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What is Enlightment in 2020?

Nikos Akrivos channeling Higher Self.

Enlightment is to be not be triggered by anyone or anything out there while being in the world but not of it.Not so long ago, monks had to isolate themselves in temples for long periods of time and in some cases for their whole life in order to reach a higher state of consciousness and sustain it.Today, the ever increasing energies of Love and Light coming from The Sun of all Suns/Source of All Creation/Mother Father God and Prime Creator have already brought Earth into the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimension and therefor her name : New Earth Pacha Mama Terra Christa.This allows each and everyONE to feel in the present moment their oneness with GOD within and with all Life becoming more aware that what ones thinks and feels, one vibrates one creates.Whatever one experiences in their life one attracts to the self.It behooves most people to believe it is so because how can this be that one attracts bad experiences to the self? Most people would rather see God as out there, being responsible for that happens in their life, rather taking the responsibility to acknowledge that they create their own experiences by the way the feel, think and more often reacting than truly acting from a place of alignment with their Soul/Higher Self.And in doing so, creating their own matrix of reality with like minded souls as like attracts like.Is there a way to get out of this constructed matrix?yes , there is and the answer lies within.With enough daily practice long enough to be able to listen the voice within for at least 15-20 minutes one can begin to create a better reality for the self and cross the bridge to the New Earth.There are those who have already crossed the bridge and have created the space for all to be able to do so.And then comes Free Will.God loves so much each and everyone that all have free will to do so or not in their lives.Everybody is loved and everybody chooses for their experiences in life that they feel, serves them best.When one has reached a state where is no longer triggered by anyone by anything, not even social media comments or any news out there, one knows clearly that He/She is already on New Earth manifesting with ease and grace and flow anything they want to be ,do or have for the highest good =the highest good for all.


Your wayshower, or as a wise man once said, “your rudder indicator” is your passion, your highest joy, your excitement.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – July 2020

Good day to you beautiful beings of love and light. We are very pleased to be with you today. You are a joy to be with as you lift yourselves to higher and higher states of consciousness. Higher and higher feelings of excitement and passion.

You are becoming unconditionally loving, unconditionally compassionate and it is beautiful to see. And you are thinking less. Thinking is the great controller of Humanity.

Mind energy, or thinking, connects us inevitably to the third dimensional paradigm of fear. Heart energy, not thinking but feeling, connects us to the fifth dimension of love.

Thinking with words is what gives us the miracle of Human life and understanding. Words are magical. We are unconsciously programmed by them.

They can be black magic or white magic depending on whether they come from the head or the heart. So many words have hidden connotations.

So “government” has the governing of man as it’s hidden meaning. “Manipulation” is, of course, about the controlling of man’s thoughts.

So many words have hidden deep meanings within them that we are unconsciously programmed by.

We are fooled by words with their hidden meaning. And, we are so conditioned by them that we do not think of their effect upon us and others.

So, we have been used to using these magical words indiscriminately. So, many of us have the habit of swearing. The swear words themselves may not be inherently bad.

It is the feeling with which we use them, the meaning with which we express them and the intention we have in using them against ourselves or others, that gives them their power.

Of course, whatever we claim about others, we are claiming for ourselves. So, when we are denigrating our brethren, we are truly belittling ourselves.

Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, watch your every word. For every single word you say is creative. How else do we form the life that we live but by our words. To live a full and happy life we need a plan. That plan is delineated, is formed, by our words.

And, our words keep us in thought. In the third dimensional reality our thoughts are primarily in the past or the future. And so we miss the only time there is, that is we are not in the now moment.

As we ascend in frequency, as we move to the love vibration, we leave our thoughts behind. We ask our Spirit to take the thoughts in our head and put them in our heart.

Forgiveness then steps in and we leave all our resentments, perceived hurts, blame and shame behind.

Then, we no longer think. Our minds and hearts are melded and we feel great peace, great joy, great gratitude, great love, for these are the feelings of our higher Selves, that have been hidden under the mire of the earthly challenges of thought and worry.

As we ascend, we are being lifted above thinking to the upper room of self actualization. And, as we leave thinking behind, we are directed by our higher selves. Our compass, our leading edge, becomes our highest excitement, our passion, our joy.

Our creativity is given free reign as we no longer worry about the past and the future. As we move deeper and deeper into our hearts beingness, we drop third dimensional thoughts and fears.

Then the peace, that in the lower frequency passes all understanding, floods in. This is the meaning of just be, just breathe. This is the meaning of you need do nothing.

Hitherto, in the third dimensional paradigm, we have been Human Doings. We have been busy worrying, thinking, planning every moment in an attempt to make our lives happy.

The more we thought about our lives, our pains, our challenges, the more we became enmeshed in depression and sadness. Life became such a trial as we tried harder and harder to control every waking moment.

Let go and let God, is a familiar, often used phrase. And it is important to let go and let God. To let the God within us rule our minds and our lives. To command our Spirit to increase our force energy within our body temples. To ask that more divine essence flow in us and through us.

Ask and ye shall be given. As our mind is cleared of thinking, we can do what we enjoy, what gives us joy. What feeds our passion. And living in that vibration, in that happy frequency, amazing synchronicities happen.

It is an amazing joy to just be, just breathe. To do what we enjoy, to be all that we are meant to be in joyous communion and camaraderie with our brethren.

For, as we clear ourselves of our thinking, we can commune more deeply with our brethren. We can stand united in unconditional love together.

Having cleared our minds of thinking with criticisms and judgement about the behavior of those around us, we can peacefully love them exactly as they are – knowing they are on the same journey as we are.

They, too, are overcoming the planet earth training simulator negative programming that all Human beings experience. They too are leaving their negative thinking behind and moving into the feelings and ideas that come from their heart and Soul.

Oh, how glorious to be one together in the joy vibration. And Dear Ones, Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, this is where we are all heading. Into that glorious nirvana of love and light.

Your wayshower, or as a wise man once said, “your rudder indicator” is your passion, your highest joy, your excitement.

Leave thinking behind and be in your passion. Do what you enjoy, that will be your purpose in life. You are searching for your purpose. Your purpose is your passion. What you are good at, what you can lose yourself in the joy of doing and being, is what your Soul wishes you to do.

So just be, just breathe. Leave negative thinking and worrying behind. Choose your words with care, for every word you say is creative. Words reflect the feelings and intentions that will outpicture in your life, that will create the life you really want to live.

The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your reality. Your reality is created by the thoughts you think and the consequent words you speak.

Life is so complicated and yet so simple. We are in glorious times indeed as we come to understand our Soul nature, as more and more of our Divine essence is incorporated into our body temples and we express more of our multi dimensional Selves.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed