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Daily meditations are going to help to enlighten others. -Buddha via Erena Velazquez-

September 2, 2021

Greetings my Dear Ones,

I am Buddha, and I am happy to be back to share my wisdom with you. Since 2020, I have been diligently coming only through this Universal Channel as I am her mentor.

Each day your world is falling more and more into chaos created by the Darkness. My Dear Ones, now it’s your time to take back, what was taken from you many millenniums ago, your right to be free. A long time ago, many of you arrived on this planet to help to create a New World, instead you got stock here, because of the reincarnation machine. I was fortune to escape it, and leave this planet.

As an Ascended Master, I am going to take you to your destination Ascension. The humanity forgot the purpose of being here, each of you has a different mission to fulfill on Mother Earth. You are going to be informed about your tasks in a proper time, some of you already know.

Majority of the population is asleep, very confused and lost. Please, don’t worry about them, just focus on yourself on staying in high vibrations. The fear tactics of the corrupted souls disturbed the balance between physicality and spirituality. It’s extremely important for you to regain back the balance in order to move to a higher dimension.

The harmony gets restored during the meditations. I am a big believer in the power of contemplation, you cannot move without it forward in your spiritual growth. I did my share of self reflecting, when I had a physical body under my favorite bodhi tree. I am very humble and grateful for Divine leading me to receive my Enlightenment, Nirvana.

I have the same wish for humanity, please take my words seriously, as this is the Now Moment of your Ascension. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, you have been waiting for many millenniums. Everything is ready in your world to receive Enlightenment, don’t get distracted by negative events. The ones who are ready, they are going to ascend, and the rest will need to wait for their turn.

Your spiritual development is your responsibility, and you don’t have a lot of time left as the window is open only for a short time, your Mother Gaia picked up her speed, and she is moving each moment faster and faster. The humankind’s task is to permanently remove the Darkness from this planet.

Daily meditations are going to help to enlighten others. The awaken ones must continue to spread Light and Love, and let go completely of all the 3D attachments. Ego and mind can’t be in charge, only your soul knows, how to proceed with the final mission on Mother Earth. Leave your fears behind and trust your Divine Guidance. You are almost there. Thank you.

You are the Saver of this World

Channeled by Erena Velazquez

So, the next time you are in the middle of an intense situation, and you are feeling like lashing out in anger or reacting defensively, teach yourself to “Take Three”…to take a three second break in that moment… -Buddha-

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Message from Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Through Losha


I am here. I have been here for a long time now. I have been studying from above just as I did when I was below, on Earth. I am pleased to be able to give my message through this one.

It has been many centuries since I was in physical form. Much that is both positive and negative in general has happened since my time. I have been observing all of the many varying “reactions” to the events that are a part of the 3rd dimensional life…and it is those reactions that I would like to address, at this time.

A reaction is a choice…many of you may not agree with that statement; however it is still the truth. Whenever an event in your life results in a specific outcome, it is at that moment that you have a choice as to how you will respond to that outcome.

You can just react right away, with anger, fear, etc, without giving it any thought…or you can pause for a moment and seek your “center” before you speak, or react…and your response will be much more neutral and with less uninhibited emotion. In most cases, when one is able to respond from their center, the situation will not be as charged with intense emotions, and will be able to be resolved in a clearer manner.

I understand that giving pause before you respond is most difficult to do…even I was challenged with that concept in the beginning. However, the rewards for seeking your center first are immense! Your days will be much more joyful and you will feel as if you are “in the moment” more…you will no longer be a slave to your emotions.

Now, of course it is easier to access your center more quickly if you are able to meditate regularly. However, formal meditation does not appeal to everyone, and I have learned that there are many ways to meditate…one can be in a meditative state while doing the gardening they are so passionate about, or when one goes for a walk in nature…this channeler likes to think of it as a form of “active” meditation…doing something that takes you to a higher, more spiritual state…and usually that happens when you are feeling passionate about whatever task thrills you the most…that is when you are in your center, your place that is your sacred space. It is from that space that you will be able to respond to situations from a more neutral perspective, and you will find yourself feeling as if you are “one” with everything!

The primary doctrine of what is called Buddhism is the concept of “non-attachment”…that is very similar to feeling neutral about things that are happening in your lives. If you are able to do that then you are “not attaching” your emotions toward that particular situation. Staying neutral also allows you to be more able to see both sides of the situation, which then allows for a more collaborative discussion instead of an argument.

So, the next time you are in the middle of an intense situation, and you are feeling like lashing out in anger or reacting defensively, teach yourself to “Take Three”…to take a three second break in that moment, so that you may try to respond less emotionally and in a more neutral manner. I would suggest you try to make those three seconds last for as long as you can…possibly by breathing deeply, to allow your emotions to calm down.

My channeler here is also trying to process what I am saying, and she knows she could also benefit greatly from the Take Three method. She is going to begin utilizing this approach and I am asking her to report back on what she learned from using it, in the near future, here.

