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You’re going to see things moving more quickly now. So brace yourself, get ready and enjoy the ride!

 Steve Rother and The Group

Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer.

I join you this day with great pride, for there are things moving on your Earth that you may not be familiar with. Yes, there’s quite a lot taking place right now. It’s an exciting time to be on planet Earth and your space has been reserved. You’re going to see things moving more quickly now.

So brace yourself, get ready and enjoy the ride! Above all, know that this is a beautiful game. The game is now a little bit different and you’re playing a part, which can have more effect than you could possibly know.

You’re on to something, you know. It’s a magical time on planet Earth to do all of it. The Scientist will explain some of the science and physics of the Esayoto. He will explain how things are considerably different in the higher ranges. Re-member, you’re not alone. And yes, there is quite a lot of chaos on planet Earth right now. In some ways, dear ones, you should consider that to simply be a distraction. Keep your eye on the ball, keep your eye on your heart. Together, we’ll work with the magnetic energies of planet Earth.

Healing Circle

Let’s connect, dear ones. Take a breath and if there’s someone in the room take their hands in yours. Feel the energy moving between you. We are placing this Healing Circle in a time bubble, so that others may join in at a later time and still be connected. Now take the energy in through your left side and out through the right, big circle throughout the globe, going through your body and crossing your heart as it does. Every time it crosses your heart, feel the magnetism increase. Feel your flavor being infused into that energy, as it now flows out through your right hand. Breathe deeply. Connect to every part of that energy and know that you’re on the right track. Excellent. Now take three deep breaths in and out. Well done, dear ones.

Feel the light and the love. If you wish to receive this healing yourself, step into the circle now. If you wish to put someone you care about in the healing circle, please do so. You know, it has much more effectiveness if they are aware you’re doing it and have given permission. But if not, you’re placing them in there for yourself because you have a need for their healing. Either way, it is perfectly fine. So take a breath, dear ones, and know that you’re in the right place at the right time.

And with that we leave you for a short time. Yes, it’s a magical time on Earth and you are right on time. Welcome Home, dear ones. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together as you create this beautiful new game.

I am Observer… and I like to watch.


Greetings, dear ones, I am the Scientist of the Heart.

The Good Old Days

We’d like to share with you one aspect that is taking place almost everywhere on planet Earth. You see, you have a concept about the past. Yes, you remember “the good old days.” Do you remember those times when you didn’t have to worry about all the things that you worry about now? Oh yes, you say things like, “Well, back in the day…” Unfortunately, you never recognize that it was a good day until it’s over and you have something to compare it to. Hmm, that’s very interesting. Well, we’d like you to enjoy that good old day right now. As difficult as it may seem sometimes, and as separated as many people appear to be, the reality is these are actually excellent times on planet Earth. There are now opportunities that you can start working together. That’s right, in this moment you can appreciate the beauty around you.

You’ve come to the planet at a very unique time. You were aware there would be many challenges on Earth, yet you wanted to be there to hold the light. Just to hold the light of Home, to hold that love, not necessarily to prevent something from happening or to make anything easier. Yes, that supersedes everything and it’s why you’re here.

You can do it out of love, or you can do it out fear. But let’s talk about that fear for a moment. Currently, there is quite a bit happening out of fear, which you can see playing out every day on your planet. It used to emerge only once in a great while, but for no apparent reason now you’re seeing people act out every day simply because they’ve reached their limit. Can you blame it on mental illness? Yes, but we tell you almost everybody has some form of mental illness they’re dealing with. So, let’s wrap all that into one. Basically, humans get angry and then several things can happen. And unless they have an outlet for it, that anger continues to build and that’s typically when you see people acting out.

Seeds of Light—Seeds of Smiles

So, what can you do during this time to help alleviate some of that? There are actually several things. One that we suggest is planting seeds of light, which we’ve talked about many times before. But what about if you were to plant smiles? Let’s say that you plant a smile somewhere when you’re just walking by. You recognize another person playing the game, the same way you are, and then you smile at them for just a moment. Not by smirking or making a face to get their attention, but simply by connecting. “Oh, look, there’s another spirit playing the game and they’re in a different body suit. They’re working differently than I am, but we probably know each other from Home.” That is powerful, dear ones.

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And that’s one of the things that almost everybody can do at this point, plant those seeds of smiles. Plant that positive energy in places where people go. When you’re walking down a path, be aware that others will step in your footprints and then consciously leave that energy for them. Every time you reach out and touch a doorknob, leave light on that doorknob so that everybody who touches it can feel that same light for a moment. Will your little trail of light change the world one heart at a time? It will, absolutely. And if many of you start doing these simple techniques, the effect can be huge.

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Another aspect that we wish to bring up this day is about the Earth herself. You’re part of the Earth and she’s a part of you. The whole idea of ashes to ashes, dust to dust, is actually real. Your physical bodies are of the Earth essence, but your spirit isn’t. Your spirit’s straight from Home. It’s the perfect blend for the level of the game you have been playing in.

So, what happens when you carry anger that builds up and up? Well, several things. First, it’s at that point you become controllable. That’s a very good reason for making people angry, it’s a motivator. Quite often that is what’s happening, for you are creator beings. And if someone touches your fear button, you’ll create something to steer away from that fear. In that way, other people can use your creations for their own. It all has to do with fear and anger, those emotions that you wrestle with so many times and can’t quite settle in your body. So, plant those seeds of light. Consciously touch the door knob, consciously place something into the world. What if everybody felt the connection of Home? What if everyone could feel a little piece of that?

Grounding the Fear

There is also the Earth connection to consider. We talk all the time about you being a part of Earth, but she’s part of you as well. That frustration and anger that you carry transfers to her. She’s the grounding in your life, which allows your spirit to play a game of pretending to be a human. Any negative energies that you carry, Earth jumps up to take. She loves to transform those energies in some way. Right now, there’s so much of it built up in different ways. People walk around carrying all this negative energy because they don’t have an outlet for it. Not being able to talk about it or thinking no one else understands, they often feel completely alone.

Convert Fear to Love

Planting the seeds will release that energy that has been building. With one heart at a time you can start changing this world very slowly. Again, not to have them conform to your ideals, but simply to have the experience and not be separated. Anger is being picked up by the Earth. There will be a time when she shows that, as her energy is gathering right now. You’re liable to see quite a bit more Earth movement, quakes and eruptions as she wrestles with grounding human anger.

You live in a field of duality, where you have positive and negative all the time. And if you lean too far to one side or the other, she has to balance your energy. If you lean too far into the negative, she takes it gladly and converts it into positive energy, sometimes even converting it into oxygen. You both deal with energy, but Humans are adapters and the Earth is a converter. How marvelous.

Yet when you have so many humans holding this much anger, the Earth is stressed. In turn that feeds back to all of humanity, which creates a self-propagating loop. But does it make any difference what people are angry at, or if it’s real or imagined? No, it doesn’t make any difference because the emotional energy is exactly the same.

Either way, the Earth jumps in and gladly takes it on. If it’s an easy conversion she does so at the top levels. Or if it is a deeper fear, she’ll bring it deep into the magma that flows through her veins. She’s a grand being, dear ones. Your connection is stronger than you may imagine. It’s a great time to experience that, if you spend even just a few moments every day nurturing Mother Nature. Admiring her beauty does more than you know. Fill yourself with that love and she will convert your fears to love. Then take that energy in your heart and unconditionally leave your trail of light for other people. Oh, yes. You’re creator beings.

We’ve given you some ideas to wrestle with and a few things to play with. One of the greatest ideas that we’ve dropped on you is that when you walk into a room for the first time, there’s no room there. The atoms jump into place just before you walk in. Once you ground the room on the timeline, it stays there. It’ll be there the next time you walk into the room. But you’re creating much more than you could possibly imagine. The best way to increase your creative ability is to take responsibility for what is in front of you in every moment, even if it’s a global problem. Or even if it’s your own anger or frustrations starting to build, take responsibility for it. Every time you take responsibility for your creations they improve, and then everything takes a step up at that point.

These are magical times to be here on the planet, dear ones. Your space has been reserved. Everyone was waiting, everything is now in motion and will be for some time. There are important connections that are now starting to unfold. Bring your highest dreams to the table, as you are about to begin. Give your fear to the Earth and let’s get started. Work consciously to release that energy and plant seeds of light in its place. You’re leaving a trail with each footstep, everything you touch something, and every time you smile at someone. Plant those seeds of smiles and enjoy this journey. Know that you are here on purpose and you made it just in time. Well done.

Much more is coming as the Earth absorbs this energy. Of course, she’s working with her own challenges at this very moment, but you’re a part of her graciousness. You’re part of the larger connections of who she really is. It could be said that you are the best of planet Earth. Take a breath, dear ones, and know that you’re never alone. The connections are here. Your light is alive and well. Do not get wrapped up in all the things happening on planet Earth. Step into the light and carry it forward with you. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together. You’re all from Home and we see you!

I am the Scientist of the Heart and I love you dearly. This is the science of love. So plant the seeds of light, plant those seeds of a smile. Espavo, dear ones.

The group.