Message from Ann & the Angels – 09/03/22 • Guided by your natural impulses

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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is a natural order and flow to all of life. An impulse comes from the Creator in each moment to all of creation, orchestrating it in a beautiful h harmonious dance in the same way that the brain coordinates every cell in the body. In each moment, the Divine reads your heart, your energy, your intentions, and desires, and in the very next moment sends you a natural impulse to guide you.

These impulses are your natural good feelings. For example, you may have a long to-do list but feel like doing something different. You will struggle to accomplish your to-do list if you fight that feeling. However, if you listen to your natural, inspiring impulse, you will feel happy, elevated, and inspired to accomplish all you must do with ease.

You may, for example, have an idea about what you will prepare for dinner, but you feel a natural craving for something else. Even if you make the meal you planned, unless you receive from it the nutrients you need – at that moment – the other craving will continue.

You may be sad or grieving, and you have a natural urge to wrap a blanket around you and take a nap to quiet your mind. While you undoubtedly have things to accompiish, if you surrender to this urge, you will find that peace returns more quickly than if you fight what feels natural and soothing to you.

You don’t have to agonize about your problems and over-analyze them nearly as much as you do. It is far more productive to think about the outcomes you want in a way that gives your pleasure. This good-feeling focus puts you in a vibration where you can sense the natural impulses that will guide you easily towards your solutions.

Your feelings are the clearest indicator of your guidance. Your good feelings open you to receive the impulses to do, say, and think things that will be of service to you. Your bad feelings remind you that your reception is not in a clear state. You might think of it this way. Your good feelings tell you that you have “five bars” on your internal wifi. Your bad feelings tell you that the signal has too much static.

This is why we often urge you to reach for the most soothing and best feelings. This is how you open to receiving a clear signal.

You can raise your vibration by focusing on something external that pleases you, or you can focus on an internal thought that gives you pleasure. You can even use your imagination to conjure up pleasing scenarios that raise your vibration. Love is love no matter how you find its frequency, and in the space of love or appreciation, you will feel the impulses that guide you. You can’t fake good feelings. The universe reads vibration and your energy never lies. You can, however, learn to find good feelings.

Think of a time when your phone signal was weak. Chances are likely you began to walk around to see if you could find a spot with better reception. Perhaps you took your phone and pointed it in a different direction. Maybe you found a room where the signal was clear. In any case, you figured out how to raise your bars and have your conversation.

In the same way, you can “try out” different thoughts to see which ones feel better. Do a little experiment now. Think of a person you don’t enjoy. Notice your body. Is it loose or tight? Notice your breathing. Is it deep or shallow? Notice your feelings. Are they elevated and harmonious, or chaotic? Now think of a person you love and adore, and if one does not come to mind, perhaps think of an animal, a favorite place, or even your favorite blanket – something or someone comforting, loving, nurturing. Now notice your body. Is it looser or tighter? Is your breathing deeper or more shallow? Do you feel more harmonious or chaotic?

Next, think of something you like about yourself. Perhaps you have a caring heart. Perhaps you’ve helped people in your past. Perhaps you have a unique and quirky style. Ask your soul to help you think of something wonderful about yourself, and trust the first thing that pops into your mind. Now focus on that. Imagine you are proud of this good quality. Imagine God and your angels loving you and acknowledging you for this quality. Now how do you feel?

Dear ones, play with your thoughts. Try them out to see which ones feel better. Do this often. As you slowly learn how to attune yourself to higher vibrations, you will more easily feel the natural impulses that guide and assist you. Care about how you feel so can sense your guidance.

You are never alone. You are never without incredible love and assistance. You are never without guidance. You can only attune yourself to it or not. When you do, your life enters the glorious and harmonious dance of creation, no matter where you were the prior moment. Challenges can be solved quickly and easily. The body can heal. You can be open to the life, the goodness, and the guidance you truly deserve.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels