Losha: The “Border” Children Give Their Message…

The “Border” Children Give Their Message…

June 24, 2021

The “Border” Children Give their Message

We are One now, those of us who were children at the “borders.” We are safe and loved now, but we would still like for our “story” to be heard. We feel it is important.

We were children mostly from countries outside of the United States…and we were “used” as leverage, and hostages at times, so the organized crime members could then gain large amounts of money for “us.”

Sometimes, we came to the border for the very real purpose of our families intending to make our lives better, but when we reached the border itself, our parents were snatched aside, and offered large sums of money for us. Our parents were “promised” that we would be safe and well taken care of…and that we would even be able to keep in touch with our parents and siblings. Of course, none of that happened.

Since our families struggled mightily to even feed all of their children in our home countries, being told that their children would be taken care of, and would want for nothing, our parents believed that “letting their children go” (which was heart-breaking for all!) was their way of “doing their best” for their beloved sons and daughters.

We harbor no ill will toward our parents as we have learned that this is the way the evil ones manipulate those who are in dire circumstances, in order to get what they (evil ones) want and need…and that was, and still is, us.

We won’t go into details as to what was done to us for nefarious purposes as that has been addressed already, in its many forms…and all of it is true.

We just wanted to tell you about the primary methods of manipulation that are used at the borders.

The primary way that children are brought across the border begins in our home countries – where we are either abducted outside of our homes (yes, sometimes they even lure us with sweets!) or we are “bought” by the evil ones, because they know our families are poor and in great need of money (and our parents also have “too many mouths to feed”).

The very real situation of “poverty” in our home countries was actually “created” by the evil ones so that would then result in an “abundance” of children who are “available” for purchase!

So, until the ones who are “ruling” our countries are exposed and replaced for the many heinous agreements they have with the evil ones, these abductions will continue.

We do see recent signs that more positive steps are being taken to oust the evil ones and we are grateful!

We thank all of those “Soldiers of Good” who have been sacrificing their lives to save our own. We will never have enough Love to give to you, as our way of saying our most heartfelt “Thank You!”

We now understand that we are all One – and we are learning to forgive our transgressors.

We thank you for allowing us to tell our story.

The Children of the Borders.

Note from Losha…this message was less emotional, and I sensed it was being given by an adult “representative” for the collective of the border children…however, their desire to “be heard” and to “tell their story” was just as intense as the previous children’s messages. Thank you.

Channeled by Losha