in Awe of the magic occurring in my life

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Synchronicities are happening in such magical ways and so frequently that it is impossible to share all in detail. Just 10 days ago, my higher self voice told me to come to Belgium and even though this was not at all logic i trusted my heart’s call and booked a flight to Belgium only to discover a beautiful new world every step along the way. My intention to feel more than fine works the miracle in these uncertain Ascension times. I have many objectives that i desire to see manifest and now i am enjoying this journey so much that more than ever i don’t care when and how those will happen. The only thing i am doing is following the thread of choosing all things that feel good, which of course includes getting out of my ‘comfort’ zone more often than ever before as i keep the daily habit of going within, putting the puzzle of my desires together in as much detail i can while leaving space for the Universe to surprise me cause that’s where the magic truly is and that’s how i am getting to recognize with elation and eagerness more and more as days go by. It feels i am reaching rapidly a crescendo in my life and an exaltation never experienced before. There are simply no words to express the intensity of how i perceive reality around me, more presence in all things, more beauty, more love, more peace, more kidness, more amazing people surrounding me, more bliss, more appreciation, more manifestations confirming my connection to the Divine. For example just today when i visited an amazing Spa and Sauna Resort in Maasmechelen, Belgium a friend guided me to a room that i knew i was intended to be at and truly recognize it…since March i have been doing an amazing practice with the support of AA Metatron and entire Company of Heaven to bring more abundance in my life and on a planetary level for all and today, one of the rooms the swimming pool was enveloped by a metatronic cube which represents also our Merkaba and i was like wow, AA Metatron is really showing me physical signs that we work together, where attention goes energy flows…i knew right away where to stand and what to do to activate even further the opulence infusion for the highest good for all. It is just is. Magic. Showing me i am on the right path. The path of least resistance. The path of Abundance and flow of all good things in life during the uncertain times of Ascension. I hope this serves you in your journey.

Nikos Akrivos