My beloved friends, this journey of yours on Earth is a very challenging one…however, it can also reap great rewards for you if you learn to address your daily life and all its various experiences from your center…the center of your soul. Life is right in front of you for those who want to learn from it, and to continue to evolve themselves, and to also help others to find their center, along the way.

It was my pleasure to speak with you through this channel on this day. May your days be filled with Love.

Your Siddhartha Buddha.

Channeled by Losha.

Continue to remain in balance, in compassion, in forgiveness, acceptance and surrender, as much as you can; these are your ‘super’ powers! It is from here that your spiritual strength comes and increases.-Buddha-

January 24, 2020,

I am the Buddha. The energy of the One. The energy of the path of compassion, of balance.

I bring forth this day, the offer of my love, the blessing of my courage and actual physical support to all who require it. I feel that you are weighed down, not by the folly of your own error, but by a society that is crumbling and by an architecture that is falling in on itself.

You are not to blame for this. You have brought it to pass and you are to be rewarded for the service you have rendered the One. Yours has indeed been the mighty path.

But the path of the mighty and the just is not the path of vengeance, anger or revenge. It is the energy of the mustard seed, so tiny, so seemingly inconsequential that it is ignored. But bite on it and you will know! You will be filled with it! Plant it and you will see; the ground will explode around it, as it shoots up.

This, this has been your path of balance, your path of might. If you had travelled this path, the ‘battle’ of light, with a mind of anger, righteousness or revenge – where, let us be honest, all of you have begun! – then you would not have emerged victorious.

But you did not remain in those emotions. Those are emotions of the ego; underneath them run the true, deep, still waters of the spirit; the infinite power of the divine, of compassion, of balance, of forgiveness, of empathy, of love, of surrender.

Surrender is not giving in. In martial arts it is allowing for the flow of the opponent, and then using that against them; using their own weight to destabilise them. It is like turning a mirror into the sunlight, the reflection is more blinding than the sunlight itself.

This is what is now occurring. It is the implosion of all the negative energy that has been focused outwards into society, to ruin it, to enslave it, that – through the power and might of your love – is now being turned inwards, towards the source of that darkness, and it is crumbling rapidly.

Continue to remain in balance, in compassion, in forgiveness, acceptance and surrender, as much as you can; these are your ‘super’ powers! It is from here that your spiritual strength comes and increases.

You have done it! You have broken through; the tower of darkness is crumbling. It is true that you must wait for it fall in upon itself, it is true that there will still be some small renegade outposts. But in truth, the war is won. Shortly, this will be obvious to you too, as the new day dawns.

how do you stand in the space of your frequency? In truth, there is a need to make space within your reality and being to exist in peace. This can be achieved in simple ways by focusing on your breathing, holding the focus of your physical eyes on a certain point or retreating to a place where you will not be disturbed by another physical being for a while.

Creating Enlightenment From Your Frequency by Lord Buddha

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and divine blessings extend from my essence to you, I am Lord Buddha. Today I wish to invite you upon a journey of discovery of all that you are, all that is the Creator and the current purpose of ascension. To experience this journey, I need to invite you to my Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes. You may wish to use this invocation to assist you:

‘Lord Buddha, please integrate your high vibrational frequency and light with my soul and entire being. Please raise my frequency and light so I may meet your energy with balance and similar vibration. As my energy quickens in vibration, support me in integrating all that I AM with all that you are. In doing so I wish to experience a deeper bond and connection with you and enter into your Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes. I direct my focus within my being so I may become aware of the shifts taking place in the most appropriate way for me. Thank you.’

This invocation may feel like a knitting of our energies together and a boost of light flowing through your being from my ashram. With this integration and acceptance of each other so our journey together can begin.

Discovering your Frequency and Creating your Frequency

Many souls, especially those currently incarnate upon the Earth, ask me where they should direct their focus in terms of their ascension process. As Planetary Logos, I am overseeing the ascension of the Earth and Planetary Level, so this is a very good question to direct to me often during your meditation experience or quiet time. In doing so you are allowing and requesting me to assist your ascension process and point out to you the most important area for you personally to focus upon.

‘Lord Buddha, I invite you to be present with me now, to guide and assist me as I ask you, where should I direct my focus to advance, accelerate and reveal my ascension process now? Lord Buddha, I receive your light and guidance with an open heart and mind. I understand you may support me by sharing valuable information and insights, or you may support energetic healing and shifts within my being. I am open to receive now, thank you.’

One of the greatest and most fulfilling answers I can give you to this question of where to focus your attention to aid your ascension is to stand in the space of your frequency. Your frequency is akin to the rhythm or energetic coding of your entire being both on the Earth and the inner planes. It is everything that you are as a being who exists upon the Earth and the sacred essence that you are on the inner planes. Your frequency is pure and untainted. It is like a song you continuously sing that expresses all that you are. As well as all that you are as the Creator. To stand in the space of your frequency is to claim your power, love, enlightenment and wisdom. To claim everything that your soul is at the purest level. Remember that you are immensely expansive and so this is an empowering experience. When you stand in the space of your frequency you discover your frequency and begin to create the higher vibrations of your frequency in your current reality. You become the creator of your frequency. To stand in the space of your frequency is to know and accept yourself more fully.

You may be wondering; how do you stand in the space of your frequency? In truth, there is a need to make space within your reality and being to exist in peace. This can be achieved in simple ways by focusing on your breathing, holding the focus of your physical eyes on a certain point or retreating to a place where you will not be disturbed by another physical being for a while. It is important to contemplate what does space mean to you? What do you need to do or focus upon to feel as if you have space? Remember that space can mean to experience freedom, liberation, an opening or a pause in your daily reality, thought process and even emotional process. When you allow yourself to experience space of the most appropriate kind for you, then you give yourself the opportunity to connect with and realise your frequency. It is as if you dissolve distractions and allow yourself to see, sense and acknowledge the truth of your being.

As for what you will discover when you stand in the space of your frequency only you will know as it will be unique and personal to you. It is to see yourself with clarity and truth.

Bringing Forth the Clarity of the Divine

The purpose of my encouragement of you standing in the space of your frequency is to assist you in bringing forth the clarity of the divine and your essence into manifestation within your life and being. This is especially important now with all the energies anchoring into the Earth to aid ascension. When you stand in the space of your frequency you naturally express the clarity of the Creator through all that you are, experience and create. If you place conscious awareness and focus on downloading clarity from your frequency you will balance and empower the power and love of your essence within your being. Thus, becoming an expression of clarity.

‘As I stand in the space of my frequency, I learn to discover and create my frequency within all aspects of my being, reality and ascension process. I naturally recognise divine clarity flowing over and through my being and life. I now choose to download clarity from my frequency to be of service to myself, Mother Earth, the Universe and the Creator. I choose to accept, embody and express the clarity of the divine, knowing how healing and enlightening this will be for me and those around me. And so, it is.

I ask Lord Buddha to amplify and magnify my intention now. Thank you.’

It is important to realise that this simple intention has the power to shift the consciousness of humanity so that all may recognise the Creator within and around them. Contemplate for a moment how much positive and loving change this would create for the world.

Windows of Divine Inspiration and Ancient Knowledge

When you stand in the space of your frequency and consciously download the clarity of your frequency to experience the Creator fully within and around you, you open a divine window. This divine window allows for sacred inspiration and ancient knowledge to flow from the divinity of your frequency into your current awareness and reality. It is akin to a veil becoming thin and the unseen becoming seen.  The window of divine inspiration and ancient knowledge may be experience by you as a portal opening or a download of information. There is much for you to receive and retrieve to further the ascension of all as well as yourself.

‘Lord Buddha, as I stand in the space of my frequency and consciously download divine clarity, I invite you to assist me in opening the windows of divine inspiration and ancient knowledge in the most appropriate way for me. As I am now open to receive, support me in accepting the sacred wisdom and understanding that will aid my ascension and encourage me to assist others in doing and experiencing the same. Thank you.’

Please know that sacred wisdom and knowledge may flow into your conscious awareness instantly or with divine timing, in the way that is most appropriate for you to accept and receive.

Many of you will be called to receive and to distribute or anchor in certain areas of the Earth and even the inner planes.  It is now time to retrieve sacred information, reawakening and grounding it into the Earth to support the empowerment of all as expressions of the Creator.

In sacred love and wisdom,

Lord Buddha

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it is not about crossing the bridge into nothingness, but about one day standing in front of this bridge and having a choice.


At the end of all development lies emptiness. Everything becomes one and all separation is reversed.

The enlightened one realizes that every being gathers their unique experiences and doesn’t want to be disturbed or influenced while doing that.

Even active compassion – which means letting people be part of enlightenment – disappears in the enlightened one.  So he has the choice to be silent and not interfere, or to speak and provide others with the living example of kindness, compassion and love.


I once chose the path of active compassion! After becoming enlightened, I didn’t want to get on board to be shipped to the other side. No, I wanted to stay with the people as a present SUCHNESS-living Buddha.

• People needed to be able to touch me and be touched by my light.
• People needed to see who I am so that they could see who they themselves were, are and can be.
• People needed to walk part of the path with me until they were confident enough to find their own path.


that I stayed on earth among the people.

Enlightened ones have the choice to either immediately cross the bridge to nowhere and immerse in the big nothingness, or to remain on earth as Bodhisattvas to bring people close to this bridge.

Enlightened ones spark the memory in people and can do so in various ways. At the end, however, there is always nothingness, being; free from earthly illusions and far from human conditionings.

Today human beings awaken, and there are enlightened ones among you so that more and more people can become part of this process.

The walls of ignorance must be torn down so that the bridge of awareness becomes visible.

I am amongst you until you have completed this task, and until you yourself have reached completion.

For it is not about crossing the bridge into nothingness, but about one day standing in front of this bridge and having a choice.



Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations