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Now is where it all begins. Now is where your future begins.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 03/23/2024 • Eternity is a long time

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Try for a moment to imagine an existence without end. All your goals now would be replaced with new ones… for eternity. All plans you make now will be fulfilled or replaced by others. All experiences you have would satisfy or not, and new desires would arise. All you have lost will be found. And this would continue forever.

For some of you, that sounds incredibly exciting! You can see so many possibilities. You have so many chances to experience joy. For others of you it sounds like an endless journey through hell. Wherever you are now will define how you feel about eternity, for one simple reason — your future is based on what you are attracting now. The good news is that you can change your vibration at any time.

You all exist for eternity. You never end. Your lives come and go. Your bodies come and go. The roles you play with and for one another begin and end. But you don’t end. You exist forever. You have forever to do everything you desire. You have forever to learn what you want to learn. You have forever to experience all that you wish. What you don’t do in one life, you can do in another. What you don’t accomplish in this dimension, you may choose to try in another.

Can you imagine your endlessness?

All the stress upon your planet arises from the feeling of a finite existence. You fear death as if it is an end or a diminishment, but instead, it is an expansion into greater awareness.

You fear missing your deadlines or opportunities, not realizing opportunity will cycle to you repeatedly, if not in one form, then in another.

You fear loss, not yet knowing that there is no end to a relationship once set in motion. Only the two involved get to define the dance as you weave yourselves through eternity.

You fear not being “enough” when you already are, and always have been, and always will be, even as you expand into more.

The single root cause of all stress is feeling finite.

The single root cure for all anxiety is to reconnect with your Souce, with love, in any way you choose to do it.

Right here, right now, you can embrace your eternalness by enjoying this moment. Look around. What can you find enjoyable now? It is a human tendency to do your utmost to rush through undesirable moments in an attempt to find better ones, but you can’t do it. It goes against vibrational law.

You can’t hurry up and heal to feel better if you can’t find something to feel better about now.

You can hurry up and rush to abundance from a feeling of lack. You have to find something to feel abundant about now.

You can’t hurry up and find a partner to calm your loneliness. You have to grant yourself some way to tune into the better feelings you desire right here and now.

You can’t hurry up your kids or spouse to help them feel better so you can feel better. You have to feel good about something now if you are to be of service to them.

Now, dear ones, is where all your power exists. Now is where you tune into love or something else. What you tune into now, starts to attract more of that later. As you tune into the same things you see now and again and again, you get more of them. As you tune into the best feeling you can find here and now, you start to attract better.

Now is where it all begins. Now is where your future begins. Now is where your new opportunities begin. Now is when you start to aim toward love again. Now is where you point yourself towards abundance. Now, dear ones is all you have. You’ve heard it a gazillion times. The past is gone, except insofar as you focus upon it. The future is not yet here except insofar as your focus right now. Now, dear ones is where to place your focus.

You can, of course, enjoy your thoughts of the past now, and in this present moment, your enjoyment will draw more of that to you.

You can learn from your past, and in this moment, celebrate your new wisdom with appreciation, and you will attract what your wiser self now focuses upon.

You can think of something you anticipate in the future and you will attract that to you to the degree you allow for it, with joy.

But now, dear ones, no matter where you place your attention is where you will find your connection with the universe. Now, whatever you think about, you are attracting into your life. Wherever you point your focus in space/time, the feelings caused by your thoughts will tell you what you are attracting. Your vibration is always what matters most.

We must repeat that. Your vibration matters most. Your vibration is what attracts. The topic is irrelevant. If your crop of apples makes you feel abundant, while thinking of losing money does not then think about your abundant crop of apples often. As a result, you will attract abundance in all areas of life. If you feel lonely thinking of years without a partner, celebrate feelings of camaraderie and love with your dog, avoid thoughts that make you feel lonely, and you’ll attract a loyal partner.

You are learning to treat yourself more often as the eternal, vibrational beings that you truly are.

Right here, right now, as you journey through eternity, grant yourself permission to find something to feel good about. We do understand that there is plenty to feel upset about but if you challenge yourself, in this moment, to find something to feel good about, you can find it. It may not be what you want to change right now, but if you can shift your vibration frequently, you will shift your reality.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Believe, Receive, Guidance never quits

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 3/04/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We say this every week. We love you so much. We love you because we love the light that lives and breathes within us all. You are one with us in that light. We love you because you are the courageous souls who came to earth to expand love beyond what it has been before. We love you for a million reasons, but the most important one is simple. We love you because it is our very nature to love, and when we are true to our nature, we feel good.

When we love you, dear ones, we love the light within us all.

We focus on all that is beautiful, good, and true about you, so you can more easily do the same. We maintain the vision and, more importantly, the energetic blueprint of all you desire. We see the life you want as if it were happening now. It is your only job to believe and receive.

Suppose you are in an airplane. You see a car on the road below you. You see their past, present, and future possible paths. Imagine you are in communication with this person. You hear their desire for a specific destination. From your position far above, you see this destination right now! You know the path to it! You see their future right here right now, and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can guide this person to their desired destination if they are willing to believe in and receive your assistance.

You get excited when you see this soul receiving your guidance. You love them. You want to help. You want them to have what they want. As a human being, you might get frustrated if they ignore your instructions or don’t believe in your love. As an angel, you would always try to reach them with utmost love and devotion. You would understand that their reception is sometimes clouded. You would never give up on this being that you love. If they passed the destination, you would lovingly steer them back toward it. If they went the wrong way, you would not chastise them; you would only send them loving impulses to guide them back to their destination.

If they didn’t believe in your love or guidance, you would sit quietly and, with all the love in your heart, focus on their joy, destination, and celebration. Never, as an angel, would you need acknowledgment because you love. Never would you feel frustrated because you love. Never would you give up because love never quits streaming through open hearts, and our hearts, dear ones, are wide open to create an ever-loving stream of guidance.

Your only job as a human being is to desire, believe, and receive. Most of you have mastered the art of desiring! Many of you intellectually believe in our love and assistance. Most of you are still learning to become better receivers.

When we speak of receiving, we are not talking about it in the way you would receive a coin placed in your hand. Instead, we are referring to being energetic receivers, much like a radio tuned to the station would receive a broadcast, or a phone tuned to a signal could receive the call. In order to receive what you want to receive in your life, you must be attuned to it so you can receive its signal and our signal, before you are able to receive the actual thing.

You can’t see a television show until your TV is recpetive to the signal. You can hear a broadcast until you radio is receptive to the signal. You can’t hear you friend on the phone until your network is working and your phone is attuned to the frequency of your friend’s broadcast. Likewise you can’t receive somethig in tangible form in your life until you are attuned to its signal, and our signals of love.

We don’t require your belief or your reception. We want you to have what you want! You are on earth to summon pure life force through your desires and to allow love new expressions! You came to expand love into the physical universe in unique and beautiful ways, and we always support that – no matter which forms you choose as an expression of love. Whether you want to pay a bill, find a new and more flattering outfit, meet a lover, or feed the poor, this is how you choose to give love form in your life, and we begin to guide you the moment you have the desire.

The problem with doubt and disbelief is not that we stop guiding you but rather that you miss the signals. For example, if you ask for love but don’t believe in the universe’s ability to provide it. You might spend a great deal of time explaining and talking and thinking about how you have never had love. As you attune to the lack of love, you will miss every loving signal we send you. If a radio owner doesn’t believe in the signal, they won’t even turn it the radio on. Even if they do believe in the broadcast, if they tune into AM, they cannot receive FM.

For example, if you feel unloved and doubt the universe’s ability to provide love for you, you might walk down the street with your head down, heart withdrawn, pondering your loneliness. While feeling unloved and doubting you will find love, you miss all the happy, smiling people who want to share their joy. You miss the gorgeous blue sky that helps you experience the majesty of creation. You miss the sign in a coffee shop offering free samples, enticing you to come in and meet the love of your life. You ignore the dog that runs up to you trying to provide you with love so you can meet his owner and strike up a loving conversation. You glance up for “no good reason,” see someone you are attracted to, have an urge to talk, but then tell yourself, “What’s the use. They’re probably taken.” If you doubt what you want, dear ones, you will miss the signals that are all around you.

Likewise, suppose you have a large bill. If you doubt the universe’s ability to provide, tune into fear, feel lack, or desperately try to figure out how to pay it, you will be so lost in thought and worry that you can’t receive a helpful new idea. You might miss or dismiss that little voice that says, “Call a friend. Go out for coffee.” The friend could give you some good ideas. You might resist the idea of borrowing money or using savings to pay the bill. You might ignore the desire to explore a hobby that could become an entirely new income stream simply because you feel you cannot play until after you pay.

You will relax as you learn to desire, believe, and receive. You will think of what you want with joy, anticipation, and a sense of adventure. You may even let it go entirely, relax, and enjoy your life, truing that what you want will arrive in perfect divine timing. You may allow yourselves to explore interests that sound enticing, visit friends, do things out of the ordinary that appeal, or sit in peace. These things are all things your logical mind might talk you out of doing, but if you genuinely believe and are indeed in a state of energetic reception, you will be honoring the signals of your own good-feeling guidance.

Your brain is designed to be receptive to your desires if you give it a clear direction. Ask, “Dear brain, what would it feel like to have what I want?” “What would it feel like to be with the love of my life?” “What would it feel like to have work that I love that pays very well and makes me excited to awaken each day?” “What would it feel like to have my loved ones feel better?” Don’t try to imagine the feelings. Ask. Wait for your brain, the most incredible tuner in the universe, to find that frequency you requested. Wait for the feeling. Then, dear ones, bask in the feeling. Attune it as often as you can, knowing that the more you tune into love in whatever form you wish to receive it, the more you will hear our guidance, and the sooner you will reach the destinations you desire.

The creator moves the stars in perfect orbit, orchestrates entire ecosystems, inspires your body’s cells to maintain balance, and will –  if you become receptive to your desires – inspire you on a joyful path to their realization.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Every time you explain to yourself or anyone else why you can’t be what you want, have what you want, or do what you want, you are telling the entire universe that you don’t believe in the Divine. You are blocking God’s work in your life!

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 01/14/2023 • Living in worthiness

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Never tell yourself what can’t be done. Never explain to anyone why you can’t have what you want. Never believe anyone who tells you that you can’t change, whether the change you want is a change of habit, a change of location, or a change in your health. Every time you explain to yourself or anyone else why you can’t be what you want, have what you want, or do what you want, you are telling the entire universe that you don’t believe in the Divine. You are blocking God’s work in your life!

The Divine is always, without fail, attempting to guide you to the solutions you seek, the answers you want, and the joy that you wish to experience. The Divine is working to guide you to that perfect job, to find the home you dream of, and to either fix the relationships that you mutually desire to improve or guide you gently away from those who don’t. The Divine is constantly informing every cell in your body how it can operate in greater harmony, and the only reason you stay ill, dear ones, is because you focus more on illness than on things that make you feel better.

We know this is challenging to put into practice. You all grew up with the model of reward and punishment. “Be good little girls and boys, and you’ll get your reward. Mess up, and you’ll be punished.”

The model of reward and punishment is how humanity treats one another. The Divine operates with the model of love. You are loved without condition. Your loving desires are supported without condition. You are not rewarded for good behavior or punished for bad. You are loved. The reward of love is feeling good. If you must see it this way, the punishment for disconnecting from love is feeling bad. No matter how wealthy, acclaimed, or seemingly happy one is, if they are disconnected from love, they are secretly miserable. Your connection to love is heaven. Your disconnection from it is hell. You all experience these polarities by degrees.

Seek to feel heaven! If you let love into your life in any way – for example, simply by looking for the things that feel like love, being loving as often as you can – to yourself especially – and caring about the way you feel, then Dear ones, you will enjoy this love in the form of all that you seek. You can pet a dog, inhale the scent of your tea, admire a person, or enjoy the expansiveness of the sky. In these moments, you are connecting to love. It is far easier, moment-to-moment, than you think. It is as simple as choosing to focus on something that feels good.

If you believe you must suffer to be worthy, you will suffer to prove your worthiness to a Source that already knows you are worthy. If you believe you must help others even when you genuinely are not feeling guided to do so, then dear ones, you will resonate with resentment more than love. If, however, you are honest with yourself – doing only what feels better, thinking what feels better, seeking things to focus on that feel better – then you are acknowledging your worthiness, and you will experience what a worthy person experiences – help, health, happiness, abundance, joy, love, you name it!

As you practice thinking thoughts and choosing a focus that feels better – one moment after the next – at first, you will only feel a little better. At first, you may even say, “Well, I feel a little better, but what good is this? I still don’t have the money I want. I still don’t have a partner.” Hang in there, dear friends! Keep seeking the better-feeling focus, the better feeling thought. Your good feelings will gain momentum. Your feelings of worthiness will grow, and as they do, you will allow in the guidance and love that is always present.

We know you’re worthy of all that you desire. The Creator knew you were worthy when you were created, and nothing, absolutely nothing, can mess that up. You deserve, first and foremost, to be happy, but we cannot force you to be happy, nor can we deliver temporal, superficial happiness unless you vibrate at the same frequency, and then it will come to you with ease.

When you enjoy thoughts of expansiveness and beauty, you will allow that home you desire. When you think thoughts that feel abundant and fulfilled, even if you are thinking about your meals, you will attract a job that feels the same. When you love life, love people, or even love your dog, and don’t muddy the waters with doubt, you’ll allow that love you desire into your life.

You are learning, and we are guiding you into a 5D paradigm where your vibration matters more than anything you say, do.

You are already worthy of love. Practice feeling it more. Practice looking for things that feel good. This simple discipline can change your life because it will change your vibration. Do it often enough, and you’ll feel the change starting to happen because you’ll just feel better. Do it longer, and your life will start working better. Do it even more, and you’ll start seeing ideas come to you as if by magic. Keep it up, and miracles will become the norm as what you want flows into your life.

Make this year the year that you choose to be kind to yourself, and to live as if you are worthy of feeling good. Make this the year to choose thoughts that feel better. Then, watch your life respond.

In 2023 I know I am worthy
In 2023 I seek to feel happy
In 2023 I will live authentically
In 2023 I set my spirit free!

You are ahead of the pack, dear ones – part of a small fraction of humanity learning to manage your vibration. Your vibration is, and always has been, the key to creating a life you love. Now that you know this simple truth, you can learn to manage your vibration and honor it as more important and influential than any uninspired action. With a single thought and then the next and the next, you can start a chain reaction and momentum that will change your life!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann & the Angels – 09/03/22 • Guided by your natural impulses

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is a natural order and flow to all of life. An impulse comes from the Creator in each moment to all of creation, orchestrating it in a beautiful h harmonious dance in the same way that the brain coordinates every cell in the body. In each moment, the Divine reads your heart, your energy, your intentions, and desires, and in the very next moment sends you a natural impulse to guide you.

These impulses are your natural good feelings. For example, you may have a long to-do list but feel like doing something different. You will struggle to accomplish your to-do list if you fight that feeling. However, if you listen to your natural, inspiring impulse, you will feel happy, elevated, and inspired to accomplish all you must do with ease.

You may, for example, have an idea about what you will prepare for dinner, but you feel a natural craving for something else. Even if you make the meal you planned, unless you receive from it the nutrients you need – at that moment – the other craving will continue.

You may be sad or grieving, and you have a natural urge to wrap a blanket around you and take a nap to quiet your mind. While you undoubtedly have things to accompiish, if you surrender to this urge, you will find that peace returns more quickly than if you fight what feels natural and soothing to you.

You don’t have to agonize about your problems and over-analyze them nearly as much as you do. It is far more productive to think about the outcomes you want in a way that gives your pleasure. This good-feeling focus puts you in a vibration where you can sense the natural impulses that will guide you easily towards your solutions.

Your feelings are the clearest indicator of your guidance. Your good feelings open you to receive the impulses to do, say, and think things that will be of service to you. Your bad feelings remind you that your reception is not in a clear state. You might think of it this way. Your good feelings tell you that you have “five bars” on your internal wifi. Your bad feelings tell you that the signal has too much static.

This is why we often urge you to reach for the most soothing and best feelings. This is how you open to receiving a clear signal.

You can raise your vibration by focusing on something external that pleases you, or you can focus on an internal thought that gives you pleasure. You can even use your imagination to conjure up pleasing scenarios that raise your vibration. Love is love no matter how you find its frequency, and in the space of love or appreciation, you will feel the impulses that guide you. You can’t fake good feelings. The universe reads vibration and your energy never lies. You can, however, learn to find good feelings.

Think of a time when your phone signal was weak. Chances are likely you began to walk around to see if you could find a spot with better reception. Perhaps you took your phone and pointed it in a different direction. Maybe you found a room where the signal was clear. In any case, you figured out how to raise your bars and have your conversation.

In the same way, you can “try out” different thoughts to see which ones feel better. Do a little experiment now. Think of a person you don’t enjoy. Notice your body. Is it loose or tight? Notice your breathing. Is it deep or shallow? Notice your feelings. Are they elevated and harmonious, or chaotic? Now think of a person you love and adore, and if one does not come to mind, perhaps think of an animal, a favorite place, or even your favorite blanket – something or someone comforting, loving, nurturing. Now notice your body. Is it looser or tighter? Is your breathing deeper or more shallow? Do you feel more harmonious or chaotic?

Next, think of something you like about yourself. Perhaps you have a caring heart. Perhaps you’ve helped people in your past. Perhaps you have a unique and quirky style. Ask your soul to help you think of something wonderful about yourself, and trust the first thing that pops into your mind. Now focus on that. Imagine you are proud of this good quality. Imagine God and your angels loving you and acknowledging you for this quality. Now how do you feel?

Dear ones, play with your thoughts. Try them out to see which ones feel better. Do this often. As you slowly learn how to attune yourself to higher vibrations, you will more easily feel the natural impulses that guide and assist you. Care about how you feel so can sense your guidance.

