Update Energies Right Now.

That’s right now. Maybe some amongst you feel it. Some will feel it later, some will get happy and some will get upset with no apparent reason…it is all about being aware = developping sensitivity to the incoming energies. And when you know, you can allow yourself to chill a little more, even if you just woke up, even if it is for just 5′ lying down to receive this extra supercharge…The transformation of carbon based cells to crystalin based cells happens right now more and more in our bodies as our cells learn to be receivers of light through the breath. The more one pays attention, the more one also acts a channel for all around the planet to receive these energies. You, the ones who innerstand this message are on the leading edge. To be a lightworker you don’t need to specifically do ‘spiritual work’ for others to see or be teached. Just being present with the incoming Light and you assist much more than you can ever imagine all around you and the whole planet. So today and every day, give yourself a treat and a tap on your back for doing just this. This is co-creation at its best with the higher dimensional beings from our Higher Selves to our Guardian Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, Ascended Masters and Galactics…we are multidimensional and all it takes is to connect with the higher dimensional beings and create/work with them. Believe you me, your life will be more magic filled every step along the way. Yes, Magic, Weird ,Mysterious 😉.

All you need to do is ask and feel and listen.