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A Message to Lightworkers – March 29, 2024

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Nations families, Earth elements, Fae elders, Angelic legions, and other Light Beings known as the Collective:


THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.


As we have recently offered two webinars for the program “Your 12-Strand DNA: Calling in the Power of the Gold Frequencies,” we wished to share this chapter from the book Messages from the Spirits of Abundance. It speaks on the powerful Golden Light particles flowing to Earth now from your Sun, Sol. In that book, in a chapter titled “On the Divine Purpose of Gold’s Presence on the Earth,” a Light Bringer asks:  What is the Divine mandate for Gold to fulfill its Divine purpose on the Earth? 


The answer that follows comes from the Lords of Gold:

We are glad you have asked this!

Our element of Gold is a powerful one on many levels, and few people understand why that is, or how that came to be.


We have no condemnation for what we see happening on your planet now.


We see many in a place of struggle, and we see one human-judged “asset” or another valued, then devalued.


This is an ongoing cycle of confusion regarding not so much what people value on an individual level, as what they are told to value as a “solid investment.”


This is nonsense!


That which you value will always find a way to bring some form of richness to your lives, financially or otherwise.


The Divine mandate of Gold is an excellent topic.

The element of Gold has been valued for thousands of years on your world.

Currently its value is not as trusted or understood as fully as it has been in the past, yet many still collect it, invest in it, desire it.

For the most part, people are greatly unaware of the true essence of Gold—its consciousness, its abilities, and its actual high value.


We speak of high value as being that which holds a high vibration, and holds an intention to represent higher Light. This why you will hear some people speak on the healing properties of Gold, and its powerful presence in Light-based healing ritual, and in meditation.


You will see some put the color gold in their homes, whether in an image or a gold object.

Many do so, whether consciously or not, to anchor the financial “boost” of Gold in their lives, and to draw in greater riches, in one form or another.


Others simply enjoy the color and the sheen of Gold, without fully realizing why.


For those wishing to benefit from its presence, simply holding the image of gold dust or liquid gold flowing through one’s being can strengthen one’s energy fields.

This also greatly helps one to resonate with the inherent wealth of the Gold frequency in its highest form.


Over thousands of years, royalty, magicians, healers, those of great wealth have had Gold in their presence almost nonstop.


This is to ensure that the vibration of either luxury and wealth, or of higher wisdom and hidden knowledge, flowed in their lives.


Often they had a love for this precious element since childhood, without fully understanding why.


Gold inlay in architecture indicated that higher reasoning was used in those places.

In artwork, it indicated refinement and expectation of high social standing. It often also held a spiritual significance. The organized religions are aware of this, and have used gold in their structures and interior enhancements for many centuries, though more to signify power and wealth than spiritual progression, in some cases.


Gold has a Masculine presence in many ways, yet it has complemented the beauty of women via jewelry and clothing since time immemorial, using the Feminine essence to magnify its allure.


We would say that Gold is of such a high vibration on this planet, that it need not be given a Divine mandate. And yet, yes—it has a Divine purpose, as you have sensed.


It was used in many ancient pyramids to assist transmissions of energies and of messages, aiding communication technologies and psychic transmissions between persons and groups around the Earth, through space, and even between galaxies.


It was also revered for its ability to hold information, and to facilitate shifts in vibrational frequencies, including in portals and stargates.


As with most higher vibrational elements, it speaks a rare language, one grasped by the wise priests of Egypt during the time of Egypt’s period of high awakening, and in other great civilizations. It is a receiver of and a connector to the wisdom of the higher realms, when spoken to in its own energetic language.


Though the gold in many modern manufactured gold items have had some of that essence vibrationally removed from them, still these items connect etherically to their true, higher nature, and to the presence of Gold everywhere on the planet. 


Its nature is transformative, and must be directed with positive intent, in order for the alchemist or spiritual seeker working with Gold to benefit and not suffer from this element.


It can be toxic to those of dark intent and low vibration.


For Gold always knows who and what it is.

It is, as a collective force, reverting to its true nature now, as your planet moves ever higher in vibration.


All of your spirits call to the presence and essence of Gold to purify your heart-minds and souls, and to assist you in blessing all about you with the air and flow of active Abundance.


Addressed properly, and respected in all good ways, meditating on the essence and energy of Gold in its high vibrational, Light particle form can open portals to greater self-understanding, wealth, healing, and appreciation of all that is precious and rare in the higher realms, as well as upon the Earth.


You are here at this time to be healed, to cleanse your essence of all that which, over many Earth lives, has led you to forget your true essence.


Gold’s Divine purpose is to remind humanity and the Earth Herself of the vibrations of the higher realms, and to demonstrate one of the characteristics of the Divine presence in Earth life.


That is, the transformational capability, and the purity, that all in the higher realms see Earth beings desiring now—the desire to move Earth life to a higher level, and to heal the brokenness of the planet and Her history.


Gold shines in all its glowing warmth to do far more than to enrich or adorn.

In its etheric form, it desires to cleanse and to heal, to assist and to uplift all who call upon its essence.


It is the essence, color, and Light ray associated with the Divine Masculine, and as such, carries the energies of Divine Action, the fulfillment of Divine Order, and the Divine Design of the Divine Feminine.

It adorns and expresses within the throne and presence of Creator God, as Silver does for the throne of Creator Goddess.


You will have heard of the healing properties of monatomic gold, and this is so.

Yet the alchemists of old did not desire to transform base metals to highly refined ones only to aid healing, as important as that can be.


They desired to enter the very refined and ingenious higher consciousness of Gold, and to embody that presence.


Image often that you are wearing large rings of Gold all around you in your etheric body—image (or draw) this metaphor, and allow it to remind you that you walk amongst the Queens and the Kings of this galaxy and this Universe, known or unknown.


That you are here at this time to be healed, to reintegrate any lost parts of your essence, and to cleanse your essence of all that which, over many Earth lives, has led you to forget your true essence.


Let it be your companion, and your assistant on your journey.

There are many gifts of Nature and the etheric realms.


The spirit and qualities of Gold are particularly beautiful and empowering ones!





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And so we ask that you not come to the conclusion that if you were abused in this life, you were an awful person in other lives. -Quan Yin-

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This channeling is a continuation of the July 13, 2023 video channeling on why someone would write childhood sexual abuse into their life blueprint before incarnating.

COR: Hello, friends. I’m glad to connect with you again.

This is the second part of the channeling begun last week. It’s going to encompass more than child trafficking and just talk about child abuse in general, particularly sexual abuse.

It is a very intense subject, and I have to give incredible thanks and support, and just pay real respect and honor to those who contacted me to say that they were in support of last week’s message, and that they realize it’s a tough issue, but one that requires that we send a lot of Light to now.

So in these energies coming in, I find that Lightworkers are asking so many questions as they’re feeling old trauma coming up from this and other lives. Or they’re something that feels to be really shadowy. And maybe that’s based on grief or rage or loss and abandonment.

So we don’t really have to blame ourselves—I would say, just allow those feelings.

Let it come up. The Collective often encourage people—they have for years encouraged people to get a pen and paper and write at the top, “What’s going on that I feel so awful about such-and-such?” Or just in general—whatever it is that’s happening with you.

And then switch the pen to the other hand, and just let the story come out. And that’s your subconscious speaking!

That could be a past life self [explaining what happened in a past life]. It could be your child aspect. It could be a lot of different things.

But at least then you’ll know what you’re grappling with.

And that will only be one aspect [of what you’re dealing with in that issue], because most Light Bearers have been on this Earth hundreds of times. Some more than a thousand times.

I know there are Starseed who are very new to Earth life, and yet, you’ve experienced a lot on other planets, and those memories are deep in our subconscious.

So I think it’s important to let this come forward now. So I’m going to hand this over the Quan Yin.

She came through a few days ago to let me know that she would like to speak on these issues, and I’m honored to bring her through for you, and to encourage everyone to the energetic transmission that comes with her words to go straight to your heart, and to heal many, many things that you don’t even know are there.

While these Ascension energies are flowing in, while this powerful Light is coming in, so much is coming up to the surface.

So I’m going to let Quan Yin speak now, and request that she step forward.

[To Quan Yin] Namaste, dear one! She is known as the Ascended Master who is particularly focused on mercy and compassion, and connection to the suffering of others in ways that elevate us, so you’ll hear her next . . .

QUAN YIN: Greetings, dear ones!

I know each of you by your Light, and I am honored—all of us in the Collective likewise honored to be a part of this gathering, which though it takes place over a variety of space-times, nevertheless lives in Oneness. And yes—mercy, compassion, connection to those who have suffered—this is a great part of my path and always has been.

And I congratulate all of you coming forward at this time, when there is so much to be reckoned with, and so much to be faced that has lived in shadow, partly because that’s all it every knew.

And so, as this dear one was saying, we ask please that you not consider that you are of a low vibration just because things are coming up now.

Old anger, old shock, old pain of various kinds. Perhaps feelings of insecurity—you might feel alone and abandoned.

This is not coming up because this is the full truth of your existence. It’s coming up because all of these solar Light particles flowing on to the Earth now are seeping not only into every cell of the physical body, but every particle of the spirit and the consciousness.

So anything there, as they say, that is not like Love or Love itself, is going to come up. It’s going to rise up now to where you can see it and deal with it and bless it.

And you don’t have to heal everything all at once! In the Ascension process much is healed merely at times, by being quiet. By surrendering, and letting go.

It’s not all about hard work. It’s not even all about meditation, although in those moments, you will, dear ones, you will see far more clearly and why you have come.

So what we’re going to do, is call in all of your Spirit teams. We’re going to request that they lay before us and all in the Collective, who are here—lay down what each of you is suffering with right now, and we’re going to lend a lot of healing energy to that.

Now, Archangel Raphael, naturally, is here. But what we are offering is the vibration of being heard, finally—the child self finally being able to tell all of the story of what they have been through.

And the inner self that is hidden for the most part from the world, and perhaps even from your conscious mind and awareness at times.

Knowing that they are loved and supported in all ways, and that it’s not a matter of belief.

It’s not a matter of thought or subscribing to one particular idea or system—even a healing system. Even a higher Light system.

It’s a matter of just breathing, and just being for a moment.

And so, go into your breath, dear ones. We are working with all of you—that’s right, all of the higher selves and guides now laying everything, all of your Angelic guardians, laying everything before us and all of the beautiful Divine Masters and angels within the Collective—the Nature spirits, the Earth elements.

Wonderful . . . all are participating now.

And we are holding all of this that all of you have suffered, and which you connect with some aspect of yourself—you’d rather not look at it, it’s too painful.

Or it lives in shadow; it does this and that—it contradicts with your higher ideals, etc.

We’re placing all of that into a beautiful Circle of Light, and asking Saint Germain in particular to step forward, to work with his beautiful Transmuting Violet Flame, to raise the vibration of all these circumstances, and to rinse you free of the struggle of having to release them on your own. That is no longer necessary! There is great help for all of you. There is great and beautiful help, dear ones.

Put everything into that beautiful Circle of Light, please, Spirit teams—wonderful!

And if you yourselves have something to put into that Circle, go ahead, dear ones.

Something you don’t understand. Something that’s too painful to look at, or something you cannot name, but which seems to be lurking deep inside your inner life.

Now, we wanted to speak also on this issue of child trafficking, and also in the broader sense, all children who have their life energy stolen from them [by sexual abuse], which can be replenished—this is not a “forever” sort of contract or agreement—not at all.

But the dear one putting out the video, whom the Collective refer to as their writer, and she is of course asking why would someone write into their life chart, being trafficked—being abused this way, or being sexually abused or abused in other ways that feel to be soul-crushing.

And so we are calling on the higher selves now, as well as casting an eye out over all of your life charts, and just listening, as well as taking in the energetic components of those life blueprints which you compose in the higher realms before incarnating, of course.

So a good number of you, as was discussed last week, have wanted to release—not entirely repudiate, but release the need to define oneself through physical life.

This may sound strange, because to the child who’s been abused, there is an awful lot going on that relates their life to their physical body, because of course the trauma, while creating separations, also creates an indelible link between one’s everyday life and one’s sexuality, sense of self, sense of safety. Whether the world is a good and safe and honorable place to live, or a place never to be trusted.

And so, looking into the blueprints not only have people wanted to expunge and release any shadow, any abuse they have put upon others, and to understand what they have put others through, but to take on—ah, now we’re seeing quite a number of reasons popping up! We’ll finish this one—

The idea was to take on a particular form of punishment and to bear the scars of that until healing could be achieved, and that that healing would then elevate one to a level at which they would know themselves in a very new, and empowering, and a far higher way than they would have known themselves without that abuse.

So this means climbing one of the tallest mountains in Earth life that exists.

And it means going straight into the soul for yes, comfort and encouragement, but also for a reason that has no reason.

For a level of Divine Love that does not need the mind’s participation or comprehension in order to move forward.

And so there is this ongoing sense of, “How do I climb above this?”

And that particular road, very well-traveled now, will lead one to new and higher understandings of one’s own soul growth and soul strength.

Now, coupled with that, particularly for those who think of themselves as Starseed and Light Bearers—coupled with that is the desire to be in those circumstances to instill [higher Light] into the heart and mind and soul—yes, of the child pedophile networks, but also of every single abuser—every single person who devises these plans and/or profits from them connects to them in any way, uses them so as to access children for dark reasons. Or feels that they’re not so bad, or probably don’t exist. At least “not in my country.”

This is what many will think, and unfortunately there has been a backlash recently [since the movie Sound of Freedom was released] where there have been people for instance being interviewed on television, and these interviews put up on YouTube, saying, “Maybe these issues exist, but not in this country.” “Not the US or UK or Australia,” or what have you.

And of course, they exist in nearly every country, particularly the more powerful ones.

Slavery has been used as a form of profit of course, by the old power structure, for many, many centuries.

So those of you [personally] affected by this form of abuse, whether trafficked or abused by those that you knew or came to know, those in your social circles, or someone who just happened to take advantage of the moment, whether you knew them or not—you have been planting powerful Light, powerful Light transmissions into every aspect of this issue.

And therefore, it is not what it was.

This [form of abuse] has been unfortunately one of the biggest ways in which the old power structure and its members gleaned more life energy power, and more co-Creative power.

Yes, in dark ways that are seeing now to their slow but sure destruction in many cases, and seeing to the destruction of their power structure.

But certainly while Earth was caught in a very low vibration, they got away with it for a very long time.

Except that now, those coming in, particularly those who are children now—age 18, in their teens and younger, all the way down to infancy, come in with a very special and very powerful Light.

So to abuse one of these—to take one of them—even though their human consciousness will feel victimized and traumatized, their soul and their soul family are working a thousand times harder than every they did before to plant Light into this issue, into the abusers, into the network owners and operators, into those who suffer under these criminal acts. And into the Earth Herself, which has been defiled over the centuries by dark intent, as obviously you all know.

To infuse powerful Light, there has been absolutely incredible Light and energies—tonal vibrations and energies of inner Knowing that those who have participated in or who have run these organizations and their goings on, are having now to face things that even 10 years ago they would not have faced. Or only fleetingly—they would have wondered what it meant, this dream or nightmare, or this person saying this or that to them, or this feeling in their heart-space or their mind malfunctioning in some way.

They would have wondered what was going on, and now they have a feeling deep down that they know what’s going on.

They are too terrified of their own abusers—their own owners, their own slave masters—to step out of the network and to do as they would prefer, which is to run from this criminality and this cruelty.

So to say that those who have come to the Earth now who are suffering this [kind of abuse] have a very, very great mission that they are carrying out, is putting it lightly!

This is not to say, “All is well, all is fine—it’s OK if children suffer, because there’s a higher reason.”

Most assuredly, none of us in the Collective would say that. None of us in the higher realms would say that. It is not all right.

But consider, dear ones, that as the shadow aspects come up within yourself—notice how much more you are willing to heal and to move forward into the Light!

And how much more then, would those who have been in shadow for centuries—one incarnation after another—how much more would they begin to wake up and realize, “There’s something big going on.”

You might drink a glass of pure water—structured water—blessed with pure Love and pure Light—perhaps those words would be written on a bit of paper that is taped to the glass container.

And you wait an hour or so, and you drink the water while it holds the emotional and spiritual resonance of Love or Peace, or whatever the words are.

And you drink it, and you feel beautifully comforted. You feel calmer. You feel your energies lift.

You begin to remember from somewhere deep inside how completely loved you are.

Now, someone from that other side of things—someone who abuses very knowingly, who understands what they’re doing and does it anyway, for their own “gratification” or for money or for both—

They drink that same glass of water, dear ones, and they will be overcome with feelings that disturb and upset and trouble them many times over, without being able to name exactly what is happening.

Unless they see that word Love or Peace of Kindness or Compassion written on the side of the glass, and then they will begin to understand, “It’s not just a word. It’s a vibration, and I have taken it in.”

They may try to spit out what they’ve had from that glass of water! They may be sorry they ever drank it. Yet something within them—the child [within them] who was crushed and abused—will resonate on a higher level, and will begin to have a clearer voice, and begin to influence more and more that abuser’s or that criminal’s goings on in life.

And we wish to say, in a funny kind of way, you are that Love-filled essence that these ones are taking in.

You fill the very air and very essence of the environment that you live in on this planet with exactly that kind of magic. Exactly that healing power, and nothing less!

And so you can look at outer events such as war and climate disaster and trafficking of all kinds, and all kinds of abuses in the world, and decide, “Oh, everything’s dreadful! I just feel awful.”

You can do that if you feel you must. And yet, you have come in at this time for such powerful reasons, dear ones! You have come in to heal others.

You have come in to raise the vibration of this planet to where the abuse of humanity’s own children would be beyond unthinkable.

Likewise, the abuse of elders, of refugees and immigrants, of all those who say, for being nonwhite, or for having grown up in a particular ethnicity or religion, or social class or income level, are systematically put down and vilified, and either ignored or stuffed into a prison somewhere.

You have come in to let all of the prisoners know they are free!

And the worst sorts of prisoners on your planet are those who think they are in control. Who are headed straight for their own destruction if they do not return to the Light.

And we don’t say that anyone’s going to drop a bomb on them or anything. But they will face Divine Goddess, give an account, be given a last chance to come over into the Light.

If they refuse, this is a result of their making, what befalls them then.

Inner self-will and self-determination and human will, human choice, are all honored.

Honored by Mother Sekhmet. Honored by the Saturn Tribunal. Honored by this Universe, and the laws of this cosmos. Don’t ever doubt that, dear ones. Don’t ever doubt that all of you made your choice for the Light.

Because this is who you are and what you must do—both!

And so you didn’t come in to be a victim, no. And neither did any of these others who appear to have been victimized.

They came in to anchor so much Light that this beautiful Ascending planet will never be the same.

And so we ask that you not come to the conclusion that if you were abused in this life, you were an awful person in other lives.

While some of that may hold some truth, that is not the full story.

That is only part of it, and perhaps this channeled expression on these issues will continue a bit longer, to offer even more reasons.

But those are the ones we offer today, dear ones, with much Love, and many blessings! There is an old hymn of Christendom, “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth.” And we would say that that Redeemer is all of you. Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] having come in only to set an example, not to be worshipped.

And we would say that all of the Light that you are, gathered in the Oneness of Universal Light, which is pure Love, is indeed renewing, rebirthing, re-forming, transforming this beautiful Lady Gaia.

And so we send much Love, dear ones, and many blessings. Namaste!

Q&A time with the Collective on the issue of child abuse, and specifically to do with child sex trafficking

A Message to Light Bringers – July 13, 2023

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! This week our writer has some questions she would like to ask, and which we are happy to answer. COR: Welcome, friends!

Today’s channeling is a sort of Q&A time with the Collective on the issue of child abuse, and specifically to do with child sex trafficking, which is really big in the news at the minute, partly because of this film, Sound of Freedom.

And also because it is fast becoming the biggest criminal enterprise in the world.

So what I’m going to do is ask the Collective first of all, why someone would write into their life chart that they were going to be trafficked as a child.

This to me is just unthinkable.

I myself am a survivor of several forms of sexual abuse, including having been abused as a child by my father sexually.

But to be handed off to multiple abusers a day, every day, until finally your body just gives out after a few years—this is just unthinkable to me.

[Video version of Message at:]

If you look at it as a situation of, “Well, they [the trafficked one] were trying to, as people say, burn off some karma,” this is still a very, very dark path.

And it’s just hard for me to understand.

So I’m asking the Collective that, and I’m asking as well, is it the child’s life energies that the dark power structure is after.

And the answer to that is no doubt Yes.

But how is that changing now that the Earth is taking on so much more Light?

How is it changing now that so many people are beginning to Ascend, and asking to understand Ascension, and looking for ways to raise their vibration?

It just seems to me to be the strangest sort of dichotomy, these two opposites running parallel to one another.

So I’m going to bring in the Collective, and I’m going to ask them to address both of these issues.

So just go into your heart-space, and go into your breathing for a moment, and the Collective, this beautiful group of higher beings I channel, will be who you hear next.

THE COLLECTIVE: Well greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you once again.

And so, yes, our writer has put forth a few questions, and perhaps there are a number of you who have also asked these questions.

What in the world? Who would plan this for themselves, and why?

And what does the old [power structure] crowd get out of it, exactly?

So let’s look at this first question: Who would put this into their life chart?

And this is for those who agree that this [preplanning our Earth life] is something that happens. If you feel that all of life is happenstance, that no one would ever ask on any level for such an issue, we would say, this is understandable.

Because from a human viewpoint, from where you are now on the planet, it makes less than no sense that anyone would put themselves through such torture or see any point in it.

So what we are going to do now is to take on the persona, as it were, of someone who has accepted this.

And a number of us within the Collective have, in any event, been slaves.

And a slave can be exploited on any level, as you are aware—particularly women and children are exploited badly while they are enslaved.

We don’t use the term “slave” as a sort of cultural assignation, as if that label is all that person is. But as an enslaved person, they are put in a position to be told that is all they are, from a very young age and it is so that many of them do not survive for very long when taken in as children.

First, understand that slavery has existed for many thousands of years, since the fall to the third dimension, because this is one of the ways in which the hierarchy exists in the state that it is able to exist in.

If someone people are made to feel hopeless—in fact, at least half the human race, if not the majority is meant to feel utterly without advocate.

Without real representation within the power structure. Without choices. Without money and property. Without a voice, socially or culturally or otherwise. This serves their purposes perfectly.

Now, why would anyone volunteer to experience this, particularly as it is millions of people currently on the planet who are experiencing this—at a time when the Earth is actually Ascending!

So again—let’s bring in this presence of this dear one who was herself enslaved.

Namaste, dear one!

And she speaks now, to say:

“Greetings, friends! “I took on the life of an enslaved person several times, in order to move my consciousness to a level that ran not purely in opposition to my outer environment, but well above that environment. “What human beings are taught is to fight anything that they don’t like.

“To try to shove it off the map of human experience. And I came in specifically to suffer in that way. Now, I don’t choose that any longer, and most who have come in under the third dimension have decided not to return, and this is a fact. If they are able to move forward, they will do so.

But I came in with the intent and the expectation that I would be an enslaved person, with no freedom, no voice, no choices, no life of my own except that which I was ordered into.

And know that these persons exist in the very echelons of every culture on the Earth.

Even that which is indigenous will at times play into this power structure in return for money or some other form of leveraging.

It is not really any child’s desire to be used in this way.

Once in a human body, many have said and thought to themselves, “I chose wrongly. This is too much. I will not survive this.”

And yet, in those moments in which the abuse occurs, many centuries of wrongdoing are erased, as the person themself takes on what they put upon others in any number of lives.

Or what they assented to—what they believed was all right [for others to do]. And in other instances, such as myself, they chose it to move into the higher mind, out of sheer necessity.

We do not say that anyone deserves to be punished and to suffer, because this goes against Universal Law, to willingly force another to suffer.

And we don’t force ourselves to do so.

If we choose openly, there are many reasons why. We have only given you a few today.

But understand that that which the soul desires for its own growth can appear to be very strange to the one who is looking at a situation from without.

From my position as one who has suffered in this way, I am able to go to those spirits on the Other Side whom I myself abused or tortured in other lives, and to assure them, “I have suffered as you have, and I understand now what I put you or your family or your children through. “

This was not only wrong in the moralistic sense, but created great unevenness in my vibration, and meant that I needed to experience what I had put another through in order exculpate or release or absolve that which I had committed in other lives.

And so, one might say that everyone has had a vast combination of life experiences.

Now, some only come in a few times. I have been in many times, as most of you have as well.

Many times in an Earth life, and seeking not retribution against myself or others, but to understand the depth of this duality that we willingly chose to experience for centuries.

I would not say that I choose to experience it now. I would not say that at all.

I would say that I am finished with the strange and uneven and very taxing and traumatizing world of duality.

Again, most of you as well are probably well finished with the entire experience of living in a third dimensional world that has been so divided between dark and Light and good and bad, as people term them.

Over time you begin to understand, there is only experience.

There is only that energy which leads you either away from enlightenment or toward it, closer and closer each day.

For those who do not choose to live in the Light, we would say, this is your decision. But that the doors are closing, one might say, for the choice to be made to come into the Light and to be there permanently.

This is a beautiful thing, when one considers that the timing of Earth lives now coincides perfectly with the decision to either move up in vibration or to remain at a low vibration and risk sinking even further down.

This is a moment of great empowerment either way, because one’s decision determines one’s path for an indefinite period of time.

So as you look at those who are troubled and enslaved and not surviving the process, as most do not, we would say, understand that by and large, this was chosen by them.

There are people who come in without a life chart, but most of these are not of the Light.

Those who are of the Light tend to request a particular set of circumstances so that they might learn more.

So in these times of Ascension, people are moving forward very, very quickly, and they are asking to rinse their souls free of the trauma that they induced in others.

They are asking to rinse their souls free of the pain and the losses they caused not only themselves but many around them in a number of lives.

And the old way, the old paradigm was to come in and to suffer for what one had done in other lives, and of course this is ending now.

So you won’t see this any much more, beyond this generation—this tendency to suffer in order to achieve growth.

This is no longer a requirement, and this is no longer sought by those coming in now.

Yes, some are still being trafficked at drastically young ages. This can occur.

And again, this is the ending you are seeing of this sort of program, one might say, of self-correction, of learning the hard way.

Humanity has chosen to move up.

If you are on the New Earth timeline or joining it now, you will not suffer this way [in any future Earth life]. And so we return now the speaking moment to our friends in the Collective, and we thank them for this opportunity. Namaste!

we ask you to not ever doubt the efficacy and the depth or reach of your own vibration, friends!

Greetings, dear ones!

We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you. And in listening to that lovely music [that was just played on the Ashtar Call], we are imaging the rolling mist of gold dust pouring throughout the Earth now! You notice that the song builds as it goes along. Now, it has an interesting title, that song, written by Pueblo Native[-American] composer Robert Mirabal, who also plays the flute in it. It’s titled “Memoir Chaco,”as in Chaco Canyon.

Mirabal, being a Pueblo man from Taos, New Mexico, speaks energetically of Chaco Canyon in that beautiful tune. The build-up in the song draws one very intentionally into the realization that what we see around us is really not all that is there. That there is a new civilization coming forward that will make the ancient civilizations plainer and more understandable to those who are on the Earth now. Because one wanders the ruins, these beautiful centuries-old structures of Chaco Canyon, left by an indigenous people of long ago, and these are considered to be mysterious buildings, because there are small openings into some of the chambers that have no light, other than through that small opening. And one wonders, “Well, how did people survive in this?” Or they notice the alignment of the lines of the structure. There are several structures, but they coincide with not only certain environmental earthly alignments, but with astrological alignments as well.

And they seem to speak to the stars, and relate to the stars. So there was clearly Star Nations assistance in the building of these dwellings. In fact, they were built as a sort of bridge between the stars and the people who lived on the Earth. And, dear ones, you’re coming into the same time now. You are coming into something which is going to recall that Star Nations connection of long ago, and far exceed it. Don’t be surprised if you are visiting a very old structure in the Western US or anywhere, where you are picking up images inwardly of the people who lived there hundreds or thousands of years ago. In those moments, you’re going to see with your heart. This is how babies and children see Angels. It’s how children see the Faery realm and the Elven realm. The spirits of animals, and the spirits of the trees—because they’re seeing with their heart. Your consciousness is dropping down into the heart-space, and coming out of a severe left-brain preoccupation, because you’re realizing it’s time to let that go now. Left-brain reasoning doesn’t answer to everything. It can’t answer to all of human experience! It can’t answer to all of one person’s experience! And it doesn’t make much sense to expect that of it. How can the conscious mind, how can the left-brain, answer that which is beyond the capability of highly rational left-brain reasoning power?

There are things that the heart-space and the spirit will understand, that the mind has not yet developed the ability to grasp. And so you may feel at times that you are in a situation that is difficult for you, in grasping why some people did this or that. If you can just take a moment for yourself in that time, and come down into the heart-space, and pretend you’re looking out at that situation. Close your eyes, and pretend you’re looking out at the situation from the heart-space. And through the heart, see what is truly happening there. It will not appear to you as it did when you were looking at it purely from this highly rational reasoning aspect of not only left-brain, but the trained impulse to make everything make sense according to your mind, and the social structures and the belief structures that humanity has been given over the past 100 years or so, which have grown a bit. They have absolutely grown to include such things as computers, and space travel, and all sorts of exciting new technologies in healing, and new forms of education. Yet really, what you are looking at, dear ones, is the development of the higher self within the human body. And accepting fifth dimensional vibrational reality within how you view your daily reality. This is a huge shift! This is one of the biggest shifts you’ll ever hear of in your life. And certainly, it is the biggest leap humanity has ever undergone. We say this, knowing that there was a very great fall from the higher dimensional awareness in which people lived utterly intuitively. There was no veil before their eyes, and they could see and understand one another and communicate over many miles, telepathically. But we would say you’re coming back into that, to move up into that beautiful time of not only self-healing, but healing one’s planet. And moving back up into the vibration of being spiritually aware that that new consciousness seeks to integrate your daily Earth self with your entire Being.