You are never alone. You are never without incredible love and assistance. You are never without guidance. You can only attune yourself to it or not. When you do, your life enters the glorious and harmonious dance of creation, no matter where you were the prior moment. Challenges can be solved quickly and easily. The body can heal. You can be open to the life, the goodness, and the guidance you truly deserve.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

the path of least resistance…Stop telling the story of the boulder stopping you and start telling the story about how love is trying to help.

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/25/2022 • Flowing around the boulders

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many times you ask us, “When will life stop being such a struggle?” Our answer, with great love, is always, “when you stop struggling with life.”

Consider a stream. Unobstructed it flows smoothly, gracefully, swiftly, and powerfully. When it encounters an obstacle, such as a boulder that it cannot move, temporarily some of the currents in the stream push against the boulder. Their flow becomes chaotic, slower, and less powerful. Sometimes the water that runs into the boulder even bounces back upstream, temporarily…. until it surrenders to the greater current, joins the path of least resistance, and flows smoothly around the boulder.

In your life, when you encounter something that you consider to be a boulder – something you cannot change and do not want in your path – you have a few choices. You can rally against your “boulders.” You can struggle to change them. You can resist the fact that they even exist. You can resent the people, situations, and things that are unwanted in your life all you want and yet dear ones… there is an easier and quicker way around your boulders in life… and like that stream, it involves surrendering to the path of least resistance.

Suppose someone won’t cooperate with you. Your boss won’t give you time off. Your ex won’t pay child support. The slowest car in traffic won’t change lanes. You can’t get a customer service representative on the line… and the list goes on. You have encountered what you feel is a “boulder” in life – something, someone, or some situation that you perceive to be in the way of your graceful, happy flow in life.

You can sit and complain about the situation all you like but that is unlikely to change the situation. You can try to cajole, bully, or manipulate another person but that is unlikely to work as well. You can honk your horn in traffic or curse at the driver ahead of you. You can waste your precious life force trying to change the external circumstances – the “boulders” in your life – or you can surrender to your heart of hearts, surrender to love, and allow your guidance to carry you right around these perceived challenges.

This takes faith in the fact that you are loved. It takes faith in the fact that the creator of universes knows infinite resources and 7.8 billion people, many of whom could be helpful. It takes faith in the fact that the power that created your body can heal it, that the eternal source of all abundance can guide you to what you need, and the light that lives and breathes in all souls truly wants to assist you with more cooperative and harmonious relationships.

As you let go of the struggle with the things, people, and situations you don’t want, you make room for the things, people, and situations you do. You can’t push against a boulder and flow downstream at the same time. You can, however surrender to the present moment, to what is right in front of you, and in the very next moment, surrender to your heart and allow yourself to be assisted in flowing towards what you really desire – peace, happiness, abundance, kindness, harmony, health, and the things that you’d like, situations you want… perhaps coming in a way that looks a little different than you originally envisioned.

Are you willing to trust you are loved? Then, dear ones stop struggling with life. Stop talking about what shouldn’t exist, who shouldn’t be doing what, who is getting in your way, what is stopping you, or how challenged, sick, broke, angry, frustrated, jealous, or upset you are. Stop telling the story of the boulder stopping you and start telling the story about how love is trying to help.

We love you so much and we see a lot of your unnecessary struggles with life as we gently attempt to whisper in your hearts, “Let go. Let God. We want to help…”

There are many boulders in your world right now. Are you going to struggle with them, or allow yourself to flow around them? It is your choice. Next time you encounter what you perceive to be a boulder in life, stop. Breathe. Relax. Say to yourself, “It is what it is. Life is what it is. I am who I am. I know what I want… what next?” Drop into your heart and you will feel your next step.

Someone won’t cooperate? “They are who they are. I am who I am. I know what I want. What next?” Perhaps you will be impulsed to have a conversation from the heart. Perhaps you’ll be impulsed to work with someone else. Perhaps you’ll be shown a path to work around this individual. There are so many possible solutions. Your heart will tell you the next step.

As you stop resisting the boulders in your life and instead breathe, drop into your hearts and find the next step – the thing to think or do that feels kindest, easiest, most loving – then you, like the stream, will discover the path of least resistance, cease your struggling and be guided to the life you truly want once again.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Look for the good and you will see it everywhere. As you notice it and celebrate it, you empower it.

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As the energies of light and “forgetting-light” vie for attention in your world, you feel that tug of war in your bodies, minds, and hearts. So many of you sensitive souls feel the density of the lower vibrational energies tugging at you now, trying to get your attention and convince you that your world is going downhill. It is not.

Thanks to each and every one of you and countless others, your world is moving towards a greater light.

Look for the good and you will see it everywhere. As you notice it and celebrate it, you empower it. As you focus upon it, it flows to you and through you. As you refuse to be drowned in the darkness you witness in this world and instead hold your focus steadfast on the good, you will find that you feel better in body, mind, and soul.

You can find good everywhere, even in the darkest of situations. There is nature in her purity beckoning you to receive the blessings of her beauty and life-affirming chemistry. There are people quietly performing acts of love and service. There are individuals who never thought they’d do anything other than live their daily lives who are stepping into the role of amazing charitable leaders. Strangers are opening their hearts and homes to one another. Caring souls are lovingly guiding the young. Loving caregivers are tending to the babies, the elderly, the disabled, and your furry. Truckers, shippers, stockers, and clerks are quietly keeping economies in motion, while farmers, bats, bees, and so many other beings, ensure that you get a cup of coffee in the morning and food on the table. Even in the midst of bombs and rubble, there are countless souls reaching into their depths to find and bring forth goodness amidst the ashes.

Everywhere you look, there is good. Everywhere you look, there is God
. In some situations, the good is easy to see. In others, you must look more carefully. Nonetheless, it is always there.

There are, without question atrocities being enacted in your world right now. There are people so possessed by fear and anger that they commit crimes against their own human nature. They seek false power because they have not known the true power of love. They are sad, lost, and lonely and their souls need your prayers.

These are the few, rather than the many. There are far more people doing good upon your earth. There are far more people engaged in acts of kindness right now as we speak, than those engaging in acts of hate.

There is plenty of bad news that makes the news, yet we have good news. Love is winning. Love is the “end game.” Love is what heals hearts, stops wars, and what lifts souls out of the ignorance of hate and darkness which traps them in a cage of their own creation.Love is the only thing that will set you free and help you rise above the tugs and pulls of the various forces vying for your attention. Love is what gives you energy, connects you with guidance, and allows you to enjoy your life while dancing around the density.

When you focus on the good in your world, you focus on God. When you share the good you share God.

One social media post documenting a loving act can inspire thousands. Will you be the one to notice it and share it?

One kind word or deed with a request to “pay it forward” can start a chain of loving gain. Will you be a link in that chain?

One inspiring word to a person who is feeling down-trodden can give them the hope to carry on. Can you be such an influencer of incredible proportions by saying a kind word today?

You, dear ones, by noticing the good within you and around you kindle the light of love upon your planet earth.

Love is winning dear friends. Love is making the lost doubt in their darkness. Love is inspiring those who love to stand up for what they love. Love is creating a global family that is more united, caring, and compassionate than ever before. Look for this love in the smallest of ways. Notice it. Celebrate it. Know that in so doing, you empower it.

Your prayers, your kindness, and your choices to take tender, loving care of yourselves and one another are changing your world and the course of your history.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

The light within you does love the light within all beings and all things, but the personality that you embody on earth has its own unique preferences and desires

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you are so hard upon yourselves. You live under a false premise that to be “holy” or “spiritual” you must like all things and all beings. This is a misunderstanding of love dear ones. While it is your very nature to love, you never came to the planet expecting that you would like, or more accurately resonate, with everyone and everything. The light within you does love the light within all beings and all things, but the personality that you embody on earth has its own unique preferences and desires and that is how it was intended to be.

When you came to earth, you knew you would love the variety, the contrast, and the incredible opportunities to create that would be inspired by dancing with one Love in so many different forms. You knew you would meet with souls that you love in the guise of different people and different personalities. You knew there would be some that would remember their connection to Love and some that would forget. You knew some would resonate with you and others would challenge you to love yourself. You knew you would have your preferences – your likes and dislikes – and you knew that these feelings would help you remember more about who you wish to be, what you wish to experience, what you would create, and how you want to grow.

You came to earth, knowing that your feelings of affinity or repulsion were simply guiding forces to help you stay on the path of your greatest joy.

Rather than judging yourself or the other when you feel a “like” or a “dislike,” give yourself permission to feel your preferences. Allow yourself to “like” or “dislike” any personality, thing, situation, belief, or behavior you encounter in your life. You have certain foods you prefer. You have certain outfits you prefer. You have certain decor and decorum that you prefer. You also have certain people, personalities, beliefs, and behaviors you prefer. This is as it was intended to be.

Your soul loves the light within all things and all beings. Your human self has its preferences. You can love without liking, much as a mother loves the child whether or not she likes his/her behavior on a given day. You can love without liking much as a true friend might love you even if his or her beliefs are different from yours on a given topic. You can love without liking, much as a chef might love the diversity of ingredients from which to entertain his or her guests, in spite of not wanting to eat them all. You can love even if others don’t like you because it feels better for you to focus on the light within all.

The secret to your happiness is to enjoy the things, beings, and situations you like and to stop condemning and trying to change the ones you dislike. Be honest with yourself and make your choices accordingly:

“I am who I am. You are who you are. Life is what it is. What next?

When you like someone, enjoy them, or enjoy the thought of them. When you dislike someone’s behavior or personality you have many choices. Choose one that feels right for you. You can choose to look for good points if that feels better. You can choose to walk away. You can choose to observe quietly, and seek to understand or you can honestly decide that you have no interest whatsoever, in doing so. Whatever you choose, choose a response that feels most right and most loving for you. Trust that when you do what feels right in your soul, it will be right for all souls involved.

It may not feel loving to walk away kindly from someone, but we assure you that it is more loving to honestly walk away than pretend to like.
The other person would sense your dissonance and the relationship would never truly be satisfying to either one of you. The other person may say they don’t want you to leave, but in their heart of hearts, they want someone who wants to be with them. One person’s rejection is another’s redirection.

It may not feel loving to keep quiet, rather than engage in a battle with someone who wants to argue but we would rather see one soul in peace than two at war. Ultimately, no matter how badly an ego wants an argument, all souls truly want peace.

It may not always feel loving to say “no I can’t honestly do that for you” when someone desperately wants you to do something for them, but it is loving to tell the truth rather than lying to please the other with a resentful heart. Ultimately all souls want gifts given freely and joyfully.

There is a huge difference between judgment and discernment. Judgment says, “you have no right to be.” Discernment says, “you’re not right for me.”

Dear ones, absolutely everyone, and everything have a place, a purpose, and a right to be in the great puzzle of life whether or not they fit naturally and easily with your piece of the puzzle! As in life, all pieces belong. As in life, not all belong together.

You were not put on this earth to eat every item in the grocery store, and you did not come to this earth to enjoy all people, all things, all situations, locations, beliefs, and all opinions. When you make peace with your preferences you will no longer have to argue over them, justify them, force them upon others, or try to bend and twist your own to match what others expect of you.

A rose is here to be a rose. A tulip is here to be a tulip. A dog is a dog. A cat is a cat, and you are here to be the individual that you are now, and are continuing to become. The diversity of life helps you discover new preferences, learn new things about yourself, discover new talents, and figure out what you are ready to leave behind. The diversity of life helps inspire you to create and evolve as you journey through eternity.

So when you see something on the news that you don’t care for, or if you bump into someone whose opinion you don’t like; if someone rubs you the wrong way, or something feels distasteful, remind yourself, “This diversity is here to help me figure out who I am, who I wish to be, and how I want to dance with life. It has value. They have value.” Then shift to paying attention to what you DO like, what you DO prefer, what you wish to empower with your focused attention.

Dear ones, don’t waste your precious life force focusing on the rightness or wrongness of life or anyone in it. Something right for your growth and joy may be completely wrong for another as surely as one diet is right for you, yet totally inappropriate for another; as surely as one outfit is right for you and your work, and totally inappropriate for another; and, as surely as one belief is right for your soul’s evolution and not at all useful to another.

Be right for yourselves in this moment, and stop trying to find an absolute right and wrong. Love is the only absolute right. You are allowed to have your preferences.

So, give up the discussions of right and wrong. Stop analyzing who you should be in comparison to everyone else. Allow yourselves to have your likes, dislikes, and preferences, and we implore you, to allow that to set you free from the bondage of insisting others agree or trying to agree with all others. You are unique, precious, and perfect in this puzzle of life. So is everyone else.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

What if, instead of fearing your ghosts – living, dead, or even the ghosts of your own past – you were to pray for them to know only love?

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As many of you celebrate your holiday of Halloween, we love the fact that you are taking things that might otherwise be considered “frightening” and instead “lightening” them up! From our view of reality you have nothing to fear at all because you are, and always will be, in control of your own vibration, and therefore in control of your experience of reality. Love wants to flow, and as we expressed last week, you either allow it or pinch off its supply.

For example, there are indeed ghosts who are souls that don’t believe that love is real – even when the light appears for them. They stay in a vibration in between heaven and earth, often harmlessly wandering about, but sometimes rather angrily. You wouldn’t fear an angry, tantrum-throwing two-year-old, dear ones, and you need not fear anyone – living or deceased – who is living in an unpleasant and pinched-off version of their own reality.

What if, instead of being afraid, you were like a parent looking at their adorable two-year-old who is, in a given moment, unhappy and screaming. Like that parent, you might feel some irritation, but you would also feel compassion for those in your world – living or dead – who are angry and scared as well. What if you could see the innocent child within them, and pray that they feel safe and secure in God’s love?

What if, instead of fearing your ghosts – living, dead, or even the ghosts of your own past – you were to pray for them to know only love?

Then dear ones, those “scary” beings and things on your planet would be only as powerful as your cute little Halloween ghosts whom you don’t take very seriously at all.

If you were to remove the power you give your problems, you would unblock the flow of love waiting to help you solve them.

Right now you could say that there is a tug of war between love and what you call “evil” on your planet. Evil, dear ones, is simply “LlVE” in reverse. Evil is that which doesn’t realize that it is connected to an endless stream of LOVE that helps it LIVE. As a result, it attempts to go about life backward, grabbing resources, money, power, and energy from others, because it has pinched off its own supply chain to Love’s endless flow.

You need not fear evil. You need not give it any more power than your Halloween figures! You need not even focus upon it. In fact, the less energy you give that which you call evil, the more energy you are giving Love. In a vibration of love dear friends, “though you walk in the shadow of the valley of darkness you will fear no evil.”

In the greater understanding of reality, there is nothing but love. Your experience of this greater reality depends on you. You either let love flow into your life or you block Love’s endless supply.

There are those who let love flow into their lives as much as possible by focusing on kind, loving, soothing, comforting, inspiring thoughts, and actions. There are those who pinch off their experience of Love’s supply by focusing on anger, fear, sadness, and other unpleasant feelings or situations. Most of you go back and forth between the two… and that is OK! You are learning to unblock your supply as you move through life.

You are learning to reach for thoughts that feel good and focus on things and situations that feel good. You are learning to find good feelings even when the external world doesn’t make it easy. When you feel good your supply chain from Love’s source is unblocked and flowing easily. When you feel bad, to some degree, you’re pinching off the endless flow of love. Your feelings are your guide.

Dear ones, your connection to the endless supply of love grants you freedom from the influences of what you call evil – freedom from the influences of those who operate from an experience of pinching off their own supply. Your connection to the endless supply of love grants you immunity, abundance, joy, grace, and ease.

There is nothing more important in your lives right now than your connection to the endless supply of love from the Source. If you have a problem, stop spinning within it. Sit. Breathe. Receive our love. Focus on how the solution would feel. Have faith dear ones! You are loved! The supply is there. Unblock it by focusing on the good that is waiting to flow to you. Allow for it. Stop getting in God’s way, as we like to say.

If someone has triggered painful feelings within you, although it is difficult, try not to use their behavior as an excuse to disconnect yourself from the endless supply of love. When others are unloving it is even more important for YOU to connect with love. Don’t wait for the world to make it easy. Don’t wait for others to behave as you wish. Don’t wait for things to look exactly as you want. Open now, dear ones to the supply of Love that is here for you always – right here, right now.

The moment you appreciate a single ray of sunshine you are open to love. The moment you value the feeling of the floor supporting your feet, your open to love. The moment you think of someone you care about you are open to love. The moment you have a good wish for someone who is challenging, you are open to love. The moment you dream of a better world, you are open to love. You don’t need to look for the “monumental” experiences of love. Choose the small ones, one after the next, and soon dear ones, you will live in the endless supply of love. In this reality, all that you find spooky and scary will be seen much like your little Halloween ghosts, as nothing to fear at all. In this reality, evil cannot touch you because you are focused only on the Love beneath it all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Everything you see happening upon your earth is an out-picturing of the collective inner world of human hearts

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, October 26th, 2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Everything you see happening upon your earth is an out-picturing of the collective inner world of human hearts. Every kind act is an out-picturing of the goodness within human hearts. Every harsh and violent act is an out-picturing of the violence within human hearts. The gentle waves upon the ocean reflect your peace, and the storms reflect your chaos.

Mother earth processes the loving energies you do not, by releasing energy in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, and other major events. She is a mirror for the collective state of human hearts. If love does not flow freely through collective humanity, it builds up pressure within her heart and she must allow it to release in some fashion.

So, if you want peace in your life, create peace in your hearts. Be intentional about the fact that you wish to experience peace
. Then when chaos knocks at your door refuse to let it dictate to you that you must join its energy field. When people are upset, you can remain calm. When people are angry, you can remain compassionate. When you see disasters on the news you can thank God you have chosen calm.

