Receiving Heaven’s Broadcast

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 09/02/2023

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is so much love flowing to your planet right now. There are beings from many dimensions holding a beautiful focus on a loving future for all of you—individually and collectively.

Angels are waiting in the wings to nurture and support you. We broadcast only on the frequency of love. We constantly look for ways to guide you to the next loving experience you desire. We remain steadfast in our vision of you having every loving thing and experience you desire. When you waiver in your faith, we do not. When you feel unworthy of love, we know your worthiness. When you disconnect from love for even a nanosecond, we continue to love you.

We see the love beneath your so-called negative emotions, and we remain focused on this alone. When you worry, we see the love and care beneath your feelings of powerlessness. We focus on what you desire and on your inner power to create.

When you feel enraged that someone has treated you unkindly, we focus on your worthiness and your desire to be treated better. When you are upset because someone took something from you, we focus on your power to allow more to flow into your life. When you feel helpless and angry because you believe someone can rob you of your freedom, we focus on the fact that you are eternally free to create with the Divine.

Dear ones, we cannot and will never focus on or judge your shadows because we live to support your light. We mirror back to you in every way we can, the highest and most beautiful aspects of yourself. Frequently, we see you more kindly and powerfully than you see yourself.

When you reach for good feelings, you also tune into our steady stream of love. You open to grace, guidance, and goodness. When you focus on anything that does not feel good—although we remain in the highest frequency possible—you are not tuned to a different frequency. We never stop sending love. However, you can, and often do, stop receiving.

Think of it this way. We are broadcasting on a frequency of love in much the same way a radio broadcasts on a particular FM frequency. We are sending signals to encourage and guide you to all you desire. Whether you want a home, a relationship, better finances, a new outfit, or a new direction, heaven’s broadcast is always on, and always trying to assist you. We never broadcast fear, doubt, worry, upset, or other lower vibrations. We never send you to situations or people that match these lower vibrations. We broadcast only a steady stream of love, on a frequency of love. Our “channel” never changes.

Whenever you focus on anything that makes you feel good, soothed, or even a little better, you start to tune into our loving broadcast. You are closer and closer to the loving frequency of our “channel.” You begin to receive our signals more clearly. You feel our love more intensely. Best of all, you start to feel and see yourselves the way we see—powerful, perfect, worthy.

So when you enjoy the aroma of your morning coffee, you tune into our loving broadcast and might suddenly remember you have to run an important errand. When you worry about getting to work in time, you are not tuned in to our broadcast. You might miss our guidance to check the traffic. When someone smiles at you, and you feel good, you suddenly feel your heart attuned to the goodness in people and, in that moment, are attracting all good relationships. When someone cuts you off in traffic, and you scowl at their rudeness, you tune our love out and open to the other rude people on earth at that moment.

Your vibration is influenced by the outside world, but only to the degree you allow. Suppose, using the analogy above, you started to worry about getting to work on time and realized the worrisome thought didn’t feel good. You remind yourself that the universe has your back, that even if you are a little late, all will be well, and that it is better to relax than get worked up about something over which you have no control. You take a deep breath, and feel better. Suddenly, you feel the urge to check traffic, take a different route than usual, and arrive on time. Likewise, when that driver cuts you off in traffic, you might react momentarily but then quickly go back to listening to your music or audiobook. In that case, you have not tuned into rudeness long enough to attract more from the world. You have returned to the broadcast of love. Your day will flow more smoothly.

Dear ones, as we have said so very often, you get to choose your tuning. We have already chosen ours, and it is love and only love. You, too, can practice soothing yourself, distracting yourself from unpleasant thoughts, and relaxing into the arms of a loving universe that wants you to have all that you desire.

Your world is going through growing pains, but you need not. You can tune into our heavenly broadcast whenever you reach for a better feeling. We are here for you, now and always, steadfast in our focus on your beautiful hearts, your beautiful light, and the path to all you desire.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels