Jenny Schiltz ~ All Hands on Deck

The information here is both timely and welcome, because Jenny offers a way to support our furry beloveds in their loving service to us.

December 1, 2020,

I wanted to share with you a personal and enlightening experience. My dog, Dixie, had been slowing down over the last few months, but nothing extremely overt. She had told me months prior that she would be leaving soon. I wasn’t sure I heard properly as I watched her continue to play and hike.

The Monday prior to her passing she came up to me and was shaking. She was desperately trying to convey something to me, but I couldn’t hear it in words, yet in my heart knew she was done. But, I wasn’t quite ready to listen to my heart yet.

I made her a vet appointment where they did blood work, X-rays, and a full exam. They noted that her heart murmur was worse and suggested that it was congestive heart failure but that maybe blood work would tell a different story. They sent me home with pain pills that she absolutely hated taking.

On Wednesday, I communicated with the animal communicator and Dixie told her that she was done. Her body systems were failing. She could no longer assist me here on this plane, but that she would continue to assist me in a greater capacity than ever before from the other side. To my heart, it wasn’t much of a consolation.

It wasn’t long after the animal Communicator appointment that the vet called and said her bloodwork results were concerning and they were leaning towards Addison’s disease, which is acute adrenal failure. Unfortunately at her advanced age that diagnosis is especially difficult if not impossible to manage. I told them that I had connected with an animal communicator and that Dixie was ready to go. They understood and felt it was best as well. I then scheduled a vet to come to my home on Friday afternoon to assist her in her passing.

Once that call was made, she went downhill rapidly. She was really pulling away from us and would lay on the cool ground outside. I did my best to make her comfortable but I was at a loss.

Friday morning came and I asked Spirit how to help her. They told me that I could assist her by removing the quantum entanglement she had acquired during her lifetime. They showed it as a thick rope of many, many strands twisted together. They were different from cords as they needed to be unwound not cut. I started unwinding them, and when I was done there were hundreds of strands attached to her. I was instructed to remove them all minus the silver string that kept her in her body. That one she would remove when ready.

She spent the morning laying in front of her food bowls. I checked on her periodically and it was interesting because while I wanted to hold her she really wanted to be alone. My husband had to leave for a quick errand, I heard him tell her goodbye. I spent the next 15 minutes in my office on Facebook and answering messages. I then made my way downstairs.

I walked to where she was laying and saw that she had bled large amounts from her rectum and orange bile was coming from her mouth. I was in full shock. I watched her take her last breath and stand outside her body. I was completely panicked, not only did it look like she hadn’t died peacefully, but I also had tremendous guilt because I wasn’t by her side when she died. My 12 year old heard me crying and ran down, upon seeing Dixie she went into as much shock as I was feeling.

I heard so clearly “Stop, Settle, You don’t want to miss this.” I breathed and had my daughter sit next to me on the floor. I told her to change her vision ( my way of saying, see through the veil). Dixie ran up to me and gave me kisses. she ran up to Maddie, bathed her face in kisses and I heard her say “Take care of Charlie” (our other dog). She then returned to me and apologized for the mess. She was the neatest dog I’ve ever had.

Behind her, I could see the other side, beautiful rolling hills full of green grass, bright sun, and a crisp blue sky. Dixie was doing her little excited dance and was saying “Can I go? Can I go?” I had to laugh and I told her to go even though my heart was breaking. She gave me one last kiss and bounded through the portal.

In the early morning hours, I woke with such crippling grief. I laid in bed and began to journey. I found myself walking in my home going through memories of the past month, but from Dixie’s point of view. In one of the memories I was singing to a dog, Copper, we had recently brought into our home. Dixie was outside that room and I could hear her say “ Good, she will have someone to sing to when I’m gone”

I saw all the moments that she had tried to warn me that she was leaving. I saw her walking around the backyard and thinking “ There is so much I will miss.”

I saw her laying on the floor of my office while I was in session with clients. She was a constant fixture in my sessions and when I was meditating, channeling, or writing. She was always by my side. What I hadn’t realized was the enormity of space she was holding.

I was shown how as my work grew and my connection grew, she would hold greater and greater space. It was her role in this Ascension process. She was my on the ground spiritual support. I knew she supported me, I just hadn’t realized the depth of it yet.

I was shown her death and how she used the window between my husband departing and me being occupied to leave. She didn’t want me there. she explained that she knew I was conflicted about putting her down, so she pushed to leave prior to the vet because she didn’t want me experiencing guilt. I was shown how each time I checked on her, touched her, talked to her, it brought her back into the body, a body that was failing and hurting her. Yet, she would return to connect physically with me, to comfort me.

I was reminded when my grandmother passed and her grandfather clock stopped. Guides had told me that the chiming every hour was bringing her back into her body, the body she was trying to leave. She passed not long after the clock stopped.

I was shown Dixie’s final moments and how she was not in her body, how she felt nothing but a huge release. She was grateful I was busy as she knew I would have tried to do something, anything… and that would have brought her back in the body and made passing harder. She didn’t want me feeling guilty or that I had failed her.

From there, Dixie and I went above the Earth. She showed me points of light, millions of them. These lights are our animal companions of all shapes, sizes, and species.

So many pets on this Earth are holding space, clearing energies, and providing shifts in the density. Throwing a ball for a dog, watching a kitten chase its tail or their daily snuggles help assist in raising our vibrations. Their work is even more dynamic if the human is doing energy work as well. I was shown a friend’s farm and the incredible work her herd of horses are doing. They are working with the earth ley lines and creating bridges from one realm to another.

It was explained that as the task is getting more difficult and intense, some animals are no longer able to do their work while in the body. Dixie showed me that now she will be holding even more space for me from the other side. For this I am grateful, but I still really miss her being in the physical.

Just as humans need to be aware of their energetic health, especially the nervous system and adrenals, so do their animal companions. This process is not easy on the body, it doesn’t matter what form that body takes.

I am eternally grateful for that four-hour journey. I was able to see life through her eyes and to understand more of the process of leaving the body. I am also grateful for the greater understanding of the work taking place on Earth. It really is all hands on deck.

I told one of my older daughter’s about the experience and what I had learned. She had lost a cat a few months prior to a metabolic disorder that also involved the adrenals. We realized that pet owners need help knowing how to support their companions, especially because we receive so much support from them. From there, the concept of an energetic assistance bag was created.

We found a supplier that makes Crystal Heart collar charms. She too had lost a pet and was guided to find a way to add Crystal healing into their field. We found gorgeous thick selenite wands that can be used to clear pets, people, and spaces. We also found holistic misting oils that help to bring peace and tranquility.

I was guided to create a tincture of flower, gem, and elemental essences that are designed to help your pet ground and bring in more life force while assisting them with energetic protection. The blend helps with the tolerance of the energies and feeling more secure. It assists with bringing stress relief, supporting their energetic bodies and physical bodies (adrenals and nervous system) while bringing inner harmony and relaxation.

It felt very important to get these kits out as soon as possible as we are in such a deep transition. If you are interested in a kit, please click HERE. There is also an option to purchase additional collar charms if you have multiple pets . These also make great gifts for other animal lovers. Supplies are limited for this pilot run but will be replenished.

Nova Linda Maresca

Please give your pets a big hug for me and tell them thank you from my heart to theirs for all the energy work they have been doing. They are angels on Earth.

Much love,