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Allow your light to be the medicine your world needs.

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MAY 31, 2023

(The Creator Writings)

Another opportunity for a collective ‘here we go again’ is approaching. Are you ready for it? The Universe could repeat the stay-grounded/stay-peaceful/stay-calm litany, but you already know all of this. Instead…

Manifest! There are things you have been putting off because they felt too big. Time as you know it is folding in on itself and the opportunities for instantaneous gifts are greater than ever.

Be mindful! Take time to step back and look at the thoughts you are generating. Like a pebble in a pond, each and every thought creates a ripple that goes out into The Universe and returns to you. You choose what you create/co-create.

Be kind! Your actions during the next step in this shift will determine how the remainder of your year will unfold. Kindness to yourself and others is of utmost importance. Allow this to be your guide as you move forward.

Finally, release the need to be drawn into the madness that is transpiring around you in this moment. Imagine your society, your world as the human body with an illness. A fever is generated as a natural defense to heal, not harm. Sometimes, the fever must rise before it can trigger the elements of health from within. Allow your light to be the medicine your world needs.

As always, during this somewhat challenging process, you are loved, supported and cherished beyond your wildest imagination. Go forth with a bright heart and all will be well. – Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

12:12 Portal DNA Activation and Quantum Shift for Well Being, Peace and Prosperity for all (#432Hz)

I am inviting you to push play and do this activation anytime this weekend and if you wish to join us in our mass meditation you can do so tomorrow and every Sunday at 14h/17h/20h00 Central European Time.


SUNday December 12: The 12.12.21 Gateway:How blessed to have the 12.12 on a SUNday, amplified by our Global Unity Meditations!

Blessings Beloveds ~

The 12.12 Gateway is an auspicious and powerful component of this Sacred December-January passage.⁠

Unique Ascension energies flood the planet, and we open our hearts and the Cosmic Stargates to receive, anchor, activate and transmit these Divine frequencies on behalf of all.⁠

This year synchs with the original 12.12.12 when the Cosmic Stargates aligned, on-duty hearts delivered the new light into the Crystalline core, and Gaia revealed her Ascended realms to many.⁠

It is an auspicious day for Stargate-keepers. Another step in this realm-shifting passage.⁠

We receive and anchor these plasma waves again. Open hearts, we are conduits of the cosmic influx.⁠

Completion energies are abundant.

It has been nine years since the original 12.12.12, nine years since the original 12.12.21. The number Nine holds completion energies, and we may use this to unify with the Higher Realms in co-creating brand new trajectories which benefit the whole.

Have you noticed how much completion is presenting in your lifestream? Heed that flow; a vibrant push for the NEW is on the other side of this Sacred passage. Surrendering the old illusion must. come. first. Whatever veils you have created to dim your Divinity, it is time to let them go.
SUNday December 12: The 12.12.21 Gateway

How blessed to have the 12.12 on a SUNday, amplified by our Global Unity Meditations!

Just like the original 12.12, the energies need to be openly received by pure hearts.

Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers, we are out on the land to RECEIVE these influxes and anchor them into the Crystalline Solar core of Gaia on behalf of all.

Everyone is capable of doing this.

  • Clear your space. Create a crystal grid or ceremonial altar for the 12.12.
  • Get out on the land as the 12.12 unfolds to receive. Honor the day, hold highest intent.
  • Join in the the SUNday Meditations. They will be strong. Try and synch with the 5AM, 8AM or 11AM PST global sessions.

Participate in the Global Unity Meditations to assist in co-creating the highest experience for all concerned. Blessed are the Peacemakers, dear hearts. All are needed in thought, feeling, word and action. Details at

Live Unity Meditation in Sedona

We will have a live group for the second meditation in Sedona, AZ. Meditation begins at 9AM Sedona time at Yavapai Vista. ⁠From the parking lot, head left on Yavapai Trail toward Slim Shady to the wide open overlook. (34°48’18.2″N 111°46’15.9″W) Carpool and come early to hike up and prepare the Gate grid. ⁠ No livestream for this gathering: we are offline, focused on Gaia and our Divine service.⁠

Infinite Gratitude to all Anchoring this Sacred Passage

Have a beautiful and transformational 12.12 Gateway.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

I created this short meditation (3’33”) to help each and everyone realize embodiment with The Oneness of All That Is.

I created this short meditation (3’33”) to help each and everyone realize embodiment with The Oneness of All That Is. Take of your shoes off , Close your eyes, lift your hands up in the sky, listen , receive in Gratitude , do a few dancing steps and you are ready to go for the day. #432hzmusic

Join thousands in Global Mass Meditation! Every SUNday at 5AM, 8AM, and 11AM Pacific Time.

A reminder of our SUNday Unity Meditations taking place at 3,6 or 9 pm (Athens Greece ).

Join thousands in Global Mass Meditation!
Every SUNday at 5AM, 8AM, and 11AM Pacific Time.

 Organic Unity of Divine HUmans⁠.2021 marks our FIVE YEAR Anniversary of weekly Global Unity Meditations. We strengthen the telepathic, organic connection of awakened hearts. ⁠This is our birthright: Learn to see, hear, feel, share visions as ONE – without the prop of inorganic technology.⁠

Rise Up Ibiza. Every Night at 21:21CET Global Meditation.

Every night at 21:21 In Ibiza, 1660 people meditate and pray for each inhabitant of the White Island and for the awakening of humanity, supported by more than 4500 people outside Ibiza … Every night, each person in Ibiza and in the world, you, receive blessings, good frequencies, love, peace and light. With 5,600 people from Ibiza, we can wake up the entire island and create an observable effect for everyone. And with the whole island we can wake up the whole planet. This is called the butterfly effect or the hundredth monkey effect. Rise Up Ibiza invites all residents of the island to participate in this awareness and connection action every night at 9:21 p.m. Together we can do it! Please share this message, sign up here


Celebrating 5 years of SUNday Unity Meditation.

Join our tribe.

Blessings Beloveds ~

Our Revelation Wave delivered a massive plasma influx this week with geomagnetic storms, Schumann spikes and reality-shaking energies.

Gratitude to all staying as balanced, harmonious and compassionate as possible in this Now. The Revelation Wave peaks next week (January 22) and sets a new energy in motion. I spoke with Todd Medina on Soulogy last Wednesday about the current state of consciousness. Video link lower in this update.
SUNday Unity Meditation Changes

Our start times are now at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Standard Time (UTC – 8), just 11 minutes earlier. We meditate for 30 minutes.

As a collective dedicated to Peace and Unity – in a period where disharmony can be challenging – I AM inviting everyone to share the meditation announcements, or reach out to a group, or comment/share the posts on social media.

We are stepping into a unique revelation of Unity Consciousness. The ability to tap into the field and co-create balance, healing and Ascension simply by opening as ONE with our Divine Hearts during these sessions will be powerful.

Details, new graphics for sharing and moreHERE