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mankind is increasingly and increasingly freed from his entrapment in the third fear dimension.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – February 2021


And so Valentine’s day 2021 has passed, and we are still waiting, waiting for the shadow government, our deep state, the dark controllers, to be removed, to be, at long last taken down.

And yet, despite a multiplicity of outright, outrageous, obvious lies, they appear to continue in power, continue to vaunt their control, continue to push their agenda.

It is, indeed, obvious now that the corruption, the control, blackmail and bribery extend into all branches of government. The courts, the politicians, the corporations, the banks, information technology, religions, education and all our governing bodies have the same agenda and spout the same narrative.

And this great conspiracy, this huge stratagem to control and ensure the subservience of mankind, has been in effect for generations and generations past.

The wonder of this time, the wonder of the great awakening is that the true story of planet earth, the true story of the subjugation of humanity is being revealed.

The great deception perception, the great fraud perpetrated against humans, is at last visible for all, with eyes to see and ears to hear. That is, it is visible to those who have freed themselves from the prison of the main stream media narrative. The truth has set them free.

Planet earth and humanity will not be truly free until our corrupt and dishonest news disseminating system is taken down. The media is owned by six corporations. Six individuals decide what information, what lies, shall be told on television each day.

Summaries of what is to be the news of the day are given to all six new sources. They do not research, they are not journalists, in the sense that they disseminate true facts. Instead, they disseminate the story that the shadow government, the six controlling corporations, wish them to share with their public.

This is diabolically clever, for the news sources use the way that mankind processes information to keep him under the dream spell of their agenda.

Mankind is eminently programmable. He creates his reality at a subconscious level. Repetition of spoken words and visual images form the substance for his beliefs and understanding of his world.

Those who watch the main stream media narrative hear the same words, and see the same fearful images, on all the compromised tv channels and newspapers 24/7.

And so, each day, the indoctrination, the process of teaching the population to accept information uncritically, and form their beliefs from that information, each day that indoctrination, that programming becomes more deeply embedded in the psyche of the listeners.

We, the lightworkers of the world, would much have preferred for the main stream media to be taken down long ago. We would have preferred not to go through a corrupt election and inauguration, we would have preferred to have an end to the media manipulation.

Yet, this has not happened, and the media continues its praise of the evil ones and its vituperative and abusive attacks on the goodly and Godly light alliance.

And yet all this is good, the Divine knows best, for now each day the Schumann resonance, the frequency of the earthly vibration, is rising. And mankind is increasingly and increasingly freed from his entrapment in the third fear dimension.

And so the dark ones can no longer hide. Their perfidy, their lies are plainly visible and the minions of the shadow government are showing themselves. Had the great revelation of the untruths told by the press taken place earlier, we would not have known who the bad actors were.

Now, that that they feel they have won, that they have the power, they are becoming careless and showing their true nature. No longer are they able to hide behind confusion and confabulation of the truth.

That is, except for the main stream narrative. At this time, in our world, there are two distinct narratives understood by two distinct groups of people.

There are those, at a lower vibration, for they are in fear as they listen devotedly to the main stream narrative. And there are those at a higher vibration, those who are ascending, who do not watch the television or read the news

They know that lies are being told. They use their emotions as a guide. They know that being in the negative vibration that the news creates, depresses them, drops them down back into the fear frequency.

They know the truth of how the human body and mind computer works. They know that repetition of words and visual images programs the mind of man.

They know that where they put their thoughts, what they see in their minds eye, will out picture in their life. And so, now, while this great drama of the planet earth awakening is playing out, they are creating the new world of love and light that is to come.

You, dear lightworkers, starseeds, are now largely in control of your minds. You are consciously programming yourself.

You think of what it is you want, what gives you joy. From moment to moment to moment, you think of what will you enjoy doing next. You picture yourself in situations doing what you love to do.

You think about how to achieve what you want and you take steps towards achieving that outcome.

How is the new and wonderful world of love and light coming into being unless we create it? If we wallow in our victimhood and righteous indignation what will we achieve? Just more of the same heavy, depressing injustice and petty, constraining and conflicting rules and regulations.

As points of awareness in the consciousness of the Divine, where we put our focus determines our reality.

We, who have risen above the third dimensional low frequency, can now create that reality by design. In the fear vibration we created our reality by thinking the fear thoughts that were given to us.

Unpleasant though this was as it generated unpleasant emotions and great trepidation, it was easy and familiar and very addictive. We were drawn towards the constant display of pictures of disasters and catastrophes.

And since these images circled round in our mind, they became our reality, and the thinking of these disaster thoughts created more disaster, chaos and mayhem and kept us in the low fear vibration.

Now, wonder of wonders, our dear Ones, wonder of wonders, the light has come and the truth has dawned upon us. It is so simple and yet it is the crux, the most important issue for humanity.

Every moment of every day, think: “what would I enjoy doing now? What will give me pleasure, what would have me be so happy in the doing of it, that I hardly notice what is going on in the world around me?”


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – November 14th 2020

And so, today is Saturday, November 14th and our patience, our tolerance for waiting, is wearing thin. We have worked so hard on our connection with Spirit.

We have examined our ego thoughts and rejected them. We have become aware of our words, of the way we express ourselves in this human world, of the way we address our brethren.

We do our best to be kind, to listen unconditionally, to radiate love to all that we see, to encourage and generate enthusiasm in our brethren. For we know that unconditional love is unconditional listening, is communing with all around us honestly and authentically.

We no longer respond reactively to the denigrating words, the pokes and prods that our brethren so thoughtlessly put out. For we know they cannot help it, for they are still in the ego entrainment, in the dream, the nightmare, the illusion created by the propaganda we have all endured.

We have deep compassion for them, for we see how embroiled they are in their negative indoctrinated falsely imposed thought system. We understand that we cannot communicate with them, for we speak a different language than they do. We speak the language of love and they speak the language of fear.

And we are now so aware of ourselves, we can see from a higher place, a higher frequency of love how we show up in the world, and how we influence all around us by the nature of our negative or positive thoughts, words and actions.

Our perceptions make up our reality. That which we see and hear gives us our perceptions. How we are taught to think and speak controls how we show up in our world, how we talk with our brethren controls how they respond to us. And so, we manifest our inner vision as our outer reality. We are indeed what we think.

Of all this we are aware, and we are watchful of every word that we speak. We think before saying anything, for we wish to speak only words of love, words that will help lift our brethren out of the mire, the swamp of negativity that has ruled the planet earth experience.

We know now, in the deepest part of our being, that we are Divine. We are the Soul within, not the human body or the ego. Although we are grateful for both of these.

They have enabled us to partake of this human journey. The ego has been such a blessing. For it has led us to making mistakes that we needed for our learning greater love. It has led us to separation from our brethren, it has led us to feeling superior, to looking on those around us with contempt.

We have believed that anyone with ideas different from ours was wrong and to be derided. Not so, for all that each human being is taught, all that they go through is Divinely ordained and guided for their growth and understanding of greater love.

And it is within that Divinity, that source energy, that electro magnetic power that animates us all, that this human experience is taking place.

This human experience, this human life is just a blip in the eternal nature of our Divine reality. It is a wonderful blip, a magnificent time. For despite all the apparent pain we endure, and indeed, because of that pain, we grow to rejecting just those behaviors, those ideas that give us pain.

We come to realize we have a choice. We can choose fear or love. Fear gives us pain and causes us to give pain to others. For we project that fear out onto the world that we see. And since our vision creates our reality, our life and our relationships are challenging indeed when lived from the ego, the fear point of view.

We are thus in poverty. Poverty of mind, poverty of relationships and lack of abundance. Our mindset out pictures to create the physical and psychological world in which we live. And now we live primarily in the physical and psychological world of love.

So, here we are, newly awakened beings. Humans who have lived through the earthly training simulator program imposed by the third dimensional fear paradigm.

We have lived through the chaos and confusion that the apparent separation from our Higher Self, our Soul has caused. We have come to understand human life, planet earth as the schoolroom for Souls that it is.

And now we are saying “enough already.” We are impatient. “We are in the great awakening,” we say. “There have been more than enough lies, there has been more than enough chaos, show us, let us see, finally, that the light has won.”

It is confusing to us that the old third dimensional world still seems to be going on in the same old way. The dark ones are claiming victory where victory does not exist.They are continuing to tell lies, they seem to be winning. and the light alliance seems to be doing little or nothing.

Oh, Dear brethren, dear Holy Ones, trust the plan. Go within to your newly found knowingness. Examine your heart, commune with your Soul and you will know all is well.

This is why it is so important to stay away from the main stream news. For they spew outrageous lies and vitriol, to manipulate and coerce humanity into fear and confusion.

This is the subliminal, unconscious world that humans are manipulated and maneuvered by. And this world is now lifting, for the nature of the manipulations is coming to the light.

Humanity is being shown the true nature of this earthly experience. The dark controllers have had their time and their deadly, deeds, their corruption is clearly visible.

Yet they seem to go on and on. The same people, the same lies, the same perfidy. We are impatient, our tolerance is coming to an end, we are rightly, righteously indignant that this situation should continue.

We wish for authentic, honest communication with all our brethren. We wish for release from the third dimensional fear frequency, and ascension into the fifth dimensional sphere of love and light and joy and bliss.

Trust the plan, Our Dear Ones, Trust the plan. You know in your heart all is well. You have known that this chaos must ensue to free mankind from his subconscious fear prison. For mankind to see the corruption, the truth of his imprisoned reality.

In dwelling so much on the events, the details of the great awakening process, in concentrating on how the ascension is playing out in the material world, we are putting ourselves into fear and the fear vibration.

We are keeping ourselves from our joy, our contentment, from our love, from being the wonderful, magnificent high vibrational beings that we really are.

Choose joy, dear brethren, dear holy friends, choose joy and then again choose joy. Doing what we love, being in the joy vibration takes us into the high light vibration of the fifth dimension, where we now truly belong.

Every moment of every day, think: “what would I enjoy doing now? What will give me pleasure, what would have me be so happy in the doing of it, that I hardly notice what is going on in the world around me?”

It is by choosing what our Soul loves to do that we keep our loving energy high. It is by choosing joy that we uplift the world around us.

When we radiate love and the joy and peace and gratification that that radiance provides, impatience and frustration cannot dominate, cannot arise.

So, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, do what you love, choose joy. And so you will create the wonderful new world of love and light that is your true inheritance. For we are indeed holy beings, we are love and light and we are even more so, we have come more deeply into the Divine vibration of love by the gift of this planet earth experience.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.

There will be more upset, chaos and confusion as the dark ones struggle to survive. And then, there are amazing revelations to come. There will be arrests, there will be Divine justice. All will be revealed.


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – November 2020

Today, November 6th, 2020, it seems to all that the United States Presidential election is not yet over. The counting of ballots continues hour by hour by hour.

Good Day to you Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, Our Dear LIghtworkers, you who came to Earth to help Mankind rise up out of its deep and dark imprisonment in the third dimensional fear matrix.

This Earthly journey, human life, is a dream, an illusion, an exercise in fear. By experiencing fear, humanity feels disconnection from its Divine reality. Fear is painful, fear is disconnection from the love that we really are.

And this phase of the great awakening, of the ascension, is certainly fear filled for the majority of mankind. Yet, fear not, dear ones, this is exactly what needs to happen.

Humanity has been so trapped in its mental prison. The dark ones, the controllers, have been ingeniously clever in their manipulations. wielding their weapons of controlling words, untrue images, and raucous, loud and angry claims.

They have accused the goodly and Godly of doing exactly what they are doing. So clever, so devious, so successful, for as their announcements, their decrees, the information they provided through their media sources, was the only source of information that the majority of the population received, they were believed.

There is a very small cadre of leaders, a group of illuminati bloodline families, who have controlled the fate of mankind. They are wealthy beyond measure, for they have organized man’s life so that the financial structure of the world drains money into their hands.

They own the banks, the energy companies, power providers, transportation, food production, the internet providers and all the great financial and corporate institutions.

Taxes are another major revenue source for them, as is the usury of the loan industry and of credit cards and mortgages. Every area of humanities life has been channeled into providing more power, more wealth, more control for them.

And in the meantime, mankind has been dumbed down, poisoned, sold, psychologically and physically, into slavery, tortured and tricked into wars that only benefited the controlling few. For they have funded both sides of wars and by so doing increased their wealth and power exponentially.

And the agenda of these controllers was, in this year of 2020, to turn mankind into artificial intelligence, automatons, to create a new world order, in which humanity could no longer think for itself, but absolutely, by rote, followed the directions of its dark shadow government.

And so the few controlled the many by psychological manipulation, by hypnotism. The advent of the media, of newspapers, of radio, of television, made this control and maneuvering all the easier.

For these dark and devious beings of reptilian descent, had no heart, no compassion and thrived off human fear. They are the devil, the evil that Divinity put on earth to give mankind the experience of separation, of deep and dark fear and confusion, that he, mankind would learn greater love.

That by the disconnection from source, humanity would realize the wonder, the great and glorious power and grace of love.

That by the disconnection from source, humanity would search, in his pain, loneliness and desperation, for the Divine connection he had lost.

And now, all this is occurring. Third dimensional mankind, in his hypnotized puzzlement and fear, is being shown the truth of his imprisoned reality.

The truth of the devious and dark deeds of the dark ones, of the controllers is coming to the light. The evil ones paid minions are being revealed as they do their best to steal the election from the goodly and Godly light alliance.

What wonderful times we are in. Fear not, the light alliance is in charge. All this chaos, complete disorder and confusion is necessary.

Those that are still in the dream state need to be shown clearly, and without a shadow of doubt, how their world has been contrived and shaped to control them.

Only this revelation can free them from their mental prison. The truth will set them free. Humanity needs to claim its sovereignty. And, to ascend out of the pit of the third dimensional fear paradigm, humanity needs to forgive all that has happened.

Yes, these dark ones have been evil indeed. They are the devil that mankind came to earth to experience and finally, in this wondrous time of ascension, to reject.

But this devil cannot be overcome, until its nature is seen. Mankind cannot claim his sovereignty, his freedom from this diabolical hypnotism, until he sees how he has been hypnotized.

This, our Dear Ones, is what is happening now. The truth is coming to the light. With this election the dark ones have been maneuvered into showing their deception.

As they change the ballot counts from hour to hour, as they outrageously change the numbers in their favor, their perfidy, their deceit, is coming to the light.

This election is doing exactly what the light alliance intended, showing mankind how he has been cheated and controlled, maneuvered and manipulated.

The drip, drip, drip of revelation is turning into a deluge. We are moving along wonderfully in the ascension process.

All is well, take heart, be of good cheer. There is no need to fall into fear as each and every detail of the counting is watched. As the details of the vote in each state are loudly broadcast by the complicit media.

Smile, laugh, lift your vibration and so lift the vibration of the planet earth. That is what you are here to do. Timelines, outcomes, are being changed to the positive, to the light, to the love by your high vibration.

Do not allow yourself to fall prey to the illusion that is playing out in front of your eyes. Watch, from an impartial distance, watch the game progressing in the alternative media.

The main stream media uses subliminal frequencies, subliminal techniques to pound humanity into the fear vibration. Just a few minutes of that raucous, fear filled frequency, lowers the love, the joy vibration into fear.

All is well, our Dear Ones, all is well. The light is in charge. The election has been won by the light alliance, by love itself. And, this will be shown to be true in the next days and weeks.

The situation will play out beautifully. There will be more upset, chaos and confusion as the dark ones struggle to survive. And then, there are amazing revelations to come. There will be arrests, there will be Divine justice. All will be revealed.

The best is yet to come dear brethren. The best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

We are in the first weeks of the great revealing. So much truth is to come to light.


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2020

Another beautiful day in Paradise dear friends, dear human brethren. For you are our brethren. You are as wonderful, as powerful, as magnificent as we are, we who dwell beyond the veil.

In your humanness, in your physical form, in your third dimensional reality, only a small part of your great Soul, only a small part of your Divinity is available to you.

That is the part of your Soul that you sent to planet earth to inhabit your body temple. For your body is a temple for your Soul. This is not the way we humans are used to thinking about ourselves. But we will, for we are in the era of release.

We are in the wonderful time of the great awakening. We have lived through the planet earth journey. The experience has not been easy for we have been living a nightmare of separation.

Naturally, in the love of God, behind the veil as Souls, as drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness, we are all one. We revel in our unity, our deep connection with each other and with the Divine flow of love electro-magnetic energy that is Divinity, that is God.

Such contentment, such joy, such bliss, is ours in this Heavenly realm. Challenging for us, in our separated human perception to realize. For here on earth, in our physicality, we see each other as separate beings, each with differing ideas about life, each out for ourselves, fearful of our threatening brethren.

It is this separateness we came to earth to experience. Nothing wrong ever happened here, for it is the chaos and discombobulation of the earthly journey, of separated Souls, out for their own interest and in conflict with us, that we came to experience, for which we incarnated.

And, as humans, we have indeed lived through every possible cruelty, every inhumane deed that can be imagined. And through this challenging journey we know now who we are.

We have individuated our personality. We know what we prefer and what we don’t prefer. We have discovered what makes us happy, what powers us to be enthusiastic, what engages our very Soul in the doing of the tasks we enjoy.

Through negotiating the positive and negative events of our life we have found our moral compass. We have sorted out our ideas of cultural morality. We know now what we stand for. We know what we believe in, we know how it is right for us to behave.

And it all comes down to love, what behavior do we believe to be loving and what is not loving. The loving gives us joy and unites us. We matter, and other people matter equally to us.

From the depth of our Soul, our objective is now to treat others as we would be treated. Service to others is now our joy and our delight.

And, we are so blessed, for we have individuated our talents, preferences and abilities. Having tried many and varied tasks, we now know what we love to do, and we are ready to follow our bliss. When we are doing what we love, we are totally engrossed in happy tasks. We are then answering the call of our deepest Divine nature.

This, dear Brethren is the world we are moving into. These are splendid times indeed. We have lived the planet earth experience, and truly it has been a challenge.

We knew before we came here, when we planned this earthly journey for ourselves, that it would be difficult. We knew we would have no memory of our Divinity, that we would feel small, alone and insignificant.

And it has been so. But we did not realize how difficult it would be. The dark side, the negative ones who vibrated at a low frequency of selfish service to self, were more powerful than anticipated.

They gave us such massive challenges to overcome. Yet and all, the wonder is that we have not only survived, but we have come out of this experience crowned with glory.

Oh my, the wonder of what we have learnt. The love that is now our very beingness in the depths of our heart. The compassion that we have for ourselves and our brethren – it is all beautiful to see.

Oh awakened ones, is it not marvelous to have lived the planet earth human life, to have overcome the denigrating entrainment and indoctrination, to have moved from dark to light.

We are blessed beings indeed. We are now the enlightened ones. We are indeed enlightened, for we have freed ourselves of the dark and separating thoughts, of the blame, shame and guilt we were indoctrinated with.

We are now Divine Souls, who are aware that they are living the human life ensconced in body temples. We are in this material world, but no longer of this material world. No longer immersed in the imbroglio of the planet earth training simulator program.

So now. we are awakened it is our job to help our fellow humanity. We are in the midst of the great revelation. The revelation of how our shadow government, how the dark ones have treated us. We are being shown the cruelty, the inhumanity that has been deployed against us.

And yet so many of our brethren are still deeply asleep, they are still in the hypnotized third dimensional fear paradigm. They are still totally immersed in the controllers narrative. They believe what they are told by authoritative sources. They believe the so called scientists and self interested politicians.

It seems to be so discouraging dear Brethren. What to say to them, how to help them? For, as is so often stated in this chaotic time, “where we go one, we go all.”

We need the energy, the consensus power of humanity to reach a tipping point for ascension to the fifth dimension of love. We need our brethren to awaken to the truth of their enmeshment. We need them to pierce the veil of their ignorance and to awaken to the truth of their Divinity and their power.

Have no fear our Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, this will occur. Ready yourselves to help them. It is too late for your sleeping brethren to undertake the lengthy journey that has been yours. They will awaken with a shock. They will be in fear and awe.

We are in the first weeks of the great revealing. So much truth is to come to light. It will be totally shocking. And this truth is absolutely necessary to be known for only thus can those still in the nightmare, awaken.

They must know how they have been manipulated and maneuvered. They must see the cruelty that has been afflicted on them. For their biggest challenge is then to claim their sovereignty and to forgive.

How can they claim their freedom from eons of indoctrination and entrainment – until they see what they are claiming freedom from? How can they claim the right to free will, until they know how their free will has been violated?

And in actuality, nothing wrong ever happened. For this is the planet earth training simulator program into which all the participating Souls agreed to be entrained.

So, forgiveness is absolutely necessary, for indeed nothing wrong ever happened. Yet one cannot forgive until one knows what needs to be forgiven.

So this is a crucial phase in the ascension process. A crucial phase indeed. Your brethren are being made aware of the nature of the cruelties that have been imposed on humanity.

Shock and awe are the order of the day. And you, our Dear Ones, our enlightened wayshowers, you are here to help. You are a great gift to. humanity. All you have suffered, all the pain you have experienced, stands you in good stead now.

You have great compassion, great understanding of the human condition and love flowing freely through your heart. You are the chosen ones to help humanity out of the mire of its deep and dark entrainment.

The best is yet to come dear friends, the best is yet to come. Love and light are here, you will be well and prosper, glorious days are ahead.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

There is so much good to come you cannot imagine. There are healing beds, called med beds, which measure the frequency of the human organs and make adjustments by applying the appropriate vibration.There are replicator machines that, from the air, can produce food, or any needed artifact. A whole new banking system without usury is being unfolded.Great abundance in all things is in your future.


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. October 2020

It is, as always, wonderful to connect with you dear Brethren. We are watching with great interest and compassion as you maneuver your way through the ascension process.

We are your Higher Selves, we are your Soul and your Soul family. We are your Galactic Brethren, and we are your God, your Consciousness, for we are all one in the flow of God.

The difference between us is that we are love and nothing else, you are also love, but that love has been hidden, in abeyance, in hiding from the loud and raucous sound of your indoctrinated ego.

You ego that is now dissipating. Your ego that you are now seeing with all its false precepts and ideas. You see there is not really a you. The you that you thought you were does not exist.

The you that you thought you were is your ego. Your ego that was given you as a gift that you might experience what was not love. And thereby grow in love, compassion and understanding for your fellow brethren.

As we have often said, your ego consists of your thoughts about yourself and about people and the world around you. These thoughts and ideas are not your own. They were given to you by your parents and culture, who repeated the ideas of their parents and culture.

So, the you that you thought you were, the you with prejudices, harsh judgements and fear filled ideas about life, is an entrainment, an indoctrination into false perceptions and ideas.

This is the perception deception in which humans, in their third dimensional journey, live. They believe they are their thoughts. And so they are very reluctant to give up these thoughts, to relinquish the fear and the criticism and the negativity. For who are they without these familiar and well worn thinking tracks in their brain.

Like a railway train going round and round in a circle, so are we with our entrained thoughts. We wear a groove in our mind that, however negative, is comfortable.

The old, the familiar, is cozy. The new, the loving, the kind, the possibility of living calmly and peacefully, in the knowledge of the profound love of God and of our brethren, is threatening.

For who are we if we are not our thoughts? What do our inherited thoughts cover up. They hide our Divinity from us. They allow us to live the human life in the illusional delusion that we are all separate and at war with each other.

That we need to defend ourselves from our brethren for humanity is cruel and our family and so called friends are out to harm us.

Human life is ironic indeed. We are born without an ego. The first baby years of our life we are spontaneous, happy, gurgling with joy, creative, full of sparkle.

Then begins the ego entrainment. Slowly but surely the joy is trained out of us. The spontaneity disappears. The happy, gurgling with joy, creativity and sparkling child becomes disillusioned.

He/she hears his parents, teachers, societies ideas about the dangers of life, the hurtfulness of people, the prejudices of their social morality. These thoughts are adopted as his own. These thoughts that others press on us become our ego.

Yes, our ego, what we believe to be ourselves, is only a hallucination, a projection of the thoughts and ideas of those around us, adopted by us – that then becomes our reality. And we protect this reality with our very life.

How painful it is to give up these indoctrinated ideas. How we resist losing them. How we viscerally fight those who would intrude upon our reality, who wish to change our perceptions.

Perception, which is the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses, is our major tool for understanding our earthly life.

And those around us feed our senses with their ideas. Whether it be our parents, our children, our friends, our newspapers, or television, all of these information sources feed our perceptions and thus create our reality.

The last person we hear is usually the most influential. We can only know what we have been told. And that which we have been told then becomes the persona that we have here on this earth.

In actuality we are much more than that. In fact we are very powerful.

We are Divine Souls. We, your higher selves are fragments of God love, drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness. We wait in abeyance as you journey through the third dimensional fear-filled human experience.

You are very important to your Soul family, your Angels and your Galactic brethren. You are living the planet earth journey and thus experiencing the dark in very deep and painful ways, you are experiencing that dark for all of us.

We, behind the veil, learn as you are learning. We learn from you. We hear every sigh, every plaintive cry, every sad murmur that comes from you. We know how much you have suffered and we truly appreciate and honor you for your sacrifice.

In the oneness of God, all we do is for the good of all. You, great ones, have given much for the expansion of Spirit, for the expansion of love and wisdom and knowledge.

And, in so doing you have individuated your personality. In the fifth dimension you will know what you prefer, you will know what you want, for you have experienced the opposite.

So, you will unreservedly claim your joy, follow your bliss, live in your holy creativity. Yes, life is good, dear friends, dear brethren. You are clearing up your third dimensional entrainment and moving up the frequency ladder of ascension to great and wonderful times.

There is so much good to come you cannot imagine. There are healing beds, called med beds, which measure the frequency of the human organs and make adjustments by applying the appropriate vibration.

There are replicator machines that, from the air, can produce food, or any needed artifact. A whole new banking system without usury is being unfolded. Great abundance in all things is in your future.

The bloated bureaucracy, the corruption, the professional politicians out for power, the nepotism – will be removed. Government jobs will go to those of an appropriate frequency, who will make a minimum of laws. All the befuddling and confusing rules and regulations will be removed.

For we will be telepathic, there will be no more lying, no more scams. We will be able to read each others minds. Degrees and diplomas will no longer count, people will naturally, organically take the job, the position that is most suited to their frequency and talents.

Oh indeed, what a wonderful world we are moving into. Keep your eyes on the prize. Go within, meditate on your wonderful new world, on love, on what part you will take in that new world, on the immense and grand wonder of God and of the love that permeates the new world. The love that is God, that is you.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Meditation is the way to enlightenment. For what is enlightenment but the removing of the negative thoughts and ideas implanted by your social structure.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2020

Our Dear Holy Ones, Our Dear Bright Souls, Dear Hearts who radiate love and light out into your dark and chaotic world. Your life is interesting indeed.

For you know, and you know you know. You know the truth of the earth’s entrainment. You know the truth of the prison planet, Earth’s history. You know that you are Divine, immortal Souls

You do not know the details, for the truth is hidden behind layers and layers of fake words and false teachings. Yet you do know that mankind (and man is inherently kind) you know that mankind has been deceived in the deepest and darkest way.

Humanity is hypnotized. Humanity is asleep, in a dream state, parroting the words and ideas of its controllers, of the shadow government. The majority of mankind, in the third dimensional, low, fear filled vibration are not aware of the truth of their entrainment.

And, deep in the morass of their negative perceptions of the world, they believe strongly, that what they are told is the truth. They are obsequious and conform to the wishes, the agenda of the shadow government.

You who know, and know you know, cannot tell them what you see. You cannot tell them that they have been grossly deceived, grossly put into the fear vibration to fulfill the agenda of the dark ones.

You cannot tell them that they are living a lie. They are living with the idea that they are powerless. They have surrendered free will to conform to the controllers, the shadow governments dark agenda.

Their perception of life has been hijacked. Their thoughts and ideas, their morality is dictated by the constricting, unjust laws and regulations they live under and by the words and narrative fed to them by their news media, government and religion.

You see this clearly, and yet you cannot tell them so. You have discovered that it is spiritually wise not to teach with words. Not to tell the sleeping ones the truth that has enlightened you.

You have found that spiritual wisdom, when spoken to the wrong person, at the wrong time or in the wrong place, can bring hatred and vitriol on the speaker and make him/her look very foolish.

Speaking the truth leads to aggression and anger from those who do not have ears to hear or eyes to see. And, it lowers your frequency, your joy quotient and causes dissension.

You are here to spread love, to radiate love. You need do nothing except revel in your new beingness. Revel in every now moment. Two words describe what it is you most need to do. Innumerable books have been written about spirituality and enlightenment.

Yet it all boils down to two words – these words are “go within.” Enlightenment comes from communing with Spirit, with your Angels, with your Higher Self. Go within and true, deep abiding love, the love of God, Divine Essence. the electro magnetic force that powers your physical body, can be accessed in all its peaceful, blissful, contented magnificence.

Humanity is God experiencing. Mankind asks what is my life’s purpose? What am I here to do? You are here to experience. You are here to feel the feelings, positive and negative, that are not to be felt in the Spirit Realm.

With your body and your ego you experience deeply, and often painfully, the vicissitudes of the planet earth journey. You are God’s instrument here on Earth. You are to report to Divinity what you learnt on this earthly journey through your feelings, through your emotions,

The ego consists of the thoughts into which Mankind has been indoctrinated, the false idea of the world as threatening that he has taken for his own. The ego directs humanity to look at the world outside and find it dangerous.

As danger and fear are experienced, addictive adrenaline flows freely and Humanity becomes more and more deeply enmired in the false narrative it has been fed.

How to escape from this circular negative entrainment? How to free oneself of the negative messages that one is fed everyday?

The answer is to go within. Commune with your Spirit. Contact your Soul. Listen to the still small voice of your Higher Self. Follow your intuition. Take your self worth from the God that dwells within you.

Here on planet earth, as humans, we can listen to one of two voices – the voice of our ego which revels in fear and misery, or the voice of our Soul, the voice of God, that dwell within us.

When we listen to the harsh arrogant and angry voice of the ego, we are caught in the negative narrative of the day. The negative narrative that the shadow government uses to control humanity. We believe the story that the news media and corrupt politicians parrot at us day after day after day.

Going within, listening to the voice of our Soul makes universal truth, God’s truth, available to us. Going within is communing with love.

Love, love, love, is the flow of electro magnetic Source energy, the flow of God power that animates us. That loving flow contains all of universal knowledge, all of the knowledge of the universe, the knowledge of God

When we go within that knowledge is available to us. It is akin to going on the internet and typing in a question. Many answers to human life and living on this planet earth, are available to us there.

As earthly knowledge is to be found on the computers, So is Divine knowledge to be found in the universal flow of love that is God.

That flow of love is Source Energy extending his/her/itself to his particles, to the fragments of God consciousness that we are.

The ego does not want Humanity to go within, nor does our shadow government. Yet, when we go within we find the truth of our existence.

When we go within, when we quiet our mind, we connect with our Divine Higher Selves, our Soul and we are in the enfoldment of the flow of love of which we are an inherent part.

The human challenge is in thinking. We think endlessly about every little happening. We worry, we obsess about the smallest negative word we hear, about every event.

We analyze happenings to the smallest detail, we theorize about what can be done. We fight everything, we fight war. How ironic is that? We fight to have peace, we fight disease.

And what do we achieve by this fighting? We keep ourselves in the third dimension of fear. By delving into the unexplainable, illogical minutiae of the events on planet earth, we keep ourselves enmeshed in the planet earth schoolroom.

It is by going within that we leave that schoolroom behind and move to the fifth dimension of love. What you focus on out pictures in your life.

So, violence and dissension will be your experience when you look at the outward reality of the planet earth journey.

Within, communing with your Spirit, is love, is knowledge, truth, wisdom, discernment, joy, compassion, caring, kindness and a peace that passeth all human understanding, a peace that transcends all of human misery.

Meditation, the silencing of the minds circuitous, complicated thinking, the listening quietly to the voice of the Spirit within, the listening to the voice of your Soul, meditation is the way to ascension.

Meditation is the way to enlightenment. For what is enlightenment but the removing of the negative thoughts and ideas implanted by your social structure. The enlightening of the minds heavy thought system, the removal of that thought system.

Enlightenment is the removal of the divisive ideas about life that society has given you. Thus ends separation, for separation from the Divine is living in the ideas of the earthly entrainment.

So, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, you are great ones indeed. You are very powerful, for the love of God, the knowledge of the universe is waiting to be accessed inside you. The wisdom of God, the wisdom peace, joy and love of the universe is your birthright when you go within to access that wisdom.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Our Earth, and the Universe in which it sits, are a part of a great computer simulation. We humans exist in a controlled, cleverly arranged program. Our experiences are largely controlled by the amount of love light that is poured onto the earth.-Aita-

You are Graduating from the Planet Earth School Room | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. July – 2020

It is a wonderful day dawning on Planet Earth. A wonderful day today and everyday that is to come, for we are entering a whole new era of the Planet Earth experience.

The light has come. The light, high vibration energy of love is being poured onto planet Earth. The measurement of this transformative energy is called the Schuman resonance.

This resonance has been increasing exponentially in recent months. At lower levels of incoming light, the Earth has been in the third dimension. And, at these lower levels fear is predominant for there is not enough light to dissipate it.

However, as the light pours in and the level of the Schuman resonance rises, Earth, and Mankind, are moved higher and higher to the fourth dimension where more light penetrates. And, eventually to the fifth dimension of love.

That is where we are heading, to the fifth dimension, where we leave our worries and fears behind for they are lifted from us by the high vibrating love and light that is increasingly permeating our world.

Our Earth, and the Universe in which it sits, are a part of a great computer simulation. We humans exist in a controlled, cleverly arranged program. Our experiences are largely controlled by the amount of love light that is poured onto the earth.

Low levels of light coming in, that is a low Schuman resonance, leads to endemic feelings of fear. As Earth is lifted higher and higher, the fear recedes and love takes over.

What a wonderful feeling it is to leave our fear behind. To be lifted up from the morass of confused and deep, dark emotions we have been enmeshed in.

Earthly life is so very interesting. The intellect cannot plumb its depths, cannot understand the wonderful, intricate workings of the Human program.

And yet, the Human heart, the Human Soul can feel it, can know deeply that all is well. The details, the how’s and why’s are not important to ascension. It is the revelation of the truth of the Human Experience, that moves us into the light.

Those Humans who have seen the truth of, and the reason for, Man’s Earthly adventure, have freed themselves of the ties that have bound them to fear. And thus they having largely left fears and worries behind. They have risen in vibration to the new and high level that the Schuman resonance allows.

However those Humans that, at a Soul level, have decided not to ascend at this time, have not cleared themselves of their everyday worries and concerns.

They do not see the truth of their Planet Earth experience. They cannot see the big picture of why they are in the Material realm. They do not realize that they are Souls, ensconced in body temples, in order to experience what they are not.

Imagine a room that is all white. The walls, the ceilings, the floor, the furniture, everything is white. And you, in that room are all white yourself and are very much contentedly a part of that white environment.

You feel good there, you feel loved, and you know you are a well loved part of the whiteness around you. But you know of nothing else but that whiteness.

So, your knowledge of yourself, of what you are able to feel and accomplish, is limited. You cannot go beyond the limits of your whiteness, for you know of nothing else.

So now a red spot appears in your room. And, now you realize there is something else. You say to yourself, I know now what contrast is. I know what red is. I know what I am not. I am not red. Are there other colors for me to experience, you ask?

So it is with Mankind. As Spirits, we live blissfully in the whiteness of eternal life. We reveled in the beingness of love and communion with All That Is and, with each other.

Yet we were bound by our whiteness. God, Source Energy, wanted to expand, and for its parts, that is us, the drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness, to expand.

In order to do so, we needed to experience the opposite of what we were. We needed to experience fear. How to do that in our blissful, united state? It was not possible.

And so, the Material Realm, the Galaxy, Planet Earth, and Human Bodies, Human Beings were created. And, we great Spirits sent a part of ourselves, our Soul to inhabit these Human bodies, which then became our body temples to house our Soul.

This physicality allowed us to experience separation from each other. Now we had egos, now we felt alone, now we could challenge each other, argue, fight, war with each other.

And our Soul reveled in our doing this. Our Soul encouraged us at every turn. Our Soul allowed our ego to take over.

We plan our lives before we incarnate on Earth. We, together with our Soul families, plan the major challenges we are to have, the major not preferred incidents we are to overcome.

If we do not overcome them the first time, then the lessons are repeated over and over again, until we do master them. That is why the same kind of events, happen to us repeatedly. And we ask, why is this happening to me over and over again?

Why the 6 divorces, why the 5 traffic tickets, why the 3 jail terms and so on? Until the lesson the Soul wishes to learn, the feelings the Soul wishes to feel, are complete, the lesson is repeated.

And so, this is the big picture of Human experience. Souls come to Earth to feel fear, to live through contrast, to know what they are not and thus refine their talents, preferences and abilities. To truly come to know themselves as love and light.

And who provides the contrast? The dark ones do? When we plan our life with our Spirit Guides and Soul family, it is decided who will play the light and who will play the dark.

We have had many, many incarnations. We have all played the kind and the cruel, the wicked and the loving, the caretaker and the prison guard.

For, we need to know ourselves in every aspect of our Humanity before we can ascend back to the love and light Spirit we really are. And, above the fray of Humanity is the illuminati or deep state. The earth was, in a sense, hijacked. Negative beings with no heart were allowed to come to Earth to give more darkness to the Human experience.

Earth is something of an experiment in the Heavenly realm. Mankind is very loving, very obedient, very compliant and very easily trainable. Repetition and words are the control mechanisms.

And these deep state individuals, or dark controllers, knew that. So, they put into place governments, religions, national borders, racial, ethnic and sexual prohibitions and all kinds of divisive rules and regulations.

The deep state players truly are not Human for they have no heart, no consideration of, or caring for man’s suffering. They are as cats playing with mice, as wolves herding sheep.

And so, here we are on Planet Earth in this great time of ascension. The time for Souls in Human bodies to ascend from their fear entrainment, to graduate from the computer simulation training program is at hand.

Those Souls that have completed their learning assignment are moving back into the light. The universal computer is turning up the vibration to allow this. The Schuman resonance is increasing.

You, Dear LIghtworkers, Starseeds are ascending along with that resonance. You and the proportion of mankind, whose Souls are ready to do so, are leaving the Earthly entrainment behind.

The truth has set you free. The truth of the Human life experience, and the reason for that experience, must be seen before it can be overcome.

Those who are not ready to ascend will not see this truth. They will continue along in their deception perception, under their illusional delusion, until such time as their Soul is ready to leave. Be of good cheer Dear Ones. All is well on Planet Earth today. All is proceeding as is intended for the Divine is in charge.

You, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, are graduating from the Earthly experience. You have taken part in the Earthly fear entrainment and are leaving it with honors. Congratulations. Now, live, love, laugh to the full. Live in the joy, the bliss the deep abiding love that you truly are.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.

The fifth dimension is the love and light frequency into which we are ascending. This is what the great awakening is all about. The apocalypse describes the crumbling, the destruction of the third dimensional fear paradigm.-Aita-

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2020

Good Day to you Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds. We are very pleased to connect with you on this bright and beautiful summers day in this Planet Earth experience.

You, our Dear Ones, are in the middle of a glorious experience. One of the best experiences of your Spirit’s eternal life. You are in the great awakening of Humanity in the year 2020.

And, the miracle is that you are awake and aware of what is going on around you. You coded yourselves to awaken so this would be so. You wanted to see all the discombobulating and chaotic events, seemingly, without rhyme or reason, playing out around you.

You wanted to see how Humanity would arise from its psychological chains, from the control mechanisms into which it has been enmeshed. You wanted to experience the awe and wonder of how one of the greatest events in the history of Mankind plays out in the planetary ascension.

What is ascension, what is the great event that is so much talked of? Planet Earth has been for eons in the third dimension of frequency. There are many dimensions. Jesus called them mansions as he told us that “my fathers house has many mansions.”

This means that there are many levels of frequency that we Souls, can exist in. The universe, the galaxy, Planet Earth and the whole hologram in which we exist, are formed by the frequency that vibrates around them.

Planet Earth and its inhabitants have been in the third dimensional frequency for eons. This is a low vibration of fear. In the Spirit realm there is no fear. God is love. There is only love. Yet to expand His Holy Consciousness into individuated Gods, like unto himself, All That Is, created the low vibrating fear realm.

This has been our home. This is where the light and the dark interplay with each other. This is where we feel that we are separate, for we each have a unique understanding of life, unique entrainments that play against each other.

This earth is a stage upon which we actors are experiencing negativity and fear. At the low frequency of the third dimension, we are reactive to any comments and actions of others that disagree with our own deeply held beliefs about ourselves and about life.

And so, we are reactive to each other. We prod and we poke with words and deeds. We protect ourselves and our ideas with our very life. For we belief we are our thoughts and ideas.

Not so, we are great and grand, powerful Spirits, who have sent a small part of ourselves, our Soul, to Planet Earth, to be in a Human Body, the temple for our Soul, to experience other than love.

And we have been on Planet Earth, reincarnating from body temple to to body temple for eons. We have played the part of the dark and the part of the light. We have experienced all that we set ourselves to live through.

We have felt deep loneliness, separation and sorrow. As Spirits we are all one, telepathic and naturally communing with each other. Love and light are our inheritance and beingness.

Here on Earth we leave our memory of that reality behind. We purposefully shed our knowingness and come here with open minds ready to be programmed for our Earthly life.

Having planned our program before we came here with our Soul family and Spirit guides, we then experience and feel all that we set ourselves to experience and feel.

This is the third dimensional life. We are trained into a uniquely peculiar thought system, those around us have their own unique thought system. These ideas about life clash, and we have a great need to convince our brethren that our ideas are the only right ones.

And so we argue with each other, and so we fight, and go to war, we maim and kill for we are in fear of each other as in our separation we flail around trying to rise above the fray of human fear and be in our power over others.

Having experienced the fear, the anger, rage, jealousy, depression, apathy, false pride, blame, shame and guilt of the Planet Earth life, it is now time for the great awakening.

