mankind is increasingly and increasingly freed from his entrapment in the third fear dimension.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – February 2021


And so Valentine’s day 2021 has passed, and we are still waiting, waiting for the shadow government, our deep state, the dark controllers, to be removed, to be, at long last taken down.

And yet, despite a multiplicity of outright, outrageous, obvious lies, they appear to continue in power, continue to vaunt their control, continue to push their agenda.

It is, indeed, obvious now that the corruption, the control, blackmail and bribery extend into all branches of government. The courts, the politicians, the corporations, the banks, information technology, religions, education and all our governing bodies have the same agenda and spout the same narrative.

And this great conspiracy, this huge stratagem to control and ensure the subservience of mankind, has been in effect for generations and generations past.

The wonder of this time, the wonder of the great awakening is that the true story of planet earth, the true story of the subjugation of humanity is being revealed.

The great deception perception, the great fraud perpetrated against humans, is at last visible for all, with eyes to see and ears to hear. That is, it is visible to those who have freed themselves from the prison of the main stream media narrative. The truth has set them free.

Planet earth and humanity will not be truly free until our corrupt and dishonest news disseminating system is taken down. The media is owned by six corporations. Six individuals decide what information, what lies, shall be told on television each day.

Summaries of what is to be the news of the day are given to all six new sources. They do not research, they are not journalists, in the sense that they disseminate true facts. Instead, they disseminate the story that the shadow government, the six controlling corporations, wish them to share with their public.

This is diabolically clever, for the news sources use the way that mankind processes information to keep him under the dream spell of their agenda.

Mankind is eminently programmable. He creates his reality at a subconscious level. Repetition of spoken words and visual images form the substance for his beliefs and understanding of his world.

Those who watch the main stream media narrative hear the same words, and see the same fearful images, on all the compromised tv channels and newspapers 24/7.

And so, each day, the indoctrination, the process of teaching the population to accept information uncritically, and form their beliefs from that information, each day that indoctrination, that programming becomes more deeply embedded in the psyche of the listeners.

We, the lightworkers of the world, would much have preferred for the main stream media to be taken down long ago. We would have preferred not to go through a corrupt election and inauguration, we would have preferred to have an end to the media manipulation.

Yet, this has not happened, and the media continues its praise of the evil ones and its vituperative and abusive attacks on the goodly and Godly light alliance.

And yet all this is good, the Divine knows best, for now each day the Schumann resonance, the frequency of the earthly vibration, is rising. And mankind is increasingly and increasingly freed from his entrapment in the third fear dimension.

And so the dark ones can no longer hide. Their perfidy, their lies are plainly visible and the minions of the shadow government are showing themselves. Had the great revelation of the untruths told by the press taken place earlier, we would not have known who the bad actors were.

Now, that that they feel they have won, that they have the power, they are becoming careless and showing their true nature. No longer are they able to hide behind confusion and confabulation of the truth.

That is, except for the main stream narrative. At this time, in our world, there are two distinct narratives understood by two distinct groups of people.

There are those, at a lower vibration, for they are in fear as they listen devotedly to the main stream narrative. And there are those at a higher vibration, those who are ascending, who do not watch the television or read the news

They know that lies are being told. They use their emotions as a guide. They know that being in the negative vibration that the news creates, depresses them, drops them down back into the fear frequency.

They know the truth of how the human body and mind computer works. They know that repetition of words and visual images programs the mind of man.

They know that where they put their thoughts, what they see in their minds eye, will out picture in their life. And so, now, while this great drama of the planet earth awakening is playing out, they are creating the new world of love and light that is to come.

You, dear lightworkers, starseeds, are now largely in control of your minds. You are consciously programming yourself.

You think of what it is you want, what gives you joy. From moment to moment to moment, you think of what will you enjoy doing next. You picture yourself in situations doing what you love to do.

You think about how to achieve what you want and you take steps towards achieving that outcome.

How is the new and wonderful world of love and light coming into being unless we create it? If we wallow in our victimhood and righteous indignation what will we achieve? Just more of the same heavy, depressing injustice and petty, constraining and conflicting rules and regulations.

As points of awareness in the consciousness of the Divine, where we put our focus determines our reality.

We, who have risen above the third dimensional low frequency, can now create that reality by design. In the fear vibration we created our reality by thinking the fear thoughts that were given to us.

Unpleasant though this was as it generated unpleasant emotions and great trepidation, it was easy and familiar and very addictive. We were drawn towards the constant display of pictures of disasters and catastrophes.

And since these images circled round in our mind, they became our reality, and the thinking of these disaster thoughts created more disaster, chaos and mayhem and kept us in the low fear vibration.

Now, wonder of wonders, our dear Ones, wonder of wonders, the light has come and the truth has dawned upon us. It is so simple and yet it is the crux, the most important issue for humanity.