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Mother Earth: Abundance Lies Within

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

I am Mother Earth. I am so happy to join with you on this day. I am the spirit that inhabits your planet, that pervades all nature, including your body and you. Please become aware of my energy, the Earth energy in your own body, and know that your body has a natural rhythm and wisdom.

If you want to know the answers to your life’s questions, than please be aware that you can not truly receive them without connecting to your body.

So now relax your body. Become aware of your hands, your feet, the way you breathe, and be aware that your body stores a lot of emotions, even if you are not aware of that happening.

The more relaxed you are, the more these hidden emotions can come to the surface where they can be expressed. Often your thinking keeps these feelings hidden behind locked doors, and from my perspective, the perspective of nature, you are far too much inside your heads, and it is not natural to be that way.

Just imagine that your awareness descends down through your jaw and throat and into your chest, very softly like a gentle breeze. Say “hello” to your body, and with your awareness go into your abdomen and down into your thighs, your knees, your feet.

Remember that you are part of nature, a creature of the Earth, and that there is a flow of life running through you that can not be controlled by the mind. This natural flow of life, to which your body is so attuned, is in accordance with your soul. The soul and the body are good friends; it is often the mind and the judgments that interfere in that relationship.

I invite you to explore the issue of work and abundance from the level of your body and soul.

Imagine that you are walking in a beautiful place in nature. Your feet are bare and you are aware of the Earth beneath your feet. You feel the sunshine on your skin and hear the sounds of nature. You feel that you do not have to prove anything, that you can truly relax and focus on the light of the Sun.

Feel that there is an inner dimension to the Sun, just as there is an inner dimension to the Earth. And feel the sunshine in your heart; it wakes you up and reminds you of the abundance that is present in your own heart.

Remember what it is like to be joyful, carefree, and playful. It is similar to how nature feels: the animals, the plants, the flowers. They do not know the heavy energy of worry nor the dividing energy of judgement. They are very present in the now and that is an important part of abundance: being carefree, being joyful, and not being worried.

Please remember that true abundance is an inner quality, not something outside you. You can have all the money in the world and many material goods, but if you are still a prisoner in your mind, and you worry a lot, you will not enjoy your wealth. Real abundance lies within, and you can give it to yourself, now.

The first thing is not to limit yourself in your own dreams. Ask yourself in a carefree way: “What gives me the most joy in life? What makes me feel excited, happy, most like a child?” Let that energy of joy go through your body and know that this is your true purpose in life: to find this energy of joy.

That is what true abundance is about. You can only find that joy, and allow yourself to have it, if you really believe in yourself: “I am allowed to have this joy, to feel this way.” Can you sense how far removed this idea is from your ordinary thinking?

It makes me sad to see how many of you feel that you are not really good enough and that you have to work so hard, and to try your best to be worthy.

Look at yourself and see if you can find inside yourself the voice that is telling you: “Be good, work hard, perform”. Please know that this is not the voice of nature, and not the voice of your soul. It is the voice of society with its traditions.

This is why it is often difficult to find work that really resonates with you. To do that asks of you to break away from society and many of society’s standards. Society will tell you: “You can’t do that; you can’t be like a child again; you have to grow up; you cannot be a dreamer.” Do you feel how sad this is and how it goes against the rhythm of nature?

So I ask you to change this attitude and to bring a new energy into society by being different and by listening to the voice of your heart.

You can do this in your everyday life by not continually asking: “What does society expect of me and what do other people want from me?”, but by turning your questions around and asking yourself: “What do I want; what really gives joy to me?”

At first glance, you may think: “This is selfish! How can I focus just on me and what I like?!” But saying that shows you do not understand the truth of what I am asking you to do.

The truth is that if you listen to your heart’s joy, you will bless other people with your joy; and you will be an example to other people. They may be afraid when they see someone who dares to break free and who pursues their own path, but in the end, it is every person’s mission to find their own heart’s voice.

So trust the language of your body and your emotions; trust the voice of joy.

Thank you for your presence.

You are carrying the energy of a new world inside you, and that is all you have to do – carry it proudly inside you.

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Earth Speaks: Your Mission on Earth

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

I am the voice of Earth. Feel my energy encircling your feet and legs. I welcome you. Please enter into your bodies by allowing your muscles to relax.

Remember that you are always carried by my energy. I want to carry you, like a mother. You are one with me, because you are living inside a physical body, and at the same time you bring in something new, something not of the Earth. It is your star light, your consciousness, which is the gift to this plane of existence. You bring life to this planet, to me, not physical life but the inner life.

You are meant to bring awareness and consciousness to all living beings on Earth. For instance, if you have a garden that you love to attend, or if you have animals in or around your house, you radiate energies toward them. By connecting with them, they feel something that is new to them. They do have their own beauty and innocence, but all creatures of nature yearn for a more rich inner life. They want to grow and evolve into conscious beings.

Each has a uniqueness, just as do you, and you are actually assisting them by being here. The energy that will help them most is the energy of love. For example, the flowers in the field do not know how beautiful they are, but when you look at them with admiration and appreciation, they feel a spark in their soul of something awakening. And this is essentially symbolic of your relationship with all of Earth.

You are like angels descending here with a torch of light. But as you descended to Earth, you went through a long evolutionary process, and I am speaking here of many, many lifetimes, a vast expanse of time. You can imagine when an angel leaves heaven it can become confused and bewildered, because for the first time the angel gets acquainted with the energies of fear and separation. So even though its essence is still an angel, at the level it is incarnated, it is like a child.

There is this difference and, to some extent, even a big gap between what people are in their inner being and how they manifest themselves in the three dimensional world. When you look at the world around you and at how the Earth is treated by humanity, it does not seem like angels are running this world. It is more like confused children who have lost their way. And actually, I, the spirit of Earth, will allow a lot from these children.

You are allowed to lose your way and to misbehave for a certain period of time. In fact, it is part of your path to explore different ways of relating to yourself and to the world, and that is because your consciousness is so powerful, it has free will and the ability to choose. You have to get to know darkness and to make mistakes before you understand the true nature of light.

I, myself, am connected with cosmic energies and forces who are assisting me, and together, we feel that a new step in the evolution of humanity is happening. It is like the childlike part of humanity is now evolving and becoming wiser and more mature. But the situation at this moment is quite critical, and at a certain point, children will have been allowed enough room to explore. It is time for them to surrender to a bigger truth which they already know in their hearts.

Humanity is now actually being torn apart. Groups of souls want very much to move forward, while others remain stuck in pain and struggle. And you who are here, and who are sensitive on the inner level, can feel that anguish of being torn inside. I want you to take a step back and to look at the whole situation from a bit more distance, because even though you are a part of this whole movement, you are also a unique individual unto yourself. And I want you to realise who you are, and what your place is in this world.

Imagine that you now literally take that step back and can feel behind you the presence of the original angel that you are, just behind your physical body. Try to see how much this angel is affected by the pain and suffering on this planet. I am asking you to do this, because I want you to distinguish between the pain and suffering of humanity and the people around you, and your own pain, your own position in all this.

I am asking you to now release from your energy field the pain that is not yours, because it is essential that you remember who you are, and that you are free and independent of this world. It is when you feel completely free and independent that you can contribute most to this world. So feel free to connect again with the feeling of being an angel.

You often make yourselves so small. You are hiding your true strength and even dare not show the joy and the light in your heart. But I am now telling you what your mission is on Earth – it is to be an angel on Earth. You do not have to change the people around you; you do not have to get involved in politics, or that kind of activity. What you are meant to do here as a lightworker is to anchor a certain vibration.

I told you before that there are different groups of souls on Earth right now. And as you express yourself in this world, and be who you are, some groups of people will not respond to you, will perhaps not even notice you. But you should not be bothered by that, because there are actually groups of people who do respond strongly to your vibration. Sometimes your effect on them is invisible – you are not aware of it, but your task, so to speak, your mission, is to be as true as possible to your purest vibration, and to do what really inspires you and gives you joy.

Earth and nature will respond to your doing that. I am inspired by humans who follow their soul. Remember that there is a connection between us, independent of human society. Being truly present on Earth is about connecting with me, feeling safe in your body, feeling free to be yourself, so you can take a step back and look at the human world from a distance. You do not have to be warriors fighting for a new world; your work is more subtle than that. And you are allowed to have more fun, even if there is suffering around you, and hardship. The energy of joy and smiling and making jokes is so welcome here on Earth.

I would like to end by asking you to visualise that you are somewhere in nature that you really enjoy. Maybe you see yourself walking along the ocean shore, or walking or sitting in the forest. And in your imagination, touch me; touch Earth, the sand or the soil. Sense how it feels to your skin, to your hands, or feel the wind on your skin.

