-workers who are ‘in the know’ have long realised that this pandemic situation that humanity has (subconsciously, or, supraconsciously) created, is now being used as a powerful Higher tool, to permanently purge all deeply-rooted 3D beliefs, wounds, or traumas that had previously been ‘swept under the rug’ & remained largely unnoticed, or, unresolved for a very long time.

The following are examples of just a few of the 3D programming (based on fear, scarcity, lack of freedom, or, power-over-others), present within our Collective consciousness, that are being released and transmuted into Higher Light right now as we speak:

– Money (and many other things that can be found on Earth) are limited sources. There is never enough for everyone and thus, we have to fight, compete, or hoard as much as possible, to survive.

This ‘survival of the fittest’ instinct that stemmed from a strong, deeply-rooted belief in scarcity/lack that is currently at play, has recently induced many people to take action to eliminate their fears, in a way that they had been so conditioned to react for thousands of years.

– We can either: make plenty of money, by doing what people normally do, or, do what we love for a living but not making as much and settling for less.

– As long as we have plenty of money/profits, we can: have, or, do harm to, anything we want (e.g. by exploiting/allowing harm to come to other people, animals, and/or, the planet), without caring much about the long-term consequences.

– Financial freedom belongs only to the minority group. The rest of us have to slave-away, struggle in our own rat races, and work hard for a living.

– Death is the single, greatest tragedy that can happen to someone, and thus it is something that should always be prevented from happening.

(I loved the following video of Abraham-Hicks, that had debunked this great fallacy of death, in the clearest and most beautiful way:

– Our physical, mental or emotional health is highly dependent on what is happening (externally) in our lives and, in the outside world. We may occasionally have control over our health; but never all the time. Thus we must never drop/lower/let down our guard; we must remain constantly vigilant, for we have long believed that planet Earth is a dangerous place to live on. This belief is after all continuously proven ‘right’ every time we turned on the TV & watched the news.

– We do not have the luxury nor the freedom to do whatever we want in life, since the banks partially own our houses, and/or, we are morally ‘obligated’ to support our family. Following the call of our hearts, to do what we love to do in life, is thus a potentially dangerous/risky endeavour that may cause the financial freedom we have been seeking for, to remain forever out of reach.

– There is nothing we can personally do to liberate our lives and win against ‘the oppressive system’. We are now living a reality where our basic rights to move about, or to live our lives the way we want, have been taken away from us, under the guise of protecting the public/containing the virus. Any resistance is futile and will only potentially create negative consequences for ourselves.

– The world is a dangerous place. We are now required to ‘socially distance’ ourselves from others, in order to keep our (and other people’s) physical bodies healthy and, virus-free. (Thus inadvertently keeping alive the 3D Separation paradigm, instead of ushering a new golden era of Unity).

– Following our inner guidance, may cause us to lose our precious freedom to choose what to do with our time/lives. What if one day, our I AM Presence requires us to do something that we do not wish to do/we are not prepared to do (just yet)? Are we truly ready to surrender control of our lives over to God?

Can you truly see what is truly happening here, dear friends?

The entire world has been so deeply longing to experience Complete, Eternal Freedom of Self; i.e. the experience of everlasting Freedom from ALL debilitating fears and, from ALL limiting conditions (both imposed by ourselves, by others and/or by ‘the system’).

Within humanity’s psyche, we have been feeling ‘safe enough’ and thus are now finally ready to re-claim our Divine Birthright – the Eternal Freedom that we (in the past) had often given away (by Higher choice) to others, for the purpose of experience, expansion and soul growth.

We have been yearning to re-emerge back into the Light of our God-Self, who has remained forever free from all of the limiting stories that we had continuously created for ourselves, in many of our past/present lives here on Earth.

This is truly going to be THE lifetime where we successfully claim our Eternal Freedom and once again become someone who is as limitless as God, the Creator.

Earth will in the end become a planet ruled by God’s Cosmic Laws, where Divine Rights of ALL living beings reign supreme“ – (the Goddess of Liberty).

I had cried many happy tears today, as I read (over and over again) what the Goddess of Liberty had just promised us all, in the above sentence.

And now, external situations are ‘forcing’ many people to finally face their deepest fears; their shadows and scars, coming from current & past lifetimes when/where their basic Freedom had, oftentimes, been taken away from them.

For example, the basic freedom to live/prosper on this planet; the basic freedom of speech – to express their truths; the freedom to have beliefs not approved by powerful religious authorities; the freedom from wrongful imprisonments by those with wealth/political/military powers, etc.

Although our present-day governments’ original intention may very well be well-meaning, (depending on the ones making all the decisions – they might even be part of the Forces of Light who have been secretly tasked to keep Earth citizens safe with these global lockdown measures, thus allowing many ‘clean-up’ operations to take place behind the scenes), unfortunately, the loss of much of our basic Freedom right now has become an undeniable fact; a manifested physical reality – successfully bringing out much of the Collective’s traumas out into the Light, for a major healing.

We can only begin the process of healing our bodies; healing our lives (i.e. our Individual and Collective Consciousness) when the presence of ‘that which is holding us back’ from ultimately experiencing the Eternal Freedom we seek, gets exposed and completely revealed in its entirety.

For example, if you do not know that your body has a hidden, yet-undiscovered illness of any kind, how can you then take immediate actions to prevent it from getting worse before it is too late? Early detection of any and all imbalances is always better than later on trying to cure an illness already in its advanced stages.

Just like a lot of light-workers had (mostly) completed an intense purification period throughout 2019, and now that the Human Collective’s turn to go through the same Awakening, Purging and Deep Healing/Realignment Phases has finally arrived, it’s our job to simply maintain our high, 5D vibrations wherever we go.

Living on an Ascending planet is truly not for the faint-hearted. Together we can do this!

St Germain:

Greetings beloved Masters.

We, the Light-Beings in charge of Earth’s Ascension, are extremely pleased with the progress of your individual and collective’s journeys back to the Light-of-God within.

Many of you reading this message, had expressed in different ways, your heartfelt requests for visible, major global changes to occur faster.

Over the years you had prayed, or, expressed similar thoughts such as these:

‘Enough is enough – let all wars be permanently stopped on Earth’;

‘Let the positive changes begin now – bring them on’;

‘Please God, grant unto us permanent, everlasting peace and harmony on Earth’;

’No matter how hard we work, we just can’t seem to get ahead/save much money. Please God, show us the simplest, and most effective way to liberate our lives from the financial shackles that seemed to have enslaved humanity for a very long time‘;

or, my favourite:

‘Dear God, thank you for the Infinite Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Freedom, Oneness and Abundance that are ours to have, and to share, always’.

Most of you here have immediately understood why the last one was my favourite, and the answer is simple.

A statement of gratitude such as this, when backed by the emanation of your genuine, positive feelings, is the most powerful form of prayer.

When making this type of statement, you are in fact expressing your desires as though they have already been manifested in your physical reality, and thus, it will guarantee the speedy manifestation of such a reality in your life and in the world around you.

Never underestimate the Mighty Power of your prayers, thoughts, words and feelings, loved ones, provided that they are all expressed in the energetically-expansive (rather than energetically-contractive) manner that supports your ‘Act of Creation’.

Rest assured that they had ALL been heard, and, answered by the Universe, by God, and by all of us here who are always working hard to help you manifest the grand dreams that you have for yourselves, for Earth and humanity.

Here comes 3 powerful mantras that We highly recommend for you to mentally/verbally recite often, daily, in your spare time. Of course if you already have your own set of mantras that never fails to lift your vibrations, then please keep doing what you are already doing. Your loving service to ALL in this manner is very much needed right now.

In these times of uncertainty, the following Sanskrit mantras can help you to transcend ‘the small-self’, merge with your I AM, and in the long run help you to manifest the physical reality that you deeply desire for yourself and ALL on Earth.

Let us gently remind you, beloved Masters, that Sanskrit is one of the very few ancient languages on Earth that can powerfully activate the state of ‘Higher Consciousness’ within, thus greatly accelerating your spiritual growth.

Chanting, singing, speaking these mantras often, will thereby focus all of your energy, time and being, on what you wish to create/embody whilst on Earth, rather than just focusing on ‘What-Is’.

They will greatly assist you and humanity, to create & maintain high vibrations of love, peace, perfect bliss, and freedom daily, during these amazing times of transition that you are all going through right now.



May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

2) The Moola Mantra:




OM – We are calling on the Highest Energy of All

SAT – The formless, the Unmanifest Potential, the Truth

CHIT – Infinite Consciousness of the Universe

ANANDA – Pure Love, Bliss & Joy

PARABRAHMA – The Supreme Creator

PURUSHOTHAMA – Manifested in every living being

PARAMATMA – Who comes into my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask

SRI BHAGAVATHI – The Divine Mother, power aspect of creation

SAMETHA – Together within Non-Duality

SRI BHAGAVATHE – The Father of Creation, Unchangeable & Permanent

NAMAHA – I bow in deepest reverence. I thank you and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times.

3) The Gayatri Mantra:

Let us now answer Adele’s four questions as previously mentioned above.

Her Higher Self had partially answered the first question herself when she explained that humanity is currently in the middle of the biggest healing and transformation period never experienced before, in the history of this planet.

The greatest ‘show‘ ever created by mankind has now started on Earth, and your victory is NOW here.

Remember loved ones, that in the great, eternal moment of NOW, your Ascension and that of Mother Earth’s, have already occurred.

However from your 3D linear perspective (in this specific NOW moment that you have labelled as ‘April 2nd, 2020’), the story that you may wish to, one day, tell younger generations about ‘how it all happened’ is now unfolding as we speak.

Humanity, as a collective, currently has a number of different realities/timelines available – whether or not you will end up choosing the Optimum Timeline for yourselves will greatly depend on your own individual/collective intentions. However, it is perhaps reassuring to you to know that ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’, i.e. the timelines currently available for humanity to choose from, all lead to successful completion of the Ascension process for Earth & all Ascending-souls on it.

Father God Himself has recently stepped in and chosen to ‘come into the physical realm’ to get more involved, and personally lead or oversee Earth’s Ascension process from the front lines, so that our success will arrive at the perfect Divine timing for ALL. For all of you, and, your Earth Mother, had suffered long enough.

And just like many of you here had had to go through your individual awakening, clearing, healing, or, God Self re-alignment phases to get to where you are today, the time has come for all ascending, and, non-ascending members of humanity to do the same, in the manner of their choosing.

Many non-ascending souls are now facing their final, decision-making moment of whether to stay here, do the compulsory clearing/purging/healing required to raise their vibrations & ascend in this lifetime (i.e. merging with their God-Self whilst in the physical realm), OR, to leave the planet (i.e. merging with God back in the non-physical realm) & ascend somewhere else later (at their earliest convenience).

And many souls had chosen the latter, using the Exit ‘Tool’ that has now conveniently appeared – arriving in the form of this pandemic. The death of their physical bodies is in fact part of their ‘Act of Creation’ as God, and, with God, to expand and move forward in the directions that they have actually CHOSEN (on a higher level) to go.

By transitioning back to spirit; back to our eternal Home in Heaven, they had in fact chosen to take the ‘express way’ of re-aligning themselves with their God-Self.

This is always a very joyful experience (for the returning soul) that is actually cause for a celebration!

Your knowing, believing and rejoicing in the following Highest Truth that states:

ALL deaths happen BY CHOICE, and, NEVER by accident

will NOT fail to, vibrationally, alleviate much of the fear, drama & self-imposed (often unhealthy/prolonged) emotional/mental/physical suffering that humanity has long created, when impacted by: the death of people close to them, or, the potentially-scary news of rising death toll happening around the globe.

It is time, loved ones, for the entire planet to permanently leave behind the 3D fallacies, beliefs or programming that Adele had mentioned above, including everything else not specifically listed there.

If you have now personally arrived at a place in life where all of those 3D beliefs can no longer be found within your consciousness, e.g. when reading the ones Adele had listed above, you can honestly say that you have zero resonance with all/most of them, then congratulations, loved ones.

We are happy to announce that you have now successfully arrived at the Final Stage of your ‘I AM Integration-Process’. A stage that will soon be completed by many of you here whose Light Quotient Level is already very high -> you are in fact moving, ever closer each day, to 100% perfect resemblance or resonance with the frequencies of your own I AM Presence.

2020 will soon be the year when you can finally have your ‘graduation party’, as you will: become the full embodiment of your God-Self; the Holy Christ-Self, and, successfully triumph over all limiting conditions present in your life at the moment.

Simply be ready and, be completely open to receiving the many wonderful surprises that We have got in store for all of you this year!

And now that you have arrived in this final leg of your I AM integration journey, you will find that it has become so easy, and so natural, to maintain your high vibrations lately – no matter what is going on with the people/world around you.

The heavy, dense news reported daily (e.g. about the virus, the lockdown, or the world economy) will often feel as though there is ‘no weight’ to it. In other words, this type of news no longer has the power to: incapacitate you, lower your vibrations, or, put you back in the tight grip of that very same fear that has dominated this beautiful planet, for thousands of years.

Those of you here who had perhaps in the past refrained from watching/following news from the mainstream media, are now finding it easy to do so without feeling negatively affected in any way.

Beloved Masters of Light & Love, you are now vibrationally holding the space, for humanity to release and heal everything that has been holding them back (individually & collectively) for a very long time. This is exactly why you had been awakened earlier than the majority.

All ascending souls have (for quite sometime now) been feeling ‘safe enough’ to do whatever is necessary, in order to rise even higher in vibrations and, once again be capable of creating/manifesting magic in their physical reality, everything that the God I AM within them has always been capable of doing – without limits.

And how can these ascending souls have ‘the time’ to do so – i.e. to focus on themselves; finally face their personal life challenges (that they perhaps have long run away from), and, focus on their own spiritual growth – if they are always so busy; so inundated with work or, occupied with any other modern-day commitment/activity that had oftentimes successfully turned their attention away from their own I AM Presence?

The answer to this question is so simple, dear ones.

You (collectively) have successfully, and, powerfully, created an experience/an event known as COVID-19, so that you can all enjoy a lot of time off (from ‘normal’ life) and focus on soul growth instead.

Is this not an empowering, life-changing, Higher perspective to have about the virus?

This, loved ones, is the higher perspective a powerful Creator/Master should always adopt, when faced with all unexpected life challenges. Knowing that everything (both labelled as good or bad) always happens for a reason, and the reason will always be: greater self-love, or, soul growth.

And by this stage of your spiritual awakening, there is not a single light-worker here (who is in the Final Phase of mastering your mastery) who actually prefers to adopt the polar-opposite, ‘victimhood/powerless’ perspective instead.

We encourage you all to be so in love with the virus, and, so genuinely grateful for its presence on Earth – for what it is currently doing to help with the implementation of sweeping, positive changes on Earth that you have all been praying for.

However, please remember to follow your intuition at all times, before you go on encouraging others to do the same. Not everyone around you is ready to hear this Higher solution on ‘how to effectively eliminate the virus’ that has always been waiting there; staring at humanity in the face. The solution that most people had been too blind to see.

Knowing that these challenges are oftentimes the keys that will successfully spark greater soul growth movements for yourself/others around you, and, sending the energy of Divine Love to the virus (and, to all other existing challenges you may have in your life right now), will effectively put you in the right vibration required, to come up with the perfect solutions needed to eradicate the virus, and, eliminate all of your challenges once and for all.

Love and gratitude create your solutions, whilst fear is the energy that will (very effectively) keep you stuck or engrossed in the problems – you will find it difficult to discover a way out of your challenges, until you are ready to let go of all fears.

Nowadays because of the virus, you all have a ‘legitimate’ reason to stay at home, enjoy the peace & quiet that you have (on a higher level) chosen for yourselves, clear everything 3D within you that has been holding you back, and, prepare for what will be coming soon (i.e. the movie that will soon be playing in ’theatres’ everywhere on Earth).

The greatest movie ever created by mankind, titled: ‘Creating Heaven on Earth’.

Isn’t this experience of pandemic & global lockdown/quarantine, a truly ingenious ‘plan’ that you had all come up with, for, and, by yourselves?

Believe it or not, there is not a single soul currently on Earth, who (on a higher level) has NOT agreed to this coronavirus plan, prior to it being fully activated.

This ’pandemic event’ has been the biggest, Higher collaboration (between all souls who had chosen to embody the Dark or the Light in this lifetime – for both equally represent the Divine/the 3D Duality of physical life on Earth) in the history of Mankind, in modern times. The last time you all concocted a similar, large-scale collaboration was back during WW2 (i.e. collectively creating a physical life experience called ‘world-war‘ that was affecting major populations/many countries around the globe at the same time).

This pandemic event is now allowing and, giving ALL (humans, animals, the planet) the opportunity to take a break, slow down, heal and press the ‘re-set button’ from all the stress that you have continuously created/inflicted on yourselves, on one another and, on your Mother Earth.

This virus is doing exactly what it had been engineered to do – helping to eliminate many susceptible, long-corrupted ‘files’ (e.g. the Cabal) in this complex computer system (i.e. your beautiful planet) that is undergoing massive, permanent, and amazing upgrades.

Otherwise, how else would you destroy all corrupted files, without actually destroying the system itself and potentially, all who live in it as well, loved ones?

And for those people affected by the virus who have not been part of the Cabal, you need to simply hold an awareness that they have (on a higher level) chosen to be infected, to receive the assistance they need, to either: re-set themselves (and thus they will recover after being infected), or, exit the system/the planet and transition back to the non-physical for a different kind of adventure.

Adele had also asked the following questions ‘How long will this situation continue? How to adapt to this situation with ease and grace, and how to play a part in resolving it?’

Our answer to the first question is very straightforward, loved ones.

’How long is a piece of string?‘ – laughed*

This whole COVID-19, lockdown/quarantine situation will continue for however long you all, individually/collectively, need or want it to continue – within the bigger group/locality that you are living in right now (e.g. the village/suburb, town, city, state, country).

For example, if the majority of citizens in one particular country right now were to decide, declare and believe with all their hearts, that the time has come for this situation to be fully resolved, then the situation will come to its timely end, not long after such a strong declaration of intent has been made – coming from the collective members of that large group, or, the citizens of that country.

And then, the after effects of such a success in this one country will reverberate globally; energetically ’inviting’ the rest of the world to follow and manifest similar success – creating a strong momentum of positive change; a chain reaction that will, in a short period of time, banish the virus forever.

You can think of the whole creative process like falling dominoes – once a global event of this magnitude has been set in motion, you need to first observe and let it play out a little (knowing that there are higher, very important reasons for it happening).

The virus had set off a powerful global chain of reaction, not long after affecting many citizens in Wuhan China, and now, it only awaits you, our powerful Masters of Light & Love, to decide whether:

a) you are ready to play the ‘Reverse Game’ to this.

b) you feel that Divine timing for everyone (whose life has been affected by this whole situation) has arrived, because this doesn’t just involve you. Take Adele for example, she has been feeling so grateful and completely at peace with the virus‘ presence in this world, however, she hasn’t been intuitively guided to play an active part (as either a healer/creator) in eliminating the virus completely. So in the last few weeks, instead of setting an intention for a permanent cure to appear, she’s been focusing her efforts daily on helping to raise the collective vibrations of the planet.

She trusted her I AM Presence to tell her when the world (and, the Forces of Light who are doing their best to help humanity from behind the scenes) are finally ready for the whole situation to come to an end. i.e. when the virus has fully served its higher purpose, and, when she will finally be called to assist in creating a new momentum; a new chain reaction that will put the entire planet back on track – thus manifesting the Optimum Timeline, to then get ready for what needs to happen next.

You all have the power to consciously create a powerful chain reaction that will end this ‘COVID-19 story’ that you (on a Higher level) had previously set in motion before. And of course, just like Adele, only do so if/when you feel ready, or, strongly feel that ‘it’s time’.

Unfortunately, this kind of powerful ‘Conscious Act of Creation’ (i.e. to eradicate the virus) can only be made by:

1) embodied souls who strongly believe themselves to be aspects of the Great I AM; to be powerful Creators of their own life experiences, or,

2) embodied souls who believe strongly enough that God (the Higher Presence governing physical life on Earth) will ‘save’ humanity and resolve this pandemic very soon.

In other words, the first group of souls represents those who believe that God is within them and they will take action to save themselves, whilst the latter group represents the souls who still believe that God is a loving force, high above and outside of themselves.

No matter which side of the wall, you/your loved ones, are standing on, as long as the majority of Earth citizens possesses a strong belief and powerfully declares that ‘this will ALL pass & be over soon’ then, it will indeed be over soon – provided that the second group of people no longer buy into what the mainstream media is daily broadcasting on their loud, 3D, fear-based channel.

It is now our turn to ask you all the following questions:

“What is your intention, loved ones? Would you like to actively participate and contribute to the process of creating and manifesting an effective solution to this whole situation?

Or, have you been mostly ‘swept up by the current’; the fear craze; going with the flow/with the majority, and thus been spending most of your time lately just reacting, rather than creating the ideal reality for yourself, and for the entire planet?”

If, just like Adele, Divine Timing, inspiration, and perfect alignment are what you have been waiting for (before taking action), then let this message act as a strong and loud ‘Call to Action’ for you.

As most of you here have already heard, there is a powerful 4-4-4 Ascension Portal opening up soon. We ask that you invite as many people as possible, to meditate together this weekend, and powerfully choose to manifest the Optimum Timeline for yourself and for humanity.

By choosing to participate in this weekend’s meditation; by always maintaining your high vibrations no matter what; by always being the voice of love, joy, peace, harmony, unity or, abundance to the people around you, you are in fact putting yourself on the powerful ‘God-Creator’ mode.

And whenever you are in this mode – the mode of acting like God, with God, and as God, you will successfully move Heaven & Earth, and will not fail to magically create the most wonderful physical reality that you desire to experience.

And thus Adele, there is never any need to ‘adapt’ to a situation that you have deemed to be negative, or, that which you have decided to change/no longer experience in your physical, both individual & collective, reality.

Whenever you all encounter an event/an experience that successfully provides the contrast necessary; the clarity that you need between ’what-is-wanted’ and, ‘what-is-not-wanted‘, what do you think you, as a powerful creator, should do next?

You need to first decide and choose to create a different experience (after recognising that on some level, you had individually created/collectively co-created the unwanted event, for it to have manifested in your reality). Afterwards, with complete trust and faith, simply follow your inner guidance as to what you should do next.

And this, loved ones, is how you can play an active, and powerful, part in resolving the unwanted event.

Adele has also asked us to briefly explain to you all here, (in preparation for this weekend’s powerful 4-4-4 Gateway Mass Meditation event) what it actually means to ‘choose the Optimum Timeline’ and, a simple way to do it, during the upcoming meditation.

In every moment of every day (even when you are not meditating) loved ones, you are constantly and very actively choosing your individual and collective timeline/physical reality that you wish to experience – both in that present moment and in your future.

In other words, your every thought, word & feeling that you radiate into the world is part of your powerful ‘Act of Creation’. You are creating either:

* an optimum timeline that will take you to what you wish to experience faster (with ease & grace), or,

* several variations of that timeline (e.g. slower timelines – depending on whether detours are required to get you to the desired destination), or,

* a non-ideal timeline (that may take you a long while to get to your destination, through unwanted routes) especially if your thought and feeling worlds have been mostly low-vibrational lately.

Your sustained beliefs; your dominant thoughts/words/feelings about yourself, about the world, and/or, about the virus, will determine which physical reality/which timeline you (and the Collective) are inhabiting in your present moment, or, which timeline you will soon create, manifest/inhabit in the ‘future’.

You do not need to wait until whenever you happen to sit down and meditate, or, until this weekend, to create and manifest your desired timeline/reality!

Get into the habit of always, and very naturally, aligning your powerful Tools of Creation (i.e. your thoughts, words & feelings) with the Highest, Optimum timeline for yourself and for the Collective, every moment of every day.

And the easiest way to do this, is to make a powerful intention (every morning as you wake up & at night before sleep) to be the full embodiment of your I AM Presence and for your I AM to take over control of your thoughts, words & feelings, so that they always represent the all-loving, all-wise God within.

During the upcoming Mass Meditation this weekend, how to choose the most positive timeline for humanity is equally as easy.

The following is our advice, and then simply choose which ones resonate with you the most, always following your own inner guidance.

1) State all of your intentions, i.e. what do you wish to create today, both for yourself &

the world? What is the entire purpose of this meditation?

e.g. to create optimum timeline for all humanity; to eradicate COVID-19; to create a

world filled with joy, love, peace, unity, freedom & infinite abundance for ALL, etc.

2) Spend however long you need, to get yourself to a state of feeling so relaxed,

peaceful and powerful – completely at ONE with your I AM Presence.

3) Make the intention to ‘connect‘ your heart chakra, and/or, the energies of your

meditation, with that of the Light-workers Collective’s. Thousands of light-workers

have planned to participate in this weekend’s mass meditation.

4) In this step, you can choose to do the meditation your own way. Some of you will

prefer to stick to the guidelines (previously given) and visualise powerful Light coming

from the Great Central Sun of this universe, travelling to all the galaxies and arriving in

the Central Sun of your galaxy. Once there, this Light will then travel to all solar

systems in this galaxy and all the planets in it. When it finally reaches Earth, visualise

the Light eradicating the virus completely and sparking further powerful movements

of Great Change & Transformation. Visualise everything taking place in the most

peaceful & harmonious manner, everywhere throughout planet Earth.

Others may simply wish to visualise as though you and humanity (all next to you) are

standing in front of a major crossroad/a major intersection. There are several paths

or roads to choose from, and then, by the power of the intention you have set prior,

your Higher Self will guide you and humanity, to choose the ‘Right‘ path/timeline that

is most aligned with your set intentions (this is very similar to the image Adele had

provided above). Afterwards, simply visualise yourself & humanity walking that path.

5) Simply send Light, Love & Healing to ALL on Earth and stay in meditation for as long

as you are feeling guided to do. And then when you are feeling ready to finish, simply

radiate Gratitude – that comes from knowing that everything has now been granted

unto you, or, has now been manifested in your physical reality.

There is no right, or, wrong way to meditate here. The important thing here, is that you need to feel free, to do whatever your own heart is guiding you to do, always.

For those of you here planning to participate in this weekend’s meditation, we thank you for your continued dedication in the creation of New Earth.

Your sacred mission is also Our sacred mission – we are truly in this together.

Look for and feel Our presence next to you especially this weekend, as We will definitely be there joining in the fun, to co-create New Earth exactly the way that you are envisioning it to be!

With Our love and devotion,

St. Germain & Goddess of Liberty.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2020.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.

Remain calm, loving, joyful, patient, and always be compassionate, beloved Masters. -Kwan Yin via Adele Arini, March 15th, 2020-

Trusting The Universe – Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy & Compassion

Beloved brothers and sisters,

This is, Kwan Yin, your Sister in Love.

Adele is channeling for & communicating with me for the very first time in this particular lifetime and we are in the middle of getting wonderfully reconnected once more.

For those of you here who do not know who I am, I am known by many in the spiritual circle as an Ascended Master who represents the Divine Feminine; a soul who represents the following benevolent, loving, God-virtues of: Mercy and Compassion.

With the last powerful message from Sananda (titled: ‘How to create miracles – Part 1’), there is a need to balance His Divine Masculine energies, with my own – so that Harmony is achieved once more.

Members of Adele’s previous groups had learnt that I am a member of the Karmic Board; in charge of overseeing the evolutionary developments of ALL embodied souls currently on Earth. And as such, there are many things that I would like to share with all of you here today.

Now that Earth has recently crossed the threshold of the 5th Dimension, it is important for all of you to learn, right now, how to operate in the new ‘operating system’ your planet has adopted. Complete adherence to Divine Cosmic Laws is therefore a must, for chelas who are serious and committed to successfully Ascending in this lifetime.

Much of what is currently happening on planet Earth right now, is caused by a greater movement that we, your higher-dimensional friends, would classify as the ‘Re-balancing of Karma’. The world is in for many big surprises, loved ones.

Shocking revelations will soon be the norm, and, there will be many breakdowns of long-established organizations, groups, beliefs/programmings, power structures, that may potentially create chaos, confusion, fear or unease.

It is time for all of you to ‘hold on to your seats’ and prepare yourselves even more thoroughly, as things are going to get ‘interesting’.

You need to look at these future events, never from the perspective of fear, instead, simply adopt the naturally Harmonious/Calm/Peaceful attitude that is your Higher Self.

There is a magnificent, God-Spark within your Higher Heart chakra, that is (secretly perhaps, *laughed) completely enjoying & loving every single minute of this thrilling journey you are on!

Your I AM Presence perfectly knows, that you are in for a very fun roller-coaster ride!

Is there anyone here who has never been on a real roller-coaster ride before?

When you have chosen to go on this ride (perhaps to tag along with your friends/loved ones) to experience how it feels, how the ride will go, will completely depend on your attitude going into it.

If you go into it filled with excitement and anticipation – fully knowing the course that lies ahead will be full of ups and downs, sometimes you will be veering to the left, sometimes the right; all done in frighteningly high speed – the ride will truly become a very thrilling, amazing ride of your life! You will know without a doubt, although at times it can be a bit scary, it is also a completely safe experience that will be over soon enough, and there is nothing left to do except for you to focus on simply: enjoying the experience!

However loved ones, if you were to go into the ride, filled with overwhelming fear or dread – trust me when I say that every single moment of that ride will feel excruciating to you. Whilst you are riding the roller coaster, the entire journey will feel as though it is never-ending.

Your senses will be giving you all sorts of alarms (physical, mental and emotional), coming from the adrenaline rush secreted by your stress hormones – when you are in the middle of this nerve-racking ride. The people around you who had chosen to go on the same ride will often be screaming loudly; adding to your stress and elevating your blood pressure to potentially dangerous levels.

During the ride, you may even question your sanity, for having chosen to go on this ride in the first place, and you may even come to regret having made this decision.

And when the ride is over, we often observed that this second group of people would usually feel extremely ill from the entire experience. They would usually suffer from adverse physical side effects that no one ever wished to have. These people were not ready to have a roller-coaster life experience, and yet, they had forced themselves to do so, completely ignoring their initial instincts.

You have to realize dear friends, that people do not (normally) choose to ride on roller coasters all the time, every day, 365 days a year. Most adults may go on it, on average, maybe just once in a lifetime (from our observation coming from the entire human collective). They would go on a roller coaster ride just for the thrill; the rush, and once it was experienced, most would choose not to go on it again.

And in much the same way, living on an Ascending planet will soon feel similar to going on this roller coaster ride.

You are already here. That means pre-birth you had chosen to be here, precisely because you wished to go on this amazing ride.

Your attitude and perspective when the ride is about to start, will determine whether or not this adventure will be a thrilling, enjoyable ride that you will always treasure the memory of, or, a scary, completely terrifying ride that will leave you feeling so misaligned with your Higher Self, during the entire experience.

Younger souls now embodied on planet, who are ascending (from lower to higher dimensions) for the very first time, make up approximately 50% of the ascending Human Collective. The other 50% are highly-evolved souls who have gone through the process of descending and ascending for too many times to count, as part of their loving service to Source; to ALL in existence.

However, in general, once a soul has successfully experienced Ascension, this soul will usually proceed to choose higher dimensional existences, more often than not – evolving even higher up the dimensional ladder.

This means loved ones, the majority of members of higher dimensional civilizations out there in this Universe, had gone through the thrill; the rush of Ascension process (from lower to higher dimensions) only once. And once they did, most would not choose to do it again, as once was challenging enough.

All of you here reading this message today, came from the group of souls who had felt highly excited and completely ready about participating in this thrilling Ascension ride.

You came into your physical body, with great anticipation of everything that you are about to experience from this rare opportunity that had been granted to you! You are all here to bring about greater soul expansion and growth for Self, and many came equipped with individual missions to help a great number of embodied souls so they can successfully ascend.

This means beloved friends, whenever things are getting too challenging and the world may even feel like it is going completely out of control, you need to simply tune in to the ever-peaceful, ever-serene, all confident, all powerful God-Self that lives within you to successfully ‘tune out’ all the fears; all the stress and anxiety engulfing the entire planet.

This is a simple matter of energetic frequency, beloved hearts.

Tuning in to the energy of Peace vs. tuning in to the energy of Fear/Chaos, is as simple as grabbing a remote control, and changing the channel on your TV, or on your radio.

Do you wish to tune in to the super-loud, broadcast of Fear on the 3D ‘TV’ channel, or, the super peaceful, amazing, enjoyable, fun, memorable broadcast of Love, Magic, Miracles and Mastery on the 5D ‘TV’ channel?

For when you are watching the Fear-based TV channel, you cannot be simultaneously watching the Love-based TV channel as well, in your ways of Be-ing.

In much the same way, when you choose to adopt a higher consciousness of Love, Light, Harmony, Mastery, Magic & Miracles, you are perfectly blocking out your ‘TV channel ‘to everything that is of the polar opposite energetic frequencies.

All that is lower vibrational will be naturally, automatically repelled off of you as you only attract people, circumstances, events, that mirror your attained, higher vibrational nature.

Adele and many members of her previous groups had done very fun exercises together.

Back then, she was teaching her members how to channel.

Adele provided them with 10 exercises where they needed to access their intuition and open up their communication channels with their Higher Selves/spirit teams. As most of her members were, at that moment, still in the process of mastering their natural channeling abilities, all of them got most of their answers wrong.

However, there was a powerful realization to be had, from this very much successful experience!

The members had personally felt and experienced (remember, that true learning can only come about through firsthand, real-life experiences) how powerful the thoughts, the emotions, and the actions were, coming from the groups’ collective!

Within the small setting of Adele’s groups, everyone observed that most of the time, the answers they got were wrong, however, the key to remember here is: the majority actually got the same wrong answers. This means that everyone in the groups participating in these exercises, was energetically tuning into each other’s vibrations, subconsciously influencing each other’s choices, that then resulted in them choosing mostly the same wrong answers.

Everyone learned through direct experience how powerful the vibrations coming from the Collective truly are, in influencing their own decision-making processes.

If a group of approximately only 10 people could powerfully affect each other that much, imagine how a massive group of approximately 7 bilions people on Planet Earth are constantly influencing your vibrations, every day.

And if the entire Human Collective were to undergo massive, even shocking, life-changing experiences that will change the life of ALL in existence, (such as the current pandemic), how are you going to successfully handle that with grace and ease?

What are your plans, so that you don’t get swept up in the ‘craze’; in the possible chaos, panic or disorder, that the Ascension process may soon bring?

We are not trying to scare you here, loved ones.

We (your higher dimensional friends) will of course be doing our very best to ensure that the future timeline the Human Collective will end up choosing will be the safest, the least rocky, the most peaceful, and the brightest path filled wit ease and grace.

However, our well-meaning and caring intentions alone are definitely not enough.

We need your active collaboration, since we are not the ones in physicality, going through this ascension process right now. We need you to choose this most favorable future timeline, and thus, we need you to actively, and consistently act as our powerful Light-Love, Love-Light agents on the ground.

Thus effectively creating and manifesting this most favorable timeline for yourselves!

We need you, our Light-workers – leaders of the Ascension movement – to powerfully, and continuously broadcast Love, Peace, Light, Miracles, Magic, Mastery & Oneness on your own individual 5D Channel, 24/7!

So that more and more ascending souls, within the Human Collective, can easily tune in to your powerful 5D Channel, instead of the other one!

For there is nothing more powerful than the energies of Love, Peace, Harmony & Oneness combined.

Beloved Adele had just created and manifested her first two miracles today. She had successfully gone over from just thinking and believing with all her heart that she is God, to actually: be-ing the God I AM. This breakthrough came after walking past a certain invisible threshold where all the hard work she had done thus far, had borne a set of two fruits, in her Cornucopia basket! And with this proof of real-life success, her confidence levels in being able to easily create miracles had now shot through the roof!

She had come to a profound realization that everything Sananda had taught all of you here, in that last message about creating miracles, was nothing but the highest Truth – perfect, golden information; Light-coded only for those who are ready to devotedly apply the 5 Fundamental Rules consistently in their lives!

Nothing will hold her back now. Just like nothing will be holding you back after you also arrive at the state of realisation/higher consciousness required, to successfully create and manifest your own miracles!

We have said often recently that the very air you are breathing in right now, is currently magnificently ‘charged’ with the energy of miracles, and, with the overflowing abundance of every good thing physical life on Earth has to offer.

The question now becomes, ‘are you now tuned in to this Abundance Channel, loved ones, or, its polar-opposite Channel?’

Full comprehension, thorough understanding and, easy practical application of the 5 rules Sananda had mentioned, will soon come easily enough for all of you here.

Practice makes perfect.

Adele’s miraculous manifestation experiences, can be likened to the following parable:

There once lived a blind man. He had been blind since birth and had never lived to see the sky, sun, trees, ocean or flowers. He was always surrounded by people who tried their best to describe to him, all the glorious beauty of Mother Earth that he had never gotten to see.

And then, one day, he encountered a wise guru. This guru, with his overflowing love and compassion, decided to grant the blind man’s request and helped to perfectly heal his eyes.

Now that this blind man could finally see for himself all the majestic splendor of Nature, he came to a powerful realization that everything that people had previously told him about Gaia’s bounty was true!

Now that the heavy frustration of not being able to see was permanently gone, he realized that his blindness i.e. his lack of sight, and, his lack of real-life experiences of being able to see the beauty himself, had rendered him completely unable to fully trust, nor fully comprehend, the words and descriptions of Gaia’s splendor those people had kindly shared with him in their stories.

After all, seeing is believing isn’t it?

Or more accurately, personally experiencing such splendor himself, is believing.

Such is the case for all of you here reading this today. You need to personally experience a ‘breakthrough’ in your understanding. You are now fully equipped & ready for such a breakthrough yourself – if you had read Sananda’s last message – to then truly be the God I AM that you already are, experientially.

Ask your Higher Self to guide and help you in understanding what pieces of your jigsaw puzzles are still missing. Sometimes the Truth can be staring right at you, in full view of someone else and you maybe completely missing it, due to any existing blinders still set in place; ultimately blocking you from ever seeing the Truth.

Loved ones, it is time for you to trust your Higher Self – the God I AM within – all the more fully.

Trusting your Higher Self is equivalent to trusting the Universe to always provide you with all that you need.

As the Universe is simply a vast playground, within the Kingdom of Heaven, that your own I AM knows inside out.

Earth has always been in Heaven, and Heaven has always been on Earth, but the majority of Human Collective had been blind to this Higher Truth that has always been staring at them in the face.

The very first step to mastering the Art of Creating Miracles is: to learn how to relax and be constantly at peace, and, in constant harmony with ALL in existence.

You must be able to feel the Cosmic Peace that passeth the understanding of the human mind – the Peace that can only be felt in your heart and in every part of your body. Even, or, most especially when life (i.e. the people/world around you) is very determined to bring you down to a lower-vibrational state of being, on a daily basis.

Isn’t now the perfect, literally Heaven-sent, opportunity for all of you to display your mastery, dear ones?

Only in times of great chaos/adversity, the heroes in many of your fictional/real-life stories, were then ‘forced’ by circumstances to display their great strength, valour and wisdom -> to ‘win the game’ and, come out victorious over all of the limiting conditions they had found themselves in.

When the energies of Cosmic Peace & Harmony are permanently attained within you; when complete trust and acceptance of your Divine Birthright become second nature to you; when Love has become your Way of Life, that is when your Cornucopia will be overflowing with God’s miraculous gifts that are perfect just for you.

Remain calm, loving, joyful, patient, and always be compassionate, beloved Masters.

For most of you here reading this, maintaining this higher-vibrational state of being has now become so easy and effortless; so second-nature.

You, loved ones, are the ones currently holding the space; allowing for humanity’s great Awakening & Purification phase to occur with greater ease and grace.

You are our living & breathing 5D portals – vibrationally guiding ALL ascending souls on Earth so that they can successfully complete their own journeys back Home.

Home to the God-Self, and, the Heaven within.

With all our love & devotion,

Kwan Yin

…if you believe so strongly that the higher-vibrational frequency where Jesus can be found, is where you (or your Higher Self) have always been (i.e. you have never left), then guess what, this belief will manifest itself into your physical reality in wondrous, magical ways…-Mother God-

Mother God via Adele Arini, February 12th, 2020

Beloved Masters of Light,

The time has come.

Those of you here today, reading this particular transmission of Light, are our Chosen Ones.

Chosen to do what, you may ask? Chosen to lead the world and the people around you, and show them the path to Love. The path to Unity. The path to Compassion and Forgiveness. The path to Freedom, Abundance and Equality for ALL.

Remember, Chosen Ones, you are NOT here to further spread the energies of Fear, Separation or Lack – by your projected vibrations every moment of your day.

And thus, if/when your state-of-being has fallen from ’High’ to ‘Low’ on the vibrational scale, it is important for you not to beat yourself up. Remember not to say any unloving words towards yourself dear ones, for everyone has their good and bad days.

All you have to do, just as soon as you have caught yourself doing any inner or outer activity that radiates/transmits lower-vibrational energies, is to CHOOSE to stop immediately.

Take as many deep breaths as necessary. Close your eyes. Look for, and feel the powerful, blazing sun that shines from your Higher Heart chakra, and let your entire body be entirely cocooned within its threefold flame. Immediately declare your intention that you will be walking around the entire day in this state-of-being.

The state-of-being as ONE with your I AM Presence. The state of be-ing your I AM Presence wherever you are and no matter what you are facing. Visualise this happening at once and give thanks to your beloved I AM, for your wish will be immediately granted.

Every small or big action that you take, or not take, matters.

It matters to you personally, and it matters to ALL around you. Your individual vibrations; your personal energies, heavily influence the entire world around you in ways that humanity cannot yet measure.

You really should not underestimate how much personal power you have, in influencing the Collective Energy Matrix of planet Earth. Do not walk around with the belief that you are easily defeated by the negative, or, heavy Collective energies rampant on the planet right now. This is especially important for those of you who are empaths and/or highly sensitive to energy to hear.

All of you here reading this, have chosen to do so because you have decided to walk the path of Spiritual and Life Mastery, and thus, you can no longer afford to waste any more time by walking around completely believing in this fallacy.

What fallacy exactly, you may ask?

The fallacy that there is something ‘out there’ stronger than you.

And thus, We are reminding all of you here today, that from now on, before doing any inner or outer activity, please carefully check with your inner guidance to see whether the activity you are wanting to take, can be classified as Divinely-Inspired, OR, Fear-inspired.

Simply speak out loud the following simple word three times, to help you gain clarity:


By taking such action, or, by doing such activity, what is your intention here? Is this action completely aligned with your primary intention of wanting to be of loving service to the world? Is it a perfect vibrational match to your calling as a Light-worker – i.e. to be spreading the energies of Love, Light, Peace and Unity? Or, are you perhaps demonstrating and expressing their polar opposite, low-vibrational energies instead?

For example, Adele recently saw quite a large number of people were wearing masks, when she walked around in a popular, suburban Melbourne shopping mall. It made her wonder, whether these people did so out of fear of being infected, or, because they might actually know/have someone close to them who had been personally impacted by whatever it was that they were afraid of getting the most.

Do you think that these people were Divinely-Inspired to wear masks for their individual health, safety/protection, or, were they Fear-inspired instead (perhaps by believing that prevention is better than cure)?

Don’t get us wrong loved ones, we are not being judgmental in any way towards people who had chosen to wear those masks.

We are simply here to remind you, beloved Masters, that your every single thought, word, feeling and action is constantly telling a story about who you are and whom you have chosen to be.

These people’s chosen course of action (e.g. wearing a mask) in that moment, was in fact telling their cells, their DNA, and broadcasting into their individual Energy Matrix, and into the planet’s Collective Energy Matrix, the following lower-vibrational beliefs: that it is not safe to be here. It is not safe to be on planet Earth right now. The world is a dangerous place. People’s health and safety depend on luck, and that their lives remain completely out of their control.

Humanity has been living in a perpetual state of fear for so long, they cannot help but to react in the way that they have been so conditioned to react.

We call upon you, our beloved Light-workers, to show them the way on how to live differently. Not just through your words, but mostly, through your examples. Actions speak louder than words. Now, more than ever, we need you to shine your Light so powerfully, like the Suns you truly are and have now become again.

It is time for all of you, to believe in your own power. Believe in your magnificence.

Believe in the Mighty, always victorious, I AM Presence blazing within you and know without a doubt, that you are always enveloped within the loving embrace of God.

Remain anchored in Love always; anchored in your Soul Power and Divine Sovereignty, and stand strong with the belief that nothing ever happens to you, unless you have (vibrationally) chosen, allowed, or, given permission for it to happen to you.

Declare, and then, demonstrate your belief in your Omnipotence; in your own Greatness.

A belief that is not outwardly demonstrated is NOT an attained belief at all.

It is nothing but a wish/dream; a fantasy; a make-believe.

If you truly believe that you are God, then it is time to act like God or, as God, always, no matter what.

In other words loved ones, unless the belief that you are God is constantly demonstrated through every single inner and outer activity that you do daily, your sacred goal of Spiritual/Life Mastery and, Ascension into 5D will remain forever out of reach.

For example, if you truly believe that you are God, will you be walking around so afraid that you may not remain healthy and safe wherever you happen to be?

Can you successfully imagine Jesus, walking around on Earth, feeling afraid that his health may perhaps be in danger due to the recent declaration of global health emergency? Are you able to successfully imagine him feeling afraid that he may not have enough money to pay his bills? Or any other type of fear that you may still have, that has been negatively affecting your life thus far.

Some of you here may perhaps immediately think or respond by saying, that you are not at Jesus’ level of Spiritual/Life Mastery just yet. It is unfair for you to be compared to Jesus. He is way up there, above on the mountaintop so high, whilst you are either just beginning your journey up the mountain (i.e. back to the God within) or, that you are still somewhere in between and haven’t reached your destination yet.

Beloved Masters, it is time for you to completely abandon the third-dimensional belief that states: Time exists. There is absolutely zero gap between Past, Present and Future.

Meditate on this Highest Truth often, and ask your I AM Presence to integrate this Truth into all levels of your being, so that you can always take action from a place of complete understanding of your multidimensional nature.

If you believe that it will take time for you to get to that mountaintop where Jesus is already standing, then lo and behold, it will.

On the other hand, if you believe so strongly that the higher-vibrational frequency where Jesus can be found, is where you (or your Higher Self) have always been (i.e. you have never left), then guess what, this belief will manifest itself into your physical reality in wondrous, magical ways.

If, on the other hand, you continue to choose to walk around completely immersed in the vibrations of fear: e.g. fear of staying/becoming unhealthy, fear of living in a dangerous planet where natural disasters often strike, fear of not having enough money, fear of being around Chinese people right now, fear of not being loved or accepted by the people around you, etc. -> what you are in fact doing is, you are continuously re-creating and re-manifesting the same stories of suffering, scarcity, or separation for: yourself, AND, for the entire Human Collective.

As what you do for yourself, you do for the world, and what you do for the world, you do for yourself.

The entire planet is in the state that it is in right now, due to these false stories humanity has continued to believe in and thus create for yourselves. The state of the emotional body of the Human Collective has often been neglected, as many people have completely forgotten that Love is stronger and mightier than fear.

The entire world and the many Kingdoms of Gaia are crying out for love right now, in many different ways.

And you, our light-workers, have chosen to be here, to be the Love that you have (perhaps in the past) been seeking for, externally. It is time for all of you here, to consistently become a representative of Divine Love wherever you go.

Call upon the entire Angelic and Ascended Host. Request for the Mighty Flames of God’s Love to blaze into every single aspect of your life that is not working out right now.

Do this as often as inspired; visualise it happening in great detail, and then simply watch/observe how the energy of Fear gets easily dissolved. And if you truly believe in God’s powers of Love, in a short amount of time, you will find your situation improving in magical ways.

Let us tell you one important piece of news, loved ones.


The entire Company of Heaven is watching over you attentively; watching over Planet Earth with great love and care. There is absolutely nothing to fear.

The Ascension process for the entire human collective and Mother Earth is going quite well right now and We are always in perfect control.

As usual, you can choose to believe or not to believe in these announcements.

You are more than welcome to believe the media instead. They, as usual, are still beating the ’Drums of Fear’ and, if that is the ‘TV/Radio’ channel or frequency that you wish to tune into, then by all means, We are not going to stop you.

Once again, it all comes down to: Choice, and, Intention.

Loved ones, what will you choose for yourself? What is your intention?

Stand strong, by always believing in your Self and by demonstrating your Mastery.

And that is all We are asking you to do everyday.

You are needed, and you are enough.

We are in this together, and failure is impossible. We are in the middle of creating a new, glorious painting called ‘Heaven on Earth’ on a gigantic blank canvas right now, and all of you are the Master-Level Artists We have sent down to assist in completing this Masterpiece.

For those of you here reading this, you have assisted in this manner many times before. You already know what you have come here to do.

It is time.

Loving you always,

Mother God.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2020.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below.

Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.

Money, Spirituality & the Law of Divine Love (Part 1) ~ A message from my Higher Self (11-11-2019).


Beloved I AM, the time has now come for us to have this important conversation. I have sensed a shift in the Collective energy recently and believe that Divine Timing has finally arrived. Many of us are finally ready for this message.

In my years being of service to the divine, I had met and assisted so many light-workers, whose hearts and intentions are pure. Their biggest wish is to be of loving service to the world, doing only what they love to do, but they often find it challenging to make ends meet or pay the bills.

Oftentimes, what they are feeling guided to do is not what they are currently doing (for a living), and thus they feel anxious/apprehensive/fearful about making the transition.

After all, we are living in a planet where money is still a hot commodity that can impact the quality of our lives, and we cannot afford to ‘burn our bridges’ and make the transition (to follow our hearts) without detailed/backup plans in place.

Let me first begin by asking the following 3 important questions about money:

1) Is it ‘unspiritual’ or ‘wrong’ to want money, to love money, or, to have lots of money?

2) As an Ascension candidate, or, as a devoted chela to the Ascended Masters, what should be our standpoint/viewpoint about money? Should we just have enough to get by, or, be moderately wealthy, or, is it ‘okay‘ to prosper even more and actually have millions of dollars in our bank accounts?

For example, can a person – who is now driving around in several expensive cars (each one perhaps costs as much as a standard house) and living in a big seaside mansion – be considered spiritual or, a true light-worker?

There are so many taboos, 3D programming and outdated belief systems within the human collective’s consciousness about: Money, Spirituality and Loving Service that need to be cleared out, transmuted into higher light right now.

Lack/scarcity consciousness has dominated this planet long enough, and it is high time for this to change.

3) I had met many light-workers who subconsciously believe that to provide a loving, selfless service devoted to God/to the Light, is by living without having/earning much income. These people are very much focused on providing either free or, highly affordable services for those in need. And then, at the opposite end of the scale, I have also observed that there is a second group of light-workers out there right now who have no qualms about charging quite a lot of money for their services.

I hope you will all realise, with all the questions asked here in this message, I was not being judgmental/critical towards those in the above two groups, nor was I trying to determine which group is in the right/wrong – as that is completely unnecessary and will only further perpetuate the old, 3D Separation consciousness.

My goal today is to help myself and all of you here to learn, understand and gain crystal-clear clarity as to which way is the higher dimensional way to follow, so that if we wish, if necessary and, only if/when the time is right, we may wish to adjust our perspectives and patterns of behaviour, to better reflect our all-loving & all-abundant Higher Self.

After all, that is the primary goal of my writing & sharing these higher dimensional messages with you all – so that we can successfully achieve our Ascension and be the living embodiment of our I AM.

Beloved Higher Self, as light-workers, how do we determine the most reasonable and fair prices to charge the people who come to us for assistance? For example, is it actually okay to charge hundreds of dollars for a short (2 hrs or less) session? I had seen people charging over USD 300 for a short session.

Do we perhaps need to reduce the prices that we charge people to make it more affordable to those who need our services? And then for the people here who are currently not earning enough, do they need to increase the prices of their services, by successfully instilling the belief that they are deserving of so much more?

What about when facilitating online/on-site: meetings, classes, workshops, seminars, webinars etc. – how do we figure out the fair price for each course/event that we may create one day, when following our heart’s guidance?

Of course, as someone who had majored in Business and Commerce, I know and understand the basic principles of economics: demand, supply, cost, and price.

What I wish to know is: besides following these basic economic principles, is there anything else that we, as light-workers/Ascension aspirants/chelas, need to know when determining our prices (from your higher perspectives)?

To qualify as/to be called a light-worker, is it ‘better’ to start operating our services for free, or, by using a donations-based system instead? This is perhaps done with the full understanding that eventually, money will be abolished and become completely irrelevant as all our future needs/supplies on 5D Earth will be provided for free.

Furthermore, I have sensed the presence of a deep, subconscious belief embedded within humanity’s consciousness, that anything that the majority has classified as ‘spiritual’ work must, or, should be made available for: cheap, free, or at very affordable prices for the world. Is this a higher-dimensional belief, or, a lower one that we must strive to permanently eliminate once and for all?

Is it important for us to nail our pricing strategy – in order to be successful and have a flourishing business/service? After all, when we followed our hearts’ guidance, by resigning from our ‘normal’, stable and cushy jobs, we didn’t do it just to get by. If we were to decide on an unsuitable pricing strategy, we may end up having an expensive, or, a very exhausting hobby rather than operating a long-term, enjoyable and profitable loving service that creates a win/win situation for ourselves and the world.

Higher Self:

Beloved Adele, this is indeed going to be an important discourse that will empower and raise the vibrations and consciousness of many light-workers as well as the entire planet. It truly does not matter how many people will: come across/be reading this particular channeled message – the Light Codes, or Higher Light Energies embedded within this particular transmission (now that it has become physically manifested through you) will continuously create a powerful Abundance-For-ALL momentum that will permanently banish poverty consciousness from Earth in the near future.

We recommend that all of you here read this message as often as possible, to benefit from the energies, and, to fully integrate with the higher dimensional teachings contained here. And if there is anything within this message that you disagree with/do not quite understand, simply commune with your I AM and ask for further clarification.

Afterwards, you then need to apply all the information here daily in your own life so that prosperity and abundance become your way-of-being, always.

Practical application is the key to change.

Your life will begin to take off to greater heights, once you are:

1) determined to change and permanently eliminate all your limiting habits/programming/belief systems about money,

2) completely focused on creating wealth/prosperity the easy, higher dimensional way

3) ready to take action.

Let us now begin by addressing your first question.

To answer this question, we need to first explain what being spiritual really means.

From our higher dimensional perspective, someone is spiritual when he is living his life every day with a deeper meaning and purpose; walking through life/living a joyful life feeling completely aligned and connected with his ‘true, inner self’. She knows that life is an honour, gift or blessing, and thus she sanctifies her life by: taking full responsibility for it, and, by not spending/wasting too much time on unimportant inner and outer activities (e.g. activities that inhibits her growth and expansion as an ascending soul).

One does NOT have to be in the meditation, yoga, spiritual, new age, ascension-related, or religious fields of work (e.g. as a priest, or monk), to be spiritual. As long as your work involves being of service to another (and thus, all existing jobs ever created on this planet meet this criteria), then your work is definitely holy and sacred – provided that your heart is the one actively leading the way (whenever you are at work).

In other words loved ones, you can be living a simple, ‘normal’ life, working as a cleaner, a waiter, a bus driver, a construction worker, a cashier, a sales person, a call centre consultant, etc. and still be considered as someone who works in the ‘spiritual’ field. Since any of the jobs mentioned above ultimately results in helping to improve the quality of life of the individuals that you come across every day.

For example, if you are at the moment working as a cleaner, you might have secretly been holding the belief that cleaning is a low-paying, exhausting and non-respectable job. You might even have tried to hide the fact that you are a cleaner, from the people you just met/from those you wished to impress.

It is time for all of you, loved ones, to switch your perspective to higher levels, about any job that you are currently doing right now.

In the above scenario, as someone who is playing the role of a cleaner, what you are in fact doing everyday is: performing a sacred, loving, and very important service, by helping a lot of people to live/work in a healthy and very clean environment.

There are a lot of people out there who are walking around with 3D consciousness and thus, they may not think that being a cleaner is a job deserving of the highest of respect, gratitude or love (unlike many other prestigious, high-class jobs such as being: a doctor, lawyer, teacher, CEO, etc.), however, all of of you here, Ascension aspirants who have been following our messages for awhile, should know by now that if you are still holding on to these types of beliefs, it is now high time to let them go.

If you are perhaps someone who is currently ’playing’ the role of a cleaner (or any other supposedly undesirable role e.g. garbage truck driver, pizza deliveryman etc.), why do you care about what other people think? Is now perhaps the time to stop letting the people/world around you to dictate how you feel about yourself, your role, your job? Provided that you are actually happy with what you are currently doing – if it is a job that is immensely rewarding and gives you a lot of fulfilment.

If it is not a job that gives you the feelings of joy and fulfilment, is there something that you can do right now to improve how you feel until such time you find/receive an offer for a better, more suitable job? Loved ones, please remember that you open up the door to a better situation/greater abundance, not by feeling miserable, hopeless, angry, depressed, or stuck about where you are right now.

You open up the door to a brighter, happier and more abundant future, by tuning in to those higher vibrations, being ready for more, whilst at the same time already feeling happy, abundant and grateful for what you have right here, right now.

And for those of you here who are engaged in all ‘other roles’, the next time you meet people who are currently ’playing’ a cleaner (or any other not-so-desirable) role, please take the time to always greet them with a friendly smile; spend a little time to chat with them whenever you can, and then, in your heart, please send them a lot of love, blessings of abundance and gratitude – in full awareness that you are One with them, and, that you are able to enjoy the experience of having spotless-clean facilities/work/home because of their hard work and dedication to their jobs.

Remember, loved ones, that everyone is equal in front of God. No one is better or worse in the eyes of God due to earthly, lower-dimensional standards such as: how much money you had, how educated were you, what job you used to do, how successful/respected were you in the eyes of your fellowmen, how many titles you had, etc. These are all human standards that are based on 3D illusions.

When you, one day, sit in that meeting room with the Karmic Board at the end of your physical embodiment, the following are some of the things the Lords of Karma will look at, when reviewing your life:

* How much love, light, compassion, patience, forgiveness and joy did you give yourself, the people and the world around you?

* How constructively did you qualify/utilise the life energies given to you every day? Did you use your life, to accelerate your spiritual growth and expansion, or, did you mostly squander your life by focusing on worldly pleasures, personal riches – totally forgetting your oneness with All-That-Is?

* How close were you to be the living embodiment of your I AM Presence – expressing all the divine virtues of God in all of their beauty and perfection?

* How much suffering or, misqualified energies did you create in your own life and other people’s, and thus, how much karma do you need to balance in your next physical embodiment?

* Have you achieved all that you had set out to do, i.e. your life missions/goals for that embodiment?

If you are one of those people who deeply realize the importance of imbuing the energies of LOVE in every minor/major activity that you do daily for yourself and others; if you have always brought a powerful mindset focused only on loving service every morning before your work begins, you loved ones, are the ones who truly deserve to be called spiritual. To these individuals, their life paths will mostly be filled with joy, love, success and abundance.

In other words, if you are the type to ‘give it your all’ when helping others; if you are truly heart-based in everything that you do (big and small), in whatever job that you are currently doing right now – you have fully met all of our higher dimensional criteria of being a spiritual person.

Loved ones, you are a spiritual person if LOVE is often your primary reason for thinking/saying/doing anything in life. You are a spiritual person if you always treat others the way that you wish to be treated – in complete Oneness & Unity. You are a spiritual person if compassion, patience and forgiveness have become your way of being – knowing that the people that you encounter daily are on various levels of spiritual evolution, and thus, there is never any need to get angry, upset or unhappy at what someone said or did to you.

If, on the other hand, every day you arrive at work with the following mindset -> that you are only there to ‘earn a living’, pay the bills, or support your family, you will often find that just the act of showing up to work is: hard work. Many people in the workforce around the world often ‘suffer’ from the Mondayitis syndrome, because they haven’t learnt how to use the energies of Divine Love wisely – to support them in their career and personal lives.

In the above scenario, a person who feels ‘obligated’ to be at work; who feels like he ‘must‘ or, ‘needs to’ do something, is a person who is still walking around with the same 3D mentality as many other sleeping, unawakened souls across this planet.

Remember loved ones, when higher dimensional beings have agreed to do any inner/outer activity, those activities are always done out of joy and love – never out of obligation or, need.

This also means, that one can be a light-worker/highly spiritual, even if this person does not know what being a light-worker means, or, what being a spiritual person actually means. We are sure that all of you here, at one point or another in life, had met people before who belonged to this category – those who did not know of their light-worker identity. You had perhaps met these earth-angels in the shops, serving at cafes, or at many other places, and they could always be identified by their loving kindness, compassion, patience and generosity, as they often took a lot of their time to: focus on you, help to solve your dilemmas and/or, address your immediate needs/questions.

And instead of treating these people as if their loving service to you was rightfully deserved, or, completely yours for the taking (especially if/when money had been used in exchange for the services you received), you might want to take the higher road of gratitude wherever you go. Those people could have chosen to do other things, be at other places, or, not give you much of their: love/attention/time/patience/kindness by doing just what they were paid to do – no more, no less (without caring much, nor feeling the need to go the extra miles for you).

We had said all that needed to be said, to lay the groundwork for the rest of this message, and, to help all of you here to better understand what it means to live a highly spiritual life.

In summary, ALL jobs are spiritual since they are (in essence) about providing a product or service that will improve the quality of life of many individuals.

However, for you to qualify being called ’a spiritual person’ or, for you to live a highly spiritual life, you must always have Love, Harmony, Oneness and Compassion as the underlying reasons for all of your daily, inner and outer activities.

Now that you have come to deeply understand what it means to be spiritual, let us answer Adele’s first question:

Is it ‘unspiritual’ or ‘wrong’ to want money, to love money, or, to have lots of money?

No, it is not wrong to want money. You are God, always expressing yourself as God the Creator. If your life experiences have brought you to a point where you have decided to become more abundant and have more money in your bank accounts, what is wrong with that? You simply need to put your powerful ‘Creator’ thinking cap on, tune in to the vibrations of financial abundance and create a completely different reality where money is abundantly flowing your life. There is nothing wrong, or unspiritual about wanting to create, manifest or experience more money in your life.

There is nothing wrong with loving money either. It is not unspiritual to love money. In fact, we have just revealed above that whenever the energies of Love are present, it will turn out to be a spiritual inner, or, outer activity. And thus, it is very spiritual to love money.

However, It is important for you to note here, loved ones, that our definition of ‘loving money’ is the higher-dimensional definition, and not a lower one. If you have truly become the kind of person who is in love with everything and the world around you (e.g. every person, animal, rock, tree, every element, every animate/inanimate object), then that energy of love will naturally expand to include the love of money.

There is nowhere where God is not, and there is no-thing that God is not.

After all, money is also made up of Energy – the same Electronic Light Substance that is God/Source, that can also be found in your physical bodies. Saying the following simple sentence: ‘I love you money‘ should feel as natural, and as right, as saying these sentences: ‘I love you mom’, ‘I love you dear husband/wife/partner’ or, ’I love you my friend’.

And if you find it difficult to say words of love towards money then perhaps now is the time for you to dig deep into your subconscious – to find out why is it challenging for you to love money and release these aspects of yourself that have been blocking your path to greater abundance. Growing up, have you perhaps been exposed, or conditioned by the people around you, to many false beliefs such as ‘money is the root of all evil’, or, ‘people who have plenty of money are all greedy, ungodly or unspiritual’?

Beloved, you need to be loving and good friends with money, to attract and have more of them in your life. Just like whenever you take the time/spare no efforts to create a loving relationship with the people around you, you will undoubtedly enjoy a life filled with many wonderful, lifelong friends -> whenever you have a loving and respectful relationship with money, your life will take off to greater heights and great abundance will continue to flow your way non-stop. Is this not the kind of life that you prefer to have?

Or, would you truly be happy with a life where you are always: just getting by (i.e. living paycheck to paycheck), needing to count every penny, and so careful to ensure you do not live beyond your means?

Lastly, there is nothing wrong or unspiritual about having lots of money. God wants you to enjoy your life on Earth and create a happy future for yourself. So, why would it be wrong to have lots of money? Well-being is your Divine Birthright and thus, having all of your needs fulfilled is important in order for you to experience this well-being. And since money is still an important factor in helping you experience this complete well-being, having a lot of money is definitely a good thing. There is nothing unspiritual about you having lots of money in your bank accounts right now.

However, what you do with the money that has been gifted to you, will define who you are as a person -> whether you are a spiritual person (with love as the basis of your action towards self and others), or, a non-spiritual person (who continues to operate out of fear, lack, scarcity, or ‘power over others’ mode).

Those of you here who are currently enjoying financial freedom, please know that the freedom you have is a precious spiritual gift that your I AM has bestowed upon you. What you do with this gift; with this power, will either help to create: ‘an accumulated good’ for yourself, or, a karmic debt that you will one day be held accountable for.

If you use this Financial Power for your own higher good and the higher good of everyone/the world around you, then you are completely aligned with the Laws of Divine Love and Use of Energy. If on the other hand you use your wealth as a power play; to manipulate the people around you and bend them to your will; to show off your wealth or squander it unwisely on things that do not really matter – in this scenario, you are exhibiting behaviours that are non-compliant to the following Cosmic Laws: the Law of Harmony, the Law of Love, the Law of Karma and the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Divine Cosmic Laws are always operational in all aspects of physical life on planet Earth, which means, how you use the money given to you will determine how your life will turn out. There are two types of Karma, loved ones. The karma of: commission and omission. You create a karma of commission when you use the energies given to you in a discordant manner towards all-in-existence. You create a karma of omission when you omit (fail or, neglect to do) something that you really should be doing.

Those of you here who do not have financial freedom right now, one day had enjoyed so much wealth, riches and abundance of every good thing, to contribute to God’s plan – but you had chosen to withhold your wealth, or used it freely only for your personal pleasures.

Remember loved ones, you will have to render an account, for all energies given or loaned to you (in whatever form) – the Cosmic Laws of God are always mathematically precise, accurate and no soul is ever given immunity over them (i.e. even the Ascended Masters and the Lords of Karma must adhere to these laws).

Understanding and obeying these laws will ultimately help you to create a life that is joyful, fulfilling and overflowing in abundance of every good thing. When you/mankind have mastered the art of living in perfect adherence or, obedience to God’s Laws, your life will begin to thrive, and everyone on the planet will be able to enjoy: an infinite flow of abundance as well as a life of perfect ease and grace.

Let us now move on to Adele’s next set of questions:

As an Ascension candidate, or, as a devoted chela to the Ascended Masters, what should be our standpoint/viewpoint about money? Should we just have enough to get by, or, be moderately wealthy, or, is it ‘okay‘ to prosper even more and actually have millions of dollars in our bank accounts?

For example, can a person – who is now driving around in several expensive cars (each one perhaps costs as much as a standard house) and living in a big, seaside mansion – be considered spiritual or, a true light-worker?

It is safe to say that some of these questions here had already been addressed in the previous section.

Loved ones, most of you here reading this, now stand at the gate of Mastery and Ascension. The people who have been reading and following our messages through Adele for awhile, you are (by the Law of Attraction) all the kind of people who are at a similar phase/stage of spiritual evolution. You are ready to raise your understanding about anything in life to higher levels and permanently eliminate everything that is no longer serving you -> everything that is not aligned with your God-Self.

This means that most of you here have already gotten your priorities ‘sorted out’ and realigned with your Higher Self. Your heart has been activated and fully opened, and is now leading the way – influencing every single moment of your life and every single decision that you have to make in life. This makes most of you here the perfect: vessels, leaders or, channels of God’s infinite abundance in the future, for all mankind.

Your hearts have often been proven to be strong and your motives pure.

For those of you here who have remained faithful and have become beloved servants of Love; servants of Light, the time has come for you to declare and claim the limitless abundance that has always been your Divine Birthright, and then, once you have received it, it will be time to practice using and sharing it wisely (by always following your inner guidance), to contribute to God’s plans for New Earth.

As an Ascension aspirant and beloved chela, it is time for all of you to declare and demonstrate your mastery, by successfully creating limitless abundance for yourself and the world. Do not just sit on your laurels and not contribute/not actively take part in the creation of a world where financial freedom is a fact of life.

The time has come for you to create and manifest great sums of money the easy way; the effortless way, and then to teach/share your knowledge and experience with the people/world around you. So that everyone will one day know how to create limitless abundance for themselves!

You all already know how to do it. All of you reading this message in the NOW moment – you already know how to create and manifest Great Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance the easy way. You had done so countless times before, in many of your past, present-parallel, and future lives, and now, all you need to do to manifest the same in your life is to tune in to the Great Wisdom within you – coming straight from your Mighty, All-Powerful I AM Presence.

We want you, our beloved chelas, to believe in your own Immense Soul Powers, that are always available to use at your immediate command -> to create and manifest limitless sums of money to be joyfully and lovingly used as per your own Divine, Higher Will.

As God; as a limitless being, the amount of money that is available at your disposal is equally as limitless. This means, loved ones, the limits on how much money you can create and manifest in your life will ultimately depend on you! Remember what we had said in our previous message through Adele:

You can not see, live, or experience outside of your own attained beliefs, i.e. beyond the vibrational limits of where you are currently standing – the limits that are set by yourself.

If you believe you should just have enough money to get by, then lo and behold, this will be your manifested reality! If you believe that you aredeserving of great wealth and prosperity, and, if you are completely sure/ready for the experience of having millions/billions of dollars in your bank accounts (and ready to wisely manage/shoulder all the responsibilities that come along with this great spiritual gift) -> this will eventually be manifested in your life as well!

Once again we would like to remind you, that there is nothing wrong with wanting/having, or,it is not unspiritual to want/have: great wealth, prosperity and abundance in your life. Having said this, let us now address the scenario that you had given above, Adele, of a man living in a seaside mansion and driving around in several expensive cars.

In this limited-information scenario, you will have no way of knowing how spiritually evolved this person is, unless if you know the man personally and have built a close relationship with him. In other words, whether this man is spiritual or non-spiritual, or, whether this man is a Light-worker or not a Light-worker, will be determined on a case by case basis. We will need to see if Love, Compassion, Oneness have become his way of being – with his heart always leading the way.

We will also need to see how wisely this man is currently using his wealth, as one’s actions oftentimes better reflect the level of one’s spiritual evolution more than words can. This man’s actions will show clearly whether or not he is living in full compliance/adherence of Divine Cosmic Laws. We will need to observe what he is using his assets for; whether it is for pure personal enjoyment only, and/or, for the higher good of many people around him.

In general, loves ones, the more spiritually evolved a person is, the less he would want to attach or surround himself with many worldly assets. The closer someone gets to becoming the full embodiment of his I AM presence, the less interested he becomes in possessing material wealth and the more he prefers to live a simpler life. This person will often be feeling so detached with the many luxurious possessions that a lot of people enjoy having in their lives, as his strong desire to become fully integrated with his I AM has surpassed anything that can be found on this planet. Of course, this is not a ‘fixed rule’ as everything depends on the higher plan of each embodied soul.

If you do not know the man (in the above scenario) personally, then our advice to you is to send this man many blessings of Light and Love, especially if your goal is to one day enjoy the same Financial Freedom this man is currently enjoying. You should aim to become master of your thoughts and feelings so that only Divine Perfection is inwardly and outwardly expressed. Any thought or feeling based on: envy, jealousy, anger, impatience or, unworthiness, should always be avoided. Or, just simply tune in to your I AM and let Him/Her take over control of your thought and feeling worlds, always.

If you‘d had a close encounter with this man, this encounter will serve as proof; as evidence that the Universe is listening to your Command and will soon deliver the abundance that you richly deserve, by first sending your way this wealthy man to learn from. You can only learn how to be wealthy by surrounding yourself with wealthy people; by learning their spending/investing/lifestyle habits and then, by emulating their behaviours. Just like you learn how to be an expert in any field, by becoming a student of an established expert in the field that you are interested in.

Remember loved ones, the Ascended Masters having become Cosmic Laws in action, never have clutter in their worlds and activities. They have direct access to the limitless amount of God’s Light Energies and yet, they are very conservative in their use of these life energies given to them. They do not permit the wasting of a single electron that can be found in any form, and as their chela, you must also learn not to squander the precious life/light energies given to you – by ensuring that you spend it only on things that really matter; things that will improve the quality of your life, and the life of people/world around you.

Let us now move on to Adele’s last question about pricing.

Beloveds, we have been observing that there is much confusion right now within many light-workers across the planet, on how to transition their businesses or services so that they operate them the higher dimensional way and still remaining profitable. It is high time for all of you to learn how to create a heart-based, profitable business/service that consistently provides a win/win situation for all the parties involved (i.e. for you, your employees, your suppliers and your clients/customers).

The Key to finding the most suitable prices for your services is actually very very simple.


Love for yourself must always be present.

Love for the people you are helping must always be present.

Love for the work that you do must always be present.

ALL of the above 3 types of Love must be present (in equal amounts) within you, in order for you to come up with the right solution; with the perfect price for any service that you wish to offer the world.

Let us now explain what we meant by the above.

If you love yourself but not have much love for the people you are helping, nor for the work that you do, you may have a tendency to choose a price that is more on the expensive end of the scale. Not that there is anything wrong with this, as your free will is always respected. In this scenario, there might be important, undisclosed reasons why people had set an expensive price to charge their clients such as: to make sure the people who come to these light-workers for assistance are people who are truly ready and willing to commit to changing their lives. The money then becomes an important proof showing the clients’ readiness and deep commitment to positively change.

Or, if you love yourself slightly less than your love for the people you are helping/the work that you do, you may have a growing tendency to burn yourself out, or, to not receiving a fair amount of monetary compensation in exchange for your time and services.

In the past, Adele, you perfectly fit into this latter category. We had observed with growing concern, about the love and dedication you had given past members of your spiritual groups. You loved them all so much, and, you deeply loved the work that you were doing – when facilitating lengthy monthly group meetings; answering everyone’s questions with great patience, love and joy. However during those 12 months you were facilitating these group meetings, you continued to charge a small amount that was only a fraction of what many other Light-workers were charging, for a similar type of service that had taken anywhere between 5 – 8 hours of your time.

It is time for you to deeply understand that by doing so, you had created a huge energetic imbalance, an unhealthy dependency (for all parties involved including yourself), and, you had also inadvertently created karmic debts that one day must be fully paid for. It did not come as a surprise to us, when you, in the end, decided to follow your instincts and disband your groups. For if they were to continue the same way it was operated, it would not be serving your higher good, nor the higher good of your past members. And if you were wondering why we didn’t stop you sooner, nor advised you not to facilitate your groups in that manner, our reason was quite simple.

It was all part of your learning experience and, as usual, we are sharing your experiences here so that it can benefit everyone reading this message.

We only hoped that every past member of your groups deeply understood and appreciated the priceless gifts of love that they had been given, so that one day, they may decide to follow their own inner guidance and pay forward the love and light they had received to the people/world around them.

There is another important factor that is worth reminding, when deciding your prices. Remember the saying above: ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do‘. It is pointless to compare your service with a similar service given in a different country. Different countries will have different standards of living. For example, Australia and the U.S. have much higher costs of living when compared to India, Brazil and many other countries. Choose a price that is highly appropriate for your geographical location – as we want our light-workers to thrive and flourish in all of your endeavours.

And whenever you are in doubt, loved ones, simply do a ‘gut-instinct‘ exercise to check whether you should increase or decrease your prices. Your heart and inner voice within, will always be your compass in making the right decisions for all aspects of your life. Of course, the decisions on price should only be made when you had calculated your figures accurately – with full awareness and application of the basic Economic Principles Adele had previously mentioned.

It is important that you have the most suitable pricing strategy for all of your goals, e.g. your financial goals, your Mission and Vision, and the focus of your business. As always, your I AM Presence and members of your highly-capable spirit team stand ready to assist you whenever you need their wise & loving guidance.

Let us now address Adele’s last important question:

Is it the higher dimensional way to start operating our services for free, or, by using a donations-based system instead?

Loved ones, many of you here have become so higher dimensional in your ways of being; in the ways that you operate, so much so that your heart is already pointing true north – towards what you should be doing, to create a higher dimensional society that will be based on the Law of Abundance-for-ALL.

One day, when your society is fully ready and equipped to operate without money; when everyone is feeling infinitely abundant (with every need they have always provided for) and, when everyone is operating from the same level of higher consciousness, only then you can fully start: operating your services for free and, expecting to receive the same from others, in equal measure.

All higher dimensional civilisations/societies indeed operate using the free-for-all system. Members of these civilisations need not pay to get anything that they need, however, they also dedicate a portion of their days to provide loving service for their communities, in the field that they are interested in.

For this time period that you are now living in, it is time for all of you here to master the art of creating wealth, abundance and prosperity by remaining open to all possible avenues of abundance. This may include being open to receiving: donations of every good thing that you can think of and, many opportunities for greater abundance that your I AM and spirit team are preparing for all of you here.

Creating and manifesting infinite abundance is part of the Mastery and Ascension tests for many light-workers across the planet right now. We are confident that if you are one of these souls who had chosen to undertake this Abundance challenge, you will soon be passing this test with flying colours! Your victory over the old, 3D Lack, Scarcity or Poverty consciousness is guaranteed, and for many of you here reading this, your triumphant moment has almost arrived.

Rejoice and be glad, loved ones, for your prayers and hard work have now been answered. Declare, command and claim the Infinite Abundance that is your Birthright, and expect it to be fully manifested in your reality – and it will!

The timing of your victory will be determined by how close you are right now, to embodying your I AM Presence fully.

We are all loving you beyond measure,

Adele’s Higher Self & All in the Company of Heaven.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.

The ‘I AM’ Within – A message from my Higher Self (7 October 2019).


My love, you know that I have been using the following terms: Higher Self, the I AM, the God-Self, Holy Christ Self, Over-Soul, Soul, Source interchangeably – following inspiration from within, as to which one is the most suitable to use in any given situation. Can you please shed more light for us all as to the exact meanings, the roles and/or the differences between these terms, so that we understand more?

Higher Self:

‘The above article that you have recommended for everyone to read serves as a good starting point to help people understand the complex nature of their multidimensional selves. Before I start giving you more information on the terms used above, it is important to once again remind you, that ALL is ONE.

Before We start ‘separating‘ ourselves using these terms in your highly-restrictive human language, it is crucial for you to remember that there is never any separation between you and everyone/everything else that you can see, sense, touch, smell or hear, and all aspects of your multidimensional selves (past, present and future).

Today, Our aim is to help you all to successfully comprehend the magnitude and grandeur of both the: Universal and Individualized I AM, within this message.

Definitely not an easy task for us to do, dear ones. Since all of you reading this are in many ways still limited:

1) in your understanding of the greatness of who you really are,

2) by your strong perception of Separation (from those outside of yourselves) and,

3) by your 3D linear perception of time.

Those of you here, who have been awakened for quite awhile, may perhaps disagree with Our observations above – by thinking that it’s been quite awhile since you have grown much in your understanding of all the above. You might even say to Us, that nowadays, you are no longer questioning your own greatness; you have been feeling so united with everything/everyone you see daily; and that your perception of Time has now become more 5D than 3D. We agree that you have all indeed changed, evolved and raised your conscious understanding to higher levels. But this is a gradual process that needs more time until everyone on planet earth is at the same level of understanding.

For example, if you truly understand the greatness of who you really are, why did most of you here often feel defeated by your existing life challenges; or feel scared/uncertain by any major change happening in your life? Do you not know/deeply understand that your inner, God-Self actually thrives in the face of challenges and looks at them with excitement, enthusiasm and gratitude for their appearance in your physical reality? These challenges are the ‘life-games’ that you had set for yourselves, and without their presence in your lives, you would all be feeling totally bored with physical life on Earth.

If you truly understand that nothing is ever separate from yourselves, why do all of you here occasionally still have conflicts/arguments with others, for example when something in your life is not going well? Is there anyone in your life right now who deserves more love, compassion, patience, respect or kindness from you? Knowing that you are them, and that they are you – All is One. And why do a lot of people treat other living beings with either: intolerance, indifference, violence or cruelty?

For example, do you really not know, loved ones, that animals die by the millions every day across the world? What about you – what is your role right now in relation to this? Are you everyday, directly or indirectly, contributing to their sufferings? If so, will you be willing to permanently release all resistance to your Higher Self, and let go of your mental/emotional need to consume your favorite comfort foods – those which are made from various animals products? Please remember that eventually, when there is no demand, there will be no supply. And if you still believe that you can only get protein from animal products, is now perhaps the time for you to abandon that false, 3D belief?

You only have to take the time to gaze deeply into the eyes of every single animal that you see, to find ‘yourself’ in them; or, to fall deeply in love with them. Your heart – your powerful barometer of Truth, will be able to tell you, all that you need to know about your Indisputable Oneness with all members of the Animal Kingdom.

Animals have unfortunately been long regarded as an inferior species; as products, assets, or livestock – this has been a globally accepted practice on Earth for thousands of years, ever since mankind’s historic fall to lower levels of consciousness. It is a practice that a lot of light-workers are working hard every day to change – something that is more easily done now that more and more people are being awakened by the energies of Divine Love bathing the planet daily. The current acceptable practice of treating animals as inferior to humans, is actually very similar to what many Germans living in wartime Nazi Germany did back then. A lot of Germans back then truly believed that the Jews were an inferior race, and thus, it was completely okay to practice ethnic cleansing.

Remember loved ones, that True right or wrong (under God), depends on what is actually acceptable under Divine Cosmic Laws of: Love, Harmony, and Karma – as Portia & Pallas Athena had explained in their recent message through Adele. For becoming higher-dimensional also means complete adherence to those Sacred Laws of God – the laws that govern all embodied souls living in higher-dimensional environments where: Love, Peace, Freedom & Unity prevail.

Loved ones, it is never Our intention to criticize you today for your past, or current actions/habits by bringing this potentially-sensitive topic up – for you all have the free will to do what you wish with your lives. However, we know that most of you reading this are serious about mastering yourself; mastering life/energy and ascending to 5D.

And thus today, We have decided not to mince Our words – for a more direct approach is much needed here. Loved ones, if you are truly serious, passionate and committed about embodying your Higher Self (i.e. about successfully completing your Ascension to 5D), it is time for you to examinequestion and change every single remaining habit, programming or, pattern of behavior that betrays your Sacred Goal of becoming one with your all-loving and all-powerful God Self.

Releasing all resistance, persistence and self-discipline are the keys to help you create Greater Momentum of spiritual growth and life mastery. Unless of course, if you prefer to be on this Ascension journey as though you are constantly applying the brakes when driving your car – by moving forward and then stopping continuously – in the end, if you were to keep that up, you’ll end up getting nowhere.

To be a Light-worker means to be spreading the Light; to be consistently creating powerful movements of Love wherever you are – these should be reflected in everything that you do daily. In other words loved ones, it is time for all of you reading this, to truly step up into your life missions as: Role Models, Emissaries of Heaven, or Ambassadors of Love, Light, Peace and Unity, by your very own examples.

Creating Heaven-on-Earth starts with you!

After all, the only way you can successfully change the world, is by changing yourselves.

For if you think that you have the power to change someone, you may want to think again. No one is able to make another person change, especially when great resistance is present. You can pressure someone to change, and if they were to seemingly yield to your demands, they may then proceed to do the same things again behind your back or, one day in the future. Their changes will most probably be temporary ones.

True change and the permanent release of all limiting habits/behavior, can only start from within

Lastly, if you have begun to truly understand that linear time is one of the biggest illusions on 3D Earth, why are you often wasting your days by either: worrying about the future, or, dwelling on the past that you cannot change? What will it take, for you to focus your efforts so that no matter what happens, you will always be anchored in the NOW moment?

It is time for you to stop putting too much pressure on yourself, or, to start loving yourself and loving your life a lot more than what you have been doing thus far.

Beloved, for if you truly love yourself, you will not be constantly subjecting yourselves/your lower bodies to: stressful, discordant thoughts and feelings about your past, present, or future.

By always living in the NOW, you are in fact actively choosing to be a powerful Creator, instead of choosing to be a victim of your circumstances. Remaining anchored in the NOW can be as easy as breathing. All it takes is a strong declaration to self, to always be perfectly aligned (in your daily thoughts, words, feelings and actions) to the Mighty I AM Within.

Let us now go back to Adele’s first question. As requested, We will now give you a detailed explanation of the following terms.

1) Higher Self/Over-Soul/Soul/Source:

Whenever people use the term ‘Higher Self’, they are (most of the time) referring to the ‘Light Being-in-Charge’ of their evolution as an incarnated soul.

You can refer to this Light Being perhaps as the: President (simply borrowing the terms used in Company Hierarchies to better explain the role of your Higher Self), Overseer or, Supreme Governor. 

This Light-Being lovingly plans, manages, oversees and governs your entire spiritual evolution journey for ALL of your physical incarnations, everywhere throughout the Multiverse.

This Mighty, Light-Being is of course, YOU.

It is the Highest (in your Soul Lineage) aspect of your Self who is part of a bigger group (containing other Higher Selves) that is the First-Split or, the Original Sparks of Source.

Your own Higher Self can also be referred to as the: ‘Parent’, ‘Leader’, or, ‘Head Honcho’ of its own line of many more Smaller-Sparks of Source (e.g. the Over-Souls, the individualized I AM, the Soul).

Let us now briefly refer to Jeff’s article – it was definitely correct for him to use the terms ‘Higher Self’ and ‘Over-Soul’ interchangeably. He was right for using these two terms, for all levels of self, all the way up to and including, Source (highlighted in yellow in Jeff’s illustration – please see below).

There is really no need for you all to know the exact number of Higher Selves, Soul Groups, Over-Souls, Souls, Soul Extensions, or Embodied Souls (incarnations) participating on Earth right now, or, how many you have (for each specific level of existence within the pyramid) specifically belonging to your Soul Lineage. These numbers change constantly, since your Higher Self (and by extension, Source) is always on an Eternal journey of Expansion and Creation.

We often talked about a ’young-soul’ vs. a ’highly-evolved-soul’ in several messages before. A young soul can be likened to a ‘young tree/sapling’. It has all the appearances of a tree (complete with leaves, twigs, branches and trunk) but it is short and relatively small, in comparison to a highly-evolved-soul that can perhaps be likened to the famous, gigantic ‘General Sherman’ sequoia tree in California, USA.

As the young-soul grows and collects more physical life experiences, in its eternal journey to expand, challenge and experience itself, its Light-Spark naturally becomes bigger, stronger and ‘mightier’ (coming from the accumulated weight of physical life experiences under its belt) until one day, it successfully completes its journey back to Source.

A journey that can take millions of physical incarnations to master: Self, Energy, and the 12 Sacred Rays of God – up to the Highest Levels of Creation.

At the Soul Group level, splits occur usually due to the ’Major Themes’ that your Higher Self wishes to explore, create, experience, or master, on the physical plane of existence. For example, one Soul Group aims to master the Violet Ray of Freedom and Transformation. Another Soul Group belonging to your Higher Self aims to master the Pink Ray of Love, and thus the long list continues.

The Over-Soul aspect of yourself is the one who monitors all of your incarnations within a specific, localized area of the Universe (e.g. those within the Milky Way galaxy). Your Over-Soul is in charge of making sure all of your physical incarnations in that area, are moving along (more or less) as planned.

You can also compare the Over-Soul’s role to that of a Department Head (please refer back to the pyramid illustration above) who is then completely in charge of all the Supervisors/Team Leaders and, Employees within that department. Your Over-Soul then splits into several Individualized Souls (i.e. a number of ‘different’ I AM Presences) – all of these Souls are still a part of your Higher Self.

Please note, Source is ultimately the GOD-Parent of ALL Higher Selves currently in existence. Although in the above simplified illustrations, Source was placed at the top of the pyramid, it is more accurate to say that Source is the whole pyramid itself.

There is no level, or, sub-levels of existence (e.g. within the pyramid) where Source is not.

If we were to liken one particular pyramid with one tree within the forest – this tree will then represent your Higher Self; your Soul’s Family Tree/Lineage. All the leaves on your tree represent the many physical incarnations experienced by your Higher Self.

The trees standing next to you, are other Higher Selves; other Original-Sparks of Source.

The forest itself represents the entirety of the Great I AM; the SOURCE of ALL-in-Existence – it also represents the entire Kingdom of Heaven (on all planes, all dimensions, and all realities within the Multiverse).

In the next level down the pyramid, i.e. ’Direct Supervisor/Team Leader’ level, represents the Individualized I AM Presence (known as the Soul) who is in charge of all your incarnations within an even smaller; more localized section of the Universe. For example, one aspect of your Soul is perhaps in charge of the Earth experience; a different aspect of your Soul is in charge of the Pleiadian experience, etc. – and the long list continues.

The Soul Extensions as per Jeff’s illustration above, can represent the many different areas of exploration, within your own direct, Soul Group’s Theme that your Higher Self wishes to master, express or create – in that localized section of the Universe.

For example, if your Soul directly belongs to a Soul Group that aims to master the Violet Ray of Freedom, one particular Soul Extension may be focused on mastering the Freedom of Expression; another Soul Extension is perhaps exploring Freedom from Slavery; another is exploring Financial Freedom; and yet another is focused on exploring Freedom from Dictators/Ruling Authorities who have reigned with Absolute Power, etc.

By now, you can simply just use your imaginations to understand the gigantic scope of your Multidimensional Self. All levels of your Soul Governance/Hierarchy, are obviously interconnected and act as ONE.

Information constantly flows in both directions, up and down the hierarchy of a soul, to help each embodied soul within the entire Soul-Family-Tree makes the most of each incarnation.

The division, or, the delegation of different ‘management’ tasks between the various levels of a soul’s hierarchy is at the micro-level, a mirror reflection of the bigger number of Divisions/Levels/Councils within Heaven’s Hierarchy (looking after the ever-expanding Kingdom of Heaven at the macro, Universe/Super-Universe levels).

If an individual ever requested for assistance from the Ascended Masters/Angelic Host for something that is not in alignment with his higher goal for that particular incarnation – the very first thing that the Ascended Masters would do, would be to check in with his Higher Self (usually at the level of the ‘direct’ individualized I AM – the Soul), to see if the request will be a life experience that is worth having or, whether it is an unnecessary distraction that is not in line with the purpose of that incarnation.

The individualized I AM will then consult/commune with its Over-Soul, Soul Group, and ultimately, its Higher Self, to decide whether such a life experience may benefit/expand the Whole. For whatever happens in one specific physical incarnation will have a reverberating effect on the Whole – i.e. whatever happens to one particular leaf will affect the whole tree. And thus, the Ascended Masters/Angelic Host do not have the final authority to manage, or, overly interfere with each embodied soul’s evolutionary progress. For such interference can be considered to be a serious violation of the Sacred, Divine Law that governs the Sovereignty of each Individualized I AM.

2) The I AM/God-Self/Holy Christ Self:

There are three major ways that the term ‘I AM’ can be used.

  1. a) The Great I AM -> is simply another word for Source, God, Prime Creator, the Ancient of Days, the Alpha & Omega, or, the Supreme Intelligence that governs ALL. There are countless names of God being used on your planet, and the I AM is one of the most energetically-powerful names of God. It also represents ALL That Was, ALL That Is, and ALL That Will Be.
  2. b) The Universal I AM -> when people use this term, they are mostly referring to the Supreme Intelligence that governs the entire physical Universe. Your Universe was flawlessly designed with great mathematical precision and order.
  3. c) The Individualized I AM Presence (a.k.a. the Soul) -> this is the individualized aspect of the Great I AM, that directly plans, manages, oversees and controls your current, past and future embodiments (as explained earlier). Your I AM Presence is connected to your physical body through the heart, via the silver cord.

For all intents and purposes, your I AM is your ‘Direct Sovereign‘, of your physical incarnations. It is your ‘real’ Self; the God-Self that knows only perfection and is completely in charge of the ‘Electronic Light Body’ that is you.

The Individualized I AM has the full powers of its God-Parents and will only grant such powers to the embodied aspects of itself who have successfully achieved Ascension. The I AM Within you constantly monitors your daily use of the very precious, Electronic Light Substance (the trillions, tiny Light & Love Electrons that is ever-present in the Universe) that comes from the Heart of Source -> to see if dispensing more, or, less amount of this Light to you is a wise course of action.

To the embodied soul whose thought and feeling worlds contain only perfection (Love, Joy and Peace), infinite amounts of God’s Electronic Light Substance will be granted and entrusted to you, to be used as per your own Divine Will. And when that happens, dear ones, you shall experience the true meaning of this sentence: ‘Seek and you shall find the Kingdom of Heaven that is within’.

  1. d) The Holy Christ Self -> most people use this term as another word for the individualized I AM Presence. In actuality, the Holy Christ Self of an individual, stands in between his I AM Presence and his physical body. It acts like a mediator between the God-Self and the individual’s current level of consciousness.

It is often called ‘the small voice within’ as it always guides you to make higher-vibrational decisions in everything that you outwardly express/send out into the Universe. Your Holy Christ Self is anchored within the heart‘s Threefold Flame, and can be used to help you eventually be a Christ-in-action, just like Jesus did during His time on Earth.’


Thank you for explaining all of that in such great detail. Let us move on below to my next set of questions for this message. You have, over the last few years, lovingly revealed to me several different names of my Higher-Self and somewhat limited information about what their roles are in the higher realms/dimensions.

How does my knowing all of these, help me in this incarnation? In other words, what are the benefits of this knowledge? Is knowing really necessary for my spiritual growth and Ascension goals? And for the many light-workers reading this message today, what do they need to do to obtain this information? Is it the type of information readily provided upon request, or, is it usually on a need-to-know basis only?

Higher Self:

‘Beloved, nothing happens by accident. You were always meant to know all the information that has been given to you thus far – i.e. we had planned your awakening together, pre-birth. As an evolved soul with a lot of accumulated physical life experiences throughout the Multiverse, there is so much about your Higher Self’s History that you do not consciously remember just yet, let alone understand fully.

The information you had so far received is but the size of a small notebook – a notebook that can be found within a Living, Ever-Expanding, Cosmic Library (among millions of other books) that houses the complete knowledge of your Soul Lineage.

We will always filter the information given to all embodied souls, so that only information relevant and helpful to their current incarnations are the ones provided. At this phase of your spiritual growth, knowing too much about your Self can be equally as unwise as knowing too little. One day when your Ascension is achieved, you can have complete access to all information about your own rich & diverse soul history – but before then, the I AM Within you will be the one responsible in managing and controlling the information flow sent your way. If We deem something to be unnecessary for you to know, then for the time being, We will put your request for information on hold until Divine Timing arrives – simply trust that We always have your higher good in mind.

The benefits of knowing and understanding your Soul Lineage are as follows:

* Someone once said that ”A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

This pretty much explains what we would like all of you to become – a gigantic tree that continues to stand tall and strong on Earth; having successfully withstood the test of time; always bravely facing all weather conditions (the good and bad).

In other words, we would love for you all to be a strong & powerful Light-worker, who never gives up no matter what. And thus, knowing your ‘roots’ is crucial for this goal.

Fully knowing the identity of your Higher Self and understanding His major roles (the Sacred Tasks entrusted to Him), in service to the Kingdom of Heaven, will motivate, empower and give you clarity as to what is your mission, purpose and reason-for-being on planet Earth right now, for this particular embodiment.

For all ascending souls living in this highly-coveted lifetime, your life’s mission/purpose/specialties/roles in this incarnation (on the micro level) will actually be a mirror image to your Higher Self’s Passion, Mission, Purpose, Specialties & Roles (on the Macro level).

As Above So Below, As Within So Without. The entire purpose of Ascension, is so that one day, you all can walk around the planet fully embodying your I AM; as your God-Self. You will one day be joyfully serving Heaven and serving ALL on your planet, using the full spectrum of your Higher Self’s abilities, talents and passion that will be uniquely YOU.

Let us now use Adele‘s Soul Lineage as an example. In the chart provided below, which Adele had kindly consented to share with you all today, We had clearly shown that her Higher Self’s two major fields of expertise are: healing the consciousness, and, helping to empower/motivate/transform people’s lives so that complete Freedom of Self can be outwardly-expressed.

Even Adele’s innate characteristics can be easily explained by her Soul Chart. As someone who represents the Violet Ray of Freedom, she is also the type of person who must always be given the Freedom to choose what she wants to do with her life – ever since she was a girl. Even the smallest of interference with her personal choices will not, or will rarely, be welcomed.

Knowing why you are the way you are (i.e. fully understanding yourself), will eventually result in you feeling a lot stronger, more powerful and empowered to create a joyful life that is full of meaning and purpose.

* Knowing your Soul Lineage, will help you understand better the unique Ascension challenges that you are currently facing, and the reason why those challenges are present in your life. When someone fully understands the reason why something unwanted exists in one’s life, one will then be feeling grateful, for he has now found the key to rise above that challenge.

Your challenges are always there to give you clarity; to give you contrast, between something that is wanted and not wanted in your life.

As a powerful Creator; as God, you are always in the process of creating and expanding. And thus, when you see the presence of something unwanted in your life, this will then be the perfect time for you to create and choose something different!

Let us take another look at Adele’s Soul Lineage below (please note that all names had been abbreviated for privacy), to further explain what we meant.

Adele’s Primary, Direct Soul Line (within this simplified version of her Soul Lineage) for this particular embodiment has been highlighted in purple. Together, We had chosen the Violet Ray to be her role, purpose and main mission in this lifetime. This means she is one of the many light-workers on Earth right now, whose very presence personified, or represented all the properties of the Violet Flame. As you may already know, the Violet Ray is the Ray of Freedom, Transmutation, Transformation and Alchemy.

This means, she and all other Violet-Flame embodied souls out there, are constantly: radiating, transmuting, transforming and anchoring the Violet Flame, wherever they go and in everything that they do. The process is automatically done, and their individualized I AM is in perfect control as to how much of it is done on any given day. This is part of the service these souls have agreed to do pre-birth, and it is one that has been done ever since these souls arrived on this planet.

Obviously the intensity of this task will depend on the individuals’ readiness levels and where they are currently located, in their Ascension journeys back to the I AM Within.

In other words, the more awakened these people are, the more intense will their service be – done for the benefit of all the inhabitants of this entire planet.

One of the challenges that spiritually-awakened, Violet Ray souls may often face include: the extreme sensitivity to the Human Collective’s and the planet’s energies. Whenever something ’bad’ had happened on Earth, these souls would probably be feeling drained or, become physically ill.

In this scenario, their light-bodies (that is mostly composed of their naturally-dominant Violet Ray) were automatically and actively combating the lower-vibrational, energy matrix that Earth had become (after the bad event had occurred), by radiating and anchoring even greater amounts of the Violet Ray into the planet. To neutralize and transmute much of the negativity into Higher Light.

And thus, the knowledge that you came from the line of Violet Ray can benefit you so that if something similar were to happen again in the future, you will be better prepared and can handle the above challenge easily. You can learn to better manage your energy system, so that you will not be walking around feeling drained/ill almost all the time. For there is still much negativity, or lower-vibrational energies radiated around the planet on a daily basis, that you will be automatically transmuting on behalf of ALL.

The good news for those of you here from the Violet Ray, the energies of the planet have gotten a lot better in recent times, now that the energies of Divine Love pouring from the heavens are heavily supporting you in this sacred task.

For those of you here who came from different Rays, you would probably be experiencing different Ascension challenges that are unique to your specific Rays. Simply seek information directly to the I AM within, to successfully solve your challenges.

The above two, are examples of the benefits you have received, by knowing all that you know about your Higher Self, Soul Lineage and Themes. And thus, to address your next question Adele, whether knowing all of this is really necessary for your spiritual growth and ascension goals, Our answer is yes. But We will let you, and let everyone here reading this message, decide that for yourselves.

On to the next question. What do you all need to do to obtain this information? All you have to do is to request your I AM to give you whatever information that you need. Simply dedicate a quiet, meditation time each day, to deeply tune in to the Wisdom of your I AM. And We will endeavor to give you all relevant information that you need that day. And if you feel the need for an intermediary (between you and your I AM), so that you can obtain such information, then simply request your I AM & spirit team, to send you the most suitable person who can assist you with your request.

All information that will be directly, or, indirectly, provided to you, will at this stage be on a need-to-know basis only (as explained earlier).’


There are many moments in the past where I had received inner knowings that I used to be this person/that person, or, the person I met today is another aspect of my Individualized I AM, or, the person I met recently is another aspect of my Higher Self from a different Soul Group. Are those feelings/knowings accurate? If so, what was the purpose of our meetings? And how can I tell the difference between: 

* a past (or, present/parallel) life that directly belongs to me – one that I can make the following claim without a doubt ”Oh yes, that was definitely my past life” or,

* a past life that indirectly belongs to me (e.g. different Soul Group within my Soul Lineage) or,

* a past life that belongs to a different Higher Self (i.e. totally ‘unrelated’ to my Soul’s Family Tree).

Higher Self:

‘By this phase of your Ascension journey Adele, you have pretty much eliminated all of your inner doubts about the accuracy of these types of information that you are receiving. After all, you have had years of practice doing it. But We know, that you are only asking these questions to gain greater clarity, and, to help the many people who will be reading this message.

Discernment of information is truly a very important process that cannot be skipped, for everyone here who is in the process of mastering their mastery.

All information that you have received from sources outside of yourselves (e.g. from books, blogs, channeled messages, your spiritual teachers/gurus, etc.) must ALWAYS be filtered through the powerful barometer that is located within your own heart.

So to answer your question Adele, once again, We will let you decide for yourself, whether your feelings/knowings about those people, were accurate.

And as to what was the purpose of: all your meetings with those different aspects of your Self, and, all the knowings that you had actually been those people in past lives, was mostly to empower you, to help them, and to raise your level of conscious understanding of the magnificence of your multidimensional Higher Self.

You can easily tell the difference between a past, present, or future life that is either: directly connected to you, or, indirectly connected to you (but still within your Soul Lineage), or totally unrelated to you, by using your innate ‘Energetic Resonance’ abilities to discern for yourselves the answers to these questions.

And only when all else fails, then you can ask your I AM Presence for confirmation. But We do prefer that you use your own discernment first, before we proceed to provide you with the answers. After all, you are Masters-in-Training here!

But here comes Our answers to your question.

A past/present/future life that is directly connected to you (i.e. you are literally looking at another YOU running around in that person’s body) will feel so ‘as-One’ with you; there will be a feeling of perfect Oneness with your energy-body/light-body.

If you were to close your eyes, and visualize yourself standing on the left, and that other person is on the right, and then proceed to ‘merge’ the two of you together, it would be as if there is no vibrational difference between you and him/her.

Your energies would blend really well together- so much so that you cannot tell where the current-you begins, and where the other person begins.

In other words, you will find 100%, perfect, energetic resonance and magnetic attraction between you and the other party. And if you were to take the time to go into meditation mode, you can gain relevant information about that person’s life. Visions of that life will easily flow into your mind’s eye (along with all sorts of other information), for your I AM will (most of the time) grant you access to information about your direct past/present/future lives.

A past/present/future life, or person, that is indirectly connected to you (e.g. different Soul Group in the same Soul Family Tree) will still feel ’as-One’ with you, but there is an important difference. The level of energetic resonance will be much less (perhaps between 51% to 90% resonance) – depending on how far away/how close this person is from your Direct Soul Line. There is no instant, magnetic attraction, or there is little curiosity to get to know this person more (unlike those usually happening between you and the ‘other-aspects-of-you’ from Direct Line-category above).

A past/present/future life, or person that is totally unrelated to you, will still feel ‘as-One’ with you, however, the level of energetic resonance between you and him/her will fall even more, to 50% or, under.

For all of you reading this today, once your energy sensitivity becomes naturally high, you will be able to fully understand what We meant by ‘energetic resonance’ – for experiencing it firsthand, is the only way you can truly comprehend what we had just explained above.

And notice that in all 3 categories above, you will still be feeling as ONE with all aspects of your selves (direct, indirect, or, unrelated) for you surely know by now, that ALL is ONE. There never is separation between you, the people you had encountered in all your past/present/future lives, and with the world around you.

For you are all Source-Energy-Beings, constantly expanding and expressing yourselves anew, within the physical plane.’


And by the way Beloved, have I been talking to my direct, Individualized I AM all these years, or, have I been talking to ALL versions of Self all the way up my Soul Lineage/Family Tree, to the Source level?

Higher Self:

‘You have, for most of the time, been communicating with your Individualized I AM Presence; your Soul, ak.a. your Direct Sovereign.

However, that doesn’t mean that all the other aspects/versions of your Higher Self (up to Source level) are not aware of Our daily communications. They are always aware of whatever is going on, within the lives of ALL aspects-of-themselves currently in embodiment. In fact Adele, you had often been chatting with Beings further up in your own Soul’s Hierarchy whenever you felt the need to, or, whenever ‘They’ felt the need to connect more directly with you instead of through your I AM.

Every single aspect of your Higher Self, from the Individualized I AM level, all the way up to Source, is your Higher Self (within your entire Soul Lineage). Talking to one, is in fact talking to All of Them.

In closing, there is one thing that everyone here needs to remember. The purpose of getting you interested in your own Soul’s Lineage/Hierarchy is not to help you forever remain within the old, 3D mindset of Separation. In her effort to understand her Higher Self better, Adele’s last question above actually indicated the presence of ‘3D remnants’ within her consciousness that tends to influence how her mind works.

This message here today is in fact Our loving invitation for you all, to know your Higher Self a lot more than ever before. We love you dearly, and remain ever supportive of your daily needs and Ascension goals.

Come into Our embrace and stay there often, loved ones, for We long for you to commune with Us more often, so that you can soon receive the complete Well-Being that is the Divine Birthright of all God’s children on Earth.

As you open your heart to Us more; as you listen to Us more often; as you understand/remember more, and, as you release much/all of your resistance to Our guidance, you are in fact opening up the pathway to receive more of the good things in life.

Now is truly the time for all of you to learn how to relax, tune in to the higher frequencies you want and then simply open up to receive.

Believe in Us always, and simply know, that you are so loved beyond measure.’

With all my love,

Adele’s Higher Self.

Channeled by Adele Arini.

Copyright 2019 – Raphael’s Healing Space.

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Right Vs. Wrong, Who Decides? – Portia, Goddess of Justice & Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth

Greetings dear friends,

In the light of what has been happening, what is happening now, and what will soon happen in the future, it is important that this message becomes available to all who are ready and willing to be an agent of Light/Love. More and more dominoes had fallen, as the ascension process continues to intensify, within many groups, organizations, industrial sectors, nations, religions etc. The world as you know it right now, will soon be turned upside down and inside out, and like we had said often, we need our light-workers to get ready. Ready to lead from the front lines and always be our voices of Love, Peace and Harmony – encouraging Unity even in the face of many seemingly irreconcilable differences/diversities.

Adele recently wrote in her Facebook post: ‘Unity doesn’t mean living with one voice, one united belief about anything. It means living peacefully, harmoniously even with others whose beliefs/opinions are different from ours.

All of you by now may already know the above statement very well, deep within your heart. Now it is time that you, as leaders of our fifth dimensional movement, to demonstrate and act out this belief, through your very own shining examples. It is time to ‘walk your talk’ and be the kind of person who always ‘unites all’, rather than one who occasionally ‘feeds the energy of Separation/divisions’ through your predominant, expressed thoughts, words, feelings, or actions.

In other words, always be someone who includes/embraces those who are different, rather than someone who excludes/rejects those who are somewhat different from you. Different skin color, different beliefs, different cultures/nations/languages, different professions, different sexual orientation, different educational backgrounds etc. – the long list continues.

For those of you here who have never heard of our names before, just like Kwan Yin, we are members of the Karmic Board. This Board is responsible for assisting all embodied souls currently on Planet Earth to fully integrate with the I AM presence within themselves – by sharing much information/knowledge with all Ascending souls about how to, naturally, always adhere to Divine Cosmic Laws.

We are also known as the Lords of Karma; a group of eight ascended masters who are assigned a sacred responsibility by Source, to help each soul find ways and means to:

1) make spiritual progress,

2) balance his/her karmic debts,

3) master, wield, or control energy, and

4) complete the goal of all life: the Ascension.

All souls must come before the Karmic Board before and after each incarnation on earth. Prior to embodiment, souls receive their assignment for that lifetime. At the conclusion of each life, there will be a complete review of their life performance before the Karmic Board. The tremendous fear of ‘judgment day’ currently still existing within the Collective consciousness of humanity, is unwarranted, unfortunate and based on falsity. It is important for all of you to know, that We are not beings who are waiting around to mete out punishment for the bad, or for those in the wrong. Eternal damnation, a.k.a. hell, or, purgatory does not exist.

During the life review process, you will be watching each scene of your life plays out, from the perspectives of everyone else experiencing that life scene together with you, and from Our Higher Perspective. How each careless, or harmful thought, word and action, combined with your uncontrollable feelings, had affected the people and the world around you. And how each thought, word and act of kindness/love had beautifully rippled out into the universe. If you had been playing the role of someone who (most of the time) adhered to all Cosmic Laws, by the end of the review process, you would probably come out looking/feeling happy and satisfied with your life performance. However, if in your last physical life you had created much suffering in the lives of others, the review process itself may perhaps feel hellish in every way.

You are naturally a being of Divine Light and Love. You are an individualized aspect/spark of God. Whenever you have returned from an adventure in physicality, you will automatically return to your True Nature of Light and Love. And thus, if, in your last incarnation you had chosen to play a ‘dark role’, you (just like many other souls who had chosen the same) will most probably be feeling so much regret, anger and deep grief; blaming yourself for the words/actions you had said/done in that incarnation. After your life review, we will simply send you off to get training and prepare for your next embodiment.

Members of the Karmic Board had worked very long and hard together – in harmonious collaborations with many brave, courageous souls such as yourselves, to keep alive the flames of Justice, Truth and Freedom in what used to be a harsh, challenging environment that was 3D-Earth. We must always ensure to achieve the proper energetic balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; and between all the 7 Sacred Rays of God (each Ray must be equally represented by all embodied souls, in any time period – we cannot have more souls whose origins are from the Blue Ray and less number of souls from the Green/Pink/Violet Rays etc.).

Overall, the Karmic Board’s most important sacred duty is to ensure that all souls embodied on Earth (and souls who are in a state of ‘in-between-embodiments’) have an equal opportunity to accelerate their spiritual progress by incarnating on Earth. We carefully monitor each soul’s progress, between what was planned, what actually transpired during the physical incarnation, and what more needs to be done in order for you to achieve your own spiritual evolution goals. You are and always have been an Energy-being; a Light-being who is always in a constant state of expansion; creating yourself anew in your journey back to Source.

Your planet successfully arriving at the beginning of Ascension phase in 2012, was very much due to the successes of many past collaborative projects between you and us. Many of you kept dreaming and actively choosing to participate in creating a peaceful Earth where one day, all living beings can live in love, unity, abundance and harmony. This dream had long been your goal and focus, and your own past lives are living proof of your tenacity, determination, and perseverance in making this dream come true.

Now, let us talk about the Cosmic Laws briefly. We had mentioned the existence of these Laws here several times, however, with the exception of Adele’s current group members, everyone else here may not know yet what the Laws are and why adherence to these Cosmic Laws is extremely crucialfor all members of higher dimensional civilizations.

The primary Cosmic Laws are as follows:

1) The Law of Harmony – intrinsic within this, is the Law of Forgiveness.

This law is the most important, and the most basic fundamental law upon which, all the other Laws rest on. You are all energy beings. And energy is always in constant motion. This law requires that all energies loaned to all embodied souls (e.g. your physical, mental, etheric and emotional bodies are made up of the raw energies of God, shaped into matter/form that made up the current physical vessel of your soul) must always be used in a harmonious manner, with All in existence.

Your ways of be-ing must always be in a constant state of Harmony in order for you to live in adherence of this law.

To give you an example, let us say that there is a person who plays the role of a religious leader, a servant of God, serving many people at a place where a regular ritual of prayer/worship is held. When leading the ceremony, he maybe standing there in front of the audience in a complete state of disharmony, coming from his angry thoughts, or emanations of any negative feelings about: himself/the people around him/the world. In this scenario, not one electron of his energetic vibrations contributed to the creation of a harmonious environment. And as such, during that brief moment in time, this person (who was supposed to have been a role model of Peace, Love & Harmony) had failed to comply with the Law of Harmony.

To give you a different example, say there was a young woman (who had just given birth to her newborn baby) sitting on her rocking chair; putting her baby to sleep by singing a lullaby softly. Her entire vibrations emanate pure unconditional love for her baby, as well as a sense of wonder and gratitude for the gift of life that had been entrusted to her. She was feeling very much at peace and harmonious with whom she had become, and as her feelings overflow out into the world – merging with the collective energies of mankind – she became our role model of Love and Peace.

Everyone presently embodied on planet Earth, is our agent of Light, Love and Harmony. That is your Essence; your True Nature. Adhering to this basic law can be easily done by making a powerful intention right now to permanently let go of the need to: be involved in any drama, or create drama of any kind – by living as One with all. Respecting each other and treating one another the way you yourself wish to be treated.

2) The Law of Karma, a.k.a. the Law of the Circle.

When the Law of Harmony is broken, the embodied soul will be immediately subjected to the Law of Karma. The word ‘karma‘ is always used in a negative sense. There is no such thing as positive karma. A person who has continuously been doing positive, wonderful and loving deeds throughout his entire lifetime, is then said to have created ‘accumulated good‘ – which is the polar opposite to karma.

The Law of Karma states that all energies in any form (e.g. thoughts, words, feelings and actions) originating from you that you send out to the Universe, will travel to reach their intended destinations. And once they did, the same energies will then begin their return journeys back to you – often gathering momentum by attracting more of the same (thoughts, words, feelings or deeds) with same vibrational frequency – and when they reach you, you will receive/experience that which you had originally sent out, with accurate mathematical precision.

Please remember dear ones, the Law of Karma is not at all about retaliation or punishment. It is about creating and maintaining a state of balance; a state of harmony – the foundation upon which the entire physical Universe exists.

In order for you to repay the remaining karmic debts you may still have, first you must stop creating more karma for yourself. Adhering to the Law of Harmony starts with the realization that you are ONE with All That Was, All That Is and All That Will Be. You are one with Mother Earth. What you do to another, you are ultimately doing it to yourself. The enemy who is perhaps standing in front of you, is not your enemy. He/she is just another aspect of yourself, playing a different role. He/she has probably been requested by you (pre-birth) to play the low-vibrational/dark role for you, for the purpose of soul growth in both parties.

There is always only ONE of us running around everywhere in the Universe. All are God; expressing themselves as God in myriad different ways. When you have deeply embraced this Truth, that is when you will be able to consistently treat everyone: people, animals, trees, flowers, lakes, rivers, rocks and Mother Earth herself with so much love. Knowing that they are you, and you are them. There never is separation. The illusion of separation used to be so powerful, but now in the year 2019, it is no longer the case.

3) The Law of Re-embodiment (this law mostly applies when you are in a state of ‘in-between-embodiments’)

As this law mostly applies when you are back in your true form as a being of Light/Energy, thus further explanation is quite unnecessary at the moment, to keep the length of this message as short as possible.

4) The Law of Conservation of Energy

This law states that you must conserve your energy, whenever possible, to ensure that all energies are expended by you in a constructive manner: to support your soul’s mission and purpose for each incarnation.

Remember, that all energies loaned/given to you, must be returned by you, towards the Universe/the people/the world in equal proportions. And as such, if you are using the energies given to you in non-constructive activities – such as: idle chatter/gossip, badmouthing someone, complaining/blaming the world for whatever that went wrong in your life etc. – you are exhibiting behaviors that are non-compliant of this law.

(Highly recommended readings about Cosmic Divine Laws: “Bridge to Freedom” by Werner Schroeder and “21 Essential Lessons Volume 1” by Werner Schroeder.)

If you are wondering why is it important to adhere to the above Cosmic Laws. The answer is quite simple, loved ones.

Different planets, different dimensions, different Universes will often have different rules, regulations, or guidelines to follow. Although the Cosmic Laws on 3D Earth remain the same as the Cosmic Laws on a 5D Arcturian planet for example, however the intensity and velocity of the naturally-occurringconsequences/repercussions of non-adherence to these Laws are completely different.

Understand, loved ones, that once you fully reside in a fifth-dimensional environment, everything that you individually and collectively create via your thoughts, words, feelings and actions will be manifested instantly. Simply use the power of your imaginations to visualize living in an environment when there is no gap/time delay between your creations, and your manifestations. Living in this type of environment will certainly be ideal if you (and everyone else on the planet) have mastered your Life Mastery, by always having the higher good of all as the basis of your words, thoughts and actions.

With the consciousness of the human collective as it is right now, if planet Earth were to fully operate within the fifth dimensional environment of NO TIME (where whatever you think immediately gets manifested the next moment) – chaos will probably ensue, as most people today haven’t yet learnt how to fully manage their thoughts, words and emotions so that they always reflect their Higher Selves. The time period you are living in right now is in fact your training ground; your golden opportunity to master your vibrations, i.e. mastering thyself.

Rule-breakers do not exist in a higher dimensional environment, because everyone deeply knows and understands really well what the consequences of breaking the rules are, and how it impacts ALL within that environment/planet. In fact, younger members of higher dimensional civilizations are trained from birth, to always naturally adhere to Cosmic Laws in all their ways of be-ing.

And so with this message, we – members of the Karmic Board – come in Light, and in Love, riding on the wings of nothing but the Highest Truth, meant only for those whose hearts are open and ready for such Truth. Adele sensed that this message can be a potentially ‘touchy’ issue for many, and what she was sensing was nothing but the core, or the root cause of the human collective’s Separation Consciousness.

Simply put, your planet is divided in the many different ways, or, in the state that it is right now, because of humanity’s natural propensity/tendency to mostly congregate with like-minded souls. Many times, in numerous occasions, as a race, you all had loved to exclude those who are a little, or, a lot different from you. When/if there is someone within your group (e.g. at work) who is walking around with a physical, mental, emotional or financial disability of any kind, chances are a lot of people in your workplace will be consciously or subconsciously avoiding this person and/or, not feeling interested in forming any kind of friendship with this colleague.

You can easily observe this happening in other daily activities. For example, in a party/gathering you had attended, where people of the same age, same sex, same economic/educational backgrounds, same language/skin color tended to form their own cliques/groups. This may also occur in your own home (e.g. children who are closer in age usually gravitate towards each other, often leaving out the oldest/youngest to play by themselves).

For within the hearts and minds of many souls incarnated on Earth right now, there exists a need to be right. To never be wrong. To be ‘in the know’. To be accepted or acknowledged. To belong. To be loved. To have approval from those in authority. To conform to the majority and not create waves. To be important and be paid plenty of attention. To shine so brightly and be admired, respected or adored by many.

You are probably asking us/yourself right now, is that so wrong? Is it wrong to want to be any one of those things? Our answer is: no, loved ones. It is not wrong to want/need validation, love or, approval from sources outside of yourselves.

However, if your goal is Self/Life Mastery, then your conscious/subconscious behavior of seeking love, respect, admiration, acceptance, validation or approval from sources outside of yourself is definitely NOT  the road to mastery.

A master doesn’t need another person to validate the information received from her own inner guidance.

However that being said, a master will not proceed to brag about his own accomplishments/acquired knowledge; nor condemn others for their opposing beliefs; nor put people down in their places by perhaps labeling them as ignorant/uneducated/spiritually un-awakened. A spiritual master would never insist that his/her way is THE only right way. And that everyone else was wrong, because his inner guidance said so.

A master knows that everyone she encounters in life is at different stages of spiritual development, and thus their expressed beliefs/words/deeds will always be a mirror reflection of the attained consciousness of the soul within. As outside, so within. So why would a master take offense at someone expressing themselves in a way that is completely different from him? A master does not take anything personally. He does not feel the need to ‘have the last word’. She knows that it is completely unnecessary to be right all the time, and that it is even okay to be wron

The master himself wisely knows that there is infinite learning/expansion to be had. She will never stop learning nor expanding. And thus, being wrong is perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with being wrong. A master is also quick to apologize or make amends, if his wrong words/actions had inadvertently created disharmony in any way.

Insisting that you are right and another person is wrong only serves to perpetuate Separation Consciousness; to create drama or conflict, which will then inevitably lead you down the path of breaking the Law of Harmony and/or the Law of Karma.

This means, whenever a master encounters opposition/adversity, from someone whose attained consciousness is less evolved than his, he will always respond to this person’s provocations only with love, patience, compassion and kindness. Never needing to prove that she is wrong and he is right, or vice versa, for such a need will simply serve to illustrate (or bring into light) an aspect within the master’s inner self that still needs healing/releasing. 

Whenever you are feeling the need to win an argument, or to defend your beliefs/actions about anything under the sky, please stop and ask yourself the following questions:

1) ‘Am I doing this because I am in fact seeking approval, acceptance, love from these people; something that I may have been feeling like I need to get, in order to avoid/minimize loss of any kind?’

2) ‘Is it perhaps high time for me to stop needing this approval, love or validation from someone/people outside of myself?’

3) ‘Is taking a stand right now, by doing my best to win an argument, overall, serves only myself (e.g. my need to be right), or does it actually serve the higher good of everyone involved?’

Let us give you a real-life example, coming from a recent incident involving Adele.

Adele was walking along the road by herself one night, heading home from somewhere. She proceeded to cross a quiet, dark street, when all of sudden a car appeared from her rear left, coming from the main road perpendicular to the quiet street she was in the middle of crossing. The driver of this car proceeded to turn right into her street at a high speed, almost hitting Adele from the side. Adele’s heart jumped in shock and although she was high on adrenaline, she wasn’t angry at the driver. Until the driver opened his window and his mouth. She was fully expecting an apology, or any signs of remorse coming from the driver. And what she got from him was angry words instead – the driver was loudly blaming his close call on Adele’s choice of attire. She was wearing black clothes, at night, whilst crossing a dark street.

How do you think Adele felt? She was almost hit by a car, plus, the culprit thought he was in the right, and she was in the wrong. Adele felt she did everything right. She made sure to check the street prior to crossing, and was minding her own business when this car suddenly appeared out of nowhere in high speed, almost hitting her. She definitely felt like she was right (i.e. entitled to her anger) and that he was wrong for driving recklessly/carelessly. She even felt like saying to the driver that the entire world should henceforth be banned from ever wearing black-colored clothes again, to help him become a better driver. Adele felt so wronged and although she was aware as one in the path of Mastery & Ascension she must return to the state of harmony by letting go and forgiving this man; it still took her several hours before she was able to successfully forgive him.

In the above scenario, who do you think was right and who was wrong, between Adele and Mr. Driver? Were they both right, or both wrong? If you were to put yourself in Mr. Driver’s shoes, would you have felt like you were in the right, and she was in the wrong by wearing black attire? Or would you have apologized for your near-miss incident?

