Rise Up Ibiza. Every Night at 21:21CET Global Meditation.

Every night at 21:21 In Ibiza, 1660 people meditate and pray for each inhabitant of the White Island and for the awakening of humanity, supported by more than 4500 people outside Ibiza … Every night, each person in Ibiza and in the world, you, receive blessings, good frequencies, love, peace and light. With 5,600 people from Ibiza, we can wake up the entire island and create an observable effect for everyone. And with the whole island we can wake up the whole planet. This is called the butterfly effect or the hundredth monkey effect. Rise Up Ibiza invites all residents of the island to participate in this awareness and connection action every night at 9:21 p.m. Together we can do it! Please share this message, sign up here