This is the biggest leap that one could possibly imagine, coming up from a third-dimensional vibration—an environment covering the entire planet as well as human awareness. So now as you’re listening to that song, “Memoir Chaco” by Robert Mirabal, and the music is building, and there’s an ongoing, growing-braver-and-stronger drumbeat in the background, and the volume is growing, as the dramatic sense of expectation is growing— As you listen to it, or to any music that is swelling in intensity and moving toward some higher moment of realization, you can image this beautiful gold dust, spreading out around your entire planet. We strongly encourage that you see this rolling out, particularly to all places in which there is great strife, great struggle, and great loss. And over and through the violence that has taken place this year, and over the past year or more, in the case of the war in Ukraine. And understand that, as much as the people there and elsewhere are suffering, including the natural disasters and the toxic spills upon the environment, such as in Ohio—as much as the people are suffering with this, understand that this is their path. As they plant the Light within this desperate darkness, they are working on a higher level—on a soul level, and within their higher self consciousness. Understand that this is their way of shifting this planet to a higher level.

How beautiful! How incredible that even those who are still children have come forward to do this. Absolutely astounding! And never doubt, dear ones, that your family who are Star Nations, as the indigenous folk will call them—never doubt that they have never ceased to be involved with this planet, and now are ratcheting up and increasing their involvement and their interventions all the more. And as you invite them in, they can do more! Now, our writer was saying recently, on one of the conference calls that the White Knights hold on Friday evenings, “I call in the ETs! I call in the Star Nations, but they don’t show up!” And we have reminded her they show up all the time, but they’re not always obviously visible. One can always speak with them and receive the energy of their reply , if not the actual words inwardly. One can always call them forward for assistance. And the assistance is going to be there! Without question, it’s going to be there. It’s just that, yes, one might look forward to a ship landing in the back garden! But it’s not going to happen that way every time. And there are many reasons for that. And yet the calls are answered, dear ones. Just as these prayers, particularly if you speak them aloud, or call upon Angelic assistance, call upon Ascended Master or Light Being assistance, or just assistance from Source Energy—all of this is going to be answered, because it must be! Vibrationally, when a call is sent out, it always creates a pulling action which then pulls back to one the results of one’s own intention. So we would ask that, even though these times can feel treacherous, feel highly tenuous, feel very uncertain and strange, as you see a lot of human rights being upended and denied after 30, 40, or 50 years of very clear and plain practice of certain human rights, such as a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body—yes, this can be very difficult. And yet, look at all of the aspects of life that are awakening in response to the—we’re going to say, attempted totalitarian effects! They aren’t really winning. All they’re doing, you’ve noticed, is succeeding in awakening people all the more. All they’re doing is succeeding in drawing people together—to stand together very bravely, and to make a strong stance for whatever area of freedom, or freedom of expression of their choice, or movement, or ideas they have decided they will take a stand for. But the fascist or totalitarian oppression, as it’s termed on your planet, which is simply a very dark, slow, very thick energy—this is not ever going to win—not now! It may have had its day at one time, and obviously there are some trying to bring that through again. But they cannot, because this is not the same planet it was 80 or 90 years ago. So you may feel to be facing in some ways, something very grave, almost insurmountable some days. And you’re wondering “How do we get through this?”

We would say, “You don’t resist. You stay in the moment, and you live out and breathe out your own beautiful higher self, out into the atmosphere.” And believe us, that is transforming everything into your desire to move the planet to a higher level! You won’t be able to avoid the good effects of it, dear ones! You’ll be caught up in the joy of it. No one will be able to stop you. We promise you that. So listen if you can. Listen to beautiful music such as this, which connects you to your own past, as well as your present and your future. Combine them. The only Time that exists is Now. And it is so, when people say “There is only one of us here.” It is true that all of you are One. An ongoing interconnection of consciousness, experience, and Light forms. And when the predominant movement and expectation on the planet is that of Light, that of en-Light-en-ment, and of forward progression into Unity consciousness, into Peace, into Abundance for everyone, and into compassion, empathy, and kindness—when that’s the predominant vibration, you will see the birth of the fifth dimension on Earth! And all of you are working toward that right now. Many who are working toward it have been sparked and encouraged to do so in response to these ridiculous new rules which are handed down, which are called totalitarian on your planet—and they are such. And so, all of these sparks come together, dear ones, and you form your own Sun, your own sight, and your own emanation of higher Light and higher vibration, and that cannot be denied! You tip the scales in favor of Ascension! This is what you’re doing. Anytime you decide to be Joyful. Anytime you decide to go to dance, to sing, to play outside in the garden, or lie in the grass and look at the clouds as you did as a child, or to just be with loved ones and be laughing, as well as the time that you meditate, or listen to inspiring music—anytime you do that, you’re lifting the vibration of the entire planet! Certainly there are “bigger” planets, but this one has weighed heavily on many, many minds and hearts throughout this Universe of Nebadon, because of what she has been through. So we ask you to not ever doubt the efficacy and the depth or reach of your own vibration, friends! Because then, as that vibration goes out, it matches and connects with the vibration of so many others that are turning density back into Light. And this is beyond glorious! Absolutely, when we stand back, we look at how this planet’s vibration has shifted even in the last 3 or 4 months. It’s a glorious thing to see. And almost incalculable, the level of Joy that is being felt and offered in the Angelic realms, and amongst your ET friends and family, who are able with their instruments, or their special sight, to actually see the vibration rising. So as you listen to this or any other inspiring music, dear ones, image that Light pouring out, pouring into those areas of the world that need it, that beautiful sparkling, sentient, healing gold dust. Lighting up the hearts and the outlook of everyone, and disabling all guns and bombs, disabling all the tools of war machinery, and utterly defusing them. Then lifting consciousness to the level of realization that humanity—we. We are in charge now of our own planet! We are no one’s minions! And this old crowd—“It’s time for you to face the Light, and to see who you are. To finally to look in the mirror, and see who you are.” We’ll just allow them that time, dear ones. Many are jumping into the Light that even five years ago, would not have dreamt of doing so. So hold wide open the door! They are coming forward, yes!

And so we send much love, dear ones, and many blessings. Full of thanks for the beauty of your beautiful, powerful presences upon the Earth at this time. Namaste!

Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2023. All Rights Reserved.

From an April 2023 live channeling on the Ashtar Legacy Family Call

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realize that your higher good wants you every bit as much as you desire it!

The Collective: More on Transformation

A Message to Lightworkers – November 8, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective.

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

And so, as we are sitting by this by this beautiful flow of water, which is really just energy, think again on that subject that we have been speaking on lately, which is Transformation.

And not only Transformation from where you are physically, or what you are experiencing outwardly, but who you feel yourself to be—a greater source of empowering for you, in other words.

So again, we will just ask you to give yourself this moment, when you are imaging what you would really love to experience, or to have, or to heal.

And put yourself in that situation fully.

So we’ve walked forward from envisioning what would be wonderful to experience, and calling out to it energetically, and now the next step is to embody it.

To claim full ownership of this beautiful shift in your life.

And this can be many things, dear ones.

Yes, most people want to heal bodily issues, and improve their income, and to be with the right partner, or to recreate or rebirth the relationship they’re in now.

And most people would like to know what their life purpose is, if they don’t already know that.

They would love to experience knowing, “Why did I come onto the Earth at this time?”

And many have other issues. It might be something in your family, or your community. Or you just want NESARA to happen!

Whatever it is, bring that forward now.

Close your eyes, or just stare at the water flowing by . . .

And begin to claim this, not as something [off in the future] that you desire, but something that already exists, and that is calling out to you every bit as much as you are calling out to it.

This is an absolutely beautiful way to realize that your higher good wants you every bit as much as you desire it!

And be open to receiving this wonderful thing or situation—a new beginning, inner or outer healing—be ready and open to receive it in whatever ways are for your higher good.

We want you to call in your Spirit team right now. Just say, “My Angels, my Spirit guides, my higher self, I know you are always with me, but sit down with me now, because this is important, and I require your assistance.

“Now, here’s my vision,” and show them your vision of what you want to create.

And then you want to say, “I expect real movement on this! If I need to do something outwardly to claim it, then show me what that is. “If I need to tap into some wisdom, some realization and understanding I just don’t have yet—lead me to it! “You brought me in for growth, and I brought me in for growth, and so, here we are! I am going to embody this Transformation—I’m not only going to desire it.”

So, with your eyes closed right now, envision that this has already taken place, whatever it is.

Look down at yourself [in this vision]—see what you’re wearing. See where you are, outwardly. In a room or outside in Nature, such as our writer is right now.

Envision this and be glad for it! Put yourself fully in the picture! Remember, you’re not seeing yourself from afar. You’re in yourself. You’re in your own body, in that image.

And yet, something’s changed; something’s moved to a higher level.

Can you accept the growth and the inner Transformation required in order for you to, have it?

Often, that will be healing or release of energetic influences that simply are not you.

And we agree it can be difficult some days to know exactly where it is that you need to shift and change and heal.

So, this is why you bring in your higher self, dear ones. And we are able to assist, if that is difficult for you.

We’re flowing energies to you right now to assist you in letting your beautiful Spirit team know, “I require to move forward in this area, and I don’t require struggle to get there!

“What I am calling out to you for—what I’m calling forth from the Universe—is growing through Joy, and through calm acceptance, and through releasing all struggle in this area.

“I wasn’t meant to struggle. I didn’t come here to struggle! There’s no need for that now. Not now that all this beautiful Light is pouring onto the planet and transforming everything and everyone.”

So, get that feeling in your body, dear ones, that it’s already here! Very important.

You do this time all the time in your sleep state. You travel constantly in your sleep state.

Sometimes you move up and down the timeline, and you’re resolving things. Healing things, ending old contracts.

And if there’s an old contract now that is stopping you from accepting this beautiful new change in your life, let’s just draw it out!

So, see that flying out of you, going into the Violet Transmuting Flame of Saint Germain—this is a lovely, practical tool that we use quite often, because it’s quite powerful.

Image that contract, that vow or oath, promise, agreement—it’s just flying out of your heart-space, out of your energies, into the Violet Transmuting Flame of Saint Germain, and it’s returning to pure energy. It can’t hold you back anymore.

And we would love for you to say, “I’m free now! I’m free of this.”

And say to all groups you have ever known, all individuals you have ever known in any life, “All contracts, agreements, vows, commitments between us—all of that—dissolved now, unless they are still in place as being for my higher good and yours.”

And what you’re doing, dear ones, is freeing yourself from the grasp of the old, and the pitfalls—the old stuck patterns of the past.

We have many people emailing us, and asking, “How do I get past this stuck feeling I’m experiencing in this area of life or another?”

They absolutely have it right, that this is what holds many people back. It’s a pattern of stuckness, one might say.

Let’s work with that as well . . . [offering energy work]

Open your hands and let go of whatever you’re unconsciously grasping. Maybe you’re thinking that it will protect you in some way.

Maybe your subconscious is feeling that, “Well, it’s just always been that way. It’s an old habit. I’ll keep it in place.” Open your hands and let go, while we work with you energetically. We’re just drawing out those old influences that are holding you back.

Drawing out the narrow-mindedness you were raised with in many lives—the victimhood, the fear of survival—bring that up right now.

Anything you’re fearing—bring that up. Bring up those emotions . . . we’re going to disengage them from your spirit, and send them into the Light . . .

Wonderful! Just breathe out . . . breathe out all that old energy.

Breathe in the new energy—the higher Light that’s visiting the planet, and that is so vital for your Ascension and your evolvement now.

Wonderful, dear ones! We do offer this kind of energy work on the Abundant Living podcast every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

If you go to our writer’s YouTube Channel, you should be able to find it. And if you get on the Abundant Living signup form, which you’ll find on that page at, you’ll get the link, and you’ll be well-informed ahead time, each time before there’s a [podcast].

[Note: That page will be available again on Thursday, November 10.]

And the Abundant Living program exists as well, dear ones, if you would like more personalized assistance and support.

So we’ll bring our writer back now, and we thank you for the power of your presence in these days when so much is being determined!

COR: Hi everyone! (Sorry about the crazy camera work!) This is Caroline, and I just want you to know that the Abundant Living program is there for you.

If you don’t want to become a subscribing member, the community is there for you, as the Collective were saying, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month [via the YouTube Live Abundant Living podcast].

And I will be opening the doors to a new Abundant Living program—previously, the Abundance Group—on Thursday—that’s November 10th.

So I hope that you will have a look, and I’ll be sending out emails about that.

The prices will be lower, and the bonuses will be really wonderful [for five days starting Thursday, November 10th]. But you have to sign up by midnight Monday night, November 14th [to take advantage of lower pricing and the bonuses].

I send much Love and many blessings— I’ll just briefly say, that it was the teachings of inner healing and Transformation that completely remade my life, starting in the ‘90s, going back 30 years.

I was in a bad place on many levels, and when I found out that there are beautiful higher beings ready to assist us, and to work with us in every way, and that we were never alone, and that we absolutely deserved and can allow Abundance, and break up these old energetic patterns that hold us back from it—I was thrilled!

Because it meant [we have the opportunity to create] fulfillment in every area of life.

Not only financial Abundance, not only physical healing, but the kind of inner healing that returns you to your [authentic] Self.

So I send much Love and many blessings—I know that there’s so much happening that’s demanding right now. But a group like this program presents can turn a lot around for you, with a lot of specialized support, for as long as you wish.

And so, much Love, and namaste!

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Collective – Stuck?by Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Light Bringers – October 27, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective.

This is a transcript of the video at:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And so, the energies we’re looking at today, are stuck patterns—stuck energies.

And you may feel that there are only a few things in life, a few areas where your energies are a bit stuck, and can’t move forward. And yet, you find that those energies then affect other areas of your life.

This is not at all unusual! Everything in life has to flow, dear ones. It has to flow very easily and joyfully. And if you feel you’re in an old pattern that is holding you back, this is very difficult.

So you may be looking at the outer situation, and you’re saying, “Well, I’m just afraid to meet someone new.” Or, “I could drop the weight, but I don’t know how! It’s never worked for me so far.” Or perhaps you would love a new job, or just a change of pace in some way—perhaps, just to love and appreciate yourself in a greater way than you have in a long time. Maybe not ever in this life. And so there are all these ideas, old emotions, and beliefs holding you back—“I can’t do that. I’ve tried, and it hasn’t worked.” Or, “Nobody in my family is able to drop the weight.” Or “Nobody in my family has ever found truly fulfilling work,” or “Nobody in my family has ever gotten out of debt, and I don’t think I can. And probably, this is something I’ve had in other lives! “Probably, this is something that’s just too difficult to let go of. I can try different outer actions, but so far, none of them have really worked.”

So just for a moment, just release all those feelings [whatever they are]—just for a moment.

Ask yourself, “What would it feel like, if I could enjoy a dream like what I’ve been dreaming of? “Who would I be, or how would I feel in that moment?”

woman lying on flowers
Photo by Julia Avamotive on

Just give yourself a moment where you’ve already created it—and indeed you have!

In that great flow of energy that is the quantum field, you have created it!

But we want to release all those little offshoots—all those little timelines that keep you from what you desire.

How would you feel, and who would you be, once you created this?

You see how lit up the leaves are—they’re so luminescent, with the Sunlight in them.

And you are much the same, dear ones, except that you also impart Light even more brilliantly than these tree leaves do.

You are flowing Light out into the atmosphere. Everywhere you are, you’re flowing Light out.

Now put yourself again in that position where you’re beaming out a Light that says, I have already done it! and you’re enjoying that.

Close your eyes, and put your hand on your heart, and really give yourself a moment to feel it.

Notice your breathing. Calm your breathing. Slow it down a bit.

Allow yourself the feeling of assurance: “I know I can create this. I know that in some way, I already have! “I wouldn’t be dreaming of this, and desiring it, if I couldn’t do it one way or another, in some form or [through] some really beautiful path I haven’t quite discovered yet.”

And as you breathe out—breathe out through the mouth [making a “haaa” sound], you’re releasing all the density that has held you in place for so long.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ancestral pattern, a family pattern, a cultural one, some old trauma you suffered in this or another life, energy or entity interference—whatever it is, you’re breathing that out . . . And we’re going to work with you in just a moment, energetically.

So just keep your hand on your heart, and keep your eyes closed if you can, and just open to receive . . . We’re seeing an awful lot of things that aren’t you.

We’re seeing structures that were placed there [in your energies] a long time ago, like etheric implants, and we’re dissolving those . . . dissolving psychological blocks . . . [dissolving] energy patterns in the body . . .


Now we’re working with your self-concept, because a small self-concept is something that an awful lot of people have to deal with every day, and it’s very, vey difficult for them.

They get into, “I don’t think I can,” and “I’ve never been able to . . . “ and all these different phrases.

And the phrase we would love for you to use right now, is: “I’ve already done it!It’s right here with me, my co-Creation!”

We’re calling up those smaller selves, asking them to step into the Light . . . And now just image you’ve been carrying sort of a heavy sack on your shoulder—it’s really time for that to go, dear ones.

We’ve put a Circle of Light all around you.

Just pull that heavy sack off your shoulder and put it down in the Circle of Light. This is all the false self-concept energy you’ve been carrying. It’s not who you are!

Wonderful, dear ones. When you’re ready, come up out of this meditation.

And begin to ask yourself, Who [am I now I’ve released all that?]— we’ll do another video quite soon that looks at Transformation, because this is what we’re talking about, isn’t it?

We’re talking about a kind of Rebirth.

And the kind of Transformation that you probably most desire is the kind that goes in and nurtures the child who never got enough encouragement, heals the past life wounds, and lets you know, “Yes, it’s OK—you are allowed! You have complete approval from your higher self and your soul, to take on a new and higher form of life!”

So could you accept Transformation if you had to, dear ones? It can be quite a joyful thing!

Wonderful! So we will see you in that next video, and we send much Love and many blessings.

We’re looking at this beautiful Sun! Remember that these solar Light rays are pouring onto the planet.

They’re full of sentient Light codes that are speaking to every particle of your being.

And they are requiring and requesting that you move up in vibration and begin to remember your true power, and empowerment, and your beautiful strengths and creativity, and co-Creation.

No more time for hiding, dear ones! No more time for playing small. You’re done with that now.

And so we send much Love, and many blessings!


Know that for one, the dark agendas they are even now investing great sums of money, technology, and efforts into, will not come to pass.-The Collective through Caroline Oceana Ryan-

Greetings, friends! Today we answer a question sent in by a Light Bringer:

QUESTION: Could you give us a message of hope?

I’m reading and hearing about executive orders being signed by the president for a cashless society, abolishing the states, advancing the biotech transhumanist agenda, etc. Are these props for fear-mongering, or can they really happen? Can these even stick, and get rolled out?

THE COLLECTIVE: We would say, that it is vital to understand how the machinery of the old (fast-fading) order operates, in order to fully follow what is happening now.

First, know that over the centuries, and in particular over the last 50 years or so, the old self-proclaimed rulers have had many plans and programs which they intended to put into place and carry out, the destructive effects of which were meant to harm or strenuously control not only humanity but the Earth Herself.

These programs are nearly always accompanied by media campaigns to incite fear, upset, and feelings of helplessness in the population.

One of the ways in which this is carried out, is to spread enough news of impending control measures, released in ways that appear to be a warning to the masses, to cause within humanity a feeling of being watched, controlled, and contained.

Whether or not that is the final outcome, once group and individual consciousness feel that that is the case, much of that agenda is already achieved.

Over the years, they have spread mass panic over purported pending wars, natural disasters, technological meltdowns, electrical grid power losses, food shortages, drastic illnesses—it would take a great deal of time to list all of the dark plans that they have intentionally released to the media, to spread fear and emotional upset, and expectation of “dark days ahead.”

At that point, whether or not these plans are successfully achieved (as portions of them have been), automatic human reaction does much of the job for them, in terms of holding people’s consciousness in a constricted feeling of helplessness and perpetual emergency.

Those particular emotional frequencies are often difficult for people to ignore or climb out of, as they tap into the survival aspect of the brain, and leave humanity vulnerable to being controlled via energetic entrainment as well as psychological manipulation.

You have seen this demonstrated in large-scale ways over the last few years.

And so, to note that they hold intentions for even greater schemes is hardly surprising.

Humanity has been trained over the millennia to respond to certain stimuli in certain ways.

The steps that follow then lead people in seemingly logical ways into any number of traps to contain not only their outer movements, but their consciousness.

You speak of agendas which do indeed exist, and we would not say otherwise.

Yet much of the work of instilling any dark agenda is already achieved, once people hear of it and begin to fear it.

Already, people are then in a position to “give away their power” as many term it, and that is exactly the plan of your former “overlords.”

Remember that you will not hear in mainstream (or most alternative) news sources about the work of the Archangels, or about the ongoing active presence of the Ashtar Command in human life.

Far from standing back and simply observing what is occurring on the Earth now, these beautiful beings, whom we count as being amongst us, are working powerfully to balance two very large considerations.

The first is the Universal requirement that humanity choose its own destinies, consciousness, and living conditions. And the second is the active assistance that is increasingly offered by all of us, as the people of Earth call it forth.

We respond also to that sentient Light pouring increasingly each day onto the planet, calling all of you and all of us forth to integrate the higher dimensional forms of living with Earth life.

Know that for one, the dark agendas they are even now investing great sums of money, technology, and efforts into, will not come to pass.

We are aware that some aspects of those plans have already been rolled out, and that it can appear that they are successfully taking hold.

Yet what if you were to far more correctly view their “reset” and DNA redesign agendas as fear reactions of their own?

These desperate ploys only exist because they know their “time is up,” and that increasing numbers of their once-influential leaders are being arrested or otherwise detained, and removed from places of decision-making.

Similarly, their funds have been frozen or removed from their accounts, which is more than a symbolic action in terms of stopping their forward movements.

And so they rely on the last lever they have to pull, which is attempting to induce panic and fear-instilled compliance to their unworkable programs amongst the masses.

Then, they have decided, at least the appearance of their former power is still in place, and they can use the mass trauma energies to fuel their efforts to remain in place and to eventually regain their lost power.

This is a rather sad conclusion of theirs, as your galaxy and Universe are moving forward now into the Ascension frequencies of higher dimensional life.

Earth beings could no more return to the lower order of the third dimension than you could find a way to stop the Light itself from illuminating every facet of Earth life—and they did attempt to find a way to do that, and eventually gave up, seeing the impossibility of it.

Is there a lower dimensional version of Earth—a particular timeline they feel it is possible to maintain, so that their charade may continue, one way or another?

Even that is not open to them now, dear ones.

They have lost their last chances to maintain their former madness and adherence to the dark order.

And so, they must experience the Light, as all must, and see who they are, once illumined by its presence, and by Divine Love.

And so while we are sure that these reports are strange and difficult to hear, we would ask that rather than being rattled and troubled by them, that you would look squarely at these actions and announcements, and let their true sources know, “You have no power here—be gone! Higher Light is the only reality now.”

Many have noted how this sounds very like the words of the Good Witch Glinda from The Wizard of Oz film, and that is interesting to note, as that story contains much imagery that, similar to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, describes more of current Earth life than one might think.

For while the old, self-proclaimed “rulers” have worked hard to control the symbolic imagery that powerfully influences human life, they have often missed the meaning and influences that have escaped their intentions and agendas, as the Light shone through the cracks in their facade.

As you move through your day now, friends, think on the symbolism of rebirth, renewal, and empowerment.

Consider that those Archangels and other Light Beings who are “on the ground” now in Earth life, walking amongst you in the physical, are not bound by rules that keep them from weaving their presence and their own higher viewpoint into human life on a deep level.

You are all of you carrying out the same mission, each in your own way.

You are all of you spreading Light in ways that turn humanity’s vision upward, away from dire news reports and lowered expectations.

Mother Sekhmet

You are all of you anchoring your own Truth in ways that reminds all around you, for many miles in every direction, that they also carry a higher truth that has nothing to do with the preferences of a bygone power structure.

Their time is done, dear ones—do not pay them, as some say, the “eternal compliment” of feeling threatened or unsure about how life is unfolding now, when in fact, you are moving into your sovereignty in ways even we could not have foretold.

And is the story fully written yet?

In the grander sense, perhaps it has been, as we know for sure that all is moving into a Light-based world of Peace and prosperity.

Yet the details of that path are still being written by you.

See yourselves as being in control of your own destiny, including how you handle the current pressures and stresses of Earth life.

And know that as you choose to release the old trained responses of feeling isolated, oppressed, hopeless, or defeated, you are releasing the old paradigm for all of humanity. So take up that banner you once were told is forbidden, or called impossible, and remember the words of the poet:

“Rise like Lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number– Shake your chains to Earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you– Ye are many–they are few.” *

And so it is!

Namaste, friends who are family!

And in all of this, you are never alone.

*Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Mask of Anarchy,”

For the real news, from the Faction Three White Knights of the Ashtar Command, see . New updates are posted each week.

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A Message to Lightworkers

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

COR: My friends, I am wondering if you could comment on the recent death of England’s monarch, Elizabeth II. I feel it is the end of an era, but in a different way than most people think of that phrase—I feel it has a deeper meaning than just the passing of the crown from one person to another.

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are indeed aware of this occurrence.

Let us speak first on this moment of great shift and change that Earth life is experiencing—increasingly so, with each passing moment.

This is not really due to outer events, though outer events serve as indicators of the great shifts in the energies now reaching the planet.

Those shifts are greatly due to increases in the level and intensity of the electromagnetic frequencies flowing in from the Sun.

You will note the many coronal mass ejections, intense solar flares, and the openings and portals within the Sun himself, which are putting Earth in a stream of higher Light—the kind that transforms and transmutes at very intense levels of experience.

Considering how the Sun Himself is evolving to a higher level etherically, this is not surprising.

Yet it may strike most people who are aware of these activities that the Sun’s behavior in relation to the Earth is strange and unreasonable.

It feels to many to be too much change; too hard and fast a ride, evolving everyone on the planet, as well as the Earth Herself.

These changes can indeed be a very rough ride at times.

Rather than resisting the shifts occurring now, flow into them, even as you are crying with shock, grief, or upset.

Allow yourself to cry, to get the anger out in constructive ways, to go beyond regrets and questions about “why” certain things have happened in your life.

In fact, you know why certain things have happened!

You came here at this time to work out the old pain, shock, grief, and rage, that have been following you from one Earth life to another, remaining stuck in your etheric energies as soul imprints, and coming to the surface in each life, as something happens that draws up the old reactions, or taps the old wound.

Then you are astounded that any such terrible thing could happen, though you have yourselves written those events into your own timeline.

This would be so for Earth life and humanity’s own upward path to Ascension, as it is for each of you as individuals.

The shock you feel at having to re-experience old pain is very little compared to the upset you experience after you have passed out of an Earth life, and realized that yet again, you have not fully healed, or resolved old contracts from your previous lives, as well as the one you have just left.

And so the cycle of ongoing 3D Earth lives has continued. Until now.

In this time you are in, those of you wishing to Ascend beyond the third dimension have collectively decided that it is time to release, resolve, and fully end the old Earth trauma, grievances, and schisms that have plagued your planet, as well as your individual experiences.

Now, in relation to the ending of the nearly lifelong reign of the being known as Elizabeth II, we would say, here is another part of the old construct.

All of you who have chosen to live in higher Light have known on a higher level that the old way of Earth life is finished now.

So that while no one of conscience would desire the “end” of another in the physical (or from that technology which transmits their apparent presence), you and the Light wave flowing through your Universe now, have desired that the players leave the stage, regarding those who have for so long been in the roles of oligarchs, controllers, usurpers, and those related to such.

This is what much Earthly royalty has substantiated and represented, and its time is done, dear ones.

You have chosen such. Not we who stand with you in your Earth Ascension process, and your group and individual Ascension paths.

We honor and observe your Earth experience, flowing encouraging energies to you, and only intervene as allowed by Universal law, and as directed by your own progressions and requests for assistance.

We fully comprehend the mourning of those who identify with the empire that this one woman spent a lifetime representing, and we honor and respect that experience of respectful mourning, most assuredly.

Yet you are aware that humanity cannot move to the next level without the parts of the old system progressively leaving the scene, and that is what you see occurring now. That is the “end of an era” you are witnessing—not just a chapter of human history, but a whole aspect of planetary culture. Not only its pomp, traditions, and hierarchies, but the colonizing efforts it has sustained for millennia.

And that end is the door closing loudly on the old, oppressive Earth structures.

You will witness others leaving as well, to various destinations.

Indeed, many have left, being replaced by clones, impersonators, and the technology known as the solid hologram, amongst other shifts in identity of well-known persons.

You have on your Earth as well, shapeshifters who appear to be one sort of being—human—and who are in fact another.

These occupy many of the top levels in banking, media, government, and medicine all around the world, and not merely in certain countries.

This too is ending. Again, realize that this is not something “happening” to Earth and human life, any more than your own lives have “happened” to you, without your planning those events, including the ones you have most resented.

We do indeed see much grieving now in various places of the world, over the loss of this woman’s presence.

And we would say, that associating oneself with honorable behaviors and intentions, including the desire to serve a nation honorably, is to be respected. It is not so much the association itself—investing in the notion that one’s leader or role model is an honorable person—that brings such a principle into one’s life.

The one admiring the monarch who appears to serve in positive ways, to the best of their ability, is one to be respected, and supported in their grief over the loss of an admired leader.

And yet ever the form of that is changing.

As humanity invests increasingly in its own honor, and its own courage on its path of Ascension, the old hierarchical way of life, and the preference for it, will fade to the point where it is barely remembered.

You are the leaders now, and not because one who once sat upon a throne is no more upon the Earth.

You are the true leaders of this and all following generations, because you have chosen to move beyond the assumed limitations of being a “mere mortal,” “commoner,” or working person, and other diminutives. These too were roles you willingly played for a while.

Yet now, call yourselves by your true names! See yourselves as the gods and goddesses of Creation that you truly are, for you are at every moment now, despite the pains of rebirth, coming into your Divine strength and true selves.

Namaste, dear ones! Look up! We are in your skies! And we are here with you, always.

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A Message to Light Bringers – September 2, 2022

Today our writer speaks again with the spirit of John Lennon:

OR: Greetings, John! It’s been a while since we spoke, at least in written form!

JOHN: Greetings, friend—and to all! Happy to speak. And so, what is the issue?

COR: The issue is that we are having to deal with very intense Earth situations right now.

Yet we are feeling and seeing more than ever the presence of our Star Nations families, the closeness of NESARA, the vibrations on this planet and in humanity moving up to an increasingly higher level.

A White Knight of the Ashtar Command has reported that basically, the energies being unleashed on this planet to help us Ascend are being sent in as powerfully as they can be, without reducing us to shreds!

JOHN: Completely true! I wouldn’t argue with that!

