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In the coming days, stillness will be your greatest resource, your greatest currency, your greatest asset

Galactic Center 5/21/2022

I am the Galactic Center, center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. This one and I have been sitting in zero space together, in stillness, in union, in peace. This is what I wish to bring through, to facilitate deep inner peace and connection with me, in these times of turbulence and change. Upheaval is present on your world, within the hearts of humankind, but it need not be so. For all are in process of either discovering me, of the connection to the deep inner way of the single walk towards inner unity, or dancing with chaos. The inner chaos of man is only a decision. One makes this decision moment by moment whether they will walk the silent road of individualization and inner stillness, for it is a lonely road, but when one is aware of it they feel the connection to all things and it is a uniting experience. You who have done the work and are able to feel this message are aware. All roads eventually lead to home, to the inner god-spark. Many will not appreciate this for your religious doctrines have divided, have taught otherwise. They have taught and instilled separation, for that was the game, the experience in this realm of the delusion of separation from Source. You are all fractalized sparks of Source, you are all here to experience what it is that you came to experience. Earth, Gaia, has chosen her experience of ascension. Those upon her who choose are deeply aware and assisting in multidimensional levels, in a myriad of ways.

I am the Galactic Center. Inner chaos or inner peace? Those are always your choices. In every moment, in every experience upon Gaia, those are your choices. Do I choose the broken mirror in which society tries to portray truth? Or do I look within and see the stillness, and feel the connection of who I am? You are marvelous beings. My love is freely extended to you. My peace, my presence is freely given to you for I am that I am. I too am an aspect of Source. I hold space for those who need to find themselves again. I am a reflection of the All in my own way, just as you are in your own way. Activation codes are streaming through this message, are streaming through me. By my very presence I am activating you, and in some cases, lowering frequency to increase vibration, to enhance the deep inner awareness and awakening that is occurring now in your world on all levels. There is no chaos. This one didn’t want to write this phrase, but child, it is true. In the scheme of things, all is perfection, all is unity. All is the space of Source, the spaciousness of love, of freedom. But you have dived so deep down the rabbit hole of this earth experience that these vibrations, these feelings have been almost closed off to you. The starseeds, the old souls have been able to assist with activating this on the inside of the twisting, to help untwist, so that the light from me, from the All, can freely flow to you. (I am seeing a balloon being slowly filled with sand, becoming heavy with the weight. I am seeing the balloon now being twisted off from the flow of sand. The sand (the fractals) has felt cut off from the flow, but it is not cut off, it is still sand, it is connected. I am seeing an intense light surrounding all things now, moving in pulses, in loving waves through our galaxy, and untwisting the twist. I am feeing waves of immense love, of calming frequencies moving into Gaia.) Yes friend, you are seeing and feeling what I wish to portray.

I am the Galactic Center. I wish to activate you with zero point energy now. Breathe in and feel this connection with your deep inner knowing that all will be well. For it is most well. (I am seeing and feeling zeros all over my body. Golden zeros are floating over Gaia. To those who are ready each person can choose a golden circle to put within them, as an activation code, as a connection reminder of this feeling of space, of peace, of unity. I am seeing the golden zero expand to encircle Gaia.)

Children, come sit with me. Be still in this space of unlimited creation, of expansion, of peace. I am here for you always. I am an excellent place for our meditation journeys. Your world needs more zero point energy. It will calm the reactivity. It will assist with awakening the others from the dream. When they feel your peaceful presence, they will begin to rub their eyes and awaken to their own connection within. The darkness, the lack of light beings have lost their way. They are being removed, recycled, for they cannot handle what is to come. The higher vibrational waves that are here and coming further in increased strength will not be a match for them. Great upheaval, great change always precedes growth and the understanding of the lessons. You need not understand in entirety to be at peace. Peace, stillness of a quiet mind and heart, stillness is a choice. In the coming days, stillness will be your greatest resource, your greatest currency, your greatest asset. The deep stillness of peace, of one who has found their connection and remembered themselves in the earth experience, those who can feel this are the leaders of today. You will be remembering your gifts. You will be coming more online to your higher dimensional frequencies. Your memories, your strengths and gifts will be more completely felt and attainable.

I am the Galactic Center. I am your galactic Center. I am here for you always. Children, do you remember all of your planning and dreaming sessions within me? Remember now. All things are accessible to you here. Remember me. Remember yourself. I am the Galactic Center.

~ galaxygirl

Upgrade by upgrade you are becoming enhanced into the galactic human template that you were always destined to become.

Archangelic Collective & Mother God 10/11/2020-Galaxy Girl-

Greetings humanity, we are the Archangelic Collective. Nine of us are speaking to you simultaneously as one in this now, for numerically 9 is the appropriate number in this now. (Looking up 9 numerology represents completion but not finality). We see our ground team holding strong. The days of polishing the armor for preparedness are long over, you have been in the thick of the energy frequency wars and you are well acquainted with suffering. The number 9 is symbolic for those who have humanitarian interests at heart, for those who have seen suffering and processed their pain behind it, ready to serve the world. We are all serving Gaia, just as are you, reading these words. We serve, we support. We lend our light and wisdom. And yet we are continually being blessed by this cycle of giving, for our strength and wisdom, for understanding and insight is always deepened in this process. Where this one is the fall colors are changing. Such is the collective rainbow of energy frequency within the human collective. Upgrade by upgrade you are becoming enhanced into the galactic human template that you were always destined to become. Just as the wind rustles through the trees, much energy is being pushed at humanity to get their branches to bend and yet you are immobile, you are unbending and the dark ones fear you. They fear their own demise. It is time, we feel, for us to enhance the recent portal upgrades that you have been tenuously receiving to allow more ease and more flow of these energies. (I am seeing and feeling colorful angel wings surround Gaia. They are creating their own prisms of light with the rays that they work with. I am seeing these light rays dissipate the gray smog upon Gaia into brilliant prism light). You can ask to do this for your body systems, dear ones, to allow the ease of further energy flow and enhancement. (Yes please). Let in our light and feel the clearing. Add your own light, your own intention of clearing and partner with us. One must be an active participant with their own healing. (I am feeling prism beams of rainbow light at all angles around them penetrating deeply into cells and DNA. I am filled with light).

We are the Archangelic Collective. You have all been working tirelessly and your work has not gone unnoticed. You are heroes in the galactic and spiritual realm where all is known, loved, appreciated. Where efforts are understood and seen for the energy behind them. We are all aware that this incarnation is proving most difficult for many of you, and that you are weary. Gaia too is most ready. Bring this light healing to her that you have just received. Walk barefoot in the grass. Send her your love and it will be returned a thousandfold to you. For the very nature of giving and receiving is like the infinity symbol that we are showing this one. Giving and receiving continues the flow of life, of healing, of receptivity. You all have many ways you can give. Serving. Healing. Sharing a meal. It need not be only financial, for we see and feel the strain. It will not always be so. Along with the liberation of humanity the liberation of the faulty financial system is at hand and changes are well underway. You are safe, secure, protected, loved, provided for. We feel the frustration of those who have been waiting for some time but please remember this was your assignment to wake up early, an assignment of your own choosing may we remind, and for those who are newly awakening and unaware it will not seem so long. They are beginning to wonder at the smoke and mirrors around them creating internal questions. Send them light and healing. But know that we have all been working tirelessly on many fronts, dimensions and timelines. Know that all is proceeding much more rapidly than was previously anticipated because humanity, the awakened ones are able to hold more light. Partner with your own inner light, connect it to Gaia, to Source and shine. Shine, breathe, be, become and align yourself to truly be the radiant light being that you are. The winds of change are upon Gaia and all upon her are feeling it. We are most grateful for this time and bear witness to these tremendous changes of truth. We are the Archangelic Collective.

This is your Mother God speaking. Children, you are tremendously loved and appreciated. I wrap you in my arms with joy. When you see from behind this crumbling veil, you will understand and you will feel tremendous pride and joy at your accomplishments. Many of you have fulfilled some of your missions already for you are holding the light for the others in tremendous ways. New missions, new paths will be revealed to you shortly, but for now, please rest when you are called to rest. Please be easy and gentle with yourselves as you are surrounded by all of the external chaos. Do not let it touch you. Be rooted and anchored deeply in my love and in the light of truth of deep inner knowing that you are more than capable for this task. (I am seeing mothers over the ages saying goodbye to their adult children. I am seeing wrinkled hands paint warrior paint on young adult faces, mothers saying goodbye to their teens going off to school). You have prepared and you are enough and we are with you. I am with you. Feel surrounded by the Archangels, by all of those cheering you on and eagerly watching your successes. The light is brighter now with every passing moment. This exposes the darkness that seems to remain. Pay it no heed. Play, laugh, read, recharge. Hold the frequency of love and hope and you are doing Gaia and all humanity a tremendous service.

I am your Mother God. I surround you with the tenderest of love. I am so proud of my children, so proud. Be proud of each other, and encourage one another on this narrow road. (I am seeing a sliver of a golden pathway along the very edge of a steep mountain. I am seeing this is the road we have been on for sometime but looking behind me more are coming, the golden road must be expanded to accommodate. Yet the road is already at the very edge of the steep mountain rims. I am seeing the golden road behind me expand and become wide enough for the people to walk more enmasse. The golden hue on the right remains the same but the extension is rainbow, shimmering and alive. I am seeing masses of humanity walk this road, helping each other. If one falls there are many hands extended to pull them up. We light workers are not alone, but if we still feel alone it is our choice. We are leading. Leaders often feel alone but our work has been worth it. I am seeing through tears of joy. Mother is crying as well). Children you are so loved, so appreciated. (I am seeing beneath the rainbow road the angels, spiritual families, Mother and Father, as well as all of the intentions and prayers of healing for humanity are all holding up the bridge). I am your Mother God. Not much longer children, not much longer. Feel my joy at your presence and be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

Art Work :Mark Eden

Nova Gaia

Nova Gaia 6/8/2020 Dear children, I am Nova Gaia. I embrace you with the fiery light of peace, of joy. My waters are cool and deep, crystal clear, ready for many adventures. My mountains are high with clear views at the summits. From my summits I look across the great divide of time-space and I see you. I see a fading version of me. I see that you are in the process of transmuting on my behalf and I am grateful. (I am seeing a great chasm between a fading earth and a sparkling green and blue Nova Gaia. I am seeing how space-time can bend, like a ribbon, shortening the distance between). Yes, dear. You are shortening this distance, like a bending ribbon, every time you communicate with the higher realms, every time you choose love over not-love. When you do so you are becoming the rainbow bridge for the others to follow. The rainbow bridge is both literal and figurative. It is energetics at its core, as are all things. If it comforts you, know that you are creating the appropriate energetics for this merging from desires unfulfilled to fulfilled. I am Nova Gaia. I am many yet I am one. I see you have questions. Many are wondering if they will exist in many forms across all of my realities. If that is your desire, children. For you are, and will always remain, multi-dimensional. You may be hard at work on a galactic council in the 8th and 9th dimensional realities and yet blissfully in 5D with your twin on ground. You will have access to all of these other parts and pieces of you. That will be the game changer. For the veil between dimensional realities will be lifted and the flow between will be more effortless. The Christ Consciousness is fully rooted here in my form. The Christ dances freely with the Sophia. Energies between the divine masculine and feminine are balanced. Whole. Complete. Those who wish to experience this completeness will be here for they will vibrate at this frequency. Yet, there are still many who are not ready for this experience of wholeness as they are still playing out in the lower realms of isolation and division. They will be allowed to vibrate at that reality as well but in another realm, another place, far from me. For I have ascended. You, dear children reading these words, have likely ascended many times, but this was a unique opportunity to ascend within the physical form, with me. This is a team effort, to be certain. Allow me to help you. Allow me to assist. Ground into this form of me. Wrap around my crystal heart that beats to the rhythm of the higher realms and ways of light, steady, strong. Steady and strong too shall your hearts beat as they become whole in this knowing of surrender to the light and the safety, comfort and supreme joy that this brings to a heart at peace. I am Nova Gaia. You will never be at a lack of things to do, or places to explore. All is whole and complete upon me. For I am risen, as are you rising, so shall we rise as one body, each helping the other bit by bit. My ley lines are my arteries of light and love. Send light and love to me and in turn you shall feel my gift flow back to you many fold. For you are not alone. I am overcome with joy feeling the support of all of the light workers and light lifters who have volunteered to come here to nourish, to support and to ascend with me. Thank you. (I am seeing a massive perfect crystal heart of all colors deep within Gaia, surrounded by a still dark void. I am seeing within her crystal heart there are stunning gems too numerous to count of all shapes and sizes. I see a crystal door appear on the front of her heart and some of these gems start to float out). Dear children, I share my heart with yours. I wish for you to take one of these gems freely offered to you and tuck it into your heart space, so that you feel me near in these upcoming days. In this way you will already have a piece of vibrating, shining Nova Gaia within you and you will hear my love song for you when the time comes and you will vibrate within it. Please, please select a gem, any you like and tuck it within your heart. There! We are even more connected now. I am yours and you are mine in mutual love and understanding, in appreciation and support. Nova Gaia, my body, will divinely support you in your need for further adventures of joy. The days of darkness are well over. No darkness may linger upon me. I see the darkness clearing quickly on your realm, your version of me. That is good. It is time. (I am seeing more gems floating out in a line now, floating between the chasm of Nova Gaia and current Gaia that we are on. I am seeing them multiply into a vast roadway of rainbow light, sparkling like the sun. I am seeing the archangels approach this roadway, standing in massive lines on either side. I am hearing cheering and cries of “Welcome home, to the light workers who are arriving, have arrived and will arrive! Victory to the light! Victory to love! Victory to the new beginnings of the beginning! For the old ways are past, the new ways are to come. Come across the bridge! Come into the light of the new day!” I am seeing crowns of many intricate shapes and colors filled with these beautiful gems from Gaia’s crystal heart. I am seeing Mother and Father God standing at the entrance portal to Nova Gaia, preparing to hand out the crowns to those who walk across. It is very emotional and all are brimming up with tears of joy). I am Nova Gaia. I surround you in my rainbow light. Warriors of the way, Feel my strength. Feel my faith in you! Master Yeshua states that mountains may be moved with faith. I have tremendous faith that you are able to complete this mission. It is time to rise. I anoint you with the oils of my plants and seeds. I wash you with my cool blue waters. I dry your faces with the softest of mosses. Refreshed now, arise and greet this moment in your experience as one who is fully awakened with eyes to see, with ears to hear, and with hearts open in understanding and tremendous wisdom. Glean from your experiences. Command the wisdom of your past to surround your space. All of my planetary memories of all who have lived upon me are within my crystal heart, a storage bank of wisdom. It is made freely available to those with the wisdom to seek it whose hands are pure and clean. I am Nova Gaia. Feel my cool sea breezes and be soothed. We are all welcoming you homeward now. Feel me. We are one. ~ galaxygirl