Each one of you, every single day, with every word, thought, and deed contributes either to collective peace or collective chaos. We do not say this to make you feel guilty, but rather to let you know you have far more power than you might imagine to create change, to create peace, and to create an out-picturing of Divine love upon your planet.

In every potential reality there is one soul who will tip the balance from peace to chaos or chaos to peace. Perhaps today you will be that one soul who chooses to tip the balance towards peace, love, and a life that is more heavenly here upon the earth. You are that powerful!

It is by allowing your love and kindness to flow that you ease the burdens of mother earth and allow her heart to be expressed as well. As she expresses her heart, God expresses love through all of you. You are all one. You are all connected. You all matter, and you all make a difference. Here in the heavens, we appreciate you, your love, and your dedication to peace. We feel your beautiful loving hearts.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Everything is real dear ones in some dimension. Every passing fantasy is real in the infinite matrix of possibility- The Angels via Ann Albers, October 18, 2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Shut your eyes for a moment after you read these words. Imagine you are in one of the most beautiful places you can imagine. Perhaps you are on a pristine beach. Maybe you are walking through the woods, standing on a mountain, or in the most elegant room you can imagine. Perhaps you are beholding beautiful artwork, or maybe you are in a crowd of people basking in the beauty of their diversity. It doesn’t matter… allow your soul to show you a beautiful place in your imagination.

Allow yourself to imagine the feelings you have while immersed in this beauty. Allow yourself to feel inspired, uplifted, expanded. Allow your heart to fill with the majesty and beauty of the scene around you. Really imagine. Really feel.

Next imagine you are with someone you love who loves you dearly, whether this is true in your life now or not. Make someone up if you have to! Imagine you look at this person (whether you see them or not) and your heart swells with love. Imagine they take your hand and you feel peace, calm, cherished, treasured. Bask in these feelings of love.

Now as you come back, we ask you, “Were these experiences real to you?” You may have to think about that. After a while you might answer, “No. I was not experiencing them in my outer world. They are not real.”

It is human conditioning to say something is real if you can see it, touch it, hear it, or experience it with other your external senses. It is human conditioning to say something is not real when experienced in your inner world.

Yet we would lovingly have to argue that your inner world is just as real, if not more so than your outer world. In your inner world – the world of fantasy – you have access to infinite possibility! You can fly, create your dreams, fall in love, imagine horrible outcomes or the most magnificent ones.

Your feelings as you focus within are very real indeed! Your energy field responds to your internal world. While you focus internally you are there, in your consciousness, experiencing an alternate reality.

This, dear ones is how you create from the inside out. This is how you turn fantasy into outer reality. This is how you choose what you will experience in your future. Your fantasies, if you feel them thoroughly, and experience them in your inner reality as deeply and intensely as you can, will become your external reality.

In your earthly reality the creator gave you the gift of time to decide what you want to create. Happily, not all your passing inner fantasies come to pass. You would not want your negative fantasies to manifest! Instead, you have time to focus on the inner realities you want and time to discard the ones you don’t. You get to play with your inner reality until you find things that feel good, and then like pressing enter on the computer, you commit to those realities, and tune into them regularly, internally, until they come to pass.

Everything is real dear ones in some dimension. Every passing fantasy is real in the infinite matrix of possibility. Focus dearly and deeply on the ones you want to bring into fruition into your external reality so you can enjoy them with the external senses as dearly and deeply as you have enjoyed them within.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

In this fashion, you program your sleep and your waking before you drift off into the other realms.

The Angels via Ann Albers, June 15th, 2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your sleep is a rich and productive time. It is a time when the majority of your spirit leaves your physical body and visits the heavens. You can engage in a multitude of activities while your awareness is in these other dimensions.

Some of you have “planning meetings” with your angels. You examine your upcoming choices, creations, and the many possible pathways for your upcoming growth.

Many of you receive our love, nurturing, and encouragement. Earth is a tough school and often you just need love and support so you can move forward with renewed energy in your lessons here upon the earth.

Sometimes you have long discussions wit other souls whom you know on earth. You talk about how you can help each other grow, whether or not the relationship is productive, or whether it is time to move along. You talk about what might have to change in both of you to catalyze each other’s growth more kindly.

You also make plans from time to time, with souls you want to meet in your waking life. You discuss the growth you wish to do together.

Many of you spend time with your dearly departed loved ones, just enjoying a picnic or a walk here in heaven.

You can set your intentions before bed if you have something specific you’d like to do in your sleep! You can say, “I’d like the healing angels to work on my body while my soul is nurtured and comforted.” “I’d like to meet up with a loved one.” “I’d like help in solving this or that problem in my life.” “I’d like to wake up with greater clarity in my life.”

The choices are infinite. Imagine waking up with your intentions fulfilled, feeling refreshed, alive, awake, and grateful for another day of life… no matter how much or little sleep you get. Feel it. In this fashion, you program your sleep and your waking before you drift off into the other realms.

If you have trouble falling asleep call upon us. Perhaps you are fearful, excited, or just have a lot on the mind. Perhaps you heard your parents argue or had something frightening happen at one point in the night. You are safe now. We are with you.

Breathe in slowly and deeply. Breath out even more slowly. Imagine us all around you for we will be there laying our hands upon your heart, soothing your forehead, and gently whispering, “Relax dear one. All is well.” Breathe in our love, slowly. Breathe out your concerns, slowly. Keep breathing in this fashion while we work with you to gently loosen your energy from the day’s concerns or future anticipations until your spirit can slip sweetly into the other realms.

In the morning, before you move, record your dreams. You can interpret them later if you like.

Most importantly of all is to lie quietly upon awakening and give thanks for the day ahead. Imagine the best possible day. Ask your angels for help with all you’d like to accomplish, or just simply pray, “Dear Divine Source please help me have the most loving day possible. I am open and ready to receive your love.”

Finally, when you are ready to move, imagine your spirit is like hand slipping into a glove. Breathe yourself all the way back into the body. Before you move, set your intentions for the day. Ask your angels for the help you need. Imagine your day going extremely well. Now slowly rise and feel your feet on the floor. Stretch. Give thanks for the day and for anything else you feel grateful for.

This, dear ones, is your spiritual coffee! This type of routine, or any other that makes you feel alive, loved, grounded and ready for the day in an invaluable asset in enjoying your daily life.

Your physical sleep is rich with opportunity for the soul. Program it with clear intent. Imagine waking up in bliss. Then, dear friends you will find each and every morning a true resurrection of the soul.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

You cannot ever lose love. You simply tune into it, or not-The Angels via Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Life, dear ones, will have its challenges. You spill your milk. The refrigerator breaks. You stub your toe, or more seriously lose a job or a loved one. Elements of your dream here upon the earth shift and change. The constant behind and beneath all things, however, is and always will be, love.

In even your deepest challenges you can find the frequency of love. If you have deep debt, you can love the food upon your table today. You can love the people in your life. You can love the blue sky and the scent of your spring flowers. If you have suffered a devastating loss of someone in your life, you can still find love in all of those who still surround you, in the arms of God in prayer and meditation and from your angels – and even your dearly departed loved ones – if you are willing to sit, breath, and receive. If you have pain, you can see love in your own heart’s willingness to persevere.

The reason challenge and loss hurts so much is that it is perceived as a loss of love. In truth dear ones, love lives! Love lives in every challenge and every inconvenience. Love waits for you on the other side of every loss. Love lives beyond death. Love lives in every particle and manifestation of life. Love lives … inside of you.

You cannot ever lose love. You simply tune into it, or not.

It is all too human when you face challenge or loss to feel a loss of love. Your life has to change. You will have to work harder to find the frequency of love. It is easy to feel the energy of love when life flows smoothly. It takes more work to find it again amidst the chaos. It is easy to feel the frequency of love with a loved one, and much more difficult to find it if they leave. Nonetheless you can discover the One love anywhere, indeed everywhere, even when you feel challenged, hurt, or abandoned. Love will never leave you. It cannot.

Suppose your car breaks and you have to wait all day for the repair. Perhaps love can be found in the form of a kind person to speak with while you wait, or from inspiration that comes while reading that book you’ve been putting off. Perhaps the love will appear in the form of having to decline other commitments that you didn’t really want to do anyway. Maybe love appears because your car broke down in a safe place and your life was spared due to the repair… Maybe love appears within your own heart as you realize that there is a purpose to all things.

Suppose you lose a loved one. Maybe this is the point in your soul’s eternal evolution where you are going to learn to make contact across the “veil” and once and for all banish the notion of death being the end. Maybe it is a time when you will grieve deeply and be inspired to do great good in the world as a result of the human tragedy. Maybe it is your soul’s time to learn to love yourself instead of always caring for others. Even in spite of the grief and pain, love is waiting to be revealed and to heal you.

In all things, dear one, there is love. Even in your human challenges, love is waiting to be revealed. Allow yourself your very human feelings first. Love yourself through them.

Then, ask a potentially life changing question,“Love, how are you trying to reveal yourself more deeply in my life as a result of this challenge?

