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almost every faction of the government now has its “Light” faction, and it’s “Dark” faction…which means we have come a long way, baby!

Keep on Truckin’! | John F. Kennedy via Losha

February 17, 2022

Message from JFK

Keep On Truckin’!

My dearest Patriots and LightBearers…I know you are weary and feeling downtrodden, however just look at how many positive events are happening around you! (smile)

The biggest and brightest event that is happening right now is the Trucker Convoys, which was started in our beloved Canada, and its call for sovereignty and freedom is now traveling around the world…Glory Be!

In case it wasn’t clear, my “Title” for this message was to be a cute play on words! (smile)

As for what else is happening around the world that is positive…well, Losha has been reading of many new advanced technologies which are being widely disseminated for all to use now. I will ask Losha to update her “Technologies” page soon with these latest methods.

I truly wish I could find a way to turn off all of the televisions that have the False Mainstream Media playing, especially in the Lightworkers and Patriots’ households! It does no one any good to listen to those boneheads! Most of the celebrity news anchors are not even human…they are either clones or hybrids of dark ancestry. So, please…your lives will be so much less stressed and filled with angst if you make the choice to turn off your televisions (and your phones if it is also conveying dark information)…and you will also find yourself with a LOT of extra time with which you can then do things that actually make you happy! I say YES to Happiness! Do you say YES to Happiness, too?

I am so very very proud of all our truckers! They are doing a magnanimous deed which will go down in history…our true history. The way that all who are involved in these Freedom Convoys are steadfastly staying peaceful, even during stressful situations which arise with the police, etc, is also wonderful to watch. As I hope you can see now, almost every faction of the government now has its “Light” faction, and it’s “Dark” faction…which means we have come a long way, baby! It is so wonderful when we see some of the police force refusing to arrest its own citizens…and sometimes, even putting down their batons, and joining them! So very wondrous, indeed!

So, I just wanted to stop by briefly to try to lift your spirits a bit…because we are getting closer and closer to the finish line…a line which will set all deceptions straight, and will begin to share the Light of Truth, instead. Thus, I ask that whenever you find yourself feeling down about the negative happenings in the world, you choose at that moment, to do something that will make you happy. When you feel happy then you are raising your own energy and vibration levels and those vibrations will emanate out into the world, and will also help to raise the energy levels of those around you, and of the whole collective, in fact.

That is why keeping yourself in a more positive mood is so important…because as you have heard many times before, we are all One…so whatever we are feeling, others feel also…and vice versa. I know it is challenging to believe that others feel what we feel, but it is the only way to truly exist…otherwise, our lives would be utter chaos…yes, even more chaotic than we have been experiencing on Earth. When we finally understand that we are all One, then it is of utmost importance that we are compassionate and understanding so we can help our fellow man and woman…and we can move toward a beautiful, loving, and free, future.

I am giving you all of my Love…each and every one of you!

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

JFK: Time to Focus on Yourself…for All of Us!

October 17, 2021

Message from JFK via Losha

To all my beloveds…I am here! I am watching over you all and assisting in our greatest ever “comeback” for Humanity! We are prevailing, I promise you that!

We are going to send the cabal the biggest message ever…we do not back down, we do not cower, we do not waver! We awakened ones are the biggest threat ever to the cabal and their overlords (dark galactics). They know already that they are done…what is going on now is just the “cleanup on Aisle 10!” (smile)

As for what each of you can do individually to assist in this cleanup, I would encourage you to look inward more, and pay attention to what emotions are stirring within you, and where those emotions may have first originated in your lives.

As an example…Losha here was noticing that she was thinking a lot about the young daughter of one of her friends’ lately, and Losha began to get emotional about it. Well, she allowed herself to express all the feelings she was experiencing (a close friend helped her), and it turned out that it brought up a very frightening situation that Losha experienced with a girlfriend, when they were both the same young age as the friend’s daughter. It was a very good release for Losha and she learned that she was not “responsible” for the traumatic situation which occurred earlier in her life.

There are many people out there who say that one can heal themselves without having to actually experience the emotions attached to the issue…well, I do believe that one can heal the many smaller issues without delving into the emotions…however, when one is realizing the issue is a much larger, emotionally-laden one, then it becomes almost imperative to attempt to process the emotions, also. (1)

Now, even though dealing with your emotions sounds very heavy and not at all exciting to do…I know that many galactics, archangels, and many other beings have also been saying the same thing in messages recently, just with different words.

This topic of going inward is not new to humanity…they have been examining their own emotions for a very long time…and that is because it works.

The feeling of becoming unburdened and liberated from those heavy, stressful, and sometimes even debilitating emotions is like no other feeling…it feels almost miraculous! And you have yourself to praise for being courageous and bold enough to resolve those issues, once and for all!

I congratulate all of you beautiful seekers of your Truth…because that is what you end up discovering when you look inward…your Truth…and that is the very powerful feeling that you will feel inside!

One of the ways that you can truly quiet down all of the outside “noise” that surrounds you daily (so you can do your inner work) is to “uninstall” all of the apps on your computers and phones that are spewing fear and negativity. I will add there are even many Truther and Patriot sites which are not providing positive insights and information. If what you are reading does not make you feel good inside then quit reading it! It is as simple as that!

Now, I realize there are many reasons why you might feel that you should continue to read the information which is negative in nature…because in some cases, it is still the Truth…and yes, some people in the population need to hear this information…however, you do not.

Many of you who are reading this message are advanced enough in your spiritual understandings as to know that you no longer “need” to follow these types of information being disseminated…you are past that level of need…you understand it all enough by now, so you can now use that time to address other areas of your life.

Now, this is a very big compliment to all of you, please know that! I am not telling you something you do not already know for yourself…I am just reminding some of you of it, at this time.

Now, for those of you who follow this “intel” information, and various videos regarding disclosure, etc., because you are so anxious for the tide to turn and you are wanting to do your part in all of it…well, I tell you this now…if you truly want to help all who are working to defeat the cabal so we can usher in our New Golden Era, then focusing on yourself first and foremost, is the most important thing you can do toward achieving that goal…because the increased Light from all of you is the biggest fear of the cabal…they literally cannot live in the Light! Hence, that is why they have been pulling out all the tricks they can to dim your Light…but it is not working!

So, as each of you beautiful souls work and focus on yourselves more and more, the brilliant Light which shines outward in ever-increasing volume and frequency, will quite literally, end the cabal’s existence, once and for all.

So, even though going inward is not always enjoyable to do…your Light shines ever more brightly each time you do!…and that, my dear Lightworkers, is the very best and most important thing you can do to help us to save Humanity!

I am sending each and every one of you so very much Love! I am always with you, and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Channeled by Losha

So, the next time you are in the middle of an intense situation, and you are feeling like lashing out in anger or reacting defensively, teach yourself to “Take Three”…to take a three second break in that moment… -Buddha-

golden buddha temple
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Message from Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Through Losha


I am here. I have been here for a long time now. I have been studying from above just as I did when I was below, on Earth. I am pleased to be able to give my message through this one.

It has been many centuries since I was in physical form. Much that is both positive and negative in general has happened since my time. I have been observing all of the many varying “reactions” to the events that are a part of the 3rd dimensional life…and it is those reactions that I would like to address, at this time.

A reaction is a choice…many of you may not agree with that statement; however it is still the truth. Whenever an event in your life results in a specific outcome, it is at that moment that you have a choice as to how you will respond to that outcome.

You can just react right away, with anger, fear, etc, without giving it any thought…or you can pause for a moment and seek your “center” before you speak, or react…and your response will be much more neutral and with less uninhibited emotion. In most cases, when one is able to respond from their center, the situation will not be as charged with intense emotions, and will be able to be resolved in a clearer manner.

I understand that giving pause before you respond is most difficult to do…even I was challenged with that concept in the beginning. However, the rewards for seeking your center first are immense! Your days will be much more joyful and you will feel as if you are “in the moment” more…you will no longer be a slave to your emotions.

Now, of course it is easier to access your center more quickly if you are able to meditate regularly. However, formal meditation does not appeal to everyone, and I have learned that there are many ways to meditate…one can be in a meditative state while doing the gardening they are so passionate about, or when one goes for a walk in nature…this channeler likes to think of it as a form of “active” meditation…doing something that takes you to a higher, more spiritual state…and usually that happens when you are feeling passionate about whatever task thrills you the most…that is when you are in your center, your place that is your sacred space. It is from that space that you will be able to respond to situations from a more neutral perspective, and you will find yourself feeling as if you are “one” with everything!

The primary doctrine of what is called Buddhism is the concept of “non-attachment”…that is very similar to feeling neutral about things that are happening in your lives. If you are able to do that then you are “not attaching” your emotions toward that particular situation. Staying neutral also allows you to be more able to see both sides of the situation, which then allows for a more collaborative discussion instead of an argument.

So, the next time you are in the middle of an intense situation, and you are feeling like lashing out in anger or reacting defensively, teach yourself to “Take Three”…to take a three second break in that moment, so that you may try to respond less emotionally and in a more neutral manner. I would suggest you try to make those three seconds last for as long as you can…possibly by breathing deeply, to allow your emotions to calm down.

My channeler here is also trying to process what I am saying, and she knows she could also benefit greatly from the Take Three method. She is going to begin utilizing this approach and I am asking her to report back on what she learned from using it, in the near future, here.

My beloved friends, this journey of yours on Earth is a very challenging one…however, it can also reap great rewards for you if you learn to address your daily life and all its various experiences from your center…the center of your soul. Life is right in front of you for those who want to learn from it, and to continue to evolve themselves, and to also help others to find their center, along the way.

It was my pleasure to speak with you through this channel on this day. May your days be filled with Love.

Your Siddhartha Buddha.

Channeled by Losha.

JFK speaking about Romana Didulo of Canada.

August 25, 2021

Message from JFK

I am still here, beautiful ones! I have not forsaken you by my silence recently…I was merely taking a break as you say…because I felt that I had said all I could say regarding the cabal and their evil doings.

I have never enjoyed focusing on the negative topics and as you all know, negativity has been paramount, for a long, long time.

I am so very happy to see how many of you are trying mightily to stay in a positive mindset, as difficult as that is to do, right now. Losha has been avoiding all news lately, even the alternative versions, as even they seem to be rather fear-full, recently.

It is fine to read something that is not brimming with positivity as long as you do not allow it to “get inside” of you…such as not being able to let it go and to then move on to other, more productive and enjoyable projects for the day.

As Losha was browsing various spokespersons whom she follows, she came upon a very wonderful and tangible update from Romana Didulo, of Canada. She is asserting that she is the now true Queen of Canada, and she calls it “Canada 2.0”…meaning a better version than the old!

Now, there are many discussions about whether or not she is truly who she says she is…however, what I would much rather focus on is that, no matter who she is, she is speaking the Truth, and doing things for humanity which are productive and tangible…and isn’t that what we all are looking for? We are tired of hearing seemingly the same words and phrases over and over…we want action.

Well, Romana Didulo is doing just that…she has created links for all 13 Canadian provinces (in the Telegram app) where all citizens can go to ask for help…and others who have the ability to help, can find a match nearby of someone who is asking for assistance. What a wonderful development!

It is true those kinds of projects have already been ongoing all over the world and many of you amazing Heart Souls either initiated them on your own, or have been involved in the actual helping of the others…either way, you are to be commended for your love and compassion!

What I have found even more uplifting is that Romana Didulo has such a large following of Canadian citizens and even citizens around the world, her actions can exponentially help others…causing the level of caring for others to go through the roof!

Even though these new links have only been available for approximately 48 hours now, there have been many successful interactions of people helping people, which is such a wonderful thing to see!

Romana Didulo has even been prompedt to respond to new situations that have cropped up, such as creating separate links for those who are looking solely for jobs. This project is a “living” project…it is staying flexible and morphing to fit the needs of as many as possible…which is just what is needed, right now.

To make things even better, Romana Didulo has also created links for all of the 50 United States, and is now expanding it to include any other country that asks for it! Is that not the most wonderful creation? I believe so!

Romana Didulo “speaks” with her actions! All of this is something very tangible too…something every one of us can see with our own eyes…see how it is truly helping our fellow brother and sister, when it is truly needed most.

These links are also linking communities together again…they are getting to know their neighbors, especially since they have been “locked down” for some time now…but their hearts are not locked down! No, indeed! Their hearts are wide open for their fellow citizens, and that is a wonderful occurrence!

Compassionate projects such as this makes Losha’s heart soar…and mine as well! It is truly wonderful to observe the humble hearts of love reaching out to our brothers and sisters in need…and to then see those souls who have been helped, begin to reach out to help others, and so on and so on!

Well, I just wanted to provide this brief message because I am always looking for something positive to share with you beautiful souls. I will be speaking more as developments become more positive in nature…and they are beginning to do so now, which is truly wondrous!

I love each of you who are reading this and I am watching over you all. Until next time we meet, I am…

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Link for Romana Didulo:

Channeled by Losha.

the game is ending – and Humanity is now winning! -JFK through Losha-

JFK: We Will Prevail!

July 1, 2021

To all my beloved ones who are Keeping the Light on! for Humanity – I thank you all so very much! You are the Light Keepers – literally!

I decided not to call you all Patriots today because truthfully, we have all moved beyond labels at this stage of the game…and that is because the game is ending – and Humanity is now winning! Each one of you has played an important part in bringing Humanity to this most glorious moment! I thank you!

If you look closely enough you can see some of the new future that we are creating: people losing their jobs due to Covid but then finding a way of earning income doing what they are truly passionate about; finding neighbors you never knew before and then all of you coming together as a caring community; finding new ways to do tasks more efficiently, such as using digital means to save time throughout your day.

I do not like to often refer to my past life here because Humanity has moved so far forward from those challenging times…however, it will always be helpful to momentarily look back at where we were, so we might appreciate where we are now, and how far we have come! These historical events needed to happen in order to help awaken those who are not yet able to see the evil ways of the cabal.

Since the time when I crossed over, I like to focus on ideas and thoughts which are more positive in nature. This topic of being positive has always been important in how one lives their life, and it is also one reason Losha was chosen to be one of my messengers – she has always tried to be positive in life…however, recently she has learned there is a more important reason to think positively – and that is because she is learning about manifestation, and how you manifest whatever you are putting your focus onto.

Now, in the past years (and eons), when the 3rd Dimensional (3D) energies on Earth were denser and not as transparent, it would take years to actually manifest whatever you had been giving your attention to – and chances are you were completely unaware of the actual manifestation connection. So, it was very difficult to learn any lessons during that time period.

However, over the last few years, the etheric energies have increased in frequency so much that there are now 4D and even 5D energies available here on Earth…and available to all.

Now, on the one hand, being able to experience 5D energies is truly a wonderful thing! One experiences feelings of great bliss, feelings of being One with everything, and feeling more peaceful than ever before – truly exquisite experiences!

On the other hand, those 5D energies can act like the old game of telephone – where several people are passing along a message, one to another, etc – and by the time the message reaches the last person in the queue, the message has become very garbled, and the original intent is almost completely absent.

Well, up until now the old 3D energies were causing every thought to be garbled and intent was misunderstood (because of the extreme density). The new 5D energies however, are like having only two people in the telephone queue – the one who transmits the original message and the one who hears it first hand, loud and clear!

So, whatever messages, or feelings, you are now thinking about – messages which could even be demeaning to yourself, or messages which are judgmental of others in your life…the line is now so direct due to the newer energies here that you will perpetuate those unfortunate thoughts about yourself, and others, unceasingly…until you begin becoming more aware of those earlier thoughts and judgments, themselves.

It can be very difficult to notice that direct connection to your thoughts and feelings…however once you do, your life will immeasurably change for the good! (although the healing period can still be challenging)

I have already addressed these potential healing methods with Losha, and I now offer the same two Affirmations of Love to all of you, that I offered to her at the time (these specific Affirmations are given to you by our beloved spiritual beings, St. Germain being primary among them). If you will recite these statements of Love several times a day (or more!), I guarantee it will assist you in loving yourself, and others, more.

So, the Affirmations are:

I AM Magnificent!

I Love Myself Infinitely!

When Losha first started reciting these out loud, she began to laugh…it was a nervous kind of laughter though, because she was so uncomfortable saying anything so positive or loving, about herself…she just couldn’t believe it! If that happens to any of you, it is a sure-fire indicator that your beautiful soul needs much, much more Love…from yourself, first and foremost.

Now that some time has passed since Losha began reciting these Affirmations of Love to herself, she just smiles from ear to ear, because she knows that she now does Love herself – Infinitely!

Losha is also posting a picture of the card upon which she wrote her affirmations to show her commitment, and she always has it prominently displayed, so she doesn’t forget them!

Losha and I would like to encourage any of you who are resonating with these loving Affirmations and are interested in writing them on a card for yourself to recite, to post an image of your card in the comment section under this post. It is a wonderful way to share!

I truly hope that you feel my Love for you, and that is why I continue to gently urge you to Love yourself!

I am watching over you all – and loving you all – Unconditionally.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

Losha: The “Border” Children Give Their Message…

The “Border” Children Give Their Message…

June 24, 2021

The “Border” Children Give their Message

We are One now, those of us who were children at the “borders.” We are safe and loved now, but we would still like for our “story” to be heard. We feel it is important.

We were children mostly from countries outside of the United States…and we were “used” as leverage, and hostages at times, so the organized crime members could then gain large amounts of money for “us.”

Sometimes, we came to the border for the very real purpose of our families intending to make our lives better, but when we reached the border itself, our parents were snatched aside, and offered large sums of money for us. Our parents were “promised” that we would be safe and well taken care of…and that we would even be able to keep in touch with our parents and siblings. Of course, none of that happened.

Since our families struggled mightily to even feed all of their children in our home countries, being told that their children would be taken care of, and would want for nothing, our parents believed that “letting their children go” (which was heart-breaking for all!) was their way of “doing their best” for their beloved sons and daughters.

We harbor no ill will toward our parents as we have learned that this is the way the evil ones manipulate those who are in dire circumstances, in order to get what they (evil ones) want and need…and that was, and still is, us.

We won’t go into details as to what was done to us for nefarious purposes as that has been addressed already, in its many forms…and all of it is true.

We just wanted to tell you about the primary methods of manipulation that are used at the borders.

The primary way that children are brought across the border begins in our home countries – where we are either abducted outside of our homes (yes, sometimes they even lure us with sweets!) or we are “bought” by the evil ones, because they know our families are poor and in great need of money (and our parents also have “too many mouths to feed”).

The very real situation of “poverty” in our home countries was actually “created” by the evil ones so that would then result in an “abundance” of children who are “available” for purchase!

So, until the ones who are “ruling” our countries are exposed and replaced for the many heinous agreements they have with the evil ones, these abductions will continue.

We do see recent signs that more positive steps are being taken to oust the evil ones and we are grateful!

We thank all of those “Soldiers of Good” who have been sacrificing their lives to save our own. We will never have enough Love to give to you, as our way of saying our most heartfelt “Thank You!”

We now understand that we are all One – and we are learning to forgive our transgressors.

We thank you for allowing us to tell our story.

The Children of the Borders.

Note from Losha…this message was less emotional, and I sensed it was being given by an adult “representative” for the collective of the border children…however, their desire to “be heard” and to “tell their story” was just as intense as the previous children’s messages. Thank you.

Channeled by Losha

Message from the Children on the “Ever Given” Cargo Ship.

Message from the Children on the “Ever Given” Cargo Ship

June 15, 2021

We are the children who died while we were being held on the cargo ship called the Ever Given (Losha note…their collective age is about eight years old, here).

Everyone was talking about the ship, and what it might be holding…well, it was “holding” us. There were a lot of us on that ship who did not live to be rescued. We are very sad about that…but we have been told by the beings who are helping us now that we will not be sad for much longer.

They tell us that we have some “deprogramming” to do…they say we have to let go of all the bad stuff that happened to us. They say that we have had other lifetimes that we will learn about later…but right now, all we want to do is to feel better…no more pain, no more darkness, no more being afraid, no more loneliness.

We are told that we need to try to heal ourselves…well, we have been hurt for so long (some since birth), that we just want to feel loved by someone, except that we aren’t on Earth anymore, and our families aren’t here with us. We are kind of feeling love from the beings who are trying to help us, but it isn’t the same…all of us just wanted to be loved when we were on Earth, and now we will never get to feel that, ever. We are very sad and angry about that.

All of us were “hidden” in the cargo ship, so we would not be found. It took a long time for the rescuers to find us…and by then it was too late for many of us. We are glad that almost half of us were found alive, but we wish it could have been all of us.

We were treated very bad…we were hungry a lot, and we had to sit next to our own poop. We were forced to watch as the “bad ones” did things to some of us…there was nothing we could do to stop it. We felt bad that we couldn’t help our friends.

We just want to tell what happened to us so it never happens again…so, please tell anyone who can help save the rest of the boys and girls who are still being treated bad (in other locations), so they won’t have to hurt any more. They need your help! Please pray for us and send us love. Thank you.

The Children from the Ever Given cargo ship.

Note from Losha…this was a very sobering message for me to receive…but I felt their insistence about it for several days. I truly felt as though it was an eight year old who was talking to me…I tried to reflect that as best I could.

I ask that we all send those beautiful departed children as much love as we can…to help them to begin to heal from their traumas. Yes, there are wonderful beings helping them and guiding them now, however, as you can read, their experiences are still very real to them and they are having trouble letting go…it will take time for them to heal, but I am sure that our Love for these precious children of God, will help them during their challenging healing efforts.

Thank you to all of you beautiful angels reading this! Losha.

Channeled by Losha.

Losha: “The Children” Speak

Message from The Children:

“The Children” Speak…

Welcome to all who read this message…we currently exist in the higher realms and we are the collective of “children” who have crossed over after being tortured, killed, raped, and sacrificed…throughout the last several millennia. Yes, that is how long these heinous acts have been happening to “us.”

We have asked Losha to speak for us now…as she is also one of us, because she had the same horrific acts exacted upon her in several earlier lifetimes…that is why she is “hearing” us now.

We have asked Losha to carry our words to as many as will hear them and we appreciate all who do hear us.

We are fairly certain that those who will be reading these words are already familiar with the many tragic “acts” which have been perpetrated upon us, and our brothers and sisters, before us. Hence, we will not go into great detail at this time regarding those acts.

What we would like to address however, is how deeply these acts have affected us…and how long this treachery can reside within the human soul.

Losha recently discovered she has experienced several lifetimes as one of these “children”…primarily during the 1600’s – 1800’s, time period. As such, she also discovered how those past lives of such tragic consequences have so extensively affected this current lifetime in which she currently lives. The biggest area which was affected in this lifetime were her feelings of unworthiness.

It has also shown itself by way of Losha trying to “control” everything in her life…because she felt she had “no control” during those challenging times from her past. Hence, it requires much emotional healing work to learn to forgive all those involved and to move forward in one’s life.

There are many, many Lightworkers whom have agreed to “life contracts” throughout their time on Earth which put them in harm’s way, via the method of torture, rape, and sacrifice. The reason for agreeing to experience these horrendous events is because all Lightworkers must undergo as many diverse emotional aspects while living on Earth as possible…and that includes circumstances involving people who have in fact, sold their soul to the dark side.

This then allows the Lightworker to learn about forgiveness…both for themselves, which is the most essential aspect of their journey, and to also learn to forgive their “transgressors.” While they are learning to forgive, they are preparing themselves to help and assist others, to learn to forgive, also.

There are still many Lightworkers who have yet to realize they have also personally lived these lives of tragedy as young children during their previous lifetimes. Even though it may have occurred several hundred years ago, it still feels as vivid to the soul, as if it had just happened yesterday…however, it is also hugely challenging for one to initially “remember” due to its horrific nature.

There are many of you beloved Lightworkers who have “assisted” us in the recent past during your sleep-time, to rescue all of the children who were still Earth-bound, and in very “dark” places, both literally and figuratively. We are still continuing to provide our assistance in any way we can so we may bring home every last one of these beautiful children, so they might begin their healing process.

Every soul who has lived through these horrific circumstances, throughout time on Earth, becomes a literal “beacon” of Light, for all the other children to “see” and help guide them to safety. To all of you who have helped in this process throughout millennia, we send you our most heartfelt Gratitude and Love. We could not have done it without you.

We still have more areas on Earth to attend to and we are continuing to join all the brave military men and women who are sacrificing their very lives by going down into these “dens of iniquity”…and helping to bring as many beautiful souls back as possible. After being involved in such excruciating circumstances, these military personnel also require healing for themselves because the normal human conscience was not equipped to process such horrendous acts and situations.

We understand that our message here today was not a “light” one, however we wanted to bring a few insights to the surface, so more souls might better understand the true and tragic plight of “the children.”

We thank you for your time and for allowing us to speak with you today. We send each of you the Love of our Creator, Unconditionally.

The Children.

Channeled by Losha.