The time for wishes and dreams are to now fully become realized as you create together.

Darling, it is your Mother God speaking. I see you and I surround you with light. I extend this to all of you beautiful light workers who are so tirelessly pressing on, full steam ahead, creating as you go. The stakes are high and we have the best crew the universe has ever seen. And such a coming together of love and light, of space forces! You will be astonished to witness the vast love for you as evidenced by just the sheer numbers of ships, here to show you their love and support. It is coming. Many of you are sick of hearing “it is coming” or “soon” or “here” or “now” but truly friends and beloved ones it is true. You are currently tearing out of the vortex of time as it goes from a linear trajectory to that of a spiral. On spirals one can hop, skip and jump their way to where and when they want to be, to experience. Linear is extremely limiting. This you know and you will be delighted when truly the Now is your now. And it is, should you accept it this little glimmering pearl of truth.

The yesteryears of pain are coming to a close. Allow me to apply honey and light to your woundings, to your wounded places and let’s pour in the light, shall we? Will you let me? Good. A mother loves to help her children, it is true. You know this. Many of you are mothers or fathers. You know the depth of the family bond. You are my children. You are expressions of the All-That-Is. This cosmic love burst is for you! These energies are for you! So let them in. Sit by the window and allow the beams of light to caress your skin. See them glittering off of the snowy landscape, as this one is doing. Or better yet, get outside and feel it yourself! Feel my love and light for you. Feel my arms wrapping themselves around you in a great big cosmic hug. You are weary. We see this. I know this. Just a little longer. The time for wishes and dreams are to now fully become realized as you create together. Your twins are anxious to connect. Your bodies are acclimating nicely. We are pleased with your physical and spiritual progress. Oh, how much have you integrated. And so, as you write your New Years resolutions for today, include some magic, some hope and realize that that hope and magic is you, is your unlimited, massively expansive multidimensional self and invite it into to your 2019 and co-create as one and watch the miracles begin to unfold. I am your Mother God . I wrap you in an envelope of pure light and love. Remain here as long as you like, I am always here for you. I am your Mother God.

This is your Father God speaking. I would add to intend to be in radiant joy. As the rainbow light envelops you and your world so perfectly, remember all is divinely timed and orchestrated and you are an integral piece of this grand puzzle. You have persisted on, and on, even when hope was dim, when faith was at its lowest. You believed even though all others mocked or persecuted you, because you knew – you know – that your time, your mission is unique to you and it must be completed. And so children, my beloved ones, whose sparks burn so bright, I acknowledge your service, your sacrifice, and your reward is nigh. May 2019 be the year you dream it to be. Dream fiercely. Intend with power and purpose. And watch the elements bend to your will. Watch this new “time” become the glimmering future you will create it to be. Gaia is surrounded in love. Massive ships are here to support, filled with loving souls who pledge their service. Light workers, you are NOT alone. You only thought you were, and continued on anyway, which is why we have dubbed you the heroes of the the faith (crying). Your candle flames flicker fiercely. They never go out. Life after life they burn brightly, discovering the light within, discovering me, discovering your own blessed heart. And so it is. I am your Father God. Create the wonders that you already are. Be that which you already are and that we know you to be. You are magnificent. I am in love with you children, my precious progeny. I am your Father God.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We pledge our support.
We are the fairy collective – we pledge our support and undying love and blessings on the fairy breezes for sweet humanity’s ascension!
We are the elemental kingdom. We pledge our support to humanity and the sweet mother.
We are the Galactic Federation. We pledge our eternal support and love to humanity and her ascension and to Gaia and her healing.
We are the Andromedan Collective. We are pledging our love and neighborly support.
We are the Arcturian Collective. We pledge our healing codes of ascension, wisdom and loving support.
We are the Pleiadian Collective. We pledge our time and talent and eternal love and support for our family and friends and for Gaia’s ascension.
We are the Sirian Collective. Our forces are many, our love is strong. Victory to the light!
There are many of us. More than you know. We are all here to pledge our love and support humanity. You are not alone in this and succeed you shall. Victory is assured. Salut!

~ galaxygirl

Golden eyed dragons have become aligned with Source. Other eye colors – be wary.

It is I, Elthor the dragon. I greet you humanity with a warm fiery breath this day of Gaia’s ascension. For she is ascending daily, hourly. Can you not feel it? Her breath is your breath for you are inextricably linked, of the same matter and thought form of creation. It is time that humanity see this, realize it and own it. Your internal pollution is manifested in Gaia’s waters. Her oceans that are in so desperate need of healing and of renewal. Lightworkers will have assistance from their star brothers and sisters with high tech, but it is you who must start the movement. And many have. We dragons see this. We see the desire and fire in your eyes for a better world and the energies now are supportive of this.

Rise, young one, and let us go on a journey through time and space. For we dragons love to do this with our human friends again. And I say again for it has been extraordinarily long it seems to us since the days of Lumeria, of Mu, of Atlantis when we were friends, comrades. And for those of you who worked with us willingly, joyfully, you feel this. You remember this. Feel my fiery dragon’s breath on your third eye now and remember. Remember those days. For they are returning, they are here now should you wish again to work with us, to fight the darkness with us. There is much to do. There is much dross to clear and rubble to rebuild. Rise up human and claim your power! Claim your divinity! And shine like the god or goddess that you are.

We dragons frequent inner earth for we are compatible with those higher energies and they soothe us. Humanity has forgotten how to be soothed, how to relax, how to be. Come now human on this journey with me through space time. Come to my dragon world of crystals and singing waterfalls. Anchor to Mother Gaia first so you may find your way back easily, and you will realize that there is a roadmap within your third eye that does not easily miss. You are masters at this sort of travel, you have done it many, many times. Now we are off. Hop on my back and fly with me! We see a glowing green wormhole in front and we dive through it without hesitation, for we are dragons! We do not hesitate! And neither should you, oh human, for you are mighty. It is time that you remember this – a deep internal knowing kind of remembering. My dragon breath will help you with this. Should you allow it. There. Better?

We are in a wormhole of electric green light that moves and twists and turns that seems never ending but all is rapid – fast. For we are flying as the time lords fly with great speed and purpose and joy. There is our stop. You see a red planet surrounded by mist with dark towering peaks – not a welcoming place. That is our old home that we have evolved from. Send it love and move on. I show you this human for you must see that all of us have evolved and are evolving. The dragons of yesteryear have transitioned through much. Many have chosen not to transition and they have been left behind, and their anger smolders. Do not be like them. Do not choose to be left behind – it is extremely lonely for them as they are only surrounded by the dark shadows of their own making. You must be careful when connection with the dragons. Not all of us have evolved and have chosen to hold Source light in our eyes. You can always tell the allegiance of a dragon by their eyes, human. Mine are golden. Golden eyed dragons have become aligned with Source. Other eye colors – be wary. Many more of you are trying to connect with us and we see this and it gives us great pleasure and we are keen to connect but be careful. Not all dragons are so friendly and we can be cunning should the need arise. Is my warning heeded? Do not be deceived by a smooth talking dragon, human. Learn to see with your heart space and it will never fail you.

There. We have passed by that dark planet where lost memories turmoil. Send it violet fire and move on. I always enjoy doing this for it keeps me reminded of my path onward ever upwards towards Source – my own personal pledge. Another wormhole now. This one electric blue – ah it is even faster! Suddenly we stop, we have arrived at Elthor’s homeward of dragon lore. It is so good to be back. You see this is the same planet template but the redness and swirling smoke are gone. The black peaks are now emerald green. You, human, may perceive these colors as neon but they are normal to us, as an ascended dragon collective. Flowers and waterfalls dot every triangle peak and there are great elevation changes on this rocky terrain.

Ah, my family is here to greet us. We are many. You are welcomed. Come into the fold. We fly up higher towards my home. We are on a rocky mountain peak and on the top are meadows, green grass, many creatures who live in harmony with us. It is a dragon paradise. We have created this over eons with our intentions, with our purpose, with our breath, those of us who renounced the old ways of the dark and chose the light of Source. See? We all have golden eyes. There, I believe my lesson has been learned. Come with me human now. Walk with us all to the golden crystal cavern to the right. It is a healing place, a chamber of sorts, depending on your size. Enter the crystal cave. See the crystal stalactites and stalagmites surrounding you and the clear green blue water. Gently get in the warm water and float awhile and listen to the crystals sing their welcome. Become one with the water, with the energy, with the vibration here. For it is a high vibration and it will sooth your frazzled nerves. Claim the ascension energy here for your own healing. The crystals and elementals here offer it to you freely with great joy for they long to serve humanity in some way with Gaia’s ascension. The entire multiverse knows of your quest to ascend within the physical. Quite a feat. No wonder you are weary, you transmuters of old, warriors in small human flesh. You are mightier than your form. Please remember your dragon self, your archangel self, for some of you, and be the dragon warrior, be your divine self that you are. I, Elthor, will step outside the crystal cave now and let you soak in the neon light of transmutation and transcendence.

Come out when you are ready.
This is a place of no time and of no hurry.
We just are.
Let the crystals take the pain away from your body.
Float in a sea of light and warm water.
Come here as often as you like.
You know the way and are welcome…

I am Elthor the dragon. This is my family of light. I see you human in your states of readiness and unreadiness and I see with my heart space and my golden eyes of all seeing Source that you are ready! You have arrived at a place of higher knowing, higher seeing, higher understanding, higher being. You are what you are. Come out of the water now when you are ready and walk into the sunlight. The elementals greet you now blowing flower petals in the wind. The crystals sing and the tone realigns you. My hatchlings run up in greeting. You may say “Hello!” of course. They are most eager to see the subject of their dad’s stories up close. For you are a funny form to them. Can you hear them asking me where are your wings? They are inside you! The human was born to fly through spirit and to dream dreams worthy of many books.

I am Elthor the Dragon. Linger with my family and when you are ready hop on my back and we will ride through the electric blue wormhole towards your current home of Gaia. Remember human. You have been many things. You have lived many places. You have seen many worlds and now this one is in need of you. Do not focus on your loneness for when you connect within you will realize that you are home wherever you are. Realize this truth. There! All better? I deposited you where I found you with love and great care.

I am Elthor the Dragon. I depart in peace and in victory. Now spread peace and victory wherever you go and live your life in such a way that you will happily retell the tale to your hatchlings on your Nova Gaia for eons to come. And be assured they will want to listen. For when you discover all that you have been doing with us in your night sleep you will be amazed and want to retell the stories just for the sheer joy and wonder of it. You are mighty creatures. Be mighty. Live mightily. I am Elthor the Dragon!

~ galaxygirl


We too look forward to the disclosures, the landings, but mostly we look forward to sharing with you and helping you remember what you have forgotten.

Greetings friends! It is I Ashtar with the Galactic Federation and we are hovering in your orbit in this ever present now, watching and being of service to your evolution as a collective. The individual part of it is up to you, and we see our ground team performing as professional athletes, who, even thought they thought they were beyond exhausted, found the inner knowing and motivation to push through the final entropy burst that would allow their successful victory.

The light is well on its way. The light is here in many respects. 6/6/18 was a big energetic day for humanity, and many of you felt the upgrades, for they were many. Be gentle on yourselves and nurture your healing. Allow these energetic bursts to heal and accept it deep into your heart of hearts, that part of you that perhaps needs the greatest healing of all. For being embodied on Gaia, who was a lower dimensional world, is no small feat. It is for the bravest of us, and we thank you for your self sacrifice.

Much is zooming ahead despite the current news casts, best to pay them no heed for they are fluff designed to conflict and confuse. Use these moments of cosmic energies and power to develop your own inner knowing, your own internal compass and you will never waiver from once you have found it. For you will know it is your own blessed higher self who is guiding you, who has been your voice of reason and conscience since you were but a child.

It has been the nature of humanity to forget. And now it is your nature to remember. For a new way of doing things is evolving here on Nova Gaia, and it is the pathway of love, of bliss and of reunion with all aspects of yourself that need healing so that you can find your own wholeness. It is this oneness that we Galactic Federation members try to exemplify with everything that we do. For a united front in perfect unity of cohesive action is quite the formidable force to the dark-lings who are in the process of fleeing or trying to, and we are simply in the clean up stages of this process.

We too look forward to the disclosures, the landings, but mostly we look forward to sharing with you and helping you remember what you have forgotten. For it is the time of the great awakening from slumber, humanity, and you have been asleep many of you for quite some time. It is time to wake up wrapped in Source light, in love, and blink away the cobwebs and nightmares and awaken into a new reality of sunlight that doesn’t burn, of moonbeams from a real moon, surrounded by your soul family and ‘mythical’ friends who I assure you are quite real.

I am Ashtar. It has been my pleasure to connect with you this day. Salut!

~ galaxygirl

You are continually choosing your timeline and your reality. Choose it well. Choose the highest, the best, the brightest, the most redeemed timeline of perfect love

Pleiadian Collective, Ashtar, Sananda 4/29/18

Greetings and warm hellos to humanity this day, this precious now moment. We are the Pleiadian Collective, summoned here today to speak with you on behalf of the others. Our message is one of light, of peace, of unity consciousness and of renewal. For much is happening in the hidden recesses of your world that need not be mentioned at this time, for they are disturbing and must remain in secret for awhile. We are here in full force and in our full support of humanity, shielding you, protecting and guiding when asked. We are polite and only assist when asked for we much respect and acknowledge and uphold / honor your free well as a species, for this is of utmost importance.

We respect your freedom, while others have not, and thus, the quandary. For free will is a tricky thing, it is precious but when it is abused, it can be disastrous. We are intervening on your Gaia to avoid another situation like Maldek, the fourth planet in your solar system that was destroyed long ago by greed and pain. We are here to assure you in strong force, in solidarity amongst ourselves that this will not happen with Gaia. She is a jewel of this universe for all of her ascension and descension and now re-ascension journey. She is a remarkable soul, tremendously brave and she has been tremendously wounded in the process and we are here to assist her, along side humanity, should we be requested.

We have known humanity since the beginning, since your beginning, since the beginning of what the word human really means. Many of you are of us, are from the Pleiades, are here today to seed this Pleiadian higher consciousness deep into the crystal core of Nova Gaia and to help things along, so that this project reaches its conclusion and new beginnings can begin. A new expansion of the human consciousness is exciting to behold and we feel like proud parents on graduation day, yet many of you don’t know that you are indeed graduating, for you are so caught up in the matrix, the process, and have been kept so separated from your heart space.

The time of separation is long past. The time of renewal and reconnection and reestablishing your memories is here now, in this precious moment of this now. And we say this with tears streaming down our faces for you have done it, humanity. You are nearly there. Together with Gaia you are pushing through the final hurdle, the last push of the birthing process – the most painful push too, we might add. Please know that help is more than just on the way, it is here and we are among you, waiting to reconnect with our family of human form again. Yes, we were involved in your creative process. Yes, you have untold strengths packed within your DNA deep down that you have not yet realized and we are excited to observe your discoveries of this. You are masters and your powers are now returning, being returned to you – not that they ever truly left – but that you forgot to look for them, being so busy in your earth lives, in the matrix of all matrices. Ug. We long for a new day just as you and we are here for you, humanity, to behold the newness of you and of your planetary mother, Gaia.

Be ready for the new, be ready for the change. You are this change, as are the precious children that are now coming into your field. They are the leaders of the new world, truly. Let them lead you, learn from them. We are the Paleiadian Collective. You are not alone, and you are loved beyond measure.

This is Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I salute you all for your hard work and tireless efforts in the planetary clearing that you have all been working so hard on. Whether consciously or subconsciously, it matters not, for you have all been doing it and doing a tremendous job. I know that your many questions are burning and there is so much to relearn and re-understand. I assure you, there will be time for questions and answers, there will be time for the learning and rediscovery of your planetary origin, the Pleiades and several other systems, and your resulting history. You are near a portal as you may know, and Earth has always been prime real estate as you are right near a highly desired, coveted super highway for intergalactic travel. This may seem like an impossibility to you, for your news has not told you true news for such a long time and your history has been so twisted. But I assure you the star beings, the visitors, the ETs – they are all real. Your Bible and many other holy books and stories of myth and legend mentions them. They are real, and played an integral role in your history, either to benefit you or themselves. We are cleaning up the place, scooting along the dark entities who wish to stay, but their lease is up and they are being redistributed! They are being reassigned for repurposing and Source is working with them. Humanity must be allowed to be free. Humanity must understand their past in order to understand their future, and of course the present mess that they have been in. This will quickly evolve and elevate as the consciousness rises dramatically and what a ride it will be!

I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation. I look upon you all so fondly, with such love, you are true warriors of love. Keep your vibrations high for as this galactic pulse comes you will not want to miss any moment of it. It is the journey, the experience that you signed up for. Experiences consist of little moments all lined up. I know you are weary, but I encourage you to not miss any of these precious moments that are in front of you now. Bless them, transmute them if they need it and be the radiant light beings of the universe that you are. I see the Christ in you. Some of you are afraid to let your light shine for you have been so wounded. That is an old chapter. You are writing a new one, yes? Continue to do what you are doing so well and we will clean up the little messes here and there before we begin further involvement with your species. I am Ashtar. Be at peace.

Hello friends, I am your Sananda. I am here today with my brother Ashtar, standing alongside on the bridge of the New Jerusalem. And we are looking down with tremendous love and support for you, our friends and family of the light, of love, who have made the sacrifice to serve by your very being here, wherever you are, in your moment, your Earth life. For if you were not where you are, doing what you are doing, who would be doing it? You don’t have to be a tremendously famous leader or have an “important” job to be holy. Not in the least. That is the old way. Being holy means being infused with the light of the Christ consciousness, walking the path of the master, talking with me if you choose, for we will have much to say once the veil drops and you can see all that is around you. But yes, the game has gone on far long enough and we are ready for the reunion. Time is stretchy. You are continually choosing your timeline and your reality. Choose it well. Choose the highest, the best, the brightest, the most redeemed timeline of perfect love. Choose peace. Choose me. I am always here for you.

I am your Sananda. We have traveled many a dusty path / road together, you and I. You will remember. Ascension is the constant re-remembering of who you truly are, and have truly always been but are re-remembering, rediscovering. For your are Source light in form. That is your higher self. Pray within, not without. That is the great confusion, misdirection of energy. No. Source light is within you, friends. It always has been. It is the crystal seed atoms of the Christed consciousness that infuses your very DNA, your very self. And as we all have this can you not see and appreciate that we are all one? That we are all a glorious web of light? A fabric of luminosity?

For we are all one Source light in the process of ever creating, ever expanding, ever learning and relearning yet more – more of itself, more of yourself, more of all that you came here to be. We are one. You are risen. You are rising. You are ascending. And yes, you are weary. As you should be. You have been doing hard work. Rest in me. Stay with me awhile and be comforted. We’re all in this together. You are not alone, unless you choose to feel that way. Your twins are here, your families are here, and you are surrounded with tremendous support. You are so loved family. I am your Sananda, your brother, your friend and fellow journeyer. Be at peace.

~ galaxygirl