We are being asked to consciously operate from the heart space until it becomes our second nature.

June 22, 2020, jennyschiltz.com


Wanted to drop a quick update. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Solstice/Eclipse/New Moon weekend! It was/is very intense mentally, physically, and emotionally.

My team has been sharing with me the importance of us continuing to anchor in and embody the highest timeline, particularly when we are feeling deep heart connection and joy. (To read more on how to anchor in the highest timeline, please click here: https://jennyschiltz.com/solstice-eclipse-energies-to-anchor-in-the-highest-timeline/)

With the powerful energies of the weekend, we can feel the two distinct realities and that the polarization & fear has greatly increased. All one has to do is browse through social media to see how we are dividing ourselves. Some would say that we are being purposely manipulated and divided yet that is not the truth as we are beings that are stepping into our own power now. Everything is a choice and we are choosing in each moment where to “spend” our energy.

We know that what we put out into the universe through words, actions and thoughts create our reality, or rather the lens through which we see reality. If we are full of fear then everything we see will go through that lens and it will be changed. Think of going on a road trip through the country. It should be scenic but the windshield is so muddy that you can barely get a square clean to see the road much less all the beautiful views. Your opinion on the drive would be skewed and limited. That is what happens when we are seeing through a lens full of fear or any other emotion that leads us AWAY from the heart space and truth. When we are in the heart space, the windshield is clear and we can see a greater picture.

We are being asked to consciously operate from the heart space until it becomes our second nature. Integrity in thoughts, words, and deeds are paramount now. When we experience something that moves us from the heart space, we are being asked to observe it, let it pass through and return to the heart. It is from the purest heart space that we will not only anchor, but embody the highest timeline.

In discussion with my team this morning they explained that the highest timeline holds unity and endless compassion for the human experience at all of its levels. Within Unity is Neutrality. Neutrality is often grossly misunderstood as not having your own thoughts, personality, or emotions. Neutrality is having your own thoughts and understanding while simultaneously having compassion for another that feels very differently.

I asked my team for an example and they said look at the “Great mask debate”. Some feel wearing a mask is essential and shows that you care for self & others. Others feel that wearing a mask is a symbolic silencing of people and an example of growing tyranny. Others feel that wearing a mask will erode their mental and/or physical health. The reasons for or against are endless, each true and correct for the one that believes it.

To hold the highest timeline of this issue is to have your belief (whatever it is) and yet hold compassion, acceptance, and understanding for another that feels completely different. It is through acknowledging and respecting the differences of others that we actually achieve unity.

The lower timeline holds duality, right vs wrong, my way vs your way type energy and tremendous amounts of fear. We can see this playing out in so many areas of our lives right now. It has gotten quite loud. The highest timeline does not erase the issues that we are seeing, but rather it asks us to have compassion and understanding for wherever another is on their journey. This allowing for all the ranges of the human experience helps the highest timeline anchor in beautifully.

Most of us are bouncing between the timelines in given moments. Simply observe where you have gone into the conflict energy, let it pass through and return to the heart. We are all learning as we go and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to see the extreme difference between living in fear & duality verses living from the heart.

I hope this find you well and basking in the glow of the energy that has come into our sphere to shift us all. Thank you so much to all who share and support this work. It is greatly appreciated. Lots of love and heart clearing clarity to all.