Yes, you are not just a particle of Light in the universe. You are the Universe itself, as they say, “expressing in human form.”

A Message to Lightworkers – April 1, 2022

This week’s Message is from the Collective’s live channeling on the March 22, 2022 Ashtar Legacy Call, an uplifting Light community conference call held twice a month: Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today. And surely, any of you could sing this beautiful song by this wonderful singer, this wonderful artist whose name is India Arie.

You can find this on YouTube, and there’s a live version as well that our writer loves also, that she [India Arie] sang on a special [SuperSoul Sessions] that Ms. Winfrey did.

Let’s just have a look at the lyrics, because you may not have been able to hear it well [over the phone]. This is important, and not just because of difficult times with the electronics, which have gone mad lately, for a number of reasons.

All of the vibrations are shifting on the planet very quickly [due to solar flares and rising Earth vibrations], and that’s going to affect a lot happening, in terms of electronics. She keeps repeating “I AM LIGHT.” And she keeps realizing the power of that term, that phrase, “I AM.”

So let’s look at this. This dear one is pointing out:

I am not the things my family did I am not the voices in my head

I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside

I AM LIGHT She sings this a number of times [“I AM Light”], and then she comes back for another verse:

I am not the mistakes that I have made Or any of the things that caused me pain

I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind

I AM LIGHT I am not the color of my eyes

I am not the skin on the outside

I am not my age

I am not my race

My soul inside is all Light

I AM Light . . .

I am Divinity defined

I am the God on the inside

I am a star, a piece of it all

I AM Light

[Songwriter: India Arie Simpson; I Am Light lyrics © Guitar Girl Music Publishing]

And something beautiful that our writer didn’t notice until she was listening to the song again this morning, is that there are backup singers, or overdubbed sounds of Ms. Arie, singing “Om” at the start of this song. And one can sing Om or other mantras perfectly throughout the entire recording, because the sustained notes interplay perfectly with singing Om in tune with this key that the song is sung in.

And the song invites that. The song invites the sense of “Om.” It invites not only peacefulness, but a realization of the expansiveness, the tremendous expansiveness of each person. Yes, you are Divinity defined! Yes, you are not just a particle of Light in the universe. You are the Universe itself, as they say, “expressing in human form.” Also expressing, we would say, in miraculous form, and in miraculous intention.

So if you’d like, close your eyes for a moment. We’re going to work with everyone who is open to receiving energies right now, so that you can experience this beautiful expansiveness, this feeling of just how far your Light flows out from you—how perfectly you’re lighting up the Earth, planting so much Light and, therefore, so much healing in Her, in beloved Gaia. So much Light into every circumstance, every relationship, every desire your heart holds!

And relax a bit. See if you can unclench any part of the body that’s tense. Might be inward. Or it might be the head, the neck, the shoulders . . . might be your arms . . . the hips, knees . . . maybe the stomach. There might be something you’re sort of clenching. Relax your eyes . . . relax your face.

Now image, if you can—or you can feel it. It’s all right if you have trouble imaging things—we’ll do this with you. It will still be happening. Image or feel your soul power, pouring down through the crown chakra. That’s pure liquid Light, pouring down into the body. And it’s resonating perfectly with the Light pouring onto the planet now. It’s sort of “making its Peace” with these solar flares, with the energy transmissions from all the Galactic families assisting to enact NESARA and Full Disclosure.

You’re relating, in other words, far more to all the higher energies flowing in, than to all the demonstrations of shadow on the planet right now.

And now this beautiful Light, this center Light, like a candle flame, fills the whole body. It’s going to spread outward in all directions. It’s going to spill over into every single area of your life. Your entire home, any vehicles you own, the property, the Earth going very deep below. The air going very far above and all around where you live. It’s just going to spread, this Light, it’s just going to keep expanding . . .

Wonderful! Keep going with all that. It just keeps expanding. Pretty soon it’s going to develop your entire county or province or region—your whole states or province, or the whole country, your whole continent. It’s just going to keep spreading. Now as this is happening—good, for some of you, it’s already reaching the oceans! It’s reaching outer space, wonderful! Going throughout Lady Gaia.

And as you’re doing this, wouldn’t it be beautiful for you to intone, say it aloud if you can, this absolutely celebratory statement: “I AM Divinity defined!” “I AM Divinity defined!” And you are! You are Divinity defined in human form. Perfectly defined. Even if you weren’t in human form, would you still be Divine? Of course!

And when you’re ready, what about the next line? “I AM God/Goddess on the inside.”

Wonderful! Just keep going with that, keep repeating that: “I AM the God” or if you prefer, “the Goddess on the inside.” In other words, the Divinity that is always within you—yes, that’s you!

We’re working with all of you, to help you release that smaller self, who is terrified with that kind of empowerment, and that kind of wide open celebration of how beautiful and powerful you are. “I AM the God [or the Goddess] on the inside.”

And when you’re ready, the next few lines: “I AM a star, a piece of it all . . I AM a star, a piece of it all.” You are your own shining star. You are the ALL THAT IS!

Do you feel your energy expanding now, to where you are the entire Universe? It’s gone beyond your planet! It’s gone beyond your galaxy! It’s spread out to the entire Universe, your beautiful Light. Wonderful!

And of course, we come back to that original, beautiful statement, “I AM Light.” So now you’re just saying this over and over: “I AM Light.”

And so what does that mean, that you are Light? Well, it means that you are Divine Love! It means you have the capability to create whole star systems, whole planetary systems, whole universes. You have that within you.

Now, for a moment, dear ones, we’ll get a little bit practical. Think of the thing that challenges you the most. And we speak of this a great deal on the Abundance Calls.

It might be an area such as your health. It might be family. It might be the one you love—your romantic partner. It might be finances. It might be just the feeling of, “I don’t know why I’m here! The world is a mess. I don’t know that I’m helping. Where’s my mission? Where’s my vocation? Where’s my passion?”

Whatever it is, bring it forth right now. And hold out your arms and accept this—the energy of this situation, exactly as it is—very annoying and frustrating, probably, or very strange—there doesn’t seem to be an answer. You don’t know what to do with it. Hold open your arms . . . and when you’re ready, you’re going to draw that straight into the high heart. With hands on heart, you’re going to say, on behalf of this situation in your life, “I AM Light. I AM God / Goddess! I AM Divinity defined. I AM!” Wonderful!

Take another area of your life, or something in the world that just you can’t quite believe. Hold out your arms, and accept it as it is. Stop calling it a problem. Stop calling it an issue. Stop calling it a challenge. Draw it into the heart-space. “I AM Light!” Say it on behalf of this thing that doesn’t yet know it is also Divinity defined. “I AM Light.” Wonderful!

Can you thank this thing, however difficult it might be? It might be war. It might be the ignorance that leads people to mistrust or abuse one another. It might be some illness, or some awful situation that you can’t quite believe that you have struggled with most of your life. It might be the one who has treated you worse than anyone in this life, and you know you’ve met them in other lives as well. Can you thank them? Because, dear ones, without this outrageous, or just plain annoying behavior on the part of this person or this situation, or this country or this leader, or whatever it is—you might never have realized how beautiful and how powerful you are, and how expansive your energies are.

And why is that? Because if you can accept the thing that’s hardest for you, and come back to the fact that you are Divinity—come back to the fact that you are a Light warrior standing strong, with the principles of Divine Love, with Universal Law, with the perfect expanse of Creation—if you can do all that, dear ones, you have won the day! You have reminded yourself of how incredibly powerful you are.

And this tiny life, based in the third dimension, has tried to sort of hypnotize or brainwash you into thinking you’re small. Into thinking you’re weak. Into thinking you’re helpless, when you’re anything but.

So why do you suppose the dark fights you so desperately? Why do you suppose they’ve gone to such ridiculous extent to try to discourage you, to break you if they could, except that they know how powerful you are!

It’s too late now. They tried, and they failed. Let them know, “You can come into the Light. The Light has won. I’m still standing strong. “I’m still in the Light. Nothing’s changed. I was in the Light before I was born, and I still am. In fact, I AM the Light!

“So bless you for trying. Thank you for putting me through my paces. “The only thing that happened is, now I’m wiser than I was. Now I know more. I know myself in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise. “And you and I have finally met face to face. I didn’t stay where it was safe and clean and warm, and easygoing. “I came down to Earth where it’s extremely demanding, horribly imbalanced, and very rough—and I still love you.”

So what we would love, dear ones, is that if you could look at this or any situation that gives you trouble over the next week or so, and remind it: “I AM Divinity defined! I AM Divine! I AM Light! I AM Divine Love! “And I welcome you to join me in this beautiful circle. I welcome you to stop the imbalance that has put you in place. “And I bless and accept whatever aspect of me allowed you to come in, in my life. And I accept whatever it is that I was meant to learn. I accept that as well.” This has been a very rough boot camp, but here we are! And there’s not a particle of this Universe that doesn’t bow to you now, dear ones, out of complete Love and respect.

And so we thank you for all you are. All you’ve done, all you will do yet, in building the New Earth. And we ask that you take these times to learn to just relax, to listen to beautiful music such as this, that will build you up. And remember: You’re already there! That beautiful Light-filled New Earth existence—use that lovely affirmation our writer learned a while ago that she loves—just keep saying: I’ve already created it!

And so we send much Love and many blessings, dear ones. Namaste!

Copyright 2022, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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