Judith Kusel: The Great Splitting


Last year, when I was preparing to go to the USA, I was called to do a lot of remote energy work on sacred sites there, and in the process was working with the Sacred Ancient Ones and the Those Tribal Guardians and Keepers who indeed merely have withdrawn into a much higher dimensional frequency band and are very much still present everywhere. I never work with sites, without asking permission, and thus they made themselves known to me.

I was shown the sites in their original forms, long before the Great Floods were and afterwards when the Tribes indeed were led to these sites and indeed assumed co-guardianship and keeperships of these lands.

This morning I woke up and White Feather appeared, one of the Ancient Ones, and he showed me what is happening, as the drums are beating and indeed are calling.

I was taken to the Hopi Site where the Great Hopi Prophesy is stored and I was shown what is happening here, and the Ancient Ones and the Tribal Guardians and Keepers were gathering around me.

As the drums were beaten and talking, two distinct lines appear: The First line had split from the bottom line, and indeed this line was white-golden. This stream of souls indeed now were completely splitting from the bottom line and indeed as they progressed into the New Earth, they were being transformed into a totally New People and indeed they became White-Golden (energetically and figuratively). They are the New Golden Race, the New embodied race of much higher Beings, who indeed are AS ONE with the Great Spirit (The Divine Source) and are thus living in Unity and Harmony, with the New Mother Earth and All-That-Is.

The bottom line indeed was sinking lower and indeed pulled down more and more into the quagmire of their own inability to rise out and above it, as the Old Earth is disintegrating. Indeed, this is of their own making and their own free will and choice. I was shown who all is dissolving and indeed the Old Earth cannot hold form in any way anymore.

Then I was shown how all the tribes around the world and those souls who are leading them, the Great Tribe of Souls if you like, are indeed all doing the same. Indeed the Higher Stream are far fewer than the bottom steam, but the higher stream is indeed being lifted ever higher and higher, for as they step into the New Earth, they are resurrected into the True Soul Self, and then assume their truthful Divine Soul Self, and thus infinite space is opening where they can cocreate the New with Love, in Unity and Harmony and AS ONE.

I was then shown that the Highest Steam, the White-Golden Stream, all have their heart center fully open and now live from the Sacred Heart. They are united with each other through the Heart and Soul Centers and live from ONE HEART and are indeed ONE HEART AND ONE SOUL.

I saw the Ancient Ones, celebrating, as the drums indeed started beating faster and indeed the songs of Joy rose from the White-Golden Stream of Souls, as they are rising ever higher into the Oneness and Unity. Indeed all the Cosmos joined in song and celebrations.

I was then again shown the Sacred Sites, not only in Americas but all over the world, many still totally hidden from humankind. I saw them filled now with the White Flame and indeed filling to capacity, as they are being reactivated and lifted too, into the New Earth.

And within me THE ODE TO JOY rises as I join in celebration.

I thank White Feather and the Ancient Ones, the Elders, the Guardians and the Keepers and Sacred Ones for showing me this, with the Divine Source and all my Counsel of Elders who surround the Throne of the Divine who work with me and the High Orders.

This in unprecedented in the History of the Outer Planet Earth as the Inner Earth has joined in celebration.

I have spoken.