COR: It means we’re being stretched further than we ever have been energetically, with obvious intense effects on the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Politically, we’ve got A Handmaid’s Tale happening here in the US regarding women’s human rights.

And economically, millions starving in various places, dealing with war, or losing their homes to flood or fire, if they didn’t already lose their jobs and income from the plandemic.

JOHN: I want to be annoying enough right now, to say, “Isn’t it great? The old system—falling to pieces! It’s what you’ve waited for!”

It’s what I waited for, most of my life, in that last turn upon the Earth.

COR: Yes, and you helped to speed things along that way, and we are thankful for that. And it does signal the end of the au regime, but it’s still very, very hard on a lot of people.

JOHN: Yet NESARA looms! And once it comes forth, the situations you mention, whether war or hunger or climate disaster or poverty—all of it, gone either immediately or after a few weeks’ time.

COR: It leaves one wondering what other extreme measures will be taken by the old power crowd, so they can kid themselves there’s still a way for them to hold onto their crown and scepter.

JOHN: There isn’t. They know that.

COR: Yet these are people gifted in the art of lying to themselves and their minions!

JOHN: They cannot lie to their overlords. Who are being escorted off the planet, by the way.

COR: How are they still in control, the old hierarchy?

JOHN: Well, for one—and you’ve heard this one before— The masses are somewhat holding on to a lot of the old Earth life construct, out of preference for what is familiar. And out of fear that whatever comes next might not give them even the hard and unsatisfactory life that they had for millennia.

Many are thinking, albeit subconsciously, “There are so many changes happening! What if the new structure I intuitively feel coming in, is not as good as the last one? “And I hate change! What is going on? It’s too unsettling!”

COR: Yes, I do sense that.

JOHN: And you’ve heard others on this side of the fence say the same.

COR: How do we offer these ones who are frightened of change, such a beautiful vision that they happily release all entrainment to the old Earth oppression and inequality?

So that they happily reclaim their sovereignty and stop feeling it’s safest to be ruled by the old hierarchy?

Because the old hierarchy tends to feel we’re just cannon fodder.

And they’re always loading the cannon.

JOHN: Well, people have been trained for millennia to see the mistreatment they suffer as being “for the greater good of all.”

They don’t see injustice half the time, because they’re too afraid to think independently. That’s gotten too many people crucified over the years.

So what remains is for these higher energies, and everyone’s higher self, to reach Breakthrough—

That point at which they awaken to the moment where they see that there are far higher ways of living than what Earth’s people are currently experiencing.

And oddly, all the extreme weather, the natural (and designed) disasters, and climate shifts are helping to awaken those who are willing to be awakened.

And I will say, that though every single peaceful Light Warrior wants to believe that everyone they know will be brave enough to step aboard the ship of Awakening, some have shut their eyes to it, imprisoned by the old programming, or their own infant souls.

I feel they will come forward when ready. But it cannot happen before then.

COR: Because of free will?

JOHN: That’s the kind of planet we all chose to experience, yes.

COR: I can grasp that everyone has their own path to walk, and I know we cannot interfere with that If the Archangels can’t intercede unless the path is laid for that—unless we call them in with great power—than simple humans can’t interfere!

JOHN: But that’s the odd part, friends!

You can “interfere” in the sense that you speak to and of other people as if they were already fully enlightened, fully awake.

You energetically call to that part of them that would love to wake up and see the truth and feel emboldened in that moment to remember Who they really are—you can do that!

It’s what all of us in the higher planes have been doing—speaking to you all etherically as being with us, one of us, in alignment with your higher selves.

Stand on a street corner and yell at people to “Wake up!” and they’ll never do it. They’ll cross the road to get away from you.

Speak to them as if you were honored to meet them—speak to the Light within them, and know it’s there—and they will either love you to bits for it, and want to awaken all the more—

COR: Or run in the other direction, because they aren’t ready.

JOHN: But at least you gave them the platform on which to expand and become ready!

Don’t think it’s all down to us here in the upper dimensions!

It’s always down to all of you. You wrote it that way.

COR: We created this intentionally?

JOHN: It’s a very high path.

Love people where they are, and speak to their higher aspect as if they had already evolved into that, and you are on a path of real mastery!

COR: Wow! How beautiful.

JOHN: And yes, call upon the Ashtar Command! Call upon the Archangels and Ascended Masters!

They’re not just here for Lightworkers. They speak to all.

Tell them you are, as a planet, ready to Ascend, and you willingly call in their assistance on every level, including active intervention to assist humanity, enact NESARA, and to actively dismantle the old corrupt Earth structures.

Many of these beings are physically on the ground now, as you know. They are doing all of the above, and more.

They have never turned their backs on humanity; they were awaiting the invitation to help you break through the matrixes of religion, media, government, so-called education—all of it!

COR: And in all of this, “we are never alone.”

JOHN: That is so! We are all of us here to assist. Namaste, friends! Call upon us! Our wisdom is here for the taking, and our Love flows to you all at every moment.

COR: Thank you, my friend!

JOHN: [Bows to all] At your service, always.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Breathing Easy! NESARA Now.

Greetings, dear ones! Another quick message from the creek side.

We are asking that you just relax, regarding the state of the world.

You might want to think of something that’s difficult for you, about how the world’s economy is going, or how it’s going politically, or global warming, high temperatures—whatever it is that’s troubling you, [as you’re] wondering, “Where’s NESARA? Won’t it ever come?”

And breathe in for just a moment as if all of that were finished, and NESARA was actually here—you were hearing it announced in this moment.

And do what you can to capture the Joy of that!

Put your hand on your heart, and say “Thank you . . . Thank you!” many times over, if that works for you.

If you prefer to jump up and down, or dance or sing, that is fine!

And so, do whatever it is that you would do if NESARA had happened, and the planet was already being assisted by beautiful higher technologies, and higher energies of the Angelic realms and the galactic realms.

For indeed it is already being assisted, it’s just that it will be a far greater level of assistance, once NESARA is fully announced and enacted.

So give yourself that moment, dear ones!

Breathe easily, fully . . . but not too deeply. And there’s no rush . . .

You’re breathing into the calm and the Peacefulness of NESARA, as much as the Joy.

And as you’re watching this water rushing past—look, these are your life energies! Flowing so beautifully.

Does it get stopped by the rocks? No!

It runs over them, and in time it wears them down. No problem!

You are at least as powerful as thousands of years of water, racing away. And at least as Joyful!

So allow yourself that, dear ones!

And with you, we also cheer on NESARA now!

We send much Love, and many blessings.

You are never alone, in any of this.


[For more information on NESARA Law and the changes it will bring, go here, and to]

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A Message to Lightworkers – July 8, 2022

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

This week, our writer speaks again with Lady Master Portia again, goddess of Divine Justice and Opportunity, Master of the Golden Ray, which represents the Seventh Ray of Light, which holds the energy of Saint Germain’s (her twin flame’s) Transmuting Violet Flame.

LADY MASTER PORTIA: How may I assist, dear one?

COR: Lady Master, I received two questions from readers this week.

One is asking, “The 3-D matrix has gone after children. Jabs have been offered to four year olds.

“How can that be sanctioned by the Galactic Powers? The 3-D matrix has reached Sesame Street!—telling children to get vaxxed to protect their parents, families, and friends.

“More than anything, an attack on the innocent is repulsive to me. How can this be allowed to continue?

“Unless the [Divine] ‘helpers’ can tell me that every child who has been jabbed as a result of their parent’s fear is being kept from harm, I remain skeptical of their helping presence.

“I try to remain in my heart, but this situation knocks me out, every time I see or hear about another child being used by the 3-D matrix and their unaware parents.”

Many are wondering when Divine Justice will finally have its say, and when the scales will finally tip in favor of Justice.

The second question sent in is related to this:

“Will we get to see or hear anything about the trials of the dark ones?

“I’ve never particularly cared one way or the other (as long as they’re gone), but after being slammed with 50% and 60% increases in three already-too-big monthly bills just in the last two days, I’m really hoping we get to see some consequences.”

People are understandably upset about the economic situations we are facing now, in many countries around the world, and our loss of personal freedoms.

Those aware of the toxicity of the Jab are upset about their experimental use being extended to children.

Could you comment on these issues, and then help us see what is happening here?

I feel the first situation was created to stop or at least contain our Ascension path, while the second situation was created to rob and discourage the masses as much as possible, as the old power structure makes a last desperate grab to stay in control.

Along the way, they foment separation and an “Us and Them” mentality as much as possible, with separate factions enraged at one another.

It gets harder to see a way out of this, unless something big like NESARA happens suddenly.

LADY MASTER PORTIA: Let us first address the question of whether humanity will be given a front row seat to viewing the criminals who have ruled your world for millennia being escorted off-planet to Dracos, where they will face a solar tribunal.

You have heard the White Knights of the Ashtar Command speak of this, and it is so that billions on Earth—all who wish too—will witness this occurring.

Much of those tribunals will be made public.

You will not only be aware of the apprehension of and charges against those guilty of intentional crimes against humanity and Lady Gaia, and other locations in the galaxy.

You will also view the decisions made in the tribunals, and learn much of Divine Justice and Galactic legal and judicial processes in those days.

You have seen, many of you, the House Select Committee hearings occurring lately in Washington, DC, which is one of the places where I and other Ascended Masters and White Knights have been working for many years.

These hearings are designed not only to draw out the truth about insurrectionist activities.

They are also being held to prepare Earth’s population for the sight of those guilty of crimes against Earth and humanity being questioned and put in a position where, if they do not tell the truth when given the chance, more will be stacked against them when decisions regarding them are handed down.

These committee hearings are the beginning of the process which you now await.

Understand that as you watch these hearings, you are not mere spectators.

All of you on Earth witnessing these hearings are yourselves active witnesses to each statement and avowal being made.

And so you are all already directly involved in the beginnings of the process to bring to Divine Justice those who have apparently long escaped it.

Their behavior was allowed, to an extent, in the name of Earth’s and humanity’s dedication to free will existence, and the duality experiment.

This has gone on for thousands of years.

All of us have witnessed the destructive nature of this experiment of “good versus evil,” as it is called.

We have seen how the very fiber of billions of human souls have suffered fracturing and other damages as a result of the trauma heaped upon human lives and consciousness over millennia, including the cyclic nature of reincarnation.

Many reading this will be familiar with the assertion made by those of us within the Collective, that humanity willingly took on duality as a way to have an experience of Creation (and their own souls) from the perspective of dealing with dark environments, rather than mainly Light-filled ones.

This highly dangerous venture put many at risk, and as you yourselves have witnessed, many billions have suffered badly as a result.

The experiment exceeded its own boundaries, as galactic interferences and actors of the dark realms violated Universal Law—an interference permitted for a time, due to Earth’s and humanity’s permitting of density into your Earth-based experiences.

Yet now, another predetermination now comes forth, and we assist in the unfolding of that.

It is that impetus and series of events, both astrological and Earth-based, that are needed in order to bring your planet back into the Light, and it is a spectacular moment, to say the least.

Cloud ship over an unknown location in the Czech Republic

That moment in your history comprises that which is required to release humanity and Earth from the density of duality, including the closing of its portals to the lower realms, while higher dimensional portals open in multitudinous locations.

This development opens the way to an increased allowing of assistance from the higher realms, as this Universe now enters the Sat Yuga, an extensive Universal era of Peace and Abundance.

As a result, the Light being consciously sent to Earth now by your Sun Sol has ushered in a whole different set of frequencies, and laid a whole new pathway for Earth beings’ evolvement.

These new, far higher vibrations no longer permit dense behavior on the part of individuals, groups, or power structures to run amok as they once did on your planet for thousands of years.

Keep in mind that until Earth and humanity crossed the line into acceptance of the Sat Yuga, and until the soul of Gaia Herself called out for assistance, lest She be lost entirely, there could be no interference that would readjust the trajectory of the planet and Her people’s chosen path.

You are a free will planet, and so your decision is respected.

Have we intervened before now—to ensure NESARA Law’s creation and passage into law, for one, and to prevent complete destruction, such as a global nuclear holocaust, for another?

And have many of us come forth in human form, to assist on the ground, carrying a Divine directive and anchoring powerful Light codes?

Most assuredly! And we shall continue to intervene, as you call us forth, and realize your own Divinity and Creative powers.

Yet we do not take on the role of gods or rulers, as others have.

No. Not even to “rescue” you as you feel we ought.

The notion that you are victims requiring rescue is a form of disempowered thinking that your former rulers (now on their way to meet true Justice) instilled in your thought processes long ago.

And so that idea seems natural and normal to you, yet it is not.

You are right now reclaiming your sovereignty, dear ones! We cannot “hand” that to you, nor do we need to.

We can assist, yes, and have many times over these past 13,000 years or more.

Yet we are able to intervene in positive ways more often when you call us in and request our intervention in ways that are acceptable to you, and support your evolvement, rather than superseding it.

You will have heard of this principle, which is also galactic law, spoken of on the Star Trek series—another form of assistance, helping to open that great door through which humanity’s consciousness has now walked—and that is the principle known to you as the Prime Directive.

This states that all cultures and species more advanced than Earth must allow Her and Her inhabitants free rein to express themselves as they wish, and to evolve at their own pace.

That law requires nonintervention in a species or a society’s development, except in a case of nuclear or psychic holocaust.

“Yet we have experienced both of these on this Earth!” you will say. “Why are you not helping us?”

Certainly one could call the events of September 11, and the situation that was called a global pandemic as forms of psychic holocaust—millions entrained by fear frequencies to do as they are told, and to permit certain forms of destruction, whether by war or otherwise, while assured by the prevailing authorities that these are necessary for the safety of certain parts of the Earth’s population.

It is no small thing to assist humanity in overcoming the mental entrainment and hypnosis that you have been subjected to for millennia.

This began with the old order’s reducing the number of your DNA strands, to place you on a level of consciousness better suited to enslaving you.

It is so that certain persons throughout history have been called enslaved persons, yet we assure you that that group comprises nearly everyone on the planet, via vibrational entrainment and subtle and overt forms of social and political oppression.

To remove that suddenly—to awaken you with a suddenness that would seemingly right all wrongs very quickly, and engender positive interconnection, rather than the schisms and separations you see now, most assuredly sounds to be a positive thing.

Yet even with the ongoing infiltrating of human systems with fifth dimensional ideas, forms, and energies, so as to speed the process of awakening the masses to where you no longer allow or experience oppression—still, many are struggling badly.

In the presence of these powerful Light codes flowing to you now, and all the potential for Transformation they hold, many have taken their own lives due to the shock of so much change occurring so powerfully and so quickly.

You cannot have it both ways, dear ones!

You cannot keep your increasing evolvement, reclaim your sovereignty, evolve your Lightbodies, prepare for NESARA in ways that your human systems can endure, yet expect all to be solved for you by another, and more quickly than most could safely integrate.

This must be your decision, Earth beings. And increasingly, it is so.

This is why, in these weekly Messages, you will see all of us in the Collective encouraging you to keep your eyes open—open to spotting ships (or ships disguised as clouds) in your skies.

Eyes open to seeing forms of justice occurring (such as these Select Committee hearings) that you would not have witnessed even three years ago.

Open to sensing the changes that humanity and all of you as Light Beings currently in human form are calling forward.

