Upgrade by upgrade you are becoming enhanced into the galactic human template that you were always destined to become.

Archangelic Collective & Mother God 10/11/2020-Galaxy Girl-

Greetings humanity, we are the Archangelic Collective. Nine of us are speaking to you simultaneously as one in this now, for numerically 9 is the appropriate number in this now. (Looking up 9 numerology represents completion but not finality). We see our ground team holding strong. The days of polishing the armor for preparedness are long over, you have been in the thick of the energy frequency wars and you are well acquainted with suffering. The number 9 is symbolic for those who have humanitarian interests at heart, for those who have seen suffering and processed their pain behind it, ready to serve the world. We are all serving Gaia, just as are you, reading these words. We serve, we support. We lend our light and wisdom. And yet we are continually being blessed by this cycle of giving, for our strength and wisdom, for understanding and insight is always deepened in this process. Where this one is the fall colors are changing. Such is the collective rainbow of energy frequency within the human collective. Upgrade by upgrade you are becoming enhanced into the galactic human template that you were always destined to become. Just as the wind rustles through the trees, much energy is being pushed at humanity to get their branches to bend and yet you are immobile, you are unbending and the dark ones fear you. They fear their own demise. It is time, we feel, for us to enhance the recent portal upgrades that you have been tenuously receiving to allow more ease and more flow of these energies. (I am seeing and feeling colorful angel wings surround Gaia. They are creating their own prisms of light with the rays that they work with. I am seeing these light rays dissipate the gray smog upon Gaia into brilliant prism light). You can ask to do this for your body systems, dear ones, to allow the ease of further energy flow and enhancement. (Yes please). Let in our light and feel the clearing. Add your own light, your own intention of clearing and partner with us. One must be an active participant with their own healing. (I am feeling prism beams of rainbow light at all angles around them penetrating deeply into cells and DNA. I am filled with light).

We are the Archangelic Collective. You have all been working tirelessly and your work has not gone unnoticed. You are heroes in the galactic and spiritual realm where all is known, loved, appreciated. Where efforts are understood and seen for the energy behind them. We are all aware that this incarnation is proving most difficult for many of you, and that you are weary. Gaia too is most ready. Bring this light healing to her that you have just received. Walk barefoot in the grass. Send her your love and it will be returned a thousandfold to you. For the very nature of giving and receiving is like the infinity symbol that we are showing this one. Giving and receiving continues the flow of life, of healing, of receptivity. You all have many ways you can give. Serving. Healing. Sharing a meal. It need not be only financial, for we see and feel the strain. It will not always be so. Along with the liberation of humanity the liberation of the faulty financial system is at hand and changes are well underway. You are safe, secure, protected, loved, provided for. We feel the frustration of those who have been waiting for some time but please remember this was your assignment to wake up early, an assignment of your own choosing may we remind, and for those who are newly awakening and unaware it will not seem so long. They are beginning to wonder at the smoke and mirrors around them creating internal questions. Send them light and healing. But know that we have all been working tirelessly on many fronts, dimensions and timelines. Know that all is proceeding much more rapidly than was previously anticipated because humanity, the awakened ones are able to hold more light. Partner with your own inner light, connect it to Gaia, to Source and shine. Shine, breathe, be, become and align yourself to truly be the radiant light being that you are. The winds of change are upon Gaia and all upon her are feeling it. We are most grateful for this time and bear witness to these tremendous changes of truth. We are the Archangelic Collective.

This is your Mother God speaking. Children, you are tremendously loved and appreciated. I wrap you in my arms with joy. When you see from behind this crumbling veil, you will understand and you will feel tremendous pride and joy at your accomplishments. Many of you have fulfilled some of your missions already for you are holding the light for the others in tremendous ways. New missions, new paths will be revealed to you shortly, but for now, please rest when you are called to rest. Please be easy and gentle with yourselves as you are surrounded by all of the external chaos. Do not let it touch you. Be rooted and anchored deeply in my love and in the light of truth of deep inner knowing that you are more than capable for this task. (I am seeing mothers over the ages saying goodbye to their adult children. I am seeing wrinkled hands paint warrior paint on young adult faces, mothers saying goodbye to their teens going off to school). You have prepared and you are enough and we are with you. I am with you. Feel surrounded by the Archangels, by all of those cheering you on and eagerly watching your successes. The light is brighter now with every passing moment. This exposes the darkness that seems to remain. Pay it no heed. Play, laugh, read, recharge. Hold the frequency of love and hope and you are doing Gaia and all humanity a tremendous service.

I am your Mother God. I surround you with the tenderest of love. I am so proud of my children, so proud. Be proud of each other, and encourage one another on this narrow road. (I am seeing a sliver of a golden pathway along the very edge of a steep mountain. I am seeing this is the road we have been on for sometime but looking behind me more are coming, the golden road must be expanded to accommodate. Yet the road is already at the very edge of the steep mountain rims. I am seeing the golden road behind me expand and become wide enough for the people to walk more enmasse. The golden hue on the right remains the same but the extension is rainbow, shimmering and alive. I am seeing masses of humanity walk this road, helping each other. If one falls there are many hands extended to pull them up. We light workers are not alone, but if we still feel alone it is our choice. We are leading. Leaders often feel alone but our work has been worth it. I am seeing through tears of joy. Mother is crying as well). Children you are so loved, so appreciated. (I am seeing beneath the rainbow road the angels, spiritual families, Mother and Father, as well as all of the intentions and prayers of healing for humanity are all holding up the bridge). I am your Mother God. Not much longer children, not much longer. Feel my joy at your presence and be at peace.

~ galaxygirl

Art Work :Mark Eden