A Message to Lightworkers – March 29, 2024

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Nations families, Earth elements, Fae elders, Angelic legions, and other Light Beings known as the Collective:


THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.


As we have recently offered two webinars for the program “Your 12-Strand DNA: Calling in the Power of the Gold Frequencies,” we wished to share this chapter from the book Messages from the Spirits of Abundance. It speaks on the powerful Golden Light particles flowing to Earth now from your Sun, Sol. In that book, in a chapter titled “On the Divine Purpose of Gold’s Presence on the Earth,” a Light Bringer asks:  What is the Divine mandate for Gold to fulfill its Divine purpose on the Earth? 


The answer that follows comes from the Lords of Gold:


We are glad you have asked this!

Our element of Gold is a powerful one on many levels, and few people understand why that is, or how that came to be.


We have no condemnation for what we see happening on your planet now.


We see many in a place of struggle, and we see one human-judged “asset” or another valued, then devalued.


This is an ongoing cycle of confusion regarding not so much what people value on an individual level, as what they are told to value as a “solid investment.”


This is nonsense!


That which you value will always find a way to bring some form of richness to your lives, financially or otherwise.


The Divine mandate of Gold is an excellent topic.

The element of Gold has been valued for thousands of years on your world.

Currently its value is not as trusted or understood as fully as it has been in the past, yet many still collect it, invest in it, desire it.

For the most part, people are greatly unaware of the true essence of Gold—its consciousness, its abilities, and its actual high value.


We speak of high value as being that which holds a high vibration, and holds an intention to represent higher Light. This why you will hear some people speak on the healing properties of Gold, and its powerful presence in Light-based healing ritual, and in meditation.


You will see some put the color gold in their homes, whether in an image or a gold object.

Many do so, whether consciously or not, to anchor the financial “boost” of Gold in their lives, and to draw in greater riches, in one form or another.


Others simply enjoy the color and the sheen of Gold, without fully realizing why.


For those wishing to benefit from its presence, simply holding the image of gold dust or liquid gold flowing through one’s being can strengthen one’s energy fields.

This also greatly helps one to resonate with the inherent wealth of the Gold frequency in its highest form.


Over thousands of years, royalty, magicians, healers, those of great wealth have had Gold in their presence almost nonstop.


This is to ensure that the vibration of either luxury and wealth, or of higher wisdom and hidden knowledge, flowed in their lives.


Often they had a love for this precious element since childhood, without fully understanding why.


Gold inlay in architecture indicated that higher reasoning was used in those places.

In artwork, it indicated refinement and expectation of high social standing. It often also held a spiritual significance. The organized religions are aware of this, and have used gold in their structures and interior enhancements for many centuries, though more to signify power and wealth than spiritual progression, in some cases.


Gold has a Masculine presence in many ways, yet it has complemented the beauty of women via jewelry and clothing since time immemorial, using the Feminine essence to magnify its allure.


We would say that Gold is of such a high vibration on this planet, that it need not be given a Divine mandate. And yet, yes—it has a Divine purpose, as you have sensed.


It was used in many ancient pyramids to assist transmissions of energies and of messages, aiding communication technologies and psychic transmissions between persons and groups around the Earth, through space, and even between galaxies.


It was also revered for its ability to hold information, and to facilitate shifts in vibrational frequencies, including in portals and stargates.


As with most higher vibrational elements, it speaks a rare language, one grasped by the wise priests of Egypt during the time of Egypt’s period of high awakening, and in other great civilizations. It is a receiver of and a connector to the wisdom of the higher realms, when spoken to in its own energetic language.


Though the gold in many modern manufactured gold items have had some of that essence vibrationally removed from them, still these items connect etherically to their true, higher nature, and to the presence of Gold everywhere on the planet. 


Its nature is transformative, and must be directed with positive intent, in order for the alchemist or spiritual seeker working with Gold to benefit and not suffer from this element.


It can be toxic to those of dark intent and low vibration.


For Gold always knows who and what it is.

It is, as a collective force, reverting to its true nature now, as your planet moves ever higher in vibration.


All of your spirits call to the presence and essence of Gold to purify your heart-minds and souls, and to assist you in blessing all about you with the air and flow of active Abundance.


Addressed properly, and respected in all good ways, meditating on the essence and energy of Gold in its high vibrational, Light particle form can open portals to greater self-understanding, wealth, healing, and appreciation of all that is precious and rare in the higher realms, as well as upon the Earth.


You are here at this time to be healed, to cleanse your essence of all that which, over many Earth lives, has led you to forget your true essence.


Gold’s Divine purpose is to remind humanity and the Earth Herself of the vibrations of the higher realms, and to demonstrate one of the characteristics of the Divine presence in Earth life.


That is, the transformational capability, and the purity, that all in the higher realms see Earth beings desiring now—the desire to move Earth life to a higher level, and to heal the brokenness of the planet and Her history.


Gold shines in all its glowing warmth to do far more than to enrich or adorn.

In its etheric form, it desires to cleanse and to heal, to assist and to uplift all who call upon its essence.


It is the essence, color, and Light ray associated with the Divine Masculine, and as such, carries the energies of Divine Action, the fulfillment of Divine Order, and the Divine Design of the Divine Feminine.

It adorns and expresses within the throne and presence of Creator God, as Silver does for the throne of Creator Goddess.


You will have heard of the healing properties of monatomic gold, and this is so.

Yet the alchemists of old did not desire to transform base metals to highly refined ones only to aid healing, as important as that can be.


They desired to enter the very refined and ingenious higher consciousness of Gold, and to embody that presence.


Image often that you are wearing large rings of Gold all around you in your etheric body—image (or draw) this metaphor, and allow it to remind you that you walk amongst the Queens and the Kings of this galaxy and this Universe, known or unknown.


That you are here at this time to be healed, to reintegrate any lost parts of your essence, and to cleanse your essence of all that which, over many Earth lives, has led you to forget your true essence.


Let it be your companion, and your assistant on your journey.

There are many gifts of Nature and the etheric realms.


The spirit and qualities of Gold are particularly beautiful and empowering ones!





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