Open to noting how the old power structures are making desperate moves to impose draconian measures on women, gays, nonwhites, and many others, in a last-ditch attempt to re-enslave and oppress.

If you wish change to come more quickly, concentrate on your own evolvement, and call us in!

Use an affirmative prayer such as created by a number of Light Bearers, such as the one found on the “NESARA” page on the Ascension Times website.

Be aware that nothing can hold back the tide of Divine Justice now, no matter what Earth and Her people feel to be suffering or witnessing now!

We will say, regarding the children who are being put through a criminal system that is calling itself medical—please know that we have been aware of this plan for some years.

It was already being enacted on some levels, due to the accelerated and concentrated jab agenda that children are already made to undergo, in addition to this latest one.

We are actively intervening in this and many other situations.

We are on the ground in increasing numbers now, beside you and working amongst you.

In your halls of government, in your militaries, your schools and universities, your spiritual centers, your fields and crops.

We have for centuries intervened to ensure that your air, water, and soil are healed from the many contaminants that would have otherwise rendered them completely toxic and deadly.

All damage done by agendas to dehumanize and imprison humanity is being healed, and the installed internal control systems deactivated, as you awaken.

As the majority of humanity choose this as their path.

And we see every indication that you are moving in that direction.

Again—you do not see the huge shifts you are crying out for, because you speak as one who sees the end result, and is impatient with the process.

You are on an accelerated path, and so what is desperately slow to you is very fast indeed to millions of others.

Whatever may occur now, know that Earth’s sovereignty and liberation are certain, and already unfolding.

Look for the signs of these, and even more will appear, dear ones!

What you give your attention to and hold expectation of—this the Universe honors and replies to with same, as do all of us.

Namaste, dear ones!

In this and all things, we remind you: You are never alone.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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The Collective: Time Grows Shorter to NESARA Full Enactment

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

We have spoken a great deal lately on the great renewal and rebirth that this Earth and all Her beings are experiencing now.

Not surprisingly, this has created expressions of upheaval on the planet that are also unprecedented for this era.

These events require an unusual form of calm, of allowing and accepting, on the part of Light Bringers.

In fact, you are many days expressing levels of inner strength and resilience that you might have preferred to have never needed!

You are aware that the past 10 years or more have represented a noticeable shift in the Universal era, and that the passage out of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Destruction, has not always been a smooth one.

And so, now you are wondering, Is this becoming a way of life?

Or is there a final Light at the end of the tunnel? One that’s not an oncoming train?

Ah, some humor in this question! Yet also a tiredness, that so much has been happening, without obvious victory on the part of the Light.

We will say, that the time grows increasingly shorter between all of you and NESARA’s full enactment, yet there are stresses you wish us to address.

Recently we were asked what would become of everyone’s finances, if the banks decided to absorb their customers’ funds to save themselves, an action allowable by law in the United States, and many other countries.

And of course, laws protecting the old power structure, including the old economic forms, were created by those who feel they have the most to lose, once their own machinations brought forward one form of economic collapse or another.

Many of these are movements orchestrated by the old power structure, yet the collapse is occurring far more on that very crowd.

They have schemed to once again bring things to the dust, so that they are in a position to pluck whatever assets remain and claim them for themselves, while the rest struggle.

Understandably, you have all lived many lives where you saw this occur, time and again.

Much practice at seeing familiar structures fail, in one life after another, has taught you caution, stress, and even fear.

Yet this time, you are aware on a very deep level, is different to the nth degree.

This era carries a Light and a higher purpose, breaking through the old facade of deception, that no other Earth era has known.

So then the question becomes, Which do you really belong to—the old Earth, or the New one?

It is so that very little of what is occurring now will make sense to you, or seem to be acceptable.

If you expect that the delusions of regularity and sameness would continue—that the outer structures of Earth life would simply carry on unperturbed, till one magical day when NESARA is announced, we can tell you—

This cannot be so.

Humanity’s increasing loss of freedoms was intentionally permitted by your race long ago, when the great experiment of duality was allowed in, for the experiences and new forms of self-knowledge it would bring you as individuals, as cultures, and as a planetary species.

It may feel unbelievable to you now, that you could ever wish for the violence, destruction, and despair that humanity has endured for centuries.

And indeed, you did not wish for the extremes of the third dimensional experience!—not to the level which you and your planet have experienced.

And so a call was sent out, by Earth and by your own soul groups, asking for assistance in freeing the planet from those forces who had carried things too far.

And you yourselves were amongst those who answered, to assist the planet and protect Her from further destruction, and to assist humanity in taking part in the Light frequencies reaching you now, originating from the Great Central Sun.

These frequencies could have been enough to break up the human construct, to be too powerful for the Earth to sustain Herself within, while the usurper power structure worked its greatest density—and so, you came forward to assist.

It is the work of Light Beings such as yourselves that has sustained humanity as you have moved from a place of dark despair, and unsustainable forms of life—one that was leading to your planet’s disintegration—to a form of life that is transitioning to a fifth dimensional level.

This is not “magic.”

Not some unexplained, unexpected joyful moment that suddenly erupts and lifts everyone witnessing it to new heights, without explanation, and without any guarantee of permanent change, without active engagement on your part.

This is very real.

As sure as you breathe in this moment, dear ones, you are saving your planet, your human race, and your own souls’ own integral structures, by the Light you carry and install deep into the Earth and all living systems, purely by your presence.

We will not describe what would have occurred on your Earth, had you and many others not come forward at this time, enjoining many in the higher realms to assist, along with millions of benevolent extradimensional and extraterrestrial beings.

From all over the galaxy, and throughout this Universe, you and they have answered the call to come forth and assist at a time when life hung so precariously in the balance.

Your presence and that of others, including the Ashtar Command, has meant the avoidance of the extremes that Earth life might have been brought to, had you not come forward at this time.

Yes, you are that powerful and yes, this was your intention, on a higher level.

And so again we ask, To which do you belong? The old Earth, or the New one?

And of course, you will say the New Earth.

Yet you are feeling some days that the loss of the old Earth is too extreme—too much of a jolt.

You would desire that economic systems remain as they were, as that is most comforting—that all remain as they always have been, however unequal and unjust those systems were, as that is what you have known for centuries.

You would prefer that relationships, jobs, health systems, even governments, remain as they were for the most part, till that lovely moment when All Is Well.

Yet we assure you, the roots of the old system have had to be pulled up fully before the New, living constructs could be planted.

For one, the soil, air, and water must be purified, and the obvious need for the change made plain to the vast majority of humanity.

And so then the challenge becomes not only to remain patient and calm during great shifts and upheavals, but to welcome or at least accept the quakes and shakes of great change.

These shakeups are those exact reorganizations that are bringing in the Divine New Earth social, economic, environmental, and political structures you have long envisioned.

Amidst the tumult you see now, note how those who have long corrupted your systems have created a structure that has served only a tiny minority, suppressing the natural Joy, gifts, intentions, dreams, and inherent rights of the great majority.

Be aware that many in that majority would greatly doubt and dismiss the importance of great change—the need for it—without first being made aware of why a new Divine Law must be established now.

Most of the human race would have preferred to stay in struggle, as that is all they have known for thousands of years,

The power and pull of the familiar has been their safe refuge from the uncertainty of change.

And yet—Change has come, and far more on the way!

You who stand quite consciously in the Light are aware of this, yet judge the changes that are occurring as too much, too dark or difficult, too strenuous and full of uncertainty—and where is that beautiful New Earth so many have dreamt of for so long?

We will explain, that it is within you, friends!

You are the ones birthing it in the present moment.

Bringing it in with your expectations, your warmth and kindness, your being “illogically” happy (for no reason), and your dedication to establishing calm and inner quiet each morning, before you begin the day.

You have invested your life energies not in the unchanging sameness of the old (which has been your cage, not your comfort), but in the New!

Celebrate the shifts—the revelations of a congressional committee’s interviewee, the growing awareness that this country or that must come out of constant war with itself and others, the developments that put the old controllers out of the seats of power, the new level the awareness that human beings must have control over their own bodies.

Much of this is born out of pain, shock, disbelief—and yet, out of these agonizing birth pains, the New Human is born.

You have come to anchor the Light, and you are doing that very thing.

This is a far greater journey than sitting and waiting for things to get better!

It is greater than feeling unhappy at seeing the old, false, familiar structure being made to dissolve.

Despite the oppressive reactions of the old power structure, despite the outbursts of violence or bad behavior—open your eyes more fully, and look!

The Awakening has come, as evident from the loud clamor the old crowd raise as they are being pulled off of their self-appointed thrones.

Yes, the view at the moment can be grim—and allow it!

Accept it as a cleansing; the most logical and necessary end to a dark era that has lasted thousands of years.

Let these events awaken the masses, while they remind you to remain grounded in a finer, inner reality, without constant reference to outer appearance.

For appearance is all it is, friends!

You live in a kind of hologram, where co-Creation of outer life (including Peace and Plenty) await your projected thought, imaging, and expectation.

The rest is up to you.

Namaste, dear ones! Look to the skies, and remember Who you are!

You are never alone.


An Abundance Message for Light Bringers 🌟

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This Message is based on the Collective’s offerings from the May 11, 2022 Abundance Group Call:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with all of you again today.

So now, hand over to your beautiful Spirit team, or to an Archangel or Ascended Master, or to Creator Source Energy itself, the pain or the heaviness of whatever you are carrying now.

Whatever you’ve brought forth, put it into the Circle of Light.

Whatever isn’t resolved, that is asking for Divine Wisdom, asking for patience, asking for fortitude, asking for the self-knowledge that shows you, “I’m here because I’m learning this.”

Sometimes one can grasp that on a left-brain level, using language. And sometimes it’s something that happens purely in the heart-space.

The “reason why” is not always going to occur to the rational mind.

It takes being keyed into what the high heart knows, that the left-brain has not yet grasped.

And all of you have that courage, dear ones, to go beyond the narrow conclusions of your left-brain thought, or you wouldn’t be here now.

Yes! You are that powerful!

The human brain has been conditioned and programmed for thousands of years, in one Earth life after another, so that you can’t quite grasp how great and how powerful a being you are.

Those who have designed the smallness of the human construct over the centuries have no real idea of how powerful you are. They have some idea, and they’ve tried to dissuade you from seeing your power.

And of course, that’s not working, because these beautiful energies pouring in now are waking you up at a phenomenal rate.

You’re remembering who you are, and many days you’re celebrating that in small moments, whether you realize it or not!

We want to look at something very practical, which has to do with whether people feel there is a generous allotment of good things being received by them.

Something we’ve noticed lately, is a number of people, whether they’re in the Abundance Group or not, using a phrase—four words—they clearly grew up hearing.

People say it a great deal. And we would say, this is the antithesis of where you are now as an Ascending people.

And the four words are: “I can’t afford it.”

stack of fruits with signage
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Now, how many times have you heard someone say they would love to do this or that, but then they utter those four words: “I can’t afford it!”

And the unfortunate thing, is that your words are highly co-Creative, dear ones. So if you declare you can’t do something, that’s actually say saying “No” to it.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It means you’re excluding it from all possibilities!

You have declared limitation where you might have called forth co-Creation.

So right now, think of something you unconsciously deny yourself. Something you would love to experience, but have not yet.

It might be an income that’s twice what you have now. It might be perfect health. Releasing extra weight. Releasing people in your life who do not honor you.

Releasing the feeling of, “I never really found my life partner, and I probably never will.”

Whatever it is, think of it right now. Bring up that emotion that feels like a great blockage. We’re going to do some tapping, to start to heal the subconscious beliefs driving those ideas.

Let’s start [tapping lightly with the fingertips of one hand] on that karate chop point—the side of the palm—and say:

Karate chop point: [Tapping lightly] Even though I seem to have denied myself _____________ [name the issue], or else it would probably be here by now, I still completely love and accept myself.

Karate chop point: [Tapping lightly] Even though I seem to think the Universe doesn’t have it in It to create this for me, I still completely love and honor myself.

Karate chop point: [Still tapping lightly] Even though I keep saying, “This can’t happen for me,” or “I can’t afford it,” or “I can’t seem to do that,” I still completely love and honor myself.

Tapping with the fingertips on the inner eyebrow: All this doubt

Outer eyebrow: All this limitation

Under the eye: I keep thinking, “I can’t do that”

Under the nose: Well, it would be nice

Under the lower lip: But it “never happens”

Collarbone: So it must be really hard to do

Under the arm: Or at any rate, it must be hard or impossible for me to do

Top of the head: I do think about this

Inner eye: But it must not be possible

Outer eye: So that’s why I say I can’t do it!

Under the eye: Or that I can’t afford it

Under the nose: Or “That’s just not me—that’s never happened before”

Under the lower lip: “My family doesn’t have any luck in that area”

Collarbone: I would be open to it

Under the arm: But it feels like I’m in some kind of pattern

Top of the head: And it’s a pattern that says No, you can’t have that

Inner eye: So I’m wondering a few things here

Outer eye: Is this a block in my subconscious trying to protect me?

Under the eye: Because it thinks this is no good for me?

Under the nose: Or maybe, did I swear a vow in some life

Under the lower lip: And that vow was “I’ll never do that,” or “I’ll never have that”—?

Collarbone: Or maybe there’s some interference etherically I can’t see

Under the armpit: Or something else . . .

Top of the head: And the interesting thing is that it doesn’t have anything to do with my getting this thing I desire

Inner eye: It has to do with what I think is possible

Outer eye: It has to do with whether I think the Universe always has my back

Under the eye: It has to do with, Do I love myself enough to allow this

Under the nose: Do I love myself enough to heal or remove whatever it is in my way?

Under the lower lip: Can I grasp that the Universe is bigger than what I see as possibilities?

Collarbone: So maybe I should break the old rules

Under the arm: Maybe it is possible!

Top of the head: Maybe I CAN afford this change, or this healing, or this new situation, or this new level of income!

Inner eye: Maybe all that’s possible! And it was just easier to say, “I can’t do it”

Outer eye: The Universe can do anything through me

Under the eye: All I ask is that it comes in a way that’s for my higher good

Under the nose: You can come to me now, this wonderful thing [and go ahead and name it]

Under the lower lip: I’m wide open!

Under the mouth: I am accepting you!

Collarbone: I am accepting whatever changes I have to make—whatever has to happen, in order for this to come to me, in order for me to create this—I’m open. I’ll do it!

Under the arm: I have a feeling it’s mainly energetic, and that’s all right

Top of the head: I accept you! I’m going to stop with these limiting thoughts—I’m just going to face whatever it is in my subconscious that’s held me back. And I’m going to open wide to receive!

Then open your arms wide. Go ahead and tell the Universe, “Yes, thank you! Thank you so much! I accept!”

From now on, dear ones, when you think of this thing, concentrate on that word Thanks. Just give thanks! Start celebrating!

Often people will wait until the thing happens. And of course, there’s the Law of Attraction crowd, who are really wonderful, and who have done a lot of good.

It’s just that they tend to emphasize shifting one’s conscious thoughts, and it’s the subconscious in almost every case, that is in control, and hiding something about why you have not yet experienced what you desire.

It could be etheric interference. It could be an old vow, contract, or agreement from this or another life that said, “I’m not allowed to have that.”

It could be self-protection—”If I lose the weight, I’ll get too much attention from the opposite sex! And my sister will be envious of me!”

Or it could be, “That’s for people who do really well! I’ve never earned that well.”