Many Souls are now graduating from fear to love. You, our Dear Ones, are amongst those Souls. You are currently in the higher levels of the fourth dimension.

The lower fourth dimension is the astral realm. It is the realm that we pass through when we first begin to awaken. It is the realm of black magic, of sorcery, of ouija boards and negative entities.

Yet it is a realm we must overcome before we move on. The lower fourth density is where our controllers, the elite, the illuminati and their minions dwell.

In this realm they can see how to program the third dimensional fear based Humans. They can see how words often repeated are taken as the truth. They can see how Humans take the words that are spoken by white coats with degrees and diplomas, as the absolute truth.

And they revel in the power they have over Humanity as they maneuver and manipulate mankind into the sheeple behavior they desire from him.

They have drained Mankind of his life force. The have treated man as cattle, they have played with Humanity as cats play with mice. They have no heart, no compassion for Human suffering.

And, this lower fourth dimension, this dark frequency must be passed through as Human Souls ascend from their third dimensional fear entrainment.

And, it is a wonderful happening to reach the fourth dimension where the truth of Human Beingness can be seen. Where the realization comes upon us, that we are Divine Beings having a Human experience, and that experience was created by our dark controllers.

Indeed the old saying, “And the truth shall set you free” is itself a truism. To awaken, to ascend we need to realize that we are Divine, if we do not know our name, that is Divinity, how can we return home?

And, if we do not see how we have been controlled and manipulated, how can we heal ourselves of the wounds of that control? We cannot.

So, we pass through the lower fourth dimension and we see, in great awe and discombobulation, the machinations under which we have lived.

Then, we come to the upper fourth dimension. This is primarily a place of healing love. We have seen the big picture of the Planet Earth entrainment experience. The control mechanisms are clearly seen by us now.

Our job then is to clear ourselves of all the false teachings and understandings with which we have been indoctrinated. And so, as each feeling of negativity and fear comes up, we allow and surrender into it. We feel it and we ask for help and guidance for its removal.

You, dear Lightworkers Starseeds are in this stage right now. And many of you have cleared much of your negative conditioning and are moving higher and higher in an up spiral into the light.

Know, deeply, that since you are hearing this message, since you are comprehending our words, you are a LIghtworker, Starseed, awakening from your Earthly nightmare.

Yes this has been a nightmare. Planet Earth is not an easy place for Souls to visit. Only the greatest of the great take on this experience.

You, Dear Hearts, have taken it on and you have prevailed. The light in you has won. You have fulfilled your God given mission. You are now on the edges of the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension, in the hierarchy of dimensions, is one where love rules. Negativity and fear have been left behind. Words are no longer necessary, for we are telepathic.

We are each unique and differentiated Souls, yet we are all one in our Divinity and God essence. We manifest immediately that which we wish. We are in bliss and joy with each other as communion and camaraderie rule.

The fifth dimension is the love and light frequency into which we are ascending. This is what the great awakening is all about. The apocalypse describes the crumbling, the destruction of the third dimensional fear paradigm.

The revelation describes the awakening of Mankind to the truth of how he has been controlled and entrained into fear. And all of this is the great event for which mankind has so long been waiting.

The great event that has been spoken of in all great philosophies and Spiritual teachings. The great event that is the movement of Mankind from the third dimension of fear to the fifth dimension of love.

The fifth dimension is at hand dear ones. Love has won. Love always wins in Gods heavenly realm. And Gods Heavenly realm is all there is.

The Planet Earth experience is just a blip, a nanosecond of time that grows us into greater love.

Welcome to the fifth dimension Dear Ones. Love and light, peace and joy, bliss and wisdom, truth and knowledge are your inheritance.

Aita Channeling her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.

The Truth Shall Set you Free | Aita Channelling her Higher Self

Good Day to you Dear LIghtworkers, Starseeds. This is a monumental time you are in on Planet Earth today. All around you is in chaos. Fear is endemic.

You are told from different sources that all is well, trust the plan that the Divine, God, Love has for you, your Brethren, Planet Earth and the Universe. Trust the plan.

You hear that the dark ones, the powers that be, the government behind the government will soon be removed. You do your research and you are in turn, encouraged and discouraged.

Your hopes for better times vacillate between knowing, optimism and deflation for you do not see any actual progress toward the removal of the corrupt ones.

You are told arrests have been made. You are told that many of the dark ones are now imprisoned in Guantanamo. You are told some of the corrupt beings have been removed and replaced by clones.

You do not watch television for you know it is “tell-u-vision.” What is broadcast there is indeed fake news, lies. The reporters, newscasters have an agenda of their own. They are being paid to disseminate the ideas of their employers.

And it is so disheartening, the majority of people believe what they hear. They say they have to be informed. They take what is told to them as the absolute truth.

If someone with scientific, or medical degrees, or someone who wears a white coat and a stethoscope, tells them what is happening in an authoritative way, it must be the truth. Any idiot should know that and believe all that he hears.

Anyone who does not believe the news stories of death and disease is a conspiracy theorist, an idiot, and a danger to the health of those around them.

For goodness sakes, we must wear masks to be safe. We must wear gloves. Goodness knows we already have enough toilet paper and paper towels. Vaccinations are next. Vaccinations will make us totally safe and protected against death. For we have been told so.

It’s as if nobody should die. Death is a natural and wonderful part of Human life. Death is the laying down of the body temple and the freeing of the Soul, the Divine Essence of you, your God particle, to return to its great multi dimensional Spirit.

Death is a return to bliss and nirvana, love and joy and hitherto it has been a release from this Human challenging life experience. Death is natural and happening around us all the time.

And yet now we are told that we have a pandemic. All around us are dying. The number of cases is increasing every day. We have a second wave of the dread virus.

We do not see death and destruction. No one around us is dying in greater numbers than usual. We may know someone who we believe has covid, or we may know someone who knows someone who has covid. And, because of that we Humans are in fear.

For, we are told that the numbers are increasing and what is reported on “tell-u-vision” must be true. We call it “tell-u-vison” for that is what television does. Television is a black magic tool that puts a spell on people. Words repeated often and at a low frequency hypnotize us. Such words put a spell upon us.

In the third dimensional fear paradigm we are programmed by words. We listen, we hear and we fear, according to the frequency and vibration of the spoken word.

We are all being programmed all the time. To break the programming spell we need to see the big picture of what is happening from the upper room. We need to stop listening to the loud and grating voice of the dark ones and see and hear what is truly happening behind the scenes.

We need to question everything we hear and ask is that really true. We need to do our own research on each topic. We need to research the virus and its origins. We need to research the powers that be, the human trafficking, the politicians and their dark agendas.

We need to understand that terrorist attacks are false flags, arranged attacks to fulfill the agenda of the corrupt controllers. From these shootings, poisonings, bombings, riots, assassinations, come problem – reaction – solution.

That is, a problem is created, an emotional reaction occurs, and deep dark fear sets in. Then the populace demands that something be done to prevent a recurrence. And thus the solution is arrived at. And there is now more control of mankind.

And so came about the wearing of masks. The problem presented was the disease. The fear was illness and death. The solution was wear masks, that will stop the spreading of the virus.

The real agenda was to keep us apart, to separate us, to create great fear. For, we are easily controlled when we are in fear. And separated, with masks and social distancing we cannot talk with each other freely about what is happening.

And, the agenda all the while was to prevent gatherings and political conventions and debates and to bring in voting by mail. For with voting by mail, the numbers could easily be manipulated, and the desired election outcome could be achieved.

Yes, dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, this is a challenging time. You are so impatient now to see physical signs that the old system is indeed being taken down. That the human traffickers and evil doers are being removed. That a new and wonderful world is being created. You have been waiting so long. And you cannot talk to those who sleep for they are truly deranged. A black magic spell has been put upon them.

Until they see the big picture of how they have been deceived they cannot awaken to the truth.

The Bible says my people will perish for the lack of knowledge. With true knowledge of what is going on around us, with a true understanding of how the turmoil around us is being created, comes freedom and peace.

For now, seeing the big picture of this time of revelation, and how the deep state, the corrupt ones are in their last gasp of trying to control mankind, we are freed from the black magic hypnotic spell that was cast upon us.

Yes, knowledge is indeed power. And you, our Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds have been so blessed. You do see the big picture. You have done, and every day are still doing your research. You are working on yourself and your own Spiritual path to a greater expression of your Divine Self. And, you are seeing how the confabulation, the deception of your brethren is occurring. Be of good cheer, take heart, for much is happening behind the scenes. Yes, we know you have heard this often and you are discouraged.

Do not be of little faith. Indeed, continue to trust the plan. When you reach deep within yourself to your Divine Essence, you know, in your Soul that all is well.

There will be more chaos yet. There may well be troops on the street. The internet may go down for days of darkness. More lockdowns will be attempted. Social distancing and masks will be emphasized in the extreme.

But you, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls will know all is well. This year of 2020 is amazing. The election will come sooner than you think. This is the great and wonderful time of revelation that you volunteered to experience, where knowledge is being attained by man. You wanted to be here to see the apocalypse. You wanted to see how man moves from the third dimension of fear to the fifth dimension of love.

Be not of little faith. Be the strong, knowing, wonderful truth seekers and disseminators that you inherently are. Live, love, laugh, be encouraging and spread your high vibration and love to all around you. You are here to help and you are doing your job magnificently, for the truth has set you free.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.

Your wayshower, or as a wise man once said, “your rudder indicator” is your passion, your highest joy, your excitement.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2020

Good day to you beautiful beings of love and light. We are very pleased to be with you today. You are a joy to be with as you lift yourselves to higher and higher states of consciousness. Higher and higher feelings of excitement and passion.

You are becoming unconditionally loving, unconditionally compassionate and it is beautiful to see. And you are thinking less. Thinking is the great controller of Humanity.

Mind energy, or thinking, connects us inevitably to the third dimensional paradigm of fear. Heart energy, not thinking but feeling, connects us to the fifth dimension of love.

Thinking with words is what gives us the miracle of Human life and understanding. Words are magical. We are unconsciously programmed by them.

They can be black magic or white magic depending on whether they come from the head or the heart. So many words have hidden connotations.

So “government” has the governing of man as it’s hidden meaning. “Manipulation” is, of course, about the controlling of man’s thoughts.

So many words have hidden deep meanings within them that we are unconsciously programmed by.

We are fooled by words with their hidden meaning. And, we are so conditioned by them that we do not think of their effect upon us and others.

So, we have been used to using these magical words indiscriminately. So, many of us have the habit of swearing. The swear words themselves may not be inherently bad.

It is the feeling with which we use them, the meaning with which we express them and the intention we have in using them against ourselves or others, that gives them their power.

Of course, whatever we claim about others, we are claiming for ourselves. So, when we are denigrating our brethren, we are truly belittling ourselves.

Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, watch your every word. For every single word you say is creative. How else do we form the life that we live but by our words. To live a full and happy life we need a plan. That plan is delineated, is formed, by our words.

And, our words keep us in thought. In the third dimensional reality our thoughts are primarily in the past or the future. And so we miss the only time there is, that is we are not in the now moment.

As we ascend in frequency, as we move to the love vibration, we leave our thoughts behind. We ask our Spirit to take the thoughts in our head and put them in our heart.

Forgiveness then steps in and we leave all our resentments, perceived hurts, blame and shame behind.

Then, we no longer think. Our minds and hearts are melded and we feel great peace, great joy, great gratitude, great love, for these are the feelings of our higher Selves, that have been hidden under the mire of the earthly challenges of thought and worry.

As we ascend, we are being lifted above thinking to the upper room of self actualization. And, as we leave thinking behind, we are directed by our higher selves. Our compass, our leading edge, becomes our highest excitement, our passion, our joy.

Our creativity is given free reign as we no longer worry about the past and the future. As we move deeper and deeper into our hearts beingness, we drop third dimensional thoughts and fears.

Then the peace, that in the lower frequency passes all understanding, floods in. This is the meaning of just be, just breathe. This is the meaning of you need do nothing.

Hitherto, in the third dimensional paradigm, we have been Human Doings. We have been busy worrying, thinking, planning every moment in an attempt to make our lives happy.

The more we thought about our lives, our pains, our challenges, the more we became enmeshed in depression and sadness. Life became such a trial as we tried harder and harder to control every waking moment.

Let go and let God, is a familiar, often used phrase. And it is important to let go and let God. To let the God within us rule our minds and our lives. To command our Spirit to increase our force energy within our body temples. To ask that more divine essence flow in us and through us.

Ask and ye shall be given. As our mind is cleared of thinking, we can do what we enjoy, what gives us joy. What feeds our passion. And living in that vibration, in that happy frequency, amazing synchronicities happen.

It is an amazing joy to just be, just breathe. To do what we enjoy, to be all that we are meant to be in joyous communion and camaraderie with our brethren.

For, as we clear ourselves of our thinking, we can commune more deeply with our brethren. We can stand united in unconditional love together.

Having cleared our minds of thinking with criticisms and judgement about the behavior of those around us, we can peacefully love them exactly as they are – knowing they are on the same journey as we are.

They, too, are overcoming the planet earth training simulator negative programming that all Human beings experience. They too are leaving their negative thinking behind and moving into the feelings and ideas that come from their heart and Soul.

Oh, how glorious to be one together in the joy vibration. And Dear Ones, Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, this is where we are all heading. Into that glorious nirvana of love and light.

Your wayshower, or as a wise man once said, “your rudder indicator” is your passion, your highest joy, your excitement.

Leave thinking behind and be in your passion. Do what you enjoy, that will be your purpose in life. You are searching for your purpose. Your purpose is your passion. What you are good at, what you can lose yourself in the joy of doing and being, is what your Soul wishes you to do.

So just be, just breathe. Leave negative thinking and worrying behind. Choose your words with care, for every word you say is creative. Words reflect the feelings and intentions that will outpicture in your life, that will create the life you really want to live.

The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your reality. Your reality is created by the thoughts you think and the consequent words you speak.

Life is so complicated and yet so simple. We are in glorious times indeed as we come to understand our Soul nature, as more and more of our Divine essence is incorporated into our body temples and we express more of our multi dimensional Selves.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed