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by Thea Grace    


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Dearest Ones you have all been through so much in the last 2 years or so and you have experienced many personal challenges that have brought you to this moment in time. If you look back to 3 years ago you would not recognize yourselves, for you have all grown in physical, emotional, spiritual knowledge and stature since that time.  Honor yourselves for that growth, for much of the human population have not progressed as much as you have done but this is how it was meant to be. There are always the Wayshowers in each generation and those of you who are reading these words are such as these superheroes and heroines, so to speak.  You may well have been through much, and still doing so, as you all go through this Cosmic Ascension. As we have said many times before, your bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline and all that entails. It is as if you are all now changing from a 3rd Dimensional Caterpillar into a Chrysalis before you emerge as a Butterfly, flying out into the 5th Dimension.  It is time now to rest those bodies as they change and absorb the different frequencies that are being beamed onto the Earth from the Great Central Sun. It is time now to look after yourselves and to not be too concerned as to how others are seeing the world. It is time now to be with Nature and to rest in the certain knowledge that she can help you now.  You can all take a well needed rest now and go within to commune with your soul to see what is needed for change to take place. Many of you will have let go of acquaintances who have not matched your frequencies as you have ascended. In some cases, this has included close friends and family members. In time these people may well come back into your realm but if not, it is time to let them go with love. You will just know when the time is right for this to happen. 

As we have said before many of you will be experiencing strange bodily symptoms as you go through this metamorphosis. Most of these symptoms will be felt around the head, neck shoulders and spine but other parts of the body may well be involved. Take heart this time will not last. When the Chrysalis emerges as a Butterfly your whole persona will have changed but you will be far stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This new Luminous Human will be the one that emerges into the New World and will be very different from Homosapiens.

Although some of you have been feeling less than 100 percent at this time, it is truly a magical time for humans, and you are all blessed to be on planet Earth now. We can assure you that your bodies will adapt in time, and you will all be able to enjoy this new magical world.

Meditate often on this New World and how you would like it to be, for you are the future and nobody can change this world but you. Go outside into Nature and plant your feet on the ground and connect to the new energies coming in from the Great Central Sun and imagine these energies as the building blocks of the new life. Rest often, sleep as much as you can and listen to whatever your body needs to take care of itself. What your own body needs may not be the same as another so go within to communicate with your own cells to ask them what they need.

Drink as much water as your body feels it needs and eat fresh local grown organic foods as much as you can. As your body changes so will your tastes. Your body knows what is good for it and it will certainly tell you when you are eating anything adverse. Much of the air that you breathe has been contaminated and your lungs are working tirelessly to overcome this. Go out into Nature and be amongst the trees to combat this contamination. Go to the sea or inland waterways often to breathe in the fresher air around these places until such time that the Ozone layer has been healed.

As always call on us for help in navigating these times before you all enter that Heaven on Earth that you have all worked so hard to achieve.

We are here for you, to guide and protect you and are willing you all on to a safe haven on your new planet of Love for all.

We send you much Love and many Blessings.

We are Sirius.


Once one starts to awaken and steps more fully into their light, a whole new spiritual paradigm begins to unfold.

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Ben Rafael Guevarra ~ El’lah: The Cresting Dawn of a New Paradigm

Greetings dear one,

It is I, El’lah, your guide from the Sirian star system, and I come forth today with a message for humanity in this auspicious time of your global, species-wide awakening.

The message I have is for those who are already upon the path. It’s for those who are already deep within the journey of their awakening. For you who have already gone deep within and done much of the work of facing your own shadow, awakening into your own light and bringing that light forth into your outer world in whatever way it presents itself ~ this message is for all of you, dear ones.

In this great time of transition, the messages that would go to those that are still asleep within the matrix of illusion are very different, and very differently received, than the messages that would go to you, dear ones, who are already awakening into the light.

And so, we come to speak of the ever-quickening deconstruction of the dark matrix that you have been within: the matrix of illusion that keeps the rest of your dear brothers and sisters asleep and unawakened. As you feel the dismantling of these shadows, of the matrix crumbling around you, many things come into question. Even as you begin this journey of waking up within the dream, the rules and concepts of spirit and metaphysics are much different than they used to be. Those rules were all the mechanics used to navigate the awakening within the dream.

Once one starts to awaken and steps more fully into their light, a whole new spiritual paradigm begins to unfold. This is what many of you are navigating now.

So it’s not even about looking at the old matrix of illusion and deconstructing it, for you are long past that. Now it’s about deconstructing the old spiritual paradigm, the old rules and regulations, if you will, that you once thought were the underpinnings of metaphysics and the nature of spirit.

This is another whole job and journey within itself, for even those paradigms and old spiritual understandings were, in and of themselves, part of the illusion. They were needed to help you wake up within the illusion so you could emerge from it and into the light itself.

And so, many of you are finding new pathways to your own inner light, new concepts, new paradigms and new understandings. For many, this can be an even more daunting and confusing part of the journey. The foundation of spirit and metaphysics that helped you awaken out of the illusion has begun to crumble beneath your feet as you step into the higher realms of light and evolve out of 3rd density consciousness.

This can also be a very exciting time, for in a very real sense, you’re no longer re-discovering ancient knowledge once lost; you are creating pathways anew, bringing with you the wisdom of indigenous knowledge and spirituality into the new light of higher consciousness. This is an exciting time, for it gives you a platform or playground to creatively express, to creatively innovate and journey unbounded into a new dawn of awakening within the light and within the expression of one’s own consciousness.

Many of you are beginning to have awareness of this. For those who have yet to reach this stage, we come with a message of hope. It is a very exciting time when one reaches this level of their awakening, because it becomes about boundless creative joy and expression.

This will be the point from which one journeys, from which one creates, from which one experiences…centered in the ever-expansive heart that is opening into toroidal fields that cannot be contained by the old illusion.

This level can be reached much quicker by journeying into the heart and connecting there, connecting the heart to the 7th and 8th chakras and beyond, and opening to those higher levels of information that are now available to you: the cosmic light of the 9th chakra, the full awareness of Higher Self and the Akash of the 8th chakra, all being brought down through the 7th into your embodiment, fully as an awakened soul.

This is all open and available to you now, so it can be a time of great joy, adventure, and creativity. We would say unto you, do not waste any more of your time and consciousness looking back at what was. Invest that energy and that creative intention into looking forward to what you are becoming, and what is available to you now in the infinite potential of an awakening species.

This is the gift that is now present and available to you, dear ones. And so, I will end this message with an expression of the utmost excitement and love that I and my fellow brothers and sisters in the Sirain star system have for all of you. We are here to assist you in your awakening, to love you in your transition, and to share with you in your seeking.

We are always here if you need us, and so I shall take my leave, expressing my unconditional love for all of humanity and for you dear one, and we wish you to know that you are loved, and so it is.

This is a very important phase, that will last until the beginning of October

Beloved Ones,

We are fully immersed during this week in the Sirian Gateway. As you know, Sirius conjunct with the Sun, at this time, creating a portal with Earth for the purpose of assisting us into our current planetary transition. Sirians, together with Lyrans, are the original planetary architects of our Galaxy. They are in charge, as our forefathers of Earth’s evolution, and therefore, in the assistance of those who choose to ascend, at this time. Sirian Codes that are meant to awaken our potential, regaining personal sovereignty, and hence the freedom that comes with it, for us to finally choose a more illumined path.

Energies that coexist with the Pleiadian ones that we welcomed in June, together with the ones about to come from the Lions Gate. We are indeed immersed into a phase of profound galactivation, in which focusing on clearing and integration, is pivotal. Together with the plasma waves that we have been recently embodying, we too have now the Sirian ones together with the X flares that our Central Sun is releasing.

Massive waves that are meant to trigger the proper transformation that our bodies need for them to upgrade themselves and move into a more crystalline state of being. Our devotion to our personal process and bodies at this time is essential, for ascension happens only when we are yet incarnated into a physical body. These frequencies are only anchored and activated when we intentionally align with them and channel them with a specific purpose. They in themselves do not do the inner work for us.

During this process, drinking pure water is one of the most important things, for it is what conduit these energies. We may feel exhausted, as two simultaneous processes are taking place: the dissolution of old energies and the integration of more crystalline ones. Resting, even though we may feel as constantly acting, creating, and expanding, is the only way to confront this current shift, as the more, we push our bodies, the less we could accomplish.

Sometimes it is best to flow, be in communion with nature, water, the elementals, and let them soothe and heal us, naturally, as restoring our bodies is sacred, than forcing ourselves to go further, as they are the first ones in suffering the profound impact of these illumined frequencies.

Energies that come from different galactic sources with the purpose of helping us embodying unconditional love, healing, Divine remembrance, as well as the wisdom required for us to work with our bodies. This is precisely why these frequencies from Sirius, Pleiades, and Arcturus, for there is more than we can see, are embracing Earth, at the moment, to help us harmonize and heal our bodies.

This is a very important phase, that will last until the beginning of October, as there will be more energies joining into the benevolent process of assisting Earth to evolve, as well as to help us regenerate, integrate and stabilize ourselves again, for the next year will be for us to harmonize that which we have previously embodied, during this changing year, as every time that we integrate a subsequent phase of stabilization shall follow.

It is indeed a unique time within Creation. A time when we are being assisted beyond what we can humanly imagine. A time when faith, hope, and devotion are key for us not to fall into egoic patterns, old habits, judgments, or in the energy of desperation, for all that we are witnessing at a global level.

It is finally the time for us to forge our own path. To become the natural healers, and leaders that we are, by trusting in our God Self and its infinite love and power, for we have been enslaved for long, and it is now finally time to act as the masters that we were originally created to be.

We all have the strength, inner resources, and wisdom required for us to overcome anything that comes our way, for if we have the Will we have the power.

Do you have the Will?

I wish you a blessed Sirian gateway, Beloveds.

Within Infinite love,

Natalia Alba