It could be the smallness concept—people feel safer sometimes, thinking of themselves in small and constricted ways.

Because then nobody will get competitive. Nobody will think they’re “too big for their britches.”

It just makes more “sense” to their subconscious, if they live a smaller life than what their dreams envision.

Yet recall that lovely bit of writing by Marianne Williamson—you weren’t brought in to play small! You came in to shine, as children do.

You say, “Who am I to be brilliant, fabulous, or talented?”

When in fact, “Who are you to not be?!”

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’
Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

– Marianne Williamson, from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

It takes a bit of a shift on that level, dear ones, but from now on, when you unconsciously say, “I can’t afford it,” or “I can’t seem to do that,” or “I just can’t. I’ve tried, and I can’t!” —

We want you to start looking right at those thoughts and feelings, and asking them, Why is that? Why are you doubting how powerful I AM?

Then say, “Actually, the Divine Solution to that is already here! I give thanks!” And move forward on those terms.

Say, “Thank you!” to the Divine Solution!

“This is who I’m meant to be! I’m meant to shine as children shine! I’m meant to be something wonderful, enjoy wonderful things!”

So now we’re going to ask all of the higher selves what they feel is important at the moment to address. [Pause, listening]

Well, they’re pointing out something that’s not too surprising.

They’re saying that deep down, and sometimes very consciously, a lot of people are saying, “The world is changing very quickly! Economically, politically, socially, an awful lot is changing!

“Am I going to be able to shift with all of these changes, and keep my life in some cohesive pattern, and manage to avoid some outer disaster? Manage to hold things together economically or health-wise, when who knows what might happen next?”

Or, “Am I going to be able to manage this or that coming up in my own life? What about my loved ones who are already in a tough situation?”

And so, the questions bear down on you sometimes.

So let’s work with that energetically for a moment. Bring forth whatever it is that’s personally troubling you.

Any questions about, “We’re in this beautiful time of transition and Rebirth–-new Creation, but it’s difficult! It’s very difficult. What the heck is going on!”

“Is NESARA going to happen before things get much worse?” is another big question, understandably.

We encourage everyone to start their day with chanting a mantra. Or meditating. Or doing some tapping.

Yoga practice. Being out in Nature. Something that’s going to calm and center you.

Don’t start the day immediately with the headlines! Don’t leap into the day without a quiet moment for at least a few minutes.

And say to your Spirit team, “What do I need to know right now?”

So we’re calling on your Spirit teams, and asking that all of these shifts and changes be mitigated, in ways that are not too exhausting to you.

Not causing too much of the heaviness in the body or the heart-space.

[Working energetically] So we’re pouring a lot of Light in, for all of those questions. The nagging worries, the unsureness.

Drink plenty of water, preferably structured water! That’s going to calm you down.

Your Spirit teams are encouraging us to say:

Image right now, being handed the document that you sign to receive your NESARA** financial blessings, and other blessings.

Image signing and dating that document, including writing right above your signature, the verbiage that says:

“Non assumpsit, without prejudice, reserving all natural

God-given birth rights, waiving none, ever.”

Image that right now! If you want to date it June or July of this year, that’s fine. Sometimes specifying a date helps to bring something into fruition much sooner!

Your higher selves are saying, they would love for everyone to use the I AM statements, which are very empowering.

The one they’ve chosen is “I AM always perfectly provided for, no matter what!”

They want you to use that beautiful affirmation. Write it down if you’d like. Use that beautiful affirmation to affirm that you’re always provided for.

There are always Divine solutions! There’s always Divine Abundance for you! There’s always Divine Protection for you! It doesn’t matter what’s going on outwardly in the world.

You yourself will be an oasis of peacefulness and Abundance and calm.

Should the whole world be in turmoil, you are still master of your own co-Creation! It has to do with the vibration that you carry, and that can be adjusted at any time.

So this is why we strongly encourage you: Do the meditations! Write out the affirmations! Speak the mantras!

Spend any time in Nature that you can. Listen to high vibrational music. Keep your vibration high and positive. Keep your expectations high and positive.

And if you feel a bit exhausted by all that, just rest. Drink some water, and then just rest. Let yourself let go.

The left-brain thought just wants to know Why, and What’s going to happen next. It will drive you mad with that, if you allow it. Because this is how you’ve been trained to think, for millennia.

Stay in the present moment! Just breathe. That’s all you have to do.

So let’s put the whole Earth in this beautiful Transmuting Violet Flame [of Saint Germain]. This is a cool Violet Flame.

It shifts energies to a higher level, and it takes all the shadow, and births from it something beautiful in you. So put some part of your life or all of you in that Flame as well!

We are very honored to work with all of you, and to know that you are moving along this beautiful path of Light, becoming increasingly empowered every day, remembering who you are.

All of you are increasingly rebirthing into Light Being status.

And Sylvia has written [in the Zoom “chat” space] the Buddhist chant, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo,” chant of miracles.*


You are all of you contributing so powerfully! We cannot imagine the shifts and changes happening in this world if you were not here.

The Dragon tribes, all the tribes of Light who came in long ago to assist, are fully awakened, and are working with all of you, as well as with the Angelic and Faery realms.

Every particle of the Earth is awakening!

So be patient with Lady Gaia as well as with yourselves, dear ones, because you’re all experiencing a powerful new Becoming!

And so, we send much Love, and many blessings, thrilled as always to be in your company. Call upon us at any time!


Many issues will solve themselves, the more you stay in the moment! 

A Message to Light Bringers – May 13, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

Today our writer speaks again with Ascended Master Lady Portia, Keeper of the Flame of Justice and Opportunity. She is also known as the goddess of Freedom and Justice, as she anchors the flame of Transformation and Transmutation upon the Earth . . .

COR: Greetings, Lady Master!

Lady Master Portia: Greetings, dear one! How may we assist?

COR: Like a lot of people, I am wondering, when will the Forces of Light be done rounding up the criminals who have ruled this planet with such blatant corruption for so long?

Lady Master Portia: This is a highly relevant question, yet an unanswerable one. Neither you nor I control the Earth timeline, nor does any one person or group, and so that answer is unknown to me as well. Yet the energetic tide has turned. You are aware of this. Humanity long ago chose to flow with the current of higher Light moving through this Universe.

You have chosen to move away from the duality that has long defined Earth life.

And so, yes—you are regaining your sovereignty, after millennia of Earth time.

Yet the hour of that completion is yet unknown. We would say, that is best.

You are all still gathering your inner Light to new heights, as you desire and create those moments that tip the scales more fully into your freedom.

COR: Yes, we do have freedom of expression energetically, to help free our Earth, and I am very thankful for that.

It’s just hard to see how desperate the actions of the old power structure are now. They seem to be worsening, even as the Light is growing all the more powerful.

Lady Master Portia: Yes! Let that beautiful, ever-growing Light quotient be your point of concentration now! We say that to all.

If you saw something rather miraculous occurring, would you focus on the spoiled, angry child, throwing a tantrum off to the side somewhere, outside your central focus? A distraction, certainly. Yet this child you are not responsible for. You can only send Light, praying they will come to grow in the Light, and find a higher path, as they are willing and able—is that not so? Then you would turn your attention back to the beauty of what was occurring “center stage,” one might say.

COR: Yes, that makes sense. Yet what’s difficult, is that our minds have been trained for millennia to focus on survival. And the trauma we have all sustained in this or other Earth lives has made survival and hyper-vigilance feel very necessary.

Our own systems are working against us in that sense. Life was very, very hard on this planet for many centuries. Subconsciously, we remember that. We remember the plague, the famine, the fires, the failed crops, the wars.

Those buried memories (and some very recent) are being played on and exploited now in the media and in our lives. The old crowd have seen to that, to put us into fear and keep us more easily controlled.

Lady Master Portia: Yet the sentient Light particles flowing in now, in powerful waves with each solar flare, speak to the higher mind, the high heart, in all.

They draw the point of focus from seeming unsolvable disaster, loss, or other disturbance, to a place of Peacefulness. Yes, even though the logical mind, and the subconscious, taught to fight outer circumstance at every turn, cannot always see or feel the sense in remaining calm, your higher mind understands that to approach any issue from a place of Peace empowers you to think more clearly on how to deal with that issue.

In that moment of deep quiet, and releasing all reaction, you make your mind and its responses and narrow expectations your friend, rather than something that stands in the way as you desire to move higher in your estimation of Earth life at present.

COR: Where does Transformation and Transmutation come into this, Lady Master?

Lady Master Portia: It is present at every turn!

You see Transformation when you decide to bless, Love, and heal those aspects of the subconscious that hold back the higher mind, and the high heart, from doing what they desire to do—which is, to shine in Peaceful and Light-inducing ways.

Those moments that teach the smaller self to stand taller at times, and to relax and rest more at other times.

There is no need to work out “What is going to happen” and to solve all issues in the moment!

That is not the life any of you chose.

Many issues will solve themselves, the more you stay in the moment!

The more you release the impulse to panic, or to seek out information about issues you have no outer control over.

Yet you have very great energetic influence within those issues, whatever they may be. And that is the moment Transmutation.

COR: How so?

Lady Master Portia: In that moment that you allow the Flame of Justice to burn through the depth of density of any troubling issue—war, hunger, inequalities, injustices, illness—as you image the issue held within the power of the Transmuting Flame, you hand it over to those Universal properties which are beyond outer circumstance.

They do not answer to it, and do not bend to it.

They stand tall as a Light Warrior protecting the principles of Justice and continuous inner awareness of the power of Transmutation over the apparent power of outer actions.

COR: Yet outer action may be necessary at times—to protect someone.

Or to feed or encourage them.

Lady Master Portia: Of course. Yet those actions are then carried out from a place of calm resolve—not from reaction of anger or fear.

Those energies then anchor energetically in the heart of all you would pray into Peaceful well-being. They then travel thousands of miles, those heartfelt images, words, and intentions.

They flow around the world, to people you will never meet in the physical, yet who would recognize your high heart connection with them, were you to meet in the etheric.

COR: It sounds like a miracle!

Lady Master Portia: It is, yet it is not, dear one. It is simply how your Universe functions. Release the immediate reaction of fear or anger at viewing an injustice or any other dense event, and breathe your way into a place of calm again. Then fill that experience with higher Light, and place it in the Transmuting Violet Flame. And call on me or any other guide you trust for assistance.

Yes, I carry the Flame of Justice, yet I do not do so from the energy of retribution, nor must you do so.

That is the old way. You are here to birth the New Earth forms. Not to rescue, not to pull another off their path, however difficult that may appear.

Can you rescue all? No!

And so, for the Love in your heart, and in all the hearts of all the Light Bringers upon the planet now, there must be a higher way. Realize this, and your path is smoothed, all around, behind, and before you.

Nahko and Medicine for the People – “I Believe in the Good Things”

COR: Thank you, Lady Master. Putting all in the Violet Flame! And resolving to go into quiet and call in higher Wisdom, before I act or form judgment.

Lady Master Portia: This is the way now!

Remember that from the vantage point of your higher self, all is well!

Yes, even now. On a very deep level, you know this. Go deeply into that level each day, and know that brilliant Light Being who is the higher self of all, calling out to all now.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Walk through and say, “I accept you, Uncertainty. I accept you, the Unknown. For this too, I came!” SAINT GERMAIN via Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – April 8, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

We are aware that much on Earth appears to be either at a “wobble,” in utter chaos, or somewhere in between.

And we are aware that many of you are fighting if not outright panic, feelings of real uncertainty.

There are moments when you wonder if you and all of humanity have been abandoned.

And though you pray for the Light to illuminate all you are not yet seeing, you wonder at times if even that would be of assistance.

And so our writer speaks again today with Ascended Master Saint Germain, on this very subject, of dealing with the uncertainty of life at the moment . . .

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with us today.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, all!

We are, as always, honored to assist.

COR: So many are wondering whether NESARA is just a pipe dream at this point.

Or they might fully accept that it is real, yet feel that too much is in the way of its full enactment, so that we are held in limbo, knowing our freedom and sovereignty are at hand, yet not quite here.

Many feel that much suffering will occur—more than has already occurred—before that moment can arrive.

So my question today would be:

Could you enlighten us on that point?

And what can we do to speed the enactment, as more dense actions from the old powers-that-were loom on the horizon?

SAINT GERMAIN: We are of course happy to speak on these matters, as it is not a positive for any of you to live in the air of supposition, and perhaps come to the inaccurate conclusion that things are “stuck” in some way—that NESARA cannot come forward, or will be greatly delayed, or only partially enacted.

None of this is true.

Despite appearances, and much dark programming and dense energy being transmitted against humanity, great progress is being made, and will continue to be made, until that moment when the announcement is made on every available screen that NESARA is here.

We will say, that what you have intuited—that there is tremendous opposition to that moment—is correct.

Yet that does not equal defeat in this matter.

Humanity has already chosen en masse to experience its sovereignty, and to experience that moment when Earth rejoins the Galactic and Intergalactic Confederations.

It is not so that apparent delays, or a timeline that unfolds in ways that differ from human preference, equal defeat.

You live now in a kind of void—a moment of transition from one plane to the next—where it appears that perhaps, though not all is lost, much is lost.

That can be very wearing, very trying.

This is the part of human Ascension into higher thought, higher experience, higher matter, that you had perhaps hoped to avoid.

Yet you cannot.

This moment is not in the way. It is the way.

COR: Yes, I had a feeling you would say that!

I was listening to one of Jennifer Ruth Russell’s Morning Light Meditations today, and because so much of the world is shifting so quickly now, and in ways that feel rather perilous at times, I was drawn to the one titled “The Gift of Uncertainty.”

In that, Jennifer shares that it is one of your own teachings that tells us, “There are two doors humanity must walk through to reach Ascension: Doubt and Fear.”

What is hard for many of us who have left traditional religious dogma behind us, is that that kind of density feels like it should no longer exist!

We’ve gone into denial about all the healing that still remains on a mass level.

I could not count the number of people who have emailed me the last few years, and said, “Why are we in such a time of flux and uncertainty, and shock and trauma? Shouldn’t the move to 5D mean more Joy, more certainty—not less?”

SAINT GERMAIN: Ah, an excellent point!

And to be sure, it does mean all of that.

Were you, any of you, to consider where you were even a year or two ago in terms of how you view Nature, music (including the sound healings), the colors in art, the shapes of clouds in the sky—you would find that you have been moving into new states of Appreciation and Joy, without even realizing it!

Yet you are distracted from realizing it, partly due to the pressures of the external world, and partly due to the need for healing your own hidden wounds, which have been rising to the surface.

The old dark invader energy, whose time is up, would prefer to keep you constantly distracted and caught up in the density of loss, sadness, fear—the possibility of being imprisoned or restricted into a sort of non-life for not doing as they say.

And so all of your old survival fears also come up—trauma experienced in this and other lives, on this and other planets and star systems.

Old buried memories of plague, war, natural disaster, sudden impoverishment, death, personal losses. The list goes on.

They are aware of exactly what buttons to push, one might say, in the human psyche—the subconscious—to engender not only uncertainty and stress, but in some, feelings of hopelessness, fear, and isolation.

You have seen their intentional use of media, false authority structures, religion, political and social labeling, and many other constructs to affect and control humanity.

And yet, still they cannot hold back the flow of Light codes pouring in, reminding and awakening you to your Creator god/goddess aspect.

Still they cannot stem the tide of Light that fills your being with the realization that miracles are afoot, whether you physically see them around you now or not.

And still they cannot stop you from choosing to live in a place of Thanks and Appreciation, even for these tenuous moments—as if you had chosen Earth’s current re-Birth and re-Creation crises yourself.

There is your power, dear ones! Grasp it with both hands!

COR: I greatly value that teaching, lord.

I have endeavored to steep my own consciousness in that these last few years.

Yet let’s look at your teaching about how we must go through the doors of Doubt and Fear—did humanity create that path?

Many feel that what we are experiencing now is a sort of mistake—that the old powers-that-were are reacting with rage at the many high-level arrests being made.

And at NESARA drawing closer, and Full Disclosure of the ET presence growing closer.

I have no doubt that they are incredibly desperate right now.

Yet it still feels like we should be claiming our full freedom on this planet, and feeling jubilant about that—yet here we are, walking through Doubt and Fear, and feeling very weak at times!

But you’re saying, that’s no coincidence?

SAINT GERMAIN: Naturally. There are no coincidences.

You have all actively chosen this, as the purifying flame you walk through, so as to leave all vestiges of the third dimension behind you.

COR: To release the ego-mind? To release survival thinking?

SAINT GERMAIN: To release that which is a great hindrance to the Ascension path.

Some of that has to do with the survival instinct of the lower mind, yes.

And the separateness human beings have lived in for centuries. You have been trained against unity thought and experience. Now you increasingly desire it.

That journey is a great part of it.

Yet much of it also has to do with releasing those aspects of the third dimension that by now, you are so familiar with and comfortable with, that you actually prefer it to higher dimensional living.

COR: What in the world—! What aspects what those be?!

SAINT GERMAIN: Life as you knew it.

Having only to grow so much, to know and experience so much, and then you die after an incredibly short amount of time.

Even 100 years on the planet is not long at all. That is barely enough time to realize the basics!

The basics of why you are alive, who you are, what you have to contribute.

You have noted that many Light Bringers awaken to their true purpose at a time called “relatively late” in life—middle age or later.

That is because that is to many cultures in the cosmos, what being a five-year-old is to you!

You are just getting started at that age!

And you will note that many are using that exact phrase now, to describe their life after age 60.

COR: Yes, I’ve been saying that myself—”I’m just getting started.”

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course! Because you realize that life lies spread out before you, more than ever it has!

It isn’t closing down at all. Yet humanity is well used to jumping into the water and soon after, jumping back out again.

Now, with Ascension, a far longer and more dedicated involvement is required of you.

Another area humans addict to, is the reincarnation cycle.

You are well used to coming into an Earth life, trying this or that interest, action, or fascination, then leaving after a mere 80 or 90 years (or far less), without having had sufficient time or resources to remember why in the world you came in to begin with.

And so you depart—and then you return, falling into many of the same pitfalls, often with the same persons you have known in other lives, and had determined you would learn to love and understand this time.

Yet generally, the soul’s preferences do not go according to plan.

And so you return . . .

COR: How could we be addicted to that, lord? That whole cycle is quite frustrating!

SAINT GERMAIN: Because it’s one mad adventure after another.

Just as so many enjoy the Westerner films.

They recall Earth life experience as being like racing madly on a horse, living so fully in the moment, so recklessly and haphazardly, that the thrill of the physical, even with all its shocks and discomforts, becomes a sort of mad day out in the holodeck.

You desire more, always—more adventure, more knowledge of who you are, more depth of understanding, more inner growth, more Love expressed and experienced.

And so you return, over and over, in different guises, wearing various costumes.

Though the color, shape, education, finances, location, ego-based preferences, soul-based preferences may vary—you are still you, and must begin to grasp that you your own “savior” in life.

All of that excitement has beckoned you for so long! And so, most shrink back at the thought of releasing that.

Of dedicating themselves to this one life (or the next one—whenever they choose to Ascend).

The thought of Peaceful and Abundant life experience? Wonderful—fully welcome.

Giving up all aspects of third dimension—not quite yet, no. For many.

And so there is a sort of split occurring in human experience, where some will continue in third dimensional life, and some will move on to the next higher dimensional experience.

Those decisions are being made now.

COR: Is that what’s holding things up?

So we haven’t reached critical mass for NESARA yet? Are we at least close to it?

SAINT GERMAIN: You have nearly done so, and yet—the hour remains unknown.

COR: And the Doubt and the Fear?

SAINT GERMAIN: Walk through, dear ones!

Walk right through those doors you yourselves knew would be there, and in part helped to fashion.

Walk through and say, “I accept you, Uncertainty. I accept you, the Unknown. For this too, I came!”

Embrace all that confounds you, frustrates you, enrages you about Earth life now.

And there is much to be bothered by. We comprehend this fully.

Send it Love, all of it. Give it Thanks.

In that moment, you hold the power, dear ones.

Not some unseen force, or some dark group of former controllers conspiring behind closed doors.

That image strikes you as childish and amusing, quite soon now.

Yet bless them as well.

COR: Walk through the doors—accept all we are feeling now, then release it?

SAINT GERMAIN: Of course! How else?

You wish to release the density of third dimensional life.

Of all the many lives you have lived at this level.

And so as with anything you wish to bless and release, come to a place of utter Love and compassion—for yourselves, for Earth—for the madness of Earthly incarnations, and the reckless unpredictability, roughness, strangeness of third dimensional life.

Say to these, “Yes, I see you. Thank you for all you have given us. We bless you, Love you, and release you to your higher good.”

Then give Thanks!

Whether or not you see the world suddenly shift all around you.

Do not expect anything, other than that you have tended your own garden.

Always, that must take precedence over whatever else you do in this life.

COR: Thank you, lord. Very helpful, though I feel like crying at all you have said!

SAINT GERMAIN: This too is release.

Allow. Accept. Let go.

All is well, dear ones!

We are, all of us, with you all, at all times.

COR: Namaste, Master Saint Germain!

Thank you for your kindness today.

SAINT GERMAIN: [Bowing deeply] We are honored to assist.

Namaste! Your journey Home, nearly done.

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Yes, you are not just a particle of Light in the universe. You are the Universe itself, as they say, “expressing in human form.”

A Message to Lightworkers – April 1, 2022

This week’s Message is from the Collective’s live channeling on the March 22, 2022 Ashtar Legacy Call, an uplifting Light community conference call held twice a month: Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today. And surely, any of you could sing this beautiful song by this wonderful singer, this wonderful artist whose name is India Arie.

You can find this on YouTube, and there’s a live version as well that our writer loves also, that she [India Arie] sang on a special [SuperSoul Sessions] that Ms. Winfrey did.

Let’s just have a look at the lyrics, because you may not have been able to hear it well [over the phone]. This is important, and not just because of difficult times with the electronics, which have gone mad lately, for a number of reasons.

All of the vibrations are shifting on the planet very quickly [due to solar flares and rising Earth vibrations], and that’s going to affect a lot happening, in terms of electronics. She keeps repeating “I AM LIGHT.” And she keeps realizing the power of that term, that phrase, “I AM.”

So let’s look at this. This dear one is pointing out:

I am not the things my family did I am not the voices in my head

I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside

I AM LIGHT She sings this a number of times [“I AM Light”], and then she comes back for another verse:

I am not the mistakes that I have made Or any of the things that caused me pain

I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind

I AM LIGHT I am not the color of my eyes

I am not the skin on the outside

I am not my age

I am not my race

My soul inside is all Light

I AM Light . . .

I am Divinity defined

I am the God on the inside

I am a star, a piece of it all

I AM Light

[Songwriter: India Arie Simpson; I Am Light lyrics © Guitar Girl Music Publishing]

And something beautiful that our writer didn’t notice until she was listening to the song again this morning, is that there are backup singers, or overdubbed sounds of Ms. Arie, singing “Om” at the start of this song. And one can sing Om or other mantras perfectly throughout the entire recording, because the sustained notes interplay perfectly with singing Om in tune with this key that the song is sung in.

And the song invites that. The song invites the sense of “Om.” It invites not only peacefulness, but a realization of the expansiveness, the tremendous expansiveness of each person. Yes, you are Divinity defined! Yes, you are not just a particle of Light in the universe. You are the Universe itself, as they say, “expressing in human form.” Also expressing, we would say, in miraculous form, and in miraculous intention.

So if you’d like, close your eyes for a moment. We’re going to work with everyone who is open to receiving energies right now, so that you can experience this beautiful expansiveness, this feeling of just how far your Light flows out from you—how perfectly you’re lighting up the Earth, planting so much Light and, therefore, so much healing in Her, in beloved Gaia. So much Light into every circumstance, every relationship, every desire your heart holds!

And relax a bit. See if you can unclench any part of the body that’s tense. Might be inward. Or it might be the head, the neck, the shoulders . . . might be your arms . . . the hips, knees . . . maybe the stomach. There might be something you’re sort of clenching. Relax your eyes . . . relax your face.

Now image, if you can—or you can feel it. It’s all right if you have trouble imaging things—we’ll do this with you. It will still be happening. Image or feel your soul power, pouring down through the crown chakra. That’s pure liquid Light, pouring down into the body. And it’s resonating perfectly with the Light pouring onto the planet now. It’s sort of “making its Peace” with these solar flares, with the energy transmissions from all the Galactic families assisting to enact NESARA and Full Disclosure.

You’re relating, in other words, far more to all the higher energies flowing in, than to all the demonstrations of shadow on the planet right now.

And now this beautiful Light, this center Light, like a candle flame, fills the whole body. It’s going to spread outward in all directions. It’s going to spill over into every single area of your life. Your entire home, any vehicles you own, the property, the Earth going very deep below. The air going very far above and all around where you live. It’s just going to spread, this Light, it’s just going to keep expanding . . .

Wonderful! Keep going with all that. It just keeps expanding. Pretty soon it’s going to develop your entire county or province or region—your whole states or province, or the whole country, your whole continent. It’s just going to keep spreading. Now as this is happening—good, for some of you, it’s already reaching the oceans! It’s reaching outer space, wonderful! Going throughout Lady Gaia.

And as you’re doing this, wouldn’t it be beautiful for you to intone, say it aloud if you can, this absolutely celebratory statement: “I AM Divinity defined!” “I AM Divinity defined!” And you are! You are Divinity defined in human form. Perfectly defined. Even if you weren’t in human form, would you still be Divine? Of course!

And when you’re ready, what about the next line? “I AM God/Goddess on the inside.”

Wonderful! Just keep going with that, keep repeating that: “I AM the God” or if you prefer, “the Goddess on the inside.” In other words, the Divinity that is always within you—yes, that’s you!

We’re working with all of you, to help you release that smaller self, who is terrified with that kind of empowerment, and that kind of wide open celebration of how beautiful and powerful you are. “I AM the God [or the Goddess] on the inside.”

And when you’re ready, the next few lines: “I AM a star, a piece of it all . . I AM a star, a piece of it all.” You are your own shining star. You are the ALL THAT IS!

Do you feel your energy expanding now, to where you are the entire Universe? It’s gone beyond your planet! It’s gone beyond your galaxy! It’s spread out to the entire Universe, your beautiful Light. Wonderful!

And of course, we come back to that original, beautiful statement, “I AM Light.” So now you’re just saying this over and over: “I AM Light.”

And so what does that mean, that you are Light? Well, it means that you are Divine Love! It means you have the capability to create whole star systems, whole planetary systems, whole universes. You have that within you.

Now, for a moment, dear ones, we’ll get a little bit practical. Think of the thing that challenges you the most. And we speak of this a great deal on the Abundance Calls.

It might be an area such as your health. It might be family. It might be the one you love—your romantic partner. It might be finances. It might be just the feeling of, “I don’t know why I’m here! The world is a mess. I don’t know that I’m helping. Where’s my mission? Where’s my vocation? Where’s my passion?”

Whatever it is, bring it forth right now. And hold out your arms and accept this—the energy of this situation, exactly as it is—very annoying and frustrating, probably, or very strange—there doesn’t seem to be an answer. You don’t know what to do with it. Hold open your arms . . . and when you’re ready, you’re going to draw that straight into the high heart. With hands on heart, you’re going to say, on behalf of this situation in your life, “I AM Light. I AM God / Goddess! I AM Divinity defined. I AM!” Wonderful!

Take another area of your life, or something in the world that just you can’t quite believe. Hold out your arms, and accept it as it is. Stop calling it a problem. Stop calling it an issue. Stop calling it a challenge. Draw it into the heart-space. “I AM Light!” Say it on behalf of this thing that doesn’t yet know it is also Divinity defined. “I AM Light.” Wonderful!

Can you thank this thing, however difficult it might be? It might be war. It might be the ignorance that leads people to mistrust or abuse one another. It might be some illness, or some awful situation that you can’t quite believe that you have struggled with most of your life. It might be the one who has treated you worse than anyone in this life, and you know you’ve met them in other lives as well. Can you thank them? Because, dear ones, without this outrageous, or just plain annoying behavior on the part of this person or this situation, or this country or this leader, or whatever it is—you might never have realized how beautiful and how powerful you are, and how expansive your energies are.

And why is that? Because if you can accept the thing that’s hardest for you, and come back to the fact that you are Divinity—come back to the fact that you are a Light warrior standing strong, with the principles of Divine Love, with Universal Law, with the perfect expanse of Creation—if you can do all that, dear ones, you have won the day! You have reminded yourself of how incredibly powerful you are.

And this tiny life, based in the third dimension, has tried to sort of hypnotize or brainwash you into thinking you’re small. Into thinking you’re weak. Into thinking you’re helpless, when you’re anything but.

So why do you suppose the dark fights you so desperately? Why do you suppose they’ve gone to such ridiculous extent to try to discourage you, to break you if they could, except that they know how powerful you are!

It’s too late now. They tried, and they failed. Let them know, “You can come into the Light. The Light has won. I’m still standing strong. “I’m still in the Light. Nothing’s changed. I was in the Light before I was born, and I still am. In fact, I AM the Light!

“So bless you for trying. Thank you for putting me through my paces. “The only thing that happened is, now I’m wiser than I was. Now I know more. I know myself in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise. “And you and I have finally met face to face. I didn’t stay where it was safe and clean and warm, and easygoing. “I came down to Earth where it’s extremely demanding, horribly imbalanced, and very rough—and I still love you.”

So what we would love, dear ones, is that if you could look at this or any situation that gives you trouble over the next week or so, and remind it: “I AM Divinity defined! I AM Divine! I AM Light! I AM Divine Love! “And I welcome you to join me in this beautiful circle. I welcome you to stop the imbalance that has put you in place. “And I bless and accept whatever aspect of me allowed you to come in, in my life. And I accept whatever it is that I was meant to learn. I accept that as well.” This has been a very rough boot camp, but here we are! And there’s not a particle of this Universe that doesn’t bow to you now, dear ones, out of complete Love and respect.

And so we thank you for all you are. All you’ve done, all you will do yet, in building the New Earth. And we ask that you take these times to learn to just relax, to listen to beautiful music such as this, that will build you up. And remember: You’re already there! That beautiful Light-filled New Earth existence—use that lovely affirmation our writer learned a while ago that she loves—just keep saying: I’ve already created it!

And so we send much Love and many blessings, dear ones. Namaste!

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it in full and exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post, at:

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