Mother Earth: Abundance Lies Within

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends,

I am Mother Earth. I am so happy to join with you on this day. I am the spirit that inhabits your planet, that pervades all nature, including your body and you. Please become aware of my energy, the Earth energy in your own body, and know that your body has a natural rhythm and wisdom.

If you want to know the answers to your life’s questions, than please be aware that you can not truly receive them without connecting to your body.

So now relax your body. Become aware of your hands, your feet, the way you breathe, and be aware that your body stores a lot of emotions, even if you are not aware of that happening.

The more relaxed you are, the more these hidden emotions can come to the surface where they can be expressed. Often your thinking keeps these feelings hidden behind locked doors, and from my perspective, the perspective of nature, you are far too much inside your heads, and it is not natural to be that way.

Just imagine that your awareness descends down through your jaw and throat and into your chest, very softly like a gentle breeze. Say “hello” to your body, and with your awareness go into your abdomen and down into your thighs, your knees, your feet.

Remember that you are part of nature, a creature of the Earth, and that there is a flow of life running through you that can not be controlled by the mind. This natural flow of life, to which your body is so attuned, is in accordance with your soul. The soul and the body are good friends; it is often the mind and the judgments that interfere in that relationship.

I invite you to explore the issue of work and abundance from the level of your body and soul.

Imagine that you are walking in a beautiful place in nature. Your feet are bare and you are aware of the Earth beneath your feet. You feel the sunshine on your skin and hear the sounds of nature. You feel that you do not have to prove anything, that you can truly relax and focus on the light of the Sun.

Feel that there is an inner dimension to the Sun, just as there is an inner dimension to the Earth. And feel the sunshine in your heart; it wakes you up and reminds you of the abundance that is present in your own heart.

Remember what it is like to be joyful, carefree, and playful. It is similar to how nature feels: the animals, the plants, the flowers. They do not know the heavy energy of worry nor the dividing energy of judgement. They are very present in the now and that is an important part of abundance: being carefree, being joyful, and not being worried.

Please remember that true abundance is an inner quality, not something outside you. You can have all the money in the world and many material goods, but if you are still a prisoner in your mind, and you worry a lot, you will not enjoy your wealth. Real abundance lies within, and you can give it to yourself, now.

The first thing is not to limit yourself in your own dreams. Ask yourself in a carefree way: “What gives me the most joy in life? What makes me feel excited, happy, most like a child?” Let that energy of joy go through your body and know that this is your true purpose in life: to find this energy of joy.

That is what true abundance is about. You can only find that joy, and allow yourself to have it, if you really believe in yourself: “I am allowed to have this joy, to feel this way.” Can you sense how far removed this idea is from your ordinary thinking?

It makes me sad to see how many of you feel that you are not really good enough and that you have to work so hard, and to try your best to be worthy.

Look at yourself and see if you can find inside yourself the voice that is telling you: “Be good, work hard, perform”. Please know that this is not the voice of nature, and not the voice of your soul. It is the voice of society with its traditions.

This is why it is often difficult to find work that really resonates with you. To do that asks of you to break away from society and many of society’s standards. Society will tell you: “You can’t do that; you can’t be like a child again; you have to grow up; you cannot be a dreamer.” Do you feel how sad this is and how it goes against the rhythm of nature?

So I ask you to change this attitude and to bring a new energy into society by being different and by listening to the voice of your heart.

You can do this in your everyday life by not continually asking: “What does society expect of me and what do other people want from me?”, but by turning your questions around and asking yourself: “What do I want; what really gives joy to me?”

At first glance, you may think: “This is selfish! How can I focus just on me and what I like?!” But saying that shows you do not understand the truth of what I am asking you to do.

The truth is that if you listen to your heart’s joy, you will bless other people with your joy; and you will be an example to other people. They may be afraid when they see someone who dares to break free and who pursues their own path, but in the end, it is every person’s mission to find their own heart’s voice.

So trust the language of your body and your emotions; trust the voice of joy.

Thank you for your presence.