You are now entering your acceptance phase. Your next phase will be joy.

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Dear Ones,

Even though it might feel as if your life is in turmoil, it is not. Your hard work is over. Your decisions have been made, and your options reviewed. Decisions that are not wrong or bad but counter to what you expect of yourself.

The new in your life is so new it often feels wrong. That inner struggle to determine why or how you did what you did or decided to do, has been difficult for you. A necessary action once your inner world acknowledged your need for change.

The difficulty is accepting that 3D logic was not helpful in that decision, nor even a part of it. In a sense, being at cross-purposes with your former earth self. What was is no more. And what is feels wrong and uncomfortable.

Nothing seems as it is, and nothing is as it was.

Your new life foundation may feel wobbly now but will stabilize quickly. You cannot yet see far enough in the future to know why you needed to make that decision(s) to move, join new groups, or exit activities or beings that no longer felt right.

You did not make a mistake. Your inner being is merely directing you in ways you are not used to as an earth being. So even though the decision(s) was an inner have-to, it feels iffy in your supposedly real world. “Why did I do what I did, said, or acted upon?” Something you cannot explain to yourself, much less others.

You fear you moved incorrectly. Something likely supported by those not yet in your transition stage. A doubt that only adds to your fears and discomfort. A discomfort that will fade in the next few days.

You are now entering your acceptance phase. Your next phase will be joy.

Perhaps you know the 3D psychological stages of earth death, from denial to acceptance. You are undergoing something similar as you negate your former somewhat comfortable life for the new. One that holds so many unknowns. Your inner message of “Did I make a mistake?” reigns supreme – or at least has the past few days. The next few days will be about acceptance. And finally, the joy you have been waiting for.

Others of you feel as if you have missed the gold ring, as if nothing new is happening in your life now and is not likely to happen in the future. You will soon discover a need to make those difficult decisions that are opposite of what you once believed was true or necessary.

Each of you is on a unique path with timing appropriate for your being. Some of your shifts or decisions might seem unimportant until that decision is played out in time and action. Others of you will make broad strokes that immediately impact your current life – most often quickly because of an inner need you did not know needed fulfilling.

It does not matter how you build your new foundation or what type of foundation you build. Some of you merely need to say “No” to complete this portion of your foundation. Others need a more dramatic and visual approach. The end result is the same. What was is no more.

You are in the formation or completion stage of your new foundation.

New you is a bit feisty and a leader because you are on a unique path. You cannot expect anyone to direct, push, or form your foundation/path for you.

You are a unique individual learning to fly into the unknown of all there is and all you want to explore while of your physical body in this lifetime. You are no longer tethered to 3D earth.

You are free – perhaps a frightening thought now, but an exhilarating concept to explore within days of forming your new foundation. You are ‘not in Kansas anymore’ and never will be again. So instead of fearing your new world, you can now experience all you wish to explore while of the earth in your physical body.

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