You are a physical being, and the physical contains so much energy that is not physical. I want to nurture you, and not just on the physical level, but also all your energy. That is my gift to you. I want you to experience the joy and the bliss of being in a human body.

I want you to know that you are very welcome on Earth. You are carrying the energy of a new world inside you, and that is all you have to do – carry it proudly inside you.

Thank you very much.

Gaia Welcomes us Home to Nova Earth! by Linda Dillon:

This is a planet of peace and that is what is being birthed and that is what you are creating…

GAIA Welcomes us Home to Nova Earth!

Greetings, I am Gaia, I AM Gi’Anna – and welcome, beloved ones, angels and hybrids, starseeds and earthkeepers. I welcome you, the New You that is the true you, that has always infinitely and indelibly been you. I come to you as sister, as brother, as Mother, as Archangel.

The New You that emerges, that resurrects, is the truth and the power, the beauty, the determination of who you have always been as inter/multidimensional being, integrated, balanced, intentional.

When I have transformed into this planetary awareness, I have invited each of you originally and in this very moment of what you think of as the infinity of time, and I have invited you to join with me in the glory, in the beauty of Creation, in the sweetness of community.

This physicality that you have assumed in form is a very curious form, and it is quite petite compared to my planetary form, is it not! But never mind because each of you are powerhouses, each of you are generators, each of you are transmitters, each of you are anchors, all of the above, of love – and each of you are powerful creators, just as I am.

For yes, this is intended to be a planet of love but, sweet angels of light, it is also intended, and is, and will be a planet of creation, a planet of the new, a planet of the original, the unfoldment of the Plan, of the promise that we have all made, yes, to the Mother but to each other as well.

Do not think, sweet ones, that I am not cognizant of the breadth and might of who you are, yes, each and every one of you. You have declared yourselves, particularly in this incarnation, as my allies and as the allies to your Star Family, as the allies to the kingdoms that now can come out of hiding to join in community and creation once again.

This is a planet of peace and that is what is being birthed and that is what you are creating, yes, in tandem – yes, with me – but also with the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse. There is no separation!

Now, you have been so constricted and frozen in time and space, and now, as you embrace and open your being, not just your heart – yes, that is the on/off switch – but as you open to truly engage, not with this or that dimension, this or that timeline, this or that aspect, but with the totality, you join with me in the realm of 12 dimensions, in the realm of 144 levels, in the realm of the octaves.

You join with me not because there is any level of coercion or control, or even what you might think of as need, for security has been a very big issue for the human race. Security is not something we tend to concern ourselves with a great deal.

So what you are doing with us – and us with you – is birthing, renewing, and expanding. When I say you are returning to original promise, that is so, and it is in divine allowing, acceptance, and praise of the One. But you are also expanding upon that. You have declared your willingness, your desire, and your readiness to use the tools, the energies at hand to not be stuck, uni-dimensional, frozen, isolated, separated in the illusion that has been a construct of mankind, of humankind – and yes, mostly mankind!

It is over! It is done! Yes, there is rehabilitation, yes, there is reconstruction, and you are being helped from every corner of the Omniverse. The time of preparation, of learning, of waiting, of yearning comes to a close.

So I, as your planetary sister, I come in love to welcome you, the totality of you as Nova Gaian, as unique and beautiful individual, as the powerhouse that you are. I welcome you to Nova Earth, to freedom, to liberation, to a new realm and cycle of existence. I welcome you home! And I am helping you.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

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I am Mother Gaia and I am already in 5th dimension, and if humanity decides they don’t want to move to 5th dimension, they will be left behind. Its not because I don’t want them to be where I am, it will be, because they are not doing the work they are suppose to. They need to raise their vibrations, it’s a very simple thing to do by doing daily meditation starting from 5 to 10 minutes and up.-Mother Gaia-

April 3, 2020

I am Mother Gaia,

I am here to deliver a message to humanity. I want to tell humanity to calm down and try to use their time they are spending at home wisely by meditating or by doing something that brings good to everyone.

This is going to be my last incarnation as a planet. I have been other beings in the past, and I chose to become a planet to have an experience, on what it means to be a planet, being the hostess to all other beings on Earth. It’s quite an experience, there are good and bad sides to it. I am not complaining, I just wanted to say to humans that they need to respect life in any form, they need to learn that. All of the beings on Earth didn’t come here to be tortured, killed and be eaten. They came here to have an experience, like I have the experience of being a planet.

Unfortunately, humanity forgot who they are and I don’t accept that they forgot who they are, because they never tried to figure out who they are. They just went along with everything that was going on here on the planet, instead of questioning and looking to find out the answers, on why things are the way they are here. Now, I am hoping because they are tied up to their homes, can’t work, need to stay and not leave their residence, that they will start questioning everything about this world, why things are the way they are here on Gaia, like why this virus arrived here.

Like everything in this universe things happen for a reason, so this is why there is panic, turmoil and chaos right now, because it’s suppose to happen in order to teach humankind a lesson on becoming more compassionate and loving to each other. Please understand, whatever is taking place right now around the globe, it’s only temporarily. The order of natural things will be restored and everything will come down and will go, where it’s suppose to go.

One thing, I need to tell you that this world will never be same, it will never go back to the old ways the way it has always been. It’s going to need to change. I am Mother Gaia and I am already in 5th dimension, and if humanity decides they don’t want to move to 5th dimension, they will be left behind. Its not because I don’t want them to be where I am, it will be, because they are not doing the work they are suppose to. They need to raise their vibrations, it’s a very simple thing to do by doing daily meditation starting from 5 to 10 minutes and up.

I didn’t come here to give humanity a lecture, I just wanted to say that I am happy to move and be in 5D. It’s so much better and nicer to be there than being in this 3D reality, where nature is being constantly destroyed and animals are being slaughtered and killed for different reasons, like to be eaten or just for fun. Like the famous Lion who was killed by a human, who just wanted to have the lion in his trophy collection.

I am giving everyone here a home, I never tried to purposely destroy or kill anyone. Please, remember, that we are all one, there is no separation between us, we are all energy. I enjoy being Mother Gaia this is what I wanted to be, I chose to be a planet, but I never expected that humanity, nature and animals would need to go through so much suffering and pain. It was suppose to be Heaven on Earth. I am looking forward to, when humanity will catches up vibrationally to 5th dimension by doing their work. Then they will come and join me and stay in 5D, and enjoy all of the blessings 5D has to offer. There is no killing, no competition on who will get first place or who makes more money, there only exists peace, serenity and harmony.

I am Mother Gaia, you call me Earth, some know me as Terra Christa, I am happy to be channeled today, this is my opportunity to express myself on how I feel. I feel for humanity, I have a lot of love and compassion for them. I just want people to understand that anything you have, you need to respect and treasure. People on Earth need to respect and not to destroy or torture living beings, it needs to be a mutual respect and appreciation for what has been given to you and not to take it for granted, as people have done. They always took a lot of things for granted and didn’t appreciate the little things. Now look at the oceans, lakes and rivers suddenly they became cleaner, the water is clear, you would ask why, because humanity is staying at home and can’t pollute. The same thing with big cities around the globe, pollution suddenly disappeared, you will ask again why, because no more cars or less cars, they don’t pollute.

Your the ones who created this reality, your the ones who were destroying your own surroundings and your the ones who need to take responsibility for what you have done and understand, you can’t be guided by a few people on the top and being told what to do. You need to think for yourselves and you need to lead yourselves. You can’t be just a marionette who is being constantly manipulated and told what to do. You have a lot of power in yourselves, you can do anything and you can create anything. Just look at me, I wanted to be a planet and I became a planet. I enjoyed other lives too, but this is the most challenging one I have experienced so far, carrying all of the inhabitants on me, inside the Earth and on top of Earth. I am only one planet from few planets in galaxy who actually has inhabitants on the surface. Most of the civilizations live on the inside of the planet. You don’t realize how fortunate you are that you can be outside instead of being inside. I understand, it has pluses and minuses living on top of Earth, because of the weather, which has been manipulated by humans a lot times and sometimes by mother nature, me trying to tell you something, sending you a message that you need to stop destroying the planet.

I am glad and happy to be able to say how I feel, and I feel a lot of love for everyone. I know all of this turmoils will pass and we will move to a New Age, if you want to and if you do your work, because no matter what you will decide as an individual, I will be in 5th dimension. You will be left behind or you will move forward, it’s up to you. I am here to let you know that I was always happy to have you living in my home. I am happy to continue to support everyone whose living and breathing.

Remember, I love you all, I am your Mother Gaia and I was so happy to be channeled today.

Thank you.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez