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You may be experiencing dreams, memories, and deep knowings as you begin your journey home. It can be quite overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can feel like you are processing lifetimes of stuff ~ BECAUSE YOU ARE.

Jenny Schiltz ~ Next Steps on the Journey of Souls

We can all feel it; massive change is here. However, the true evidence is not found in the latest drama/distraction, but rather it is found by looking at what’s going on within.

In a recent blog, I shared that the spin within the body, within the cellular structure, has changed direction. This would create a centrifugal force that would push our wounding, unresolved issues (even physical ones), and limiting programming to the surface. (To read that blog, click here: The Spin Has Changed – Jenny Schiltz)

Each is becoming aware of the deep well of emotions underneath. Spirit understands that, for many, this has been an arduous time. Yet, it is a vital time as much has been uncovered, and more will continue to be revealed. Much is stirring deep within. All of it strives to give us a choice. The moment we observe something is the moment there is a choice. We can either continue ignoring what we see and feel, or we begin to make shifts, no matter how small.

What my team has shared with me recently is that the spin or rotation moving in a different direction is not just uncovering the hidden, but it’s leading us home. Home to our truth and totality.

As they shared this with me, they gave me an image.

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They explained that the BIG EXHALE was when we became a fractal of Source. From this space, we went out into all of creation, exploring ourselves and our worlds.

Now we have reached the point of the BIG INHALE.

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We are now on the way home. The loops we made on our journey from source or not only created from our human lives but from all the ways that we’ve explored creation. This could include lives as an elemental, a whale, a dragon, or a galactic being. All expressions of creation in all realms and realities of existence have been explored.

On our journey home, we will come into Union within of our Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, with all the incarnations, archetypes, and expressions. This was a journey of expansion, of getting to know who we truly are from every dimension, reality, and parallel world.

I asked spirit how long the journey home to Source would take, and I was shown that some will make huge loops (leaps), while others will make smaller loops, retracing the same space multiple times.

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I asked what we could do to make our journey home easier.

Spirit shared that one’s speed and ease will depend on how well one is able to RECONCILE their experience. To reconcile, by definition, means to cause something to coexist in harmony. That is what we are being asked to do, to bring Harmony to all aspects of ourselves and this experience. It is the removal of judgment and stepping into full, allowing of all that is, was, and will be.

stacked of stones outdoors
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By removing the judgment, we step into a space of unconditional love for all of creation, especially for ourselves. Through this space, we can take in all of the important and beautiful lessons while letting go of the pain we may have experienced.

Today we went on a hike, and instead of making our usual loop, we decided to turn around at a certain point. On the way back, my husband says, “Oh wow, I haven’t seen the trail from this vantage point before.”  We saw different trees, rock formations, and alcoves of beauty. That’s when I fully got it ~ We are going to see it all now from a different vantage point. With this will come new and beautiful understandings.

As we look around our world, it can be difficult to reconcile all that has taken place through the eons. Yet, that is exactly what we are being asked to do. It is the understanding that we have done it all, been it all, and played all the roles. We have been light, dark, and every shade in between.

As we unwind from this experience, we will find our hearts opening fully, the density of this experience lifting away, and true Oneness.

The more that we are able to reconcile our experiences and let them go, the more ease and grace we will feel on our return trip home. In order to partake in being a fractal of Source fully, we took on the illusion of separation. We did this through programming, beliefs, and even the wounds we hold. All this must be undone.

As we return home, the separation will leave, and we will once again understand oneness, not from a conceptual or mental level, but a cellular one.

When I asked to be shown what it means to be a fractal of Source, I was shown a time when my husband dropped a mirror on the garage floor. The mirror broke into a million pieces. Some were large, but most were small. There were even pieces that were so tiny they were difficult to sweep up. Yet it matters not how tiny a piece was; it was still a mirror.

Each of us is a fragment of Source; all of creation is, and each of us has held separation within to varying degrees. Now it is time to reconcile the experience and return home to oneness.

We do this by observing. Observing when we go into blame, shame, guilt, judgment, obligation, rage, etc. These big emotions are all doorways to programming, wounding and lies unresolved within. We don’t work from a level of reconciling the lives as a rock or a whale; we work with what is presenting itself right here, right now. We work with the big concepts and themes that present themselves daily, for these have been part of much of our existence.

You may be experiencing dreams, memories, and deep knowings as you begin your journey home. It can be quite overwhelming physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can feel like you are processing lifetimes of stuff ~ BECAUSE YOU ARE.

It is not an easy time. So much is in our faces. Simultaneously, the world would like to keep us wrapped in fear and limitation. It can feel like trying to meditate in the middle of Disney World; it will take us removing ourselves from the noise and being dedicated to our growth. Without a doubt, though, the path home is clear and lit up; it is through the reconciliation of all the experiences of creation.

I am sending you all lots of love.


Jenny Schiltz ~ Clearing the Lineage of Karma and Density

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These energy waves have been super intense, everything feels like it has sped up since the Solstice in June. We are shifting rapidly, and my experience has been simultaneously amazing and brutal. For me, the brutal part has been the reckoning of my physical body. I seem to handle the emotional waters quite well, digging deep into my psyche. Yet often with the physical, I feel as if I’m hitting a wall.

From the time I was born with a diseased kidney that led to its removal at age 10, it has been one illness, injury, or surgery after another. I have overcome tremendous challenges, and often my spirit’s vitality overshadows the body’s struggle. One of my greatest struggles was a spinal injury that left me severely limited and with chronic nerve pain.

Just 12 short years ago they told my husband that they were grateful that I was able to wiggle my toes, but my quality of life would be greatly diminished due to pain. I have done incredible amounts of work to heal the body and the blockages that have kept me from healing. I hike mountains now.

Yet recently I was knocked down as I stepped wrong on a rock while on the trail, and I fully broke a sesamoid bone in my left foot. This injury began in October of 2021, and I nursed it back to health and was able to hit the trail again, only for it to break fully this time.

Oddly enough, I broke the same bone in my right foot in 2019, and finally had it surgically removed in 2021. What I’ve noticed is that since the removal of that bone, the energy flows much more freely through my right side. This has helped me to heal on an even greater level. While intellectually I know all this, it’s little consolation for the fact that I am headed to surgery again in 2 weeks.

The amount of frustration, anger and even betrayal I felt was shocking. Being on the trail first thing in the morning was my happy place. It grounded me and brought in a huge amount of clarity. The biggest thing was that my mind/body/spirit felt whole. There was a synergy that was created. I could feel myself being more present and connected, more here than I ever have been.

To have this taken away felt like a huge sucker punch from the universe. I went into “What have I done wrong?”  That feeling was compounded when it was suggested that I maybe I wasn’t listening to my body, that I had pushed too hard. I just wanted to scream.

There is so much guilt and shame that can come in, especially from the spiritual community when one is injured or sick. It’s often an unconscious way of creating a hierarchy. Some that are doing well through these energy waves, can often be pulled into the ego state of “I must be doing something right because I am doing great, therefore they must be doing something wrong.” It’s full of judgment that creates tremendous disharmony in the community.

I knew deep within that this break from the activity wasn’t about me needing to “Be Still.”  I had developed a routine of exercising the body first thing in the morning, and then spending the next couple of hours connecting within, writing, learning, and sometimes just simply staring at the wall.

I felt so betrayed. I listen to guidance, I listen to the body, and I have been doing all the “right” things to support all of my being. So why did this happen?

Simultaneously, information and dreams are coming in about work needing to be done in Belize. While exciting, it also added to the frustration of  “Okay Spirit, I will follow my path, but can you please keep my body from breaking?”

The other day, I was doing something and shifted my weight incorrectly, and pain seared through my foot, even while wearing a boot. All of a sudden it erupted from my mouth “I hate this! I hate this weak body! I hate this limitation!” I sat back in shock at my outburst, and I could feel within a crumbling.  I knew I needed to get quiet and work through this.

I went outside and wrote out my frustration; all of it, the bad and the ugly. I sat with it, and I then let my body speak. The amount of sorrow and frustration the body felt was tremendous. My body began to list off all of the challenges it has healed, all the ways that I, too, had mistreated it in this lifetime, and even what I’m asking of it to hold and anchor in more and more light and codes.

My body wasn’t wrong, and I apologized for feeling so angry and betrayed. The body, too, was feeling this, but I was the one that betrayed it by not honoring its service. I dried my tears and asked my Spirit “What now?” and heard “Go to the Akash, you need to understand more.”

I settled myself and began to journey. I entered the Akashic Record and was met with one attendant, but a member of my spirit team came forward saying that she would assist me. We pulled my record and I told her that I needed to understand why I have had such a difficult journey physically. I have been working diligently to heal myself, yet new things come up.

She told me that she understood my frustration, and asked me if I understood my role in this life. I told her that I believe so, that my role is to help others through their journey to self and to anchor in light and codes on the earth. She said, “Yes, but you are also an example of what is possible when one heals within.” I asked her “Does this mean I have to keep creating things to overcome to be that example?” She said, “No, you are not creating these things, you are clearing them.”

“We have shared some of this with you before, but we want to expound on the information previously given.

As you know, a large grouping came into the planet at this time to assist with the Ascension process. We have even referred to this group to you as a pinch hitter (A pinch hitter is a baseball term where a special player is brought in that bats in place of a teammate, typically at a critical point in the game).

The fundamental role of a pinch hitter, in this case, is to clear the ancestral DNA and recode/return the divine blueprint to its original form. This assists the lineage with moving off the wheel of karma. Each pinch hitter was strategically placed in families that had tremendous karma and trauma.

The clearing of karma is done on all planes of reality. This is not an easy task by any means. Instead of judging your physical issues as an indicator that you have done something wrong, see it as you are moving through and clearing another layer.”

I asked “Aren’t physical issues the sign of stuck energy or resistance?”

She replied:

“Yes, yet many are clearing the stuck energies of one’s lineage rather than their own failings. It is the incorrect judgment or fault finding in oneself or another that creates the greatest resistance that allows the blockage to linger. Acceptance of one’s role as a lineage clearer and the reframing of how events are received is essential for greater ease.

We understand that it can feel like a never-ending task and a burden. Yet this is precisely what pinch hitters’ souls have come to do. They have come to clear with finality what has held so many back for eons. In the overall space and time, the service is exactly just a moment at bat. We do understand, however, that this moment can span a lifetime and have incredible gratitude for the work being done.”

I said ” I understand. Does this mean that I will have continual physical problems of varying kinds?”

She replied:

“You will have additional blockages to clear, yes. Although realizing that each one is a substantial clearing for your lineage may bring comfort. If you look at the progression of your injuries and illnesses, they are not nearly as difficult as they once were. You are not meant to suffer through this incarnation, you are simply meant to clear the density of the lineage, and you can achieve this at a much faster pace now more than ever.

You do receive extraordinary assistance from your earthly team (spouse, children, healing practitioners) and your spirit team. While we cannot keep you from these events, we can assist you through them.”

I expressed my gratitude for all that she explained, and then returned to my body. I had a conversation with her, apologizing again and explaining all that I had come to understand and promised her that I wouldn’t blame her anymore.

We are truly the interface between spirit and our body. As I said these words, it felt as if this understanding brought tremendous ease, a sigh of relief. We (My body and I) signed up for this, and we are completely qualified to not only clear the lineage but to do the work that we’re meant to do on this earth.

I share all of this because so many of you are also “pinch hitters,” clearing the lineage and anchoring the light. So many of you often feel ashamed, guilty, or less than due to the difficulties of this incarnation. So many of you, like me, have been working on all the layers, digging in deep, but are finding challenges still arise. It can be overwhelming and exhausting.

All of this is exacerbated when many have aspects of self that don’t fully want to be in the body or within this matrix. Physicality is hard, and may not be one’s original essence. Tapping into this aspect and working with it will help to ease resistance to the next thing clearing, whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental.

I was talking to a friend recently, Aubrielle Benton.  She, too, had been experiencing something similar. While hers hasn’t been physical, it was the similar feeling of “What have I done wrong? Why am I being punished?”

As she sat with it, she realized that it’s a type of programming, one she is calling Luciferian programming. It is equivalent to being cast out of heaven and thrown into hell. It creates the illusion of if one is good, only good things happen. If one is bad, one must experience hell or suffering. Yet we know at our core that this is not true, yet the programming is often there.

This belief/programming combined with the task many of us have agreed to is quite combustible. It can create incredible resistance, frustration, and anger in the form. It’s our job to root out that programming, and we do this through full acceptance of what is.

I was talking about all of this with one of my daughters, and she looked at me and said ” Mom, by the time you’re 60, you’ll be so healthy that you’ll be running circles around dad.” As she said these words I was covered in goosebumps, and I saw the truth in her eyes. We are not meant to suffer.  We’re here to assist our lineage, clear the ancestral DNA, and build a new way of being. Though the road can be difficult, we are doing just that.

Take care of yourself, and honor your experiences and your role. My deepest gratitude to everyone that is assisting at this incredible time.

Lots of love to you.


Between October 5th and 15th, we will be experiencing incredible energy coming from the galactic center. This is different than solar flares or Schumann Resonance.

October 1, 2021,

October promises to be an energetically intense month!

There is a call for everyone to slow down, go within and use that space and time to check in and see what is wanting to be noticed. It was shared with me that big energy arrives starting October 5th from the Galactic Core. The 10/10 gateway will find us reaching the pinnacle of this particular energy wave. It will then dissipate over the following 5 days.

Between October 5th and 15th, we will be experiencing incredible energy coming from the galactic center. This is different than solar flares or Schumann Resonance. This wave will help wipe the cobwebs of sleep from our eyes and bring in activation codes to help us remember who we are.

October 6th, Pluto, the planet of transformation and death, will begin moving forward again. It is currently in retrograde. As it moves forward, we will begin to see the results from this death and transformation process we have been in.

On October 10th, Saturn comes out of retrograde. Saturn helps with rules, structure, and most importantly…drive. It can help us with the kick in the butt we may need to move things forward.

All of this is on top of the cosmic energy coming in.  We can see why this time is so important for us to go within, transform and redirect ourselves if we are out of alignment. We will begin to see the fruits of our labor as we emerge from the fires of transformation. With Saturn’s help, we get a push to bring the ideas we have received into this physical reality.

Recently I dreamed that my daughter and I were leaving a building in the city. I looked up and a flock of birds was suspended in mid-air as if the pause button was hit mid-flight. Most people couldn’t see the suspended birds and when they looked to see what we were staring at they saw nothing and thought we were crazy. One person across the street caught my eye, he too saw the suspended birds. It was great to not feel alone. After a time the bird started again as if nothing had happened.

My team says that this is the energy of the pause, allowing for introspection and redirection if needed.

It also shows how much the matrix is adjusting to the amount of souls awakening right now. While it is amazing to watch this grand awakening, many are waking to victimhood and anger. This can be a necessary step towards overall empowerment and the Grand Rising. However, it can be difficult for the empaths that are affected by the energy.

It is particularly important for empathetic souls to go within and create a retreat space within the heart center. This space becomes your refuge and your guide during turbulent times.

Many have been struggling to get out of their head. The thoughts loop and swirl with a fierce intensity. I shared a technique with the Aura Cleanse group to help them get out of the mind and into the heart space.

A simple ceremony helps us to focus our minds and bodies. The first few times that you repeat the ritual, you are creating the pathway, exactly how muscle memory is created in the body. After that pathway is created when you begin the ceremony, your mind and body will know exactly what to do.

Here’s a version of a simple ceremony for getting into the heart space that I love.

Start with a cup of hot liquid. Wrap your hands around the cup. Feel its warmth on your hands, breathe in the warm steam and smell the liquid. (Choose a hot liquid you love and are willing to have often). Paying attention to the sensory experience of your cup of hot liquid will help to ground you into the present.

Begin to slow your breath. Visualize in your mind an elevator that is open, waiting for you to get in.

Enter the elevator and click the largest button that draws your eye. You may find that it is decorated or a different color. Trust that it will take you to the heart center.

As the elevator doors close, continue deep breathing. Feel your mind and body slow as the elevator goes down. When the elevator stops, step off and notice what you see.

When I began doing this years ago, my heart space was untended ground. It lacked nutrients and grew only weeds. Now it is lush, full of flowers, wildlife, walking paths, and benches for me to rest. It is my retreat, my refuge from the world and from my mind when needed. This is your space, create the one that brings you joy. Create the space you never want to leave. Feel how your body reacts when you are there.

Your mind may say that you are making all of this up, instead of letting the mind stop you, say “So what! I am simply playing.” This seems to quell the mind and allow people to enjoy and play in the space of non-ordinary reality much easier. Within the heart space, you can receive healing, guidance, and the all-important feeling of peace and knowing that all will be ok.

The more you allow yourself to be in the heart space, the more common it will feel. You will then easily notice when the mind takes over again as it will feel so off and frazzling. Repeat the ceremony often and bring your consciousness into your heart space until it becomes as natural as breathing.

The energies are not slowing down and will require us to remain in our center, grounded, and present. We are being asked to sink into ourselves, our knowing, and not get lost in the outer chaos. It is from our heart space that our dreams of a new way are pulled from the ethers to the physical realms.

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world. If you share, please share the entire post with the website link so that others can subscribe.


On the Current Energies

Jenny Schiltz ~ Message from the Arcturians

August 26, 2021,

Quick update on what is happening energetically. We are being hit with solar winds and Coronal mass ejections (CME). These injections hold incredible amounts of amazing plasma.

Plasma in the human body is known to take nutrients, hormones, and proteins to parts of the physical body that need it. The plasma that’s coming in from our sun is bringing activations and codes to our energetic bodies. Once it is in our energetic bodies then it begins to interact with the physical body.

The CME’s create geomagnetic storms that affect and weaken our magnetic shield on the earth and it affects our aura the same.

Many people experience headaches and sinus pressure, nausea, and dizziness. There can be body aches, bloating particularly around the rib cage/solar plexus area. Often this energy will bring about a deep purge, so you may be experiencing stomach upset. Ear ringing tends to be heightened during these events as well as dreams.

When I tapped into my Arcturian team during today’s Aura Cleanse they wanted to give a message:

“Your world is being bombarded with awakening codes. These are designed to clear the cobwebs of sleep and activate what has yet to be connected.

It matters not where one is in regards to their awakening process. All matter is affected in some way. The information coming in affects everything at the atomic level.

All is awakening, all is changing and we urge each of you to look at all around you with fresh eyes.

Ask that the lens and filters in which you perceive the world be updated and cleared of any distortions. It is this lens and filters that often keep souls consistently recreating what was, instead of what can be.

Through these energy bursts, all is shifting and awakening. For some, it will be monumental shifts and for others, it will be minute. It is through the shifting within that more will begin to remember their connection to All That Is and their place within creation.

This is an immensely exciting time, as many are seeing through the paradoxical nature of your reality. Seeing into the illusion will give the opportunity for what is not truth to collapse.

These changes being made within have greater potential to bring about healing, connection, and greater awakening when they are interacted with. Will all those not interacting still receive the coding? Yes of course. Yet as you know the minute something is observed the outcome changes.

What do you think the change will be if these energies are welcomed into the form with joy, excitement, and appreciation versus disdain, frustration, and a desire for it to stop?

One can be exhausted and still joyous. One can be in pain and still excited about the changes taking place. We see this much like a human’s labor. It is indeed painful for most, yet gone through with anticipation and joy. This is because the outcome is known and wanted.

You too want the outcome from all that is taking place, yet because it cannot be seen nor quantified, it is natural to lose sight of what is being birthed.

We say to you: Keep going, Keep growing and receiving, Keep opening. What you have been working lifetimes for is here to be accessed, the time is NOW.”

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world.


This weekend with the full moon in Aquarius and the Day out of time is the perfect moment to take stock of your life.

July 22, 2021,

We are in for a powerful few days!

(This information was shared with my Aura Cleanse participants, but I wanted to share it with everyone else as well.)

On the 23rd we have a rare full moon in Aquarius. The second full moon in Aquarius will be on August 22nd. It’s very rare to have two full moons in the same zodiac sign. Aquarius is all about bringing in the new, massive change, aligning with your soul tribe and being conscious participants in your life and in partnership with the Earth.

On Sunday the 25th we have the Mayan day out of time. This is the last day of the galactic year. The day out of time allows us to experience zero point much easier – the place of the all and the nothing. This energy helps us to align to our own energies, divine truth and purpose.

This weekend with the full moon in Aquarius and the Day out of time is the perfect moment to take stock of your life.

What is working?

Write it down and express gratitude.
Creating a simple ceremony can be very powerful.

Light a candle, drink your favorite drink, stare into the fire and feel just how delicious gratitude and really feeling your blessings.

What is not working?

Write it down and ask for assistance from your entire team to be helped in all ways. Give your full permission to be helped mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Create another simple ceremony. Cut a piece of paper into strips. On each strip write one thing you are wanting to cut ties with or complete. This can be thought patterns, insecurities or concrete things like relationships, jobs, even locations.

Light a candle and call in your guides, angels, anyone else that you connect with, and your highest self.

Hold each slip, read it aloud and then burn it over a dish or sink.

Give gratitude for the help that you have received and will receive and then put the ashes of the paper in running water and allow it to flow down the drain.

These simple ceremonies pack quite a punch and even more so on a powerful weekend.

Oftentimes when we ask for help we are expecting to feel relief. Yet sometimes help can be an event that occurs to show you the truth. It doesn’t always feel pleasant. One time I was really struggling with insecurity over my body. I had really vicious thoughts about myself, my body, and how people felt about me. I knew it wasn’t my truth, I knew it was programming and trauma yet I just didn’t seem to be able to move past it.

I asked for help and I gave full permission to be helped in whatever way worked best.

Within 4 hours I heard a scream from my middle daughter that was in high school at the time. I went running upstairs, she was on the floor in a ball. Her boyfriend had broken up with her. She laid there and told me how it was because she wasn’t good enough, she wasn’t pretty enough, feminine enough etc. It was absolutely gut-wrenching as a parent to see your beautiful child tear themselves down. I looked at her and said “If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would never say that about yourself or doubt who you are again.”

I literally heard a bell go off in my head and my team say “Exactly, If you could see yourself through our eyes you would never think those things about yourself again.”

It was such a powerful, painful experience that I have never forgotten. From that point on when I would go into the programming over not being enough, insecurity over my physical form, I would remember those words. I would then consciously see myself through the eyes of spirit, instead of the eyes of the limited, programmed human.

My daughter and her boyfriend got back together by the next morning. Here we are 6 years later, they are getting married this September. Their relationship glitch may have been just to assist me with a valuable lesson. When you ask for assistance from your team, be brave enough to ask for it however it comes.

On Monday the 26th we experience the Galactic New Year. This is a beautiful time to set intentions, journey, and dream. The energy of the new is already here. Tap into it and feel the hope deep within your bones.

Enjoy your energy packed weekend! If you would like to join the aura cleanse the next cleanse one is on Monday, the Galactic New Year!

Thank you to all that support and share this work. It really means the world. I hope that you are feeling the massive shift and surfing the waves.


In choosing you, you choose the All.

June 13, 2021,

The intensity is building. Many were knocked flat with the solar eclipse, and we are heading to a very powerful Solstice on June 21st. There feels to be a push to connect deep within, to our ancestors, to our truth, and our Galactic origins. What you are wanting to connect with is also wanting to connect with you.

I sat outside in the sun and felt the presence of the Council of Elders. I first connected with them during a near-death experience years ago, a few times during my journey, and now they have become much more active in my life. I asked them if they had a message for us, and this is what I received:

“The most important task right now is embodiment. We know that so many of you worry. You worry about the world, your place in the world, how you are seen and portrayed, and even if you are doing enough. Be assured that you are doing enough for others, for the world… your focus now needs to be on your inner working.

There is a collapse within that is desperately needed. It is the collapse of doubt, fear, and not feeling worthy. It is these very things that keep you from your full embodiment and embracing all that you are. What must be understood is that it is the full surrender and trust in yourself and Source that will lead you to the space of All that you are and All that is.

There are many distractions about you; organic and inorganic things that want your attention. Particularly now when what is needed is the pulling back of energy from every last thing so that you may come into the place of zero point within.

You may feel that all around you is conspiring against you by pulling your attention, your focus, and you’re very creative abilities. Yet, there is also much conspiring to open you, strip you bare, and provide a spotlight on your deepest truth, your magnificence.

In choosing you, you choose the All. Choosing not to get lost in the chaos, you become the shelter in the storm. While this shelter you provide will most certainly assist others, it is for yourself that it should be created.

It is within the shelter that you will come to zero point.

Zero-point is the All and the nothing. It is the void of stillness and space before creation bursts forth. It is the silence and the peace that so many crave. It is the space of pure potential, of understanding and knowing yourself in your vast fullness. It is the state of being that helps one pull to themselves and align with all that is needed. It is a space of pure trust and understanding. It is the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, the in and the out. It is the end and the beginning.

Zero-point is crucial for full embodiment, otherwise, your opening to self will be fragmented. The ability to access and eventually stay in zero point is a necessary component of the ascension journey. It is not the checking out of reality but checking into self.

There is only one way to this space, to zero point, and it is through the open ONE heart. (One heart is where the higher heart thymus and heart chakra work together). Explore the hidden doorways within, so that nothing remains hidden. It is through the embracing of all that you are, that wholeness of your experience that you will be set free. In this space, you will find enormous peace, love, and the deep knowing that everything is going to be all right.

As you know there has been an acceleration in the ascension trajectory. This will be difficult physically, mentally, and emotionally for all that still hold resistance within to their totality, their fullness.

Zero-point is the goal and the cure for much of the difficulties of this process.

Drop into your consciousness, bring your attention into your heart space. Command your heart space to expand and include the higher heart. Feel the bridge that is created. Call forth the heart of your highest self. Feel the vastness, the opening to the All and the Nothing. Look for doorways that need to be opened, where truth has been denied or aspects have been segregated. Open the doors, allow the light of your soul into those nooks and crannies.

Everything is forgiven, understood, and loved through the light of your Soul.

Feel the peace, feel the quiet, feel your truth, feel your knowing. Feel how solid this space is, particularly in your rapidly changing world.

Your ONE heart is the path to Zero-point, to All that You Are.”

At the end of the message, I felt them pulling away and I sent them gratitude for the guidance. I hope this message finds you well, exploring yourself and integrating all the energies, plasma, and codes coming in.

Thank you to all that support and share this work, it is greatly appreciated.



Let yourself roar, let yourself flow with no apologies.

June 9, 2021,

We went camping over a long weekend by a beautiful river. When we arrived The river was flowing at a decent speed. It was beautifully hot and sunny. This must have caused a rapid melt of snow off the mountains.

The next morning we woke and took a hike and I was shocked at the change in the river. It was much higher, louder, and forceful. I watched the River rage. I watched it take limbs, rocks, soil, even a young tree or two. Anything that was in her path was simply washed away.

I stared at her beauty, listened to her roar, felt the coolness in the air. I watched her rage with such power as she funneled water from the mountains to the fertile delta and reservoir below. She provides drinking water and irrigation for so many.

Sitting on a rock above her, I was overcome and began to cry without really understanding why.

Then I heard her speak:

“Can you let yourself go? Can you let yourself flow for the sheer purpose of being who you are in this moment?

Imagine if I stopped myself for every tree, rock, bug or even animal that got caught in my path.

Imagine if I held myself back, forced myself into a trickle of what I really am. Can you imagine the pain I would endure?

Can you see all that would suffer as they would not receive my fullness?

Now I say to you, you are no different. When you force yourself to be the trickle, you harm not only yourself but all those counting on your fullness.

Let yourself roar, let yourself flow with no apologies.”

I then felt her presence drift away from me, off to different things.

I sat in awe at the message. So many of us are sitting at the precipice of another huge jump, another huge leap in consciousness, in embodiment. While it is so very exciting, it is also scary. It’s a leap into the unknown AGAIN. What was once us living in our fullest has now become only a fraction of our truth. We must embrace this new level without the mind worrying over the bug, the tree, or anything that is in our path.

Let yourself roar, let yourself flow with no apologies.

Huge Thank you’s to all those that support and share this work. It really means the world.

~ Jenny

the only ones that finished the race were those that chose to focus only on themselves and the one foot in front of the other.

May 4, 2021,

I woke from a dream and knew I needed to share it. I shared it with the Aura Cleansing group, but wanted to share it with everyone else as well. In the dream I was watching a race. It was a foot race. There were four distinct groupings with staggered starts.

The first group upon the fire of the gun, took off and ran without being concerned about anything other than completing the race.

The second group started out strong. Half the group were inspired by the first group and kept their head down and focused on one foot in front of the other. The other half of the other group got completely distracted in trying to help the third bunch.

The third group were struggling. Some sat on the track and cried. Some were losing their shoes, some fell down and injured themselves. Some were so distracted by the audience, and what was going on around them that they totally forgot that they were in a race.

The fourth group refused to move. They were completely content not running a race at all. Many were locked into the digital world and were content with the illusion it created.

I watched quite a few of the second group stop their race to assist the ones in the third group that were struggling. At first this looked kind and noble, but then it became obvious that instead of helping, they exasperated the issues that the third group was struggling with.

What the third group really needed was someone to show the way, to light the path, to give them hope that it could be done. Instead, many of the second grouping were pointing out the potholes, inequities of the race and the thousands of things to avoid. It only led to the 3rd group feeling afraid, disempowered and that they couldn’t finish the race.

In the end the only ones that finished the race were those that chose to focus only on themselves and the one foot in front of the other.

My team requested that I share this because May will be very intense. Our focus on the steps ahead and our journey will be required so that we don’t trip and fall.

What we allow in through our senses, the 5 senses in particular but also the extra senses of energy impacts us tremendously. Not only does it do damage as it comes in but then it changes our own worldview, and that changes the reality that we project from our own chakras.

We are being asked to put ourselves first. Only you know what that looks like. It may mean that you have to pull away from society, from the worry about the future and from the increased division. Only YOU know what it really looks like for you to put yourself and this journey first. That is being asked of us now.

Hope this transmission finds you well and surfing the energetic waves. Thank you to all that share and support this work. You are very appreciated.

What is happening in the Human form is the braiding of polarity. Particularly the masculine and the feminine as this was the first split.

Jenny Schiltz ~ Council of Light: Becoming Whole

The intensity of things have really sped up. The sun is very active and sending in lots of plasma to assist us with these deep changes. The Schumann Resonance is, the heartbeat of the Earth is speeding up as well.

I shared with my Aura Cleanse members that I was told and shown that Earth has been moved back on track. It seems we were going off in left field. They showed me an image of a lasso pulling the Earth back into alignment with the universe and this is exciting good news! Even though the process of uncovering and working through all that was not in alignment in our inner and outer worlds is a challenge. It is still good news.

I was recently in a meeting with the Council of Light. It was the largest meeting I have ever attended. It was as if all the smaller councils had gathered and there were many, many spectators.

In this meeting it was explained that the earth is getting ready to go through tremendous change. It was likened to a pregnant woman that moved from contractions like Braxton Hicks to full active labor.

Here is what was said:

“With this labor is a mass exodus of energies that no longer will be able to sustain themselves in the increasing frequency. With each contraction the vibration on Earth and within humans will rise.

Each person at a soul level is being given the option to leave or continue forward. There are those that have reached their goal of moving from one vibrational frequency to the next or who have anchored in what was needed and this is enough.

Contracts are ending. Some are being rewritten but those that are being rewritten often have end dates attached. This gives each person the opportunity to evaluate all in their lives and choose what is appropriate for them.

No longer will one be caught in a never ending loop that keeps a person locked into a pattern of behavior and thoughts. This is very important as we would like you to understand that all taking place energetically on your planet is so that the unconscious is made light and in that moment there is a choice.

The Earth is heating up as is the human form. There will be changes made to the landscape of your world in the next 5 years. This change will be used to induce fear and manipulate free will. It does not have to be this way.

If one feels the urge to move to a different location, we urge them to follow that push. Each person that follows their deepest urging must know that all will be fine, they will be provided for. However, we do not want people leaving a location because of fear of what may come. Rather, we want them moving towards something, somewhere, even someone with great excitement.

Fear will overshadow, cloud, even corrupt the messages your heart gives. For this reason, we ask each one to examine their fears and do their best to not react from that space.

What is happening in the Human form is the braiding of polarity. Particularly the masculine and the feminine as this was the first split. As the masculine and feminine within braid together, no longer acting in opposition, an activation takes place and the polarity within will change.

For some this braiding may aggravate mental health issues, depression and an overwhelming sense of the need to leave. We advise that each person look at their personality traits and think of what is the opposite.

What is the polarity of what they are holding? Can they then make themselves whole by bringing in the opposite trait? If one is holding sadness can they then also hold joy? If they are holding rage can they also hold peace?

It is the polarity, the either or, that causes much discord in the human form. It makes them susceptible to programming, to be pushed and pulled in whatever direction the world would like the person to go.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, it is not. It is through the duality, the polarities that one is vulnerable, one is susceptible to manipulation. As soon as one says I can hold love and I can hold hate and I CHOOSE which way to act, then at that moment there is immense healing.

Healing will not take place by denying or pretending to not be the all. Rather healing takes place when one understands that You Are the All choosing to act in the light.

There has been much damage done to the Divine Feminine and Masculine on your planet, yet the healing cannot begin until all the traits are seen, recognized, and understood. It is the shadow aspects within that are coming to light.

For many this will be a time of challenge. To not get lost in the fear that is being drummed up on your planet. To not get caught up in the outer reality and miss the transformation that is happening within.

The braiding of the Divine feminine and Divine masculine within the DNA will shift each person and could cause many symptoms as mentioned before particularly in the realm of mental health.”

At this point, questions were able to be asked.

Me: How do we assist ourselves and others through this next stage whether it is the braiding of the masculine and feminine, the first split into duality or the understanding of wholeness? Do you have any suggestions?

“You assist by really seeing yourself. For the good, for the bad. Can you then see that you also hold the opposite characteristics. For one who is not routine based, can they also hold discipline? For one who is lazy they can also hold motivation? That each moment is a choice.

When you have an emotion that could be considered undesirable, do not try to clear it, as it is part of the all, rather bring in the opposite characteristic. Each word has its own frequency, its own opening into your field.

I ask you where do you hold war?”

Me: I hold it between my solar plexus and my heart chakra, it feels as if it is clenching. But I also have pain in my lower back.

“Very good. Now examine the meaning or archetype of that chakra and what the meaning of lower back pain”

Me: Solar plexus is the place of the me, the human, heart is the place of the soul and lower back pain can be from feeling unsupported, taking on the world type energies.

“Yes! Now bring in peace into your lower back and your chakras

Now if I say to you where do you hold joy? What area of your body activates? Which chakra?”

Me: It is my higher heart and the area between my shoulders and around my head but it’s outside the body there.

“This is very good to see. For you see where you are holding joy outside of yourself not within, it must be called in. Not simply residing within the higher heart chakra of your soul. Invite it in.”

Me: I invite Joy now to every cell of my being may it make a home within me.

“Now look at the opposite of joy. We would call it sorrow or malaise. Where do you hold that?”

Me: Immediately what comes up is my intestines.

“Yes, now specifically invite joy into those spaces.

Me: I invite Joy into my stomach, my large intestine, my small intestine, my duodenum, my colon, I invite joy into the way that I absorb life. I invite joy in now.

“This is a very valuable teaching tool. Use it with yourself and those that you assist. Help them to see where they are holding one frequency but yet they can also hold the other. It is not about getting rid of one emotion It is about inviting in the opposite and then choosing.

Me: Thank you for your help.

“It is our deepest pleasure to assist humanity in this way.”

I hope that this information and tool helps you to work with the intense emotions that we are all feeling. May we love ourselves completely as we come into a place of wholeness. Be easy on yourself and others.

Thank you to all that share and support this work. You are very appreciated. If you have not already done so, please join my mailing list so you will receive this blog and other things via email. Social media has become quite unreliable for disseminating information.


SOVEREIGN PEACE all over the earth. Send it to every sentient being.

April 4, 2021,

I wanted to drop a quick note about the energies are streaming into the planet are really amazing. It is pure Christ Consciousness. I see it as a beautiful blue diamond shimmering light.

While these energies are coming from outside of us, they activate what is already within us. Like a light switch these frequencies help to turn on the coding within us that contains our divinity and the path to our highest knowing, being and understanding.

Sit for a moment, go still and connect in with your heart space. Feel the serenity available within this sacred space. Feel the connection within and to Source.

Then command “I activate the Christ Consciousness coding within me now so that I can receive and utilize the incoming energies.”

As you are feeling into these energies, the Galactic Council has asked that we send the intention of SOVEREIGN PEACE all over the earth. Send it to every sentient being.

They explained that there is a difference between peace and sovereign peace. Some view peace to mean safety. If they have all of their basic needs met and no threat of attack, then it is enough. Yet this version of peace often comes with a loss of sovereignty, of autonomy.

The Council assures us that we can have both. We can have peace without the mechanisms of control. We have to hold and send that intention to assist in moving it from the plane of creation into the physical.

There is an energetic push for conflict, control, war and chaos. May we each hold, send and anchor the higher frequencies of the Christ consciousness and sovereign peace.

It is a time of accelerated growth and reconnection to core truth and core knowing.

February 6, 2021,

Recently I met with the Council and they wanted me to share information about energy that is now streaming to earth.

“There is energy coming into earth that will cause a shattering within the psyche. While this may seem devastating, as it will certainly feel that way, we want you to understand that it is a necessary step as you each regain sovereignty. It will cause many to have an identity crisis. They will begin to question all of existence: Who they are, their place in the world, and the very fabric of reality.

There will be some that find the energy severs what little connection they have with their true self. For others it will assist in severing the ties they have to their false self so that they are able to walk in more of their authenticity.

This energy will increase daily for the next 7 moons where it will reach it’s maximum intensity and remain at that steady pace.

(This information was given the day before the full moon in January. I have been so busy with the energy, clients and a new puppy that I didn’t get this out right away. Seven moons including the January moon, is July 24th and the moon will be in Aquarius.)

At this moment the kindest thing one can do is simply observe their unraveling without clinging to who it is they thought they were. Each blast of this frequency will open the doorway within to the highest aspect within the matrix and for those that are ready, to the highest aspect outside of the matrix.

It is a time of accelerated growth and reconnection to core truth and core knowing. It is also a time in which there will be great distraction. Each person is urged to turn away from the outside noise and pressure and instead be the witness to their own transformation.

The more a person is aware of who they are at the heart level and the greater the sense of true self; beyond the roles, the lifetimes and fixed understandings, the easier it will be to navigate these energies. Some will cling to their identities and beliefs so tightly that the energies will create a deeper disconnect from self and Source than was present prior.

The most helpful question one can ask is:

Does holding on to this help me?

Does it bring me joy?

Ask yourselves:

Who am I truly at my deepest core?

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance in the lifting of the veils of illusion that are within. All the spirit guides and angelic realm are available to help ease this transition.

The greatest concern is that many may feel disillusioned and lacking a sense of purpose to the point of being fatalistic. When one feels this hopelessness settling in it is important that they not only center within their heart space but they connect with Source energy to reconnect to their purpose and knowing. This will help to revitalize the form and bring in ease.”

What was shown to me as these words were shared is that this energy will strip away all that is not truth within us. I understood why they use the words shattering as a way to describe the energy. Many times on this process we do shatter and then we choose which pieces to pick up.

The energy will come in and incrementally step up daily in intensity. For those that are deep into their self work this may bring ease because what you’ve been processing and plowing through can be removed more easily in these frequencies. Eventually all the layers of the false self and the false templates will collapse and we will be left with our most authentic version.

It is the layers of the false self that allows us to deceive ourselves (subconsciously) and others. Without these layers, we will all become much more transparent. We will be able to understand the core of what we are feeling and experiencing. Discernment will be much easier as one’s intent will shine through.

They showed all of these energies coming in and cracking a statue slowly but surely as light begins to peek out of the cracks. This process though it may feel brutal, really is one that is going to assist us in regaining our sovereignty. It will help us cut through the illusion within ourselves and that will help us cut through the illusion in our outer world.

Being in the state of observation of self and the world and being open to relearning everything will help ease the psychological parts of this transition. Many are experiencing what feels like a barrage of memories in their waking and sleep moments. It is a life review of sorts that is asking us in each moment if we are ready to heal or are we still wanting to retaliate.

Retaliation towards self and others can look like going into victimhood, shame, blame, and even greater retaliation of wanting an eye for an eye. Even when the emotions are painful, we have to step back and ask ourselves if we are truly ready to heal or do we need to go through another cycle of the blame, shame, and payback.

These energies pounding us are here to help us let it all go. Holding onto so much pain and worthlessness keeps us locked in a war with our true nature. We can not be all that we are if we hold onto the pain, and unworthiness. We have to ask ourselves if we are ready to heal and let go.

This next phase is very physical as well as psychological. It is our physical bodies that hold the template and programming of the false self. In previous incarnations we dropped the body when we reached this phase. That made the transition much easier. Now we are making the transition with the physical body intact. Any type of deep stretching, myofascial release, massage, and Qigong type movements will assist greatly with the physical aspects of this transition.

The council recommended connecting in straight to Source energy and allowing it to come in through you. Allow it to fill the body and permeate any areas where you’re holding density.

Through all of our own internal workings we may also be feeling the collective confusion and unraveling. When you are feeling overwhelmed, check in with yourself to see if what you are feeling is yours. If it is not, thank it for showing you how the collective is feeling. You can then ask it to leave.

Recently the council shared that many are feeling the collective intently because they are being asked to assist. When I asked how one can assist, I was told that the collective needs love, understanding, and hope.

When we feel energies that are not our own, take a moment and visualize the earth, with all of her inhabitants and hold her. Surround her with the energy of love, hope, compassion, or whatever helpful energy comes to your mind. Send it to everyone, everything with no exceptions. Exchange the uncomfortable energies that the collective is feeling for those that hold such incredible promise.

The rule of thumb right now is question everything, love everything, and allow yourself to be exactly who you truly are in all moments. Allow yourself to shatter, allow yourself to pick up only what aligns with your soul. You will know what that is because it will make your heart sing.

Sending you all lots of love as we go through this incredible phase. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have supported and shared this work. It really means the world.

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Becoming Luminaries-Quan Yin through Jenny Schiltz.

January 1, 2020,

Yesterday, I felt a deep need to Journey, it was a nagging feeling. When I feel this way I know that my attention is needed, so the first opportunity I had, I put on drumming music and went.

I found myself walking on Stone steps that were in a lake creating a trail. The water was calm and serene. On the water were fully opened lotus flowers. It was gorgeous.

Up ahead at the end of the path was a huge tent that glowed a moving, shifting gold. I knew I was headed there. Just then, Quan Yin joined me on the path. I was so happy to see her. She has been very busy with the Ascension process.

She was beaming, smiling from ear-to-ear.  She had the quality of a child holding onto a secret, busting at the seams to share the joy. I looked at her questioningly and she said, “It is done.”  She whispered this and it stopped me in my tracks. I turned to face her fully and asked what she meant.

She took my hands and told me that the work of creating the new space and being a bridge is done. She was so light as she said, “We are free!” She no longer has to be in the role of a Bodhisattva, just as those in the role of bridging the worlds are also now free.

She told me that Earth is free, and now Humanity has a choice. (Having the choice is very important.) She explained that no matter what the collective chooses, we are free.

I was filled with excitement, and a huge weight that I didn’t even know I was carrying lifted off my shoulders. We walked hand-in-hand to the gold, swirling tent which was full of ascended masters known and unknown. They were in full celebration. All their hard work of guiding others had paid off.

They explained that the 7th Earth is here. Nothing can stop what is coming… nothing. It may not be instant, but that’s okay because it is here, and nothing can stop it.

I came out of the journey abruptly.  A loud bang jolted me back into my body as my youngest knocked something off her wall. Sometimes, juggling all the roles I play is challenging. I tried to get back into the journey but the startle factor from such a loud noise was too great for me to settle back in. I was disappointed because there was so much more I was trying to understand.

About an hour later I received an email that sent shivers through my whole body from a colleague in Germany named Andrea Maria Apfelbeck. She and I have done tremendous work together, and we’re finding that our experiences are now often in sync. We have a soul connection that’s so incredibly deep, and she’s graciously allowed me to share the email that she sent, and her interpretations.

“Aloha Jenny, I tried to sleep tonight (it’s almost two in the morning for me) and couldn’t, as so often happens these days.  So, while I was resting and meditating, I suddenly saw your loving face.  You sat across from me like we were meeting on Zoom as usual.

I asked, “What is going on here?”  In response, I was shown a beautiful sea turtle that swam very quickly from deep down in the sea (dark) up to the (sun) light. Then I looked at you again.  You were very still, very centered.

Then I heard from my light guides: The 7th Earth. The 7th dimension. (Ascent). Then I saw the Quan Yin energy in its origin as a symbol of the divine feminine, meaning free and without Bodhisattva attachment.  The energy came in the form of the beautiful designs that you see on a turtle shell that go into different places on the Earth like puzzle pieces falling into place.

We looked at each other and held hands.  We appreciated each other in love and I said, “You are one of the originals from Gaia. I am one of the originals from Gaia. We freed Gaia (Note: We being the many Originals, First Wavers and Wayshowers). Gaia is free now. It is finished.”

The feeling after writing the above email to Jenny was inside me: We, too, are free. We, those concerned (this is not for everyone) who feel this in the deepest depths of their soul…the Wayshowers, those of the 1st wave, those who’ve kept the balancing act between the different worlds and the rainbow bridge between have kept the dimensions open.  Quan Yin and other masters are also free, and much more.  That matrix has dissolved.

Also, the feeling that all of this is independent of what’s happening in the world now felt like the portal door behind me can now be closed.  We no longer need to go back and forth or look back.  It’s something essential that’s now complete, closed.

Welcome to the New Earth, which, according to my perception, is not a “new” Earth, but the Earth that comes back to its original state and to its omniversal original, as it was intended from the beginning in the harmonic primal frequency.

The turtle as a power animal has many meanings.  Here for me especially is the one that she is a guardian of the Divine Feminine & the primal frequencies of Gaia, just like the whales are the keepers of the libraries, key carriers and knowledge of the sacred, omniversal, primal Original Earth.

Andrea Maria Apfelbeck Aloha

I was shocked and grateful to learn that we both experienced these things around the same time, and both with Quan Yin. It was so perfect, as I felt I had missed something in the journey when my nervous system was activated by a loud bang.

I sat with this information last night and realized that many are feeling that an aspect or a part of them is dying. It can be quite brutal, especially when you don’t fully understand what it is. This journey and Andrea Maria’s meditation helped me to understand more. A part is dying. Those of us who’ve created bridges, anchored the light for humanity and helped to create the new are now being set free.

It’s an interesting feeling, one of excitement and trepidation. Who am I now that a major role that I’ve held for lifetimes is completed?

This early morning I woke from a dream and in the dream, there was a massive graduation ceremony, and in a way, a welcoming home party. We are now free.

The collective now has a choice. We are now free to create in a new way. The limitations and barriers are gone, now we just need to remove all that remains within us that keeps us limited. It is time to set ourselves free completely. It will be interesting to see what we create with all the energy that is available now that we no longer play that role.

As I was writing this blog, Quan Yin came into my awareness and wanted to share more. Here is what she said:

“What must be understood is the immensity of a task that was undertaken. There is such gratitude for all those that have worked towards this most favorable outcome. We understand that to many looking outward, the feeling of Celebration seems premature. Yet, if one looks into their own heart with a clear vision, while viewing the collective from a distance, it will make much more sense.

Your heart will tell you the truth about the changes in your world. As you open your heart, you open to the pure possibilities that are available to you now.

With the changing or elimination of roles, one may simultaneously feel joy, freedom, fear, and resistance. We recommend creating a ceremony to say goodbye to the role that you had played and allow for a moment of grieving.

Then we ask you to begin creating, dreaming, imagining what it is you do want. When limitations or fears arise, talk to them, love them, and then gently blow them away with your breath. As you exhale all that holds you back, inhale the future potential of All That You Are.

Turn your entire being to the new space ( I was then given the vision of Lot’s wife turning to salt when she turned around to look at the destruction of Sodom in the Book of Genesis). While you will not turn to salt, focusing on the destruction of the old will cause a great disturbance in your energetic field and you will feel torn apart. Focus instead on your joy, your creation, and your new role as Luminaries. Light the path for others simply by walking it.

I leave you with joy. All have the option to embrace and grow into new roles, for it is done.

For those that are feeling that their roles are changing and stepping into the new, I hope that this information helps you to let go of the old. i hope it confirms your deep inner knowing about this incredible time even though the outer world is in chaos. I am sending huge hugs, love, and excitement as we move forward and acclimate to the new space.

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Lots of Love,


Some will fast, others will not. There is no wrong way when you are listening to and honoring your sacred form.

Message from The Goddess regarding our Physical Form during this Transition

December 18, 2020,

This transition we are in is quite intense, requiring us to use all of our tools in order to stay in alignment. I find that if I dive too much into what is going on “out there” my body becomes quite anxious.

Self care in all forms is imperative right now. This can mean quiet time and pampering or it can mean taking a deep dive into yourself. Some are experiencing what feels like a life review as we cut through the illusion. Others are finding that they are connecting in new ways and to new aspects. Whatever you are experiencing, surrender to it and allow it to flow through you.

Many are experiencing intense physical symptoms. The list is quite a range. Joint aches, muscle tightness, and pain in the lower spine/hips are very common. Pain in the heart chakra, higher heart and wing chakras are common as well. Some are feeling cold like symptoms (always fun in a time of COVID), others are feeling a nervous tension and overwhelm in the body.

Quite a few have verbalized to me that they feel “they are dying”, even when there is not a rational explanation for feeling something that intently. Yet, there is truth to it. Some of you may be experiencing a death of sorts of the carbon-based body, aspects, and even the removal of what has held us in a limited reality.

What is interesting is that my sister is seeing patients in the ER that are complaining that they are dying without a physical cause present. This tells me just how powerful this transit is. Not a single person on this planet will be left unaffected in some way.

Recently a client was discussing how she was struggling with her digestion, unable to eat anything but bland foods as it felt like her digestive system was extremely irritated and swollen. She isn’t alone in those complaints. I have found foods that I could eat at one time are no longer agreeing with me and even caused hives to erupt!

As we were talking, my office took on this incredible shimmering quality. From there all I can say is that THE Goddess, She of Many faces, stepped forward. Both the client and I became covered in goosebumps and the download was intense. Here is what she said:

“What you must understand is that the body is deep in the crystalline process. It is so that the amount of photonic light coming into the earth in the coming days will not be as difficult on the body.

All that is out of balance in the form will be triggered: yeast, parasites, viruses, even imprints of traumatic events or an injury. It is of utmost importance that each person listen to their form completely. It is wanting to be listened to, communicated with, and understood so that it may come online (activation of the Divine Blueprint).

Much will change with your physicality, what it can do and how it can heal. However, it first must make it through this transition phase and be purified and cleansed of imbalance. It is imperative that each commune and listen to the body’s message and needs. Some will fast, others will not. There is no wrong way when you are listening to and honoring your sacred form.”

I thanked her for her wisdom and then she retreated, leaving us quite surprised. I knew it needed to be shared. I hope this finds you well and coming deeper and deeper into self. If you have not already done so, please join my mailing list so that you keep up to date with my postings and offerings . To join the mailing list, click Here

Thank you to all that have shared and supported this work. It means the world. Sending you all lots of love, joy, and connection. Happy Holidays!


Jenny Schiltz ~ All Hands on Deck

The information here is both timely and welcome, because Jenny offers a way to support our furry beloveds in their loving service to us.

December 1, 2020,

I wanted to share with you a personal and enlightening experience. My dog, Dixie, had been slowing down over the last few months, but nothing extremely overt. She had told me months prior that she would be leaving soon. I wasn’t sure I heard properly as I watched her continue to play and hike.

The Monday prior to her passing she came up to me and was shaking. She was desperately trying to convey something to me, but I couldn’t hear it in words, yet in my heart knew she was done. But, I wasn’t quite ready to listen to my heart yet.

I made her a vet appointment where they did blood work, X-rays, and a full exam. They noted that her heart murmur was worse and suggested that it was congestive heart failure but that maybe blood work would tell a different story. They sent me home with pain pills that she absolutely hated taking.

On Wednesday, I communicated with the animal communicator and Dixie told her that she was done. Her body systems were failing. She could no longer assist me here on this plane, but that she would continue to assist me in a greater capacity than ever before from the other side. To my heart, it wasn’t much of a consolation.

It wasn’t long after the animal Communicator appointment that the vet called and said her bloodwork results were concerning and they were leaning towards Addison’s disease, which is acute adrenal failure. Unfortunately at her advanced age that diagnosis is especially difficult if not impossible to manage. I told them that I had connected with an animal communicator and that Dixie was ready to go. They understood and felt it was best as well. I then scheduled a vet to come to my home on Friday afternoon to assist her in her passing.

Once that call was made, she went downhill rapidly. She was really pulling away from us and would lay on the cool ground outside. I did my best to make her comfortable but I was at a loss.

Friday morning came and I asked Spirit how to help her. They told me that I could assist her by removing the quantum entanglement she had acquired during her lifetime. They showed it as a thick rope of many, many strands twisted together. They were different from cords as they needed to be unwound not cut. I started unwinding them, and when I was done there were hundreds of strands attached to her. I was instructed to remove them all minus the silver string that kept her in her body. That one she would remove when ready.

She spent the morning laying in front of her food bowls. I checked on her periodically and it was interesting because while I wanted to hold her she really wanted to be alone. My husband had to leave for a quick errand, I heard him tell her goodbye. I spent the next 15 minutes in my office on Facebook and answering messages. I then made my way downstairs.

I walked to where she was laying and saw that she had bled large amounts from her rectum and orange bile was coming from her mouth. I was in full shock. I watched her take her last breath and stand outside her body. I was completely panicked, not only did it look like she hadn’t died peacefully, but I also had tremendous guilt because I wasn’t by her side when she died. My 12 year old heard me crying and ran down, upon seeing Dixie she went into as much shock as I was feeling.

I heard so clearly “Stop, Settle, You don’t want to miss this.” I breathed and had my daughter sit next to me on the floor. I told her to change her vision ( my way of saying, see through the veil). Dixie ran up to me and gave me kisses. she ran up to Maddie, bathed her face in kisses and I heard her say “Take care of Charlie” (our other dog). She then returned to me and apologized for the mess. She was the neatest dog I’ve ever had.

Behind her, I could see the other side, beautiful rolling hills full of green grass, bright sun, and a crisp blue sky. Dixie was doing her little excited dance and was saying “Can I go? Can I go?” I had to laugh and I told her to go even though my heart was breaking. She gave me one last kiss and bounded through the portal.

In the early morning hours, I woke with such crippling grief. I laid in bed and began to journey. I found myself walking in my home going through memories of the past month, but from Dixie’s point of view. In one of the memories I was singing to a dog, Copper, we had recently brought into our home. Dixie was outside that room and I could hear her say “ Good, she will have someone to sing to when I’m gone”

I saw all the moments that she had tried to warn me that she was leaving. I saw her walking around the backyard and thinking “ There is so much I will miss.”

I saw her laying on the floor of my office while I was in session with clients. She was a constant fixture in my sessions and when I was meditating, channeling, or writing. She was always by my side. What I hadn’t realized was the enormity of space she was holding.

I was shown how as my work grew and my connection grew, she would hold greater and greater space. It was her role in this Ascension process. She was my on the ground spiritual support. I knew she supported me, I just hadn’t realized the depth of it yet.

I was shown her death and how she used the window between my husband departing and me being occupied to leave. She didn’t want me there. she explained that she knew I was conflicted about putting her down, so she pushed to leave prior to the vet because she didn’t want me experiencing guilt. I was shown how each time I checked on her, touched her, talked to her, it brought her back into the body, a body that was failing and hurting her. Yet, she would return to connect physically with me, to comfort me.

I was reminded when my grandmother passed and her grandfather clock stopped. Guides had told me that the chiming every hour was bringing her back into her body, the body she was trying to leave. She passed not long after the clock stopped.

I was shown Dixie’s final moments and how she was not in her body, how she felt nothing but a huge release. She was grateful I was busy as she knew I would have tried to do something, anything… and that would have brought her back in the body and made passing harder. She didn’t want me feeling guilty or that I had failed her.

From there, Dixie and I went above the Earth. She showed me points of light, millions of them. These lights are our animal companions of all shapes, sizes, and species.

So many pets on this Earth are holding space, clearing energies, and providing shifts in the density. Throwing a ball for a dog, watching a kitten chase its tail or their daily snuggles help assist in raising our vibrations. Their work is even more dynamic if the human is doing energy work as well. I was shown a friend’s farm and the incredible work her herd of horses are doing. They are working with the earth ley lines and creating bridges from one realm to another.

It was explained that as the task is getting more difficult and intense, some animals are no longer able to do their work while in the body. Dixie showed me that now she will be holding even more space for me from the other side. For this I am grateful, but I still really miss her being in the physical.

Just as humans need to be aware of their energetic health, especially the nervous system and adrenals, so do their animal companions. This process is not easy on the body, it doesn’t matter what form that body takes.

I am eternally grateful for that four-hour journey. I was able to see life through her eyes and to understand more of the process of leaving the body. I am also grateful for the greater understanding of the work taking place on Earth. It really is all hands on deck.

I told one of my older daughter’s about the experience and what I had learned. She had lost a cat a few months prior to a metabolic disorder that also involved the adrenals. We realized that pet owners need help knowing how to support their companions, especially because we receive so much support from them. From there, the concept of an energetic assistance bag was created.

We found a supplier that makes Crystal Heart collar charms. She too had lost a pet and was guided to find a way to add Crystal healing into their field. We found gorgeous thick selenite wands that can be used to clear pets, people, and spaces. We also found holistic misting oils that help to bring peace and tranquility.

I was guided to create a tincture of flower, gem, and elemental essences that are designed to help your pet ground and bring in more life force while assisting them with energetic protection. The blend helps with the tolerance of the energies and feeling more secure. It assists with bringing stress relief, supporting their energetic bodies and physical bodies (adrenals and nervous system) while bringing inner harmony and relaxation.

It felt very important to get these kits out as soon as possible as we are in such a deep transition. If you are interested in a kit, please click HERE. There is also an option to purchase additional collar charms if you have multiple pets . These also make great gifts for other animal lovers. Supplies are limited for this pilot run but will be replenished.

Nova Linda Maresca

Please give your pets a big hug for me and tell them thank you from my heart to theirs for all the energy work they have been doing. They are angels on Earth.

Much love,



A giant shoutout to all the space holders and the light anchors! We did it!

The Great Shift is Here

November 22, 2020,

So much has shifted. In one moment there is greater ease and flow while simultaneously there is dis-ease and chaos. There is an energy that has been building, pushing us into the unknown.

A few weeks ago, Spirit shared that we would be moving into a new location. A new area of the hologram, the simulation. The more I dug into it, the more I began to understand just how big this is for all of us. This is greater than a timeline shift, it is a paradigm shift. It is the one that we have been waiting for. The one we have prepared for during our many incarnations.

It was explained that it took a collective effort to reach this place. It took many of us anchoring light while holding the confounds of our reality intact. They showed me the earth as if it was a flat map, each person anchoring the light, was like a thumb tack holding all in place as we transverse this massive shift. This achievement is incredible and has brought on much celebration in the cosmos. A giant shoutout to all the space holders and the light anchors! We did it!

When I asked for greater understanding of what this new space and time period would feel like, they explained it in in ways that I could understand. As someone who has lived on a farm, they choose to use that experience to help me grasp what they were explaining.

They showed me cows being herded from a field that was dry and barren into a giant round holding pen. Some cows were fearful and stayed towards the gates where they were let in. Others however seemed to understand and knew that they were safe and that good things were coming. These cows moved towards the front of the herd and into individual cattle chutes.

On a farm a cattle chute is used to contain a cow while health checks are made. It is tight and it squeezes them, holding them in place in order to keep them from kicking, turning or hurting themselves or the people tending them.

Once they were through the cattle chute, they were let out into a gorgeous pasture that was healthy and looked like a bovine paradise. Even though this was happening there were still those cows that were fearful, attached to the old dying field and stayed by the entrance gate.

With those images in my mind, they explained that this is what is happening to us. We have been moved to a new location, a new simulation. We will feel pushed, pulled, even squeezed as we go through this process, much like being in a cattle chute.

I asked what determines the speed in which one moves through the process. They explained that lack of attachment and fear allows a person to move much quicker and with greater ease through the process. Once we are through the process we then go into the field that holds infinite expression and possibility. It holds a new vibratory frequency and allows us the freedom to reach our fullest potential. Our current location holds much limitation and restriction.

It really feels like a time in which we will be forced to see what we have been avoiding in our lives. Things that can no longer be swept under the rug. We each will have our own “come to Jesus moment.” This is a massive choice point. Do we cling tightly to the old or do we let go in order to receive the new?

We have to look at where we have attached into belief systems, identities, people, events, even spiritual understandings. Wherever we have attached into something to help us create an identity is being brought to the light.

These attachments keep us locked into the old, tethered to a reality that never really fit us to begin with. It is coming into a state of pure surrender and allowing. This helps us to let go of what no longer serves and opens us to receive all that is possible.

When we attach to something we create expectations and then judgement when the expectations are not met. I was reminded of working with a foster child, his view of what family “should” be like came from television sitcoms. Due to this distorted view he didn’t allow himself to fit in with other families and was constantly searching for the one that matched the world created in his mind by the television.

While that is an extreme case, think about the roles we have played in this lifetime and where we have created scenarios of how it should be instead of accepting what is. I have played daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend etc. Each one of those can come with expectations, some self created and some put on us by others.

By removing the attachment to the roles, I set myself free of those expectations and allow myself to be completely who I am in those relationships. It is often the expectations and subsequent judgement that keep us from living in full authentically and playing small.

It is from the space of non-attachment that we can truly love a person for exactly who they are, including ourselves. It is also from this space that we can allow another to experience the full depth of their creation. This is essential right now. We each have to see and experience our creation without victimhood and blame so that we can see clearly what we need to do to change it.

It is in the wanting to change or assist another that attaches us to their reality, one in which you don’t belong.

It can feel counter intuitive to remove the quantum entanglement that we have created especially with loved ones. Yet, what I am experiencing is that rather than becoming cold and uncaring, removing myself from what I have attached to creates such space within that it fills only with love. It is now completely up to us to set ourselves free. We are not waiting on the collective to awaken or for a particular event. You setting yourself free is your personal event.

This new space we find ourselves in has a different vibratory frequency than we have ever experienced before. There is a different quality to the tones that we are hearing. By going within, we are making incredible shifts even though the outside looks like chaos. This new demands that we give ourselves the space and the grace to adjust to it and explore more of our own truth. The more you let go of all of your attachments, the more you come home to yourself and your place within the universe.

Understand that it is not that the attachment is removed from you, it is that you remove yourself from what you are attached to.

Start thinking about people, places, even belief systems that you may have attached to.

Visualize the person, the place, the thing, or even a belief system. When you are ready say the following:

I pull back any energy I may have given or left behind from ___________. The quantum entanglement is now removed.

Breathe deep and on the exhale know that you are no longer quantumly attached. Breathe deep again and on the exhale ground your essence into your body, pushing your breath out your feet. This exercise can make you feel ungrounded, even jittery. Breathe yourself back into presence.

Notice what comes up within as you do this for loved ones, places that hold memory, and belief systems. The emotions that you feel will show you just how strong the attachment is. For some it may bring in immediate lightness, for others it can bring in an anxious feeling. Sit with the emotions and fears, acknowledge them, and then let them pass through. This will help you to not reattach due to fear.

While this may appear to be a time of great upheaval collectively, it doesn’t have to be on the individual level. The depth of who we are and the infinite possibilities are calling. We just have to silence the noise enough to listen.

Sending you all lots of love as we adjust to this new space. Please join my mailing list so that you keep up to date with my postings. I am finding that many posts that hold information such as this are being shadow banned. To join the mailing list, click Here

Thank you to all that have shared and supported this work. It means the world.


Jenny Schiltz ~ Breaking the Hypnotic Spell of Sleep

October 4, 2020,

We’ve been hearing for a while that October promises to be a jam-packed month not only energetically, but out on the world stage. We can already feel the truth of this and the month has only begun!

I was journeying the other day and found myself in a very large meeting of spirit guides, guardians, and higher aspects. Everyone was being coached on what to expect with this upcoming phase and how to support their incarnate.

Pay attention to any nudging’s you feel, creative ideas, or thoughts that come in. Your spirit team is working to help you receive all you can from this incoming energy. It is a great time to focus on how You receive communication from the spirit realm and begin to trust and act on it.

It was explained that the influxes of light on the Earth plane right now are different than they’ve been before. What was shown was an energy coming to the Earth that is very slight…gentle even in its approach, but the effects are huge.

This will awaken and enliven all beings as it helps to break the spell of sleep. It will crack open the heart space revealing what needs to be healed while simultaneously introducing us to all that we are. This energy is a wake-up call, a shake that is designed to shift all of us from whatever level of sleep we still find ourselves, regardless of perceived consciousness.

Those connected with the Earth will feel this shift more deeply than those who are not. It is beneficial for us to make a concerted effort to spend time outside and remove ourselves from electronics as much as possible over the next few months.

The subtle energy coming in can absolutely be disrupted and/or masked by our technology. I was shown a vicious loop. Some will receive the frequency and begin to awaken only to then become wrapped up again in the hypnotic sleep program.

Awareness of the hypnosis and a declaration of empowerment such as ~ “I do not consent to hypnosis technology or any artificially induced states.” will absolutely assist. It is about us taking charge of what we do and do not allow into our subtle bodies.

I asked one of my team for further clarification and was told:

“Those that are able to utilize this frequency, this gift, will find that they are quite held by the energies. They may begin to perceive greater consciousness in everything around them: the animals, plants, people, and yes even what is called inanimate objects. This is a heart-opening frequency that will assist one in honing their discernment and finding the path to truth, to Source. In the ever-increasing noise of your reality, this is more important than ever.

This may look like the unveiling of what was hidden. One may be able to see deeper into their patterns, their beliefs, the deep inner knowing and knowledge accumulated through countless lifetimes. This energy is not the same one that is received as the Schumann Resonance rises. While it may look the same it is of a different octave, a different frequency. This is one that has not been experienced within your current lifetime.”

The most important thing that they shared was how this energy will begin to break down the barriers of reality and expose what has been hidden. This can be larger things in our reality but what is most important is that it helps to expose our limiting patterns, beliefs and programming.

Looking at where we have attached ourselves to an identity is crucial. Where have we put ourselves or others in a box based on our own belief systems? The attachment to a particular belief or understanding can lead us to have expectations of self or others and this leaves us open to great disappointment as our assumptions are not met.

Each belief we hold is a distinct frequency that we are wrapping ourselves in, like a cloak. It is time to pay attention to what we are wearing.

It is time that we question everything. It is our job to step in to Divine neutral observation of self. In this space the ego is not able to be triggered. We can observe our thoughts, reactions, idiosyncrasies, and even question where a belief originated without getting stuck in emotions that may cause us to double down on a belief system.

It is through Divine neutral observation of self that we can find our truth. When we observe ourselves without neutrality we may get lost in emotions such as shame, anger, or blame that can cause us to shut down our exploration of our layered existence.

This energy that is coming into our world will help us with uncovering and discovering our true self if we allow it to do its work. We can assist ourselves by staying present, lessening the distractions and dropping into neutral observation of self.

Physically we may find ourselves feeling wired/tired. As we open up and purge what is no longer needed from our belief systems, we may experience intense emotions and a detox on every level. For those that hear distinct tones, you may have noticed a different quality to the tones lately. I am finding that they alternate ears and sometimes cause a brief earache.

Many will feel energetically overloaded with all that is taking place. I am noticing that my grandbabies are not sleeping and are appearing overstimulated when they are not. Grass time has become essential. Pay attention to how you feel when engaging with technology. If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, visualize a warm gold wave coming over/into your form and clearing out any distortions in your field and then flowing into the Earth for purification.

This morning, I was working on this blog and felt a call to hop onto Instagram. The very first post I see made me hoot for joy! The dogs were quite alarmed at my excitement. It was the confirmation I was asking for.

Duncan Alexander ( posted a picture of the Schumann Resonance. He highlighted and enlarged the graphs from October 2nd and 3rd and flipped it vertically. When he did he saw how it resembled written light language. I have shared this image with his full permission.

We are absolutely being communicated with, assisted and guided on our Ascension Journey. It is such an amazing time. One that we have prepared lifetimes for.

I hope that this blog finds you well and in full awe of the changes taking place. Thank you so much to all who share and support this blog. Social media is blocking information like this more and more. I appreciate all of you. Sending you all lots of love.

Jenny Schiltz

Is this mine?

Jenny Schiltz ~ One of the Most Important Questions to Ask on Your Spiritual Journey

September 18, 2020,

One of the most important questions that you can ask yourself on your spiritual journey and especially during this tumultuous times is “Is this mine?”.

This was hit home to me in an incredible but painful lesson. I posted an article on Facebook that I didn’t think would be controversial but boy was I wrong. I posted the article before I got off the computer for the day around 3 pm.

I have deleted Facebook from my phone as I found it too tempting to check out and mindlessly scroll, so I didn’t check to see the comments. Around 5 pm that day I was BEYOND cranky. Completely uncomfortable in my own skin. My husband asked me what was wrong and I said that it must be the energy and a meditation and nap were in order.

Later that evening my husband was on Facebook and informed that I had really made someone upset by the article I posted. I then hopped on to see that this person was completely triggered which surprised me and also bothered me as I didn’t understand it.

As I went to sleep that night, an image of the person that commented floated into my mind. At first she was light and sparkly and then she turned into something dark that projected major negative energy towards me. I dismissed the image and chided myself that just because someone is mad at me or disagrees with me, it doesn’t mean that they are psychically attacking me or that they are dark.

I woke the next morning with an unbelievable headache. I assumed it was due to the changes that we are going through which can include tremendous cranial pressure. As the day went on the headache didn’t subside and neither did the crankiness.

I went onto Facebook and when I saw another’s good news or accomplishment instead of being happy for them like I normally would, I felt envious and even disgusted that someone had something I wanted. The energy was very much like “Why does she have that? I deserve it, not her!”. It was absolutely awful. I sat in observation of it and thought that I was seeing a layer to my shadow, something that I needed to dig into and heal. Not once did I stop and ask “Is this mine?”

By mid-day my head was still pounding, I felt nauseous and my tailbone was burning. I had an appointment scheduled that afternoon with cranial-sacral but I really knew I needed assistance as soon as possible. My head was hurting so bad that I didn’t feel that I could connect in and get answers.

I contacted a friend that I had trained with and told her what was taking place physically and she texted immediately saying “Who did you piss off?!? There is a woman in your field and she is sending you nasty energy!” I gave her 4 names and the name my friend chose was the one that had gotten quite upset with me on social media.

I was honestly shocked and annoyed that I didn’t heed the warning I was given as I drifted off to sleep the night before. She was able to assist me some, easing the headache, but not the tailbone burning.

I went to my magical cranial sacral practitioner and explained what had taken place. She found that my root chakra was completely blocked and that my cerebral fluid was not working properly at all. As she was unwinding the block I heard so clearly “You assumed what you were feeling was yours, this invited it into your body so that it could take hold at very deep levels.” Ah… there was the lesson.

Not once did I stop to ask if all that I was feeling was mine. Instead I took it in as mine to clear and heal. The reason I had not experienced jealousy to that degree prior is because it was never mine. This was a huge AH HA! moment for me as I know so many of us on the spiritual journey are doing the hard work, digging in, and healing our layers.

However, what if we are processing and clearing things that were not ours in the first place. We know that we cannot clear for another, it doesn’t work that way. I may clear energy from clients but I simultaneously share the pattern that allowed the energy in. Otherwise, discordant energy can be cleared, but it will return.

Clearing things that don’t belong to us only stops us from reaching our full potential. It keeps us running in circles, drains our energy and ensures that we are so busy that we don’t have the energy to embody all that we are. Looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows us how being constantly stuck in the cycle of clearing keeps us from our own self-actualization.

Digging in to our shadow, clearing programing and beliefs is essential to our work on this journey. We have to see all of ourselves. It is a lot of work and so incredibly worth it. It’s a big job, one that doesn’t need to be made bigger by processing, clearing, and healing what is not ours.

The simple question “Is this mine?”, would have saved me a lot of mental, physical, and emotional pain. I have used this technique many times, even taught it, yet I obviously needed the reminder. This question can also be used to check in with your belief systems. Asking if a certain belief that you have always had is yours or if it was given to you by our world can help us to sort through programming.

The Council of Light has described this time period as the Great Shake-Up. We are being shook up individually and collectively. The pot has been stirred and debris are flying around. We have to make sure that the only debris we are dealing with are our own. I hope that this message finds you well and not feeling too overwhelmed in the energies. Isn’t playing human fun?

Sending you all lots of love. Thank you to all that support and share this work.

Jenny Schiltz

Jenny Schiltz ~ Exciting Update on the Pulse from Source

July 7, 2020,

I wanted to give a quick update of the Pulse from Source. If you haven’t seen the latest blog post it can be found here:

One thing I wanted to clear up is this is not the Solar Flash that so many have heard of. My understanding of the solar flash is that it will come from the Grand Central Sun. This Pulse came directly from Source and touched everything including the Galactic Sun and Galactic Center.

I was super excited to see that the Ascension Diaries (a great page on Facebook) was able to see the pulse on the Schumann Resonance. Posting new information is always a gamble as you never know how it will be received. To see confirmation from “out there” makes me giddy! Below please find the screen shots.

On Friday, July 3rd the slow steady ramp up of energies began. Numerous people said that they found themselves weepy, sad, depressed, and even angry over the weekend. While not fun, it is necessary for us to feel this space and resolve the parts of ourselves that feel this way. The pulse is designed to bring up what needs addressing while also bringing in a higher frequency. Some have felt alone, lost and hopeless.

We are being challenged to instead see it as the void space which is the space of creation, verses nothingness and no connection. The space of creation, the void, can feel empty but it is the space from which we are being asked to choose what is it that we want moving forward. What will fill us with excitement and hope?

Alternately, some are feeling really good and full of hope and promise. There is not a right way to experience this, only your way and experiencing exactly what you need to assist you on your journey. Pets are not immune to this and they may be clingy, lethargic, showing intestinal disruptions and dry noses.

What I have also noticed is that some are finding that they vibrationally dipped into the lower timeline (it is not hard to do). Take a nice deep breath, drop into your body, into the heart space and ask if you are in the lower timeline. Feel the answer.

If you find that you are, the angels have given me a technique that is simple but often profound. I use it whenever I am feeling off and like I am stuck in a frequency that is NOT working with my system. It is a physical as well as etheric exercise. Sometimes the movement of the body helps tremendously.

Go to a set of stairs.

  • Go onto the first step and call in AA Michael, AA Raphael, AA Uriel, AA Gabriel of the 4 directions to hold space and assist you.
  • Call in your Highest Self and whomever else you like to routinely work with.
  • Now ask all those that you have called in to help you raise your vibration and shift you to the highest Divine Timeline

Begin taking each step one at a time asking for assistance with one of the things written below. Allowing yourself plenty of time per step to receive the healing and shift of frequencies.

  • Ask that all cords that need to be cut are done so through all dimensions, timelines and realities
  • Ask that your feet chakras are cleared and opened and that anything “planting” your feet in a lower frequency be removed.
  • Now go over your chakras (one per step- root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown). Ask that each of your chakras are cleared, healed balanced, and that it spin in the proper direction.
  • Ask that all the layers of your aura are cleared and sealed

You may feel the desire to lay down after this or you may feel quite energized. I have had both experiences. Please drink plenty of water to help with the clearing.

This exercise can help now and in the future if you are ever feeling like “I’m in the wrong location”. I hope that this message finds you utilizing the pulse. Feeling the things that need to be felt while simultaneously accessing the higher joy that is here. Thank you to all who have supported and shared this work. I am very grateful.

Jenny Schiltz

P.S. July’s Inner Circle Session is open for registration. I will be sharing more on what the Galactic Council is saying about this time and ways to navigate this space. For more info click:

the more we are able to look within to find the cause of discomfort and unease rather than looking to another person, place, thing or event as the reason for our pain, the faster we will assimilate the higher energies.

July 3, 2020,

I was woken in the middle of the night with a very direct communication. I felt someone tap on my shoulder, small taps to waken me without too much alarm. I then felt the weight of someone sitting on the edge of bed. I rolled over to see a being I had seen in council meetings but had never interacted with before.

He asked me to come to a briefing. It seems that he had been working on getting my attention during the waking hours but I wasn’t paying attention. That very evening when I went to close the bedroom door it reopened 3 times until I finally said “Stop it!” without inquiring who or why. I was just so tired! I guess the decision was made to let me have a few hours sleep before poking the bear again.

In the briefing I was shown that there will be a signal sent from Source out to the entire Galaxy. This happening in alignment with the lunar eclipse. They explained that a signal such as this had been sent before, but not during my lifetime. It is a clarion call of sorts. (as I heard this it brought to mind Gabriel’s trumpet)

This blast or pulse from Source happens when the lowest density planet in the universe (Earth) has reached a new level of sustained higher frequency in the majority of the population. This blast of codes, light and energy comes forth from Source and touches everything that has been created. There is no space left untouched by this signal.

(The vision I was shown looked like a sound or energy wave so big that it continued on into infinity.) It was explained that it is a time of great joy when this happens. This energy is very beneficial as it helps to “call all home within themselves”.

However while the energy is beneficial, it can bring great dis-ease, confusion, apathy and even aggression to those that find the signal to be at great odds within their form. It may appear to some as if Humanity is spinning out of control or going mad. Some will see the behaviors as us going backwards as a collective, but this is not the case.

They clarified that if one disconnects from all that is taking place around them in the outer world they will find peace. It will become essential to ground within yourself and not be drawn into the turmoil of the collective.

It is important to understand even with the chaos, there is a path that is created from the signal that is sent from Source. The Signal is a homing beacon that “assists us all in our journey of returning home from once we came.” (What is being referred to is every civilization that exists is also working their way back home, just as we are.)

“This burst of energy will assist one in uncovering more of the obsolete programming running within. Programs that are held deep within the cellular structure.”

Removal of such programs often requires sleep as the body goes into a still point within so that much can be removed. It reminds me of when you delete a program off of your computer, you must shut it down and then restart to make sure all the files are gone. Besides exhaustion, people may experience body pains, anxiety, sensitivity and irritability. Giving yourself and others the space and grace to utilize this blast from Source will help tremendously.

Some may find tremendous upheaval in the next few weeks as their body and subsequent reality adjust to the signal. It was shown that the more we are able to look within to find the cause of discomfort and unease rather than looking to another person, place, thing or event as the reason for our pain, the faster we will assimilate the higher energies.

This pulse of code from Source will serve as an activation of sorts as it will simultaneously help us to unburden ourselves from false programming, while helping to activate the divine blueprint that is available yet dormant in most of humanity. It is through this blueprint that we will be able to heal ourselves in ways we have only dreamed about.

The unburdening & activation begins immediately once the pulse has been sent and received. The more we are able to clear what is not in alignment with Source, the more the we are able to access and utilize our pure divine blueprint.

“Within the blueprint is a homing beacon that will lead you back to Source. Understand that it is not Source out there (he pointed up) but the one in here (pointing to the heart). Once one has activated and empowered the Source within themselves it becomes a path that has the potential to shift not only your reality but the reality of the whole.”

I was shown this path as very much like Moses parting the red sea. It would be clear and it felt protected. I asked what it meant to fully activate Source within ourselves and was told that “One that is activated will be in complete congruence in all that they are, in words, thoughts, and deeds.”

This is a really exciting time and while it feels like it is going to get really turbulent, we as a whole are still making progress. This signal from Source is here to help us undo all programming that is not in our highest good and to come home within ourselves, to the place where Source resides WITHIN.

This pulse will bring up within us all that is not in alignment with Source and for us to work to change it. Our job is to also not get caught up in all that is collapsing and to look within ourselves instead of “out there” when we experience the dissonance between density we may hold and the frequency being sent. Not an easy task, but understanding what is happening really does help. This pulse from Source feels as if it really gives us a big push on our journey home.

Thank you to all who support and share this work. It really means the world. Sending you all lots of love.


We are being asked to consciously operate from the heart space until it becomes our second nature.

June 22, 2020,

Wanted to drop a quick update. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Solstice/Eclipse/New Moon weekend! It was/is very intense mentally, physically, and emotionally.

My team has been sharing with me the importance of us continuing to anchor in and embody the highest timeline, particularly when we are feeling deep heart connection and joy. (To read more on how to anchor in the highest timeline, please click here:

With the powerful energies of the weekend, we can feel the two distinct realities and that the polarization & fear has greatly increased. All one has to do is browse through social media to see how we are dividing ourselves. Some would say that we are being purposely manipulated and divided yet that is not the truth as we are beings that are stepping into our own power now. Everything is a choice and we are choosing in each moment where to “spend” our energy.

We know that what we put out into the universe through words, actions and thoughts create our reality, or rather the lens through which we see reality. If we are full of fear then everything we see will go through that lens and it will be changed. Think of going on a road trip through the country. It should be scenic but the windshield is so muddy that you can barely get a square clean to see the road much less all the beautiful views. Your opinion on the drive would be skewed and limited. That is what happens when we are seeing through a lens full of fear or any other emotion that leads us AWAY from the heart space and truth. When we are in the heart space, the windshield is clear and we can see a greater picture.

We are being asked to consciously operate from the heart space until it becomes our second nature. Integrity in thoughts, words, and deeds are paramount now. When we experience something that moves us from the heart space, we are being asked to observe it, let it pass through and return to the heart. It is from the purest heart space that we will not only anchor, but embody the highest timeline.

In discussion with my team this morning they explained that the highest timeline holds unity and endless compassion for the human experience at all of its levels. Within Unity is Neutrality. Neutrality is often grossly misunderstood as not having your own thoughts, personality, or emotions. Neutrality is having your own thoughts and understanding while simultaneously having compassion for another that feels very differently.

I asked my team for an example and they said look at the “Great mask debate”. Some feel wearing a mask is essential and shows that you care for self & others. Others feel that wearing a mask is a symbolic silencing of people and an example of growing tyranny. Others feel that wearing a mask will erode their mental and/or physical health. The reasons for or against are endless, each true and correct for the one that believes it.

To hold the highest timeline of this issue is to have your belief (whatever it is) and yet hold compassion, acceptance, and understanding for another that feels completely different. It is through acknowledging and respecting the differences of others that we actually achieve unity.

The lower timeline holds duality, right vs wrong, my way vs your way type energy and tremendous amounts of fear. We can see this playing out in so many areas of our lives right now. It has gotten quite loud. The highest timeline does not erase the issues that we are seeing, but rather it asks us to have compassion and understanding for wherever another is on their journey. This allowing for all the ranges of the human experience helps the highest timeline anchor in beautifully.

Most of us are bouncing between the timelines in given moments. Simply observe where you have gone into the conflict energy, let it pass through and return to the heart. We are all learning as we go and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to see the extreme difference between living in fear & duality verses living from the heart.

I hope this find you well and basking in the glow of the energy that has come into our sphere to shift us all. Thank you so much to all who share and support this work. It is greatly appreciated. Lots of love and heart clearing clarity to all.