I, Portia, as the Goddess of Justice will answer these questions for you all, coming from our higher dimensional perspective. Mr. Driver was in the wrong by almost hitting Adele (by not being a careful driver) and by breaking the Law of Harmony, when he proceeded to blame her for his own carelessness. He had, in that moment in time, created a ‘Karma of Distress’ for himself with his thoughts, words, feelings and actions towards Adele (as opposed to creating a ‘Crown of Light’ when one creates an accumulated good for self), which one day he will need to fully compensate/pay back for, when the time comes.

Originally Adele was not in the wrong, however, how she reacted to his subsequent provocations definitely was not a demonstration of how a master should behave. In her shock, she was saying unloving words towards this man (not to his face) as she simply proceeded to finish crossing the street and walk away from the whole situation in a rage. The man might not have consciously known the angry words/thoughts she had about him, but we, members of her spirit team, had heard them all.

Adele, with her mostly loving and patient personality, made sure that she surrounded herself only with friends who are exactly like her. And thus, encounters such as this one, with someone whose attained consciousness is one that is not of Love, Peace nor Unity, rarely occur in Adele’s world. Her encounter with him was a test to enable her to see for herself, how much farther she had got to go, before she successfully masters her mastery. Before she becomes the full embodiment of her Higher Self; having mastered ALL the Love, Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Forgiveness and Abundance tests we keep sending her way. Yes, in this incident she failed to keep her peace; failed to stay loving towards her ‘enemy’ of the moment. She also managed to create karma due to her angry, discordant/inharmonious thoughts and words directed towards this man.

Thus from our higher dimensional perspectives, both Adele and Mr. Driver were in the wrong. As both of them had failed to adhere to Divine Cosmic Laws when triggered by stress factors seemingly outside of their control.

Now let us return to the main question presented, in the title of this message, ‘Right vs. Wrong, Who Decides?

The answer is:  We, the Lords of Karma, will be able to give clarity to any inquiring soul, as to who was right and who was wrong in any given situation, based upon God’s Sacred, Divine, Universal Laws. Our decision is based only on Pure Truth; the Highest Vibrational Truth that has Love, Harmony, Peace, Oneness at its Core. We give all souls the ‘final judgment’ based only on God’s Truth that no soul can deny, as the Vibrations of Truth will always reverberate/resonate with the soul seeking the answers. Ultimately, the Karmic Board has the last say, the God-given right to ‘judge’ whether you were in the Right, or in the Wrong, for every single scene of your life. The standards that we uphold are God’s standards. The laws, rules or regulations that we uphold, are Divine Cosmic Laws, for which we are also subjected to.

Cosmic Laws are completely different from man-made, mostly 3D-constructed laws. What is acceptable for your fellowmen, may not be acceptable from our higher dimensional perspectives. Adolf Hitler and many Germans living in that wartime period, felt that it was completely acceptable to kill millions of Jews. They felt they had adopted ‘the right’ cause, or the ‘right’ belief that the Jews were an inferior race and thus, killing them was completely justified (this belief came from their attained, lower vibrational consciousness of the time). This was a perfect example, how ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ can be completely distorted, misrepresented or misled, to suit someone’s purpose/the ruling authority of the time.

In conclusion, loved ones, suffice it to say that whilst you remain in physicality, there should not be a need to decipher who was right and who was wrong in any situation. One day you might have been feeling like you were the victim of an incident, however, unbeknownst to you, whatever had happened might have been orchestrated to help you balance/repay your Karmic debts. So again, who was right and who was wrong, only We, members of the Karmic Board, will fully know and understand.

Needing to decipher who was right or wrong, is not the path of Mastery. It is definitely not the path of Peace nor it is the path of Harmony with your fellowmen. It is simply a third dimensional programming that you should continuously strive to eliminate once and for all, as it is no longer in alignment with your sacred goal of full integration with your God-Self.

Like we had often repeated in past channeled messages through Adele, your Heart is the most powerful barometer of God’s very own Divine, Sacred Truth. Follow your heart’s guidance always, as it will act as your ever-faithful compass, always pointing true north, towards Love, Wisdom, Harmony and Oneness.

In the coming days, loved ones, we ask for you to always use your heart in all interactions with the world around you, no matter what. When you do so, you will be able to easily sort out the Truth from the Lies. Only when one is always perfectly aligned with Higher Truth, one can then easily find out the Higher Solution/Answer that will solve whatever dilemma you are facing – for the higher good of everyone in mind. Including those who had done you/done many others great wrong.

Forgiveness and permanently letting go of your Collective past is the key to manifesting New Earth.

Be the fifth dimensional leaders you are always meant to be, by always promoting Love, Peace, Forgiveness and Unity, no matter what.

The key to a peaceful planet lies in the full acceptance of All That Was, All That Is, and All That Will Be, with LOVE as the major healing ingredient/the cohesive agent that must be present within every arising conflict/challenge that humanity will soon face.

Call upon us, loved ones, whenever your Heart; your Truth Barometer ever gets faulty, broken, or seemingly lost along the way. Upon request, we will powerfully blaze the Flames of Wisdom, Truth, Love, Justice, Freedom and Compassion so that you will never ever be lost again.

For only the Truth will set you free – for you to be the God you have always been, within.

With all our Love & Devotion,

Portia and Pallas Athena.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you and Namaste.

How to Create Miracles (Part 2)-Sananda via Adele Arini

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Sananda speaks:

“Greetings beloved friends,

The time has come for us to continue our higher dimensional teaching series, designed to help you master your Mastery. All the 7 Precepts we had discussed in Part 1 (the 5th Precept encompassed the following three attributes: Acceptance, Gratitude and Joy) are essential in your ascension journey to fully become Master and Architect of the Matrix. 

Humanity had used many different labels to describe souls who had successfully attained this Christ-Creator Level.

Those in the spiritual circle called these souls: Ascended Masters; others called them Master Alchemists, Master Magicians/Wizards/Witches. Those in the religious communities called them: Saints/Prophets/Gurus. 

In the ancient past, these evolved souls were often called Gods/Goddesses by people who worshiped them, i.e. by those who had forgotten their own Sovereignty/Divinity. Some of these higher-dimensional beings (who happened to appear/disappear whenever necessary, whilst on a mission to assist humanity) were also called angels. 

This tendency; this third dimensional habit of using those labels to put highly-evolved, higher dimensional beings on a pedestal, or, in a ‘special’ category, to indicate their seemingly higher status above yourselves must stop now. This type of supplicant behavior, is a clear denial of your powerful God-Selves; your Sovereignty as someone who is equally capable of creating any miracle that you can think of, without limits. And when you label/point at a specific Light-Being as God, and not label/point towards yourself as the same God, you are actually sending a powerful, crystal-clear message to your Matrix. 

What kind of powerful message you might ask? You are practically telling yourself; telling the powerful Matrix that surrounds ALL who inhabit the physical universe, that you are not powerful. That you are often a helpless victim, to those who are seemingly ‘higher’ or, better than you. That you are weaker than them; less capable than them. That life is not under your control – i.e. life happens To you, instead of, created By you. 

This powerful denial/false belief will then provide you with plenty of leeway to then blame those ‘higher-ups’ whenever something happens in your life that is not to your liking. After all, it is a lot easier to blame God; to blame your spirit team, Higher Self, the people around you or the world, if something ‘wrong’ happens to you, or, if what you wish for has not appeared in your life. 

We have heard many similar prayers such as this, for eons:  ‘I have been praying for a miracle for a long time now, why is it still not appearing in my life? What’s causing the hold up? God, my Higher Self, my team, do you not love me enough to give me what I have greatly desired? Why did you let that happen to me?

Many of you here who have been on this ascension journey for quite awhile are well on your way to permanently eliminate this dis-empowering 3D habit, once and for all. But once in awhile, it can be more comfortable to walk around as your 3D-self, rather than as your uncomfortable 5D-Self. Sometimes it feels cozier to wear old, worn-out clothes more often than shiny, brand new clothes which at the moment, you feel they don’t fit quite well, or that you are not used to wearing just yet.

As a result of your discomfort, many of you have continued up to this day, to send mixed signals to: your matrix/the Universe. The signals sometimes said: ‘Yes, I know and believe that I am as powerful as God/Source is’. At other times, (especially when you were feeling: low/powerless/impatient/desperate), you might have completely forgotten to think/say/feel/act like the powerful, loving and harmonious God that you truly are. 

And in that moment when you had forgotten who you truly are, you were very effectively sending signals to your Matrix/the Universe that contradicted your inner knowing/belief in your: Divinity and Infinite Power (that is yours to command by birthright as God). You were back to (habitually perhaps) programming your Matrix once again with the 3D language of: fear, scarcity, disharmony, separation and dis-ease. 

Loved ones, how much longer are you going to let your circumstances dictate what you think/say/feel/do to yourself or to others? It is now past time for all of you to learn how to be accountable for your day-to-day vibrations.

If mastery is your goal, then you should actively choose Peace/Harmony in all of your interactions with the world around you – so as not to create more Karma for yourself that will then become obstacles to your path of Life/Self Mastery. (Remember the channeled message ‘Right Vs. Wrong – Who Decides?’ from Portia & Pallas Athena, stating the importance of complete adherence to Divine Cosmic Laws, in order for all chelas to successfully ascend to higher dimensional playgrounds). 

Therefore if Mastery is your goal, you must learn to always choose the higher vibrations of: Love, Joy, Harmony and Gratitude, until they become second nature to you.  Until you proactively choose only these higher vibrations, instead of constantly being reactive/feeling triggered by the many challenges you face in life.

Let us now use a car as metaphor for your life. This motor vehicle (that symbolized your physical body; the vessel and sacred temple of your God-Self) is none other than you. You are (hopefully) sitting at the driver’s seat with the steering wheel at the ready – symbolizing the car is under your control. 

How long you and your car will take to reach your desired destinations (i.e. how fast your goals/dreams are manifested) will depend on several factors:

1) Who is driving your car (i.e. your life)?

Is it truly you doing the driving, or, are you feeling as though you had oftentimes lost control of your life? Are your parents, your loved ones, your finances or the world, currently dictating where you are headed – by driving your car for you? 

2) What is the condition of your car/your physical body?

How often is it serviced and how well is it lovingly maintained? Do you fuel your car with premium petrol (i.e. do you give your physical body high vibrational foods/drinks to keep it at optimum condition?) or, do you always give your car junk, cheap/old fuels with zero vitality? Do you habitually push your car/physical body to the limits often, by driving non-stop without regular maintenance? Or, do you take the time to have plenty of rest at regular intervals, for check-ups and recharging activities?

Remember loved ones, just like many of you here looked after your cars really well (since your life depends on it when driving), you now also need to learn to love your physical body as well. When you powerfully use love as the fuel to run the ‘engines’ of your physical body, vitality, perfect health and even immortality are easy to achieve. 

Your car’s parts will eventually malfunction without regular, loving automotive maintenance.

In much the same way, the original design; the Divine blueprint God has created for the human body is for it to last forever and never decay/age. If someone were to die from illness, disease, or old age, suffice it to say that (most of the time) it was due to non-adherence to the Cosmic Laws of Harmony, Karma, Love and Energy – the Divine Laws that govern all physically-embodied souls. This person’s consciousness had adopted lower-vibrational beliefs foreign to the God-Self personality within him/herself, which then led to eventual decay and death of the physical body. 

3) How expertly are you driving your car/your life?

For example, do you follow the directions coming from a 3D-GPS that represents the voice of your old, fearful, little-self, or, do you follow the directions coming from a 5D-GPS? The voice coming from this 5D-GPS will be that of your Higher Self’s. Your Higher Self will choose routes/life paths aimed to assist in your growth and expansion; encouraging you to go outside all comfort zones and all 3D-prisons of your own making; always creating yourself anew whilst at the same time integrating all Past, Present & Future aspects of yourself – with Ascension as the Ultimate Goal. 

Dear friends, would you consider yourself to be an expert driver? Do you drive fairly smoothly – by faithfully trusting your 5D-GPS? Or, are you constantly self-sabotaging your journey by often applying the brakes unnecessarily (perhaps out of fear/low confidence in your driving abilities, i.e. in your natural, God-given manifestation abilities)? 

Whenever you are loudly broadcasting the 3D programming language of: fear, lack and separation, you are in fact putting your foot on the brake – stopping your car’s journey; i.e. stopping the momentum of the physical manifestations of your dreams/desires. If you keep applying the brakes (or, if the pendulum of your daily vibrations kept swinging back & forth from 3D to 5D often) when are you ever going to reach your destination, loved ones? No one but yourself, is stopping/slowing down the manifestations of your desires. 

Prolonged broadcast of negative signals coming from your thoughts, words, feelings and actions will ultimately produce in your reality (in your car’s journey) that which you do not wish to have/experience in life. Your cells are always listening. Your own DNA acts like powerful radio receivers/transmitters; constantly broadcasting signals to the Matrix/Universe that consist of: all positive and negative thoughts, words, feelings. 

The signals that you send out will soon become the life experiences that you receive, with precise, mathematical accuracy. 

The physical Universe has been perfectly designed to obey the precise commands coming from all Source-Beings living in it; coming from the energetic signals that you/everyone transmits externally, out into the world at large. In other words dear friends, all you have to do now, to be able to create any miracle, is to practice broadcasting only positive signals that are completely focused on what you want

Simple, isn’t it?

It is perhaps easier for you to imagine the entire Universe is listening to you, just like an impartial Genie would. Always obeying all of your commands, giving you everything that you had asked for, according to your most dominant(positive/negative) vibrations. 

Remember that accountability is the key here. For you to be: a powerful Creator; a Manifestor of the highest level; God-in-action, you must have a powerful desire to release ALL resistance to the God-Self within.

In other words, from now on you have to be fully responsible and accountable for your daily vibrations; for your ways of Be-ing, no matter what triggers/provocations/challenges you may encounter in the future. 

It is time to choose to express harmonious, peaceful and loving thoughts, words, feelings and actions – that demonstrate your Unity/Oneness with the collective energies of ALL-THAT-IS in existence. Decide right now, loved ones, to choose whether to react: as God, or, as a hapless victim, in the face of all present/future life challenges that you have consciously/subconsciously created for yourselves – to help you master your mastery. 

The depth of your passion and desire to permanently be the God that you have always been within, will be the deciding factors that will influence the speed of your I AM-integration process.  

If your desire to: outwardly express your Godliness and truly be the living God in embodiment, is lukewarm, then your integration process will be equally as lukewarm/slow in its manifestation.

However, if you are passionate about becoming your God-Self now and are completely devoted in this sacred cause by staying highly disciplined with your daily practices (e.g. using Invocations, Decrees, Mantras, Meditation etc. to purify your consciousness from the inside out), then you will soon return to be the blazing, bright Light of God you have always been, before false 3D consciousness took over, interfered and covered your Light (just like clouds in the sky can temporarily block out the powerful sun). 

Why do you think saints, angels, or ascended masters are often depicted in images surrounded by Light (eg. with a halo around their heads)? During their lifetimes, oftentimes the Light of God-Self within them became easily visible for all to see; usually after years of daily devotional, higher-vibrational practices. 

When your desire to be and act as our loving, benevolent Father/Mother God is strong, the Universe will orchestrate behind the scenes many things/people/circumstances to give you plenty of opportunities to rise above all challenges; to practise being your God-Self in action. Think of these Mastery tests as fun, no matter how difficult it is to accept such a concept – because what you think and believe, you instantly become. If you think those challenges are fun, they are. If you think they are too hard, and so they are. 

Many teachers we had sent among you, to teach humanity the concept of: You become what you think, believe and feel about. No more needs to be said about this concept here; as a small reminder is all that is needed in this moment.

And if you ever wonder why we make the final phase of your I-AM integration process so highly challenging, the answer is quite simple. For you to be able to act like God – i.e. enjoying full access to the presently incomprehensible, immense powers at your disposal – first you need to become someone who can be completely trusted with these Godlike-powers

You need to genuinely and permanently become a person with a pure, loving and compassionate heart; someone who has the higher good of ALL as their only focus and top priority; someone who has successfully passed all the mastery tests we send their way. In other words, to be able to completely master Source Energy, master the Universe, and master the Matrix, you first need to successfully demonstrate your Godlike attributes/characteristics whenever challenges arise. 

This is to prevent younger, immature, negatively-polarized, or, service-to-self souls from possessing complete command/control over all of Creation – to the detriment of many embodied souls. 

When you have consistently proven that you have become someone who always acts in loving Oneness and Harmony with ALL-THAT-IS, that is when you will find that you have the entire Universe at your command. 

The ever-present raw energies of Source, infinitely abundant in the Universe, are constantly at the ready to shape themselves into whatever forms, the ‘I AM’ desires to create next. 

4) How well do you know your road rules?

The laws and regulations of the land; the environment in which you have found yourself in? For example, if you live in one country and you intend to drive all the way to a different country (for over there lies your final destination) – do the 2 countries have the same, or, different driving laws/regulations? If different, what do you need to do, to adhere to the laws of both countries? Do you need a new, international driving permit, or, do you perhaps need to gain more driving experiences/upgrade your skills (e.g. by learning to drive on both the left & right sides of the road)?

In much the same way, for you to master the fifth-dimensional environment your planet has now become, you first need to learn the ‘lay of the land’. Adjust your modus operandi to the Laws of the 5D-OS (operating system) so that you can easily thrive within this ‘new’ higher-vibrational playground you have found yourselves in. Those who refuse to do so, and stubbornly cling onto their old, 3D ways of serving self rather than serving ALL, will soon find themselves in ‘hot water’. 

The world is changing, loved ones. Non heart-based actions/activities that used to be acceptable to society will soon become completely unacceptable – as many awakened souls are now recognizing the Love & Harmony that are their True Nature (successfully found within themselves) and have no problem expressing these externally, for the Higher Good of All.

For the Higher Good of All‘ will be the motto; the only rule to live by, on 5D-Earth. The time has now come for you to make a strong intention to abide by Divine Cosmic Laws, in all of your interactions with the world. When you are always harmonious with those Laws, you are undoubtedly serving the higher good of all in your ways of be-ing – thus demonstrating your Mastery.

And when your Higher Self can see many evidences of you having mastered your Mastery – by always choosing to react with Peace, Love, Joy, Unity and Abundance no matter what – your I AM will reward you with ‘hard’-earned God powers by granting you permanent access to the Zero Point Field; the vortex of co-creation with God, and, as God. 

Inside this vortex, just like Neo (Matrix Trilogy movies), you will become Master and Architect of your Matrix. Just like the master potter can expertly shape his clay to assume any form he wants – the clay remaining compliant and pliable to the image/vision the Master has in mind for it – so will you have the infinite, Electron-ic Light Substance of Source at your disposal. To be wielded, shaped into whatever form you wish; and used for whatever purpose as set by you.

The fantasy, magical genre in your books/movies is a popular one on your planet due to one reason alone. Think how popular the Harry Potter series was, during its heyday. At the core of your Collective and Individual Consciousness, stored within everyone’s God-DNA, (often labeled as ‘junk’ DNA by many scientists in the not-so-distant past) therein lies the memory codes; the inner-knowing, of the immense powers you hold within. 

Children are naturally more attracted to all things magical, since they are closest (in terms of age) to Source. They can more readily believe in their ‘magical powers’ before the world ‘beats it out of them’ figuratively speaking. For as soon as the children grow up, 3D mainstream-conditioning coming from society states that ‘magic is pure fantasy’. It is only useful for entertainment purposes and nothing else. 

Let us now compare this to the education of children within higher dimensional civilizations such as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Venusians, etc. in your galaxy alone. The children from these races of beings are trained and highly conditioned to believe in their own greatness; in the magnificent power of their thoughts, words and emotions as tools of Creation – ever since the day they were born. These children are also taught how to put into practical application, the seemingly abstract concepts of: Oneness, Freedom, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Abundance and Harmony, straight from the ‘kindergarten phase, primary and secondary school all the way to college/university phase’ – to use Earth-based educational expressions to express these children’s coming of age; their graduation into society as adults.

Your galactic family will soon render assistance (led by your Lemurian brothers and sisters in Telos) to share their knowledge/experience only with those who genuinely wish to learn how to transform all aspects of your society into a fifth dimensional society – one with Love, Harmony, Abundance and Unity at its Core. 

Let us now return to the topic of how to master your Creation/Manifestation process, to the Ascended Master, Christ-Creator Level. 

First and foremost, it is time for all of you to realize that the phrase ‘creating miracles’ is actually oxymoronic. There is no such activity in higher dimensional civilizations. The word ‘miracle’ itself, is in fact often: non-existent, foreign, or archaic (rarely used) in their native languages. To them, miracles are simply natural byproducts of their higher ways of being. What many of you would consider as miracles here on present-day Earth, are in fact their regular, day-to-day, ‘normal’ activities. 

And thus, the two words: ‘creating‘ and ‘miracles‘ are vibrationally/energetically contradicting one another. 

For one cannot actually create something when one fully believes and feels that it cannot be created easily, or, that it doesn’t happen often in life. 

Extraordinary events are often categorized as miracles, because they are usually considered difficult to create/obtain/experience in life (i.e. these phenomena have not become the norm). For example, when a person is sick with a life-threatening disease, their loved ones often pray for a miracle to occur. Or, when a person is heavily drowning in debts, he often prays for a financial miracle of any kind to help him out of that challenging situation. 

A dictionary defines the word ‘miracle‘ as follows: an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency

It is crucial for all of you to change your perspectives; your beliefs and ways of thinking now. You need to believe in your own magic; in your own powers and majesty. Neo became Master of the Matrix because he finally believed. At first he was in denial that he was ‘The One’ but when push came to shove, he simply decided to abandon all that he used to be. Once and for all, he surrendered to become all that he was meant to be, by believing in himself and by believing in his own powers and abilities. In other words, he fully embraced his destiny.

Are you now ready to embrace your destiny and once again feel free to express your true, divine nature as a powerful God/Goddess – loved ones?

You are now facing another crossroad; about to decide which life path to choose from, out of the 2 available routes as shown below. The path to the left, labeled as ‘God’ definitely is an accelerated path that will assist you to become your God-Self in action, sooner rather than later. The path to the right, labeled with a question mark, symbolizes the ‘scenic’ route; the longer, slower path that will eventually take you to the same destination, some day, in a more distant future.

The majority of you reading Our messages here belong to a group of souls who would eagerly choose the path to the left; the one labeled as God. You are passionate about life mastery and Ascension, and are willing to do whatever it takes, each day, to fully integrate with your God-Self within. You possess a strong desire to shine your Light brightly and strive to lead by personal example. 

To all our chelas in this group of souls, the following is Our Collective message for you:

Your wishes have been heard, loved ones. The challenges you are facing right now are nothing when compared with the magnificence of your Higher Self – they are but pebbles in the road; ones that you can easily remove. Stay aligned to us always and be receptive to our guidance. For we are constantly monitoring your progress; ensuring that you will have/experience everything that you need to have/experience for soul growth and mastery; these will always be arriving at the perfect, divine timing – at a (faster) pace that you have set for yourselves.

Adele had recently expressed a prayer of gratitude to God. She gave us her thanks, for everything that we had arranged/orchestrated to assist her in mastering her mastery. She also expressed her strong desire to once again be completely free, to be the living embodiment of the Christ within her – sooner rather than later. Not long after we heard that request, we sent her several life challenges; giving her ample opportunities to act as the loving, benevolent God/Goddess that she is within. How do you think she reacted?

Not well, dear friends. She had made the request; which we then answered and fulfilled. Then not long after, she got annoyed with us (*laughed) for sending her those difficult tests. We are not sharing this with you all here to criticize our beloved Adele; far from it, dear friends. We are sharing this, as a reminder to all of you here, to be careful about what you ask for, from the Universe/God/your Higher Self.  For we take and consider all of your heartfelt requests, very seriously. 

Be sure that you are ready for the accelerated life path towards your God-Self; ready for all the ‘tests’ and challenges such a path will bring you. Choosing this particular path may sound scary and exhausting, however, once you have started walking the path you will find that your easy success will depend upon your willingness and readiness to completely: surrender your old, fearful, ego-based 3D-self, and eliminate all negative 3D habits that you are perhaps still stubbornly clinging onto right now.

Let go and let God. Your complete surrender will then be richly rewarded with many powers and positive abundance in all aspects of your life. 

For those of you who are our devoted chelas, walking the accelerated path of mastery-over-self, the time has come for us to reveal the next steps to assist you in becoming Master of Source Energy; Master of the Matrix.  

The precepts in Part 1 are all about your ways of being

For you to successfully be a powerful Creator at the highest, Ascended-Master Level, you have to consistently achieve a score of 100% for all 7 precepts; 100% of the time without fail.

If you are satisfied with being a 3D-standard Master Creator (manifesting all the usual things people love to have in abundance, e.g. Prosperity/Wealth, Health, wonderful friendships, romantic love, amazing career, expensive assets, etc.), all you have to do is to: consistently maintain a high score (for most/all of the 7 precepts) at least 70% of the time. 70% of the time is enough for you to be viewed as a successful person – from the human collective’s 3D-standard.

If however, your goal is to eventually become a: ‘5D-standard’ Master Creator, (mastering your magical: Precipitation/Etherealization abilities and other spiritual abilities e.g. clairvoyance, telekinesis, healing, traveling in your Merkaba, etc.), just like all the Ascended Masters who had once lived on this planet successfully achieved in their lifetimes, then you need to permanently embody ALL the 7 precepts, 100% of the time.

All of you reading this message had lived in the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria in one (or many) past lives. The people living during this great age, were naturally walking around as their Christ-Selves. They were the personifications of God in the physical body. They lived and breathed the 7 precepts, naturally. And as such, the ‘magical’, or ‘miraculous’ acts of Precipitation and Etherealization came very easily to all of them. For example, whenever they needed to build a house, they would work together in a group to precipitate said house, out of thin air; using nothing but the combined powers of their will, third eye and mental strength. 

Let us begin by providing you with the simplest explanation of the two terms above.

When you precipitate an object, you are essentially drawing upon the raw, electron-ic light substance/energy that is Source. By the power of your focus/intention, you are shaping/moulding these raw energies to create any object that you desire, into physical materialization. In other words, you are transforming the pure, light energy that is God, into any solid matter/object of your desire. 

When you etherealize an object that you have previously precipitated, you are technically transforming solid matter/the object back into the raw, electron-ic light substance/energy that is Source. This is in accordance of the Law of the Use of Energy that states: all Light-energies loaned to mankind, must one day be returned to the Universal Light-substance that is Source. 

Once all 7 Precepts are fully demonstrated in your ways of Be-ing, 24/7, the process of Precipitation will be as follows:

1. Clearly visualize the desired item/outcome. Place the image clearly in front of you; in your mind’s eye.  You need to be as specific as possible so that the item you are creating will materialize exactly as designed. The more complex the item, the better it is to write down all the important properties/characteristics of the object.

It is recommended that you begin your precipitation training, by having a drawing (of the object) ready on a piece of paper in front of you. It is important for you to make a strong intention to imbue the object with any specific quality that you wish to enjoy/experience, when using the item later on.

2. Focus on your feelings -> how you would feel once this item you are in the process of creating, physically materializes in your reality. Feel those feelings now. For example, if you are precipitating a glass of water out of the Universal Light substance, imagine how drinking that refreshing glass of water would feel for your thirsty body. Imagine and feel the weight of the glass/cup in your hand. 

3. Merge with the magnificent spark of Light; the Golden Sun within your heart chakra that symbolizes the God Presence within. Feel your intimate connection; your constant Oneness with your Higher Self.

4. As the Creator of All-That-Is in existence, make a simple but deeply profound declaration: ‘Thank you God for this gift of Light.’

5. And then, as Source Itself, feel the existence of the Raw Energies/Raw Powers of God – contained in the Universal, Electron-ic Light Substance available throughout the Universe. Mentally ‘reach out’ to these raw energies and simply make the intention to send/direct these energies into the image of your desire (step 1). Fully aware that by doing so, in that moment you are acting as God; you are using the powers of God, and, you are collaborating with God to create the object of your desire. 

6. You don’t have to know which colored flames/what elements/energies should be the ones sent first to the image, or, in what order. Simply believe that your God-Self will automatically do that for you, because by the time you have reached this 5D Master Level of Creation, the process will have become so automatic.

We are talking about the specific energies/elements that make-up the chemical composition of your object; the building blocks/sacred geometries of the item you are in the process of precipitating. There is an original, divine blueprint for everything that is already created anywhere within the physical universe. And your God-Self will have access to ALL of these blueprints of Creation. 

For example, for you to create the glass of water (see step 2) that you so desired, you need to be able to combine hydrogen with oxygen (H2O) to precipitate water, out of the Universal light substance. The glass itself will be made from several substances, the most common ingredient being: silicon dioxide (SiO2).

Once again, we remind you that you do not need to know exactly what is contained within the item you wish to precipitate. Your job, is to be as clear and specific as possible, about how the item will be like, look like, feel like, or taste like, once it is fully precipitated into a physical form.

7. Keep your focus on continuously sending these raw energies; the Universal Light Substance of Source, into the image of your desire – fully expecting the object to physically materialize in front of you. Adjusting the speed and the intensity of the Light accordingly, as instinctively guided by your Higher Self. Do not let fear, worry or doubt to enter your mental, emotional bodies when you are precipitating. For in that moment, thou are acting as God, the Creator. You are One with the energies of Source; ever present in the Universe. During the act of precipitation, you are acting in your natural capacity as Master Wizard, Master Alchemist, Master Creator, and, Master of All the Elements. 

8. Once the object has physically materialized, simply tweak it in any way you please (with the powers of your mind) until it fully fits your requirements. Give thanks.

When you are finished with using the item you had previously precipitated, it then becomes your responsibility to etherealize said item, so that it can once again return to the state of pure light energy, from whence it came.

The process of Etherealization:

1. Clearly state your intention (out loud, or via mind) that you wish to etherealize, or, to make an object completely disintegrate. So that the energies that make up that specific item can return back to the Raw Energies of Source to be recycled/used for something else, by you/by someone else. 

2. Merge with your God-Self within.

3. As God/as the Creator of All That Is, simply say: ‘Thank you God for the gift of this item, which I now no longer need. I now return this, back unto you.’

4. As Source Itself, simply send Light into the Core of the item (that contains the Threefold Flame), with the intention to disintegrate it. Bear in mind, for every living (animate) or, non-living (inanimate) object, there exists the Threefold Flame that lies in the center of said object. Simply use your inner eye to find out the location of your object’s Core. For when you send laser-focused Light into this core, the etherealization process will be completed faster. 

5. Keep sending the Light; adjusting the speed and intensity accordingly, until you can feel/see that the item has fully disintegrated into nothingness. Give thanks.

Just like when a beginner driver may feel awkward/unsure about what steps to do next, when getting his car ready for a drive (e.g. adjust the rear view mirror, put the foot on the brake, release handbrake, etc.), at first you may be feeling out of your depth during your first few attempts of precipitation/etherealization. The entire process will one day become automatic, the more you become fully integrated with your Higher Self. There is nothing to worry. All is well. You will come to remember how easy and natural, precipitation and etherealization truly are, to your God-Self. You will find yourself gifted with ‘inner knowing’, or easy downloads of information from within. You will definitely know what to do when the time comes. 

A member within one of Adele’s groups recently asked, how long would it take her to reach the 5D Master Creator Level? The true answer to this question is: it depends on you; on your commitment and motivation. Your ascension journey is as unique as your DNA. For those of you reading this channeled message (in the Now moment), you may take anywhere between 20 to 80 years to re-master your Precipitation and Etherealization abilities. This forecast is based on our observations of your past behavior/habits, and your past dedication to the ascension process. We deliberately highlighted the word ‘past’ to indicate that your future can change anytime, whenever you decide to adopt new, positive habits that will align you more with your powerful Higher Self. 

Harry Potter was born with the magical potential of a wizard, however, it took him 6+ years of thorough study and practice at Hogwarts, for him and his friends to successfully wield higher, more complex magic. In other words, he left his home and stayed at Hogwarts to give his utmost focus to his magical studies.

Since it took Harry many years of devoted studies and practice to train his magic, how long do you think it will take you, to master your ‘magical’ God-like abilities? Especially when you take into account the many, seemingly unending distractions you often have around you – coming from work, family, friends, the challenges you are facing now. In light of these distractions, perhaps our above forecast was a little bit too optimistic. 

Simply tune in to your Higher Self to get an individualized answer to this ‘how long‘ question (if you wish to know), and ask us to guide you, so that every day you are walking closer and closer to your desired ‘future’ reality where you are Master of all the Elements; Master of Source Energy; Master and Architect of the Matrix.

Today’s message is designed to empower you, and to expand/broaden your definition of Mastery. So that you can from now on set the bar really high, in your goal of full integration with your God-Self. There are plenty of wondrous, amazing self discoveries for you to look forward to; in the not-so-distant future!

As Yeshua ben Yosef, I had made the following promise to my disciples back then: 

Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14: 12-14)

With today’s message, I have once again fulfilled my promise to all of you here (some of you reading this were my past and present disciples) to share with you all the keys to the Magical Kingdom of God.

Call upon me, your Higher Self, or members of your own spirit team, anytime, for personalized assistance and guidance, so that the way forward is crystal-clear for those of you who are strongly interested in becoming a 5D-standard Master Creator sooner rather than later.” 

With all my Love and Devotion,

Your brother in Light, Sananda.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019.

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How To Create Miracles. (Part 1)

How To Create Miracles Part 1 – Sananda via Adele Arini (10 May 2019).

Sananda speaks:

Greetings beloved brothers & sisters,

It is now time for me to play a greater part in reminding you just how powerful you are, and showing you the next stepping stone, in your journey to reach the destination of: ultimate freedom to be your Self.

In my lifetime as Yeshua ben Yosef, believing in my own inherent God-powers, and fully understanding Oneness, came easily to me. I was privileged to be born to two awakened parents – something that rarely occurred, during that dark period of mankind’s history. My parents made sure (from an early age) to instill within me, only higher dimensional beliefs/programming that reflected our God-like nature. They also made sure to always talk to themselves and to everyone they encountered, in the language of God – the language your Higher Selves speak in (please read ‘The Cornucopia‘ if you need a reminder), and they taught their children to do the same.

This means loved ones, creating an amazing life filled with miracles, ultimately depend only on the following:

You need to be fluently speaking the language of your Higher Self, 100% of the time, to both: self and others.

Yes, we have mentioned this frequently, for a reason. Some of you here may need the extra reminders from time to time. No more excuses, loved ones. It is time for the pendulum to stop swinging back and forth between your 3D & 5D selves depending on your mood/condition of the day.  The physical manifestations of your desires had been inconsistent for exactly this reason alone. This inconsistency in the results you had been having thus far was caused by the inconsistency of: your methods and your ways of be-ing.

We understand that you are constantly changing and upgrading daily and thus may experience the various discomforts/ups & downs the Ascension process usually brings. However, helping all of you to master your mastery also means that we should not be coddling you – within this message that is part of Our higher-dimensional teaching series; specifically Light-coded/programmed for Mastery.

Some days you might be feeling good and thus, you could easily manifest your desires; but on other, not-so-good days, you might have begun to wonder if you are really as powerful as we kept saying you are. We can easily say that ‘you are so powerful beyond your current imaginations‘ as often as you’d like us to say it, however we would prefer that you say, believe and choose to be so, right here, right now.

However, say for example if you are someone who is currently not ready for such a statement, or if you do not truly believe in this statement, or, if you do not make that statement your truth by practicing your mastery, or, if you choose instead to continuously succumb to your 3D programmings whenever you are faced with challenging circumstances, then there is no point. In this scenario, your active, deeply-ingrained programming language & all existing 3D filters in-place will continuously prevent you from experiencing a physical reality where thou art God.

Being told by someone (or by us, your higher dimensional friends) that you are God, is completely different from knowing it without a doubt and experiencing this Truth.

True learning can only be accomplished via personal, firsthand, life experiences. What worked, and what didn’t work. What caused your manifestations to speed up/slow down/stop. And such it was that you are currently learning the ropes to once again master your mastery in a brand new, higher-dimensional environment that you have not experienced ever since your past lifetime(s) in the Golden Age of Atlantis/Lemuria.

Adele had recently come to a powerful realization, that the process of creation & manifestation in a 3D environment is completely different from: the process of creation & manifestation in a 5D environment that Earth has now fully become!

Her process of realization can be likened to that of a PC-user who is proficient in the old, difficult-to-learn, plain-interfaced, MS-DOS operating system (that was mainstream in the 1980s, before Windows arrived). When the user decided to switch to a PC with the latest version of Windows, she then needs to learn how to operate her new PC. A PC that operates in a completely different, but easy-to-learn, graphical-user-interface environment that is Windows 10.

And what will happen in the following scenario if this PC user were to stubbornly insist on using her MS-DOS know-how on her brand new, Windows 10-system PC? Well, the answer is so simple; it will not work. Her efforts will be completely futile and she will probably be left feeling frustrated. She needs to adapt to the new, modern technology and learn new skills. Thankfully, the Windows operating environment is so easy to learn & get used to! All it takes is practice & exposure.

In much the same way, loved ones, you are at the moment facing a similar situation as the above PC user. You had been living in the 3D environment for so long, and thus, you are completely used to the rules of survival, or, the rules of creation/manifestation in the difficult, negative, fearful and lower-vibrational environment that used to be your planet Earth.

In that old, negatively-polarized environment, oftentimes ‘good’ people suffered/died young, whilst wonderful things happened to ‘bad’ people. St. Ambrose wrote the following phrase in the 4th century, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. This phrase accurately captured the need for you to adapt to the new environment you have found yourself in, in order for you to then thrivein that environment. Bad people thrived in a negatively-polarized world, and now that the rules of the game have changed, the same bad people (if they refuse to change their ways) will find it hard to survive/thrive/win ‘the game’ in this 5D, positively-polarized operating system your planet has now adopted.

That is why we (your higher-dimensional friends) know that individual Ascension in a negatively-polarized planet is thrice as challenging as individual Ascension in a positively-polarized planet. (If you ever had the thought that your current ascension process was too challenging, you may wish to, one day, try ascending in a different, negatively-polarized, non-Ascension Earth time period when there were not as many awakened souls as there are today! * laughed).

Souls who had successfully ascended to the higher dimensions during dark periods of Earth’s (or another planet’s) history are truly a rare find. After their success, Source (Father/Mother God) usually sent them on sacred missions to places/planets only when their assistance are needed. Many such souls have been tasked and chosen to return now, to help the human collective & Earth until such time their Higher Selves decide their missions have been successfully completed, and thus they are no longer needed here. Such souls are often called: ‘Source Souls’. Souls who have successfully completed their journey back to Source after many trials and tribulations. (If you feel so guided to know more about Source Souls, simply watch the following YouTube video titled ‘Part 6: Soul Origins & The 7 Rays of Light Series – 7 Pools of Consciousness. Quick link:

It is now time for you to completely abandon your old self once and for all. Stop fighting your God-Self within, and simply make a powerful intention daily to always be a living, walking demonstration of Christ consciousness and never look back! The battle between your 3D & 5D selves is over, as soon as you say that it is over, and decide to permanently walk away from the battlefield. What does this mean Sananda?

You have all heard of the following expression, ‘what you resist, persists’. Whenever your 3D self shows up to battle it out with you (by remaining stubborn to your old habits of fearful thoughts, words, feelings, deeds) and now that you have become your Higher Self, all you have to do is take a 5-minutes time out, take some deep breaths, re-align yourself with the God-Spark within and feel your infinite power, for you to then feel better and peaceful once again. When you have returned to your naturally harmonious state of being, no problems will ever be too big for you to solve. The battle will be over as soon as you return to the Harmony within. When you take these mini time-outs, minimum 3 times per day, simply observe how your life will change for the better soon after!

It is now time for all of you to stand tall in your Truth, and never waiver whenever you encounter/experience contrasts coming from people whose consciousness and vibrational frequencies are vastly different from yours. Just like it took time for you to get to where you are today, those people’s integration process with their own Higher Selves will take as long as required. Simply send them love, patience, peace, understanding and compassion, and hold the space for them to grow more spiritually-awakened.

For those of you here who are members of Adele’s groups, you have devotedly bathed your four lower bodies in the Seven Sacred Fires of God every day. And as a result, all of you had gone through a period of intense purification lately that was doing wonders in speeding up the energetic realignment process with the I AM within. For those of you who are not in one of her groups, if you haven’t been doing this, we would highly recommend to start doing this practice daily.

We can all clearly see the powerful outcomes coming from your devotion, even if you can’t see or, feel them just yet! Don’t give up half way, by perhaps thinking that the hard work you had done thus far has been a waste of time. Impatience is one of the greatest pitfalls faced by candidates of Ascension. Lee Carroll, (in one of his YouTube videos channeling Kryon) had also shared with many, that ‘to have patience’ is one of the 5 main challenges Ascension aspirants must face.

Humanity has been highly conditioned, or even ‘brainwashed’ to have instant results, right now, by the many programming languages used in various marketing plans – eg. in your TV/radio advertisements, to get people to take action right now. Many people are conditioned to ‘work hard & stay busy’, and are (more often than not) in a rush to be somewhere; to do something; to be somebody. There is nothing wrong with that, except that for most of the times, they have forgotten the importance to simply be. They have forgotten the fine art of conscious living/deep breathing. They often forget to schedule in joy, in their daily activities that are focused mostly on paying the bills, or keeping up with mortgage repayments, and/or looking after their loved ones.

The human collective has been so conditioned to feel that time is ‘running out’ if people don’t buy something the marketers want them to buy, right now. How their health, the quality of their life, their happiness, their wealth/assets can be affected if they don’t do what the marketers want them to do, right now. Have you noticed, loved ones, that the human collective has mastered fear & some even used the power of fear to their advantage, to influence people’s behavior? Your life, your entire world, is often exposed to the subtle, and not-so-subtle, language of: fear, lack, limitation and separation. Fear that time is running out. Fear that something may break down/that you may suffer a loss. Fear that if you don’t have whatever it is they are selling you, you will not be accepted/valued just for who you are.

Fear, fear, and more fear, is precisely the programming language un-awakened members of the Human Collective are highly fluent in.

The steps needed to permanently change this fear-based programming language is:

1) To know & believe that your own programming language will naturally change, the more fully integrated you have become with the I AM presence within.

2) To understand and trust, that once you have begun this sacred journey of I AM integration, there is no turning back. The journey will take however long it needs to take, and just like when you driving a car on a journey to a specific destination located far far away, it is best to take with you a relaxed, tourist-like attitude, and take as much time-outs (rest stops) as needed! Enjoy the journey, the views and the people/friends that you make along the way.

Please compare the above with a different version of the same journey. In this second version, you continuously kept asking your Higher Self, every day, questions such as these ‘Are we there yet? I have been on this journey for so long and it seems never-ending. Why have there been no results, no signs that things are improving in my life? How much longer will we have to wait, until we get there?

Loved ones, as much as we love you, please learn to love yourself more. You acting in this impatient manner, is hardly conducive to a relaxed, peaceful journey. You are putting pressure on yourself; pressure on any passenger who may have come along with you on that journey, and pressure on us – members of your spirit team (not that we ever minded being on the receiving end of this pressure). And when you stress yourself out in this way, let us ask you the following question: ‘Is what you are doing, an act of self-love, or the opposite? Is your impatience the trait of your Higher Self, or your old, 3D self?

Patience is one the characteristics a chela must possess, in order to successfully ascend. (A word of sanskrit origins – a chela is a dedicated student of Ascension. A devoted student to the Ascended Masters).

3) Know that there is always ENOUGH TIME for anything and everything under the sky.

Questions such as these: ‘My Higher Self, I am now 50/60/70 years old now. Will I make it to my destination in time? Will I truly successfully ascend in this lifetime?’ serve to further demonstrate your deep 3D programming that you are ‘running out of time’. That you don’t really believe that your physical body is changing to be a crystalline-based, light-er body right now, or, that you don’t really believe that some of you here have successfully stopped the aging process and even begun to reverse it completely.

4) Practice operating always from the NOW moment where the Present and Future have been fused into ONE.

Whenever you are feeling impatient, know without a doubt that it is always due to the following reason: you are not acting like your multidimensional Higher Self. You have gone out of alignment, and you then need to do whatever it takes to return to perfect alignment with the I AM within.

Remember dear ones, your I AM always operates within the zone of ZERO SEPARATION between your present-selves/present-realities, and your future-selves/future-realities. And you need to return, or, to learn how to always remain within this zero point field of NO TIME.

Ask your Higher Self to give you the gift of: real-life experience, by showing you exactly how it feels like, to walk through life with your state of be-ing powerfully set within this zero point field. A preview; or a snapshot, to give you a taste of how it feels to be a fifth-dimensional human being, operating in a fifth dimensional environment. Adele had experienced a few of these blissful days lately, and you can have similar experiences too – all you have to do is simply ask. If you wish, your Higher Self will also show you how to remain there always.

For those of you here who have continued to walk this ascension path with faith, perseverance, patience and occasionally even with joy, the time has come for you to remember how to easily create miracles from this moment onward.

Rejoice, loved ones, for the Kingdom of Heaven/Harmony is now here, and just like the mythical phoenix bird, you are now ready to rise from the ashes of your old, 3D self (that has been completely consumed by the 7 Sacred Flames of God), to once again be reborn anew as an upgraded, 5D ‘phoenix bird’ that is ready to fly and master the skies.

Earth has now become completely positively-polarized as mentioned before, and thus, if you are walking through life by staying authentic, loving, peaceful, joyful, and in a constant state of Oneness with All, (i.e. by always staying within the zero point field), trust us when we say that Heaven will naturally be manifested in your physical reality.

Heaven is a place where miracles abound. Heaven is a place where you are the creators of your own miracles. Heaven is a place where victimhood mentality does not exist. It is also a place where you are all powerful Creators in your own right; constantly in the process of co-creating as God and with God.

Beloved friends, Heaven has always been on Earth and can be found within yourself. This is not a cliché; it is a statement of the highest Truth.

The following are the 5 fundamental rules; the 5 precepts to creating miracles in your life. Each one is equally as important as the other, and all of them are pre-requisites to your mastering the Art of Precipitation, and later on, mastering the Art of Etherealization – i.e. Mastering Your Magic!

Rule No. 1:  Harmony/Peace. 

One cannot create miracles when one’s entire being is in a state of disharmony.

Your mind, body and spirit must remain at peace, no matter what life throws at you, in order to continuously create and experience miracles. Mastering the fine art of sustained peace is something that most of you here are getting plenty of practice right now. The kingdom of Heaven is also known as the Kingdom of Harmony.

One’s energies must always be used in a harmonious manner with the energies of All in creation, in order to create & manifest that which one greatly desires to have/experience in life.

To put it simply, the powerful process of creation begins only with the complete acceptance of who,
what and where you are right now. You must be at peace with who you are, what you are and where you are right now, so that you can then, peacefully, harmoniously, set your inner GPS for the next ‘goal/desire/destination’ of who, what, and where you will be next. This is the true meaning of ‘All is always well, and life is constantly changing; creating itself anew‘. God is Creator of All That Is. What does a creator do? A creator is always creating something new. This means that creation/manifestation is so natural and inherent within us; and what we create, defines who we are.

Your God Self- who is always in the state of expansion and creation; who completely understands that nothing is ever lacking and that there is only the desire to expand & create something new – simply creates. Your Higher Self will always begin/start the act of Creation, from a state of Love, Oneness, Harmony and Joy, with Expansion and Growth as its only purpose.

  • One cannot create miracles from a state of Lack. Your Higher Self always has direct access to the unlimited abundance of Raw Energy (also known as Electron-ic Light Substance) that is Source. And She/He can easily transform this raw energy into matter; into anything you need, anytime (with your readiness & collaboration).

Recognize, feel and acknowledge that all is well with you/with your life right now. Nothing is ever truly lacking.

Once you have: mastered Harmony with your entire way of be-ing, and fully embedded the belief within you, that you have everything you want/ever need and nothing is ever lacking, that is when miracles big & small can be easily manifested. That is when you have successfully become the ultimate conductor, leading the Universe, to orchestrate/wield the Raw Energies of Source into a beautiful symphony of never-ending miracles.

If the experience of lack is God’s will for Mankind, then it will forever be held in place by Divine Law, unable to be changed. As you can see for yourself, there are a lot of people out there who have no problem attracting positive abundance into their lives (e.g. wealth, health, love, friendships, etc.). So the questions become, ‘are you allowing abundance into your life, or are you (subconsciously) blocking it?‘ ‘Do you perhaps feel more comfortable living in a state of lack, maybe because that is all you have ever known?

Whenever you feel lack (in one or more aspects of your life), what you are actually doing is that, you are living your life in a state of disharmony. For example, if you are experiencing lack in the area of financial abundance, you are not living in harmony with the energies of wealth & prosperity.  Most importantly, this goes to show that you are not in harmony (in alignment) with your Higher Self.

You are where you are today because of all your past choices; and even if you were to refuse to admit this to yourself, this is nothing but the truth. If there is something about you/your life right now that you do not enjoy, the way to Harmony/Peace is through admitting to yourself, that on a higher level, you had deliberately created that contrast so you can experience it. In other words, you are where you are right now, because at one point in your life, you had consciously or subconsciously created that experience. And now, you are hopefully feeling more ready to move on, to choose differently, and to create a new experience.

Adele had come to a powerful realization recently, through actual life experience, that any negative feeling such as: desperation, impatience, frustration, anger etc. will only serve to slow down, and eventually stop the process of creation on its tracks. Prolonged negativity will even reverse your creation process, by undoing everything you have been working so hard for and, by attracting to you more of what you do not desire to have in life. Is this what you truly wish for yourself, loved ones?

Please remember, whenever you are feeling desperate, or impatient, to have/to experience something, what you are actually doing is reaffirming to yourself, that you do not yet have what you want.

And by now all of you, students of Life/Spiritual Mastery, should clearly know that to manifest your desire, you must feel as though you already have what you want, right here, right now.

Desperation or impatience powerfully pushes away your dreams. 

Love, joy, gratitude and excitement pull your dreams to you at magnificent speed. 

In other words, the very first step; the very foundation to creating a life filled with miracles, requires you to be at peace and harmonious, no matter what. The peace that carries within it, a certain degree of detachment to your desired outcomes. This detachment comes from your complete surrender to the will of God, and complete trust in the Divine that is within you/all.

Rule No. 2: Oneness/Unity with ALL That Was, Is, and Will Be. 

When creating a life filled with miracles, one is required to be and to act in oneness with ALL that is in existence, including oneness with Time itself.

Everything that you can see, hear, touch, smell and even that which is invisible to your senses are: GOD. God is Energy. Energy particles are everywhere and nowhere. For those of you here who desire to master the magical art of conscious creation, i.e. to master the use of Life Force Energy that is Source, you must first elevate your consciousness and understanding to a level where you can always feel (with every fiber of your being and every cell of your body) that you are one with God. And ONE with all of Creation.

And with oneness, understanding will soon come that what you did or, didn’t do to/for others (e.g. fellow humans, animals, trees, the planet), you did/didn’t do to yourself. And thus, one must make a powerful intention to always think, say, feel and act for the higher good of self and ALL. Or, in other words, never do harm to any living being and live your daily life by always staying connected with your powerful heart (the center/source of all your God-given powers). In my lifetime as Yeshua, to teach the concept of oneness, I used the following words in one of my many sermons to the masses: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you‘.

Once you have mastered oneness, Ascended Master Merlin or, your own Higher Self, can be called upon for assistance, to help you master the elements: water, air, earth and fire. You will learn how to wield the raw, ever-present, Life Force/Source energies in the Universe, to then command these energies to take the shape of anything that you wish to precipitate. Doing this, i.e. creating what many of you classify as miracles today, will one day become second nature and commonplace to you.

You can master oneness, by deciding right now, to once again be able to powerfully feel the energies that completely surround you. Decide right now, if you wish, to be someone who is extremely sensitive to energy frequencies/vibrations, so that you can then become master of Life Force energies. All of you here are naturally sensitive to some degree – loving, compassionate souls always are. In this case, your next step to create miracles, is by increasing the level of your energy sensitivity to the same level as that of an energy worker’s, sooner rather than later. Everyone will be by definition, energy workers, within the next 20-100 years. Your society is rapidly changing every day, to become one that will one day achieve mastery over energy.

A 5th dimensional planet occupied by a 5th dimensional society/civilization, is a planet that is filled with embodied souls who have become Masters of Source Energy. If/when you are ready, simply ask your Higher Self for guidance as to how you can gradually and safely increase your energy sensitivity.

However loved ones, just like with every action there is a reaction,  simply be aware that with every power given to you, a great responsibility also comes along with it. There will be a learning curve; a period of adjustments, until you are ready to be as sensitive as you need to be, in order to fully embrace your powerful, magical, Alchemist-Selves.

Rule No. 3: One must always live within the ‘Zero Point Field’, or Zero Point Consciousness, where there is only NOW. Past and future do not exist.

This rule is perhaps easy to understand, but to successfully achieve this state of consciousness, can be very challenging to do (for most of you here, in the present moment of time when this message was written).

For you to live within the zero point field, is for you to be and act as the powerful, multidimensional, luminous Light-being you truly are. A being who operates outside of ALL constraints and limitations, and outside of the lower dimensional frameworks of Time.

Now do you understand why we think it is the most challenging rule for you to achieve? The majority of you reading this today, still operates within the limitations of Time because it is the very foundation of how your society works right now.

The question now becomes: ‘How can we (your higher dimensional friends) effectively teach all of you here – who are still so powerfully bound to the extremely limiting frameworks of Time –  how to live/operate from the Zero Point Field of NO Time?

Like we had earlier stated, the best, most effective teacher comes from real life experiences. In your every waking moment, your Higher Self will constantly pull you back, into the NOW. Whenever you are worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet, you are fearful about the future and thus not living in the NOW. Your Higher Self will realign you back to NOW. Whenever you are reminiscing about the past, or feeling emotionally distraught by something that had occurred in the past (that by now you should have already let go of), you are once again not living in the NOW. Your Higher Self will realign you back to NOW.

This will keep happening, more and more often from now on, and your Higher Self will keep doing it for you, until you finally learn one day, how to always stay in the NOW, no matter what. When you are fully present, fully anchored/grounded in the moment of NOW, (instead of in the past or future), you will be able to easily access the wondrous feeling, and the crystal-clear knowing that: All is well, and will always be well. Love is all there is.  I AM. This is known as the ‘Purest State of Creation’. This is the Beginning and The End. Life everlasting eternally. Know that when you are able to successfully feel this, you have gained entrance to the zero point field of Mastery over your Matrix, Mastery over Energy; Mastery over all of Creation.

Rule No. 4: One must know that one IS Love. One must know that one is Loved. One must know that LOVE is all there is. One must also commit to be the Love within, in every moment without exceptions.

Most of you here know that Love is the Cohesive Life-Force Energy that is binding all in Creation together. In every item that you can see, touch, feel, eat, hear, sense, there exists the Pink Flame of Unconditional Love that can be found within the core of its being. Love is truly the glue that binds everything together. That sounds like a  cliché we know, but we are in fact talking about energy here.

Without Love at its core, everything that has been physically created in your reality will cease to be. It will once again return to the raw energy of Source, awaiting the next moment of Creation by the God-Self of all embodied souls. Love is all there is. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. This message has been delivered to humanity often, throughout the fabric of time, through our many Love-Light, Light-Love Messengers of the Divine, because this is truly the most important KEY to Creation.

Start by imbuing everything that which you wish to create with this most important ingredient. If you are a chef wanting to cook a meal, for the meal to be successful, all the ingredients to your delicious recipes must be present. In the Art of Co-Creation with God, Love is the energy that sustains and feeds that which you wish to create.

In other words dear friends, if you wish to successfully create anything, you must do it out of love. And never do it out of fear, lack, separation, or obligation.

For example, to create more money, more wealth & prosperity in your life, you need to love money. You need to be loving friends with money. You cannot scorn someone who loves money, nor adopt a ‘holier than thou’ attitude on people who have money/those who enjoy making money. Another example, if you wish to enjoy a healthy body, you need to love your body inside out. When you look at yourself in the mirror, there must be zero criticism, zero anger/judgmental thoughts about your body, your health, how you look, etc. You must always communicate with your body, using the language of love. When you say ‘I love you’ to your body often and when you send that love to every single cell of every single organ, you are in fact giving your body the ‘fuel’ that rejuvenates the body part(s) you need to heal! You give your body access to the limitless power of Love, to heal itself from any health condition your consciousness has adopted after many years of living on Earth.

It is time for you to be the Love that you truly are, in your every thought, word, feeling and action/deed.

Realize that you are powerful energy beings. Every invested thought is energy. Every word is made up of powerful energies. Never waste the spoken word. Learn to speak carefully; fully realizing the weight and power of your words. Every radiated feeling is energy. Every single deed you do, is your energies being put into action. One day, when you have successfully learnt to power up your energy system with overflowing Love, and use Love as your only Fuel, trust me when I say, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will become completely yours to command. That is when you will know experientially, that thou art God.

Rule No. 5: The Holy Trinity of: Acceptance, Gratitude and Joy. 

This last rule is quite simple.

Acceptance of your Divine Birthright, as God, is needed to co-create miracles.

Gratitude is another important ingredient, to be given to God – the Source of All in Creation. Gratitude for what is about to be created, provided, or given to you, in this act of Creation you are about to do.

Joy is a crucial ingredient that keeps the passion of Creation alive! When you infuse your Creations with the energy of Joy, you will attract to you more and more reasons to be grateful, to be alive, to be more joyful about. Joy should truly be the only reason why you do anything from now on. Creating a life filled with miracles requires you to remain joyful and be 100% present in life. Joy is also the secret to having a physical body that never ages/decays. The energy of JOY functions as a different type of fuel needed in the Art of Creation (we had already explained earlier that Love is the primary fuel), that will speed up/accelerate your Creative process!

Whenever I, as Yeshua, was in the process of creating any miracle (such as turning water into wine, healing people, having control over Mother Nature, or, resurrecting the dead), all 5 of these fundamental rules/precepts were always present, without fail. All 5 are equally important and they are all inter-connected.

The question now becomes, which one(s) out of the 5 do you think you need to improve on the most? Or do you perhaps feel that you have mastered them all? If so, you will then be ready for the tests/the challenges that your Higher Self will send your way, to show you how much you have grown, and how much you have got left to go, to master your Mastery.

Many things revealed here in today’s message are not new to you. In fact, some of you here who are our devoted chelas, you have come a long way in understanding all of these, and applying them daily in your life.  Keep walking straight ahead, loved ones, fully focused on your goal of full integration with Higher Self. Always by following your own guidance coming from within your heart. When you do this, embodying the 5 fundamental rules/precepts explained above, will become so easy, so second nature.

We will continue this message at a later date, to give all of you here some time to fully understand and fully integrate with the Light-Love and Love-Light energies powerfully infused in every single word of this message.

Loving you always beyond measure,


Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019.

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The Time is NOW ~ Father Mother God (12 March 2019)

Beloved I AM that I AM,

We, in the Company of Heaven, greet you with deep unconditional love and gratitude. We bow to you, in Oneness, for all that you were, all that you are and all that you will be/do on behalf of ALL THAT IS.

Your being here on Earth at this time of massive planetary changes within all aspects of human existence has been meticulously planned in great detail from the beginning of your adventures on Earth. Everything that you had gone through/experienced in many of your past lives here had brought you to this moment in Time when you are ready to return to the I AM within.

All of you have a very important role to play to ensure the success of Earth & the Human Collective’s Ascension into 5D. You, through the mission/purpose you had chosen for yourself & that we had helped create, are meant to awaken many people and show them the path back into Our arms of Infinite Unconditional Love. The path that you will show others may be different from another Light-worker’s, and that is by design.

There are numerous routes up the mountain, in the journey to the Mountaintop where the I AM can be found.

Most of you reading this have chosen to walk the path of service to the Light & Love.

Your heart is the purest of The Pure. Your bravery, courage and strength are legendary; famous and greatly known throughout Heaven. Your willingness to be of service to us, your Father Mother God, and to ALL in existence, is constant and never-changing. Your mind, heart and soul beat as one with Ours. Our Will is your will and your will is Our will – for we speak as ONE. We act as ONE.

You are all Our most faithful servants. And just as you are Our Beloved Servants of the Living God, so are We your Beloved Servants of Love. We are here to serve you, just as you are here to serve us, and All, within the Kingdom of Heaven.

Truly, our true Messengers of the Light can be identified by how much they are willing to be of service to others.

Some of you here already knew the types of past lives you had chosen & experienced for yourselves. In some of them you were not playing the role of someone living in the Light, but these lifetimes were few indeed when compared to the number of lives you had lived here on Earth.

The majority of the time, you had chosen to raise the consciousness of the entire Human Collective, by spreading messages of Love, Freedom, Compassion, Peace, Abundance, Joy and Oneness – in one way or another.

Some of you here had died many times in service to the Light or, had greatly suffered for your faith/belief in the ONE God and for spreading Our messages. You had also in the past, decided to play the roles of people who were top leaders of nations, religious groups, ruling societies – to change humanity’s 3D ways of Be-ing from within.

You were playing the role of someone born/naturally meant to be within those, usually, exclusive communities. In other words, you were often our planted ‘spy’; Our agent of Light and Love, in organizations where Light and Love were either non-existent, or, so conditionally 3D as long as you constantly ‘obeyed’ the organizational rules/regulations. Even when your life missions had seemingly failed (when viewed from a lower-dimensional perspective), you never faltered nor gave up.

In fact, We are here to tell you that all your missions, woven throughout the Fabric of Time (to raise Humanity’s consciousness) were a complete success! Every single one of them was a success – when viewed from a multidimensional, Higher perspective. We could easily see how your words, feelings, thoughts and actions had rippled out globally, raising the consciousness of ALL from a primitive level (that was all about survival of the fittest) to the highest level where it currently resides (gradually changing to all about service to Light & Love).

Humanity’s consciousness (a.k.a. the Light Quotient Level) is now the highest it has ever been, ever since the last great Golden Age of Atlantis. And this success can be greatly attributed to all of you reading this today. For example, some of you here were instrumental in permanently abolishing slavery. Some of you were responsible in the awakening of the energies of Divine Feminine in the world, without which Ascension would not have been possible.  And you did this by standing up for women’s rights as victims and/or as their protectors.  Some of you here had been the guardians of the Flames of Freedom, Justice and Liberty in ways that you cannot fully comprehend/remember just yet.

These were just a few examples of aspects of Human Existence you had helped to change, simply by deciding to lend your Light & be of service to Humanity, and for us ALL. Many things that had happened on Earth, had also occurred or, are currently occurring in many 3D planets as well throughout your Milky Way galaxy, (e.g. endless wars, suffering, poverty, separation consciousness).

As a Nexus Planet, what happens to Earth will soon reverberate and likely happen to many other planets as well. Truly, at the risk of sounding dramatic when saying this simple truth, the fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance (as you may remember from one of the teachings shared in Adele’s spiritual group meetings last year – if you were a member then) and Earth is the key. And this, our beloved, is the sole reason why you are here.

Earth is receiving so much of Heaven’s support (the scale of which has never occurred elsewhere in this universe before) because what happens here will truly affect trillions of other souls within this galaxy. And of course, if we were to view it from a Universal perspective, what is happening right now on this one small planet, called Earth, located in the outer reach of this galaxy, will have tremendous after effects the likes that none has seen before.

In fact, not long after the exact moment of Earth & Humanity’s Ascension to 5D, this entire universe will be uplifted and raised in consciousness to a level that we have greatly desired but can only dream of having so far. This is the ‘Great Correction’ that highly-evolved beings (who are in charge of this particular universe) had meticulously planned with every single one of you here who had attended the Great Conclave (as your Higher Selves), and now, positive results are showing.

And we cannot be happier! Massive celebrations are being held everywhere, loved ones – as your Family of Light celebrates your successes with deep gratitude & overflowing joy. Truly, if you could see yourself (not as the seemingly small microcosm of Light that you once thought yourself to be) as Great Beings of Light – who had achieved what many (highly-evolved Beings in Heaven’s Hierarchy) had once thought was impossible to do/achieve – just as we see you, then your life will be so much different right now.

The time is NOW, loved ones, to FULLY embrace your Greatness. Leave behind all feelings of being: small, weak, helpless, unimportant or unworthy. Instead, snuggle more closely with your Higher Self from now on, by dedicating a special time every day to do this without fail, and soon, the Greatness that is your I AM, will be Your Greatness.

The Great Love that is your I AM, will be Your Great Love for ALL.

It is also time to leave behind all doubts, mistrusts, hurts, fears, worries about working for the Light; working for God/your Higher Self. We are your eternal partners in this massive planetary ascension project. If you have any lingering negative/mixed feelings about what you are being called to do from this point onward, please put those burdens down and walk forward in your paths, completely unencumbered by the ‘ghostly, energetic remnants’ coming from the weight of what had happened in your many past lives. The past lives that you had chosen and designed for yourselves.

Fear not, for your physical safety, reputation, livelihood and comfort are all fully guaranteed, for this is THE lifetime for all of you to shine so brightly with your complete set of Soul Powers. This lifetime is the culmination of all your hard work, as you will once again lead from the front, and will succeed in all of your grand global objectives and individual goals.

This is also THE lifetime where ALL of you reading this, are very much the physical representatives of your God-Self; the Higher Self that is as Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent as I AM. And as your Higher Selves’ physical embodiment in every way, the task falls upon you for you to master your Spiritual Mastery sooner rather than later.

And we ask that you give this your 100% focus, so that by the time 2019 ends, you will already be walking around as your all-powerful God-Self 100% of the time. You will have left behind all fears, insecurities, worries and doubts, and flown to greater heights; completely adopting the many, or all, of Our Divine Attributes. The Attributes/Qualities of your Father Mother God.

Today, we are here to give you the FINAL key that will provide full & complete accessto the magical wonders of the Kingdom of God.

This is truly the final key to your transformation; to becoming and fully embodying your Higher Self and to accessing all of your Soul Powers for the higher good of all.

And the key is the Hebrew Mantra, as recited many times in this YouTube video:


(English Translation: Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts, the Almighty Father, who was and who is and who will forever be.)

Hebrew is one the few ancient languages used as ‘keys’ to activate Higher Consciousness on Earth. So it should come as no surprise that this key must be spoken in its origin language of Hebrew – and not its English translation. And this is due to Light vibrations of Sound, coming from this powerful Mantra.

This salutation, used by all in the Company of Heaven, is the key to your return to full ONENESS with ALL THAT IS.

Main benefits of reciting this powerful Mantra often, daily:

* To bring the highest, purest vibration of the Throne of God in Heaven, into your energy fields, your house, your space. This mantra contains the purest vibration of Divine Unconditional Love.

* For those new at discernment & would like to have a channeling ability, use this Mantra to discern the information that you receive, to make sure only Beings of the Highest Light are the ones being channeled.

* When you are using the mantra, you are effectively bridging Heaven to Earth. So the more often you do it, the sooner Earth will become a replica of your Heavenly Home. You will be accelerating & powerfully contributing to the Ascension process in this way.

There are many other benefits to this mantra, but the above 3 benefits should suffice for now.

We would like to invite all of you, to recite this Mantra out loud, as often as possible during your waking moments.

For those of you here who prefer to master your Spiritual Mastery sooner rather than later, we would highly recommend for you to do it 108 times per day, every day. You may wish to use a Mala (prayer beads used by many for chanting or meditation) so that you can easily keep track of where you are in your mantra chanting.

108 times seems a lot, but it will only take anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes of your time, depending on your speed. Do this for a minimum of 30 days, and then observe how your life will change as a result of this powerful spiritual practice when done with great discipline!

Your dedication, commitment and devotion to service to the God of Light and Love will be rewarded beyond measure. Your growth will be exponential and your existing spiritual abilities will be strengthened like never before, with more abilities on their way to be used for the Highest Good of ALL on Earth.

You are ready for Greatness, beloved. And we are here today, extending our hands and invitation to once again fully become the Great I AM within.

Commune with us, your Father Mother God and Higher Selves, more often as within Our embrace is the one place where you are most often longing to go. Within Our embrace lies HOME. And Home is where you are at your Most Powerful, but it is also the one place where you know without a doubt, that you are the Light & Love of God.

You were sent by God, to spread Light & Love so that ALL who wish to ascend can successfully do so; influenced by your presence and personal contribution here on Earth.

We are here for you always – ready and waiting for you to return to the full embrace of your unblemished, magnificent Self. The Self that is gloriously powerful and mighty; the Self who actually revels at the magnitude of the tasks before them, as opposed to the small self, who is perhaps trembling in fear/trepidation.

Come and take our hands, our beloved. We are ready, only if you are.

Loving you always,

Father Mother God.


Mastering Your Mastery-The Elohim via Adele Arini.

Greetings our beloved light-workers,

It is time that we play a bigger part of your life from this moment onward.

We are the Elohim.

Our name is synonymous with God, Supreme Creator & Source of ALL. In this vast Kingdom of God, we are the Beings who get sent out to create, expand and multiply.

As a group, we act as the ‘right hand’ of God; we are truly the building blocks of ALL in Creation. We get to assist on the creation of complex physical structures of any kind, as we are the eternal bridge between non-physical and physical.

In 3D terms, let us use the relationship between: a newly-wed couple who will be future house-owners, their architect and their builders, as an example here to help you understand who we are. This couple is excited to build from scratch their new marital home; they know they have a lot to do and have secured the assistance of competent architect & builders to help them manifest their dream house; i.e. turning their concepts/ideas into physical reality.

In cosmic/universal terms, this newly-wed couple can be anyone who needs our assistance. It also represents every single one of you here; incarnated souls (individualized aspects of God) who have reached advanced spiritual maturity levels, and now ready to embrace their Godhood. In other words, the newly-wed couple represents those of you who are ready to master your mastery – i.e. master your creation and manifestation skills.

The architect will always be Prime Creator – the Alpha & Omega – Source of ALL THAT WAS, IS AND WILL BE.

And we, the Elohim, function as the Builders of Creation. The Builders of Form. 

This relationship between the three (between the souls who are wanting to create, the architect and the builder) is the Holy Trinity. It is the very fabric and foundation of Existence in Physicality; in the physical realm. 

The Father– represents our Prime Creator; Source. 

The Son– represents all who wish to participate in the Creative Process; any soul who is ready to embrace their Godhood and graduate to a higher level of Creation.

The Holy Spirit – represents us, the Elohim. We are the Divine Fires/Flames of God; the embodiment of Qualities/Aspects of God needed to support all in the act of Creation. 

The Elohim can be called upon for assistance anytime and we happily go to wherever/whenever our services are needed. Our minds, our entire beings are always aligned and faithfully attuned to the Divine Mind and Heart of Source, to a complex degree that is perhaps unfathomable to everyone here at the moment. Each and every member of the Elohim, embodies & personifies one aspect/quality of Source that is needed in the fine art of Creation, Manifestation or, Precipitation.

You are living in magnificent times, Mighty Ones. Many of you here reading/listening to this today, are attracted to this message because on some level, you know that it is time to embrace your power. You are here because you are ready to walk, breathe, think, say, feel and act as the physical embodiment of your all powerful, God-Self.

You are ready to be our agent/representative for the God of Light; the God of Love; the God of Oneness in every sense of the word. You are ready to be a spiritual master whose very existence exemplifies a Loving, Benevolent God in physical form. So that one day, when people see you, they will be able to easily believe in the existence and magnificence of the One God who loves ALL. 

Remember where you came from. It is time for all of you to stop acting as though you are a victim of your circumstances. It is also time for you to snuggle even more deeply within the embrace of your Higher Self, and truly realize that you have everything that you will ever need, within you, to solve all the life challenges you are facing right now.

Those of you who have been awakened for awhile, it is also time for you to be this agent of LIGHT & LOVE wherever you go, in ALL interactions with the people around you, and with the world. Every day, every moment, every action you take, everything that you do, is a reflection of who you are. It is important that before you do/say anything, to always check in with your Self, is this based on Love? Are the words you are about to say to others and self, based on Love? Does this reflect the Love that is my True Nature? Is this how my Higher Self thinks, talks, feels or behaves?

This is how you walk your talk, loved ones!You can not claim to be higher-vibrational, if your words, thoughts, emotions and actions indicate to self and to others that you are the opposite of Loving, Joyful, Compassionate, Patient or, Peaceful. 

Life/spiritual Mastery can NOT be done part-time, depending on your mood on any given day. On your good days when you are more rested/relaxed, you will remember to be: positive, loving, patient, kind, generous, non-judgmental. On your bad days however, during your more challenging days, you then return to your 3D ways of Being: negative, unloving, impatient, unkind, ungenerous, judgmental/not respecting other people’s free will. 

There are no excuses for those of you who are wanting to master your Mastery. Either you are displaying your Mastery by being loving & higher-vibrational no matter whator, you are displaying the opposite. There are no middle grounds that can be found here.

You can not say to us one day: “Woops, I probably shouldn’t have said that, or done that, as someone who is walking the spiritual path of Light & Love. Sorry my Higher Self, I’ll do better tomorrow. Lack of sleep could do that to anyone” and then, only to do it again the next day! By you repeatedly taking unloving action (or, continuously saying unloving words) to both: self or others, probably for a different excuse/reason the next day, and the next. 

The pendulum just keeps swinging back and forth, between your ‘good side’ to your ‘bad side’ depending on many factors, usually your mood or, your body’s physical condition.

In fact,many of your bad daysare pre-arranged; they are there to ‘test’ youfor you to see for yourself, how much you have grown. To see how much more like your Higher Self you have now become. Your habitual patterns, ways of thinking, your dietary requirements, your belief systems, have now become more aligned with your Higher Self.

Those bad days can be a useful tool; a useful indicator for you to see how much more you have to go, or, how much you have advanced in your journey back to the loving, God-Self that resides within. Someone who is very close to embodying their Higher Self is consistently acting like their I AM Presence, more than 90% of the time, regardless of what is happening around him. He will often think, say, feel, react, behave in a loving, compassionate, patient and peaceful way to ALL, most especially to himself. When there is nobody watching you, that is when you should take more time to carefully observe the way you think/talk/behave to yourself, as useful indicators.

It is also definitely time to stop waiting around for someone to rescue you from your problems. Focus instead on rescuing yourself by embracing your power!

Our message here today was written and had been fully encoded with the 7 Energetic Properties of The Almighty God; also known as the 7 Flames of God. We, the Elohim, along with the Chohan and Archangels of each ray, can help you embrace your soul powers by intensifying all of God’s Sacred Rays within your 4 lower bodies, to bring out your ‘Inner, God-Self’.

These fires will powerfully activate your God-DNA, bathe your bodies, and purge whatever discordant energetic remnantsyou still have to clear (discordant to your Higher Self’s nature), to pave the way in getting you ready to become a Master Alchemist. A Master Wizard of the highest competency level, the likes of Lord Merlin. Someone who has completely mastered the fine art of Creation & Manifestation, to an Ascended Master Level. 

Here comes the 7 Primary Rays/Flames of God:

1 – the Empowering energies of the Will to do; a symbol God’s Omnipotence.

This flame can strengthen your will and helps you to make wise decisions for

everyone’s higher good. (Colour: Blue)

Representatives of this Ray:

Elohims: Hercules & Amazon

Chohan: Ascended Master El-Morya

Angelic: Archangels Michael & Faith

2 – the energies of Divine Wisdom and Illumination (Colour: Yellow)

This ray represent God’s Omniscience.

Representatives of this Ray:

Elohims: Cassiopea & Minnerva, (a.k.a. Apollo & Lumina)

Chohan: Ascended Master Lanto

Angelic: Archangels Jophiel & Christine

3 – the powerful energies of pure Divine Love – the driving engine/glue of Creation

holding everything together. This ray represents God’s Omnipresence.

(Colour: Pink)

Representatives of this Ray:

Elohims: Orion & Angelica, (a.k.a Heros & Amora)

Maha Chohan: Ascended Master Paul the Venetian

Angelic: Archangels Chamuel & Charity.

4 – the Purity of God; also known as the Ascension Flame – Emphasis needs to be placed onto the original design that is perfection of God; until your creations are

successfully manifested into physicality. All your 4 lower bodies will need to be

purified, in order to be successful in the art of manifestation. And this flame, along

with the violet flame, can help you do that. (Colour: White)

Representatives of this Ray:

Elohims: Clare & Astrea

Chohan: Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Angelic: Archangels Gabriel & Hope

5 – the Healing, Concentration & Consecration qualities of God. Focusing on your goals

until they are accomplished is another prerequisite of Creation. Endurance is an

important element in precipitation. This green flame will help to motivate, strengthen

and endure, so that you never lose sight of your goals!

(Colour: Green)

Representatives of this Ray:

Elohims: Vista & Crystal (a.k.a Cyclopea & Virginia)

Chohan: Ascended Master Hilarion

Angelic: Archangels Raphael & Mary (Mother Mary)

6 – the energies of Cosmic Christ Peace. Peace is an important quality of Source that is

needed to permanently sustainthat which is being created. In the art of Creation/

Manifestation/Precipitation, please remember that the Divine Ray of Peace always comes in as the last step. Its position is reversed with 7th Violet Ray. (Colour: Ruby 


Representatives of this Ray:

Elohims: Tranquility & Pacifica (a.k.a Peace & Aloha)

Chohan: Lord Sananda & Lady Nada

Angelic: Archangels Uriel & Aurora

7 – the energies of Freedom, Rhythm, Transmutation & Alchemy. This flame represents

God’s energies of Infinite Freedom, through the intensive use of the Violet Fire.

Freedom from all perceived limitations is THE KEY for a successful melding/merging with the I AM Presence within. (Colour: Violet)

Representatives of this Ray:

Elohims: Arcturus & Diana (a.k.a IlliaEm & Victoria)

Chohan: Ascended Master St. Germain

Angelic: Archangels Zadkiel & Amethyst

With the activation of your higher dimensional chakras, there are 5 more Divine Rays of God that will soon play a part in your creations. But be aware, beloved, that you need to master the primary 7 Rays, before you can move on to the last 5. In fact, when you have mastered the first seven Divine Rays/Qualities of God, the remainder will come naturally. These extra rays will come ‘online’ when you are ready to move on in your physical incarnation, as a great, Cosmic Being.

This means it is time for you to get serious with your spiritual goals, o’ powerful ones. We are not here to coddle you. We are here to help you to fully embrace your magnificence and shine like the Mighty Gods/Goddesses you truly are. For thousands of years, humanity as a race had completely forgotten their Divine Nature and fully believed in separation from God/your God-Self, but no longer will this be the case.

It is time for all of you to use whatever that is happening around you right now, as a jumping board for you to leap onto the next segment; the next chapter in the story of your life. And what that next segment is, depends entirely upon you, our beloved.

Do you wish to continue telling yourself, telling the world the ‘same old, same old’ 3D story full of fear, full of negative dramas, full of lack or scarcity, and full of separation, or,are you ready to truly act like the all-powerful, higher dimensional beings you already are – in the ultimate reality that is the non-physical realm; your Home in Heaven? 

If it’s the latter, then call upon our assistance. Ask us to strengthen the power of our 7 Divine Flames within you and to purify you from within. Spend time connecting/communing with us on a daily basis, and remember always, to focus only on what you want. And NOT on what you do not want to have in your life.

The last piece of advice sounds basic and it has been repeated so many times, in so many different ways, through so many different messengers. You maybe are wondering why a reminder is constantly needed?

Your mind, your words and your emotions – i.e. your entire consciousness is so easily influenced by whatever it is that is currently happening to you, or, to the people around you. Your consciousness has been highly conditioned to fear, lack and separation for thousands of years. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment and practice to switch your automatic pilot mode from the lower altitudes to the higher ones. And the very first step to doing so, is your WILL to do. Your WILL to once again become the God you have remembered yourself to be.

2019 will be THE Graduation Year for the majority of you reading/listening to this message. It is going to be the year when you will transcend and leave behind many of your old ways; many of your limiting beliefs. It will be the year when your life can truly take off, if you have been faithfully following the inner guidance given to you, 100% of the time, despite growing evidence to the contrary.

The 4 main keys here are for you to:

1 – Command and Expect positive results to come to you, 

2 – Emanate the feelings of Gratitude for those wonderful results,

3 – Release all attachments to time-frames as to when the results will come, and then

4 – Simply let go! The positive outcomes will come to you, one way or another.

Never doubt!

Adele recently read a comment somewhere from several light-workers how by following their inner guidance, they had recently lost their jobs, their life partners, their health, their money, their car, and the long list continues. Those people were completely blaming their Higher Self/spirit team for not giving them what they wanted, after changing their lives in the direction spirit had directed them to go.

To these people, we will ask them these questions. Is blaming others the way to Mastery? What are your vibrations like these days? Like attracts like. If you do not take action to immediately find any way to improve your vibrations, for example: by taking actions/by following guidance that perhaps you do not like to do, then you will continue to fly in the lower vibrations and not find a way to attract abundance & prosperity into your life. Instead of blaming the members of your ever-supportive & loving spirit team, you have to collaborate and work together with us, to achieve the desired results. 

We can not live your life for you, nor can we fix your vibrations for you. Only you can do that for yourself. In other words, we can only help those who are ready to help themselves.

Are you ready for Mastery, loved ones? If you are truly ready, then show it to us. Demonstrate it to us by the way you think, by the way you talk, by the way you behave in your day to day lives. Take a sacred time-out to commune with your Higher Self more often, so that you will continue to be on the receiving end of our endless guidance & wisdom. We are constantly ready to give you different ways/solutions to your challenges. But you need to put yourself in the ‘receiving mode’ with your ‘antennae up & on’ in order for our messages to get through. You can not focus on your problems for the solutions to then appear. And that is all we have to say on the subject today.

We hope today’s message had served to empower all of you to embrace your God-Self even more. It is time for you to shine so brightly with your soul powers, and we are here to support you on this holy endeavor.

Call upon us for assistance, for we are with you, always.

Love-light & Light-love,

The Elohim.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019. 

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you and Namaste.

Introduction to Light Language

Light Language is alchemical transmission of information through our voice and/or body.

This video is designed to enlighten light-workers with a powerful Ascension Tool called Language of the Light, that is an innate ability within everyone. You do not have to learn LL. You can simply set a strong intention to let it ‘flow out of you’ and when that happens, you will discover your unique LL. It’s time to utilize Light Language’s healing power to help you move forward in your Ascension journey. This video is designed to help light-workers access a powerful Ascension Tool called Language of the Light, that is an innate ability within everyone. You do not have to learn LL. You can simply set a strong intention to let it ‘flow out of you’ and when that happens, you will discover your unique LL. It’s time to utilize Light Language’s healing power to help you move forward in your Ascension journey. The following topics were covered in the video: * What is LL * Different types/varieties of LL * Why is Light Language so important – the benefits of LL * How do you get started, if you wish to be a LL transmitter for yourself/others. * Demos of 2 different ways to channel/transmit LL. A beloved friend, specializes in healing with Light Language, so check out her YouTube channel: Light Language Life, if you wish to listen to many more powerful transmissions:…

THE WINDS OF CHANGE ~ Lady Gaia via Adele Arini

Greetings beloved children. 

I have happily nominated, or, volunteered myself to give you all with this energy/ascension update today. 

It is with great joy for me to reveal to you that February will be a month of massive movements. Each and every one of you will be moving, more rapidly, down the unique ascension path that has been especially prepared for you. Doors will be opened, paths revealed, clarity readily provided – as we need our light-workers to start positioning themselves at the front lines; as leaders and not as followers. 

Please do not misunderstand this by thinking that you no longer need the support of your fellow light-workers, or, that it is time to ‘walk the path’ alone. That is not what we are saying here. Staying in the company of like-minded souls strengthens your path, resolution, motivation and of course, it is also fun to do! 

Just how people gather together within groups to ‘talk shop’, e.g. doctors with other fellow doctors, writers with other writers, artists with other artists, etc., you staying together with fellow travelers will help you, especially during the times when the going gets tough. The saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is very true, in many ways. Sometimes you just simply need a listening ear, or two, from people who can deeply understand the things you are going through.

2019 will be the year when we need you more than ever, loved ones.

We need your Light; we need your courage; your willingness and readiness to step up into the roles that you were born to do.

All of you are holding unique Ascension ‘Codes of Light’. Ascension ‘Keys’ that will activate different doors/portals to Creation. 

Different people will be ‘triggered’ or ‘activated’ by different light-workers – due to the similarities of past lives/current life’s challenges that they, and you, had gone through. And thus, you will be uniquely situated to help these people because of what you had learnt/experienced. The people who will come to you for assistance, will be those who know (instinctively, on a higher level) that you are the best person to help them move forward. 

You are all perfectly stationed around the world right now, wherever you are is exactly where you are meant to be, in this NOW moment in time. Each one of you holds different frequencies of God; signature frequencies that cannot be duplicated by any other light-worker, or any other living being. You are each as unique as your DNA, and as such, your contributions to the world and to the entire Ascension process, will be equally as unique. Equally as important & crucial to the whole. 

Father Mother God is in the middle of drawing a grand, massive-sized, beautiful, amazing painting titled: ‘Heaven on Earth’. And now, imagine this painting split into many different pieces. The number of pieces will be an exact match to the number of light-workers currently physically embodied on-planet. 

Each one of you here is a super precious, important, and extremely valuable ‘jigsaw puzzle piece’ of this painting. 

Knowing how precious you are, please start to recognize the value that you bring into the world. You don’t even have to specifically ‘do something’ to be contributing to the whole ascension process. The process is automatic. When your overall LQL (Light Quotient Level) is at a high enough level – coming from a high level of integration of your four bodies: physical, emotional, mental & etheric, with Higher Self – this is when you will be called into greater service. A service like what most of you have been called to do, subconsciously, especially in the last 12 months. 

This service to the Light that you have been doing includes the following, but not exclusively just this: your Higher Self has been ‘using’ your physical body as a powerful receiver and transmitter of the Purest, Highest Frequencies of Light. Christ Consciousness Energies. Mahatma Energies. Omega Light Energies. Pure Source Energies the scale that I (your Mother Earth) and you have never experienced before.

Your physical bodies can be compared to a huge, powerful satellite dish; or more accurately, to a crystal-based energy transmitter/receiver. Yes, this means that your body is a living, breathing, vibrating crystalline transmitter and receiver of the highest degree. 

A spiritually awakened person who is very close to full integration with Higher Self, is operating as this ‘satellite dish’ at the highest, most powerful capacity. This person – like a sponge dipped in water –  ‘absorbs’ these higher-dimensional energies into his four-body-system;  keeps some of the energies for his own individual transformation into a 5D Light Being, and then proceeds to distribute/disperse the remainder, for myself (Mother Earth) and for all members of the Human Collective. This is automatically done, every single second of every single day, ever since you have reached the required LQL.

If you are wondering why I am sharing all this information with you, my children, the reason is quite simple. As the average LQL of all of you here, have reached 70% and above, you will be called into greater service now, more than ever. And if you are wondering how, dear one, it is also quite simple.

Simply take the time to tune in every morning, before you begin your day, to your Higher Self and to Me, and simply ask us this question:

How may I be of service for us all today?‘ 

Here, the word ‘us’ refers to yourself, to myself Gaia, and to all within the Kingdom of God, especially those currently on Earth. And we will give you the answers to that question with something that only you can do for us that day. And that something will be unique; it will be related to your soul’s purpose, mission and contribution to the creation of new Earth.

Now let’s go back to the topic at hand.

In February you will all be in the middle of building momentum. Every moment you are creating anew; every day we will be sending you the perfect inspiration and guidance to help you, help us, create new Earth in a way that is perfectly suited to your innate abilities.

For those of you who are energetically sensitive, please be aware that February will be the beginning of The New. We have all passed a marker, at the end of last month.

Your sensitivity will remain the same for some of you, whilst for others, it will be on the rise. And this is all happening by design. The spiritual gifts that some of you have been praying for, will soon be activated.

Spiritual gifts such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, these and many more, are on their way to you right now, as we speak. 

And now in terms of Ascension physical symptoms, most of you here will not be as heavily affected as you had been last month. Things are getting better, loved ones. Ascension is getting easier in terms of how the higher energies you have been absorbing, are actually affecting your bodies – the physical vessels of your spirit.

This is now the time for all of you to expand; it is time for all of you to embrace your creativity and actually start creating.

And obviously, for you to be able to start creating, you need to be able to daily function with a high degree of ease and grace. There may still be days, for example closer to the new moon/full moon cycles, when you may be feeling slightly under the weather, however it will not be as physically or emotionally, as demanding/consuming like what had regularly occurred in the last 6 to 7 months.

It is time for you to celebrate loved ones. It is time for you to start your co-creation process with me; with your Higher Self and spirit team; with Father Mother God, to bring about the kind of world that you want to be living in – the kind of world that you want your children to live in.

Anything Is Possible. 

You are an unlimited being with unlimited powers.

It is time for you to start discovering what those powers are.

It is time for you to go beyond your normal boundaries, to test your limits, and stretch your wings. You are no longer 5th dimensional newborns. In fact you are no longer 5th dimensional teenagers.

Where you are right now can perhaps be compared to a young adult turning 21; a young adult who has just received the keys to his first car. The young adult who received this birthday gift from his parents to celebrate his adulthood. The car represents his new found freedom in life. 

The freedom to do as he pleases with life; the freedom to go wherever he wants to go; the freedom to decide how fast or, how slow, he wants to get to his destination. This freedom is essentially the freedom to create what he wants to create with his life. The freedom to do what he wants to do for a living; the freedom to look after his own finances, and the freedom to have what he wants when he wants it.

Without strict parental controls continuously limiting his choices in life. 

And this is exactly what is happening to you as well, my beloved.

You have learnt everything that you are meant to learn with your many lifetimes here on planet Earth, dear Old Soul, and you have successfully healed, released and purged many discordant memories/experiences stored in the gigantic warehouse of your DNA. Discordant to your Higher Self’s True Nature. 

If we were to compare your clearing and purging process to the removal of the many different layers of an onion, then most of you here have reached the inner core of your onion. 

And that inner core is where your Higher Self can be found. This is the powerful aspect of your Self that is God-like in nature.

Now that you have been given the keys to your car, i.e. to Unlimited Freedom, it is time for you to set your GPS with the coordinates of where you wish to go from now on.

The options are endless. For those of you who have ever driven a car with the GPS on, whenever you press ‘start’, you will see that your car’s GPS will automatically create a route to take you to your destination. And when you follow that route,  there is not a single doubt in your mind that you will reach your destination by following the mostly-verbal instructions coming from the GPS of your car.

And in much the same way my beloved, you need to start trusting your higher self, your heart, your spirit team, absolutely. Without any fear or doubt interfering in the process of your creation and manifestation. Trust us, like you would, the GPS of your own car. The more often you do this; the more practice you do, the better you get at doing this.

Your expansion and growth will move along at an exponential rate, especially within the next six months, so much so that by the end of the year when you look back to what has been happening in 2019, you will be filled with so much joy, awe, wonder and gratitude for everything that has come to pass. 

This is our promise to you loved ones. However we do need your cooperation; your collaboration in order for us to help you, to turn your life around.

Do not spend a second more staying in the vibrations of fear, no matter what is happening around you. Simply focus, always, on where you wish to go, and have the mindset that you will not fail to get there.

Just like the GPS in your car will not fail to guide your way, whenever you are constantly in tune with with your feelings, with your Higher Self, with God, then the route/way/path to get to your destination will constantly be revealed just at the perfect timing. Always when you are ready for the next lane, the next street, the next road, the next express freeway. 

We love you so much, beloved friends. All of us here in the company of Heaven, we thank you for your service to me, Gaia, and to the Human Collective. And we wish to do everything we can, to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Trusting us, and trusting your Higher Self, also means: to trust your heart, your feelings, your intuition a lot more than what you have been doing so far. Start listening more to the guidance coming from Within.

The answers to all of your questions; to all of your problems; to all your dilemmas/challenges that you are currently facing in life, are all within you.

And the moment you realize that, is the moment when you have become full partners in this Divine Act of Co-Creation.  

God is creating Itself anew, through you, and this is exactly how it is meant to be.

Once again we would like to remind you that, you are God and God is you.

The moment you understand and fully believe in the meaning of that statement, without doubts, fears or feelings of unworthiness interfering in this co-creative process, is the moment when you will finally discover how easy it is to create and manifest everything that you hold dear. 

It will be the moment, you will know yourself, experientially, As God.

Love is truly the only thing that matters. It is the driving engine of Creation. 

Feel yourself up with so much love; imagine your car is filled up with love as its only fuel.

When you fill up your car with Divine Love energies as its gasoline, you are in fact filling up your car (your life) with THE most powerful driving force; able to propel you into unimaginable heights. Whenever your car runs out of energy/fuel, all you have to do is recharge; do a little TLC, and reconnect with the Bright Flame of Love shining within the inner GPS that is your heart. And when you set the intention to do this often, you will be able to get your car/life to move at greater speed as it will always be in constant alignment with the creative energies of Source. 

We are here with you every step of the way,  as you venture out into the world as a fifth dimensional adult who are now ready to be our 5D leaders; creating a new generation.

A generation of super-humans who will no longer behave the way a 3D human behaves.

As you break out of your self-imposed third dimensional prison that you have been living in for so long, you will find that the world out there, outside of that prison, is wondrous beyond your current imaginations.

You are our pioneers, our 3D Rule-Breakers. You are at the front lines of change.

You are those who are bringing, creating and easily riding the Winds of Change. 

Staying completely unafraid; unwavering in your faith. Trust that the winds of change will carry you to magnificent places filled with everything that you have ever wanted in life. Never fear change, my beloved. Change is the only constant in life. 

Change is the name of God. Change is God, and God is change. And since God is in a constant state of expansion, always creating Itself anew, then Its name is synonymous with Change. 

You only need to spend more time outdoors; breathing in fresh air; connecting with Nature – with the trees, flowers and the animals around you – for you to easily reconnect with your Inner, Higher Self. The more often you do this, the better your life gets.

We hope that this message has served to help you in an empowering way; to encourage and reassure you, that all is well.

Things will continue to be well this month and in the many months ahead. 

Yes, change is definitely in the air, but it is the type of change of your own choosing; one that will truly be for your higher good and the higher good of ALL.

Call upon me whenever you need my assistance, whenever you are perhaps feeling out of balance. Dizzy, perhaps even fearful with the many changes happening to you and to all around you.

I will hold you tight in my arms and infuse you with the energies of unconditional love, calm and peace; giving you the assurances you need and the tidings of all good things to come.

We are loving you beyond measure.

Your Mother Earth

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019. 

If you re-post, please retain this channeled message in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.

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Greetings dearly beloved, 

Today we, Ariel and Uriel, your sisters of Light, are both here to bring you wonderful news about what is in the works, waiting in the wings, for all of you reading this today. 

As you may have already known, the theme of this new year 2019, is all about Expansion, Growth, Creativity and massive awakening of Soul Powers – it will be a powerful year of Manifestation and Transformation. 

The often-physically painful and emotional phase of clearing, purging and ‘healing’ all things 3D have now been successfully completed for the majority of light-workers across the planet. We now feel the need to clarify the term ‘light-workers’ to avoid any misunderstanding. 

Every living being (including those whom you had perhaps in the past considered to be completely devoid of Divine Love) belongs to the same faction. You, they, and all of us are, in our own way, serving the Kingdom of God. We are ONE, in every sense of the word. And since we are all One, even those people who ‘seemingly’ belong to the Dark faction, are in fact also working for the Light – working for their own soul expansion and evolution. They too, can be called a light-worker. 

Dark vs. light, lower-vibrational vs. higher-vibrational, positive vs. negative, the past vs. the future, Democrats vs. Republicans, Catholics vs. Muslims, the rich vs. the poor, the educated vs. the uneducated – these are only some of the endless labels that humans use to perpetuate Separation; the long list continues. Humanity have been ‘playing’ these physical life-games on Earth for thousands of years, and by now, you have all truly mastered the art of extreme Separation, Duality and Polarization. 

However, for all intents and purposes, today we will be using the term, light-workers, to refer only to those: whose hearts are pure. They may not even know that such a term exists, however, the way they live their lives are already so caring, loving, and compassionate in every way. 

And that is, in essence, what a light-worker is. 

Someone who possesses a pure, loving desire to be of service to the world and God – in a way that suits his/her own innate abilities. He/she is likely to be a sensitive soul, whom people usually go to, for advice and assistance. 

If you are a light-worker who have chosen to be awakened earlier than the Human Collective, you, our beloved, are someone with an important mission/role to play especially within the next 20 years. You are here to show others what it means to be 5th dimensional. 

ENERGY ORACLE CARDS – Sandra Anne Taylor

And that was probably your cue to then ask us this question, “Ariel & Uriel, we do not know how to be 5th dimensional. I have not yet recovered the memories of my higher dimensional lifetimes, so where/how do I even begin?” Our answer is simple, loved ones. 

Begin with yourself; begin with your life.

The best way to change the world, is NOT by changing others. 

This principle has often been demonstrated throughout your many life experiences with the people around you, every day. Telling people what to do, criticizing them, nagging them, using sarcasm or any other negative behavior will only serve to ‘add extra fuel to the raging fire’.  

For example, let’s say that Mrs. C is on a mission to get her husband to quit smoking. She has been nagging him for years; ‘lecturing’ him on the dangers; reminding him of the hefty financial burden his buying a month’s supply of cigarettes had created on their limited budget. Her lectures occurred quite regularly, until one day he finally ‘exploded’ and yelled to her ‘to leave him alone’. 

Do you see what has happened here? Mr. C has no WILL to change. Zero desire to change. Without the will to change, then well…, nothing will change. The cigarettes, no matter how bad they are, are currently satisfyingMr. C’s needs on some level. 

All addictions are a form of emotional escape, from the root cause of the issue. 

When people are Not ready to deal with the real reason as to why they keep doing/buying things that they ‘know’ (deep inside) are bad for them, then the problem will continue to persist. 

All true change must begin with oneself. 

And, here comes the main point of our little story: 

Emotional Integration is the ‘KEY’ to CHANGE. 

We realize that light-workers around the world are at different stages of their spiritual awakening journey. However, the group of powerful light-workers who happened to be reading this particular energetic transmission (and yes, we know exactly who you are), most of you have completed your emotional integration process.

In other words, you have stopped running away from your emotions and have released the previously embedded toxicity within your emotional body. And because of that, you are now primed and ready to move on to the next phase of your evolution: to master your Mastery over life. 

How do you become a master of Life when you have, seemingly, failed to master one or more aspects of your life, over and over again in this lifetime? 

Let us tell you now dear friends, whatever is the greatest life challenge that you have right now, that challenge is THE biggest test; the final exam – lovingly prepared by your Higher Self, before you can successfully graduate and ascend. 

For some people it can be about the state of their health. For most light-workers, it is about their lack/scarcity consciousness. For others, it can be about love, forgiveness, loneliness or relationships. 

Knowing this,how you react from now on, in the face of your biggest life challenges, is THE game-changer here. 

You can choose to continue to focus on your problems, and react with fear, distress, anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, OR, you can choose to raise your awareness/perspective – i.e. SHIFT your inner programming, to match the programming ‘language’ that your Higher Self speaks in. 

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Love – to Self, and to All.

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Peace – for Self and for All.

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Joy/Happiness – to Self and to All. 

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Wisdom & Power – to Self and to All. 

Your Higher Self speaks the language of Abundance – to Self and to All.

The term ‘abundance’ that we use here, represents all the good things in life, e.g. perfect health, an immortal (non-decaying) physical body, plenty of money, great friendships, fulfilling career and relationships, fun life experiences, etc. 

It is time, our brothers and sisters, to ‘speak’ the Language of your Higher Self – the Language of God.

ENERGY ORACLE CARDS – Sandra Anne Taylor

God is supremely powerful. And by extension, that means, you too, are supremely powerful.

So why do you keep forgetting this, whenever you were faced with the final tests your Higher Selves have been sending you lately?

God is Love. This also means, that you too, are a Being of Divine Love.

So why do you (occasionally) behave so unlike your True, Most Loving Self?

God is Unlimited – and so are you.

So why do you keep limiting yourself to the 3D ‘language programming’ that can no longer function in this brand new, higher-dimensional arena/playground you have recently found yourself to be in? 

A few days ago, on January 30th, Adele had posted a message in her Raphael’s Healing Space Facebook page, to share the good news with everyone that she had sensed all heavier densities associated with life on a 3D planet, were well and truly gone. 

Duality, Polarity, Separation are the scaffolding, the framework and the foundation of a lower-dimensional existence in a 3D Universe. And with these three now permanentlygone from Planet Earth, this can only mean one thing. 

Humanity has recently crossed over another important milestone. 

You, our beloved, are now truly living on 5D Earth as we speak. At the end of January 2019, humanity & Gaia had in fact, ‘jumped several timelines’ together. And what had prompted this to occur?

In the most recent conclave above Planet Earth, which many of you had attended in your sleep, the majority of you had expressed a strong desire for undeniable, visible changes to begin Now. 

The ‘Old Souls’ physically embodied on-planet right now (i.e. the movers and shakers who are the true powers behind the story of New Earth’s Creation) had truly had enough of the old paradigm of Fear, Lack & Separation. 

You wanted all necessary reforms to be fully expedited and although temporary chaos may ensue, you had all expressed unshakable confidence that you will all be able to go through those challenges with grace and ease. We truly have tremendous respect and admiration for all of you, our beloved. 

However, because of this, things may temporarily look as though they are getting worse instead of getting better – both on the micro and macro levels. It is important to keep in mind, that these are all happening BY DESIGN. 

As a Collective, you have deliberately chosen to intensify all 3D energetic remnants within yourselves, and within the psyche/consciousness of all embodied souls on Earth, to force you to choose a better way NOW. 

This is to help you to permanently break free; to get yourselves out of the automated, 3D pattern-programming you have been using for thousands of years. You have been using the lower dimensional operating system of fear, lack and separation for eons. 

The time has now arrived for you to re-set and re-program the super computer that is your life.

And the True Work must start from WITHIN.

Your operating system must now be constantly speaking the programming language of God. Only when you have permanently attained a higher dimensional perspective (no matter what is happening around you), your life will begin to change in magical, wondrous ways. 

With the eradication of lower densities and their frameworks of existence, speaking in the programming language of your Higher Self has never been easier. It has now become so natural. This ultimately means that your efforts, to align your frequencies to match that of your Higher Self’s, need not be as taxing as before. It will be perfectly simple, like riding a bike, after many years of not riding it. Yes, you may be out of practice, but it doesn’t mean you have to start learning from scratch.

You will soon find that your thoughts, words, feelings and actions now naturally gravitate towards the ‘higher density’ instead of the opposite. This is because the scaffolding/framework that supports the opposite, is now permanently and completely gone. This natural movement towards ‘lighter, higher’ density thoughts/words/emotions can only be stopped by you. If you provide zero resistance to this natural ‘re-set’, to this re-programming process you are in the midst of doing, then you will soon find yourself be thinking, saying, feeling and acting like your Divine Higher Self.

This is 100% guaranteed. 

So in other words, just ‘go with the flow’ and surrender to your natural inclinations to feel happy, to feel at peace, to be loving – and soon, your life will change to reflect this change coming from within.

Our God is Supreme Creator of ALL THAT IS. And by extension, Creativity is the only way your Soul expresses itself. This year, now that you are very naturally, well on your way to perfect alignment with your God-Self, you will want to grow, expand and express your creativity, your unique contribution to New Earth in a big way. Some of you have already started. Those who haven’t, never worry, everything has been planned perfectly for you.

I, Archangel Ariel, am here to help open the ‘floodgates’ of your inner creative genius. Call upon me to help you release all unexplored areas of self-expression within yourself. I can assist you to broaden your way of thinking, expand your limits, and discover many of your hidden talents. It is time to unleash all your talents and display your Magnificence for all the world to see. And when you do this, without the energies of arrogance nor conceit, you give others the space, the courage and bravery to come out of their ‘shell’ and shine brightly as well!

Open yourselves up to all ideas, and always say ‘YES’ to everything that life offers you – only when your inner guidance is in perfect agreement! Your feelings are the inbuilt, powerful inner GPS; the barometer of your Truth that must always be used, to pave the path to your Graduation Party!

And I, Archangel Uriel, am always ready to happily assist all souls who call upon me. I will help to provide free-flowing channel of information and inspiration relevant to your individualized mission/role on New Earth. The next stepping stone, and the next, and the next will continue to be revealed, one by one, and because of this, you will feel so blissfully content; joyfully swimming in the river flow of your creations. 

ENERGY ORACLE CARDS – Sandra Anne Taylor

Today’s third card, the Cornucopia, is our gift to you. Father/Mother God, Creator of ALL THAT IS, has now bestowed upon you this horn-shaped, glowing basket of Light that is filled with all the things you have ever desired to have/experience on Planet Earth. The cornucopia is an ancient symbol of Abundant Harvest and Great Blessings. In the olden days, when someone receives a cornucopia, it is a sign that all their hard work is about to pay off in significant ways. 

We would like to invite all of you to now close your eyes, and imagine your Higher Self, and spirit team are standing around you. Father and Mother God are both stepping forward, to get closer to you. 

They smiled, and handed over this beautiful, glowing gift whilst at the same time saying,

“With this gift, We are now giving you all that which you have long desired. Your wishes, beloved children, are now fulfilled. Go and start creating all that your heart dearly desires to do, as this process is the key that opens the gates of: Unlimited Freedom. The freedom to be God; the freedom with your time to do as you wish; the financial freedom many of you have long been seeking for. You deserve this, loved ones. The hard part is already over, and it is time to celebrate! We are loving you beyond measure”. 

– All in the Company of HEAVEN – 

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019. 

If you re-post, please retain this channeled message in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.

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THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE (Part 4) ~ Sananda via Adele Arini, 7 Nov 2018.

Beloved friends,It is time for all of you to remember who you are. Remember from whence you came. Remember the reason why you are here, in a time line when Earth and most of her inhabitants are ascending. The process of remembering all of this will serve to help you plot a course to your destination. Not only that, it will also help you to become that which you so deeply desired – to achieve the state of complete oneness with your Divine Christ-Self; oneness with God. Your remembrances will lead you to a place of inner knowing and understanding.However, those of you who have been following our messages here regularly belong to a group of souls who have long walked past those 3 initial stages of awakening.In fact, most of you here already knew that you had long ago, arrived at the: ‘Becoming’ phase, and then continued on to the final leg of this ascension journey towards your ultimate goal. Towards the finish line where you can be your Higher Self 24/7, no matter what is going on around you.Today I am here to announce to everyone that it is way past time for all of you to finally graduate with flying colors! Recognize dear friends, that you are in fact no longer students – diligently studying, learning and absorbing all the know-hows under the guidance and tutelage of those you had collectively labeled as Ascended Masters, such as myself.It is time for all of you to look down, behind and around you. Truly open your eyes wide to see and face the truth. Through the law of synchronicity, most of you here(who are energetically aligned with the vibrations of this particular channeled message and thus are right now: reading/listening to this) have actually crossed the Finish Linewithout even consciously knowing that it has recently occurred!Congratulations beloved Masters! You have finally reached the Mountaintop, the Summit where your dream of complete union and integration with God/Higher Self has always been located.I know that there are some of you here shaking your heads, not fully believing this. You find it very challenging to believe that you have truly completed this integration process with Higher Self. If you find yourself belonging to this group, this is my message for you:”Your belief will act as the gateway, as the key that opens the door for your life to then truly take off from this point onward. Your disbelief, on the other hand, will: delay the manifestation of your goals, make your vibrations to remain so easily influenced by the people/the world around you, and, keep you from accessing the immense powers your Soul has. Knowing this, what will you choose to do now dear friends?”For the past 2 months, ever since her last channeled message on September 7th, Adele had been steadily guided to reach this deep realization, by all of us here in the higher dimensions who love her dearly. The breakthrough she experienced and shared with all of you in her last message by Father God, was actually her reaching the Summit, the Mountaintop, i.e. the destination she had been longing to go to, in many of her past lives. She and many of you here reading this now, have succeeded!To her consternation, she has recently realized that for the past 2 months after reaching her destination, all she had been doing was admiring the views. Enjoying the permeating bliss, love, joy and peace that can only be found at the Summit. And believe me when I say that this is actually an integral process of your Ascension journey. It is important that all of you recognize and acknowledge that deep within you, there are infinite amounts of courage, strength, endurance, perseverance and endless bravery that had successfully brought you here!We have a lot of admiration and respect for you, old souls. You have done what you had originally set out to do, by never giving up.

The ‘here’ is where most of you are now standing tall today. At the Summit where you now have the freedom: to be with God; to declare your magnificence and act as a powerful Light-Being who is always ‘One with God’, and not having to feel afraid that you are going to be persecuted by the world for it – which had been the ongoing theme for many of your past-life experiences before.Back then in those lifetimes, it was often considered blasphemous and dangerous for your physical safety, to believe that, or let alone act as if, the Divine is within you. If you had deviated a little, or a lot, off of the beaten path your religions or the ruling class wanted you to stay on, you would be punished for it. Almost every time you let your Divine Light to shine, many stopped you in your tracks.However, instead of giving up, you had all continued to incarnate here on Earth again and again; equipped only with sheer will and a powerful belief that one day, everything will change. One day, Earth will once again be the paradise she was first created to be. One day, you can display your Divinity, your Mastery and shine brightly with the light of our Creator, and not get in trouble for it!Well my friends, that day has now arrived. You are finally here to see and enjoy it.So please do not feel guilty for taking this much needed time out – all is well. There is no right or wrong here. Rest, and take as little or as much time as you need, to process, integrate and even admire the completed picture of the jigsaw puzzle, or the Master Plan, your Higher Self had created for you all when you first began your physical adventures here on Planet Earth.The path to get to where Adele is today, had been a long, winding road that was often difficult, exhausting, and sometimes even impossibly challenging in every way. And we are not talking about just her current lifetime, but also all of her past lifetimes combined. In order to play the role she is now currently playing, she needed to first play thousands of different roles and accumulate many soul growth lessons coming from those lifetimes. And that is also the truth for all of you, old souls, reading this today. The who you are today, is only possible because of THE SUM OF ALL whom you had been in the past.Once you are done admiring the views; when you are ready to move forward in your ascension journey, your next step is to take the time and look around where you are. Not far behind you, there is a majestic gate that will take you to the ‘Promised Land’.

For thousands of years, humanity had been addicted to too much drama. Various 3-D themes such as: fear, suffering, anger, violence, war, diseases, scarcity/lack/poverty, racial discrimination, greed, different class systems, power over others – you had played these ‘songs of sadness’ over and over again. Q1: Are you truly ready to let all of these go? A lot of people reading this will instantly say “Of course Sananda! YES! Without a doubt! Not sure why you have to ask us this question, again and again, over several different channeled messages. I have been ready quite awhile ago. Didn’t you get the memo?”I am here to tell you dear friends, there is a big gap between ‘saying that you are ready’ and ‘truly being ready’. Letting go of your ego & fear-oriented self, can be the hardest thing you have been asked to do. However, letting go, is the ONLY way you can successfully ascend to 5-D.The famous song below is very much Divinely-inspired; the lyrics perfectly described the Ascension journey of a Soul who is ready to walk past the gates of heaven, and finally embrace Mastery over Life.

You only need to observe your actions, daily habits, patterns of behaviors, your predominant thoughts/words/vibrations, to get to the bottom of your truth. I know every single one of you here reading/listening to this channeled message. I know your True Readiness Level. Humanity’s addiction to dramas are very much evident in your daily news. Perhaps you don’t even have to turn on your TV to see proof of this everywhere. Look carefully at the state of your life/work. There maybe people around you who can not stand living in peace. They often loved to create drama and tension, to ‘spice up’ their lives, or to bring more attention to themselves. A peaceful life is perhaps equivalent to a boring life to them.Are you one of them, loved one? Do you still indulge in behaviors such as: gossiping about others, complaining about anything (e.g. lack of money, the state of your health) and forgetting how powerful you are, consuming low-vibrational foods/drinks that are not aligned with who you truly are, indulging in addictions of all kinds (that distract you from moving forward), etc.This is definitely not about us being judgmental my friends. If you wish to continue to do all or some of the above, then by all means, do not let us stop you. Your free will is always respected here. We are simply questioning your dedication and commitment levels to your Ascension goals. If you have said that you are ready, then show it to us!We are once again, simply reminding you, that you must do your best to stay in constant and complete alignment with the frequencies of your Higher Self. Simply stay vigilant of your thoughts, words, feelings and actions – i.e. your vibrations.Your Higher Self always looks at this world and humanity with loving eyes full of compassion; always radiates LovePeace HarmonyJoy and Abundance. So if ever your thoughts/words/feelings/actions do not represent one of these 5 Divine Frequencies of God, then you know, you must be out of alignment. As soon as you realize that this is happening, take the time to rectify this immediately. This place of constant Discernment: deciding which is the Truth or, Illusion; deciding to react or not to react; deciding to change course or not to change course – is exactly the path where a Master walks upon. A Master is never reactiveto people or worldly events – she is always in control. A Master is always able to see the bigger picture in anything and not let anything affect his equilibrium/vibrations. A Master also knows how to use her powerful tools of Creation wisely and never wastes time in a thought, a word, a feeling, or an action, that does not reflect who she truly is. A master never conforms to the opinion/decision of the world and the people around him, unless he has discerned that it is for everyone’s Higher Good to do so.A Master has access to Higher, multidimensional information coming from the Divine – she has a bird’s eye view/perspective to all things that are happening around her, and will utilize such Wisdom for the greater good of all. A Master knows, beyond any doubt, that he is fully responsible for everything that occurs in his life. A Master walks confidently upon uncharted territory (that represents her 5-D life from now on – a path she has never before walked on Earth), and never falters nor feels afraid. The Master (just like in one of the photos displayed above), will simply open a map; activate the ‘GPS’ that is within her heart, to plot a course to where she wants to go!Q2: Are you ready, loved one, to reach this level of Mastery? This is in fact the last question your Higher Self will ask you, before you can walk past the gate. You consciously choosing to walk past the gate, and enter the higher dimensions, is tantamount to you making the following declaration to the Universe, and to all of us here in the higher realms who are always listening/observing.‘I AM DEFINITELY READY, to once again be the powerful Creator that I know I am. Bring it on!’ After making such a powerful declaration, the Universe will obey and respond to your thoughts, words, feelings and actions at a much greater speed from now on. You will soon find that your thoughts and words (both positive/negative) will be manifested in your physical reality faster; often seemingly at the speed of light, through the power of synchronicity.

And then what do you think will happen next (in this meditation exercise that we would highly recommend for you to do – only if you feel as though you have reached the Mountaintop/Summit), as soon as you walk past the pearly gates? Different people will have different reactions. Those of you who are sensitive to energy, will perhaps be able to feel a sudden, explosive energetic release from within yourself. You will be ‘flying high’. Some of you may even experience the often-talked-about spiritual phenomena of your kundalini spontaneously awakening. Others may report feeling intense joy, love, bliss, and complete freedom to finally be who you are. Some of you may even cry a river; releasing all built-up tension coming from the weight of experience, you old souls have, after living on 3-D Earth for eons.You may be wondering what is next, Sananda? Where should I go, after this? That is up to you dear friends. I would highly recommend for you to walk in the direction that gives you the most amount of JOY. If the thought of doing something, or not doing something gives you joy, then follow that guidance coming from your Higher Self.After walking past the gate, trust me when I say that you will find it even easier to hear the voice of your Higher Self. Your spiritual abilities will be returned at greater speed, and your intuition gets even more powerful. It is a time of massive changes within yourself and you fully embracing your Mastery may take some getting used to. It is time to acclimatize and flex your higher dimensional muscles; to test your abilities in amazing ways!Did Harry Potter and his gang of friends become powerful wizards/witches as soon as they entered Hogwarts? No, it took them several years of study before they were able to wield stronger magic like the ones done towards the series’ end. There is however one big, major difference between you and Harry Potter.Your magical powers, i.e. your creation and manifestation abilities has now been fully activated! You do not need to attend classes, over a period of many years, to learn how to wield your Higher-Dimensional Powers! Your Soul, a.k.a your Higher Self has access to all the information you will ever need. Stop living within the powerful illusions of linear time, and instead use your power to ‘connect/link’ your future with your NOW, so that your goals are manifested faster.All you have to do, is to havea very powerful intentionto always stay deeply connected with your Higher Self, ANDbelieve that you already are your Higher Self right here, right now.And not in some distant future. In other words, immediately BE your Higher Self and act like it!Ask your Higher Self to give you reminders, or nudges, whenever your vibration drops, so that the situation can be rectified immediately. All it takes is practice. After doing this continuously for at least 30 days, you will find that staying connected/aligned with Higher Self has become super easy to do! It now comes naturally. You are constantly being made aware of everything that is going on within and without, so can you adjust your frequencies accordingly, depending on what you are facing in life.When faced with life challenges that can still trigger you, perhaps coming from remnants of old, dense 3-D energies within yourself or from the people around you/the world: it is important that the very first thing you should do is to immediately connect with the Divine Spark located within the higher heart chakra – the gateway to your Higher Self.After having reconnected with your Higher Self, and successfully put yourself out of the fear, basic survival mode, you then need to ask yourself this very important question. ‘Acting as the all-powerful Higher Self that I know I AM, what should I do in this situation that I am currently facing?‘ The moment you ask yourself this question, it is as if you are ‘unplugging’ yourself from the 3-D matrix you have spent many lifetimes in, and then ‘repluggging’ into the higher dimensional, ultimate reality where your Divine, Higher Self resides. You have freed yourself from the dense matrix of Fear, and entered the arena (i.e. tackle the problem) with a completely different approach; with new set of eyes/new perspectives.You will now be able to look at the challenge and see it for what it is, minuscule and easy to solve, in the face of your Magnificent, God Self!

You will soon come to the ultimate realization, that not only have you become Master of the Matrix (just like Neo was), but you were/are also the Architect of this Matrix. You have constant access to the higher dimensional operating manual called the ‘Matrix Architecture’ and as such, you know all the ins and outs on how to beat the system. All the keys, the tricks/techniques, the know-hows on how to manipulate and wield the matrix system to bring about your desired results are readily available for instant downloads, at your convenience! And this is when the fun truly begins dear friends!I truly hope you are getting as excited as I am over this!You have been awakened earlier than most of humanity, so that you can then act as beacons of light, way-showers or, lighthouses in an awakening planet still filled with so many dramas. It is crucial for you to do your utmost over the next 2 months, and focus completely on your ascension goals; on achieving Mastery, so that you can get ready for a very important year coming up in 2019.Light-workers and all members of our Ground Crew, the time has come for all of you to step forward, shine your Light brightly and lead! Humanity will need you. Gaia will need you. And in case you still do not know the best way of being the fifth-dimensional leader the world so desperately needs, the answer is quite simple. You lead by example! You lead by displaying your Mastery over life.A Master does not have to say a word; he/she can simply walk into a room, exuding unconditional love, joy and peace, and every single person in that room will immediately begin to feel better after sharing the same time/space with the Master, even if it is just for a short period of time. And this is how powerful you are dear friends. The Rainbow Light Body belonging to that of a Master can radiate for miles in all directions – affecting, influencing, awakening, and raising the vibrations of many souls located in his/her energetic range of influence. You will soon have this ability to awaken and remind ALL of who they are, and what they are capable of, wherever you go.An ascended planet Earth, that is completely filled with Ascended Masters as its inhabitants, will be a planet of Unity, Peace & Harmony, Joy, Love and Abundance for all. This guaranteed future is not that far away my beloveds. It is so very close that you can almost see, touch, feel or smell it. Your hard-working efforts had truly paid off, and Earth and Humanity will successfully ascend (or, has successfully ascended from our Higher perspective). And it all starts with you, our Ambassadors of Light!Declare and claim your Mastery right here, right now. And then simply aligns with your naturally loving, powerful and all-knowing, wise Self who can always be found within.

In closing, I would like to address a growing concern among my caring and loving Light-workers present here today. There are some of you here who are becoming quite concerned that your growing ‘detachment’ over seemingly tragic events such as: natural disasters, or the occasional shootings reported in the news recently happening in the US, the death of people you know, or even loved ones through these catastrophes, is not how a Master should feel/be like. Let me reassure you, my love, that you feeling this way – detached from all the dramas – does notmean that you are turning into beings who are lacking compassion. On the contrary, the entire Human race is turning into a highly emphatic and telepathic race. You will be able to feel, sense and see much more than you have been able to do thus far. And as such, all of you will be able to feel what the other person is feeling instantly, in the near future. When you are able to deeply empathize with another person in this powerful way, you will then be moved to do your utmost to help this person, in a way that serves the higher good of everyone involved in that situation.These strong feelings of detachment actually represents your awakened 5-D Self who is observing all that is going on with the world, from within you. Because of that, you have begun to be able to see everything that is happening from the ‘Ultimate Truth’, Higher-dimensional perspective and NOT the ‘Illusionary, 3-D Matrix’ perspective.This is a powerful gift that should have given you plenty of reason to celebrate!This detachment will be able to give you the breathing space, and the time gap, to be able TO CHOOSE how to react, or, IF you should react to what is currently happening. And that is the very definition of Mastery.A Master does not react the same way the entire world is still strongly conditioned to react. A Master can easily, and masterfully choose to react with love instead of fear, with compassion instead of anger, with understanding instead of giving in to thoughts of revenge; always choosing peace of mind, body and soul.A Master is fully aware that what happened had happened because all the souls involved in that situation had chosen to work together and made it happen, for reasons known only to the Master and to those in the higher realms. One of the reasons can perhaps be: to trigger massive spiritual awakenings within the people closely affected from such tragedies. A Master has successfully released all attachments to 3-D dramas, i.e. have fully detached from all 3-D illusions, especially the illusions coming from the biggest drama humanity likes to engage in: the dramas associated with death of the physical body.Death is the ultimate illusion of all. The moment someone passes away, his/her spirit moves on and starts to journey back Home, towards the waiting arms of Father/Mother God. This moment of return to the Unity consciousness; into the warm embrace of Unconditional Love, is actually a very joyous occasion for the returning, often-tired spirit.

However, when faced with grieving family members, who are feeling deeply the loss of their loved ones, simply hold the space for them to heal dear ones. This is why you are here. To give comfort when and where comfort is needed. Send your healing light and love often, so that the grieving period does not become prolonged or debilitating. Guide them (only when asked for) so that they can soon see past their grief and realize that their loved ones had never fully left them. A part of their Soul always remains with Gaia; with their loved ones even after the death of their physical vessels.You are able to be this beacon of light, comfort, love and strength, by staying detached and not overwhelmed by the same grief. In other words, your detachment acts like a shield, like a barrier, protecting you from sinking under the depths of the many powerful 3-D illusions out there – giving you the opportunity to be a powerful agent of Love & Light instead.Never fear the opinion of others, beloved Masters! It is now time for all of you to stand tall in your Mastery; fully embracing your powerful, multi-dimensional Selves and shine your Light brightly. Just like the powerful lighthouses, guiding the ships at sea (the still sleeping/newly-awakened souls) back to land (i.e. home to God and their Higher Selves), along the rocky shores (the many challenges ascension brings to this planet).Believe in the power of your Light and never again fear the dark. The dark must retreat wherever you are shining your Light so brightly. And that is the ultimate truth that many of you, old souls, have forgotten. Fear not! The Kingdom of God is NOW here on Earth, and blessed be all who are in it.Sending you all much love & joy,Your brother in Light, Sananda.Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.

Planet Earth’s frequency of Light as of today is the highest it has ever been, ever since the fall of Atlantis.

ACCESSING YOUR FIFTH DIMENSIONAL SELF ~ Father God via Adele Arini, 7 September 2018.

My beloved children,
It has been a few months ever since Adele channeled her last message from me and rapid personal growth have transpired for a lot of people during this short time. As a group, especially all of you who have been closely following our higher dimensional discourses here, you are now ready to move forward in greater understanding.
The time has come for you to embrace more of who you are. It is NOW time for you to shine so brightly with the Divine Power of your Soul. The aspect of your inner Self, that is the God/Goddess part of you, is ready to be born.
In fact, for some of you reading this, you have recently experienced this amazing ‘breakthrough‘ – by intensely feeling so: liberated out of the Self-imposed 3-D prison most of you here had chosen to live in for eons and completely, unconditionally, FREE! Adele felt so much joy beyond description and cried many happy tears when it recently happened to her. And your experience may be different but in essence the same. For freedom is the natural birthright of any Divine Light Being.
For some of you, this breakthrough might have occurred during a recent meditation, or during quiet nature walks when you were walking around as One with your Higher Self. For those of you who are not quite sure what I meant by this breakthrough, please be patient with your awakening process. All of you are at different phases of spiritual awakening, and how fast you get to the finish line truly depends on the individual life-scripts you had written for yourself before entering physicality. When this breakthrough occurs, you will not need to question whether this is it. You will instinctively know ‘THE’ moment it happens, without a doubt.
For a very long time, you have chosen to ‘suppress yourself’, ‘dim your light’ and ‘give your power to others’ in many earth-based Games of Life you had created for yourself. (If you are new to our messages here, and don’t quite understand what I meant by ‘Games of Life’, please refer to Mother God’s previous channeled message through Adele. The messages here are meant to be read in order, from oldest to newest, for better understanding).
All of you here have been awakened from your deep spiritual slumber, and you are now in the process of stretching out your wings; getting ready to fly! And it is as if all of you are saying the following words with your Soul Power: ‘Enough of these 3-D games. I will no longer tolerate any restriction coming from myself or others, as it is now time for me to return to once again being the Unlimited, Powerful Self I have remembered myself to be. All 3-D illusions, be gone!”
Your Divine, Sovereign Self has finally been ‘brought out’ to the open, much like a caterpillar undergoing an intense metamorphosis process, to transform into a magnificent butterfly. And once the process is complete, there is no turning back!
It is time for your Holy Christ-Self/God-Self to come out and play; to have fun, to be LOVE, and to be JOY in every moment.
Mother God, in her last message through Adele, had written: ” Follow your Joy – should be your Slogan, your ‘Modus Operandi’, or your ‘Life-Formula’ from this moment onward” and NOTHING is TRUER than this Truth!
In fact, feeling/being LOVE and feeling/being JOY, are two aspects of the FINAL KEY you need,to access your Fifth-Dimensional Self.
Imagine Love & Joy to be two faces of the same coin; the same KEY. One cannot exist without the other, and you will need to permanently be both in order to access your powerful, unlimited, multidimensional Self.
Today I am joyfully giving this key unto you my beloved children, because you are FINALLY ready for it. You wouldn’t feel drawn to read/listen to this channeled message otherwise. For Love & Joy are the two highest-vibrational, and most natural states of your higher aspect of Self that cannot be faked. You are either loving/joyful, or you are not. There is no middle ground.
Let us now do another amazing visualization exercise together (similar to the one we did in my older channeled message ‘The Art of Letting Go’ written through Adele).
Take several deep breaths to calm and still your mind. When you are ready, visualize that I am now truly standing in front of you offering this amazing golden key that glows with pink love-light. Next, you are happily accepting this key and holding it in your hand. Imagine this key now merging into your hand, to then fully integrate with your physical body; your entire being. The last step is for you to breathe deeply and sit quietly for another minute or two. Use all of your senses to feel the powerful after-affects coming from this energetic merge.

The purest, highest Divine vibrations of LOVE and JOY have just been activated within you, and you are finally ready to ‘wield’ your Higher Dimensional powers.
And just like Harry Potter was able to access his inner Magic/Powers (channeled through his wand) to manifest anything he wished for in his reality, you can do the same! Why do you think Magic is such a popular genre in your books and movies throughout the ages? Subconsciously most of humanity realize that Magic truly exists and that you don’t have to look very far; all you need to do is look within yourself and find the keys to access this Magical, Divine, aspect of your Self.
You are all much more powerful than you appear to be!
Just like your favorite wizard, you are now ready to access your inner Magic/Divine Powers, that will be channeled through your physical body – the vessel of your Spirit. Isn’t this exciting my children? Earth will once again be the wonderful playground it is always meant/was created to be; used to exercise your natural, Divine powers of Creation and Manifestation!
The set of 2 keys that you need to access this part of Self have been fully revealed here and given unto you my beloved children. There are truly no limits to what you can create and manifest in your physical reality. And the sooner you believe in this ultimate Truth, the sooner you can also be a walking, talking, breathing modern Ascended Master/Avatar the likes of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses and many other famous men/women who had successfully ascended during their physical incarnations on Planet Earth.
The more often you take the time to ‘practice and play’ with your Soul powers, the more you are able to easily create and manifest even more loving and joyful circumstances into your NOW moment!
Let us take the analogy of a young man who is currently a beginner-level driver. This young man just received his brand-new driver’s licence, and doesn’t have much experience driving on the road by himself. Usually his driving instructor, or his parents were always by his side when he was still learning the ropes. Now that he had successfully passed the driving test, he needs to be comfortable and confident about driving by himself. And the only way to achieve this goal, is for him to be out on the road, as much as possible!
Practice truly makes perfect. Understanding the technical know-how, comprehending the best practices and memorizing road rules/regulations can only do so much. What this young man needs next is experiential knowledge, for him to grow confident with his driving skills. You have to deeply realize that there is a massive, big gap between practical/experiential knowledge and theoretical knowledge for everything that you are new to doing/being.
And just like this young driver, now that you know, understand, and (hopefully) believe that you have: received the 2 keys and fully integrated with your Higher Self in every way; the next step is quite simple! You need to start ‘flexing your newborn, Higher-dimensional muscles’ and start creating/manifesting!
Don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance as we are eager to help you get started on the next part of your journey, where magic is real and miracles abound.
In my older channeled message mentioned above, I had revealed the 3 magical statements you should be saying often to: at first, activate your previously-sleeping God-DNA and then later, to daily affirm your intention to align with the goal of complete embodiment of Higher Self. Most of you here have been saying those affirmations regularly, and they have been working to change you in wonderful, amazing ways!
Those 3 affirmations are the First Key to align your Mental Body (i.e. your Mind) with your Divine Self. What you think often, what you say out loud regularly, will over time become the basis/foundation of your new set of beliefs. Your ‘new’ fifth dimensional beliefs, to be exact.
Feeling/being joyous and loving, is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, that completes the whole picture. It is the Second & last Key needed to align your Emotional Body with your Divine Self. And in case anyone is wondering, ‘what picture?’, it is simply the beautiful, amazing image of your powerful, Multidimensional, God/Goddess Self.
The main picture Adele had used to represent this particular channeled message was selected carefully to give you all a sense of how powerful you are, and how ready you are now, to wield Divine Light Energy! It is truly a wonderful sample of the above-mentioned jigsaw puzzle, representing your 5-D, newborn Self, that the world can now see, after the real You have finally come out to the open.
You are NOW ready to fly to greater heights; soaring FREE from all third-dimensional limitations to reach infinite potentials.
What is it exactly about the energies of these past few days, that makes many of you here finally ready to receive the Second Key?
All of you here have successfully completed a period of extreme cleansing phase during the July-August Crucible Astrology. You had gone through a period of intense planetary retrogrades, powerful lunar cycles, Lions Gate portal opening peaking on the 8th of August; all of these celestial events had served to assist you to permanently eliminate most of your ‘excess baggage’. The entire Human Collective had undergone a massive purging of all that are no longer serving your Highest Good. This purge was happening on both the micro (individual) and macro (collective) levels. And it has been a massive success!
Many of you here are now feeling much Light-er than you have ever been before. You have shed a lot of burdens, toxicity, or heaviness coming from your past experiences, 3-D conditioning and belief systems – and are now ready to leave them all behind you.
Let us compare your Ascension journey, with another, similar goal some people have of one day climbing and finally reaching the summit of Mount Everest – one of the two tallest mountains on your planet. For both of these goals, you will have more chances of succeeding by being thoroughly prepared, and by carrying only what you will actually need for the arduous journey up the mountain path.

The wise climber, one who is determined to reach his destination safely, successfully and at his own pace, will know NOT to carry any ‘excess baggage’ that will later on prove to be a major hindrance for his uphill journey. This is only if the climber is actually serious about succeeding and about not giving up halfway.
And for those of you who are feeling tired, exhausted and perhaps even ready to give up, let me assure you my children. Once you reach the mountaintop, the views are very much worth the climb, effort, exertion, sweat or even tears you experienced on your journey to get there! And the major difference between your Ascension journey and the climb to the Summit of Mt Everest is, once you get to the Mountaintop, i.e. once you have successfully ascended, you will never need to walk back down the mountain path! You will be staying up there forever; for as long as you wish to stay!
For the Light has won! And it is here to stay.
Not that victory was ever in doubt since it was always guaranteed. I am simply reassuring you my children, that 5-D Earth has now become an absolute certainty. All available, probable future timelines for Humanity that we can view today from our Higher Perspective, are leading to the definite, physical manifestation of the Golden Age for Gaia, your Earth Mother and for the entire Human Collective.
Planet Earth’s frequency of Light as of today is the highest it has ever been, ever since the fall of Atlantis. And it is only going to keep on rising, very much well beyond the height of your planet’s last Golden Age during the time of Atlantis. As we, your Father/Mother God have long ago decreed that the entire ‘Duality/Polarity’ experiment on Planet Earth will come to its natural conclusion in the year of 2012.
And in this Year Six of New Earth, it is now time for Gaia and all of you, to return to your Multidimensional, Galactic Selves. It is now time for all of you to return to the Truth, to the magnificent Light of Thy Self, and to my warm embrace.
Welcome HOME my beloved.

Those of you who have been walking through life desperately missing Home; who have been feeling like they didn’t belong here; please believe me when I say that this feeling will soon go away very naturally. Every day, as Earth’s vibrations continue to rise, being here will feel more and more like being Home, and you will be once again (on a day not too far in the future) be living in a pristine Paradise – the Garden of Eden I had long ago created for you, right here on this very planet.
The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is NOW here, and it is time for you to start rolling up your sleeves and have fun by creating your own version/vision of Heaven right here, right now. For this is the main purpose of your being physically incarnate here: to assist and participate in the creation/manifestation of 5-D Earth!
As one of the main energetic nexus points of this Universe, wherever Earth goes, your solar system, galaxy, and most parts of this Universe will eventually follow. And this is why Gaia and her inhabitants are receiving massive amounts of assistance coming from many higher dimensional beings from different civilizations across the Universe. It is very important for Gaia and the Human Collective to ascend, as your success or failure, will have massive repercussions that will impact ALL.
And when humanity’s evolutionary level as a whole has reached the higher levels of 5-D or above, you will also one day be asked to assist other civilization(s) undergoing the same Ascension process. What you are learning/have learned here as a species, have all been recorded in the Universal Library of Knowledge, to be used as Operating Manual/Textbook on the subject of: ‘How to successfully prepare, create and manifest Ascension for a planet and all its inhabitants‘.
It is the very first textbook of its kind ever created! The entire Universe is avidly watching you; watching the entire process/play wonderfully unfolding now – just as you would when watching your favorite TV show/sports games. All of you incarnated Souls who have chosen to be here on planet Earth to assist with this massive collaborative process, are the very famous, legendary trailblazers. You are known throughout the Multiverse as a race of beings who have done what most thought was impossible to do! Your courage, bravery, tenacity have successfully brought about the near-completion of Project: Planetary-wide Ascension. And your success will be the foundation for many similar dramas/plays about to be created; about to unfold in many other planets across this particular Universe.
Sit still for a minute, breathe deeply and tune in to our presence. Feel the applause, the standing ovation and heartfelt gratitude given by all of us here in the Higher Realms in acknowledgement for all of your hard work to get to where you are today. We are deeply humbled by the magnificence of the Human Spirit, and in awe for all that you are.

Now, the hard part is well and truly over, for those of you here who have been awakened for quite awhile; who have, or almost, completed your Inner cleaning/cleansing phase. The climbing part of the journey is over! All paths, all routes that are now available for you to take, to get you on that mountaintop have become easier. If rock climbing, mountain hiking/climbing is one of your favorite pastimes, think of the grade of your climb has gone from Grade 6 (most challenging), to Grade 1 (the easiest). This is truly the time for more JOY to come into your life, during this remaining, final lap of your Ascension process.
During this final leg of your journey there, you can take your time to chat & have fun with the people accompanying you on this same path; you can take the time to smell the flowers, talk to the birds and the trees; enjoy the breeze, the mountain views and the fresher air. And when you do this, joy will slip into every aspect of your wondrous life, so naturally; seemingly without effort. Being here on Earth will no longer feel like a heavy burden, a duty, a task that most of you have been feeling, deep within. Life here will begin to feel so magical; something for you to genuinely feel grateful and honored about – for the opportunity that has been given for you, to witness the unfolding Planetary-wide Ascension Miracle from your front seat!
My beloved, take both of the hands I am reaching out to you right now and come with Me. I will be there every step of the way during this final leg of your Ascension journey. Along with Mother God, and all members of your hardworking spirit teams.
Call upon Archangel Sandalphon to help infuse your daily life with so much joy, so much fun and with plenty of beautiful music, so that you can skip, dance, walk or jog the rest of the way in exultation.
Call upon Lord Merlin to help you access your Inner Divine Magic.
Call upon Lord Sananda to show or remind you on how to be Unconditionally Loving no matter what.
All of us stand ready to assist, and nothing is impossible! You are Unlimited in every way, and it is time for you to bridge the gap between ‘knowing and understanding’ this, and ‘becoming and embodying’ the Greatness, Glorious Nature that is your True Self!
Beloved Ascended Masters that you, once again, have now returned to be: your Light, your Power, your Beauty and your Magnificence is a wonderful, grand sight to behold.
The Nova Gaia – peaceful, happy, abundant New Earth you have been praying for is NOW HERE, and blessed be all who are in it!
Much love for you all, eternally,
Your Father God.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
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A message from Lord Merlin:

The key is to stay constantly in tune with your Higher Self and with your physical body.

BREATHE DEEPLY & EASY DOES IT ~ Mother God via Adele Arini, 3 Aug 2018.

My beloved children,
I am your Divine Mother. It is now time for me to play a part and contribute to the wonderful higher-dimensional discourses we have provided here for all of you.
The outpourings of massive waves of energy in recent times (especially in the past 2 weeks), have caused many of you to go through many intense challenges, on all aspects of your Self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It was like nothing you have ever experienced before, in any of your previous lifetimes here on planet Earth.
For those of you here who are newcomers to spiritual news, or, if you haven’t read a recent important message from Archangel Metatron, please take the time to do so after this, so you can better prepare yourself for what is now happening/going to happen in the second half of 2018 (links are provided below).
Let us use Adele’s recent, personal experiences as an example here. For the past 2 weeks, she had been having problems focusing/concentrating, as well as feeling so exhausted/sleepy most of the time. Quite often she experienced forgetfulness, nausea, headache, blurry vision and high pressure on her head/crown chakra. She has also very slightly reverted to a few old 3-D habits (e.g. back to consuming caffeinated beverages), in order to effectively deal with these challenging physical symptoms.
Some days she could drink 3-4 liters of water, whilst on other days she didn’t feel like drinking much. Some days she slept more than 8 hours; other days she could only sleep a little. All is going very well for her because most of the time, she has been ‘listening and talking’ to her physical body, in her efforts to give it the tender loving care it deserves. In recent years, Adele’s emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Self have been changed/upgraded to a higher-dimensional operating system. The physical aspect of her Self, is now simply playing catch-up.
In these tumultuous times you are all undergoing right now, the key is to stay constantly in tune with your Higher Self and with your physical body. Open communication is crucial for you to: always stay balanced and not feel overwhelmed. Listen and talk to your body; talk to your heart, as it will always give you the right guidance that resonates with you the most – to immediately correct any imbalance you may be experiencing at any moment.
Your physical body, as vessel/instrument of your Spirit, is the densest, most low-vibrational aspect of your incarnated Self. It is always meant to be the last one to change. Your physical bodies are changing from carbon-based to crystalline-based, and the physical, emotional, mental challenges coming from this transition should never be underestimated.
Depending on where you are on your spiritual awakening journey, your symptoms may be quite different to Adele’s. Some people had reported feeling so depressed, anxious, lethargic or, being in a spiral of negativity with no end in sight. Some of you felt like you had regressed and returned back to ‘the dark night of the soul’ phase all over again. A process that you thought was over and done with a long time ago.
Please remember my children that there is always a Higher, important reason for everything. All the things that humans label as ‘negative’ in your lives and in the world, are in fact always positive when looked through our eyes. There can never be a bad experience. You all have often experienced this for yourself. After Time has passed, what you used to think was a bad life experience turned out to be a good experience overall: to help you be happier, grow more abundant, and evolve/mature as a person.
The ‘negatives’ are always temporary, and they transform to ‘positives’ when observed from the bird’s eye view of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self operates only from the following True concept of Time: “ALL are happening in the great moment of NOW”. Past and future do not exist.
Time is a powerful illusion that is the true culprit and root cause of all fears. Time is the very foundation and fabric of all third-dimensional experiences. Without time, equally powerful illusions of: Fear, Lack and Separation will cease to exist, from all aspects of the Human experience.
A recently channeled Heavenletters: ‘Time and Fear Are Partners‘ are so highly accurate and appropriately titled. Without the concept of time binding you, fear will NOT be able to exist in your reality, as the two always go hand-in hand.
Without fear, absolutely everyone will be living in the NOW moment; constantly tackling/solving challenges only as they occur. All will come to realize that life is eternal, never-ending. There is always enough time for everything that you wish to: do, be, have and experience – Time Without End; endlessly stretching into infinity.
We in the higher dimensions have repeatedly stated that Mother Earth and the ascending Human Collective are currently undergoing a highly intense, super-deep cleansing that will eventually result in the permanent release of everything that no longer serves you.
This ‘everything’ includes: all current AND past-life traumas, all uncleared karma, all 3-D beliefs and conditioning based in the Fear, Scarcity/Lack and Separation paradigm – coming from eons of experience incarnating in the lower dimensions. Fears coming from the powerful illusion of Time are also something humanity is purging right now.
The birth of both: New Earth and your higher, fifth dimensional selves can only occur after everything lower-vibrational is completely released from Gaia’s planetary body AND from your own four bodies (energy/light-body, mental, emotional and physical bodies).
And for those of you who have been spiritually awakened for quite awhile, in addition to your own personal Ascension process/symptoms, you have also agreed (pre-birth, on a Higher level) to help shoulder some of the burden coming from Mother Earth, and the entire Human Collective.
This means that some, or most, of the negativity you are/were experiencing can also be coming from the release of eons-old darkness/negativity coming off: of the surface of the planet (being released by Mother Earth), and/or, of the collective psyche of humanity. Some of you here are constantly doing your best to fulfill one of your Higher promises: to play an important part in planetary healing activities by transmuting this arising, cumulative, planetary-wide negativity into Higher Light frequencies.
You are always either: consciously or, subconsciously doing these planetary healing activities at the perfect Divine Timing that your Higher Self knows and will always guide you to do.
Most of humanity are still so deeply entrenched in the 3-D ‘victim mentality’ Matrix . You still think that your body/thoughts/emotions are your Master, instead of the other way around. Your Spirit, i.e. Higher Self, is THE Master of your physical, emotional and mental bodies. And since you and your Higher Self are ONE, by extension, this means that you are the Master of ALL aspects of your Self.
In practical terms, this means that whatever pain, whatever symptoms you are maybe experiencing, these symptoms are there because you have chosen to have them there. For reasons such as: to fulfill your individual Higher Purpose, and, to serve the Higher Purpose of ALL THAT IS.
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. (Kahlil Gibran)
The physical Universe is one gigantic smorgasbord that contains different time lines, different dimensions/realities, different planets/galaxies/civilizations giving all souls infinite options to choose from the massive menu. You are always given a free hand, i.e. complete authority to decide for yourself: where to play, what role to play, when to play and how to play, whenever you feel like ‘going out’ for another adventure to physicality.
For this particular lifetime, your Higher Self had chosen to experience the highly-exhausting process of transforming all aspects of Self from 3-D to 5-D, whilst at the same time, also play an important role in the creation and manifestation of 5-D Earth.
You could have easily chosen to enter physicality at a time when 5-D Earth has well and truly been established. Choosing to be born straight into a future, 5-D Earth will mean that life is so much easier, and the massive Ascension challenges that most of you are currently experiencing, are just a distant memory to the entire human race. Something that happened in your Collective Past, that you can read more about in your historical books.
But no, you had all decided that is not for you; at least not this time around. You were all quite firm and resolute in your intentions; wanting to play the biggest, most challenging ‘game-of-life’ ever invented, for the purpose of your individual Soul growth.
Let me now use the analogy of playing a computer game to illustrate my point. Many of your online/computer games were created with different levels, containing different challenges and/or enemies. When you have only just started to play and learn a particular game, you are automatically at the ‘beginner’ level. However, as your knowledge, skills and experience start to build up, you are able to tackle more complex challenges. Your selected game-character’s courage and bravery will often be tested (in the form of opponents/challenging circumstances appearing) so that you can have the experience of being ‘successful’ over one level, to then graduate to the next level, and the next and the next.
Do you see how your computer games mimic our True, Infinite, Eternal Reality?
The only difference between your video games and our ‘Games of Life in Physicality’ is: with the latter, there is no end in sight. As you keep ascending to the next Soul growth/evolutionary level, one day you will eventually reach the top level of the higher-dimensional ladder. By then you will have become an expert at playing these life-games.
In other words, once humanity as a whole has reached 5-D, the next evolutionary leap forward will be 6-D, and then 7, 8 and so on, until the Human Race reaches the highest dimension of existence in this physical Universe. Just one step away from transitioning back to Spirit and ‘returning to Heaven’. And then what happens when ‘you’ve done it all’? What happens when you, as a Soul, have experienced all the dimensions and become victorious over them all?
Quite simple, my children. You can choose to serve in the Higher Realms, in whatever Council projects that take your fancy. However, whenever you feel like re-entering the physical realm/universe, you will simply keep raising the bar; making your next game-of-life even tougher to beat. The complexity of that life you will undoubtedly choose for yourself and the amount of challenges you will have to overcome, become even more ‘interesting’ and can often feel completely impossible to beat – if seen from the perspectives of younger, less-experienced Souls.
Your Soul however will have grown so confident by then, so much so that nothing can stand in your way as you joyfully continue to test your Creator-like powers through the infinite, varied, amazing life-scripts that you just keep writing for yourself.
TRIQUETRA: Symbol of Eternal Spiritual Life
By now some of you are perhaps wondering ‘what is the point of helping all of you understand the advanced spiritual concept of Eternal Life’ as thoroughly explained above?
All of you are fearless, daring, super-brave and courageous souls who have chosen to come to Earth and participate in this Grand Project; partly because of your pure desire to be of Loving service to the Light, and partly for your individual, spiritual evolution purposes.
There is no right and wrong. There is never any judgment coming from Me, Father God, or anyone in the Higher Realms. Judgment is never necessary, because ultimately, ALL is Love, and all belong to the ‘Team of Light’. Duality is a concept that exists solely in the lower dimensions.
In this lifetime, and all other lifetimes, you can never fail to reach your destination, whatever or wherever that is, which you have decided for yourself.
Even if it looks as though you have ‘seemingly’ failed something, you have Eternity at your disposal, to do it over, and over again, until you become satisfied with the outcome. All is always well, and there is no rush to go anywhere. You are exactly where you, are meant and have planned to be.
This means my beloveds, the fundamental reason for your being on planet is simply to experience physical life to the fullest. Your Higher Selves, your Spirit Teams and I/Father God, have zero expectations on what your life should be like. Yes, you/your Higher Self had created a blueprint/plan for your life, however, whether or not you follow this to the letter, or if you choose not to follow it at all, are entirely up to you.
Our deepest desire is for all of you to be happy wherever you are at the moment; to experience and have more joy in your days. ‘Follow your Joy’ should be your Slogan, your ‘Modus Operandi’, or your ‘Life-Formula’ from this moment onward.
Free yourself from all self-imposed expectations on what your Ascension process ‘should be like’. Let go of all time-related fears that can put unnecessary pressures on what should, first and foremost, be a joyful ‘graduation time’ for the ascending human collective. Have fun with the process. Fully embrace the awakening of your multi-dimensional Selves and learn to be patient with the highly complex 3-D/5-D integration process, within and without.
Show each other loving compassion and an infinite amount of patience; knowing that you are all truly ‘in this together’. Stop isolating yourself. You can better surf through the enormous influxes of the coming cosmic Ascension waves, and the formidable challenges they bring, by: staying in groups.
Finding like-minded souls and surrounding yourself with them, should be one of your highest priorities right now, to gain the necessary support and boost you will need, so that you can get to your goal/final destinations the ‘easier way’; with greater calm and confidence. And as you continue to bond with the people in your own groups, you will find that they can be your ‘lifeline’, or your ‘saving grace’ during the times when/if you were to temporarily ‘fall in the water’ whilst surfing through these intense waves that will bring about the much needed changes throughout the next 20 years.
You can all ‘surf better’ by staying highly in tune to the Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit Aspects of yourself, and honoring your needs at every moment – occasionally even above your loved ones’ needs. Please remember that you will have more to give your loved ones, after you are fully rested; when all aspects of your Self are in perfect balance/equilibrium and when your physical/energetic batteries are completely recharged. A routine self-care regime should be regularly followed, as this act of Self-Love should be the Highest gift you are giving yourselves, to help with the transitional challenges coming your way.
Whenever you are suffering, please learn to let your pain/Ascension symptoms be your greatest teacher and friend in this journey you have chosen to embark on. Be in the state of gratitude whenever pain/exhaustion hits; knowing that everything is happening perfectly, as planned, and trusting that it is always for your long-term Higher Good.
“Pain (any pain – emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) has a message. The information it has about our life can be remarkably specific, but it usually falls into one of these two categories: ‘We would feel more alive if we did more of this’, and, ‘Life would be more lovely if we did less of that’. Once we get the pain’s message, and follow its advice, the pain goes away.”
– Peter McWilliams –
The following YouTube video can help those of you who are currently going through a tough time adjusting. If the following video resonates with you, then please watch it as much as you like. For some of you watching it once is enough, but others may benefit from watching it several times especially over the coming months.
There are a lot of activities that we would highly recommend for you to do, to help ease the stress and growing pains related to Ascension:
1) Eat high-vibrational food and drink nutritious beverages only. Keep your physical bodies hydrated and well-rested at all times.
2) Surround your home with Crystalline Energy, coming from actual crystals placed all around your home, and/or by connecting with the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas and Brazil (please read AA Metatron’s channeled message for more information).
3) Walk barefooted whilst communing with Nature and do grounding exercises often.
4) Meditate a minimum once a day; consider this a sacred time to help you be more receptive to your inner guidance, coming from the loving voice of your Higher Self.
5) Think positive thoughts and say only positive words to both yourself and others.
6) Whenever you feel extra-sensitive and extra vulnerable, please remember to surround yourself only with gentle, sensitive people. Avoid being around crowds as their combined vibrations can be too challenging to deal with, when you are least able to handle it.
7) Only do activities that bring you peace, joy and love. If your current activity/focus is not giving you any one of the above three feelings, then please change it immediately.
8) Listen to soothing, relaxing, meditation music often. Have showers/baths more often, as water is a very calming element (cleansing within and without).
9) Whenever you are experiencing a specific physical symptom, don’t forget to first check in with your inner guidance. Your feelings can help you decide if the condition is something that needs to be addressed immediately by a medical professional or, whether it is a temporary Ascension-related side effects.
10) Whenever you are feeling lost, anxious, depressed, or feeling as though you are walking this journey alone, please always reach out to Me, to your spirit team, or to any Ascended Master you have a close connection to, for advice, guidance and assistance.
We will always answer your call for help and stand ready to assist, in a way that empowers and supports your own Divine Higher Will for this incarnation.
Feel our loving support surrounding you right now and always.
With all my love,
Mother God.
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.



Greetings my brothers and sisters,
Today Adele is at last ready in every way to channel my rather-long, third message in the ‘Truth will set you free’ higher dimensional teaching series we all have planned to create together, in this exact NOW moment. Most of the time, something needs to first ‘happen’ in Adele’s personal/work life to then trigger the next channeled message.
Prior to writing all of her messages, she needs to first experience/do something/meet some people, for the contents of our next message to then flow through her, authentically. The writing process can never be forced for it all needs to happen at the perfect Divine Timing when both she andthe world are finally ready for it. So thank you all for your infinite patience and support.
Everything that we have advised you to do in our messages, or, every single higher dimensional guidance we have given you throughout our older messages, Adele had: chosen to do, gone through and personally experienced them herself. She needs to be able to write these channeled messages from the perspective of someone who writes from experiential knowledge. She had gone through so much in life for her relatively young age, all of which were planned pre-birth, so that she can now serve the Light as a channel of higher wisdom. Authentic wisdom that needs to feel, or ‘ring’ true to you all.
All of you and Adele and I are truly ONE.That means if you happen to be reading/listening to any one of the channeled messages Adele had been writing on our behalf, you or more accurately, your Higher Self, had definitely contributed to the writing process. And that is the reason why you were attracted to these messages.
Your Higher Selves had invited all of you to come here to this website and read your ownchanneled messages, as a reminder, or a wake-up call, so that you can begin the process of remembering everything that you had voluntarily chosen to forget, when you first entered physicality on 3-D Earth.
In other words, these channeled messages were all written by you and for you, so that you can come here & read them, at the perfect Divine Timing that you have decided for yourself.
And as promised at the end of my last message, today I will be sharing with you all the higher dimensional wisdom behind ‘healing’, or, ‘curing’ your bodies of all illnesses, diseases, ailments and/or any physical/mental/emotional/spiritual disability that you, or your loved ones, may have.
Today’s channeled message is perhaps one of the most important messages the Human Collective needs to know right now, so if you happen to know someone in your life who can truly benefit from reading this ‘timely reminder’, please do not hesitate to share this message with them.
The content of my message today is very intricately and inextricably intertwined with Father God’s most recent message through Adele, titled ‘The Art of Healing Your Life‘. So if you haven’t read that channeled message, please stop reading here, and move on to that message first.
Each older message we had written actually paved the way to greater spiritual/higher understanding on any particular issue being discussed, so if you are new to our messages here, it is highly recommended that you read everything in order; ideally from the very beginning.
It is truly time, my beloved friends, for ALL OF YOU to enjoy perfectly healthy bodies that you truly deserve to have, no matter your age. Anything is possible. There are no limits to what you can create and manifest in your physical reality right now, except for the limits that YOU have set for yourself.
German writer and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen”.
In other words, you and ONLY you alone, have the power to change your own health. If you are currently experiencing major health challenges, the time is now for you to realize that a perfect healthy body can be yours to have, ONLY IFyou are willing to do the work to make it happen!
You also have the power to change the way your bodies look. You/your Higher Self are the MASTER of your physical bodies, and NOT the other way around. You can choose to have immortal bodies. No matter your current age, you truly have the freedom to look however old, or however young you want to look. You can feel and truly look younger again.
In other words, say if your definition of an ideal physical appearance is that of a 30-yr old, someone who is not too young and not too old, then you have it within you to: stop and reverse your internal/external ageing process. You canreturn to how you used to feel/look like as a 30-yr old.
Some of you here had perhaps seen photos of men and women who look a lot younger than their true ages. I am quite sure when you first saw them, you would be wondering if those images were photoshopped, or, if they knew highly-skilled plastic surgeons and had gone under their knives, to be able to have the youthful, wrinkle-free visage they are currently enjoying. Alternatively, they may actually be lying about their true age.
Usually, 99% of the time, you would be correct in making those assumptions. However, there is currently a growing minority of men and women living out there right now, who are truly defying the convention. They truly believe that their physical bodies are sacred vessels of their Spirit, and thus have looked after it with much tender loving care. They intuitively follow the inner guidance their bodies are telling them to do, in order to stay in peak condition. These people are: constantly ‘listening’ to physical signals coming from their bodies, and, 100% committed to follow the guidance their bodies are continuously giving them in every moment.
This can be as simple as, say if someone is feeling slightly dehydrated. A wise person will take steps to immediately rectify this minor imbalance before it becomes an issue, or, before it affects them to a greater degree. A more complex example will be, say if you have recently undergone trauma/hardship of any kind in your personal/work life.
You need to do whatever it takes, to bring your life back to perfect equilibrium again, by not running away from the feelings/emotions associated with this trauma. You need to deal with it immediately, (instead of wallowing in fear/anger/sadness/self-pity), so that this trauma will hold no power to keep: you chained, or, the plane that is your life from continuously flying in ‘the lower altitudes’ (see my previous message: Part 2, to understand what this means).
All chronic illnesses, ailments or diseases are usually the result of prolonged negativity/internal stress/mindsets that need to be addressed and permanently released, before they become a problem/before they manifest into your physical reality.
The only exceptions to the above, are health challenges/physical disabilities that your Higher Selves have specifically chosen to experience in this lifetime, for the purpose of your and your loved ones’ Soul Growth. Sometimes your health challenges can also be caused by past lives’ traumas that may still be deeply embedded in your physical body’s cell memories; awaiting the perfect timing for them to be be raised to the surface to then be permanently cleared from your energetic body.
Below are a couple of examples used to illustrate how powerful beliefs, coming from past conditioning, observations and/or life experience, can take you down the path in life where (presumably) you do not wish to go:
1) The women in your family (grandmother, mother, aunt, etc.) had suffered from breast cancer. And since their genes have been passed down to you, you then (subconsciously) believed that breast cancer may be hereditary, and that one day there is a high probability that you will experience the same health challenges. If you continue to hold on to these beliefs, then lo and behold, you will attract and manifest it into your physical reality sometime in the future.
2) Adele had agreed to share her personal story with all of you. In the past ten years, she had been struggling to lose weight. She had tried many different diet systems (popular in Australia) without permanent success. Short-term success occasionally occurred, but in no time, she would re-gain the weight she had lost. Back then, watching Adele struggle with her: weight and eroding self-esteem was not easy, for all of us here in the higher dimensions who love her deeply.
Her weight/health challenges came down to one root cause. She didn’t love herself. She didn’t love her life. She didn’t love life. For her, back then, being physically incarnate on, what used to be 3-D Earth, was extremely challenging for her spiritually-awakening-Self to cope. As an empath, she is able to sense or feel the world/people around her in a way that someone who is still in a deep, spiritual sleep, can never be able to do.
She is able to feel/sense people’s thoughts, feelings and moods easily, if she were to ‘tune in’ to their energy fields. A traumatizing event that happened halfway across the world, she will be able to feel its reverberating effects as easily as if this event had occurred in her own backyard. The sufferings of many living inhabitants of Planet Earth, especially of those in the animal kingdom so very dear to her heart, often caused her to fall into a state of lower vibrations. In the past, there came a point in her life where she stopped caring about life/her body/her health/how she looked, and instead focused upon instant gratification.
She began to eat/drink anything she felt necessary to immediately make herself feel better, without considering the long-term consequences. This is the very definition of emotional eating. She wanted to simply escape the ‘hell’ she was going through, primarily caused by the further awakening of her spiritual abilities and the deeply-entrenched childhood/emotional trauma she had yet to clear back then. If she had continued like that and not changed her ways, she would have probably manifested a sick/imbalanced physical body by now.
With our loving support however, in the past few years, things had begun to change dramatically. Adele had fallen in love with life. She had begun to feel genuinely happy for being alive; for being able to assist many light-workers in a way that suits her passion and innate gifts/talents. Her consciousness is now often vibrating at the frequency of joy, peace, gratitude, health, and abundance, and her outer, physical reality is now beginning to positively change in all aspects; to mirror/reflect this inner shift of her consciousness.
Nowadays, she has totally adapted and been able to manage her energy sensitivity, in a way that is congruent with her goals. She is now naturally attracted to, and often craves healthy foods/drinks, and finds it easier to stay committed to her weight loss goals. In the past few years Adele had: done a lot of clearings and let go of all ’emotional baggage’ that no longer served her.
She is now entering the final ‘healing/clearing’ phase, where she must face & release all unhealed traumas/scars coming from her past lives on Earth. After that’s done, she will be able to enjoy having a healthy, lighter physical and energetic bodiesas the 3-D consciousness that used to be her normal operating system will have been raised in vibrations (will have been upgraded) to that of a higher, fifth-dimensional frequency. And when that happens, Adele will then truly become Master of her life; Master over her own physical body, and not the other way around.
Adele’s journey demonstrates that the process of true, super-deep, lasting healing that goes all the way to the core of a person may take several years to be completed, depending on each person’s motivational/readiness levels to change, and how much ‘baggage’ they have to clear.
The healing process can truly be likened to the process of peeling an onion. For permanent healing to take place, you need to be ready to face, heal, and then let go of everything (all the layers of the onion) that is blocking you from reaching your goals.
Please remember that your goal of having a perfectly healthy body (along with any other important goal you may have) lies deep within, at the onion’s core. The many layers of the onion you need to peel, to get to its core, symbolizes the many, deeply entrenched and deeply embedded 3-D beliefs/habits/mindsets that you need to release.
No matter how tough and emotionally exhausting this cleansing process may be, you need to always stay: resolute & committedin your goals to: get to your core/goal/powerful Inner Self, andrelease everything that is still holding you back. You need to have the unshaken inner belief that what you want has already been given to you, right here, right now, and actually start livingfrom that Consciousness, from this Higher Truth.
LAYERED PERSONALITY – Peeling the layers of the onion often uncovers tears of relief.
You need to ‘broadcast/emit’ the vibrations of health, to get perfect health. Or, you need to vibrate at the frequency of abundance to get more abundance. You cannot be vibrating in the frequency of scarcity/lack, if your goal is its polar opposite. And this is especially true for those of you who have waited long, to manifest any important goal you may have. You cannot keep your focus on the problem, to then expect the solutions to appear. You need to focus on your desires, in order for the ways, the solutions, the people you need to meet who can help you, the books, the websites, to then ‘magically’ appear in your life, to assist with the manifestation process of these desires.
Like Adele (and so many others who have come before her) had often said, please persevere and‘fake it until you make it’. Start living NOW from the end result. Before long, depending on where you are in your spiritual awakening phase, the time lag between: when you initially expressed your goals/wishes and when you actually manifested them into your physical reality, will get smaller and smaller, until one day, there is no time lag. Everything that you wish for/would like to create, is manifested instantly.
When this happens, you will realize that you have permanently left behind your old, 3-D Self to once again be your naturally powerful higher dimensional Self. The Higher Self who is completely unlimited in every way.
The following is a real life story of an actor that truly demonstrated our powers of Creation and Manifestation. This actor was recently in a TV drama series, playing the part of someone who was battling a terminal disease. In the drama, this man displayed his acting prowess by deeply moving the audience’s hearts. He truly embodied that role and became one with the fictitious, scripted character. In every single episode of that highly-emotional drama, he was living the life of someone who had cancer.
This means, throughout the many months it took for the actor to complete the filming of this drama, his entire Self was constantly emitting the frequency of someone who was battling a serious disease. His words, the emotions portrayed, his actions (in the drama), and even his eyes showed genuine portrayal of someone who was a cancer patient. For his eyes to show ‘genuine emotion’ meant even his thoughts were consistent to that of someone who was seriously sick.
What happened next was not at all a surprise. This actor got cancer in his real life, a few short months after filming was wrapped up. The Universe saw that this actor was thinking, talking, feeling and behaving in a way that was consistent with that of a patient battling a terminal disease. And consequentially gave this actor, what he had been ’emitting’ most of the time: that of an unhealthy body.
The Universe does NOT differentiate between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’.
The Universe is acting just like an impartial genie; it will always grant you your wishes that you have given out to the Universe (coming from your consistentenergetic vibrations/signals). Provided what you want does NOT infringe on another person’s Free Will.
This is why you all have to be very careful about what you focus upon. What you focus upon always expands. You need to have perfect clarity about your goals/intentions. And you need to do whatever you can, to align everything that you are thinking/saying/being/doing, with what you want to happen, and not its polar opposite.
It is high time for all of you to deeply realize and understand that the physical Universe that Father/Mother God have created is all about vibrations. Everything is energy. All is one. The Universe is simply the Manager of all vibrations.
You are currently living in physicality, to experience, practice and demonstrate your Divine Creation and Manifestation powers. Everything that you are constantly focused upon, both wanted or not wanted, will always be given to you 100% of the time. (As long as it does not infringe on someone else’s Free Will, and, as long as your vibrations and the vibrations of your desires are a perfect match.)
Your powerful emotions (positive and/ornegative emotions) will speed up the manifestation process of your desires. This is also called the Law of Attraction.
During my famous physical incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, I had come across a lot of sick/disabled people and been able to seemingly heal many people who had come to see me. The reason why I just said ‘seemingly’ is quite simple. Sick people who had traveled to see me back then, were the ones who already possessed strong belief systems within themselves, that once they met me, I would be able to give them ‘the final push/the necessary boost’ into perfect health.
These people wholeheartedly believed that it was time for them to return to perfect health. They once again felt they deserved to have perfect health and were ready to welcome it back into their lives. At a Higher level, they had decided that they had learnt everything they could, and had experienced everything they had wanted to experience, from living inside a sick, or disabled, physical body.
This is the reason why, so often after someone had ‘transformed’ back to their perfectly healthy Self, I would alwayssay the following phrases to them, over and over again:
“Your faith has healed you. Go andstay in peace and be freed from your suffering”
These two statements that seem simple enough to understand actually have a profound, much deeper meaning to them:
1) “Your faith has healed you”.
Quite simply, this means that, I (Jesus) did not heal you. It was definitely nota case of me acting humble. I was simply stating facts; stating the ultimate, authentic Truth. It was my way of saying to them: ‘You had chosen to heal yourself; you were the one who had healed your physical body of these ailments. I was only there to facilitate and help you manifest: your crystal-clear, powerful, existing inner beliefs/intentions, into your physical reality faster.’
2) “Go and stayin peace and be freed from your suffering”
This second statement was my crucial piece of advice for them: to always remain in the vibrations of perfect health, peace, abundance, love and harmony, so they can continuously enjoy a healthy physical body and consequently, normal healthy lives.
In other words, if after being ‘healed’ those people returned to their old lives and then started behaving in the way they used to be (that created/manifested the experience of having a sick physical body in the first place), then, there was a high probability that they would once again, manifest into their future reality, the same sick body, they just ‘healed’ themselves from.
It is important that you now realize that ONLY YOU can heal your life. Only you can heal your physical body. No one but you, can heal your body and your life.You are the Supreme Authority of your own life, in every way. You are completely responsible and must stay in charge of your health in every way.
Before the start of my ministry, I was already the physical embodiment of my Higher Self. I was walking around truly as a living embodiment of the Christ Consciousness; God’s pure, Unconditional Love and Unity consciousness. I had transcended all 3-D limitations, and become an Unlimited Being in every way. I had achieved ONENESS with my God-Self. Oneness with my Inner Self.
This means as Jesus, I was walking around with an Awareness, or with a Consciousness of someone completely functioning from a Higher-Dimensional Perspective (a Higher-Dimensional Operating System) that states: All is well. All is perfection.
Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind.
You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you. Since you are awareness there is no need to attain or cultivate it. All that you have to do is to give up being aware of other things, that is of the not-Self. If one gives up being aware of them then pure awareness alone remains, and that is the Self.
– Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (30 December 1879 – 14 April 1950) –
At some point in your past, you had all experienced how other people’s way of being, their vibrations/consciousness could easily affect your moods/feelings. Hanging around some people you knew, could either: lift you up, or, bring you down. All is energy. All is vibrations. In much the same way, your vibrations are constantly affecting the people in your vicinity (to a greater degree) and everyone/thing else on Planet Earth (to a smaller degree).
In other words, your very presence; your Consciousness (i.e. your vibrations) affects ALL on this planet, collectively.
And in much the same way, when you are spending enough time in the presence of someone who is living from a heart-based, higher dimensional perspective – someone who has almost, or, already become an embodiment of their Higher/Inner Selves – your own vibrations will automatically be raised higher, to match the vibrations of this person.
And this is what happened to those sick people whom I had seemingly ‘healed’. The aspect of my Self who played the role of Jesus, had attained the consciousnessof someone who completely believed that everyone was unlimited, perfect, and whole in every way. Healing was actually NEVER required, because all the people Jesus came across during our physical incarnation were already perfect just as they were.
These people’s Higher Selves were all powerful, Divine Aspects of Father/Mother God, and therefore, they did NOT need to be healed.
When these sick people came close to my physical location, my energy field; to my attained, Higher-Dimensional Consciousness, their entire Being began to vibrate/accelerate at a Higher level. All four aspects of a person’s Self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) were automatically cleansed of all negativity/3-D beliefs, and their combined frequency was then raised to match the frequency of their Higher Selves.
And the after-effects of this energetic synergy, coming from the blend of my higher-dimensional energy field and the sick person’s energy field, was that of a complete physical transformation.
This was often labeled as a miracle healing, by those who had limited understanding/3-D consciousness of the entire process.
(Please note, that the word ‘healing’ that Father God and I had often used in our channeled messages, or, that Adele had been using a lot for her ‘energy healing’ services, is simply a label, or a symbol, used to best describe the after effects of such a journey/such a practice. The word ‘healing’ should be more accurately replaced by the word ‘realignment’ instead.
The practice of energy healing is the practice of realigning ALL with their perfectly healthy, Higher-Frequency Selves.)
Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. (Lao Tzu – 604 BC to 531 BC)
As mentioned previously, I had given out specific advice afterall those sick people had transformed back into their physically-healthy Selves again. I specifically told them to be careful not to drop their vibrations; not to return and live with a Lower consciousness that first created the physical diseases/ailments in the first place.
I could not constantly spend time with every single one of these people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was never responsible for their consciousness, for their day-to-day vibrations. In other words, I could not live their lives for them. Each of them was responsible for their own lives, and it was up to them to either: remain in the Higher-Vibrations where I had assisted them in moving into, or, to drop in frequency, back to where they used to be (prior to their ‘miraculous healing’).
Some of you here had previously experienced an energy healing session from either a Reiki practitioner, or a practitioner of any other energy healing modalities. Immediately after a session, you would have noticed remarkable improvements in your health, or in how you were feeling. This was because after an energy healing session, your energy vibrations had been raised to better match the vibration/frequency of your Higher Self.
It was then up to you to either: remain ‘flying’ in the high altitudes, or, to lower ‘the plane, that is your life’ back to the low altitudes, where you had previously flown around in for so long.
No one can ever be held responsible for your own regular, habitual, or daily vibrations. Deep healing must come from within.
You need to commit to doing whatever you can, to stay high-vibrational at all times, in order to reach your destination of: complete energetic realignment with your Higher Self, i.e. complete, permanent and lasting healing.
In other words, the fastest, surest way for you to completely heal your body and life, is to 100% commit to doing whatever you can to becoming and embodying your Higher Self in every way.When you are walking around as the embodiment of a Higher Dimensional Consciousness – that of your Higher Self’s, you are at your most powerful. You become unlimited. You are free from all 3-D beliefs.
Remember to often repeat the 3 potent affirmations Father God had shared with all of you in the channeled message ‘The Art of Letting Go‘ Adele had previously written for us. The power of those 3 statements should not be underestimated.
However, if your love for yourself/for your physical body is severely lacking at the moment, please also say these 3 additional affirmations often, to help you in your journey to perfect health/oneness with your Higher Self.
Let me now summarize all the important steps you need to take, in order to heal/realign your life and physical body completely, with your already-healthy Higher Selves:
1) Be clear about what you want. Perfect inner clarity and a strong, unwavering intention to reach your goals are required for this challenging/healing journey that is not for the faint-hearted.
2) Turn on your powers of Creation and Manifestation, by regularly saying Decrees or Affirmations that are consistent with your goals of a healthier life, a healthier body.
3) Do whatever it takes, to stay constantly aligned with your goals. Focus on your goals and not on their polar opposites. Keep your vibrations as high as possible. It is important for those of you serious about having a healthy physical body, to: read/re-read my older channeled message through Adele titled ‘The Blueprint of Your New 5-D Life‘ and thoroughly learn how to stay high-vibrational.
4) Follow your inner guidance, your intuition. Talk to your body often, and once a day, send ‘loving messages/thoughts’ to it. Tell your body how much you love it, and how grateful you are for having a healthy body (talk to your body as if perfect health is already yours now, using present tense instead of using future tense). Listen to the physical ‘signals/symptoms’ that your body is constantly giving you. And give your body the TLC (tender loving care) that it needs at all times. Your body is always working hard to bring your four aspects of Self into constant equilibrium; into perfect balance.
So if/when you are craving something, always honor its needs by giving it the healthy alternativeof the substance you may be craving for. This is how you demonstrate your love for life, and your love for your body.
5) Always be open to your spirit team’s guidance on how best to heal your life/body. When we constantly send you repetitive information about something/someone, or when we give you inner ‘urging’ to do/get something, that is our way of supporting you in this endeavor/goal. The process of energetic realignment back to your Higher Self, can happen as fast, or as slow, as you allow it to be. It all depends on your commitment, motivational and readiness levels to once again be wholly healthy and wholly ONE with your powerful Higher Self again.
6) The cliché ‘You Are What You Eat’ is literally true. Make powerful intentions right now to consume only organic, high-vibrational foods/drinks that support your goal of becoming perfectly healthy again. And make strong intentions right now to permanently release everything that is blocking you from getting the results you desire/getting a healthier body. Including all self-limiting beliefs and habits you may currently have.
Please take the time to read this wonderful, free electronic book titled ‘Eating for Ascension‘ by Meg Davis (click here to download).
And please watch Dr. Anthony Lim’s YouTube video on the magnificent, life-transforming benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet:
In whatever goal you have set out for yourself, your spirit team and I, will strongly support you 100% in that endeavor. For example, if your goal is to one day become 100% vegan; eating only organic fruits & vegetables, please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance (e.g. financial assistance perhaps so that you can afford to buy organic produce). Also ask us to help strengthen your motivation in: becoming/staying a vegan, or, living a healthier lifestyle, especially in times of stress when you are then more susceptible to going back to your old, unhealthy eating/drinking habits.
Archangel Raphael, as the Healing Archangel is able to assist all of your health-oriented goals, along with all of us here in the higher dimensional realms. Please do not feel as if you may be ‘bothering’ us with your requests for assistance. We are multi-dimensional; we are able to assist all of you, all at the same time.
Now that all of you know, or more accurately, have remembered the higher-dimensional knowledge/wisdom you need to heal your body/your life, what are you going to do next?
Will you do whatever it takes to free yourself from this third-dimensional limitation of having a sick, ailing, diseased physical bodies? Or would you like to continue playing small, playing weak, as if you are entirely powerless in the face of the health challenges you are currently facing?
Are you NOW ready to take back control of your life, your health, your body? Or will you continue to be dictated by your circumstances and act as if you have never read this channeled message in the first place?
As Father God had recently stated in his last message through Adele, “If you keep doing, or being, the way you had been doing/being all these years, you will keep getting the same results/outcomes that you had been getting thus far.
Something has to first change, before your health can begin to change for the better. And that something is: YOU!
As always, your desire to change, OR not to change, will be completely supported by all of us here in the company of Heaven. For your Free Will; your freedom to live your life the way you want to live it, is very much respected at all times.
We are loving you very much beyond measure.
Your brother in Light,
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.


When you have managed to ‘fly’ in the higher vibrations consistently, continuously no matter what is going on around you, then you will soon notice the gradual awakening of your Divine, innate, powerful spiritual abilities

Greetings my brothers and sisters,

It is now time to continue my last message by first sharing with you all a little bit of my real-life story as the famous Jesus of Nazareth. Unlike what had been previously said in Part 1, I will be sharing my true, authentic teachings from that lifetime here through Adele, one channeled message at a time in the future. This is due to the length of each channeled message, which I prefer to keep to the bare minimum.


So if you haven’t read Part 1 of my message, please do so first before continuing here.


It is important to read them all in order. All of our messages contain powerful Divine Light Codes that can help to ‘enlighten’ the minds, bodies and spirits of the people reading them; to help realign you back onto the path of Spiritual Mastery and Ascension.

It is very important that you all realize that this and all future messages are written withoutany intention to: criticize, or, put current religious teachings in a negative light. My purpose here is to enlighten only those who are ready, with higher dimensional wisdom, with higher truth; free from all restrictions coming from religious/political dogmas that were set hundreds of years ago.

For those of you here who have come from a Christian background, or if you are a practicing Catholic, and if you have made the choice to continue to read/listen to this message, please do so with an open heart and mind. A lot of the things revealed today and in my future messages through Adele, will be quite different to what you had been taught in traditional Christian teachings. You’ve had a lifetime of practice believing in what religious authorities had taught you, and then suddenly here I am appearing in these messages, informing you all that some of those teachings were not entirely accurate.

Confusion and disbelief are perfectly normal. This is why you are welcome to stop reading/listening to this and move on elsewhere, anytime you like. You are welcome to believe or not believe anything written here. Your free will is always respected. And that is why you should always give that same freedom to others; to believe in whatever they wish to believe. Please follow your hearts, your powerful inner GPS, in anything that you choose to focus on/do in life. Let us begin.

I know that some of you here had read the highly controversial book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, or watched its movie adaptation (starring Tom Hanks). That book is a work of fiction, but some of the information revealed in there were truly divinely inspired. The most relevant one to my message today, is centred around a famous, real life historical event that created the foundation of today’s Christianity: the First Council of Nicaea (in AD 325); convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine I.

This assembly was attended by early Christian authorities; bishops who were representing many in Christendom. This council meeting aimed to attain consensus on church/canon law. These men discussed, debated and eventually came to an agreement/settlement on a variety of important issues such as: my Divinity, my relationship and claim of oneness with Father God, my teachings, the date of Easter, the creation of the Nicene Creed, and much more that were not publicly revealed.

In this first ecumenical council (along with many other council meetings afterwards), my teachings were very heavily scrutinized. During this time period approximately 3 centuries after my death, there were many Gospels (records of my life and teachings written by many disciples and eye-witnesses) that had been discovered by these early Christian leaders.

In time, those leaders decided that only gospels that made me sound like ‘the only’ Divine Son of God, the Father, were to be included in the book that is called the Bible today. Gospels that made me sound like a normal man, a normal person, just like the rest of humanity, were mostly not included in the Bible. There is a reason why religions foster the belief that God (and/or the Ascended Masters who are founders of these religions) needs to be worshiped and glorified.

By worshiping and glorifying God, He will ‘most likely’ answer your prayers by helping and giving you a few, some or all the things you have been asking for. So if you haven’t been getting what you are asking for, God is most likely to blame. You might even start thinking along the lines of being an ‘unworthy sinner’, or being so unloved by God and that is why your prayers have gone unanswered. This is really one of the greatest fallacy of all time.

The distinction/claim that Jesus was the onlyDivine Son of God and that was the only reason why I was able to perform so many amazing miracles during my physical incarnation, was the most effective way, to disempower believers. This fallacy has successfully managed to ‘disconnect’ a lot of believers over thousands of years, from their own natural, powerful Creation and Manifestation abilities. It has stripped many people of personal power.

God loves ALL OF YOU unconditionally, without any exceptions. The Universe/God will always support and give you what you want, 100% of the time, at the perfect Divine Timing: as long as what you want is always consistent with the Higher Good of all (i.e. never infringe on other people’s free will), AND as long as you are in perfect, complete alignment with your desires.

There are many ‘snippets’ of Higher Truth that can be found in the Bible and in other holy books, but in general, please use your inner wisdom when reading ANY informationthat comes from a source that is located ‘outside’ of you. You need to use your heart, your inner GPS to discern their truth. And this includes all of the channeled messages Adele had been writing on our behalf. Don’t just take our word for them; use your heart to discern its authenticity and truth.Higher Truth will always ‘feel’ true. It will resonate with your hearts and will always carry the vibrations of Light and Love for all reading them.

In Part 1 of this message, I had shared with you all that I was born to spiritually-awakened, biological parents. My parents knew of their true spiritual identities as Divine Souls; as son and daughter of our beloved Father/Mother God, long before I was born. Thus I was never trapped in the 3-D matrix that was Planet Earth back then.

Growing up as a boy, my parents also knew that I had a very important mission of Love to do. And with that in mind, they always followed their own intuition and guidance (given to them by God and by their own spirit team through visions, dreams or ‘inner knowings’) on how best to raise me; how best to educate me. We traveled a lot during my teenage years; to many distant countries in the East and West in search of wise and learned men who could best teach and show me the way to, one day, being able to reach my Highest Potential for that lifetime.

I stayed and learned from many spiritual gurus; teachers who not only possessed higher-dimensional, esoteric Wisdom and Knowledge but who had also consistently applied them successfully in their daily lives. They usually lived in some of the most remote places on the planet; preferring to stay within the communities of higher-dimensional, fully-awakened souls. Some of my teachers were living within ‘Inner Earth’ societies.

People living in these spiritually-advanced, inner earth societies always welcomed everyone who had the genuine intention to know, understand and apply advanced spiritual wisdom into their daily lives. Back then having visitors to their ‘hidden’ homes were rare; but when it happened, they knew that these visitors were divinely guided to find and learn from them the higher dimensional ways of living and of being.

And thus they welcomed me and my parents with loving, open arms, and gave us a temporary home away from home; in a wonderfully loving, supportive and secure environment for me to remember and master Divine abilities that are my birthright. These teachers were like the lampposts in my path to enlightenment. They ‘paved’ the way to my own remembrance; to my own Divine spiritual powers and to a full, complete awakening of my Godliness, my Oneness with God and with ALL THAT IS.

Our stay with them lasted until I became fully awakened and fully integrated with my Higher Self. By my early twenties I was already living my life as the physical embodiment of Christ consciousness (Unconditional Love & Unity consciousness) and had become my Higher Self in every way. I was finally ready for my ministry of Light, and we then began our long journey home, back towards the land where the last, but most important phase of my ‘life drama’ would eventually begin. Before the start of my ministry, I did choose to have a normal life for myself for a few short years. My twin flame (who was Mary Magdalene at the time) and I became a loving, married couple. And it was she who mostly gave me the strength and courage to continue with my divine mission.

I started my ministry by first locating the key players; people who would play a huge part in my life and in spreading my teachings after the death of my physical body. In time, the number of male and female disciples grew to thousands, and not just the special 12. We gathered together regularly in many different settings; we traveled from town to town following the inner guidance that Father God and my Higher Self had given me.

Towards the end of my ministry, my closest followers who had chosen to stay by my side through it all, had all successfully become their Higher Selves in every way. They followed and listened to my guidance very closely and became totally committed to my teachings; committed to the path of Light and Love.

You might be wondering how long would it take (for someone who totally dedicated his life to ascension and enlightenment) to go from initial spiritual awakening to full integration of Higher Self? The time taken is of course different from person to person.

However, during my time as Jesus, my disciples were with me almost all the time (with a few exceptions e.g. meditation times). They listened to me; they constantly asked questions; and they took the time to practice what they had learned. Their main daily focus was on spirituality. We relied on the kindness of strangers to feed ourselves and we slept wherever we would like. We helped when our assistance was needed and we were always surrounded by people who were more than happy to help us when needed.

Due to our main focus on spirituality, on average it took my disciples between 3 to 12 months to master my higher-dimensional teachings. By the time I died on the cross, my closest disciples had all: reached their goals of enlightenment and become Ascended Masters in their own right, with most of their Divine spiritual gifts and abilities awakened.

Towards the end, they understood why I had to take the path that led to such a gruesome and violent death, and even though we had grown very close (with a bond as strong as that of brothers/sisters), they completely respected my choice/free will and supported me in every way. My mission was too important for me to run away and escape from my supposed end, and things needed to happen exactly the way they were meant to happen.

It might come as a shock to many Christian believers, that Jesus was once a simple man living a simple life as a husband and father, and as a teacher of higher-dimensional wisdom. He was born to a highly spiritual family who loved God deeply and he had committed his life to a mission of spreading higher truth to all who would listen. He was Divine, just like all of you are Divine. He was God in a human body, just like all of you are Gods/Goddesses in a human body. With time and dedication, Jesus achieved spiritual mastery and became enlightened, just like any one of you can also do the same if you possess the courage, bravery, strength, trust and faith to surrender completely to God, and to your Higher Self/Purpose.

All of you who regularly read these channeled messages are serious about Ascension. You know and understand by now that you can grow and fly to greater heights, and leave behind all limiting aspects of your 3-D Self. You long to be, do and have more. You have longed for HOME for far too long. You long to be back home again, within the embrace of your powerful, loving God and Higher Self. You long to know yourself, once again, as the magnificent, OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT and OMNIPRESENT Soul that you truly are, in the absolute reality that is your true home in Heaven.

And all that is needed, for you to truly become your Higher Self is every way (whilst still in physicality), is to make the full-time commitment to be the embodiment of God, in this lifetime.

Adele had written a blog a few years ago titled ‘Archangel Raphael: Supreme Healer in the Angelic Realm‘. In that blog she had specified the steps that you all need to take, in order to align yourself, your life and your entire way of being with any goals you may have in life, specifically with your goal of becoming God.

If you make a strong intention right now, to one day become your Higher Self for real, then please make the commitment TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to reach that goal. The road to spiritual mastery, to becoming an Ascended Master is not for the faint-hearted.

Before an athlete becomes the owner and master of a gold, silver or bronze medal in any sport played in the Olympics, he would need to commit every single day and many hours per day, to the cause. This athlete needs to endure endless hours of repetitive exercises in order to improve his game and be the best in that field. His commitment to his goal of one day becoming an Olympic medalist is constantly tested, in many different ways, and in many different competitions.

And just like this athlete, once you have started to walk this path to becoming ‘Master of Life’, you will discover challenges that will help you apply the higher-dimensional Wisdom you have thus far attained. Every day your commitment to this goal will be tested, by whatever is happening in your personal and work lives. However, unlike an athlete who competes with others to become the best in his sport, you will be only competing with yourself: your old, stubborn, fearful, sometimes egoistic and complacent, third-dimensional self.

Every day you should aim to be: the embodiment of Christ Consciousness (Love & Unity Consciousness) in every moment, and exude love wherever you go. Your thoughts, words, feelings and actions need to be that of Divine Love for the majority of the time. Imagine as if you are a pilot in control of a plane that is your life on Earth. Prior to your spiritual awakening, most of you had put the controls of your life on ‘automatic pilot mode’.

You flew back and forth from the higher altitudes (higher frequencies) to the lower altitudes (lower frequencies) many times prior to reaching your destination (your goal), in response to what was happening around you. In other words, your moods and states of being can be easily affected by the many worldly dramas happening around you and by the people who are constantly surrounding you.

The road to Spiritual Mastery and Enlightenment requires you to: take back control of your plane, i.e. your life, by turning the automatic pilot mode off, and by doing whatever it takes to ensure that you can constantly fly in the higher altitudes (in the higher vibrations where love, joy, calm and peace exists). In other words, you need to commit to always be staying in the higher frequencies, in whatever you choose to: do, have and focus on. Please read my earlier message through Adele titled ‘The Blueprint of Your New 5-D Life’ for more information on how to live a high-vibrational life.

When you have managed to ‘fly’ in the higher vibrations consistently, continuously no matter what is going on around you, then you will soon notice the gradual awakening of your Divine, innate, powerful spiritual abilities. These natural abilities are something that all of you have, when you are living in the higher dimensions, or back home in Heaven.

Divine Unconditional LOVE is the additional key needed for the awakening of your spiritual powers.

The 3 powerful affirmations that Father God had shared in his previous channeled message through Adele, titled ‘The Art of Letting Go‘ will only work if the people saying those potent declarations have truly realized their spiritual identity as ‘Divine Love’ incarnated. In other words, someone who has a low self-esteem, or someone who does not really love himself/hates himself will never be able to bridge the gap between ‘acting/faking’ and ‘truly becoming’ the God that he truly is. He can say these affirmations many times per day, over and over again, but his path of becoming his Higher Self will be powerfully blocked by his inability to love himself.

And without Love for oneself, for others and for the world around him, his powerful Divine powers and abilities can never be awakened. This person’s Higher Self will never burden him with spiritual powers beyond his current abilities to control. Your Higher Self and spirit team are always closely monitoring your motivational and readiness levels to embrace more of who you truly are.

You all had learned lessons in life when you manifested into your physical reality something you did not truly want. And when traced back to its origins, you could always find the ‘event’ or the day when you were thinking negative thoughts, or saying negative words that were the root cause of the unwanted outcome.

Once your level of spiritual awakening is in the latter phase (close to completion) you will find that the time lag between creation and manifestation keeps getting smaller and smaller until one day, there is zero time lag. What you think, say and feel become your reality instantly. Once that happens, you will know that you have reached the highest level of spiritual mastery.

This is a level where anything is possible and where limitations do not exist. It is a level reached by all the famous and non-famous Ascended Masters/religious masters who were once incarnated on planet Earth. It is the ultimate level of Oneness with ALL THAT IS. Reaching this level means that you have once again become a powerful CREATOR who: have full, complete control of your thoughts, words, feelings and actions (i.e. your vibrations) and is in constant alignment with Divine Love.

Love is truly THE greatest power in this Universe.

The next statement I will be saying here will be my main message for all of you here today. If you are serious about becoming and embodying God/your Higher Self, you need to STOP giving your power away. You have to immediately take your life off of the automatic pilot mode and take back control. Do not easily join in the activities or conform to the decisions of any religion, your group of friends, the community/work organizations that you belong to, IF their values and missions in life are not at all based in the Love & Unity/Oneness consciousness.

Be the brave and courageous souls I know you all truly are, and say NO when you need to say no, and then work out a more loving solution to all challenges that arise, always placing the Higher Good of all concerned in the back of your mind.

Whenever faced with making a decision, big or small, you MUST CONSTANTLY ask yourselves, which decision should you pick that will align you the most to your powerful Higher Self. The highest-vibrational decision that your Higher Self will help you select will always be aligned with the energies of Love, Unity, Abundance and Personal Empowerment.

Respect your spiritually-awakened Self, and choose the path ofleast resistance.

An awakened person can rarely go back to her old self without feeling totally miserable, anxious and stressed-out about his daily life or about the decisions he has made. It will be like wearing old clothes that can barely fit. The inner battle that may arise within, that takes place between your ‘old’ 3-D and ‘new’ 5-D Selves, must be approached with quiet introspection, patience, compassion, understanding and love. You will know that you have won the battle when you are back to feeling joyful and at peace with where you are right now and with the choices you are making in life.

In my next channeled message (Part 3), I will be focusing on the topic of healing. Adele (being an energy healer) would love me to explain the higher wisdom behind the process of healing your physical body of all ailments, diseases/imbalances. I will share with you all the ‘secrets’ to my seemingly magical, miraculous healings performed when I was Jesus of Nazareth.

The discourses here were written to help all of you to permanently shatter, break and eliminate for good many third-dimensional fallacies that are still shackling you down.

NOW is truly time for all of you to break free from all restrictions and limitations that are currently stopping you from: living the kind of life that you want andliving in the kind of higher-dimensional society that you want to be in.

The choice is ultimately yours. Are you ready to be free? Do you even want to be free?

As always, your free will is always respected by all of us here in the higher dimensional realm.

Loving you all beyond measure.

Your brother in Light,



Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.

The Golden Key

The Art of Letting Go ~ Father God, 11 April 2018.

Updated: 6 hours ago

My dearly beloved,
I would like to help you all remember the ancient art of letting go. Now some of you may be wondering why is it so important to let go and let Me take over? So much so that today there’s another message addressing this topic. Sananda had also recently discussed this art of ‘surrendering’ in his last message through this channel. His message had served as a good introduction for me to build and expound on.
It is important that you all realize that today’s message is THE KEY to: shatter and destroy ALL POWERFUL third-dimensional beliefs that are holding you back.
It is a precious, golden key I now give unto you, my beloved children, to unlock the previously-hidden door to where your higher dimensional powers of Creation and Manifestation reside.
It is also a magical key that, when used, will open the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
What you will do after reading this message, after receiving this key? Will you throw it out and forget it ever existed?
Or are you ready to take that extra step of faith, with courage, bravery and commitment to ‘jump off of the cliff’ NOW and leave behind: your old ways, old beliefs, old habits and all your deeply-entrenched, 3-D way of being, thinking, feeling and doing?
I tell you now solemnly: ‘This task is NOT for the faint-hearted’.
Accepting this key today symbolizes your total surrender, faith and trust in Me, in your Higher Self and in the Universe. Only accept it IF you are ready.
Take a few deep breaths now and visualize Me standing in front of you now, extending my hand and offering this golden key to you. And here comes the key that will unlock the higher-dimensional part of you that has long been forgotten whilst living on 3-D Earth. Will you take it from my hand and make it yours?
I KNOW all of you who are reading this. I know your true readiness levels and your true degree of willingness to change your life. I know exactly how many of you have accepted this key and truly made it yours. I also know some had accepted it but will later forget its existence and return to their old third dimensional ways. Some of you are also not ready to receive this key, and that is completely fine. It does not mean that you will never be ready. It just means that today, you are not. The fact that you have kept reading this message tells me that soon, you will be ready.
There is only ONE reason why someone will eventually forget this key ever existed, or why they are not yet ready to accept it. That reason is FEAR. Fear of change. Fear of the unknowns. Fear of losing the stability and security that you are currently enjoying. Fear that the road less traveled we will be leading you to will be totally different to: where you want to go, what you want to be and what you want to do/have.
Fear is a powerful third-dimensional illusion that keeps you small and complacent. The presence of fear in a particular aspect of your life is a powerful reminder that you need to ‘let this fear go’ to not only move on to better paths, but also to grow as a person; to grow bigger into your Highest Potential.
You now have two options to choose from, in the face of your fear. What will you choose, my beloved? Option 1 or 2?
1) F.E.A.R -> Forget Everything And Run,
For those of you choosing the second option, well done! Listen to, or ‘feel’ the applause the entire company of Heaven is giving you right now. Your willingness to: not only accept the key but also choose to ‘face everything and rise’ is a strong indication that you are now ready to embrace the Highest Potential of what you can be, do and have in this current lifetime. And your Highest Potential is INFINITE. It is everything that you can currently imagine and yet so much more. You are all GODS and GODDESSES. You are the physical expression of Me.
And now, here comes THE KEY you have all been waiting for:
The Sacred Process of: Remembering -> Knowing -> Understanding -> Becoming -> and then finally, Embodying this greatest, spiritual truth is THE KEY to unlocking your UNLIMITED Divine Powers of Creation and Manifestation.
The information I just gave you above is the biggest secret to Spiritual Mastery and Enlightenment that all of your Ascended Masters/religious masters had discovered and mastered in the past. Once upon a time, this ‘highly-classified’ spiritual knowledge used to be taught only to the select few: the highly devoted and dedicated ‘initiates’, or committed students of Mystery Schools around the globe.
Now please be honest with yourself my beloved. Whereabouts are you located in the above process? Are you in the ‘remembering’ phase; the ‘knowing’ or ‘understanding’ phases; the ‘becoming’ phase or the ’embodying’ phase? 99.99% of you reading this will likely find yourself in the first four phases. That’s because most of you reading this are the ones still in the process of aligning and becoming your Higher Selves.
Those of you who belong to the rare, 0.01% group: you just happened to be reading this message not because you need to know/learn more. You are here just to get a confirmation of what you have now fully become. Not that you actually need this confirmation because all the Wisdom you will ever need, you’d already found within. It is just nice to keep up to date with what’s going on with planetary spiritual growth level.
And for those who belong in the above majority group and have accepted the key, let us now continue with your powerful visualization exercise:
Please go back to where we were earlier. Me offering the key in my hand, and you accepting it. Now that you know the Higher Truth of what this key is a symbol of, please place your entire FOCUS on this beautiful golden key you are now holding.
Imagine as if the 3 key statements: “I am all that I am. I am Unlimited. I am God.” are actually floating, or, hovering in the air around you/around this golden key. And then, make the intention, or simply give the ‘mental command’ for those 3 statements to enter into the key and be fully integrated with it. Picture the key now glowing with
intense, golden white light. Those three powerful statements have now filled and imbued the key with My OMNIPOTENCE.
The last step is the most important. You now need to imagine this beautiful, intensely shining golden key completely MERGING and BECOMING ONE with your hand that’s holding it.
It is then immediately becoming one with you; with your entire physical body and energy field. Once the integration process is complete, just sit still for a minute or two. Feel the super-powerful effects this visualization exercise has on your 3 systems: the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It is literally changing you from the inside out.
This beautiful golden key has now merged with all your cells, right down to your very DNA. It is now doing its job to ‘activate’ the previously sleeping ‘God-sequence‘ hidden in your DNA.
What do you need to do next to make sure that after being activated, your Divine powers will not go dormant again? The answer is simple my beloved. Do the above powerful visualization at least once per day. Once you get the hang of it, the process should only take about a minute or two out of your day to complete.
Also, verbally say and mentally think all the words in those 3 highly-potent statements often throughout your day; in your spare moments. In the morning as soon as you awaken and at night right before you fall asleep are two most powerful times of the day to say these ‘affirmations’ and have them sinking deeply into your subconscious. Keep doing these visualization and affirmations for at least 21 days, and see the miraculous effects they have on your entire being/life.
There is one BIG difference between ‘dreamers’ and ‘creators’.
Dreamers are happy just dreaming/fantasizing about: a better life, or a more successful future, or living in a 5D society of Nova Gaia. They are just continuously dreaming and dreaming but not taking any action to make their wishes a physical reality in their lives.
Creators, on the other hand, are visionaries. They ‘envision’ a happier, brighter, more peaceful & abundant future and then actively participate in making this future happen!
My beloved, are you a dreamer? Or a Creator? Are you ready to reclaim your Divine birthright? Are you ready to take your powerful place in the Cosmos as the ‘Movers and Shakers’; as the awakened group of Light Beings who are holding the fate of Humanity and Gaia in their very capable hands?
I am here to request your full commitment and dedication to this cause. I am giving all of my children an open invitation to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Will you now accept my invitation? Are you ready to?
You may be wondering why I can’t just pull you out of this 3-D Earth and then ‘chuck’ you straight into 5-D Earth immediately. Why do you all have to go through this sometimes exhausting, often confusing, occasionally painful, chaotic process of Ascension? The answer is simple. Doing so will disempower you.
This is YOUR life journey. You are here to experience, create, manifest, learn and play. You are here on a grand adventure that has never happened before elsewhere in this Universe. The Ascension of a planetary being that is Gaia, your Earth Mother, along with all of Her inhabitants.
Everything that you had gone through in this life (and past lives here on Earth and elsewhere) and everything you are going through now made up the totality of WHO YOU TRULY ARE: ‘a magnificent, multi-dimensional eternal Spirit on a never-ending evolutionary journey to infinite potentials’. So why should I interfere with the soul growth process and the Divine Plan that YOU yourself had made, prior to being born here on Earth? This interference, no matter how well-meaning, will be in direct violation of one of our most Sacred Universal Laws: the Law of Free Will.
So we will always be there to support you every step of your way, within the limits that you have told us would be acceptable to you, before you incarnated here, and that which we are able to offer within the constraints of the Ascension process.
Planet Earth Herself, and most of Her inhabitants are now going through a deep, intense cleansing and detoxification process to release and heal everything that is no longer serving their Higher Self/Purpose. People everywhere are being forced to face all their deeply entrenched issues coming from the past. All who are not currently aligned with their Higher Purpose will find themselves at a major crossroad as a lot of things are shaken up to spiritually awaken and reclaim their Divine power. For example, a lot of people have recently lost their jobs, their marriages, their wealth, their health, their self-confidence and their previously ‘normal’ ways of living. This is not a coincidence. It is all part of the Ascension process.
If you are one of these people currently going through a tough time, please remember you have everything within you to come out of this completely victorious! The future may seem bleak to you at the moment or it may seem like there is no way out. That is just an illusion. It is really just FEAR talking and rearing its ugly head.
My advice to all of you reading this today is simple: LET GO AND LET GOD.
Following this simple advice should be THE RECURRING THEME every moment of every day. Your Ascension process will be so much smoother, easier, more relaxing, fun and abundant if you just let go of all controls and give them to Me/your Higher Self.
Even if you are well ahead in your Ascension journey and have started to become your Higher Self, you will still do well to remember this simple truth. Your movement forward from ‘Becoming’ to fully ‘Embodying’ your Higher Self will be such a breeze if you surrender all controls. Let go of all impatience. Impatience directed at yourself, at the world around you or at the Ascension process itself does not serve you at all.
If anything, it adds to all the negativity already prevalent on this beautiful Planet.
Sunset at beautiful Sandringham Beach, Melbourne.
The image chosen by this channel to represent my message today is highly symbolic to what I would really love all of you to do from now on. Some Asian cultures have festivals during the year where they release sky lanterns (called ‘kongming’ lanterns in China, or ‘khom loi’ in Thailand) into the air, to symbolize: the presence of hope within their hearts and the release/the art of ‘letting go’ of all their fears, problems and worries.
Imagine that you are now in possession of a beautiful sky lantern of your own. Visualize holding it in your hands, and grab a pen and write all your major challenges, worries, doubts, concerns and fears across all the sides of the rice paper lantern. Light the flame and then gently release. In your mind, set a powerful intention for this floating lantern to reach Me and your Higher Self. As you watch your sky lantern floating towards the heavens, make the intention to permanently release everything that you had written on it, for good. And mentally ask for our assistance in making this happen.
(Please consider your local laws and the Planet Earth/the environment if you intend to do this exercise for real, and not just in your imaginations. Maybe substitute the sky lantern for a beautiful piece of paper, and then just burn it in a suitable fire-proof container in your backyard. Make it into a sacred ritual; let the ‘burning of your fears into ashes’ symbolize the permanent release/disintegration of ALL that are holding you back.)
Here are some examples of powerful, false, 3-D beliefs you can start to let go of today:
  1. The only way you’ll get rich is by working hard for your money.
  2. You are powerless in the face of your physical disabilities. You must have done something ‘wrong’ in your past life to deserve being born blind, deaf or mute.
  3. You are unable to grow back lost limbs; unable to heal unhealthy organs; unable to heal your body of all serious diseases such as cancer. Your bodies age as you get older and then you get sick when it’s time to die. It is impossible for a 60-yr-old to reverse all signs of aging and physically appear like a 30-yr-old.
  4. You are unable to instantly travel from one location to another halfway across the globe via the power of your mind.
  5. You can only get rich or get ahead in life if you are young and physically attractive, well-educated, wealthy and possess the ‘right’ skin color.
  6. God needs to be ‘worshiped’ and glorified.
There are many more limiting 3-D beliefs that the Human Collective needs to let go of, in order to reach their Highest Potential. If you cannot ‘think, feel, believe or do’ outside the third dimensional box you had been living in for your entire life, then you will never be able to grow into the powerful, multi-dimensional Light Being that is your true identity. It is time to release ALL that are shackling and keeping you down!
I realize that it is very hard and super challenging to release all the above, lifetime beliefs. After all, you have mostly accepted these beliefs as ‘true’ based on your own observations and societal conditioning in your entire lives. One message from Me saying those are ALL false beliefs is not going to do much in changing such powerful, very long-established mindsets.
But for those of you here who truly believe in the existence of your Divine Powers of Creation and Manifestation, I will now share the secret in overcoming those powerful beliefs/conditioning. Here it is: DON’T EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO OVERCOME THEM. There are too many of them, and all of them are too deeply ingrained into your subconscious. It will take too long to face and release them one by one.
You just need to replace ALL of those deeply-ingrained, third dimensional false beliefs with ONE powerful belief that overrides them all.
And here it is again: I AM ALL THAT I AM. I AM UNLIMITED. I AM GOD.
You have to fully commit to do your best in EMBODYING the above statements. This is THE KEY to your Divinity, your Sovereignty.
Are you up to this challenge? Is your entire being; your mind-body-spirit, now ready to embrace its God-like potential? Are you ready to FINALLY leave behind all feelings of smallness, powerlessness, worthlessness or unworthiness, to then COMPLETELY, once and for all, EMBRACE your Godliness, Divineness and Powerfulness?
If a strong, immediate and decisive YES is your answer, then my beloved, please take both of My hands now. Let go of everything that is holding you back, and trust in Me. Surrender your life completely and turn it over to Me. I will look after you, guide you, protect you every step of the way, and make sure that you will reach the destinations wherever you would like to go. All you have to do now is to: TRUST Me completely.
This is your MISSION should you choose to accept it. The ball is in your court.
With All My Love and Light,
Father God.
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2018. If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Much love & gratitude.