Dear ones, love waits for you to discover its Presence. It is an energy frequency that you can find no matter what life presents. Look for love in easy times and, especially, in your challenging times. “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened.” Look for love, and your life will be an experience of love no matter what the outer world presents.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

So when you are faced with a challenge, look for the opportunity within it-The Angels via Ann Albers-

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Challenges will always be part of life, but you will always have the opportunity to see them as opportunities. By their very nature, challenges are situations that you don’t know how, or if, you can handle. When you see something as a challenge, your personality is not certain it is up for the task!

When you face a challenge, “who you think you are” feels limited. “Who you really are” has no bounds or limits whatsoever.

In each challenge, you have the opportunity to embrace more deeply, “who you really are.”

Rather than fretting or worrying when a challenge arises, challenge yourself to say, “Wow, this could be an incredible opportunity! This could be the one thing that calls forth my Divinity. This could be the thing that calls for greater love, abundance, and strength from within. This could be the thing that shifts my energy into a more powerful space so I can create greater ease in the future. This is an incredible opportunity to create!”

We understand that, being human and programmed, your initial reaction to a challenge is probably not going to be a feeling of opportunity! At first your programming might say, “I hate this! Opportunity? I can do without that kind of opportunity” Little by little, however, you can begin to change these beliefs. You can begin to tell yourself, “Well, here I am, let’s see what good can come of this. Perhaps I can grow. Perhaps this is the opportunity to overcome a very deep and old pattern of struggle. Perhaps this is the opportunity to finally heal my life, finances, or body.

This could be one of the best things that ever happened to me…”

The Divine lives within you dear ones. The power that creates universes is there waiting for you to call it forth. The angels are with you. You never, ever have to handle a single challenge.

So when you are faced with a challenge, look for the opportunity within it….

Say you have a bill you don’t know how to pay. This could be the opportunity to find the energy of abundance within and shift away from a very old belief in struggle and lack. This could be the way the universe motivates your inner growth so you can create prosperity for the rest of your life! This could be the challenge you need to be grateful for everything you do have and to trust in the universe’s love and support for you! This could be a pivital opportunity to improve the quality of the rest of your life!

Suppose someone leaves you, perhaps a friend of a spouse. It hurts! You’re left to deal with life situations on your own. You don’t know how to get over the pain. Even in this dear ones, there is rich opportunity, fertile soil for amazing growth. You can use this as an opportunity to give yourself the love you’ve always given others. You can use this to learn where you ignored your guidance, became a martyr, or put up with conditions that were less than loving. You can use this as an opportunity to get clear about what type of relationships are permitted in your future as you move forward. You can see this as an opportunity to go within and feel the love of God and your angels – a love that will never, can never, leave you.

So while we know the natural human tendency when faced with a challenge is immediately to begin solving it, our advice would be first to sit still and pray to see the opportunity within it. Ask yourself, “How can I see this as an opportunity to grow?” Immediately a negative challenge shifts into a positive one when you ask this question. Ask yourself, “What do I want as the outcome? How do I want to feel?” Ask the universe and your angels for help.

Next shut your eyes. Imagine you sink into an ocean of love in much the same way a wave sinks into the ocean. Imagine this ocean carries you forward towards the solution. Breathe. Sink into the ocean. Exhale as it carries you. Now ask one more simple question, “What do I do next?” Trust the answer. Do nothing if you hear nothing. You will be guided.

Dear ones, your opportunities are challenges to embrace the light and power within your soul – the deepest and truest essence of your Being. Your challenges are opportunities to create, to get clear, to move past situations that don’t serve you and to propel yourself towards situations that do. Your challenges are opportunities to relax into the fact that the angels and the Divine love you, guide you, and will never leave you.

In each challenge, no matter how hard it might appear, you are lovingly trying to steer yourself back to an awareness of the light and Divinity within.

If you practice shifting your mindset towards challenges regularly, you will find that life itself seems far less challenging. You will learn, grow, and move through challenging situations with far greater ease and joy.

Perhaps, someday, you will even welcome you challenges as opportunities to dive even more deeply into your power and your truth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Before you go to bed tonight, take a few moments to think about who you wish to be.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, April 27th, 2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Before you go to bed tonight, take a few moments to think about who you wish to be. Ask yourself, “What parts of me would I like to leave behind as I ease my spirit back into the realms of Oneness tonight? What within me must be released so I can resurrect greater love, greater health, greater abundance, greater expression, and greater joy tomorrow?”

Focus on the “you” that you wish to be as you awaken in the morning. Do you want to be healthy, happy, filled with enthusiasm? Do you want to wake up feeling loved – with (or without!) a partner in the future? Do you want to wake up in an abundant reality giving thanks for all your blessings?

Imagine waking up that way. Imagine what it would feel like to wake up happy, healthy enthusiastic in a life where you feel grateful for your first breath each day! Imagine waking up feeling loved and loving! Imagine feeling wealthy in spirit and abundant in your material world. What would it feel like to wake up in that reality? Let your imagination run wild as you drift off to sleep. Take these feelings with you into your dreams.

The moment you wake up, see if you can resurrect the feelings you had before bed. Imagine you are waking up to a glorious day, feeling better than yesterday, happier, more abundant, grateful, and enthusiastic.

Even if you have to face tasks you’d rather not face, say to yourself, “This is the day that the Divine has made! I will make it the best and most loving day possible… no matter what!” Bring your light and good feelings into the day! Bring your feelings of abundant gratitude.

Tell yourself that your life is getting better and better every day, in every way.

Don’t look for evidence. Make a decision to embrace your resurrected reality. Declare it. Feel it. It lives within you. Even if externally you are still unhealthy imagine the healthy self inside, coming to the surface more and more each day! Feel it. Even if externally you still go to a job you don’t like, imagine waking up feeling joyous about your work. Make a decision to trust the guided journey until you get there. Even if you are surrounded by unloving souls tell yourself, I am loved! Imagine it until you feel it.

Decide to embrace your new reality even before it shows up in your life. Allow the parts of yourself that seek evidence for the negative, that expect disappointment, that doubt in your eventual victories to die, as a deeper, truer, more joyous version of yourself is resurrected from the inside out.

Now breathe in fully and deeply as you mentally root yourself in this reality. As you go about your day, see how long you can stay “resurrected” in these new feelings of love and light.

When you seed the unconscious mind in sleep and strengthen the muscles of you conscious mind by day, your life will become progressively easier and more beautiful.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Your energy field is your transmitter and your receiver.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, April 13th, 2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In every second of every day you are guided by the power that creates universes.With every breath you receive a unique impulse from the Source guiding you towards your hearts truest desires upon the most loving and joyful path.

In much the same way as the nervous system conveys messages from each every cell in the body to the brain and then carries back its instructions to every cell, there is a vibrational system of communication in the universe that guides each of you to a more loving and harmonious interaction with life.

Your energy field is your transmitter and your receiver. Your loving thoughts and desires are a strong beacon. Your fearful desires are a much weaker signal. Your anger is a loud signal that often pushes away the subject of your anger. Your kindness is a smooth and glorious ripple that moves in ever-expanding circles. Your joy bubbles through creation touching all willing to receive it. Your jealousy is an energy that pulls your field tightly around you blocking signals of creation.

Though all of these energies go out to the universe, the Creator responds with guidance only to your loving energies. Your anger, your fear, your jealousy, your greed remain unanswered signals, except by other human beings.

That does not mean you are ignored in your pain and negativity – far from it.Instead the Source and the angels respond to the loving energies that are simply misdirected through your negativity.

Beneath even the negative signals, we and the Source hear and respond to your cry for love.

  • When you are raging mad, we see your desire for love.
  • When you are sad, we see your desire for comfort.
  • When you are jealous we see your desire to create.

We respond by attempting love you, comfort you, and guide you to know yourself as a powerful creator.

Humanity and the material world will vibrationally dance with your negativity, but we do not. We only dance with your love, no matter how subtle or buried it might be.

Your guidance comes in simple intuitive impulses– a feeling to go do something now, or call someone. It might come in the form of a thought that pops in your head– a good idea, a phrase, or a voice. It might come in a knowing – a sense that something is just right for you.Guidance is neutral, loving, and typically comes “out of the blue” when you are in a peaceful state of mind. Many of you receive your guidance while you are driving, showering, or doing something you enjoy that relaxes the mind.

If you miss your guidance, it will come again, and again, and againuntil you are able to acknowledge, and either act upon it or request alternate guidance. We never force you to listen. We simply offer ideas. If you don’t like them, we offer new ones. Our love is unconditional.

Even if you never expressed a single desire upon the earth you would still be guided to the most loving life possible.

While humanity and the material world might mirror your negativity back to you, we mirror to you only your beauty, your brilliance, your truth, your love, your kindness, you desire to express, experience, and create! Focus on those things and you will notice us guiding you in glorious fashion! Focus on your true desires with love and you will be open to the signals that are always, and forevermore, available to you… with every breath.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

It seems that human beings are much more comfortable with “birth” than “death” or “dormancy.” Birth can means starting a new project, entering a new relationship, entertaining a new idea, buying a house, changing your style, or any of a million other things that bring something new into your mind, heart, soul, or life.-The Angels-

The Angels via Ann Albers, March 23, 2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate the changing seasons on your earth, and even more so, the changing seasons of your lives.You were born to go through cycles of birth, death, and dormancy, time and again. 

Some of your cycles are brief.You are born into life anew with each day. You die unto your waking lives at night when you go to sleep, renew your spirit and body, and then you are birthed anew once again.

Some of your cycles are much longer. You begin a job or a relationship. You move into a house. Then at some point in the future you leave, change, or move, dying once again to an old life and readying for the rebirth.

Nature knows these cycles well.Trees blossom, grow, bear fruit in fall, and lay dormant before the cycles repeat. Animals give birth, build homes, gather food, then slow down or even hibernate before the cycles begin anew. Seasons change. You never intended to remain stagnant when you came to this earth. You intended to grow.

It seems that human beings are much more comfortable with “birth” than “death” or “dormancy.”Birth can means starting a new project, entering a new relationship, entertaining a new idea, buying a house, changing your style, or any of a million other things that bring something new into your mind, heart, soul, or life. Birth is exciting and filled with promise.

Death is letting go– of a pattern, an ideology, a relationship, a thing, a situation – any time you must give up something you once created in your life you go through a “little death,’” even if only a “death of the ego.” For many of you, life’s little deaths can be difficult. Letting go of what once served you but no longer does is often a challenge. In truth, it can be freeing and exciting. When you break a glass, you get to buy a new one. When you leave a job you can be open to better. When you let go of an old upset, you are happier. All of life’s little deaths offer the promise of more. You are an expanding soul! 

Dormancy is the period of time where you wait and integrate. You regroup; clean your closets – mental or physical. You take stock of where you’ve been and more importantly decide where you want to go. Dormancy is an important step in creating your next birth. You need never feel guilty about your periods of rest. Taking the down time necessary to fully prepare for a new birth is encouraged. Spring comes after winter, dear ones. You will require the “little winters” in life in order to more fully enjoy your springs.

Allow yourself to enjoy whatever season you find yourself in right now.Birth is exciting. Death offers the promise of new life. Dormancy is a time to learn from the past and incubate new directions.

Just as your physical seasons are all required for the full blossoming of life, all your human seasons are necessary in the eternal cycles of life. Embrace them. Enjoy each one, knowing the next is always soon to follow.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

And don’t forget dancing! For this is a joyous time.-The Angels-

Hello lovely humans, we are the Angelic Collective, singing songs of praise for the ascension of Earth is nigh, is here. And you human friends are in the midst of it, of the great and mighty changeover from darkness into light. We of the Angelic Collective reside higher, very high, and it is difficult to truly understand and see things through your eyes, which is why it is so critical that you experience it and inform your future selves of your experiences. For we are surrounding you, we surround you, but you offer your own unique Christed perspective of this changeover of the ages, that was long foretold in days past. Those days are here now. We have come full circle. For Earth, Gaia, was originally intended to be a paradise, and indeed she was. She was the jewel of this universe and is to become this once again in her mighty splendor of exquisite beauty. With ease and grace we see her preparations of her final adornments as a bride primps and fusses just before leaving to walk down the isle. For you see, you and Gaia are inextricably linked and the excitement you feel is your own soul returning home, returning to our beloved self, for this experiment is over.

We angels see many things, may timelines. We have known you through the ages. We have seen you on the battlefields offering your fellow soldiers your own water. We have seen your heroics as parents leading your children and your day to day patience as you experience the doldrums of Earth, and we see your humor and sparkle to make the day a bit lighter. You are our heroes, warriors of Gaia.

We angels wish to surround you with our love light, our breath of the new, of the new day that is dawning here within the hearts of men and womenkind. You are experiencing in this time-space the breath, the final push, as a women in labor, the final push is the most intense and yes the most rewarding. This final push is here dear friends, warriors of the light. We see many of you reading these words with tears streaming down you faces for you have fought for so long, so hard and so valiantly you have kept the light. Keep your light high. Keep your love strong. Keep your feet firm on the path of the rainbow bridge that spreads before you as if by magic out of thin air. Just as a rainbow seems to shift and move, ethereal in its beauty, so too the rainbow bridge is elusive, or has been. But with the light waves coming in, they are affecting your vibratory rate such that you will be light enough to match it, to cross it, to jump, skip and fly across it should you want. And don’t forget dancing! For this is a joyous time. The dark are being swept up and put into the dustbin. They are no more. They are not to be feared. There are just noise, background noise.

Listen to your heart. Listen to the crystals hum within you as you become crystalline. Listen to the inner space, the inner heartbeat of your own music and feel the delight in knowing that you are rediscovering your own magnificence, and there is nothing shameful or blasphemous about this. It is rather blasphemous to say that you are without the glory of God within you. For God made you. God is within you, is within us, the energy of God of the creator is all that you see. We are all part of the most glorious dance of life, energies that sparkle and spin, laughing, surrounding you, infiltrating all breath, they are everything. The All surrounds you. The All is you! Feel this a moment and breathe this in.

We are the Angelic Collective. We have seen so much growth in you, dear human friends, friends of each other and friends of Gaia and now friends of your own higher selves again. Welcome home, welcome back. Your mission has been intense, painful, arduous and you have the scars to prove it. But you have expanded into yet more love and light because of these lessons. We wish to please bestow you our blessing in these end times of the new beginning. For all is being made new! All is a new creation, quite literally! For you will see this and you will experience this and you will become this. The angels have spoken. We are the servants of Mother God. You are our current charge. We are always watching over you, always loving you, always taking care of you. We whisper in your ear, we surround you with love and peace in the midst of it. If you but tune in to us you will feel and see.

We are the Angelic Collective. Many of you are us embodied, offering a unique experience, eyes and ears to the whole. This is invaluable information. You are invaluable to the whole. We wish for you to picture yourself siting cross legged peacefully in a grassy meadow. It is about 11 o’clock and the sun is high in the sky. The sky is blue, you are surrounded by friends and family from the other dimensions now fully in form relaxing with you. Fairies buzz and spin by on the wings of the wind. Magnificent flowers of all colors surround you. You have been in lovely Earth meadows before but there is no fear here. There is nothing to be wary of. The animals are your friends, should they meander by. This time it is different. Here it is safe. Tremendous peace blasts through you, grounding you. You feel connected to the earth, for it is New Earth, your true home that you have been longing for – for so long. Your bare feet tingle on the ground beneath your sitting form. You feel Gaia’s heartbeat beneath you as you sit on her belly, her lap. You tune into her heartbeat and you realize it is your heartbeat too. You listen. You hear the wind and its magical whisperings. You feel the love as it tousles your hair. The sun is warm, welcoming on your features, lighting them up. You feel lit from within. Here we walk with you as equals, as friends. We sit around you now, gazing at our own fiery sun within, getting to know our own heart whisperings along with you. Our heart longs to serve the Mother. This is the choice of humanity at this final juncture – whom will they serve, self or others? Picture this peaceful meadow. Come here and be with us as often as you wish. These little jaunts into meditation function as bridges to the New Earth, to the new expanding heart space of the glorious multidimensional you! It is time friends to come home. Home is within you, just as Mother said. We of the Angelic Collective offer rose petals of love and eternal sunshine to you. We are your friends, the angels.

~ galaxygirl

The ideal life occurs when you eat, breathe, fill your life with inspiration and from that vantage point attend to your earthly activities.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, February 17th, 2019

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Look to the horizon. There you will see a line where earth meets the sky. Imagine you walk towards it, hoping to touch the sky, and yet no matter how far or fast you travel you can never each it for it is always moving farther out in front of you. Then one day you realize the obvious – that no matter where you are, you already stand at the intersection between earth and sky.

Likewise enlightenment can feel like a distant horizon.You learn about the true nature of reality. You begin to talk to your guides. You may even have mystical experiences and yet you fall back easily into very human challenges. The feeling of being completely connected with and immersed in love comes and goes. One minute you are sure you can reach it, and the next it seems to move farther away.

Be kind and patient with yourselves as you continue to awaken your spirit here upon the earth. You are not moving “forward” and “backwards” in your spiritual progress. You are simply developing the “muscle” of your focus to remain more steadfast in the vibrations of love and joy. Enlightenment – like the horizon – is not a faraway, elusive goal.Instead it is a state of being accessible to you in the here and now, more and more so, as the illusions of separation between heaven and earth drop away.

Just as you stand at that intersection between earth and sky, you also stand at the intersection between heaven and earth in every moment.In your human body, if you “look up” you see sky. If you “look down” you see earth. You inhale and exhale the sky. You eat and excrete the fruits of the earth. You live, truly, in both worlds.

So too, with your spirit. When you “look up” by noticing the gifts of love in the moment – around you, from others, and within you –  it is then that you feel heaven. When you “look down” by noticing what is wrong, out of order, or negative, then you feel very earth bound.

