You are in the midst of another Rubicon crossing…So instead of expecting the worst, it is time to expect and create better than you can imagine.

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Dear Ones,

Maybe you feel your life is not as you expected or wanted. Or you have the 3D-type life you wished for. It does not matter because your future is the sparkling joy you hoped for throughout this life and many others.

You are in the midst of another Rubicon crossing. As if you were in the dark and a light switched on.

Another Rubicon crossing likely happened earlier in your transition. The difference is this is a glorious, sparkly light instead of a single light bulb. It is light, filled with fun and laughter. Most importantly, light, filled with heart – not fear.

Through your eons of earth survival – and that is an accurate description of your 3D lives – you have become so accustomed to fear that you do not expect more than a few moments of light before the fear returns.

Such is no longer true and never will be again. Your new light is not like anything you previously experienced or even thought possible while of earth. It is waking up excited about your upcoming day and going to bed pleased with your life.

For many of you, such statements appear to be a lovely fairy tale that has little in common with your life now or ever. Your life has always been difficult, and you believe your life will continue to be so for the remainder of the time you are of earth. Perhaps your fears encompass finances, relationships, or communities. It does not matter. Because those fears are not part of your future. It is over. Your former 3D life is over, as is the ongoing karma you maintained for 3D lifetime after lifetime.

You are new, and so is your life.

Many of you respond that your family is difficult or does not love you, your finances are frightening, or your relationships are not what you wanted or expected. All valid concerns in your previous earth lives, perhaps even for most of this life. But you are no longer of 3D. What was is no more. So instead of expecting the worst, it is time to expect and create better than you can imagine.

This is a new world. And you are a new creative being ready to create a life of sparkles and joy instead of fear and trepidation.

You will likely proclaim that this message is a fairy tale pertinent to others, but certainly not you – not today or ever. That your life is doomed – even though you were drawn to this message as well as similar messages. Just as you would not be drawn to an art store if you did not feel the need to create art, you would not be drawn to this message if it were not part of your inner need to create a new life of sparkles and joy.

Each being has or will create a unique life of joy. What seems wonderful to some will not be that inviting to others.

Your sparkle will be unique because you are creating a new earth tapestry with your unique thread. No longer will you need to have a particular house, friend, or mode of transportation because others do. Your sparkle will radiate from your unique needs and not necessarily be understandable to others.

This is a new world, and you are a new being with new thoughts and interests. Fear is no more. Sparkles are your future – once you accept your ability to fully create a life of joy. You have crossed the joy Rubicon; now it is time to accept it. Do you dare? Or perhaps a better question is, what stops you from daring to do so? So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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