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Peggy Black and the ‘Team’ ~ One Flow of Circular Energy

November 13, 2019,

We are here once again offering you the tools and the reminders of how to transform and shift more easily into your unlimited self.

This is a powerful statement and we invite you to realize that you are experiencing two different realities. One reality is the physical, limited experience, and once in a while you experience your divine unlimited self.

Those of you who are on the path of ascension are shifting consciousness and honoring your limitless divine self. As more and more beings open their hearts and are fully embodied, they are allowing their higher mind to guide and influence their lives and actions.

These individuals are becoming fully aware of the illusion they are witnessing and participating within. This awareness brings a multidimensional shift in collective awareness. This collective shift is calling forth and sustaining an expanded unified field.

This unified field begins to influence others, and there will be an energetic wave moving across the expanse of consciousness. This is especially important during this period of great intensity on your Earth.

You are witnessing old limiting timelines and old limiting patterns dissolving. The very landscape of what you have called normal is shifting and changing. You are witnessing the chaos and resistance to change.

You are actually bringing these shifts and changes about. As each person shines their light of awareness upon their shadow aspects and transforms those negative and misqualified energies, there is space for new seeds to be planted and new realities to be called forth.

The goal is to purge and dissolve unhelpful patterns, emotions and frequencies. Look within and become aware of the emotions that you have stored within your energy field and your body. It is time to clean out your emotional closet, it is time to dive into your cave of darkness that has held you limited and captive for so long.

These emotions and patterns are required to be released, transmuted or healed consciously.

This is your next evolutionary stage, this is the opportunity to step up and fully embody your magnificence as a divine being of love and light, a divine creator of form.

We acknowledge all the work that you have done transforming your limited patterns and your painful emotions. However, we are reminding you that now is certainly the most powerful time to finish clearing all conditioning, limitations, and negative and misqualified emotional energies that you have taken on from others.

There are multitudes of divine beings ready to assist and support as you do this work and service for all. Ask for help, encouragement, wisdom, strength and guidance as you step into your personal power to make this significant difference.

Remember that the only way negative limited energy can be transformed in this reality is through the conscious intention of a divine being who has experienced and embodied those negative energies in this dimension and reality.

So you’re up.

We realize this assignment might have been in the small print at the bottom of your golden ticket. We assure you that you will agree it has been worth the ride and will get in line once again.

However, right now in your experience there seems to be the speeding up of time. That feeling is an illusion; you are really in a pause as there is a resetting of the internal as well as the universal clock. What was, is no longer. As you rest in the pause between what was and what will be, breathe deeply several times, place your awareness in your heart and begin to radiate from this place.

Welcome the insights that come to you. Be gentle with yourself as you slowly allow the timeless aspect of yourself to come forth and show you the way into this new portal of time that has emerged from your dedicated work and service to the light of transformation.

It is in this new awareness, this new portal of time, that you stretch into your infinite divine self. Be aware that you are birthing a new world by what you have released with gratitude, what you have healed lovingly, what you have transformed with courage and what you have offered generously.

Join other like minds and souls in the physical or non physical realms and continue to create from this place of your own recognized magnificence. Truly wake up to who you are. You are ageless and timeless.

Treasure the moments of clarity. Treasure the moments of loving contact. Treasure the beauty of this dimension in all its wonder and awe. Each breath of gratitude, each sigh of thankfulness, each laugh of joy and giggle of glee will ripple through this portal of time and seed a new future that is life sustaining, honoring of all living things.

The energy that you anchor in your thoughts, words and action in this dimension affects your past and present and your future. Remember, it is all one flow of circular energy rippling out and touching everyone and everything.

We extend our deep gratitude for the transformational work that you continue to express in your actions and words. We are here to assist, support and honor you, magnificent starbeings that you are. the ‘team’

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You are a magnificent multidimensional Starhuman playing in the hologame of time. Allow yourself to stretch into this awesome expanded energy that is being offered. Invite us and other divine beings to show you how to travel time.

By Peggy Black, May 13, 2019,

We are here offering you another opportunity to stretch your known reality. You are so comfortable with all that is familiar, with all your preconceived ideas and beliefs that allow you to participate in your daily activities without questions such as what dimension am I focused on now, how am I relating to time and what are my beliefs about time?

We have been offering the idea and inviting you to be aware of the magnetic and solar activities that are stirring up the collective consciousness. There is a shift of energy being offered that continues to increase. This increasing energy shift is being felt in and through your nervous system and your body’s electrical fields body.

Be aware of how your physical body is feeling, notice when you are feeling out of balance, or even a bit dizzy. Pause and take a deep breath. This simple action will assist you to reset. Your physical body is adjusting to this increase in energy and vibration, which is part of the process of illumination and advanced consciousness.

These stimulating vibrations and frequencies are opening several channels within the energy field of the human being. This is a part of the ascension process of which you have been aware, part of the awakening of humanity, the shift into the higher dimensions.

The first aspect of this transmutation is to realize your understanding of time needs to shift. Each and every person without fail lives in a different time reality governed by their perception of the learned/programmed concept of this time matrix. We realize we are exposing one of your most sacred belief systems and we understand your resistance and your confusion. Time does not exist on the higher dimensions.

So as you continue to welcome and expand your consciousness, time as you know it will begin to waffle. It will become irregular, elusive and baffling. Time is shifting which creates the sense that it is speeding up. This is one aspect of your hologame that you can begin to recognize and monitor. Remember you are consciously bigger than time.

Let’s just explore the concept of time. Time that exists in your belief systems, time that is a part of this third dimensional construct does not exist in the other dimensions. So each individual is confronted with their old third dimensional time beliefs and what they are now experiencing as they move in consciousness to the other dimensions.

We understand that you still will need the construct of time in order to function in your daily life right now. Humanity has recorded time, with history, past events, clocks, calendars and all manner and methods of measure. So there is no need to eliminate all the ways to keep track of time. We are just encouraging you to become more aware of how fluid, flexible and manageable your experience of time is. This is important because it will show you how you utilize time in your dimension.

We would like to offer you a suggestion that the references you make about time keep you locked into a limited reality. Time is a concept here on your planet. All your words about time continue to keep you in a mind-set of restrictions. Some examples common in your reality are: not enough time, time is short, time is running out, rush time, time is moving too fast, losing time, wishing for more time, wish time would hurry up, time is moving so slowly and where did time go?

We believe you are getting the idea. These are beliefs about time. Time, like everything else, responds to your attitudes, your beliefs, your statements, your words, your vibrations.

Time is one of the fabrics of your earthy game. It is a veil. It keeps you in the illusion. It is wise to realize that time is created only to serve a certain aspect of physical reality.

We continue touching one of your planet’s sacred beliefs. We don’t expect this information to change the laws of the game. We would desire that your awareness would shift. In that shifting of your beliefs about time there is much freedom to begin to move between the dimensions with greater awareness and ease. As you transform your time beliefs, it will be reflected in your physical reality and beyond.

Once you can recognize that time is an abstract, that it doesn’t really exist, that it is just part of the hologame and everyone has given it much importance, this will free you.

The essence of who you are is beyond time. The essence of who you are sees time as an imaginary game much like ones that children play. We know that you do live here in this game with time. We understand you can honor time with its limited concepts and still know the freedom of “NO TIME.” It is in the space of “NO TIME” that you will travel between all dimensions.

We invite you to play a little with this thing called time. Pretend that you can stretch it, expand it, mold it in ways that support your day and your projects. Make time your friend; remember it is very elastic, it is very flexible. Play with it in a new way today. Relax into your tasks, laugh, lighten up. Allow yourself to step into the stream of time from many different levels, from many different vantage points. Remember that your breath can shift your perception of your experience of time. Be aware that you are experiencing a tremendous shift in evolution.

Live in each moment, bring your consciousness to each NOW. This will offer you the most expanded viewpoint of time in this realignment that is taking place between your planet and the entire solar system. It is from the present moment of now that you are allowed and welcomed to dance between the dimensions. You are multidimensional; time is only a breath, it is only a thought.

We are complete in this remembering. You are a magnificent multidimensional Starhuman playing in the hologame of time. Allow yourself to stretch into this awesome expanded energy that is being offered. Invite us and other divine beings to show you how to travel time. the ‘team’

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Small, Subtle, Conscious Shifts

We are here to acknowledge and empower you. We are here to remind you that you are a divine being of light energy vibrations. This is the time to begin to step into that awareness and actuality. This physical dimension that you are focused upon and within is demanding, addictive and alluring.

We understand that the physical reality needs attention to be maintained. We understand that the physical reality offers sensations and pleasures of being in form. Having a physical body and relating to this dimension is the game. How you translate the events and the emotions colors your experience which serves to support and awaken you to your highest self.

Your physical body is a requirement for this dimension. It is your physical consciousness that observes, interfaces and makes judgments about all the experiences you have. Being physical is busy; it requires almost all of your attention. This physical illusion has many distractions and pulls for your focus; remember you give your energy to whatever you are focused on.

We are not saying that you need to shut down or disregard your physical aspects. We are inviting you to make small, subtle, conscious shifts several times an hour or the several time a day.

These small, subtle, conscious shifts begin to open the door of your awareness to a wider more expansive self. The goal is to become aware that you are aware. The goal is to understand that the physical experiences are only tools to activate, to stimulate your personal understanding of yourself as the creator.

When you begin to practice ways to refocus your energy throughout your day you will be amazed and rewarded with the results. We understand that your life can be demanding with family, work, projects, interests or just the maintenance and requirements of your body.

These are all important to your experience and we encourage you to participate in all these areas of your life from a place of gratitude and appreciation. However what we are suggesting in this message is that you develop a protocol that nurtures your body of light and energy.

We invite you to be willing to recognize that you are a divine multidimensional being residing within a human form, experiencing this dense unconscious field of limitations. You are here to uplift and transform those very limitations you encounter. You are here to transform the misqualified or negative energy you encounter.

Begin to nurture your energy self with new conscious practices. The first we would suggest is to simply remember to take long slow deep breaths as often as possible. Just this basic action will reset your physiology.

This action sends a signal that all is well and more, so muscles relax releasing tension, heartbeat slows down, adrenals lower their vigilance of fight or flight. This tool is free and easy to utilize, we invite you to begin to use this method as a way to refocus from the stress of being physical to the sacred space of your higher knowing.

This pure humble practice creates a link, a portal. You are encouraging the real connection between the physical consciousness and your divine consciousness. It is in this gap that you will experience your wholeness and begin to connect to the universal field of energy

We also invite you to begin to practice sitting in silence for five minutes several times a day. In the beginning this might be difficult. We encourage you to continue. There are no requirements other than you show up. Over time the universe will begin to share its secrets.

You can also meditate for longer periods of time, you can walk in nature, practice slow conscious movements, dance, sway, and also remove yourself from all electronics. You can also open this portal through listening to pure tones or sounds. These practices, even for a few minutes, open your receptivity to a conversation with the universe.

Your goal is to invite stillness, even for a short period of three deep conscious breaths. You are meant to be in conversation with the universe; you are meant to receive messages and guidance from your highest divine self. Stress and busyness shut off these subtle messages.

The universe is within. You do not need to look elsewhere, it is within. As you begin to invite quiet moments, when you begin to invite stillness, you begin to touch the truth of who you are in the most magnificent infinite awareness.

This is just a matter of some simple practices that will allow you to refocus. These practices support the well being of the physical body. These practices will bring a balance between your physical self and your energy self.

We are inviting you to honor your connection with the universal energy field of all creation. We are inviting you begin to have an open clear dialog with the other physical and non-physical divine beings.

In order for this to occur, first you need to be willing.

Second, create a sacred space which will allow this conversation to take place.

Third, engage your imagination; allow images, and ideas to flow.

Fourth, stay in a coherent vibration of gratitude and appreciation for these vibrations are the key to allowing good reception between the dimensions.

Fifth, be aware of and acknowledge all the signs, messages, and synchronicities that you observe. Sixth be spiritually amazed at the process of experiencing more than one dimension.

We are reminding you that you are meant to be in contact with the other realms and dimensions.
You are the liaison, the bridge between the physical and the non-physical realms and realities. This is the time for you to step into that role and begin receiving information, ideas, solutions meant to support the evolution of consciousness and the ascension process taking place.

However in order to make this connection and receive these messages you must open the channel. This means you will need to give yourself time to connect, offer and invite this shift.

We know that many already have a conscious connection to the non-physical realms and beings of love and light. These beings of love and light are awaiting the invitation to participate in this dense 3D experience. Together in this partnership you will assist the collective consciousness in truly shifting and awaking.

We are honored to interface with you upon request; this is true of all loving beings of light consciousness; an invitation is required in this free will reality. We acknowledge you for the exceptional expansion that you are calling forth and anchoring.

The ‘Team.’

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