Just as you must breathe to keep in alive in the physical body, so too you must tap into the heavenly vibrations of love to keep your heart and soul alive with passion and joy here upon your planet earth. 

If you were to eat, but not breathe,you would not last long. Likewise, if you were to focus only on earthly matters, but not take the time to connect with the energies of love and joy in some fashion, your spirit would soon feel numb as well.

If you were to breathe without eating, you might live for some time but eventually you would become weak and ill-equipped to handle your earthly life,Likewise if you focus only upon spirit, you would need someone else to attend to your earthly matters.

The ideal life occurs when you eat, breathe, fill your life with inspiration and from that vantage point attend to your earthly activities.

No matter how much you have to do, you can take a few moments throughout your day to nurture your soul. Simply stop wherever you are. Breathe deeply. Look for the smallest evidence of the Creator’s love in your life. Give thanks for the smallest blessings.

Take a few moments to shut your eyes and sit, breathe, receive… for love, dear ones is like oxygen for the soul. You need these moments of focusing upon it, and therefore feeling it.It is there as an energy, waiting for you to receive it, as surely as oxygen exists in your atmosphere waiting for you to breathe.

Thus, your moments of “down time” are really your time to “look up” or more accurately, “look in.” They are never wasted. Enjoy your earthly matters while you exist in these bodies, but don’t forget to spiritually breathe, by focusing on anything that inspires the feelings of love and joy.

You live and exist at the intersections between earth and sky. So too you live at the intersection between heaven and earth. Heaven upon this earth is attainable simply by training your focus to “look up” and “breathe in” the love that is there at all times.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
The Angels

You are God’s dreams of one of countless perfect versions of itself, given free will, loved beyond reason, and always guided.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

With a single act of will, you can dream up entire worlds in your imagination. You can imagine your perfect home, your perfect partner, your ideal life. You can be and do anything you like in these realms inside of you. You can fly, swim, play music, paint, write poetry, do great feats of strength, help thousands… for within the realms of your imagination, anything is possible. In your inner world you have no limits.

You can create a perfect and beautiful version of yourself as you know yourself now. You can create another version of yourself, living an entirely different, but also amazing life.You can get so happy with this exercise that you create numerous perfect versions of yourself, all doing different things, living in different ways, behaving differently. You love each and every one of these. You do not love one more than the other, for all are beautiful and perfect and living their own version of a perfect life.

Suppose one of you (still in your imagination) is a world traveler. Another lives in communion with nature in a beautiful cabin in the woods. Still another is a strong and kind Olympic athlete. Yet one more is a poet. You have created them in your imagination… and now you give them free will. You wonder what they will become, what they will do with their gift of freedom.You can’t wait to see what each one will create! You sit back, observe, and simply love and support each and every one of them. They exist within you, and you exist within them.

Some of your characters use their free will in amazing ways you never dreamed or imagined. The Olympic athlete breaks new records and goes on to teach others about the power of the mind. The version of yourself living in a cabin in the woods invents new and wonderful ways to live in cooperation with the land. The poet sees love and life in ways so exquisite you can hardly believe that this character is you as well.

Sometimes, however, even in your inner paradise, these characters forget your original vision for them. The athlete starts to believe in limits and gets injured. You gently whisper… “Use your will to surrender to me for a moment and I will see you whole and healed.” As they release their grip on thinking in terms of limitation and injury, you are allowed to assert your loving will and see them heal.

The person in the cabin becomes lonely and you gently whisper, “Stop focusing on being lonely.Get out and take the long walks in nature that you crave. Share openly with others all you have learned and you will find the most perfect and beautiful partner. I will imagine this for you.” While you could easily imagine a partner simply appearing out of mid-air in their reality, this wouldn’t fit with the tangible reality they have accepted. So you must guide them, whisper to them, help them overcome their resistanceand then they will have the partner of their dreams.

The poet starts to wonder if anyone can see the world as beautifully as they and becomes despondent. You whisper… “The world needs your vision. You don’t have a clue whose lives you have affected. Now that I know you want acknowledgment stop insisting you are lonely and misunderstood and then I can guide you towards those who will sing your praises. I am you. I want this for you because I created you and I love you.”

Suppose one of these characters awakens, and hears your whispers. He or she says, “My goodness, I just heard guidance! I just felt an exquisite love! I am part of something so much larger. I wonder who I really am?” They go into a silent, deep space within themselves, and only through feeling, know the magnitude of your love for them.” They hear your guidance. They feel your love. And you feel their love for you… the creations of your own mind have become their own persons and they love you. There is no feeling quite so exquisite as knowing your creation loves you in return! 

In this fashion dear ones, you expand your understanding of who you are and all you can be.You love. You feel loved. You want harmony and the best life for each character you have created within you, for these are all versions of yourself. You know yourself to be far more than you ever dreamed you could be.

Now, dear ones, you understand God, for you are God’s inner characters. You are God’s dreams of one of countless perfect versions of itself, given free will, loved beyond reason, and always guided. Sit in silence at times and feel the magnitude of the love that you live within. You can never be without it.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

become a magnet to your dreams by being the person you would be if they were already here.

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy New Year to you! Happy New You! Instead of making resolutions, make this the year of Real Solutions! Instead of focusing on what you want to accomplish, ponder instead who you want to be.Instead of looking at what you feel you must do, dive deep into your hearts and admit to yourself what you wish to experience!

Do you want to lose weight? What would a thinner version of you feel like? How would you view yourself? How would you act differently in your life? Imagine this now. That is a real solution.

Do you want to find the love of your life? How would you feel if you had this now?How would you treat yourself, even if your love was away at the time? How would you treat others? Be this version of the “beloved” you now. Live as if you were deeply loved!

Do you want more money in your life? How would you feel if you were wealthy?Can you imagine feeling this way now? How would you treat yourself? How would you view yourself? How would you walk and prioritize your time? How would you treat others? With more benevolence, tolerance, or with less? Be this person that you wish to become now.

Do you want to be healthy? How would you feel?What would your energy be like? What dreams would you be dreaming? Imagine you are healthy now. Live, to the best of your ability, as if you are already. Come to life and your body will too.

Dear ones, Real Solutions occur when you shift your energy, your way of loving yourself and being loving in the world!Superficial solutions involve activities dictated by the mind. Real Solutions involve activity guided by the heart.

This year, instead of punishing yourselves, pushing yourselves, criticizing yourselves, or berating life for not “giving” you what you want, become a magnet to your dreams by being the person you would be if they were already here. 

We love the love behind your resolutions, but even more dearly we celebrate the energy and the magnificent creations set in motion by your Real Solutions!

Happy New Year! Happy New You! Make this the year you live as if your dreams have already come true! 

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Take a few moments before the new year to ponder this question… “In exactly one year from now, what do I want my life to look like?Who will be in it? How will I feel? What will my body be like? Take time dear ones and really allow yourself to be completely honest with you! If you could wave a magic wand, what would your life be like this time next year?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy Almost New Year to you!Those of you on this list know our belief – that in every breath you begin a new year, a new moment, a new life, a new you! That said, we understand that as human beings you need mileposts and markers – times in your life to pause, reflect, recalibrate, and resurrect the light from within!

Take a few moments before the new year to ponder this question… “In exactly one year from now, what do I want my life to look like?”Who will be in it? How will I feel? What will my body be like? Take time dear ones and really allow yourself to be completely honest with you! If you could wave a magic wand, what would your life be like this time next year?

Now, get out a piece of paper and write upon it your wishes. I want to be healthy. I want to lose weight. I want to be more flexible, tolerant, and kind. I want to resolve my unpleasant feelings with a certain person whether the healing is inside or out. I want a new home. I want to feel safe and secure in my finances. I want to take a glorious vacation. I want to find ways to make my body feel vital and alive. I want a new career that makes me feel abundant, expressed. and appreciated. I want to learn a new skill…

Keep going. Make sure each and every item on the list makes your heart leap with joy as you think of having it.

Next, take time and with each item, really imagine that you are at this time next year and that thing or condition is in your life.Imagine it deeply. Feel it. Repeat this exercise until you actually have taken the time to feel deeply each and everything that you want as if it is already here. Your imagination may be a bit rusty but if you keep at it, you will bring it – and your creative powers that enlist the assistance of the entire universe – to life!

Now put your list away in a special place – perhaps a pretty envelope in a drawer, upon your alter, or under a beautiful piece of art! Be creative. 

As the year approaches, every single time you think of anything on that list, without exception, your only job is to say to yourself…

“There’s no need to worry. The universe is working on all my dreams. I simply have to enjoy my days and honor my guidance. My life unfolds in perfection. I trust that the Creator of Universes can fulfill all my heart’s desires.”

There you go dear friends! You have set the entire universe in motion to fulfill your dreams!Print that affirmation out. Carry it with you. Repeat it often. And then, at this time next year, take out your lists and be amazed at the miracles that have been created in your life!

Happy New Year! Happy New You! Happy joyous celebration of life’s ability to be recreated anew! 

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels